View Full Version : WWE-Monday Night RAW Week 1

09-17-2011, 07:58 PM
Hello everyone my name is Warsame Raghe, I've decided to take the helm as the booker of the WWE. I love how it runs, but I would love to give my input. The way my thread is going to work, is I will be posting Monday Night RAW, and Friday Night Smackdown, as well as a Pay-Per View every month (PPV).4 Shows of RAW, 4 Shows of Smackdown then PPV. My PPV event will follow the WWE however in different order. Before we begin my show, lets take a look at the WWE Monday Night RAW Roster. PS: I will continue the look of the WWE, but i'm booking it MY WAY. I hope you enjoy and I would love feedback.
-Triple H (COO)
-John Lauranitis (VP of Talent Relations)
-Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champion)
-Alex Riley
-Beth Phoenix (Diva)
-Brie Bella
-CM Punk
-Curt Hawkings
-David Otunga
-Dolph Ziggler (United States Champion)
-Drew Mcintyre
-Evan Bourne (WWE Tag Team Champion)
-Eve (Diva)
-Gail Kim (Diva)
-Jack Swagger
-Jerry "The King" Lawler (Announcer-Part Time Wrestler)
-Jim Ross (Announcer)
-Michael Cole (Announcer)
-John Cena
-John Morrison
-Justin Roberts (Interviewer)
-Kelly Kelly (Divas Champion)
-Kofi Kingston (WWE Tag Team Champion)
-Maryse (Diva)
-Mason Ryan
-Michael McGilicutty
-Nikki Bella (Diva)
-Rey Mysterio (inactive due to injury)
-Ricardo Rodriguez
-Santino Marella
-Scott Stafford (Interviewer)
-Skip Sheffield
-The Miz
-Tyler Reks
-Vikki Guerrero
-Zach Ryder

Alright we got our roster. Let's BEGIN!