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  1. Thought from the Old Skool Vol. 3

    I'm back with another addition of Thoughts from the Old School. It's been awhile since my last blog my Predictions blog was kind of a flop but oh well. This addition I will looking at my Top 5 wrestling matches now this includes gimmick matches and straight up wrestling matches. Should I be doing a blog about Wrestlemania 28? NO! because none of the matches really interest me.

    5. Tower ...
  2. Thought from the Old Skool

    Thoughts from the OldSkool

    Well this is my first blog of the year. While I have been a member of this wrestling site for sometime now. I havent had the chance to write blog about wrestling. I was waiting for the right moment to do that. That time is now.
    I'm writing on two topics. One is Tag Teams and the is A title I would to see in the WWE.

    Tag Teams

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