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Hey guys this is where the show will be posted from now on this also includes the PPVs

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AWF Zero Gravity episode 5

The Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rVrPsA2yM8)

Scott: Welcome everybody to AWF Zero Gravity and we are fresh off an amazing PPV this past Sunday.

Danny: You’re right Scott it’s been amazing and now there are more questions than answers after the attack on our GM. Who did it?!

Scott: We certainly have a game of Clue going on but at the moment look at the ring it is set up for a celebration and is no doubt for our BRAND NEW AWF WORLD CHAMPION JASON “THE PUERTO RICAN NIGHTMARE” ALEXANDER!

AWF World Champion Jason Alexander! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGQwbQwsicw&feature=player_embedded)

*The ring is set up for a celebration there are women and other guests mingling inside the ring with a table of food, champagne and alcohol for.*
(followed by boos) as he enters the ring with a mic.

Como les gusta? (How do you like it?) I told you and everyone out there that no matter who I faced, it was only a matter of time before this beautiful and now prestigious championship was around my waist and though Avidico gave me a run for my money the better man which was of course me, won and because of it I stand here before you como su nuevo campeon. (as you're new champion.)

Luckily for all of you you get to see me celebrate a lo boricua, with drinks everywhere, good food and even better women dancing all around me. -Pulls one the dancers and kisses her- Que rico, mi amor. (How sweet, my love.)

*Avidco pops on the Gravitytron*

congrates on gaining your title against me at no speed limit
that was quite a match
and that match you just had
it gave me goosebumps
but the only reason you beat is that it was luck that gave you a win over me
dumb luck
so how about we have a rematch
name the time and place
and ill be there
to kick your arse and win the title that rightfully belongs to me

*avidico jumps the crowd barrier while video is playing and grabs awf world title, slids behind alaxander
and hits him in the back of the head with the title*

Avidco: This belt is mine so I demand a rematch, so ever is in charge make it happen!

*Avidco holds the AWF World Title over his head as we go into commercial*

*Commercial break*

Danny: What the hell did we just see. Avidco should be arrested for his assult.

Scott: Assault? Alexander would have done the same thing. Avidco was just sending a message and he wants the AWF World Title. Let’s get on with our first match of the night. The Executioner vs. Punkmark!

Match 1. Executioner vs. Punkmark

The Executioner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: We haven’t seen Executioner here in Zero Gravity in two weeks and he is looking to kick some ones ass tonight!

Punkmark (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkbgtVFlyCQ)

Danny: Here is Punkmark and you know what he is a huge fan favorite here and he is looking to pick up the win!




Scott: The Executioner wins with that cheap shot to Punkmark. This looks to begin some big heat for these two.

Danny: Punkmark isn’t going to take that shot laying down he’ll want his revenge!.

Two of a Kind! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4jaBTamMIU)

Scott: Here come the self proclaimed AWF Tag Team Champions

Danny: They have a lot of charisma and to debut their own tag team titles I say that makes an impact in AWF.

KW: Mad Dog hello.... hello you going to start

PC: sorry kid i was absorbing the atmosphere tonight.... (crowd erupts into an almighty boo) One week ago today holyjose invited us backstage to have a look at joining AWF and we noticed something... something missing?

KW: Actually Paul there were a few things missing No 1 a decent tag team No 2 an inaduaquate boss and No 3 a tag team belt. Now we cant do anything about No 2 and by us being here the share prices has risen through the roof so i hate to disappiont you all but holyjose is here to stay. mind you however we did do something about No1 and No3 We signed the contract which instantly solved the dilemma of not having a decent team and i decided to do what holyjose couldnt or wouldnt do, go out and purchase the AWF tag team belts (crowd starts erupting in one voice you arent the champions) and not only did we do that... we went one better what else did we do Paul

PC: We debuted at No Speed Limits and were put in a impromptu match agaist The Far Off Warriors and successfully defended the titles. Come the mourning after we stole the limelight everyone was asking who are these two guys, whats going to happen to the belts, how bad are the far off warriors. Well i will answer those questions right now. We are Two Of A Kind of TOAK for this section of rednecks who make signs and cant even spell Its Paul Conrad not Poor Conrad. Tonight holyjose is going to do the right thing and declare us the official AWF tag team champions and the far off warriors are as bad as there name suggest far off.

KW: Well Paul that was about four better but anyway holyjose we are leaving the floor open to you, now we cant make you come out here and declare us the AWF tag team champions (more you arent the champions chants) but we can certainly make you regret the decision not to so come on holy... we wont hurt you

PC: YET!!!

Far East Warriors (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgJEznqtms)

Igetwild: Hold up hold up! Who the fuck are you guys and you think you can come in and take over AWF’s tag division

Match #2: igetwild vs. Kid wonder

08-27-2011, 07:20 PM

Scott: What an intense match Kid Wonder picks up the win for Two of a Kind tonight! Since HolyJose isn’t here tonight he will respond in regards to the AWF Tag Titles next week!

Danny: What a match these two had! HolyJose better make the right decision and announce these two as the tag team champions.

Broc (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13ZWeloubAk&feature=player_embedded)

*Broc makes his way to the ring very happy about his win over axxel at no speed limits*

Broc: hello everybody how are you doing tonight... I DON'T GIVE A SHIT at no speed limits i should have been in the main event if it weren't for those damn lights but beating axxel was good too but now that hes out of the way i turn my focus to you Alexander! i promised you on my debut i would win the battle royal and defeat you at no speed limits... well you know what they say better late then never and i may be a bit late but im gonna take what should already be mine and that's the AWF title

Axxel! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCXYY2AoOE)

*Axxel walks out*

AX: Your victory, it was a fluke, pure luck! I am a Marine, that means I am better than you at everything, am I right guys?

*Crowds chants Semper Fi*

AX: Tonight I have my rematch and I’ll show you why being a Marine is better! Semper Fi!

Match 3: No Speed Limit rematch Axxel Sonn vs. Broc

(Axxel=DB, Broc=Dibiase)



Scott: Axxel beat Broc in the rematch! They’re 1-1. What a match congrats to Axxel I hope to see more matches!

Danny: What are you talking about the lights were clearly in Broc’s eyes! Axxel didn’t prove shit! Broc I hope you’re okay!!!!!

Scott: Ladies and Gentlemen by broadcast partner the kissass.

Gillz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

*Music Hits*

Well well well
its me the original and best highflyer in the business today
now let me remind you fools in the audience of what happened not that long ago
A certain mister Bloodstone got an absolute fluke of a win in a match involving me and some other guy i dont care about
Damien you know you arent in the same league as me and never will be
so why dot you come out here and admit to the world
that you win was a total fluke

The Pint-Sized rocker! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVtygd1qXc)

Danny: Oh here comes the little rocker known as Daymian Bloodstone I wish this had a mute button.
*Daymian walks out laughing*

DB: Hold it Gillz, I am no fluke. I am the best high flyer in the buisness and I sure as hell can out wrestle you. I can beat anytime anywhere. Hell I can do it blind folded. I am the best high flyer around and i'll beat your ass everytime we step in the ring. So come on try me.
Match 4: Gillz vs. Daymian Bloodstone


Scott: Daymian Bloodstone has won yet again! He proves why he isn’t a fluke congratulations to Daymian Bloodstone!

*Kash get’s in the ring and attacks Bloostone! He picks up a chair and strikes him across the back and kicks out Gillz beating him with the chair as well*

Kash: Yeeah How Bout it, how bout it...Oh ya Ain't hear Right...I'm dat Main Draw that You Came to See
And Who All Want to Defeat in the ring with me is Big Bucks Guaranteed
I Got Money on it
Straight Kash!
(Takes shades off and smiles ,spits gum at the audience)
Yo ya know I'm Superb no need to say it ,if I show it
Now I spoken ,and after me the show is boring
Gotta be on the screen ,in the ring ,standing on the mat
I call out anyone that wanna receive...straight..KASH!

Danny: This guy is to the point. He’s straight KASH!

Scott: Good lord I don’t get paid enough to deal with this. Well let’s take it to the back where Linda Vargas is standing by with Jman!

LV: Thank you guys I am joined here by Jman tonight. Jman you requested a rematch against The Prophecy for his AWF Super Fly Championship. The question is why?

Jman: Hey there beautiful let me take this mic off your pretty little hands. Oh and meet me in my lockeroom later tonight I got a message to send. *Turns towards camera* Proph, Sunday you proved why you're one of the best wrestlers in the world. Now, the reason I asked for a rematch isn't because I desperately need the Super Fly Championship, no, it's because I want the opportunity to elevate myself to a top spot in this business. In order to do that, I have to beat the best. For me, tonight isn't about championships, it's about proving myself to the fans, to the bosses, and to the entire wrestling world.

Mainevent: No Speed Limit rematch Jman vs. The Prophecy for the AWF SuperFly Championship.

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Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

Scott: Here comes Jman and man he is looking to put on a great show for everyone here. Sundays match was no doubt Match of the Year worthy lets hope they can do it yet again!

Danny: You’re right that match was insane can’t wait to see what happens tonight.

AWF Super Fly Champion The Prophecy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

*The Prophecy comes out with a mic*

At No Speed Limit, Jman and I put on one hell of a match if I do say so myself. I mean it was a real show stealer, it was a match that makes you remember why you love this business so much. But hey what did you expect from two world class athletes competing for the Super Fly championship. This title here may be new to the professional wrestling world, but if the title is constantly defended in great matches like it was at No Speed Limit, then it will become a title of great prestige that everyone, form every company will want to hold. Now as The Prophecy it is my destiny to be known as the greatest of all time, and while Im at it Im going to make sure that this AWF Super Fly championship becomesmore prestigious than any other mid card title, bigger than the Intercontinental, United States and even more exciting than the X- Division belt. That is why I wanted a rematch with Jman, he took me to the limit, which in itself is a rarity, but I know that the two of us can put on another great match for the gold. Only this time it will be even more incredible, so set your DVR or Sky + depending on where youre from because you will see the show being stole again, I am The Prophecy and I guarantee you this, what you saw at No Speed Limit was just a mere prelude to the action you will see tonight, the AWF is taking off, and with it, the Super Fly champion....The Prophecy

Scott: Well words are done with let’s get this match rolling!


Scott: The Prophecy retains yet again! He has been on quite a roll as of late. He proved why he is the champ!

Danny: such an amazing match they put on! Wait what’s going on here!

*Four men in black masks sneak into the ring and beat down The Prophecy and Jman they are relentless they just threw out Jman and are focusing on The Prophecy*


Scott: What the hell! Someone get security out here! What is going on!

*They take off their masks and reveal to be El Scorpio, DJ Black, Damien Hardy and AWF Founder and former owner supercenasucks*

Supercenasucks: I’m Baaaaaccccckkkkk!!!!! Yes AWF I am back after your glorious GM/owner got attacked, which by the way that was us who beat the living shit out of him, you need someone in charge. The man who shall take over is none other than ME! HolyJose you are relieved of your duties I take back my company. These three men are the face of AWF not these talentless pricks. I am back and AWF will reach even newer heights!

*One more person sneaks into the ring holding a sledgehammer and takes out DJ Black and Hardy while supercenasucks and El Scorpio get out of the ring the other masked man is beating the living hell out of those two*

Scott: What is going on here! This is madness

*The fifth masked man takes off their mask revealing to be HolyJose*

HJ: You shut the fuck up! You think you can come in and take back this company. I won’t allow it! I have helped elevate this company while all you did was for your own gain. You attacking me and my talent won’t go unpunished. You want a war? You got it!

*plays out AWF Zero Gravity*

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Filler for Zero Gravity!

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another filler couldn't resist posting this :D

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fiiller filler filler!

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Does this count as post whoring? ah well yet another filler! for you peeps watching AWF

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This filler I ask of everyone to go check out JBW, EWNCW, HWA and BWA these are amazing feds and always put on a great show :D

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ladies (heh doubt we have ladies reading this) and Gentlemen it is now show time final filler!

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AWF Zero Gravity episode 6

The Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rVrPsA2yM8)

Scott: Welcome everybody to AWF Zero Gravity! We have note that the next PPV will be held September 18th and it will be called Flight of Fear! We hope to have you guys tune in and see all the action leading up to the PPV!

Danny: Flight of Fear?!?! That sounds scary! But it’s okay I’m tough enough I can’t wait to see everything that leads up to the PPV.

Punkmark (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkbgtVFlyCQ)

Scott: Here comes PunkMark! And man does he look pissed at the moment!

Punkmark: I’ve been in AWF for a while now and this Executioner thinks he can just go around cheating to win? No not happening on my watch! I am a proud wrestler after I defeat the Executioner, Prophecy I’m coming after you and your AWF SuperFly Championship. So Executioner get your ass out here I’ll show you what honor is all about!

The Executioner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Executioner: Punk! What I did has nothing to do with honor! I do what I have to do to win no matter what it is or who it is. You want at me again let’s do this now!

Match 1: Punkmark vs. Executioner


Scott: Punkmark wins! He showed Executioner that honor is better than cheating!

*Executioner just slams a steel chair on Punkmark post match and begins to beat him down*

Executioner: Your ass got lucky! You and me one more time in a no holds barred match at Flight of Fear!

*Executioner drops mic and continues a beatdown on Punkmark*

Scott: Wow these two have a serious rivalry going on. Speaking of a serious rivalry we have Axxel Sonn with Linda Vargas. To you Linda

LV: Thank you Scott and yes I am joined by Axxel Sonn. What are your words on your feud with Broc and your goals here in AWF?

Axxel: So I have been here in AWF for a few weeks now, and I feel its time to really make myself and my goals known. My goal here is to win gold, any gold and I do not care who is wearing the gold. No one can stop that from becoming a realization, not Broc, not Gillz, not even Jason Alexander! Each and every man will fall to the soldier of fate, whether it takes me a week, a month, or even a year I will succeed! Now, please don't take this as me being cocky or arrogant, because thats not how it is. I am only being optimistic about my time here in AWF, thats all. Anyways I'm rambling aren't I?

LV: Just a little, back to you guys Scott!

Danny: That Axxel kid has got some balls if he thinks he can just call out the Champ like that. Anyways speaking of this feud we have Broc in a match against El Scorpio! Man that’s going to be quite the match!

Scott: You’re right and Then afterwards Axxel has a match against Damien Hardy! We’ll also be hearing from SuperCenaSucks later on to hear what he has to say about this “takeover” Also DJ Black will faceoff against The Prophecy and Jman in a handicap match!

