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  1. robofhonor's Avatar
    I do believe generico will win but I dont think it will be at final battle
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    Quote Originally Posted by robofhonor
    I wish there could be a longer fued for Steen his run isnt over but generico and Steen will rip that building apart
    I just had to be Generico, who else can beat Steen? He's gone through everyone else.
  3. Echofalls1982's Avatar
    ANYONE can have edgier storylines! Wrestlers are actors. Physical theatre ACTORS. I'm not saying whether or not the attitude era would work now or not, but the storylines now are well and truly awful. 3 guys jump Ryback (Evolution and Goldberg) been there done that, Vickie Guerrero GM again (BORING) Cena and AJ KISSING. The NEED to have better storylines because people will end up getting bored. I don't watch Raw as much as I used to and don't even bother with Smackdown. And with TNA, yes, they might have smaller ratings and audiences, but that is a good thing as they can only improve on that and get better and better. The way thing are going in 10 years time, older WWE audiences will get bored and stop watching it especially after legends like The Undertaker will have called it a day by then. TNA will be a lot bigger by that time too. The only way is up for them and the opposite could be said for The WWE
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    I agree that Under The Hood has an incredible card. I am really excited to how Chikara ends season 11!
  5. robofhonor's Avatar
    I wish there could be a longer fued for Steen his run isnt over but generico and Steen will rip that building apart
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    Quote Originally Posted by pld459666
    Gradual process implemented in segments starting on Smackdown.

    Sponsors will be there. They were back in the day, see no reason they won't going forward.
    Everything is so sensitive so not to offend anyone these days. They won't have the same sponsors they had back then. You think Snickers will sponsor their PPV's now if they have mixed tag matches where Kane is chokeslamming women, and HHH is banging a corps? Not quite. In fact, all the social media that's available today would have lonely housewife wannabe activists petitioning against WWE on a weekly basis if they went back to it. Donald Trump lashed out because Obama won the election, and almost a million people have petitioned Bloomingdale's or Macy's or whoever to drop his clothing line. You're not allowed to say anything or depict anything these days without causing an uproar. The outcries over the notion that "sex sells" would be outragious.

    So NO. The sponsors won't be there in this day and age.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979
    People will never let it go. The funny thing is most of those who keep harping on are actually too young to have seen it. It's mostly what they've read on sites like this or videos they've seen on Youtube.

    Most things seem better in hindsight.

    For me, being old enough to remember Wrestlemania I, the 80's were the finest wrestling period but I'm sure those old enough to remember would extoll the virtues of 60's and 70's wrestling as being far superior.
    Agreed kids when they grow up will look back at the PG era and say it was the best era because it was the first one they watched.
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