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09-17-2011, 09:43 PM
Intro Song for Monday Night RAW (1:15)
Intro Song for Alberto Del Rio. (1:20)
Alberto Del Rio walks towards the ring with the WWE Championship belt at his waist, he is accompanied by Ricardo Rodriguez.
Alberto Del Rio is at the ring and grabs a mic. Ricardo introduces him.
Ricardo: Su Campeón de la WWE, él es el gran Alberto Del Rio!!

Alberto: My name is.. Alberto Del Rio, and I am your WWE Champion I'm proud that the WWE decided to choose me as their beginning. As I will not disappoint. I'm not afraid of John Cena, or Triple H, or Big Show. They dont make me afraid. They make me gain motivation. I'm the WWE Champion, and I'm happy that my reign has started.El reino se ha hecho más que empezar, porque soy el campeón de la WWE.
---Triple H entrance song strikes (1:15)
Triple H walks towards the ring in a suit, freshly touted as the new COO of WWE.
Triple H makes his way to the ring, and grabs a mic.
Hunter: Hello Alberto, you may be WWE Champion, but being a champion takes hard work and dedication something that you lack so much. I mean as COO I feel what is best for business is if we take that title off of you. Your a liability. But since we can't take the belt off of you. . You will be putting your WWE Championship on the LINE at NOC

Alberto: I'm not scared. Not scared of WWE Superstars that cannot be compared to me.Yo soy el gran Alberto Del RÃ*o, y que me aspen si me golpearon.

Hunter:Yeah,we get it Alberto. Don't feel nice that you have begun the new run of WWE as champion, because it was just chosen by random. Personally I would choose anybody but you. Preferably CM Punk. The charismatic individual is a champion. But since we can't give it to him. We're stuck with you. But don't think your not fighting tonight. Maybe not against CM Punk. But I'm sure you know The Miz.
---Triple H drops the mic, and leaves the ring. His entrance song commences
---Alberto Del Rio smiles and taunts the crows (Boos follow)

Michael: Welcome to Monday Night RAW. This is a brand new series and we're happy that you've decided to spend your Monday night with us. I'm Michael Cole, with Jerry "The King" Lawler, as well as Jim Ross,

JR: Yeah Michael, Alberto Del Rio being champion is already killing this new wrestling promotion. He has no skills to attain the WWE Championship, we need someone who has charisma.
Lawler:Exactly JR. We need a champion who loves us: the fans. Alberto clearly doesn't have that.

Michael:You guys are crazy. Alberto is perfectly fine.

JR: What?

Michael: Yeah, well we have a match coming up. Alberto Del Rio, and The Miz!!

----The Miz entrance song commences (1:15)
The Miz enters the ring.
The referee calls the match.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio via Submission
Climax: Alberto Del Rio does the armbreaker, Miz taps

---CM Punk Entrance song commences (1:15)----
CM Punk enters the ring grabs a mic

Punk: Congrats Alberto, you've beaten The Miz in your first match as WWE Champion, how does it feel?
---Alberto Doesn't Respond---

Punk: No Response? Okay well listen I may give you a congrats, but no way in hell does it mean I have respect for you. I can't wait until Night of Champions, when I take that title away from you. It's gonna be like stealing candy from a baby.

--Triple H entrance song commences (1:15)----
Hunter is at the ring and grabs a mic.

Hunter: Punk, you can't waltz around and think you deserve a title shot on the first day. You are probably one of the biggest superstars on RAW, but you have to earn it Punk, just like everyone else.

Punk: Yeah, I know but I feel I should by default play Alberto Del Rio at Night of Champions for the WWE Championship.

Hunter: I'll decide who faces Rio, I'll decide who is the Number One Contender, and as of right now Punk it isn't you.

Punk: So what do you want me to do Hunter? Just wait for my chance?

Hunter: You're classy Punk, your charismatic, atleast you have qualities of a Champion, something Rio doesn't have. It could be Cena and you in a singles match for the Number One Contendership, but as my first duty as COO, why don't I shake things up. A Triple Threat match, between CM Punk,John Cena, and Rey Mysterio for the Number One contendership.

Punk: Really Hunter, your going to shake things up? Really? WOW, well I can't freaking wait to GTS Cena, and Mysterio.
--John Cena entrance song commences (1:15)----
John Cena enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Cena: A triple threat match? Looks like fun, Mysterious, Me, and the Punk ass savior. Can't wait.

Hunter: Don't get ahead of yourself Cena, you'll still have to go through Punk and Mysterio.
---Rey Mysterio Entrance Song commences (1:00)
Rey Mysterio enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Rey: A Triple threat? WOW so it looks like I'll be whooping two assholes tonight. Am I right? (The crowd cheers)

--CM Punk grabs Rey Mysterio from behind, and John Cena, repeatedly slaps Rey Mysterio's body. CM Punk lets go, and leaves the ring, followed by John Cena, with a frantic fall by Rey Mysterio. Triple H smiles and nods his head, before comforting Rey.----

Michael: Look what we have tonight. Our main event is slated folks. John Cena,CM Punk, and Rey Mysterio will square off tonight for the Number One Contendership to see who will face Rio at Night of Champions. Who ya got JR?

JR: I'm saying Mysterio.. mainly because I think he can really attract the crowd, it's always fun to see Rey play.

Lawler: I got Cena, I wanna see more of this bad-ass attitude of Cena, and pull an attitude adjustment.

Michael: Well we got an upcoming match. A Tag team to be in fact. John Morrison and Alex Riley will be taking on Air BOOM! We'll see where this match goes. Three Highflyers and a power threat.

