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    THANK YOU!!!! FINALLY Someone other than me wrote an ROH blog. I only have written one but it was quickly shuffled down the ewrestling timeline making room for more "what the WWE is doing wrong" blogs. Good read though, I enjoyed it. It should be a big year for all those guys. Elgin TV title for sure, id bet money on it, he's so consistantly awesome and takes some pretty sick bumps to the floor for a big dude. Either Hero or Steen SHOULD be world champ before the end of the year. Its just a matter of what Steen can and cant do on the TV show, if they give him a little more slack, he could get a lot of attention. as for Oreilly, ill say itll be a big year for either him or Edwards, depending on who ends up being the face and the heel in this current richards/oreilly vs. edwards feud. I think the idea is eddie as the heel but in the interviews theyve been doing on tv, oreilly/richards come off much more heel-ish, i think though whichever one of them turns heel, itll be a big year for that guy. Also it should be pretty important year too for the Briscoes, particularly Jay, ROH is finally letting that guy do more talking.
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