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  1. Tna 10/14/10 10:09
  2. Sting and Nash
  3. Hardys vs. Beer Money vs. MCMG's
  4. Should TNA keep the Jersey Shore Gimmick?
  5. "we're all out of time on Impact!"
  6. Hardy Boyz (In prime) vs Generation Me in a Ladder Match.
  7. Bravo to close 1/1/11 TNA what channel
  8. Kazarian?
  9. Jeff Jerrett + TNA
  10. TNA WRESTLING will be broadcast on Freeview in the uk on Challenge
  11. Lita in TNA?
  12. Hulk Hogan Vs Kim Jong Il
  13. The Pope’s promos suck.
  14. Is it just me or was this weeks Impact just awful?
  15. Jersey Shore in TNA
  16. How TNA should book the next few months SPOILER
  17. Random thought that I might be interesting
  18. Anyone notice this tonight?
  19. Tna uk fan late dicussion trhead
  20. If every Impact! was as good as 17/02/11...
  21. 3/17 impact something missing from spoiler report
  22. Why not Friday Night Wars?
  23. Fallen Angel
  24. iMPACT lately
  25. Factions and Titles
  26. impact taping question
  27. Impact 5/12/11: Your review
  28. Just saw smackdown...
  29. Christy Hemme
  30. Did anyone else notice...
  31. Mr Anderson
  32. motor city machine guns
  33. My Report from a Impact Wrestling live event!!!
  34. TNA out of shape
  35. The REAL sting heel!
  36. Tara and Miss Tessmacher
  37. challenge get new Day and Time for TNA impact wrestling.
  38. Hogan Porn Parody
  39. Jeff Hardy at tonight's Impact
  40. Seriously TNA?
  41. watching TNA/WWE live?????
  42. Sting running day to day operations... hmmm, where have I heard that one before???
  43. Just watched Impact last night.
  44. Matt Morgan's Cousin
  45. TNA Turns WWE???
  46. Anyone remember this guy?
  47. Quick Thoughts on TNA iMPACT 01-12-12
  48. no ideas for mr anderson?
  49. So I watched my first TNA episode tonight..
  50. TNA impact 3/1
  51. Immortal
  52. Immortal
  53. RVD VS Mr Anderson VS Jeff Hardy
  54. bfg series
  55. is this Claire chick really preggo?
  56. TNA is hollywood back??
  57. End of Impact 10/11
  58. Impact 11/1 thoughts
  59. Should TNA move to Monday Nights?
  60. What you'd like to see in TNA
  61. AJ Styles World Champion 2013?
  62. PG-14 on Impact?
  63. AJ Styles Going the Sting Free Agent Route
  64. Impact match of the Night 1-3-13?
  65. Looking weak
  66. tna on the road
  67. Aries and Roode Team Name
  68. Thank you TNA for giiving me Chavo Vs AA
  69. That was awwwwwfullll (clap-clap, clap clap clap)
  70. Next TNA HOF inductee ?
  71. Bobby Roode
  72. my TNA rant?
  73. Ok so I watched TNA
  74. Same Result / Different Moment *Possible but unlikely spoiler*
  75. Dixie Nailed It *TNA Impact Spoiler Alert*
  76. Why Did They Make Dixie A Heel
  77. Funny tweet by joe
  78. Ideas for the "New Investor"
  79. roode vs angle steel cage match
  80. Impact making an Impact ( spoilers maybe)
  81. The Eric Young and Daniel Bryan Comparison.