---John Morrison and Alex Riley enter the ring; a mashup of their entrance (1:10)
-- Air Boom entering the ring; a mashup of their entrance (1:00)

The referee begins to call the match, starting with Evan Bourne and John Morrison
Winner: Air Boom (Kofi) over (Morrison) by Pinfall
Climax: Kofi Kingston does a "Trouble In Paradise" to pin Morrison.

Justin Roberts is interviewing Kelly Kelly

Justin: Kelly, how is being the default Divas Champion looking as of right now? And are you afraid of defending your title at Night of Champions?

Kelly: I wouldn't say afraid, I'm motivated. I'm willing to continue to defend my reign, and make it a memorable one. Being the default Divas champ is an honor, and proud to say the WWE is heading in the right direction. I actually have a match right now, so I can't answer your question. It's against Eve, so wish me luck!
--Justin is left speechless---

--Kelly Kelly's entrance song commences;title on waist (1:00)
--Kelly enters the ring---

--Eve's entrance song commences (1:00)--

The referee counts the match
Winner: Kelly Kelly by Pinfall
Climax: Kelly pulls off the "Kelly Kick", and pins Eve

--Jack Swagger's entrance song commences (1:00)
--Jack enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Jack: Hello WWE Universe, you must know me as Mr.Money in the Bank. But the name's Jack Swagger. Cena,Punk,Mysterio, and Rio may have their time now, but I'm the real man that can change all this in a second. I am the wildcard in anything that is played, so be sure to watch out for me. Cause I could be creeping tonight, maybe tomorrow. Haha. Well until then, I guess I'll see ya.

--Zach Ryder Interrupts, his entrance song commences (1:00)--
Zach Ryder Grabs a mic and enters the ring.

Zach: Hey Jack, you wanna be my Broski of the week?

Jack: Sure, you know Zach I think your a cool dude, so why not? I'll be your Broski of the Week. Woohoohoo!

Zach: Of course.

Zach quickly attacks Jack Swagger and punches Jack constantly, he finishes Jack with the "Rough Ryder".

Zach: Now who wants to be my Broski of the Week? WOOHOOHOO!


--Rey Mysterio enters the ring (1:00)
He grabs a mic

Rey: Have you seen the disrespect that I am getting from particular WWE Superstars? Yeah, I'm talking about Cena and Punk! Those jackasses think they can bully me due to my short stature, that wont work, because I will 619 them so fast, that Night of Champions will look like baby food to me when I kick.. Alberto...

--Triple H entrance song commences (1:00)---
Triple H enters the ring and grabs a mic

Hunter: Rey, calm down just a bit, it's all part of the buisness, and really they're just getting to your head. You want that title shot, you'll get it, but dont talk smack about other superstars in the WWE, and you havent even beaten them yet. Maybe Rio does it, but he's a different type of person, someone I've been wanting to fire, but since I cant. Your the obstacles. You,Punk,and Cena all have one goal, and that is take that Number One Contendership and own Rio's ass at Night of Champions. You think it will happen? Make it happen.
--CM Punk's entrance song commences (1:00)
CM Punk enters the ring and grabs a mic

Punk: Oh, how freaking touching. Hunter giving some lovely advice to his prized possession Rey Mysterio. That's amazing because your little friend, is going to need when I kick his ass, speaking of John Cena, he'll come in 5,4,3
--John Cena's entrance song commences (1:00)---
John Cena enters and grabs a mic

Cena: Let's just get this show on the road, I'm tired, and I cant wait to go to sleep as the Number One contender. So Hunter get a ref out here.

Hunter: Done...

The referee comes out and calls the match.

Winner: Rey Mysterio by Pinfall
Climax: Rey Mysterio makes CM Punk Tap outand pulls a 619 on John Cena, then pins him.

Rey: You see, I never ever lose my cool, I let my skills speak for what it is. And pulling a 619 on Cena, and making Punk tap out is all that I need. Ya see...

Alberto Del Rio sneaks up from behind of Mysterio and attacks him from the back. Mysterio falls,Rio smashes belt on Mysterio's face

S.E. Zero
11-05-2011, 11:17 PM
As requested, Raw Review:

Opening the WWE Champion Del Rio, your spanish was excellent and the back and forth with HHH was well done as we get a match set with Del Rio and Miz as well as know that Del Rio defend the championsip at Night of Champions. Good opener.

Followed up by a win from Del Rio and a series of promo from Punk, HHH, Cena and Mysterio to setup a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender to challenge Del Rio at Night of Champions for the WWE Championship before Cena under heel actions? and Punk under tweener actions? attack Mysterio which was a rather confusing segment but was a nice flow of events so good job.

I dont know why you refer to Riley as a power threat since he is not but oh well....that served very little purpouse as Air Boom defeats Morrison and Riley.

A good little promo from Kelly Kelly but why would the interviewer be left speechless as she leaves, perhaps a kiss or wink or something from K2 wouldve made for a more accurate situation as to why he would've been left speechless so make sure you match actions with the right reactions.

Good win for Kelly Kelly.

This segment between Ryder and Swagger was peculiar as made it seem like Ryder attaacked Swagger for no apparent reason even after Swagger agreed to his Broski of the Week so was this a heel turn for Ryder?

Promos reign again as each potential challenger speak their minds before Mysterio surprisingly wins but gets attacked by Del Rio to end the show.

Overall as much as I enjoyed the promos given here it was clear you favored Cena, Mysterio and Punk as they overtook promo wise an insane amount of time that could've been used to give Del Rio their champion, one of the persons that shouldve gotten more promo time than he was given this week and maybe 1 - 2 more matches to really keep with the tradition set by Raw itself that has on average 4 matches a week with a 5th if time is used well so keep that in mind for all future shows.

Hope this helps and will review the rest of your work at a later point in time.

11-07-2011, 03:12 PM
Thank You for your insightful Review.