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  1. How to Resurrect the WWE Tag Team Division.

    Yes I know this topic has been done to death, but it is still something that really bothers me about the current WWE product. In the past, many main-event stars were created through the use of tag-teams. It is a great platform to not only propel talented young superstars to the main-event, but also a great way just to get people on TV. Considering that we are all in an economic slump, it is natural ...
  2. WWE have so much Trouble Getting new Talent

    I'm highly doubting I'm the only one to notice this, but the WWE are having real trouble getting new young talent over on their way to the main event. People like Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Drew McIntrye were all pushed massively upon their debut, but all had the rug pulled from under them. People like Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and even Cody Rhodes are not getting the reaction from the crowd that ...

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