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  1. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    Well I did say i'd keep the list at 5, though I can make the argument for more.

    Petey Williams was very good, thought about putting him in, maybe over Low Ki.

    Why Christian? He was one of TNAs best acquisitions and became one of TNAs biggest stars, more than any plans WWE had/has for him. Great wrestler, hard worker, tremendous on the mic.

    Low Ki is a very good wrestler, crowd favorite, OK on the mic, could have been something great in TNA.
  2. Theicon's Avatar
    Christian & Low ki why????
  3. BichinRichStanley's Avatar
    Solid list. Nice blog
  4. kylos's Avatar
    Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Homicide... the list goes on and on.
  5. Sony's Avatar
    No mention pf Petey Williams?
  6. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    Thanks y'all, I appreciate the support. This entry was actually something I wrote for the website Bleacher Report in my application to write for them, not sure if it worked or not. Nonetheless, I really like the direction ROH is going in. I really got into them last year, ended up at all of the NYC shows and it's been great.

    The only knock I have on ROH right now is just the roster. Not so much the quality, but certainly the quantity needs to be upped a bit. I like that they've brought back guys like Jimmy Rave, BJ Whitmer and etc. I would love it, as i'm sure the wrestling world would love it to, if Nigel McGuinness gets cleared to wrestle sometime this year.
  7. Grizzly_Shark's Avatar
    Nice one sir,
    I havet been keeping up with ROH as much as i used to or as i should, but i can tell by what youve written that i really need to get onto it.
    @Bagg i hope they turn Davey. As good as he is, he hasnt been the greatest ROH champ in the world and it seems a lot of people are turning on him. Having Reilly still as a relative new comer staying with him and turning heel too would be perfect. Its much easier for a new face to establish himself as a heel and then if need be, his eventual turn face would be classic story line feeding off his heel mentor Davey.
    The only thing i really find myself going out of my way to watch is anything with Steen. Hopefully this year they can give him a hot feud with someone fresh to help establish another main eventer that isnt the ones we've already seen (im look at you Elgin) over the past couple years.
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