Danny: HolyJose just wants to make sure they get hurt and that’s not fair!

Scott: I don’t think it’s fair they blindsided HolyJose at No Speed Limit. But let’s get Broc vs. El Scorpio going!

El Scorpio! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Here we thought this guy was fired after his actions of being involved with AWF founder SuperCenaSucks and DJ Black and Damien Hardy but they came back and boy do they want after HolyJose!

Danny: Can you blame them? He fired them for no reason!

Scott: What are you smoking? He fired them because they disgraced this company so HolyJose set up the match between El Scorpio and Broc!

Broc (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCejji2pOT0)

Match 2: Broc vs. El Scorpio

(Sabin=Broc, Styles=El Scopio)


*ignore post match*

Scott: Wow what a showing and Broc picks up the victory here! Showing that AWF is strong and doesn’t need people like Scorpio.

Danny: meh Scorpio is still cool in my book.

Scott: That’s my broadcast partner ladies and gentlemen now let’s take you guys to the back where Two of A Kind have something to say

KW: Ladies and gentlem boys and girls we have been informed that we are going to be involved in some tag team TLC match at Flight of Fear and apparently our esteemed general manager HolyJose has decided that the winner of this match will become the official AWF tag team champions

PC: Its very simple mathematics even you rednecks can figure it out we are the tag team champions everywhere we go the interviewers are saying welcome the awf tag team champions, people on the street are coming up asking for photos with the AWF tag team champions ooh and by the way, have we ever seemed like the people that want photos with commoners no so dont ask because you want get and the far east warriors have been demanding a title shot.

KW: So holyJose officially or unofficially we are the AWF tag team champions, this merely puts us in the history books as holding the titles but everybody knows who the real tag team champions are, ooh and dont worry we plan on winning the tag team title match and the next one and the next one dont you nuff nuffs get it, we are undefeated, we are marketable, we are rich and we will forever be YOUR AWF Tag Team Champions

PC: And this is official, you got to choices, like it or lump it because we mean business

Scott: Strong words from the self proclaimed Tag team champions! Speaking of tag teams we have The team of The Far East Warriors in action!

Danny: but the question is against who? Let’s find out!

Far East Warriors (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgJEznqtms)

Scott: Here come the Far East Warriors and they would like to get some wins in before they face Two of a Kind and new acquired Sky High Bastards who will debut at Flight of Fear!

Danny: Shut up here come their opponents!

Straight Edge! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaNwItqNi50)

Scott: My God! It’s Straight Edge from BWA!!! What a tag team match we have in store tonight!

Match 3: Far East Warriors vs. Straight Edge


Scott: What a match! The Far East Warriors pick up the win but Straight Edge definitely showed they can compete in AWF.
Danny: Man, the tag division is really getting fired up here in AWF can’t wait to see more! Up next we have Kash vs. Gillz in what will be a battle of the heels! Each on wanting to be the more dominant one!

Match 4: Gillz vs. Kash

Gillz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

will you idiots in the crowd shut up right know
i am addressing AWF and you will listen
Kash, Bloodstone
no more games this ends (date you find fitting ie next ppv, tonight etc)
and it will end with my hand rasied in the air as i stand over your bashed and beaten bodys
I am the better man and you guys are just annoying me now
youre wasting my valuble time
time which could be spent in getting the AWF World Championship
So Kash and Bloodstone you guys better watch out
when i get my hands on you two ill break you down
Alexander watch youre back cuz im comin for ya
whether its today, next week or next year i will be the Champion

KASH!!!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGn4fsgtLcI)

Let Me explain StraightKasH
Means Your
Those 2 Worthless Pieces of Nobodies and yes ya awreddy kno who I'm peakin bout
Gillian and DayDay ButtStone
They are absolutely awful I mean come on seriously who in the right mind signed these guys
They should become a tag team and just job to all
Hell team up against me,let's handicap match it
Because I am that Great and The Best amongst every single wrestler on this Roster
The Bar is Set at such a High ,only KASH is Can Reach
The Rest.... Not on Level
Nah ...
Not on My Level!
That's what makes You,.....You
And Me that
Straight KA$H!
Juuuu Heard (drops mic down)

09-02-2011, 11:05 PM


Scott: Kash wins via DQ! Gillz showing his dominance here! And wait here comes Daymian Bloodstone! To take out both of these men!

DB: Well hello ladies and gents, I'm out here once again to say what everyone already knows and that is that the best high flyer in the buisness is the pint size rocker me Daymian Bloodstone. Kash Gillz you two are worthless. Now i'm a very nice guy and can put up with a lot but I thought I made it clear that I'm better than both of you. Eell maybe you're just hard of hearing, so i'll let my actions speak for me. We’ll put and end to this at Flight of Fear!

Danny: Just wow things are getting heated here in AWF and matches being set for Flight of Fear. Can’t wait till the PPV!

Scott: You’re right Danny this is shaping up well here in AWF. Up next we have The World Champion backstage!

JA: Where do I begin? Last week was suppoused a celebration of the coronation of the best champion any of you stupid fans have ever seen.

But Avidico chose to send a message that he's not done getting his ass beat by me, so what does he do?; attack me from behind like the coward that he is.

You know for a man who comes out here and says he's all about doing whats right, whats noble and to do everything out here with a sense of ''honor'', I have to say that Avidico is a man who just went back on everything he stands for based on his actions last week; I haven't, I have shown my true colors since day one and made my way through the ranks since day one to now be standing before you as the AWF Workd Champion.

But that doesn't mean I'm gonna take this lying down, so I've requested a match here tonight against Avidico non-title of course o pensaban que iba a ser lo suficientemente estupido para complacerlos a ustedes hahaha (or did you think I was stupid enough to actually please you fans hahaha).

So Avidico get ready to prove to me and these so called fans of yours why it is you deserve to challenge me one more for the AWF World Championship at Flight of Fear. .

I will see later tonight.

Scott: Well looks like our main event tonight is set! It will be Avidco vs. Jason Alexander in a non-title match an Avidco will get one last shot at the AWF World Title if he wins!

Danny: You’re right! But now let’s get back to the action we have Axxel vs. Damien Hardy!

Match 5: Damien Hardy vs. Axxel

Damien Hardy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEtagaV1clY&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Here comes the man who initially brought shame to AWF Damien Hardy and look at that smug look on his face!

Danny: I just don’t like this guy! I hope a marine can show him what honor really is

Axxel! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCXYY2AoOE)

Scott: Here comes Axxel and he seems ready to kick ass tonight!

Danny: Let’s go Axxel let’s go!!!!

Scott: Let’s get this match started


Scott: Axxel picks up the win! What a win for Axxel!

Danny: What a win indeed and now let’s go backstage where Jman and The Prophecy are standing by.

The Prophecy: As the AWF Super Fly champion, I believe its my duty to speak out on last weeks events involving the former owner and the frankenstein behind this company. Now, for those of you who dont know they created the AWF with the soul goal of putting themselves on top, simply because they were not good enough to do it elsewhere. Many talented guys joined the AWF, hoping to bring the fans a new exciting show, highlighting the best high risk, lucha libre style wrestling going, guys like myself, Jman and the king of the indies and the current world champion Jason Alexander. However it did not take too long before the truth came out about our owner and his intentions, luckily though we had a lifeline, my JBW friend, HolyJose. He stepped up and we were dropped down by corrupt management, he kept he fires inside of us burning and continued this show better than our former champion and his buddies. Then just when we thought justice had prevailed, and that those self serving jokes were gone...ha they returned. Now I am holding one of the AWF's championships, and I hold it with pride, not for the pride of the company which stared, but for the company that pulled itself out of the ashes of deception. This AWF is the real AWF, it is a place where warriors, heroes and champions do battle, with pride and honour, none of this backstage politicing and backstabbing behind closed doors. HolyJose has made this company a reputable company, and Ill be damned if anyone is going to take that away, I and everyone one else here have done their bit to scrape ourselves off the floor after the controversy, nobody, former owner or not, will put the AWF down, this is it, this is real this is the true AWF".

Jman: Before I go off on a certain band of idiots, I just wanna thank Prophecy for giving me two incredible matches in the last few weeks. *crowd pop* Now, this company was created in order to feed the egos of DJ Black, El Scorpio, Damien Hardy, and supercenasucks and was in no way meant to be run as a legitimate wrestling federation. That all changed when HolyJose took over. *crowd pop* Her brought in Advico, and myself and created a professional atmosphere around here. Now it seems like the four jackasses I mentioned earlier want to try to kill AWF again. *crowd boo* Here's the deal assholes, You fucked this company over once and I'm gonna make damn sure you don't have the chance to do it again!

Scott: What a show of words from Jman and Prophecy up next we have Jman and The Prophecy vs. former AWF World Champion DJ Black!

Match 6: Jman and The Prophecy vs. DJ Black

Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

AWF Super Fly Champion The Prophecy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Here comes the team of Jman and The Prophecy and they look to just beat down on DJ Black tonight.

Danny: Kick his ass kick his ass!

Scott: Very vocal tonight I see.

DJ Black! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCpcdb_kig)

Scott: This man disgusts me. I hope he gets what’s coming to him

Danny: I repeat, Kick his ass kick his ass!


09-02-2011, 11:07 PM
Scott: No way DJ Black manages to pull out the victory tonight!

Danny: Yea no doubt due to SupeCenaSuck’s interference and here comes the rest of these assholes and they are beating down on Jman and the Prophecy!

Supercenasucks: It’s time I speak! I created AWF and surrounded myself with these three great talents now HolyJose I have something to ask of you. Next week I expect a response but at Flight of Fear you and me in a steel cage match the winner gets full control of AWF. I’ll see you next week you cannot defeat the Origins!

Scott: My God what an announcement will HolyJose go through with it though? We’ll find out next week! Up next is our main event and if Avidco wins he gets a shot at the AWF World Championship at Flight of Fear. Let’s get to it!

Mainevent: Avidco vs. AWF World Champion Jason Alexander

Avidco (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-AukSnsyA8)

Avidico: so last week i beat down that pathetic loser of a awf world champion jason alaxander
and everyone has been asking
why avidico why
ill tell you why
because i am sick of everyone wining a title over me
and sick of all you pathetic beings
1st it was igetwild in winning the JBW NWL title over me
then it was the prophecy winning the superfly championship in a match that involved ME
now its jason alexander winning the title i rightfully deserve
well from now on that stops
Alaxander i am talking to you know
i am going to continue to beat you down until i get a rematch
so jason
if i were you i would watch your back

Jason Alexander (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGQwbQwsicw&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Alexander wants some retribution from last week and here we go ladies and gentlemen out main event of the evening!


Scott: And Avidco wins in a dominating fashion! He gets to face Alexander for the AWF World Title at Flight of Fear. Thank you for joining us here on Zero Gravity tune in next week for another action packed show!

09-10-2011, 10:53 PM
AWF Zero Gravity episode 7

The Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rVrPsA2yM8)

Scott: Hello all and welcome to AWF Zero Gravity! We are just one week away from our PPV Flight of Fear! And we have quite the PPV but for now we have an amazing Zero Gravity. The band of misfits who want to take back AWF are here and are looking for absolute control over AWF.
Danny: I hate these guys, except Scorpio, I mean they disgraced the company and now think they can take it back! I hope HolyJose can do something about it.

The Zero Gravity GM is here (”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8”)

*HolyJose comes out but he’s not alone he’s followed by his tag team partner Azrael*

Scott: woah wait what is that sick freak Azrael doing here!

Danny: Obviously he is here to make sure that SuperCenaSucks doesn’t take a cheap shot on him.

HJ: SuperCenaSucks you have been a thorn in my side since No Speed Limit. Of course now that AWF is the best indy fed out there you want it back. It doesn’t work like that. Under our management is sucked and you only did it so your “friends” can be champion and left this company to dry. I wasn’t taking any of that. So I’m adding a match for Flight of Fear SuperCenaSucks vs. HolyJose in a lumberjack match and as you can see I have my brother in arms here Azrael to make sure your butt buddy convent doesn’t blindside me. As for tonight! We’ll have a few matches. SuperCenaSucks you’ll go up against Axxel tonight! Damien Hardy you’ll face Kash and Gillz in a handicap match, El Scorpio you’ll face Daymian Bloodestone and DJ Black the former world champion will face Broc. Oh and a Number one contender for The Prophecy’s Super Fly title will be announced tonight in the match involving PunkMark vs. The Executioner vs. Jman. Lastly Two of a Kind will face the team of Avidco and Jason Alexander in the main event. Next week there will be a contract signing between Avidco and Jason Alexander for Flight of Fear.

Scott:Woah! What an announcement from HolyJose.

Danny: Holy Shit! What a night he has planned tonight! And a contract signing we know those can get violent!

Match 1: SuperCenaSucks vs. Axxel

SuperCenaSucks (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lUupa6z2WQ)

Scott: Here comes SuperCenaSucks and man is he being booed out of the arena! The people here in AWF really hate him!

Danny: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws diet coke at him*

Scott: normally I’d question this but since it’s SuperCenaSucks I’m ok with your actions

Danny: Damn straight!

Axxel! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCXYY2AoOE)

AS: DJ Black, SuperCenaSucks, El Scorpio, and Damien Hardy, this is a message to you group of misfits telling to you that you do not belong here in the world of high-flying, ass kicking, daredevil extremists known as AWF! You all got your ass kicked and that was your going away present, so leave and never return, Hoorah!


Scott: What an incredible match! Axxel picked up the win here tonight!

Danny: Did you see that ya I helped Axxel win SCS totally slipped on my diet coke!

Scott: again I’m actually okay with this! Let’s go back stage where Kash and Gillz have something to say about these invaders.

Gillz: Ok, ok now you hate me or you me love me
but what it is happening right now affects all of use
Me , Bloodstone and Kash, The champs and you the fans
There is a virus still lingering in the company
and it is manifested with supercenasuck, Dj Black and the other assholes
Now we all need to make it known that they are not welcome in the company
and boot there asses back to where they came from
so Like it or not we are going to have to work together to get rid of the virus
And ill start right now
Any one of you pussies get out here and ill kick your ass right now
*Drops the mic*

*they make their way out to the ring*

Kash: This is a New Era The New Era is not a takeover it’s not anything you would have to think about
Its the only thing you now know our living on what's ours
The First Creators aren't. Welcomed.
There's No Welcoming this Or Welcoming That ,
They wasn't welcomed in the first Place why would we welcome them back
(Walks towards ropes puts arms up on them)

There's nothing more that I like then when people think they can do what they like and can
They would have to keep mind on their money and money on their mind
Straight Kash
Your looking at a whole New Blueprint,Know this ..There's nothing like Us
*throws mic into the crowds*
(Points at the ring while standing in it ,talking to audience)

Damien Hardy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEtagaV1clY&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Here comes another Misfit looking like he is ready to fight back and not hold back anything tonight!

