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Ace Lancaster

  1. The Bottom Line: Raw Firing, SummerSlam, More

    Hello wrestling fans. I’m Ace Lancaster and welcome to the first edition of hopefully a weekly blog about RAW, Smackdown, and the WWE known as The Bottom Line. This blog will have both reviews and opinions on Raw and Smackdown as well concerns about certain storylines and wrestlers. I will also include opinions on hot topics within the industry such as the firing of AW and the unhappiness of nearly ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  2. Santino Needs to Drop the U.S. Title Immediately

    Here are my issues with Santino Marella as the United States Champion.
    First of all he’s not a credible wrestler let alone a credible United States Champion.

    It’s impossible to take him serious.

    His mic skills are okay but it’s all for comedic relief.

    His move set is completely lame. He has a hip toss, the saluting head butt, and the cobra. Those

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