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    yea i was at the georgia dome and almost went ape shit when the ref double counted out cena and the miz so good point and ya you cant have a dq in a fatal four way.. listen simply put..

    TAKER RETIRES UNDEFEATED(20-0)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats the only way it needs to be.. the undertaker may very well be the best pure icon besides the Stinger(number one icon) and it would be laughable to give this man a twenty year career that saw him take out the best the e could pump out year after year after year and flush it down the shitter just for ratings..that would piss me off and i just dont know if i could follow wrestling.. i LIKE y2j not love him and ya he has some amazing accolades of his own being the first undisputed champ amongst others but you cannot put him over taker.. and btw i love the ideas you put out there very interesting..but i just dont see hhh, rock, austin, cm punk, y2j, hell anyone coming close but one man.........
    yes i hate cenas gimmick but what better way to be the top heel than to take out the deadmans streak, the most respected measuring stick of manhood wrestling-related anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by delvec
    The only way this works w/out putting the strap on Taker is a DQ win for Taker (20-0) amd Punk keeps the belt.
    a) You can't have a DQ in a fatal 4 way match.
    b) if the main event of WM ended in DQ people would be fucking pissed
  3. Bfastuca92's Avatar
    Jericho will take on Taker. The reason he showed the video was because it was his idea of showing that he had done everything else. Apart from winning the royal rumble, and taking on Undertaker. He can do both.
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    good blog man i like the thought off the RR winning asking to face taker instead of for the title
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    Not bad but if Taker doesnt get pinned but still loses- its a loss. The only way this works w/out putting the strap on Taker is a DQ win for Taker (20-0) amd Punk keeps the belt.

    Although what could also work is SCSA coming out to help Taker and hits Punk. Taker wins tourney for strap cause Taker is dont and this sets up next years Mania Main Event Punk vs Austin....esp if Rock and Cena is a success.

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