Match 2: Damien Hardy vs. Gillz and Kash


*ignore post match*

Scott: Kash and Gillz pick up the win! So far 2-0 for AWF tonight!

Danny:That’s true but the main win will be determined at Flight of Fear where HolyJose will take on SuperCenaSucks!

Scott: Yes now let’s see what Jman has to say about this invasion!

*Camera zooms in on Jman*

Jman: Mysterio. Gurrero. Sabu. Van Dam. All of the legendary names I just mentioned are responsible for creating the style of wrestling that we have pefected here in the AWF. Now, there are a certain group of people in the back who think they can piss on the honor of that legacy and the foundation of this company. Think again boys, because None of us will rest until you four are out of the AWF and out of the professional wrestling business altogether. Now I’m off to win the triple threat match and the world will see Prophecy vs. Jman III!

Match 3: The Executioner vs. Punkmark vs. Jman Number one contender for Super Fly Championship

The Executioner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Here is one sick freak coming out and he seems ready to destroy his opponents!

Punkmark (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkbgtVFlyCQ)

Danny: Punkmark is the man I feel just might win this. Jman has had too many chances

Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

09-10-2011, 10:59 PM

Scott: What an impressive victory from Jman! There will be a Prophecy vs. Jman III at Flight of Fear!

Scott: Ladies and gentlemen let’s get on to some more action we have Broc who has some words to say to Axxel as he faces DJ Black tonight!

Broc is in da house! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13ZWeloubAk&feature=player_embedded)

the music hits and Broc makes his way to the ring wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers Rashard Mendenhall jersey

Broc: so I have already proven that I deserve a world title shot many times but yet I am still not there it doesn't make sense I have done everything right I have done the best promos of anyone here I have out wrestles every man on the roster but im not in the main events but I vow that I will be.... but until then axxel 1 more match you and me right now and then once I prove myself by beating you again I will turn my attention to the big Prize the AWF title so Jason Alexander you are next on my list but until DJ Black your ass is mine!

DJ Black! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCpcdb_kig)

Scott: The crowd hates DJ Black even more than they do SCS! The boos are deafening!

Match 4: Broc vs. DJ Black


Scott: DJ Black picks up the win! A dominating one at that! DJ Black has been impressive as of late love him or hate him!

Danny: You’re right that was impressive now let’s see if the final misfit can get the win here tonight! Up next is El Scorpio vs. Daymian Bloodstone!

El Scorpio! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Danny: I might hate everyone else but El Scorpio didn’t do anything to be involved with these guys and I was enjoying him in AWF.

Scott: Well he was a part of the master plan so he along with the others was blacklisted by HolyJose

The Pint-Sized rocker! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVtygd1qXc)

Scott: Daymian Bloodstone looks ready for a fight. The Pint sized rocker won’t back down!

Match 5: Daymian Bloodstone vs. El Scorpio


Scott: Scorpio has picked up the win. Wow 2-2 looks like the deciding match in AWF’s future will be at Flight of Fear and I am getting word now that it will be a Lumberjack match!

Danny: Holy crap well ladies and gentlemen it is now time for our main event! Two rivals team up and they will face the self proclaimed AWF Tag Team Champions Two of a Kind!

09-10-2011, 11:00 PM
Main Event: Jason Alexander and Avidco vs. Two of a Kind

Jason Alexander (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGQwbQwsicw&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Here is the AWF World Champion Jason Alexander and he doesn’t look happy to team up with Avidco tonight.

Avidco (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-AukSnsyA8)

Danny: I like how aggressive Avidco has been in the last few weeks if he keeps it up he could very well be the next AWF World Champion.

Two of a Kind! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4jaBTamMIU)

Scott: Here we go ladies and gentlemen our main event of the evening!



Scott: Unbelievable! The Self Proclaimed tag team champions have beaten Jason Alexander and Avidco! What an impressive match ladies and gentlemen we will see you next week here on Zero Gravity!.

09-17-2011, 11:18 PM

09-17-2011, 11:19 PM
It's a filla filla *in a michael jackson voice*

09-17-2011, 11:20 PM
so....I'm assuming you guys are ready for Zero Gravity huh?

09-17-2011, 11:20 PM
Let's get ready tooooooooooooooo RUMMMMMBBBBBBBLLLLLLEEEEEEEE

09-17-2011, 11:27 PM
AWF Zero Gravity episode 8

The Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rVrPsA2yM8)

Scott: Hello everybody and welcome to the go home show for Flight of Fear which is tomorrow night and it will be held in Las Vegas Nevada! That’s right folks we will be in Sin City!

Danny: Wahoo! I’m excited! I wonder who HolyJose got as the musical guest. I hope he reunited Nsync they are so much better than the Backstreet Boys, yea that’s right HolyJose I said deal with it!

Scott: I hope he fires you for that but no we got TWO huge bands performing they are both from Las Vegas one band is Escape the Fate and the other I am just being told it, oh wow looks like tensions have risen former Escape the Fate vocalist’s Ronnie Radke’s band Falling in Reverse will also be performing! Wow I hope Craig and Ronnie don’t lose it and kill each other

Danny: Holyshit this going to be epic!

SuperCenaSucks (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lUupa6z2WQ)

SCS: So I was forced into a match against HolyJose for Flight of Fear. One you saw my match last week! I’m not a wrestler, I’m injured and cannot compete and also HolyJose is a brute did you see what he did at Horrorcore Icons? He is a maniac and I am not getting in the ring with him that is why DJ Black as agreed to take my spot and face you HolyJose and once he wins I’ll have full control of my company yet again! Oh and we will all be in DJ Black’s corner this Sunday.

The Zero Gravity GM is here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8)

HJ: SuperCenaSucks if you want to get out of this match then go ahead I’ll be more than happy to kick DJ Black’s ass but you want to get involved you little coward? That’s fine but it will be on my terms and I have decided that I should have a special guest referee for this match. Now who should it be? Someone who will call this match right down the middle but who though?

*SuperCenaSucks and his goons leave the ring and Suddenly the lights in the arena shut off. The crowd was left in awe for only a few seconds before they turned back on to reveal a figure standing at the top of the stage ramp. He had his back turned to the audience so they could not even tell who he was. The figure appeared to be hold a microphone and he held up to his face an began to speak. When his voice roared out the crowd erupted to almost ear-piercing levels as it was unveiled as TheDevilsAdvocate*

"I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Did you miss me? I know y'all did. I am here to help out my good old friend here. You should know that Jose is more of a Champion than you will ever be, SuperCena. It just all boils down to you admitting it and stepping away with your tail tucked away between your legs like the coward you truly are. I want your match at the up-coming PPV to come along more smoothly. See; Ref's can easily be paid off. I however want to play this fair and square straight down the middle.

What I am trying to say is.... Allow me to Ref this match, Jose! There will be no strings attached and we will find out once and for all who is the real head honcho of this show. I know a thing or two about power control. You should know this as well Jose. Over on that one show... You know what I am talking about... We went against the odds in a power struggle to save that show from a slowly increasing disease. We succeeded! We lived to die another day! ...But hell, I'm not telling you anything that you didn't already know."

TheDevilsAdvocate twirled around and walked back up the ramp an back into the backstage area. A camera man followed him and the going-ons of the backstage area showed up on the titantron for the audience to follow closely like a theatrical movie. TheDevilsAdvocate was hardly to the exit before he was surrounded by SuperCena and his cronies. Angrily, SuperCena shouted out to TheDevilsAdvocate because of what he just did.

SuperCena: "You should have kept your mouth shut! I can not allow you to interfere in my business! Attack him!"

TheDevilsAdvocate: "Now... Now... I'm never too old to kick some ass."

SuperCena's cronies began to wail on TheDevilsAdvocate with impact swinging fists. TheDevilsAdvocate pushed one of the cronies into a wall and his head smacked against the wall. This caused that particular cronie to be laid out on the floor in a knocked out state. The other cronie continued to fight against the TheDevilsAdvocate, but he eventually took him out as well. Like a coward, SuperCena retreated. Breathing heavily, HolyJose strolled up beside him with a smile.

HolyJose: "So how was your day?"

The screen faded to black after TheDevilsAdvocate gave HolyJose a "wtf" look

Scott: Holy shit what just happened? TDA will be the special guest referee what an announcement Flight of Fear looks like it will be quite an amazing show!

Danny: You’re right oh my god TDA in an AWF ring my god!

Scott: I’m as surprised as you are now let’s get to the action we have Kash vs. The Executioner tonight!

Match 1: Kash vs. The Executioner

KASH!!!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGn4fsgtLcI)

Flight of Fear ,Coming Near nuthin to me get the money
Get the titles I'm the truth hand on the bible
I'm what everybody wants to have
Straight KASH
Call me the laudry man that fresh get your bitch
On me on top of this
Pile of money
I'm That
Straight KASH
(Makes believe to throw mic in the crowd)
Naaah hold up naw I been hearing all the talkin I'm true talent
Yes I admit thanks Roster in the Back
I heard you thru the wind
I admit ,I agree with you All
I'm The Best Talent Here Proof will be
Well Will Be[BWinning the AWF SuperFly Championship
ATTention is back Focus lenses
Taps mic I will Win
The Triple threat table match
Without even having a problem in doing it
Yes watch me as I do what I gotta do to have a title around my waist
And collect a Bigger Check
I'm next pin or tap
I'm that
(Along with the crowd now)STRAIGHT KASH!!!

The Executioner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Here comes the Executioner! This sick bastard has a lot on his hands against …


Scott: Must you do that?

Danny: If I don’t who will?


Scott: Wow what a match Kash pulls out the victory here tonight up next we have Daymian Bloodstone vs. Broc

The Pint-Sized rocker! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVtygd1qXc)

Scott: here comes Daymian Bloodstone with a mic in hand. He will face Kash and Gillz in a triple threat tables match to determine the next number one contender for the AWF Super Fly Championship!

DB: So i'm gonna be involved in a triple threat table match where the winner becomes number on contender for the Superfly Championship? This is a joke right? I am ok with the match since I know i'll win but the guys involved don't deserve to be in the ring fighting for the title. I may be the new guy but I guarentee that I will walk out as the number one contender and then I will win the Superfly Championship.

Danny: Whoa looks like whoever wins the Super Fly Championship tomorrow will have quite the challenge on their hands!

Broc is in da house! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13ZWeloubAk&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Here comes Broc and does he have the match of a life time this Sunday he faces Axxel in a 2 out of three falls where the first match is determined by pinfall the second by submission and if need be the third is a ladder match where suspended at the top of the ring is a contract for a future world championship match!

Match 2: Broc vs. Daymian Bloodstone



09-17-2011, 11:33 PM
Scott: Broc picks up the win! What an impressive match from these two!

Danny: Holy crap woah that was great!

*Gillz then comes in the ring with a mic in hand and looks at Daymian Bloodstone who is sitting near the opposite turnbuckle*

Gillz: Guess what everyone, its me
the most loved superstar in all of wrestling
*Crowd Boos*
Anyway as you all know ill be in the triple threat tables match at Flight of Fear
now i will be against the far inferior opponents, Bloodstone and Kash
two people who dont deserve to be anywhere near a championship
two people who will fall on my path to becoming champion
So guess what you two
prepare to have youre asses meat all around the ring
And when i beat whoever the SuperFly Champ is
you will be calling me youre new AWF SuperFly Champion
*Drops Mic*

Scot: Wow this PPV is shaping up greatly I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

Danny: You’re right now we have Two of a Kind as they go up against DJ Black and El Scorpio in a tag team watch with
Straight Edge, The Sky High Bastards and The Far East Warriors as the lumberjacks in this match!

Two of a Kind! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4jaBTamMIU)

KD: So here we are paul and one month after our debut the whole AWF world has been a buzz wwith how dominate we have been, How good we are in and out of the ring but there has been one conversation we dont like having to repeat... Why we are not officially the AWF TagTeam champion *crowd starts the you arent the champions chant*

PC: Holyjose we want to commend you on showing what you really think of us last week, It seems like this invasion has finally woken you up and now decisions that needed to be made are being made like making these titles official at flight of fear but the fact your making us EARN it by defending it in a brutal TLC triple threat tag team match is autter joke.

KW: Mind you we dont mind HolyJose because natter what matxh you put us in, no matter how many oppononents you put us against, and no matter how many stipulations you add we wll still be your awf tag team champions

PC: and after flight of fear, it will be official that we are the greatest tag team that AWF has ever had

El Scorpio! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

DJ Black! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCpcdb_kig)

Danny: I don’t know why El Scorpio has aligned himself with these assholes he had huge potential!

Scott: I agree Danny but he is no different and wants to take down the AWF and bring it back to the Sky High days. I say never again!

Match 3: Lumberjack Tag Team Match TOAK vs. El Scorpio and DJ Black


Danny: El Scorpio and DJ Black pick up the win!

Scott: These two have been on quite the roll but TOAK are still a dominant tag team

Danny: I hope DJ Black’s undefeated streak ends at Sunday when he faces HolyJose.

Scott: Oh it will I believe in HolyJose.

Scott: Well let’s go to the back where Jman and The Prophecy are standing by with Linda Vargas

LV: Thank you guys I have The AWF Super Fly Champion The Prophecy and his challenger at Fight of Fear Jman! Prophecy what do you have to say about your match this Sunday?

Prophecy: "This company was formed to showcase the best high flyers in the World today....well thats what I thought. It was in fact created by one man with one huge ego. Now recently we have had to sit through an invasion by this tool and his lackies, taking away the high flying excitement that this company revels in. However its not been all doom and gloom, you see recently Jman and I have put on some great matches for the AWF Super Fly Championship, currently held by me. The AWF's bossman HolyJose has informed me of a rematch for the title, The Prophecy vs Jman III for the Super Fly Championship. Now forget what you have seen before, our last 2 matches will be like Big Show vs Great Khali compared to the classic we will put on. This match will be what the AWF is all about, great action between great wrestlers, this match will be one for the ages, The Prophecy vs Jman III will blow you all away."

