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Demotivators called pictures , which consist of images of prisoners in the frame, with the preparation of labels, commenting on the image . Pictures demotivators strictly match the aspect parameters.At the present time demotivators jokes are the most popular form for the opportunity to express their own attitude to a particular event happening directly around us .It is valid to ask what use can demotivators so widely known, having an identical form of well-known poster campaign messages and appeals in order to present information to people? However, propaganda posters , and their revolutionary appeals coincide with the real situation .So they can not rely on positive feedback , their objectives do not provide positive results. And it's finally fed up with many ... So here and got their distribution demotivators .Now the World Wide Web there are some resources to create demotivators that allow greatly simplify this process and make it as enjoyable as possible .But there may be some difficulties , especially when creating demotivators , this process is always accompanied by an attachment site logo , which had carried out new demotivators .This fact leads to devaluation of the image, losing the original meaning demotivators , for here is completely lost authorship , no one will know who created this masterpiece . Therefore, a different approach was devised to address this issue - the creation of demotivators using a graphical editor for creating your unique image with the words .

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What does this have to do with sports...what does this have to do with ANYTHING?

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Y'all realise that you're posting in a spam thread?

Whoops, I just did too!!

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Y'all realise that you're posting in a spam thread?

Whoops, I just did too!!

If it makes you feel any better.
I always give into peer pressure lol