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  1. Grizzly_Shark's Avatar
    Il stand by what i said. Jericho winning just made sense. I have no problem with Shemus at all, i really like the guys character and his in ring style, my main issue with the whole thing though is that the WWE only had Shemus win because they wanted to swerve the internet. Its been reported on this very site. Again though if Shemus was always suposed to win and this stalled, hot/cold momentum over the past year was leading him to winning the rumble then great. Otherwise its a waste of a great moment that could have culminated at Wrestlemania.
    I just want to get this straight though. In no way am i mad steaming about Shemus winning. Im not gunna boycott WM or WWE for doing what they did, not at all. Im just gutted that they missed what could have been a genuinly great moment, for me at least.
  2. Earthquake's Avatar
    agree with the two guys above, its wouldn't have been pointless to have jericho win but it's nice to see wwe has balls to give sheamus the rub.
  3. hbk2416's Avatar
    Jericho didn't need to win the Rumble to have momentum. You said it yourself, Jericho said two words last week and got the biggest pop of the night. He has momentum with the crowd reaction he gets for doing the smallest things. Sheamus needs the win a lot more at this point. Most people crying over Jericho not winning is just because they like him. I'm not saying this about you, just people in general. He'll get his match with Punk and he has plenty of time to gain more momentum. Jericho will be just fine without the Rumble victory.
  4. bartish2's Avatar
    what so just because not a big name won, the rumble is a failure? the rumble is a OPPORTUNITY for ANYONE and a guy like sheamus who has worked hard since his debut deserves it more than a guy who has only sang and danced the past year and a half. WHY does jericho deserve it? because of his ANGLE? who cares? everyone has a angle but not everyones wishes come true. Jericho is getting a match at wm28 regardless and it would have been a waste of a rumble win/
  5. Grizzly_Shark's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the kind word sirs. I still stand by retiring Henry, Kane and Big Show though. Each would be done for different reasons. I just think Using these guys to put over the young talent is soo important at the moment, and i dont see any bigger rub than being the guy to retire either guy. I know i mentioned Kane getting put out by Cena, and while Cena aint exactly a young guy, the purpose for which it would be done could be something to build on for the next few years.
    and yeah your right. Turning Dolph face wouldnt be the best move right now. I just get excited at the prospect of the 'respect' face turn.
    Again thanks for the kind words and hope to have my next one up soon if your interested.
  6. RatedATB's Avatar
    Very good and unique blog, one thing I'd disagree with though is Ziggler going face. I don't think now is the time for that, especially with the need of heels in the company. He works so well as a heel and was born to do it. I do think he needs to ditch Vickie though. I'm sure there's a way for him to do it without turning face. Maybe he could even become a tweener..but idk I'm just rambling now lol. Good blog!
  7. Dazzaschofield's Avatar
    Hi GS adn welcome.

    This is a very well though out and fantastically written blog.

    The only thing I'd say is that by the end of your blog you'd retired 3 of the WWE's biggest and quite popular wrestlers!! I still think Show, Henry and Kane have tonnes to give to the product as characters long before they should be sent to the scrap heap.

    I think kane works better as a face and this is the direction they should go after Mania with him. I'd also like to see Show and Henry form a brutal tag team. Real dominant tag champs for a good 6 months, the more dominant the easier to build other tag teams using them as a benchmark.

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