LV: Thank you Prophecy and Jman what do you have to say?

Jman: Something has been missing in AWF over the last few weeks; respect. Respect for one another in the back, respect for this company, and respect for the legacy of this business. All that disrespectful bullshit will go away on Sunday when The Prophecy, a man whom I respect greatly, and myself square off in that ring. Proph, this is it, we're through with each other after Fight or Flight so let's tear the fucking house down my friend.

LV: Thank you gentlemen best of luck to each of you this Sunday! Back to you Scott and Danny!

Scott: Such words of competition and respect that’s what the AWF Super Fly Championship is all about. Up next we have Axxel vs. Jman

Axxel! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCXYY2AoOE)

Scott: Here comes Axxel looking to get some momentum going into Flight of Fear

Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

Scott: Here comes Jman who is always impressive and I can’t wait to see how he and Axxel go at it tonight!

Match 4: Axxel vs. Jman


Scott: Jman picks up the win! Well let’s get to out main event where it’s going to be Champion vs Champion. The Prophecy vs. Jason “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Alexander

AWF Super Fly Champion The Prophecy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: here comes the Prophecy and I would like to remind you that after this match we will have the official contract signing between Avidco and Jason Alexander.

Jason Alexander (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGQwbQwsicw&feature=player_embedded)

Mainevent: Super Fly Champion The Prophecy vs. AWF World Champion Jason Alexander


(ignore DQ)

Scott: Wow what a match this match has ended in a No Contest! What a showing from both these men. Well let’s get the ring cleared we have the contract signing for the AWF World Championship between Avidco and Jason Alexander!

*The ring is set up with two chairs at the opposite end of a table Jason Alexander is already in the ring as Avidco walks out*

HolyJose: Welcome gentlemen. Now as both of you know this is your last encounter for the AWF World Title win or lose from either of you it is your last shot Avidco Now let’s get this signed

*Jason Alexander signs on the dotted line*

JA: Now listen here Avidco. There is a reason why I’m the AWF World Champion and that’s because I am the best wrestler in all of the Indy feds! Avidco you cannot compare to my talent in the ring. You got lucky during our match and won your second chance but that was a fluke so Avidco don’t you dare think you’re walking out of Vegas with the World Title around your waist.

Avidco: well well well
before i sign this contract for my match at Flight of fear i have a few words
Jason Alexander
Mr. AWF champion
All my life
I’ve had to earn my opportunities
Earn my championship spots
You, well you have had it all given to you
come flight of fear
You wont be AWF champion anymore
because i am going to kick your arse all over the ring and more
And take your title
Avidico signs the contract and throws it on the table
*drops his mic and signs on the bottom line*

*Avidco and Jason Alexander have a stare down and Alexander raises up his title as the screen fades to black*

09-18-2011, 11:59 PM
filler filler filler

09-18-2011, 11:59 PM
are you guys ready for AWF's second E-PPV? Because I sure am

09-19-2011, 12:00 AM
this is a filler. I repeat this is a filler

09-19-2011, 12:01 AM
I do apologize that it's a bit late guys and I promised it an hour and a half ago but hey better late then never huh?

09-19-2011, 12:01 AM
We're gonna kick Night of Champion's ass I guarendamntee it :cool:

09-19-2011, 12:02 AM
nananananananananananannananan FILLER! nanananananananananananana FILLER FILLER nanananananananananaananaa FILLER

09-19-2011, 12:02 AM
It's almost showtime peeps I hope you enjoy :D

09-19-2011, 12:04 AM
Alright this is the final filler and I would just like to thank everybody who is a part of this and makes AWF what it is. I may not be the original creator but I feel like it's become my own and I thank you guys for accepting me with open arms and running with my idea. Now let's cut the sentimental crap it's SHOWTIME!

09-19-2011, 12:06 AM
AWF Flight of Fear!


Scott: Welcome everybody to Flight of Fear! And do we have an amazing show for you guys here tonight! Let’s get it started with the first of our two musical guests fans give it up for Escape the Fate performing “Gorgeous Nightmare”


Danny: Wow what an amazing performance! Escape the Fate is such a great band!

Scott: I agree but I felt they were better with Ronnie speaking of which our next musical guest give it up for Falling in Reverse!


Scott: Was I blown away! Ronnie really is back, wait hold on looks like Craig Mabitt is getting a mic!

Craig: Ronnie I need you to shut the fuck up! You want to bitch and moan about how I took your spot? Well motherfucker we’re a wrestling event let’s settle it in the motherfucking ring. What do you say Ronnie?

Ronnie: You’re on dumbfuck!

Match 1: Ronnie Radke vs. Craig Mabitt


09-19-2011, 12:23 AM
Scott: And Ronnie Radke picks up the victory man what a match! Here comes Max Green and the rest of Escape the Fate and what this their asking him to perform with them a one off reunion of the Las Vegas crowd! Let’s see it!


Scott: What an amazing way to open up the show and looks like both bands are going to their seats and enjoy the rest of the show!
Danny: I love these musical guests I wonder what will happen next! Ladies and Gentlemen our next match is going to be a brutal one The Executioner vs. Punkmark.

Scott: This match is just a grudge match where both participants just plain hate each other .

Match 2: Punkmark vs. The Executioner

The Executioner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Executioner: So here I am at Flight of Fear and it’s fitting because Punkmark I am your biggest fear and tonight you’ll be sent flying through a ladder or a table or whatever I damn well please send you to and in the end I will stand the victor!

Punkmark (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkbgtVFlyCQ)

PM: Executioner you sure do talk big. You’re just a cheat but now that the match is a fair match we’ll see who the better man really is!


Scott: Punkmark picks up the victory! Man what an amazing match from both men. Now let’s head to the back where we have Linda Vargas standing by with Broc!
LV: hello everybody this Linda Vargas with my guest at this time Broc

LV: so Broc you have a huge match tonight against axxel with the winner advancing to face the current world champion how do you like your chances in that match?

Broc: how do I feel about my chances? come on tonight 2 of 3 falls we're not gonna need the 3rd fall because I will win the first 2 with ease

LV: alright well if you win you could be going up against Jason Alexander for the world title how do you feel your chances are against him?

Broc: what chances? it's not a chance it's a given fact that I am > than Jason Alexander, don't you look at the tags for this thread? if me and Alexander ever get in the same ring it will not be good for him

LV: one more thing Broc if this does go to a 3rd fall it will be a ladder match how do you think you would hold yourself in a ladder match?

Broc: well I've never been in a ladder match before but I don't think I'm going to have too.

LV: thank you broc now let’s go back to the announcer table

Scott: powerful words from Broc who will face Axxel for a future world title match in a 2 out of 3 falls coined by HolyJose called the Championmakers match.

Danny: let’s hope they don’t have to go to the devastating ladder match the first two falls will be gruesome in general.

Scott: You’re right but now we have a match to crown the first ever AWF World Tag Team Champions!

Match 3: AWF World Tag Team Championship TLC Match. Far East Warriors vs. The Sky High Bastards vs. Two of a Kind

Far East Warriors (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgJEznqtms)

Danny: Here come the most deserving team the Far East Warriors who are more than worthy of the two belts.

Sky High Bastards (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsXEbqS7cpE)

*Ramp is set up from the top of the Gravitytron and the Sky High Bastards are on their BMX bikes and do an insane flip down the ramp into the ring*

Scott: Impressive this is their debut match in AWF and what an entrance I feel like these two could win here tonight

Two of a Kind! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4jaBTamMIU)

Scott: Here are the self proclaimed AWF World Tag Team Champions and let’s see if they can prove it here tonight suspended at the top of the ring are the brand new redesigned AWF Tag titles!



Scott: Holyshit what an amazing match we have our first ever WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS AND THEY ARE TWO OF A KIND!
Danny: They proved why they were self proclaimed and now they are the champions what a match! Wait they’re asking for a match.
KW: *as blood is pouring from his face* how many of you are shocked at the result? How many of you sinners from las vegas, how many people at home even the roster? Did you expect any different. Yes far east warriors and skyhigh bastards brought there A-Game but we said it all along it wouldnt matter

PC: Thats exactly right kid but i want more you see somethings veen botheting me, for the last month these illerate rednecks *crowd is starting to boo* have been chanting you arent the champions well guess what we are. *crowd gets louder as mad dog raises his voice* now i want you to chant you are the champions *now crowd is booing really empathatically* SAY IT NOW!! *Crowd now deafining with boos*

KW: Paul its clear that these in breds are too stupid to realise talent and holyjose failed to get us a hotel room with tivo so we have to watch big bang theory soon and its sad that even howard wollowitz has a higher I.Q. Then this whole room

PC: thats true so long fools we are out of this hell hole of a city as your new awf world tag team champions.

Scott: Wow that was insane well up next as we are getting the ring cleared our next match is for the number one contender ship match for the AWF Super Fly Championship in a tables match no less!

Match 4: Kash vs. Daymian Bloodstone vs. Gillz for the No.1 Contender for the AWF Super Fly Championship.

KASH!!!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGn4fsgtLcI)

Danny: Here is the man who I think will win this match Straight Kash!

The Pint-Sized rocker! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVtygd1qXc)

Scott: here comes Daymian Bloodstone who I think will win this match he sure has it in him to beat these two men!

Gillz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

Scott: And here comes Gillz wearing a kilt to show his Scottish heritage. This man has already wrestled once tonight at EWNCW’s PPV Day of Reckoning where he successfully became the Undisputed EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion. If you haven’t done so already go and order it on PPV you won’t be disappointed.

Danny: They maybe the competition but they put on a great show it’s all about mutual respect around here.

Scott: now can Gillz keep the winning streak alive here at Flight of Fear?

09-19-2011, 12:28 AM


Scott: And Kash picks up the win but at what cost?

Danny: STRAIGH KASH! He will make a great Super Fly Champion

Scott: Not so fast he has to go through either Jman or the Prophecy. Speaking of which I am getting word since we did advertise EWNCW HolyJose would like to add that you should also go and read JBW WARFare which features the likes of Broc, Jman, The Prophecy, Avidco and of course our General Manager HolyJose.

Danny: heh I guess he has to be fair right?

Scott: I guess so well up next we have HolyJose vs. DJ Black for full creative control of AWF with TheDevilsAdvocate as the special guest referee.

Match 5: HolyJose vs. DJ Black

HolyJose (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8)

Scott: Here comes HolyJose and he looks as focused and determined as ever. Tonight it is about AWF for him and he won’t lose tonight.

HJ: Ever since I took over AWF from WWTNA Mark last month I promised that I would make this company the must see company in all of EWN indy feds. Then all of a sudden I find out why this company was created and a tarnished image but together with AWF roster and most importantly the AWF fans we have rebuilt and established ourselves as the must see company. SuperCenaSucks you may have back out but if you know me I love a challenge and DJ Black you won’t stand a chance. Now get your asses out here!

DJ Black! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCpcdb_kig)

DJ Black: You know what HolyJose I was the face of this company and now you have that piece of shit Alexander as your main guy. That’s not happening Tonight the original era well return and to show that I can beat you I had the rest of the gang to stay out back now let’s get this started!

TDA (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY1pcy0IUl4&feature=player_detailpage)



Scott: HolyJose wins via DQ!

*And DJ Black just starts beating the shit out of HolyJose and here comes the rest of them stomping on him and TDA is getting in the mix and he is taking on the other members of this power hungry group! HolyJose is back up and both TDA and HolyJose have taken out DJ black and SuperCenaSucks while the others run to the back. HolyJose with blood pouring down his face and TDA standing tall in the ring.*

Scott: Wow just wow HolyJose proving himself a class act but DJ Black ruined it and they will no longer be able to get full control of AWF up next is the Championsmaker Challenge with Broc taking on Axxel in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Match 6: Broc vs. Axxel in a Championsmaker Challenge

Broc is in da house! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13ZWeloubAk&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Broc has been impressive as of late I’m sure he can pick up the win tonight.

Axxel! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCXYY2AoOE)

Danny: The Marine here is tough no doubt he has the stamina to go through this challenge.

09-19-2011, 12:31 AM
Fall one: Pinfall



Scott: Broc picks up the first victory here tonight! Now on to the second fall

Fall Two: Submission


Scott: Axxel picks up the second win looks like we are going to the Ladder match to see who will win a future world championship match!

Fall Three: Ladder Match


Scott: OH MY GOD WHAT AN AMAZING MATCH! Broc wins the Championsmaker challenge and he will get a future world championship match down the line

Danny: My god my mind is blown and we still have the two title defenses. Up next we have Jman vs. The Prophecy III for the Super Fly Championship!

Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

Scott: here comes the challenger and who can very well win the title tonight all I know though is that this match will be another one for the history books

AWF Super Fly Champion The Prophecy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Here comes The Prophecy and what a champion he has been! He is an 8 year pro and finally won his first
championship last month and has carried that title with pride and honor let’s get this match started!

Match 7: Jman vs. The Prophecy III

09-19-2011, 12:33 AM


Scott: He just saw a high fly spectacular! Oh my god The Prophecy wins yet again! They tore the house down yet again!

Danny: HOLYSHIT HOLYSHIT HOLYSHIT!!!!! That’s all I have to say.

Scott: Well folks it is now time for our mainevent Jason “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Alexander vs. Avidco for the AWF World Championship!
Mainevent: Avidco vs. Jason Alexander for the AWF World Championship

Avidco (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-AukSnsyA8)

Avidco: Jason Alexander
I hope your prepared for your hardest match
tonight I am going to throw all i can at you and win your title
adding the gold to my collection
tonight I’m going to restore the prestige the AWF title lost from being on you
after our match
you probably won’t even know what hit you

Jason Alexander (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGQwbQwsicw&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Here comes the champion ready to defend his title tonight against a man he has personal heat with Avidco. Ladies and gentlemen this is you main event of the evening!


*ignore post match*

*Avidco hits Jason Alexander with the AWF World Title and get’s DQ’d. Avidco is standing tall with the title in hand looking as if he has just won the title he exists the ring with the belt and puts it around his waist with a smug look on his face and a smile ten miles wide as the screen fades to black*

09-24-2011, 07:14 PM
filler for the show

09-24-2011, 07:15 PM
Ha Broc I beat you to the show :p I kid we both will put on a great show :cool:

09-24-2011, 07:15 PM
Filler filler filler

09-24-2011, 07:16 PM
are you guys ready to see a new champion crowned? because I sure am

09-24-2011, 07:16 PM
final filler get ready for the show guys!

