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  1. maar13's Avatar
    If Taker is to lose his Last match against Kane, I think your scenario is good but would rather see kind of the scenario from Their first WHC match, changing the end of Taker getting up and recognizing his brother's victory, leaving him tom have the ring for himself.

    But being the biased fan I am I would like him to win the last match he is in, even if it doesn't really make much sense or has any logic, but like I said, very biased.
  2. masterzeke's Avatar
    i think it should be undertaker vs john cena in a i quit match.
  3. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I think Taker should face someone new. He already faced Kane and Triple H twice and I think they should put him against someone who they believe is the future of the company. But they shouldn't break the streak.
  4. Popeye 1088's Avatar
    Good article. But as far as the Undertaker's last match as much as i would like it to be against Kane. It should be as uniqe as both characters are. So how about a Hell in a Cell casket match. I think that would be interesting enough.
  5. Callum's Avatar
    In my last blog I had a Kane/Undertaker idea. However I want the undertaker to keep his legacy and win regardless of his opponent
  6. JSullivan's Avatar
    Undertakers streak shouldn't be broken, but for the sake of arguments, Kane should end it if anyone. This isn't about putting someone over, this is simply about the career of the undertaker and the feud he's had with kane for the best part of 15 years.

    How many feuds have you seen last that long?

    Kane should end it, if anyone. There's no proof that if we, for example, give it to a wrestler, they won't then become TNA, they won't then become another Jeff hardy, if that makes sense to you at all.

    Kane has been loyal, been the perfect nemesis (and at times, partner) to The Undertaker, so it would be only fitting that he should do it.
  7. TheAlphaMale's Avatar
    I would hold the match at the Survivor Series as I do not wish for the Undertakers Streak to be broken. I see no one as being worthy, including Kane. The Casket Match concept with Paul Bearer present is a perfect end to his amazing career.
    I would like Undertakers last Mania match to be against John Cena because it would terrify me on the off-chance that Cena would take the win. It is one of the few matches where I suspend my disbelief completely. I feel the same way when Brock Lesnar fights in the Octagon. Panic everytime they are in trouble.

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