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    @Akbar - You can have your opinion, but you'll find most Wrestling fans will disagree with you.

    @Roc Away - Thank you for the positive feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. Please check out some more, and check the links at the bottom out if you use Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date.

    @Heath_Deka - Absolutely. Sean O'Haire was by far one of my favourites in the Invasion era, big guy, evil looking son of a bitch, had some decent heat too. His personal life was plagued with issues though, which may be why he was held back. Could've continued to thrive, though and make a Brilliant top-card heel. He retired after basically being relegated and demoted to Velocity, and was into MMA for a while. Not sure what he is doing now.
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    One that comes to mind: Sean O'Haire, and his "I'm not telling you anything you don't already know" gimmick... they balked on that one, could have been big.
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    Chavo was terrible...sorry
  4. Roc Away's Avatar
    This is one of the best entries I've seen written on this site. The best blogs make one view wrestling with different perspectives, and I think most can agree that the wrestlers you named deserved much more than they are usually given credit for. From your blog I took away the fact that WWF/E doesn't always get it right, especially when they had wrestlers who were already successes in WCW yet totally dropped the ball on them
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    Thanks Sahu.

    If feedback is good, I'll do a series on this, evalutating each year since I got into the Wrestling business.
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    gr8 list bro!! I appreciate u for bringing Dean n Perry....I'm and was a huge Radicalz mark!!!

    I love all of those on radicalz...

    I also appreciate u for bringing in Chavo...Chavo was under utilised by WWE...Lance is another guy for whom I used tune in WCW at one point was grossly misused..

    William regal is one of my all time favorites....

    gr8 list yaara!!
  7. dadon316's Avatar
    Guess I hit the nail right on the head didnt i!? Aw you big old bender!
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