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09-10-2011, 08:38 AM
I might make this a weekly thing not too sure yet but this is how I would book next weeks Friday Night Smackdown. I will be following the current storylines and silly angles for now.

To start the show we have the the intro (duh) then I would show a recap from last week to put over Mark Henry a little more showing the destruction he caused on Randy Orton last week.

Now we got the intros over with I would have Teddy Long come out and announce tonights mainevent match up. This is a basic little summery of what he would say. "Randy Orton and Mark Henry can't wait to tear each other apart so we are not going to wait until this sunday because....tonight they will be in action....in a tag team match. It will be The Viper Randy Orton and a partner of his choice against Mark Henry and a partner of his choice...holla holla holla." Then I would have booker T say I doubt anyone will want to team with Mark Henry he has no freinds around this place.

Then we move onto the first match up of the night Christian Vs Sheamus. I would have sheamus win via Count out to build up to a future ppv match between these two. Have them go at it for a good 7 mins of in ring action then Christian To finnaly escape the ring and leave to the 10 count.

Then we cut to a backstage segmant with Randy Orton sitting in his locker room when Ted Dibasie comes in (who recently turnd face) He asks Orton to pick him as his tag team partner for tonight so he can prove to the WWE Universe hes a changed man. Orton looks at Ted and smirks and leaves the room. Fade to black.

Next match up is a inter gender tag team match on one side we have Daniel Bryan and kelly kelly vs Tyson Kidd and Natalya.
Winners of the match Natalya and Tyson Kidd. After the match Beth comes down and delivers her finisher to Kelly then Natalya applys the sharpshooter. Until Daniel Bryan runs back into the ring and the divas of doom leave.

Third match Cody Rhodes vs Justin Gabriel for the IC championship. During Codys entrance he cuts a promo saying tonight he will start the journey to ressurect the IC championship to glory here in the WWE by defending it against the first man to make his way out here. A good 10 min back and fourth match with Cody Rhodes getting the win then places a paper bag over Justins face. He then grabs the microphone again and says he needs an opponent for this sunday at Night Of Champions. Teddy Long comes out and says he has come up with the perfect match...at Night Of Champions it will be Cody Rhodes Vs Kane for the IC championship hola hola (this match is just to add to the card and Codys Angle to push the title)

Backstage with Mark Henry speaking to the great khali about being has partner for tonight but Khali does not reply and walks away from Henry.

Fourth Match Kofi Kingston with Evan Bourne vs Brodus Clay. Brodus picks up the victory here and then attacks Evan Bourne after the match. (Trying to build Brodus as a monster by having him single handedly destroy the tag champions. Yes this effects them but it will better them once they get a victory over Brodus.)

Backstage Zack Ryder argues with Teddy Long saying he should be in tonights match as Ortons partner to get revenge on last weeks attack from Henry. Teddy tells him hes too banged up for tonight and that Orton already picked his partner.

Main Event. Randy Orton comes out first with a smirk on his face and his partner for tonight....the former member of legacy Ted Dibasie. Mark Henry comes out looking a little angry and holding a microphone and he gets in the ring. He goes on to say that he had a long hard think about who he wanted as his partner then he picked one. A man who has shown a new side of agression in the past weeks......Sin Cara! (Heel Turn complete) Ted picks up the win for his team pinning Sin Cara. Mark Henry gets angry and starts to smash up the announce table as Orton and Ted celebrate in the ring. Mark Henry slowly steps back up the steps but does not enter. Sin Cara is back up but is quikly hit with a RKO sending a message to Mark Henry for this sundays Night Of Champions.

(I might book night of champions aswell I actully enjoyed my own booking :P sorry for the spelling mistakes ect too lazy to fix them :/ )

S.E. Zero
09-12-2011, 09:35 AM
This is good stuff however you spoiled yourself by explaining the reasons for each action and eliminating all elements if surprise, which is what you want.

To keep people guessing and excited for the events to come week after week.

We as fans (readers) dont need to know the reasons for your actions, we need to see them through the booking as the weeks go by.

Next time dont spoil yourself and this should be quite the interesting show ;)