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08-31-2011, 07:42 AM
IPITB here, I'd just like to set a few things straight and then I'll be gone again. If mods feel the need to ban this account, go for it, but I won't be using it again other than this post. A few things I read yesterday that show that people don't have their facts straight around here.

1. I don't KEEP retiring accounts. Other than this one I've only ever had two and retired one account. And why do you care anyway? I had been planning on it awhile, mostly to disassociate myself from IPUTZ, but we obviously got into a flame war as I was choosing my new name and went in the complete opposite direction. My bad.

2. INUTINYOURFACE is not me. I'm sure everyone thought it was, but maybe if brains had been grown you could have looked at the typing style and instantly recognized that it was different than my own. Or a mod could have looked at the IP. Whatever. My guess is that it was IPITS himself trying to make me look even worse, but it could have been Irk just trying to stir the pot.

3. I didn't start the personal shit with IPITS. Everyone is happy to squarely place the blame on me, but apparently has a problem telling which posts come first. HE threw out the first personal insults (AGAIN) and I reacted. I had no problem not bringing up his various mental in capacities until he started bringing up my personal details.

4. Danielle. You say you HAD no problem with me until I "blamed" you. Look at the time stamps sweetheart, you were trashing me before I ever sent you a message on Facebook. A message where I restrained myself from calling you a stupid whore cunt, so you're welcome. I'd never wronged you in anyway before then, but you chose sides anyway. That's fine, but what you did wasn't which brings me to...

5. My name being posted. I was "upset really bad" about it, but not simply because my name was posted. Because, as perfect timing would have it, one of my coworkers pointed this out to me yesterday on google maps of a review of where I work

somebody ‎ - Jun 30, 2011
The maintenance man that sets his own hours is doing drugs on the clock. I wont give his name but he has brown hair and looks very young. I suggest management look into this asap. (link won't work, so if you need to see it yourself you can search "Cinemark 17" on google maps and look at the one for Oregon.)

in which "someone" is clearly trying to cost me my job. Gee fucking whiz, I wonder who that could be? So sorry if I don't want some internet scumbag has already taken steps to trying to get me to lose my job to have even more personal information on me. Hope a lot of you IPITS nuthuggers let that sink in. He is ACTIVELY trying to make me lose my job in a down economy when I'm trying to put my girlfriend through school and food on my daughter's plate. This is about as low as you can get. I know he thinks being a dog catcher is something special, but I'm just trying to make ends meet and he's trying to fuck up my life because he couldn't handle some words on TEH INTERNETZ. Sad and pathetic.

That all being said, I'm leaving. I won't be some melodramatic jackass and say this is my last post ever *cough* but I'll be taking a break. IPITS obviously has much less of a life than I do and needs this place more than I want it. So I'll let baby have his bottle.

WWTNA, Irk, Ape: Stay cool.

KEV, Azure: Go hug IPITS deluded nuts a little more.

Eves Arse: Keep shaking it baby.

Danielle: Think about what you're doing before you go posting someone's personal information on a message board next time.

08-31-2011, 11:05 AM
Aww. No mention :(

08-31-2011, 11:15 AM
WTF I didn't know shit got so personal on this site. Everyone needs to chill it's just a wrestling website.

08-31-2011, 11:39 AM
Oh for fuck sakes, will you fucking children grow up. Its a wrestling site, leave your bullshit at the door none of us want it here