09-24-2011, 07:20 PM
AWF Zero Gravity episode 8

The BRAND NEW Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WL5IRrhl20)

Scott: Hello all and for one we hope you enjoyed the brand new AWF Zero Gravity theme song curtsey of Distrubed! We are fresh off the heels of an amazing PPV!

Danny: What a PPV it was and controversy surrounding the ending as well we’ll find out more tonight!

Scott: You’re right! Up now we have Straight Edge who will go up against the team of Damien Hardy and El Scorpio.

Match One: Straight Edge (Krysys and Jayden) vs. Damien Hardy and El Scorpio.

El Scorpio! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Damien Hardy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEtagaV1clY&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: here comes the Originals or so they like to call themselves and I hope they lost tonight they don’t deserve to be here in AWF

Straight Edge! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaNwItqNi50)

Scott: A new team we saw them go up against the Far East Warriors two weeks ago and were great let’s see if they can impress us again tonight!

(Beer Money=Damien Hardy and El Scorpio; MCMG= Straight Edge)



Scott: What a showing from Straight Edge! They pick up the victory here tonight!

Danny: Wow and looks like the rest of Straight Edge is joining Krysys and Jayden and they have something to say.

*Straight Edge stand in the ring as Krysys, Jayden Knight, Aiden Cayne, and Saiosyn all throwing the "X"*

Krysys: Ladies and Gentlemen a true tag team has entered the arena! We are Straight Edge and we are better than you all! I am the Master of Straight Edge, The Saint Krystian Krysys! Let me introduce my allies for those who don't know, standing to my right is Jayden Knight, a brute force and the original mind for this family! To My left is Aiden Cayne, a powerful mind and cunning, next to him is Saiosyn, the speed of this team comes from him, he is quick and agile and unstoppable!

Jayden: Well said Brother! Straight Edge has come to AWF to show all these other so called "Tag teams' how things really are. Two of A Kind, you are on our radar! The belts will be ours!

Aiden: And while we are here to win gold we are also here to change the minds of you people and show you the path of righteousness! The path of the almighty Straight Edge! You will convert by choice or we will convert you by force!

Saiosyn: AWF! You have been warned, we are here and we will take what we want! All hail Straight Edge!

Scott: And here they are showing their dominance and wanting a shot at the AWF World Tag Team Championship.

Danny: Impressive team but hey I like my alcohol it makes parties better!

Scott: Like you go to parties anyways. Let’s go to the back where we have news that Jason Alexander is showing up.


*Jason Alexander arrives in the back takes off his helmet and he looks PISSED! He makes his way through the hallway and is confronted by former Champion DJ Black*

DJ Black: Heh, Mr. King of the Indys where is your gold now? Oh that’s right you can’t hold onto it for more than a month until you let some Mexican steal it from you

JA: heh * grabs DJ Black and rams him head first into the wall* Meet me in the ring next week bitch!

Scott: Wow I would not want to cross paths with Jason Alexander tonight! Folks switching gears I am proud to announce that AWF has made a NEW championship belt and it is the AWF Adrenaline Championship and the title can only be defended in an Ironman match where Adrenaline is the only thing that fuels you till the end. The participants are Damyian Bloodstone, Jman, Gillz and Axxel Sonn! The match ups will be Daymian Bloodstone vs. Jman and Axxel vs. Gillz these will take place in a regular match but the final two will compete in a 30 minute Ironman match for the FIRST EVER AWF ADRENALINE CHAMPIONSHIP! It’s the first match up!

09-24-2011, 07:24 PM
Match 2: Jman vs. Daymian Bloodstone

Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

Scott: here comes Jman a man who is deserving a championship here in AWF let’s see if he can beat the pint sized rocker!

Jman: Last week I said that no matter what happened at Fight or Flight, it would be the end of Prophecy vs. Jman and being a man of my word, I'm keeping that promise. But, as one door closes, another opens. Tonight, I compete in a match to become the fist ever AWF Adrenaline Champion, an opportunity I intend to cash in on.

The Pint-Sized rocker! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVtygd1qXc)

*Daymian rushes the ring as his song plays*

DB: Kash, you got lucky but that is in the past. Its time to look towards the future. I will be competing for the AWF Adrenaline Championship. This title deserves someone with respect and dignity, someone like me. The KamiKazi Warrior is the only person who has what it takes to wear that title. Axxel, Gillz, and Jman are ok but they don't have what it takes to be a champion here in AWF. I guarantee that i will become the AWF Adrenaline Champion and no one can stop me.


Scott: Jman wins! He moves on to the Ironman match in tonight’s main event!
Danny: Oh my Jman gets another shot at a title *yawn
*Camera goes to the back where TOAK are*
*Paul Conrad and a badly beaten up kid wonder standing in the back*

KW: Straight Edge I have one question to ask of you? Did you watch our match last night? Obviously you didn’t because if you did there would be a few things you would have noticed. Firstly we are now the AWF Tag Team champions *crowd giving it to kid* which means that we are the best in this company and we dare anyone from any other company to come here and face us. secondly you would have seen that we did what we promised we would do and that is take out the far off wannabes and the sky bi tarts, but most importantly you would have seen what we were willing to go through to keep OUR WORLD TITLES. *wonder whispers* look at my face straight edge.... I SAID LOOK AT MY FACE!!!!! Doesn’t this prove that we will do anything to keep our titles

PC: Straight Edge you come out here and you say you are on our radar well you called us out so you are in our epic center you no good, talent lacking, and perfectly good waste of crucial oxygen? you act all holier than thou with your lifestyle choice well you made your choice to call us out now we make our lifestyle choice, and that is to shut you up and take out the trash so you want us you got us no problem but went we beat the straight edge out of you allow us the privilege of celebrating with some alcohol and some girls you know the type and all the good stuff

KW: because we are talented, we are wealthier then straight edge could ever be and we are the AWF Tag Team Champions and we meeeeaaaaaannnnnn bussssiiiiinesssssss

*Kid Wonder smashes the mic down and walks off and you can him saying dont worry holyjose put in on our tab*

Scott: The champs being classy as always. Our next match is the AWF Super Fly Champion vs. The Executioner!

Match 3: Executioner vs. The Prophecy

The Executioner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: This guys is just plain sick why is he even involved in this match?

Danny: To give Proph a challenge? I mean Jman was just boring.

Scott: Since when did you hate Jman?

Danny: Since he got a push from nowhere.

Scott: nowhere? He has earned everything he got in AWF! Any ways here comes The Prophecy!

AWF Super Fly Champion The Prophecy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: He has been impressive and carries that belt with pride. The Prophecy will become world champion in no time here in AWF!

The Prophecy stands proud in the middle of the ring holding the AWF Super Fly championship above his head.

"Ladies and gentlemen....I did it again"

The fans cheer.

"Once again Jman and I proved why the AWF is must see wrestling. This company was made for matches like that."

The fans start chanting Prophecy

"Haha thanks guys, but hey thank Jman to, I couldnt have done this alone obviously. Jman, it was a priveledge to go out week after week and put on instant classics like that, its because of matches like that, that everyone will want to hold the increasingly prestigious AWF Super Fly championship. But all good things must come to and end. Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5, McDonald's hotdogs, and hell the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Thats why Im here to talk about whats next. With Prophecy vs Jman III now done, Im looking for a new challenger, one who can put on great matches and bring yet more prestige to my championship. So whoevers next, be ready, and bring your A game, because The Prophecy is getting used to holding the gold, and I dont want to lose it just yet"




Scott: There he is again The Prophecy proving why he is the future of the wrestling business! He beats the executioner in a physical match! And here comes Kash!

Kash: Time has come to take all the jewels champ to be
Its a becoming of the money
Me kash have a lot of that
So much you can say I am that straght KASH

Goin in for the championships belt grip
Hold iit up for the crowd and my miiddle finger give a flip
Got it now cant have this
I'm money and
(Yells out)STRAGhT KASH

Scott: Strong words from Kash! Well Folks we have Gillz vs. Axxel up next for the qualifying match for the Adrenaline Championship! Let’s get this started

09-24-2011, 07:28 PM
Match 4: Gillz vs. Axxel
Axxel! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCXYY2AoOE)

*Axxel Runs down to the rings as FFDP blasts in the background*

AS: So, The Adrenaline Championship, the championship that once I win I will carry proudly as I always have with every badge of honor I have heard! This championship means that I am one of the elite and I am a future World Champion! Bloodstone, Gillz, Jman, this is your warning, you better be prepared to go to war! Hoorah!

Gillz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

*Music Hits*

*Loud Boos fill the arena*

Well, well, well
It seems that AWF have finally found sense and are putting me in matches for their new championship
The Adrenaline Championship
I embody what that championship means so why wouldnt i be challenging for it
and thats just the first step
I will win this championship and will go on and defeat Alexander for that World Title
Maybe not Today, Maybe not Tommorow but at some point
I will hold that world Championship
and theres nothing anyone can do about it



Scott: And Gillz picks up the win he goes off to face Jman in the main event! Let’s go to the back where we have Broc how has something to say!
Broc is in the back looking more confident than he ever has before

Broc: you know..... sometimes I wonder why you guys doubt me..... I mean how could you possibly boo me and cheer someone like axxel... I mean if you were anything like the bandwagon fans in Pittsburgh you would already be all over me like they are the Pirates if there doing good...... but hey there's a bright side axxel... at least you got 1 fluke pin I mean consider that a privilege I mean who would have thought you could even get 1 pin on me I mean look at you and look at me.... I'm a world class athlete and you're... you're some wanna be marine punk ass bitch..... now to Jason Alexander and Avidco..... I don't give a shit which one of you I have to beat because either way I know that I could beat either of you with 50% effort so if I have any bit of advice for you two..... watch your backs

Scott: He was very impressive who knows when he’ll cash in that contract. But now here comes Avidco who took Alexander’s title at Flight of Fear after disqualifying himself!

Avidco (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-AukSnsyA8)

Avidico to the crowd: shut up im about to speak
(Huge boos to avidico)
Jason alaxander
last night i kicked your arse in that ring
we fought hard but as expected
the best man, me of course
ended up with the title
(to the crowd) shut up im speaking
so jason alaxander
how about you come out here and try Take MY title
and holy jose how about you come out here and crown ME the rightful
AWF champion

*Jason Alexander sneaks up and attacks Avidco! He is beating him to the point of unconsciousness Alexander irish whips him into the ropes and a nasty clothesline. He sets him up for a 450 splash and climbs up the top rope and connects with the 450 splash! Alexander picks up and they begin to brawl security is out here separating these two and Avidco runs off with the title yet again*

Scott: Oh my god what have we witnessed! These two just hate each other now good lord. But folks we have to move on it is now time for our main event Jman vs. Gillz in a 30 minute Ironman match for the FIRST EVER AWF ADRENALINE CHAMPIONSHIP!

Main Event: 30 Minute Ironman match (*breaking Kayfabe* so I may not use Ironman matches but I will use long matches for this Championship match just to let you know)

Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

Danny: Oh woo look who it is. This man doesn’t deserve shit here in AWF. He is getting everything on a silver platter!

Scott: I dare you to say that to his face

*Jman goes over to the announcers booth and punches Danny in the face mouthing ‘that’s what you get bitch’*

Gillz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

Scott: Well looks like I’m calling this one on my own *under his breath* thank God!

(Jman=Sabu, Gillz=Terry Funk)

09-24-2011, 07:29 PM



Scott: Oh my God Jman has done it! He is the NEW AWF Adrenaline Champion! Congratulations Jman enjoy it! Thank you folks for joining us on Zero Gravity tune in next week

*screen fades to black as Jman is celebrating in the ring with the AWF Adrenaline Championship.

10-01-2011, 11:45 PM
AWF Zero Gravity episode 9

The BRAND NEW Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WL5IRrhl20)

Scott: Hello everybody and welcome to AWF Zero Gravity! Tonight’s show is based off pure wrestling! No talk (because HolyJose got lazy and forgot to send out PMs he says he apologizes) but we have an amazing main event. Since AWF began everyone wanted to see DJ Black vs. Jason Alexander and after last week’s events that match will happen tonight!

Danny: Alexander is a pissed man and is on a mission to get his belt back from Avidco who will also be in action tonight against the debuting Alex Kidd! Like Scott said we have a packed show tonight and a couple debuts! One being HWA and now JBW and AWF star Rob Rage!

Scott: That’s right we are ever growing and we also have the debut of not only the for mentioned Alex Kidd but the mysterious Artemis Eclipse! This is going to be one show but let’s get started with some triple threat tag team action a rematch from Flight of Fear The Sky High Bastards vs. The Far East Warriors vs. Two of a Kind!

Match 1: AWF World Tag Team Title match. Sky High Bastards vs. Far East Warriors vs. TOAK
Far East Warriors (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgJEznqtms)

Scott: The Far East Warriors are impressive indeed but they need to start winning matches or else they’ll just be buried they’re lucky they have a chance to win the titles tonight!

Sky High Bastards (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsXEbqS7cpE)

*SHB ride in on their BMX bikes and start spray painting all over the barricade and bunny hop onto the ring apron and get in the ring and throw their bikes to the crowd, missing the fans.*

Danny: Holyshit what is wrong with these guys they could have hurt a fan and given AWF a lawsuit HolyJose needs to psychoanalyze the people he hires

Two of a Kind! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4jaBTamMIU)

Scott: They are Two of a Kind and they are also the AWF World Tag Team Champions! Let’s see what these three teams have in store for us!

(Edge and Jericho=TOAK; Colons=FEW; Legacy=SHB)



Scott: TOAK pick up the win here tonight wait what’s this?

*Straight Edge get in the ring and beat down on TOAK 4-2 beat down when SHB get in the ring with fluorescent light bulbs and Straight Edge go running away signaling to their waists looking to get a shot at the World Tag Team Championships*

Scott: One match in and already things are getting out of control that’s why AWF is the must see indy show!

Danny: Damn straight! Now we have the future number one contender Broc facing Damien Hardy

Scott: SQUASH!

Danny: HEY!...yea you’re right

Broc (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13ZWeloubAk&feature=player_embedded)
Scott: A Future world champion if he keeps improving week in and week out he is defiantly a serious contender for the World Title

Damien Hardy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEtagaV1clY&feature=player_embedded)

Danny: And someone who will never get a world title…DAMIEN HARDY. Why do we keep a Hardy around?

