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    If I had to make a guess, The Wyatts will win, and it will be Dean Ambrose Fault, i.e., He tags himself in, Roman Reigns gets mad, distracts him, Then Bray Wyatt Catches Him and Sister Abigails Ambrose, and Reigns doesn't come to the rescue. Then I think Rollins comes in, pissed at reigns for not helping, While rollins is helping Ambrose up from the Mat, Reigns Spears him.

    Big E will beat Jack Swagger with a Big Ending, middle of the ring. Good match, about 15 minutes, it will be fast and physical, but overall, forgettable.

    The Uso's will win by Disqualification against the new Age Outlaws, but the outlaws will retain the titles.

    Antonio Del Rio will carry most of the Match Against Batista, teasing us he may actually win. Batista will power out of a cross arm breaker, and then hit a batista bomb for the win.

    In the Main Event, Daniel Bryan and Christian will Start the match, Order of Elimination will be Christian, Sheamus, Cesaro, Cena, and then Bryan. Orton walks out, but it will be controversial.
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    nice man, those comments are true, couldnt of been said any better.
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    Well the show last night was awesomeee! On the main card I got 5 out of 7 right so I'm happy about that and I thought that it was actually quite a good show, especially the Lesnar/Punk and Cena/Bryan matches, especially the ending of that match, Triple H and Randy heel again...finally!!!
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    I agree with everything besides Kane and Lesnar winning.
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    Cody has been too dominant in the feud actually so for me, Sandow wins. Same for Bryan, he has been too successfull IMO and at Summerslam Cena retains. Christian wins the WHC, thanks to Ricardo. For Kane I really don't know if WWE will make him win vs Wyatt, at his 1st ppv. For the rest I'm OK with what you say
  6. benfenton96's Avatar
    Nicee, better than me haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by ejorbit
    Shield, Sandow, Axel, AJ, Ryback, Del Rio, Cena, RVD.
    Just going to note that I went 7/8.
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