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  1. Earthquake's Avatar
    ha, some of you internet guys crack me up, those who go on big big rants. my very first sentance said this was my favourites. though some suggestions are great and even better than on my list, theres no need to have a gigantic rant.
    Again i stress that yes the rikishi angle didnt go to plan, but at the time it completely shocked me. i am glad they didnt make it the rock, because that would have sullied his whole persona in my opinion, and im glad wwe didnt do it. As for the Eddie heel turn on rey, that didnt shock me personally because i could see they were going that way as eddie was agitated that rey kept beating him. but eddie on tajiri, now that was from NOWHERE.
  2. sexyboy14's Avatar
    How is there no mention in this blog about Shad turning against JTG? That was epic!!!

    OK jokes aside, I think it should go like this:
    5. Matt Hardy turns on Jeff
    4. Stone Cold at WM X-7
    3. Sgt. Slaughter as Iraqi sympathiser
    2. HBK on Jannetty
    1. Hogan joins NWO
  3. Mikkaelson's Avatar
    No, No, No - This is all wrong. The Stone Cold hit and run incident is one of the WORSE angles in pro wrestling history and best forgotten.

    Why is there no mention of Bob Backlund snapping against Bret the Hitman Hart or CM Punk cashing in the Money in the Bank brief case on Jeff Hardy.

    Sgt Slaughter going against his patriarch roots and becoming an Iraqi sympathizer was shocking stuff given the time frame and also deserves a mention.
  4. JavierBa7x's Avatar
    Good blog man, but the Rockers of course and a notable mention that caught me completely off guard is when Eddie turned on Rey Mysterio on Smackdown.
  5. Sony's Avatar
    No mention of Jake "the snake" Roberts heel turn when he betrayed Warrior and joined forces with the Taker? That turn came outta nowhere!
  6. cnoevl21's Avatar
    i agree about hbk and janetty being up there. but one that really got me, not sure if it really counts cuz triple h i believe was actually a heel at the time, but when he went to reform DX with shawn, gave shawn a DX t-shirt, they came out to DX music, started doing the whole ARE YOU READY... and then triple h pedigreed him.
    That killed me cuz i always loved DX, i was so stoked for them to be back. to have it for such a brief moment, i was just floored.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    Even for me Hogan's turn is the biggest one..but anyways it is a gud blog..n I accept ur point on came unexpected..

    I felt that was the stage set for The Rock to become heel...but it turned out to be Rikishi...I was shocked at taht time..

    just think..a dancing crowd loving rikishi as a monster heel...but wwe dropped the ball on him very soon...
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