Scott: Somebody has to job

Match 2: Broc vs. Damien Hardy


Scott: Broc proving why he is a future world champion he just took out not only Damien Hardy but the rest of the Originals by himself

Danny: Fuck yea! What a squash Broc just cleaned house! Up next we have out first debut of a new wrestler and it is Artemis Eclipse! Not much is known about this man but Let’s see what he has in store for AWF as he takes on The Executioner.

Match 3: Artmis Eclipse vs. The Executioner

The Executioner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: here he comes drinking his daily dose of blood this man is insane I hope Eclipse knows what he is getting into!

Eclipse (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgb5ATrZocA)

Scott: Woah Artmis looks very intimidating I actually fear for Executioner here

Danny: Uhhh I need to go to the bathroom

*Danny takes off head gear jumps out of the barrier and high tails it out of there*

Scott: That ladies and gentlemen is my broadcast partner looks like I’m calling this one on my own.

10-01-2011, 11:50 PM


Scott: What a match! Artmis Eclipse picks up the victory here tonight! Oh and look who as decided to join me, did you fall in the toilet Danny?

Danny: Uhh…no there was a long line, yea that’s it.

Scott: There usually is at women’s restroom

Danny: Yea…wait a minute!

Scott: Got ‘em! Anyways up next is another debut in a triple threat match Daymian Bloodstone vs. Axxel vs. the debuting Rob Rage!

Match 4: Daymian Bloodstone vs. Axxel vs. Rob Rage

The Pint-Sized rocker! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVtygd1qXc)

Scott: Daymian Bloodstone looks to impress tonight and hopefully get a shot at one of the titles here in AWF soon these three men are some of the best faces we have and are all worthy of a title shot in AWF.

Axxel! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCXYY2AoOE)

Danny: A Marine who looks to impress the fans tonight

Scott: That’s true and he hopes to show that he deserves a World Title shot down the line!

Rob Rage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3METMAHEnvk)

Scott: HWA and JBW wrestler looking to make an Impact here in AWF

Danny: Carful TNA might sue us by using Impact.

Scott: With what money? We’re good let’s get to the action!

(Axxel=CM Punk, Miz=Rob Rage, Morrison=Bloodstone)


Scott: What a triple threat match! Axxel picks up the victory but what a showing from the debuting Rob Rage He looks to do great things in AWF! Tonight Axxel’s experience and never quit attitude got him the win!

Danny: Wow what a match! Up next we have another tag team match where the AWF SuperFly Champion The Prophecy teams up with the AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman to face the number one contender for the Superfly title Kash and his partner Gillz!

Match 5: Jman and Prophecy vs. Gillz and Kash

AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

AWF Super Fly Champion The Prophecy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: These two are the future of this business and they carry those belts with pride!

Gillz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

KASH!!!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGn4fsgtLcI)

Danny: These two have faced each other in matches and have teamed together tonight they look to take on the Jman and Proph and prove why they should be number one contenders!

Scott: With underhanded tactics Kash picks up the win by pinning the Prophecy! What a match! Kash and Gillz pick up the victory tonight!

Danny: My God what a tag match! Up next we have Avidco vs. the debuting Alex Kidd!

Match 6: Avidco vs. Alex Kidd

Avidco (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-AukSnsyA8)

Scott: Here comes Avidco wearing the AWF World Heavyweight Championship around his waist acting as if he is the actual champion it disgusts me.

Alex Kidd (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SKFwtgUJHs)

Scott: Former JBW employee and current HWA and now AWF wrestler makes his debut against Avidco! Let’s see how he fares against the Mexican luchador!

10-01-2011, 11:54 PM
(ignore finish)

*Avidco goes out of the ring picks up the AWF World Championship and nails Alex Kidd in the head giving him the DQ victory and Avidco is standing tall!*

Scott: Avidco has just lost all respect for his opponents and winning matches. He just wants to prove a point and that point being that he is the top dog in AWF. Folks up next is out main event of the evening we have the AWF dream match which was suppose to happen at No Speed Limit but due to unforeseen circumstances it had to be left out. Ladies and Gentlemen up next is AWF World Champion Jason “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Alexander vs. DJ Black!

Main Event: AWF World Champion Jason Alexander vs. DJ Black

Jason Alexander (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGQwbQwsicw&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Last week he attack DJ Black and of course because he is pissed off! He wants his belt back but Avidco just keeps getting away with it.

Danny: Don’t blame him Avidco needed to make a name for himself and he sure did!

DJ Black! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCpcdb_kig)

Danny: DJ Black the man that has given AWF infamy! Let’s hope Alexander can beat DJ Black tonight!

(AJ Styles=Alexander; CM Punk=DJ Black)



Scott: Wow folks what a main event! Alexander picks up the win tonight! But what a showing from both men! Thank you for joining us tonight tune in next week to Zero Gravity! AWF

10-10-2011, 10:56 PM
AWF Zero Gravity episode 10

The BRAND NEW Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WL5IRrhl20)

Scott: Hello everybody and welcome to Zero Gravity! Ten weeks ago we started off and are now growing into one of the biggest Independent Wrestling Efeds on EWN! And it’s all thanks to you all! Tonight we have a great show in which we see Gillz take on El Scorpio to determine the number one contender to Jman’s AWF Adrenaline Championship!

Danny: That’s right and HolyJose makes his return after a two week absence following Flight of Fear. He says he has an important announcement to make and out main event being Avidco vs. DJ Black. First though we see Rob Rage take on Damien Hardy!

Match 1: Damien Hardy vs. Rob Rage

Damien Hardy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEtagaV1clY&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Oh here we go the man that caused the original uproar against AWF having a match tonight.

Danny: Here is Damien “The Jobber” Hardy!

Scott: Let’s hope so. I can’t wait to see Rob Rage in singles competition.

Rob Rage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3METMAHEnvk)

Scott: Here was a man who was impressive in his debut last week. Even though he lost he brought his A-game let’s see how this match goes!


RR: Hello there, Rob Rage here. One of the Best of Britain and one of the top up and comers, not just here in AWF, but in the whole world. Now, I may have lost last week, and although I’m not thrilled with that, I’m not distraught. I was thrown straight in at the deep end and faced some of the best this company has to offer, and held my own. I may not have won, but I feel I put in a good showing. I feel I did well, but that’s up to you guys at home to decide.

Now onto why I’m here in AWF. I’m not going to pretend I don’t want to win titles, I do, who doesn’t. It’s not my only aim though; I’m driven by other things too. I want to put on great matches for all you great fans, I want to help this show become the best it can be. I also want to compete with some of the best in the business, and I know I can do that here in AWF, that’s why I’m here. I want to hone my skills, and the only way I can do that is competing with the best. As my Dad used to say, “Compete with the best, learn from the best, and become the best”. I’m setting my sights real high here in AWF. I’m aiming for the top here in AWF. I’m Rob Rage, and I’m ready to fly.

Scott: And Rob picks up the victory! What a match hell even Damien Hardy was impressive. Let’s go to the back where we have Linda Vargas standing by Artemis Eclipse!

Linda Vargas:"I'm standing here with a newcomer to the AWF... a Mr. Artemis Eclipse! He promises to shock and awe the entire roster!

*Artemis is smiling.*

Artemis Eclipse: "Thaas right! Ahm hea' tuh doo whan thing. Tha es tuh bring tha AWF Chahampionship tah good ol' Bahstan!"

Linda Vargas: "Umm... what... what the hell did you just say? Are you from Boston?"

Artemis Eclipse: "Yah beht yah shweet ahass I ahm!"

Linda Vargas: "Well... this will certainly be interesting to say the least."

*As Artemis goes to walk away, Punkmark bumps into him.*

Artemis Eclipse: "Whaat Tha' Fuckh ahre yah dohin, eh?"

Punkmark: "What did you just say?"

Artemis Eclipse: "Ahm naht callin' yah mammy ouht to tha bhackyahrd"

Punkmark: "What? Look.. I don't know what you're saying or... infact who you think you're talking to but, do you have a problem?"

Artemis Eclipse: "Yah, wit yah fuckhin fahce!"

*Artemis gets in Punkmark's face but, Punkmark walks away laughing.*

Punkmark: "You're too funny man... too funny."

*Artemis stands there pissed off. Another person walks up from behind him. A man never seen before. In a suit jacket and sunglasses wearing a top hat, with a long thick beard.*

Bowler: "Excuse me, sir... But, I believe you have horrid verbal skills. Would you mind if I... If I taught you how to speak properly?"

*Artemis looks hesitant but shakes his head yes and they walk off talking quietly so the camera can't hear.*

Scott: Well that was interesting folks let’s get to the next match. Last week we saw Two of a Kind pick up yet another win when Straight Edge attacked TOAK it was a 4 on 2 beat down until The Sky High Bastards got involved tonight we see an 8-man tag team match with TOAK teaming up with The Sky High Bastards vs. Straight Edge.

Match 2: Staight Edge vs. Two of a Kind and The Sky High Bastards

Straight Edge! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaNwItqNi50)

*Straight Edge make their way to the ring, each member doing the "X" mark at the top of the ropes*

KK: Two of A Kind, you have something we want and that is the AWF Tag Team Championship. Those titles do not belong in the hands of people like you, whose hands are dirty. They belong with us, those who follow the path of Straight Edge!

JK: You will give us the title, be it by your own choice or by force. Before the month ends Straight Edge will have them and we will be the first Straight Edge AWF Tag Team Champions!

Saiosyn: All hail Straight Edge!

AC: All hail Straight Edge!

Sky High Bastards (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsXEbqS7cpE)

*SHB ride their BMX bikes down the ramp shooting paintballs all over the crowd and barricade*

*SPLAT! Camera pans in on Danny whose face is covered with white paint*

Scott: BAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Your boyfriend get to excited last night?

Danny:…fuck you…just fuck you

Scott: You’d like that wouldn’t you.

Two of a Kind! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4jaBTamMIU)

*T.O.A.K. are backstage and look downright pissed when they hear their music and walk out with a mic in hand*

KW: Straight Edge for a group that preaches the straight way to success you are certainly going down a shirt cut road to get there aren’t you
Last week we had a brutal title defense last week in yet another triple threat match thank you very much Mr. Holyjose and then you four thugs attack us from behind but that’s ok because like another guy who likes to attack people from behind likes to sing *Wonder starts singing "We're still standing yeah yeah yeah"

Mad Dog snatches the mic from wonder

PC: Singing Elton John, kid? WoW look goofing of aside we have proven time and time again that we are the most dominating tag team in AWF history if you don’t believe me watch this

*Clips shown of TOAK’s debut, their two title defenses and their post match celebration*

PC: listen to us straight edge, we will do anything to keep these titles, triple threat defense, four on two assaults and listening to Elton John karaoke... kid never again.
Because we are Two Of A Kind, we are the only ever AWF Tag Team champions and we mean business


Scott: The Sky High Bastards pick up the win for the team! Wait that’s this?

*SHB leave the ring leaving TOAK alone when Straight Edge attacks TOAK again in a brutal 4 on 2 beatdown! Kristian Krysys goes for a steel chair when two men jump over the barricade with Kendo sticks and hit Krysys in the back of the head and head into the ring! They’re wearing hoodies so we don’t know who they are and they just go in and take out the rest of Straight Edge who get out of there as soon as possible. The two men take off their hoodies and it is revealed to be Ill Cattivo from BWA! They ask for a mic*

Listen hear you assholes, these two men are our brothers in arms. If you want a war you got one!

Scott: Oh my God Ill Cattivo and TOAK are uniting to take on Straight Edge!

Danny: *still getting the paint off him* That was impressive! Let’s take it to the back where we have Jman wanting to say something

Jman: Can I just try something real quick? *Jman hold the Adrenaline Championship above his head and the crowd pops immediately* I gotta admit, that's kinda awesome. *crowd laugh* Seriously though, It's an honor to be the AWF Adrenaline Champion! *crowd pop* The stipulation behind this title is what means the most to me. I have the title that says I can outlast any man I step in this ring with; that's what every wrestler in this business hopes for.
Scott: Great words from the champ up next we have the number one contenders match for Jman’s AWF Adrenaline Championship Gillz vs. El Scorpio.

10-10-2011, 11:00 PM
Match 3: Number One Contenders Match for the AWF Adrenaline Championship. Gillz. Vs. El Scorpio

El Scorpio! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Danny: You know I’ve said this before as long as El Scorpio get’s out of that SuperCenaSucks shit he’s in he can be a great talent here in AWF.

Gillz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

Scott: Here comes Gillz someone who feels robbed from the championship let’s see if he can redeem himself tonight!


*Crowd Boos*

Well hello AWF
Its the greatest Highflyer in the business today
Thats right its Gillz
But i should be getting called the AWF Adrenaline Champion
But as you saw this past week, Jman pulled off the biggest fluke in the companys history
Jamn doesnt deserve to hold that title
but all is good
See at Death Race ill get the title and sooner than later
ill take the World Title
because i am the best
I am the Original Highflyer Gillz!

Scott: Gillz picks up the win! What a match.

Danny: Woah let’s go back stage where we have cameras ready for Kash and The Prophecy who have a few words for each other

*Kash is shown backstage*

TOnight its just known you got a ticket to get in
To get the worth of your
Straight Kash (looks at them and points mic)
Yeaa, So let me make this a sure fact
I react to watchu talkin bout staight Kash
Listen, ...
Super Fly is what I am and a steppin stone to World Champ
Am that ....(points to the mic ...)
Kash Is.
*Camera then goes to where the Prophecy is backstage*

Kash Kash Kash, you see I am a man all about respect, respect for my opponent, and respect from them in turn. But you do not seem to be very respectful of me and my accomplishments, and thats why I will speak freely about you. My feud with the Jman was a classic here in the AWF, as Im sure everyone will agree, we put on barn burners each time we faced, but now I am set to face you with my AWF Super Fly championship on the line. Now is it better to be good or to be lucky? You my friend were lucky at Flight of Fear, but at Death Race you will see it is better to be good than lucky, because I will do what I do best each and every week in the AWF, I will fight and I will win. So bring your A game, hell bring the A-Team, because I will leave Death Race the same as I entered it, your AWF Super Fly champion.

Scott: Strong words from both men. These two will go head to head at Death Race! Up next we have Daymian Bloodstone vs. Axxel. For these two it’s about respect and on being the top face in AWF.

