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Subject Zero
09-01-2011, 10:51 AM

This is my first time doing something like this so bare with my i may be useless at this at first but if you have any advice or opinions on this no matter if they are positive or negative please let me know.

My wrestling show is going to be like The Invasion of the WWF/WWE past apart from instead of WCW vs WWE its going to be Wrestlers who i believe are Legends from the past against a mixture current members of the WWE roster.

Im going to try and even it all out with Legends matching the Current roster. But all my chosen legends will be in the Prime of there career. And i will add a few surprise additions along the way. Alot of these wont be used week in week out and im going to do a short superstars show at first but i will be calling it Heat.

Some will be out and out Faces or heels others you will have to make your own opinion on.


Alberto Del Rio - Jake Roberts
Big Show - Andre the Giant
CM Punk - Chris Jericho
Dolph Ziggler - Rick Rude
Drew McIntyre - Mr. Perfect


Jack Swagger - Bret Hart
John Cena - The Rock
John Morrsion - Shawn Michaels

Kevin Nash

Kofi Kingston - Junkyard Dog
Mason Ryan - Jim Neidhart
R-Truth - Ultimate Warrior
Rey Mysterio - Eddie Guerrero
Santino - Doink The Clown
The Miz - DDP

Triple H

Zack Ryder - Raven


Booker T

Christian - Edge
Cody Rhodes - Cactus Jack
Daniel Bryan - Ric Flair
Ezekiel Jackson - Vader

The Usos - Londrick

Justin Gabriel - Billy Kidman
Kane - Heel Rikishi
Mark Henry - Ahmed Johnson
Randy Orton - Randy Savage
Sheamus - Iron Shiek
Sin Cara - TAKA
Ted Dibase - Roddy Piper
The Great Khali - Yokozuna
Undertaker - Farooq
Wade Barret - British Bulldog
William Regal - Scott Steiner
Yoshi Tatsu - Rick Steiner


Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix - Lita
Eve - Stacy Kiebler
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly - Sable
Maryse - Trish Stratus


World Champ - Edge

WWE Champion - John Cena

USA - Dolph Ziggler
Inter - Roddy Piper

Tag Team - Vacated

Divas - Marsye

Im going to start with a Heat today and depending on feed back or not i will continue.

Subject Zero
09-01-2011, 11:20 AM


Jake Roberts vs Jack Swagger


Alica Fox vs Layla


Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner


The Usos

Heat Pyro goes off.

Josh Matthews: Welcome to SUnday Night Heat. Im Josh Matthews alongside me is my Broadcast Partner Al Snow.

Al Snow: Good evening everyone i cant wait for tonights Main Event The Steiner Bros are out to make a claim for those Tag Titles tonight.

Josh Matthews: Yes the Chairman of the WWE has yet to decide what to do with the vacated belts after Edge and Christian had

that massive fall out and for punishment for unproffesional behaviour they were stripped of those titles.

Al Snow: Well to be fair Edge dosent need Christian anymore hes been carrying him for all these years anyway......

Josh Matthews: Sorry Al going to have to stop you there here comes our first match


Jack Swagger - Music


Jake Roberts - Music

Josh Matthews: Roberts has brought that Demon creature Damien with him.

Roberts sits in the corner of the ring watching his prey, as Swagger looks over to the bag with Terror in his eyes.

Swagger starts complaining to the Ref but hes hearing none of it.

The Bell goes and we start the match.

Swagger is still arguing with the ref as Roberts picks himself up and punches Swagger right in the Kidney.

Headlock by Roberts and he Starts to wrench the neck of Swagger. Who manages to escape the lock and Irish Whip Roberts against the ropes.

Swagger looks to flip ROberts but Roberts scouts the Move and goes for the DDT.

Jack Swagger drops to his belly and rolls out of the ring. Hes taking time to assess the situation.

But Roberts wont allow it and follows him outside the ring.

CLOTHESLINE Swagger saw him coming and Roberts hits the floor. Swagger then picks him to his feet and irish whips him.

SLAM! Ouch straight into the steel steps. Roberts looks in pain with that. Swagger then charges in with a knee to the face,

with Roberts head smacking against the steel steps. He looks out of it. Swagger shows a sinister smile on his face and re enters the ring.

The ref starts the count as Roberts is Struggling out side. He gets to 8 before Roberts enters the ring.

Swagger sees his oppurtunity and hits the double axe handle to the back of Roberts. Swagger is in complete control.

Swagger picks up Roberts and postions him for the gut wrench powerpomb.

BUT ROberts stamps on his foot and then applies a sneaky thumb to the eye. The ref didnt see it, Swagger is half blinded.

Roberts singles for the DDT and the crowd goes nuts, "DDT" "DDT" DDT". ROberts sets him up for the DDT and SLAM.

1.......2.......3 Roberts wins by pinfall time shows 5 minutes

Roberts turns around looking for Damiemn. Swagger looks in trouble here. Roberts is going for the Bag trying to open it.

Wait whos that from under the ring is it that..... Trouble in Paraidise delivered straight to Roberts.

Kofi Kingston has come to Swaggers rescue after the past they have had it must show that WWE is united in this fight with the Legends.

End Match 1