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  1. Raw 1000th episode awards selected by the fans!!

    Best rivalry: Austin/McMahon
    Best superstar: The Undertaker
    Best moment: Beer Truck
    Best diva: Lita
    Best tag team: The Hardys
    Most shocking moment: Stone Cold Joining WCW/ECW Allianace
    Best superstar theme: Batista
    Which superstar had the best catchphrase/s: The Rock
    Best entrance: Batista
    Best match: Taker/Hardy
    Best couple: Edge & Lita ...
  2. TNA 10th anniversary awards voted by TNA fans

    Best superstar: AJ Styles
    Best match: AJ/Joe/Daniels
    Best moment: Arrival of Kurt Angle
    Best tag team: Beer Money
    Best Knockout: Angelina Love
    Best X-Division champion: Kazarian
    Best stable: Triple X
    Best FA signing: Kurt Angle
    Best ppv: Destination X 2011
    Best rivalry: AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle

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