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  1. akbar's Avatar
    -I like Christain but I think you slightly overrated him and Sahu has completly overrated him.
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    Interesting blog concept. I like it and look forward to future blogs. On your grades though, I disagree on the mic skills and look. I would give them both B's easily, as Christian is good on the mic. As a heel, you love to hate him, and as a face, you cheer for the guy and root for him. Plus with his look over time, he hasn't stuck to one simple look. He has change it periodically. Look at his current look, you say he looks like a normal guy, and how is that a bad thing?
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Ring Skills: Grade: A+
    Reason: Not only he has a wide range of moves in his arsenal...we also should count his story telling abilities here...he can tell a story inside the ring better than many others n he can carry any one inside the ring..

    Mic Skills: Grade: A
    Reason: He can make crowd sing along with him... there r very few ppl who can cut a promo and extract the desired reaction...he can make crowd go nuts even in the worst of gimmicks given to him (read: ONE MORE MATCH)

    Entrance: Grade A-
    His earlier entrance theme was better than the one he's using currently....n I personally want him to come back as super hero...

    Crowd Reaction: Grade A

    He's one of the very few guys who can get the desired crowd reaction...that is boos as a heel n cheers as a face...I mean just imagine in his hometown also he gets boos as a heel n any where else in world also he gets cheers as a face n that makes him a class apart form others n all young guys should learn that aspect from him..

    Look: Grade: A
    Reason: For me his looks have an advantage...he looks like any other guy..a common man...n what else u need for an underdog baby face and whining heel??

    Accomplishments: Grade: A
    Reason: If he had won WWE Championship I mt have given him A+

    Personal Opinion: He's one of my all time favorites....I am a huge E & C Mark so my ratings may be biased towards my boy Christian..
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    His promos C+?? even in his worst day he gets crowd reaction with his promos....even the worst gimmick he played (One More Match)...he got crowd booing him...U said Crowd reaction is A then again u say promo is C+?? without promo skills how can he get A reaction from crowd??

    His look is of a common man...n that is what his a face he can be the underdog n as a heel he can convincingly be the whining heel....I would rate that as his strength...

    n if he's one of the best all round wrestler.....u should add one more quality for Christian..quality of a tag the persona already said above...all young guys should watch Christian in tag team action to know how to get a crowd reaction in a tag match...
  5. B-ri's Avatar
    Interesting blog, always liked Christian, unfortunate that for most of his career he was overshadowed by Edge. Still a fantastic performer.
  6. JHF's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis
    I agree with most of your grades but his crowd reaction is an A?
    It's and A because he gets the right reaction, not how loud the reaction is, that's what I base it on.
  7. Dennis's Avatar
    I agree with most of your grades but his crowd reaction is an A?
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