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  1. Kid Contra's thoughts on WM29's Rumored Top Matches

    What up...Kid Contra here! Just wanted to share my thoughts on the rumored top 3 matches at next year's Wrestlemania. In case you hadn't heard, here is what's rumored to be the top matches for next year's WM:

    WWE Title Match: The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar
    Steve Austin vs. CM Punk
    The Undertaker vs. John Cena

    1) WWE Title Match: The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar- Ok so this
  2. Questions for the WWE Universe...Please Answer

    What up everyone, Kid Contra here! So I just wanted to jump right into today's quasi-blog/forum hybrid. Everyone is always questioning what WWE does with their product, including myself, which is great because as a fan I believe you have the right to do so, but nobody ever questions the WWE Universe. IMO, the WWE Universe or if you are old school like me, the fans, do just as many things that boggle ...
  3. Wrestlemaina 28 Rewind!

    What up everyone, Kid Contra here! Now that WM28 is in the record books, I kust wanted to take a brief look back, so I may share my thoughts and opinions on the event. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as well, I love to read everyone's comments.

    World Heavyweight Championship <strong>
    Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (C)

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