Match 4: Bloodstone vs. Axxel

The Pint-Sized rocker! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVtygd1qXc)

Scott: The pint sized rocker and star on the rise! This feud is about total respect and who is the better man of the two.

Axxel! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCXYY2AoOE)

Danny: The man who picked up the win last week in the triple threat match looks to get the win in this singles match.

*before match begins both men shake hands*




*ignore post match. Both men shake each others hand*

Scott: Daymian Bloodstone picks up the win! Great match from both men it looks like these matches are set to continue! Let’s go to the back where we have Broc standing by.

10-10-2011, 11:06 PM
Broc is in da house! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13ZWeloubAk&feature=player_embedded)

Danny: or I guess coming out here.

~broc makes his way to the ring looking more confident than he ever has~

Broc: guess who's the next AWF World champion....... That's right me, Axxle gave me a tougher challenge then I was expecting but either way I stand here your future AWF world champion, and if you don't believe that then you might as well leave because it's going to happen whether you like it or not, and whether it's Jason Alexander or avidico that I beat for it I will be the next AWF world champion so get used to me standing in the middle of this ring because I am going to be here for a long..... long... long time and I will be world champion for a long long time but until then give me my damn opponent.

Punkmark (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkbgtVFlyCQ)

Scott: Here comes Punkmark looks like he is here to answer Broc’s challenge!

Match 5: Broc vs. Punkmark



Danny: Broc picked up an amazing win here tonight! No doubt he’ll win the World Title whenever he cashes in his Championshipmaker contract. Folks up next we have Alex Kidd take on the AWF World Champion Jason “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Alexander.

Match 6: Jason Alexander vs. Alex Kidd
Jason Alexander (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGQwbQwsicw&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: here comes Alexander, a man who is downright pissed and wants his belt back!

Danny: I don’t blame him. The mark of a champion comes from the belt without it being champion means nothing.

Scott: I’d hate to agree with you but I feel like you’re right.

Alex Kidd (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SKFwtgUJHs)

well I’m here in AWF not to entertain you jackasses, I am here for my own benefit
I want to win wrestling matches I resigned from JBW because they are not ready for me
I debuted in HWA to win and I have done just that
I debuted in AWF to win and I will do just that and now after last week’s match with Avidco
I am disgusted i deserve respect around here
-crowd boos-
I don’t care what you girls and pussies think because I am Alex Kidd
Jason Alexander is the world champ? Shows how much of a crappy promotion this really is
-throws the mic to the floor-



*ignore final pinfall*

Avidco comes down to the ring showing off the AWF World Championship in front of Alexander. While Alexander is preoccupied Alex Kidd goes for the roll up. 1….2…..3!!!!!

Danny: Oh my God! Alex Kidd has pinned the champ

Scott: but he cheated! Avidco distracted Alexander so Kidd could pick up the win.

Danny: Doesn’t matter Alex Kidd is 2-0 in AWF.

Scott: Cheap wins in my opinion. Folks it is time for our main event. Avidco vs. DJ Black!

Main Event: Avidco vs. DJ Black

Avidco (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-AukSnsyA8)

Scott: The man that just cost Alexander his match is coming down with the world title around his waist. That is despicable!

Danny: I’m loving his new approach! He’ll kick DJ Black’s ass!

DJ Black! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCpcdb_kig)

*the crowd heavily boos DJ Black*

Scott: Speaking of despicable is this man. I don’t care if he is a former World Champion he never deserved it!

Danny: Agreed! Avidco is going to kick his ass!

10-10-2011, 11:08 PM


*ignore post match*

*Alexander comes into the ring and just smacks Avidco with a steel chair! Giving Avidco the DQ win!*

Scott: What’s going on! Alexander just going ballistic here!

JA: You can the shut the hells up now, see a real man and a real champion is now talking. If you thought what happened last week was bad for you, if you don’t hand me what is rightfully mine, things will only get worse each week I don’t have MY title around my waist.

*Avidco picks up a mic*

Avidco: So people have been asking me
Why avidico why did you steal Jason Alexander’s title
well I am going to answer them tonight
I did what I did because Jason Alexander didn’t deserve this title
no one but me deserves this title and I will never ever let anyone else get my hands on this title

The Zero Gravity GM is here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8)

Scott: Oh my God it’s our GM! He’s back! Let’s hear what he has to say.

HolyJose: First off, I’ll take that *takes the AWF World Championship from Aivdco’s hands* You two will settle this once and for all at Death Race in a Ladder match now both of you get out of the ring I have something to say! *HolyJose walks towards the ring looks around and breaths in* So I have been gone since the last PPV Flight of Fear. Well the reason being is I was involved in a lawsuit. Now I kept this on the downlow in order to keep AWF’s image perfect. Now the lawsuit was over the control of AWF by the one and only SuperCenaSucks. Now in the lawsuit I lost. Plain and simple, after tonight I am no longer in charge of AWF since the court decided to give SuperCenaSucks his company back. *crowd starts chanting Bullshit* I know I know! But after reviewing the case it says that I can get complete ownership back by getting a match with SuperCenaSucks at Death Race. Now he isn’t here tonight but in the email he sent he said as long as I beat Damien Hardy, El Scorpio and DJ Black in the following weeks I will get my match against SuperCenaSucks. Do not worry AWF I will regain control of this company and make sure that AWF becomes the Number 1 Company I promise you!

*HolyJose drops the mic and posses on the ring posts while the screen fades to black*

10-22-2011, 10:59 PM
AWF Zero Gravity episode 11

The BRAND NEW Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WL5IRrhl20)

Scott: Hello everybody and welcome to AWF Zero Gravity and the first episode under new management and it is my great displeasure to say that SuperCenaSucks is now back in control.

Danny: Fuck! The only thing that made me come in was the paycheck let’s hope it doesn’t suck!

*SCS walks out*

SCS: AWF…I’M BACK BABY! Now my child, my creation, is back in my hands. Now I’m not a bad person just my friends made bad choices and I was caught up in the middle but let’s make AWF what it used to be before HolyJose ruined it. So I am reawarding the title back to DJ Black! *crowd Boos as DJ Black walks towards the ring*

DJ Black: YOUR CHAMPION IS HERE! Now SCS where is my belt?

SCS: Uh yea I couldn’t find it but no worries you’re still the champ because I made the decision!

HolyJose (”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8”)

*HolyJose walks out holding the AWF World Heavyweight Championship*

HJ: woah woah woah! Now you maybe in control BUT you know damn well if we have a champion you cannot just award it to someone else. DJ Black you’re not the champion is, Alexander is and it will be decided at Death Race between Alexander and Avidco. If DJ Black wants a shot get in line! But as I see it as long as I hold the physical belt until Death Race DJ Black IS NOT the champion!

SCS: You’re not in charge so you can’t say shit!

HJ: But I hold the belt! And not even the owner can change what the current champion has done. I’ll see you at Death Race tonight I’ll take on the jobber Damien Hardy.

*HJ leaves to the back and while DJ Black and SCS are having a fit in the ring!*

SCS: You know what! I may not be able to do that but El Scorpio and DJ Black will face Avidco and Jason Alexander in a tag team match and if Scorpio and Black win, DJ Black is added to the match at Death Race!

Scott: Great announcement there! Even though he isn’t in control he still stops SCS from getting his way. But what a main event I hope Alexander and Avidco can work together to get the job done and settle the score between them!

Danny: What an awesome announcement. None of SCS crap will be tolerated around here but for HolyJose to regain control he has to go through Damien Hardy tonight, El Scorpio next week and DJ Black the night before the PPV! He has his work cut out for him!

Scott: That he does folks let’s get started with our first match we have Rob Rage taking on The Far East Warriors in a handicap match!

Danny: SuperCenaSucks using his authority to the fullest I freaking hate that! Let’s hope Rage pulls through!

Far East Warriors (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgJEznqtms)

Scott: here come the Far East Warriors and they look to beat down Rob Rage tonight!

Rob Rage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3METMAHEnvk)

RR: Okaykokay. Well, new management, fresh start. Should be happy, right? Wrong. Super Cena Sucks… What a, now this is a technical term… dick. Holy Jose has taken this company from virtually nothing to debatably the top indy promotion on ewn. He is the reason the Best of British Rob Rage came here to AWF. Super Cena Sucks ain’t done shit for this company. But hey, that’s all backstage politics, why should I care? Well I’ll tell you why, SCS don’t know how to run a wrestling company. My second match in the company and he puts me in a handicap match. I haven’t even done anything to piss him off… yet. Hey, what can you do? I’m just another spoke on the wheel, but this spoke has a spike. I’m going to go out there and bring it to the Far East Warriors, and after that I’m going to do my best to help Holy Jose to get back his company. Time to fly
*Rob begins to walk off and mutters under his breath* Real owner of AWF my arse

Match 1: Far East Warriors vs. Rob Rage

(ignore ending)

Scott: Rob Rage pulled off a great victory over these two! Rob Rage has been impressive week in and week out and no doubt a future contender for the world title or any title in AWF for that matter!

Danny: Great match! Up next we have Straight Edge vs. TOAK and Il Cattivo in a non title match up!

Straight Edge! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaNwItqNi50)

*Straight Edge walk out, all obviously annoyed with the recent situation*

KK: Il Cattivo, you guys decided to cross the waters and come here to AWF and help Two of A Kind. That was a bad idea. You see all you did was anger and annoy us, and make yourselves noticeable to us, something you haven't been able to do over in BWA.

JK: Yea, aren't you like a laughing stock there?

*Saiosyn and Aiden laugh*

JK: Joking aside, the numbers mean nothing, whether it's 2 or 4 or 8, we will still come out on top. It's simple why to.

SN: Because we are Straight Edge and that means we are BETTER than you ALL. How many times do we need to repeat this?

AC: These morons, and yes I am referring to the crowd as well as the AWF roster mare probably inebriated and do not understand the logic that is Straight Edge.

*Crowd Boos*

AC: Shut up! Don't boo us for speaking the truth!

KK: Enough talk, we have said what needs to be said!

*The Group Chants*


*il Cattivo enter the ring amist a mixed reaction from the crowd*

Roberto Pamich: heya AWF how we all doing...? alright alright seems this crowd wants to get straight to the issue? why did we help Two Of A Kind last week Uli you wanna take this one

Uliose Pamich: well dont get it twisted we dont like Two Of A Kind anymore then any of you guys in the arena *mild cheers from the crowd* but despite all their arrogance and all their bravado and money, they have always played by the rules and always fought fair then this straight edge come out here and tries to ruin a great brand which is AWF with their posturing and Preaching of straight edge lifestyles that is just not on

Roberto Pamich: that’s right Uli we like to have fun and wrestle and entertain you the fans.... *cheers getting more louder* but we also love to have a little fun outside the ring you know have a little drink have a few girls you know all the goo....

*APA Theme plays as TOAK enter the arena to a chorus full of boos*

KW: well if it isn’t the pamiches once again i told you that you would be back.... *Crowd chant What* you see everyone we trained the Pamiches at the academy of T.O.A.K. in Melbourne, Australia and they are very gifted in the ring two of our best students but your attitudes are all wrong that’s why we kicked you out.

PC: Now you got back at your masters at a triple threat match a few weeks ago and that is your biggest career achievement, for us it is just another win in the book but you know what..... straight edge have fucked us up three weeks in a row so you know what, we accept your invitation to join us, in fact Kid and i were talking at the back and thought we would financially supp...

*Uliose cuts in and screams Shut Up!! as he gets in Conrad’s face* we are not doing this for the money or for you we are doing it because it is what’s just *crowd cheering of their seats* but dont get us twisted we are not your friends and when we get a chance 'Mad Dog' those titles are ours

Match 2: Straight Edge vs. TOAK and Il Cattivo


Scott: This match ends in a no contest! These two teams cannot get along.

Danny: TOAK are hated people here and it’s all because they hold the AWF World Tag Team Championships.

Scott: Correct! That championship is a target and speaking of a target we have Jman taking on Aretmis Eclipse and his opponent and Death Race Gillz takes on The Pint-sized rocker Daymian Bloodstone.

Eclipse (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgb5ATrZocA)

Scott: Here comes Artemis Eclipse this man is dominant and a perfect fit for AWF. Let’s see how he fares against the Adrenaline Champion Jman!

AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

Jman: Gillz, I get it. You're a World Champion in....well in another company. See though, I'm not from that company. In fact, I'm pretty sure I could beat most of the guys in that company and I'm damn sure I could beat those guys in an ironman match. Your in my world now Gillz...my environment...and that is why I will retain MY AWF Adrenaline Championship. As for you Artemis, bring it!

Match 3: AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman vs. Artemis Eclipse


10-22-2011, 11:03 PM

*Gillz runs down to the ring and distracts the referee. Artemis hits Jman with a chair and then sets him up for that top rope Jman staggers up and Artemis hits him with the Dragon rana! The ref counts 1…2….3!*

Scott: WHAT?!?!?! Due to Gillz’s interference Artemis picks up the win of the Adrenaline Champion Jman! What a match from both men though.

Danny: Still what a match and Artemis is damn impressive I like this guy even though he scares the shit out of me. Now my favorite guy here Gillz has something to say.

Gillz: Look everyone all i have to say is that Jman does not deserve that title
And i bet all you morons think otherwise

look i should have that match
it was a simple fluke, that’s all
But Jman don’t you worry, next time we meet
its in this ring and its the ironman match
the perfect match, I can dish out pain for 30 minutes with no consequences
so the next time i step out of the ring after kicking Jman’s ass i will be champion
You wont even know what hit you Jman
*Drops Mic*

The Pint-Sized rocker! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVtygd1qXc)

Scott: Here comes Daymian Bloodstone and he looks to shut Gillz up tonight! Let’s get this match going.

Match 4: Gillz vs. Daymian Bloodstone


Scott: Bloodstone picks up the victory with Jman looming outside the ring distracting Gillz. These two are set to put on a great match at Death Race!

Danny: Awful match Gillz got cheated and you know it I don’t know why Jman get’s all these chances.

Scott: I’m not even going to comment except for the fact that Jman is worthy of it. Up next we have AWF SuperFly Champion The Prophecy vs. Kash in a non title match!

