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    No offense Contra, but I personally would enjoy seeing all three maches. Lesnar vs Rock would be huge, not necassarily wrestling wise, but it would get mad publicity throughout the whole world, and would help attract casual fans as well as non fans who watch UFC. The Punk Austin match would be entertaining and while Austin retired because of injuries, i'm pretty sure he could go at it very well as long as he had someone to protect him, and I think that would be punk. Well written blog, just didn't agree with your points bro
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    A lot of the WWE Universe seem to hate John Cena, yet when he's not on Raw, the ratings go down the toilet! Why tune out when he's not there if you hate him so much?

    I don't tune out. I stick with the product through thick and thin.

    A lot of the WWE Universe seem to love C.M. Punk, Daniel Bryan and Zach Ryder, but why was it in December of 2011 when they were all champions in the main event on Raw in a good six-man tag match, the ratings were abysmal? That was like the Universe's wet dream, yet nobody watched!

    I watched, and loved, that main event. The only problem was Zack Ryder.

    What the hell does the WWE Universe see in Zach Ryder?

    I see a great technical ability, but the gimmick needs an epic heel change.

    Why does the WWE Universe bash Michael Cole on commentary so often, yet never mention a bad word about the worst commentator on Raw, Jerry "The King" Lawler?

    Cole has heat, King has become a mainstay because he reminds us that JR used to be there.

    Why doesn't the WWE Universe shower The Great Khali with chants of "can't do anything" every single time he comes out?

    Because he's proven to have a more successful acting career? lol.

    Why does the WWE Universe love Daniel Bryan so much, but they don't watch the show (Smackdown!) that he was the number one guy on for months?

    SmackDown has been a joke for many many years. Even Randy Orton cannot save that show.

    Why doesn't the WWE Universe voice their displeasure over the even more boring, more repetitive, pushed just as much as John Cena, Randy Orton?

    Three simple letters. R. K. O. make him watchable. It's like the modern Stunner in that it always looks spectacular.

    Why does the WWE Universe think Christian can be the top guy, when he's clearly nothing more than a great mid-card guy at best?

    He's worked his arse off for WWE over the years and he has a following. It's natural to want someone like that at the top.

    Why aren't the live crowds jacked like they were this past Monday Night at Raw? Come on, it's the WWE live, just bring it Universe, bring it all the time!

    I can't answer this, but I completely agree. This past weekend was the most hyped I've been in over a year.

    Even though the WWE Universe knows the Raw after Wrestlemania is always great, and we knew Brock was returning on Monday, and we knew the Rock was going to be there...still the ratings sucked! What's up Universe, what exactly do you want WWE to do, to make the shows good enough for you to watch? P.S. For those who missed it, Raw was amazing this past Monday.

    I didn't know the rating sucked this week. Wasted by the fans...

    Why does do so many in the WWE Universe want, no let me change that, need, Cena to turn Heel? Can there not be one wrestler who is always a good guy? Is there something so wrong with that?

    The fact is he already is a heel. He's hated by the majority of the audience (say what you will, 18-34 males are the biggest audience share). His character sells out arenas because the fans want to try and make him crack. Once he finally does he'll become boring again.
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    sorry others arent as open minded and just want to freak out when someone quetions there thoughts i like you blog so ill answer.
    1:they tune in hoping for a change at think people want to like cena just not his current gimmick
    2: really i think it was just the other competitors in the match and i felt it was more just a crap match.
    3:what i see in him a guy working hard who isnt to bad in the ring or on the mic.
    4: its just cause cole is vinces favorite and we have to hate vinces favs
    5:agree with the piper
    6:cause most people already know the results since its pre taped
    7:cause randy isnt as shoved down there throats
    8:cause he was that top guy in tna and he has worked hard i think he deserves a top spot
    9:i think youll see all the croweds start going nuts it just took one crowed to step up and do it.
    10.cause the Mens NCAA basketball championship was on
    11.piper gots it half right but it also goes back to my first answer they want something new from cena i think they want to like him they just need a better reason to
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickman
    I think WWE loose a lot of ratings due to online streaming. I usually watch Raw and Smackdown on youtube or putlocker. Maybe WWE should stream their shows online, TV is dead.
    True. Don' say that! I love TV haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterrrrrrrrrMichael
    Ratings will never be as good as they used to be with so many people downloading for free.
    I agree 100 percent, but even the gates to some of the shows are down, plus streaming is cool, but I'm a tv guy myself, because my connection sucks haha
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    Ratings will never be as good as they used to be with so many people downloading for free.
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    I think WWE loose a lot of ratings due to online streaming. I usually watch Raw and Smackdown on youtube or putlocker. Maybe WWE should stream their shows online, TV is dead.
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