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    Wow where do I start? First of all not answering any of your questions because hey all seem, for lack of a better word, stupid. Actually I think that is the best word. First of all I'm pretty sure all your questions are supposed to be referring to the IWC, not the WWE Universe. Meaning everyone here can't possibly answer these questions because it all comes down to people's opinions. We don't control the ratings. The people who tune out or tune in to provide the ratings would be different depending on who is wrestling. Most people on here would have watched the Ryder, Punk and Bryan match and the kids that are into Cena may have tuned out. This blog is pretty much useless...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dylan515
    Hey you know if you watch were HHH first hit Taker with the sledgehammer HBK counted 3.
    I thought the same thing, but I guess he just hit the mat really hard and it sounded like a count because he's so quick. I think HBK did it on purpose, to fake us out, what a genius.
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    I realize the Cell wasn't used much, but it didn't have to be. The Cell was perfect as an atmosphere. Think about it - Triple H said it best when he said Hell in a Cell was where he learned what it took to end another man's career. This statement hearkens back to the era in which those three men cut their teeth and made history every night.
    I think for the first time ever, the Cell wasn't a weapon. It was a testament to the legacy of three of the greatest of all time: Shawn Michaels, Tripe H, and the Undertaker.
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    UT vs HHH was epic in both spots and psychology...
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    i know... i thought the match was over!
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    Hey you know if you watch were HHH first hit Taker with the sledgehammer HBK counted 3.
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    i think they should put the usos in a stable since they won't be splitting twins up anytime soon have christian as the leading guy and have drew mcintyre as the midcard guy let christian as the whc do a double duty of managing and supporting a bit i think this could work they are all hard workers young talent and they all deserve a second chance at titles they are entertaining.
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