KASH!!!!! (”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGn4fsgtLcI”)

Test The Waters Or Test The Money
Let's Make a Count ,
Yeaa What it look like
All Datt Money over Here Don't Worry Bout it, That SuPerFly Title
Juuuu Should worry bout it
Juuuuuuu HearD! Straight Kash
Cuz ima Get datt
Proove datt I could get it, take it when I want...
A quick assault, ..then watchu gonna flaughnt
Watch me as I floss what use to be yours
Ima beat da shit outta you
3 count pin ,but u can count to four
Jokes on you jack, down da hill like jill
You Gon Get the hospital bill, and a hardy addiction dem Pills
Boy I ain't playin ,so never KiDding
This is Grown man biznesss...
And All About Dat ,The Greatest Slash Best Slash
Slash your Face slash for dat
Straight KASH
Performance at a All Time High
All I need is the Super FLY title to Get High
Get It!
Get Da F#_K out HERE!

AWF Super Fly Champion The Prophecy! (”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded”)

Prophecy: "Tonight I face the man known as Kash, the challenger to my AWF Super Fly Championship in a non-title match. Now at Death Race you will attempt to win my prestigious championship, but tonight is all about the competition, and you proving your worth. You see Kash, you are not yet in my league, and I mean that with respect. I may be young but I am a veteran of this sport, I have been doing this for 8 years and Ill be damned if you are the one to take my first every title."

Prophecy holds his championship up high

"Tonight Kash I will prove that I am the better man, and that you will not defeat me, whether the title is defended or not, I am The Prophecy and I am the future of this business".

Match 5: Kash vs. AWF SuperFly Champion The Prophecy


Scott: Prophecy picks up the win in an incredible match! Prophecy has gone through tremendous matches here in AWF and that is why he represent’s AWF’s high flying attitude with the AWF SuperFly Title but will things be different at Death Race? Only time will tell!

Danny: That was intense and awesome I cannot wait for the title match at Death Race who knows how great it will be up next is Alex Kidd vs. Punkmark!

Alex Kidd (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SKFwtgUJHs)

Scott: I hate this kid he is so annoying and won’t stop bragging about beating jobbers. He needs to shut up!

Danny: I like this kid he has a no nonsense attitude and I love that about him

-alex kidd signals for a microphone-
KIDD: hello you idiots
-crowd boos-
KIDD: i am still undefeated in AWF i am undefeated everywhere at this moment, i beat Punkmark and a few others who i have no interest in
-crowd gives major boos to alex kidd and start chanting you suck-

KIDD: yes i suck i suck your money off of your wallets because you come here and pay to tell me i suck
you pay to see me wrestle if you dont want to see me then dont pay and come here because it wont get you anywhere


KIDD: keep booing boo more and i get paid better and the quicker i get my world championship opportunity
that i deserve as i say i am truly the only guy in 2 companys at a time undefeated in both of them


KIDD: i dont really care if you guys say i suck or i am a loser because the truth is you pay me to be here dont want to see me? well dont come and pay to watch me

Punkmark (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkbgtVFlyCQ)

Match 6: Alex Kidd vs. Punkmark


10-22-2011, 11:07 PM
Scott: Alex Kidd remains undefeated with that roll up to beat Punkmark!

Dany: YES! 3-0 what a match! Alex Kidd is the man!

Scott: God he can be a handful at times up next is a qualifier match for HolyJose who takes on Damien Hardy to see if HolyJose can regain control of the company at Death Race!

Damien Hardy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEtagaV1clY&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: here comes Damien Hardy and he is accompanied by El Scorpio and DJ Black no doubt by orders of SuperCenaSucks.

The Zero Gravity GM is here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8)

HolyJose: This is what it comes down to. Damien Hardy your first and trust me you’ll never enter an AWF ring for a long time after I’m done with you and then Scorpio you have a week left with AWF and then DJ Black I’ll kick your ass yet again! Ring the damn bell!

Match 7: HolyJose vs. Damien Hardy


Scott: He did it! HolyJose moves on to face El Scorpio next week! Thank God! This company is well on its way to getting back in HolyJose’s hands. But now we have Jason Alexander teaming up with Avidco vs. Sky High Bastards

Avidco! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrL2qSTFb4Q)

Well well well
management has me teaming with the incompetent Jason Alexander
in a tag team match against those sky high bastards
it is a bullshit match
none of these So called "talents" should even be in the ring with me
im way out of there league
Now before i came out management told me to talk about my upcoming ladder match
let me just say that it is a forgone concussion
(crowd changes there chant to "your gonna lose")
(Avidico drops the mic and starts to stretch)

Jason Alexander (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGQwbQwsicw&feature=player_embedded)

JA: So now I’m teaming with Avidco! God dammit this management sucks! Whatever let’s just get this match over with so I can kick Avidco’s ass at Death Race.

Sky High Bastards (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsXEbqS7cpE)

Main Event: AWF World Champion Jason Alexander and Avidco vs. The Sky High Bastards



Scott: What a match from these two now Alexander and Avidco are arguing when what is this? Broc heads down the ring with a steel chair and just decimates both Alexander and Avidco with that chair! My God what is he doing?!

*Broc stands over Avidico and Jason Alexander and you can tell this guy has lost it here tonight by what we have just seen*

*Broc goes over to ring side and takes a mike and heads back into the ring*

Broc: you're lucky... both of you are lucky that I don't pin Alexander right now and become the new World Heavyweight champion right here and right now, but you guys know me I'm not someone to take advantage of someone.... when I win this title, I will be earning it not stealing it, but hey you never know I am a Steeler aren't I? but the fact of the matter is one day I will be your AWF Heavyweight Champion...... and at that very moment when I win that title and hold it high above my head..... I will look into the camera and say....... I told you so, that's right I have told every single one of you since day one that I will be the AWF World Champion in a matter of time and now..... now.... now I have it guaranteed that I will be the world champion and the face of this company... and who else but me to be the face of this company..... the perfect role model for the young fans..... the envy of the adults..... the Idol of my boys in Pittsburgh watching right now...... and most importantly the best damn competitor to ever grace any ring, and that is something no one on this earth, can say... especially not you 2 laying below me right now...... Avidico do you even know what the word promo means? I mean come on I've seen your promos and I honestly think that Hellen Keller could cut a better promo than you...... and you Jason Alexander the so called king of the indies..... you have done absolutely nothing to earn that title... I mean unless kissing managements ass makes you king of the indies because in that case you would be the fucking god..... but if it actually means wrestling well and giving the fans there moneys worth then you are the fucking dunce.... but that title should go to someone who actually earns it and works there ass off for it, and that is what I have done since day one, and like they say hard work results in success and I am the perfect example of that... and no one else in this whole company is. well besides me of course, but it takes more than one person to run a show right.... WRONG!!!!, over the next weeks I am going to give every single one of you your moneys worth and putting asses in seats week in and week out, now before I go...... Avidico...... Jason....... WATCH YOUR FUCKING BACK!!!!!!!

*Broc throws the mike onto the ground where Jason Alexanders head is and walks out of the ring and to the back while the screen fades to black*

11-11-2011, 11:33 PM
Filler! I bet you thought I was posting the show didn't you well ha! It's coming soon guys

11-12-2011, 12:38 AM
The show is done time to post

11-12-2011, 12:39 AM
make sure to check out all the other efeds. JBW, EWNCW, HWA, BWA, and now EWA! woo!

11-12-2011, 12:39 AM
I personally would love to welcome Shinning Light to creative! AWF is going to whole new levels!

11-12-2011, 12:40 AM
boring filler is boring

11-12-2011, 12:40 AM
Alright guys it is showtime!!!!!!!!!

11-12-2011, 12:49 AM
AWF Zero Gravity episode 12 The SUPERSHOW!

The BRAND NEW Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WL5IRrhl20)

Scott: Hello everybody welcome to another edition of Zero Gravity. Now due to some restraints we are a week behind but no worries fans we are dedicated to providing you fans a great show! So to catch up we are doing yet another no promo show! But folks it will be all about the action because NEXT SUNDAY is AWF’s THRID I-PPV Death Race

Danny: That’s right tonight we have a great Supershow, you know to catch up, and it is said that 3 Doors Down will be performing at Death Race to honor the late great Eddie Guerrero.

Scott: You are correct! 3 Doors Down will open up the show for honoring Eddie and for the fans we have the band Shinedown performing! But in the mean time let’s get to some of the action, or erm never mind our leader SuperCenaSucks is here.

SuperCenaSucks (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lUupa6z2WQ)

SCS: Hello! So last week HolyJose beat Damien Hardy to move on to face me at Death Race and the PPV is this Sunday and he has yet to face my other two. So tonight HolyJose will face El Scorpio and IF he wins he has to immediately face DJ Black and if he beats Black then and only then will he face me at Death Race but of course under my rules. Best of luck Jose, you’ll need it hahahahhahaha

Scott: That sneaky son of a bitch. Getting away with what he wants. I have faith in HolyJose that he will get control of AWF again. But right now we have The Sky High Bastards vs. The Far East Warriors

Match 1: SHB vs. Far East Warriors

Sky High Bastards (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsXEbqS7cpE)

*Each member of SHB is on the opposite side of the rafters and they both jump down with bungee cords saving them before hitting the ring and cut themselves off.*

Scott: Always impressive with their entrance and with no regards to their lives. Owen Hart died like that they need to be careful!

Danny: They are they had short bungee cords making sure they didn’t hit the ring at all!

Scott: Still it isn’t safe.

Far East Warriors (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgJEznqtms)

Scott: The Far East Warriors have been hanging on the bottom but they sure do entertain!


Scott: The Far East Warriors pick up the win! Amazing match from both teams!

Danny: WOOO!!!! *starts fist pumping* oh yea!

Scott: You’re ridiculous. I can’t believe you still have a job anyways up next we have Artemis Eclipse taking on get this. The Angel of Death Azrael!

Danny: Has he been signed?

Scott: I don’t know but hey let’s see how Artemis goes up against a bigger opponent.

Match 2: Artemis Eclipse vs. Azrael

Eclipse (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgb5ATrZocA)

Scott: This man has been oddly silent as of late there has to be something going on but I don’t know what it could be.

Danny: Whatever he scares me but not as much as Azrael. I might have to go

Scott: You’re not going anywhere! Stay can do your job you know if you run away again you’re fired.

Danny: Fine but if my life is threatened I am out.

Azrael (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8ZqFlw6hYg)

*The lights in the arena go out and there he is standing tall. Azrael!


Scott: Oh my GOD! What a match these two just destroyed each other but in the end Eclipse has beaten Azrael oh my God what a match.

Danny: Uh Scott

Scott: Yes Danny?

Danny: Can I go change my pants? That match was insane!

Scott: oh Lord, Yes go now! As he goes to do that we have the contract signing for the AWF World Tag Team titles as well as who from Straight Edge will face TOAK for the belts.

*Straight Edge walks out to the ring for the contract signing*

Krysys: So, tonight we sign a contract for Death Race in which 2 of us will take on and beat Two of A Kind and become AWF Tag Team Champions, while the other 2 members take on the jobbers known as Il Cattivo. The question is, who faces who?

Jayden: Honestly, does it really matter? Any of us could go into those matches and win, easily might I add. But doing some thinking I believe it should be The Master of Straight Edge, Krystian Krysys and Saiosyn competing for the AWF Tag Team Championship, while myself and Aiden Cayne destroy Il Cattivo!

Saiosyn: I am honored that you would bestow this task on to me, and in the name of Straight Edge, I will not fail.

Aiden Cayne: Failing is not an option and at Death Race, the world finds out why being Straight Edge means we are better!
*The groups chants "All Hail Straight Edge" before posing with the 'X'*
Krysys: So, tonight we sign a contract for Death Race in which 2 of us will take on and beat Two of A Kind and become AWF Tag Team Champions, while the other 2 members take on the jobbers known as Il Cattivo. The question is, who faces who?

Jayden: Honestly, does it really matter? Any of us could go into those matches and win, easily might I add. But doing some thinking I believe it should be The Master of Straight Edge, Krystian Krysys and Saiosyn competing for the AWF Tag Team Championship, while myself and Aiden Cayne destroy Il Cattivo!

Saiosyn: I am honored that you would bestow this task on to me, and in the name of Straight Edge, I will not fail.

Aiden Cayne: Failing is not an option and at Death Race, the world finds out why being Straight Edge means we are better!

*The groups chants "All Hail Straight Edge" before posing with the 'X'*

*Il Cattivo enter the ring with two of the biggests grins you will ever see*

Roberto: We are so elated to finally be getting a PPV match in an Indy E-Fed against a decent tag team and the lesser half of a reputable stable

Uliose: and while Two Of A Kind are taking on the main members of Straight Edge, we get left the nursery rhyme of Jayden and Aiden.

Roberto: And while we would never underestimate our opponents you guys seem to have no issues in not even considering us a threat, big mistake Nursery Rhyme because we are on a roll and mission at Death Race we take you guys out and then we set our sights on Two Of A Kind.

*Uliose as he is signing the contract*: I just wanna add that i created the name of Nursery Rhyme

*Roberto as he is signing the contract*: yeah yeah yeah your the smart one Uli but I'm....

*APA theme reverts around the arena as Two Of A Kind enter the arena in a mad fit*

*kid wonder signs the contract and then Paul Conrad immediately follows suit*

Paul Conrad: now the officialness of the contracts let us address all six of you guys in the ring.
Firstly Il Cattivo Kudos for the Nursery Rhyme play we find that quite creative but Nursery Rhyme are right about something... you are not a threat, not to us anyways and either are Nursery Rhyme which is why Jayden apparently made the decision to have KK and Saiosyn compete for the Tag Team championships while Nursery Rhyme take on Il Cattivo can i hear career highlight *Paul starts Giggling* Jayden i have a personal issue with you because I see the cracks in straight edge, the urge for you to be KK's partner and it must kill you that will KK and Saiosyn have the honour of taking on the greatest tag team in E-Fedding today, Aiden and yourself are left to face a team that hasn’t even been in a PPV or a title match good work Substitute good Work.

Kid Wonder: and that’s where the cracks will turn to a full blown whole because Straight Edge how good do you believe you really are? Krystian and saiosyn, how does it feel to carry the dead wood as all four members of Straight Edge? I ask you this because as Nursery Rhyme and once again good insult Uli lose to Il Cattivo and we will tell you why we know this result... because Jayden has no faith in Aiden and will want to prove he should have been picked by you Krystian to tag with for the main event match because lets face it... you pull all of the strings around here and when you see Nursery Rhyme lose it leaves YOU TWO. And how confident will you be when nursery rhyme lose to then come out and face Two Of A Kind, and as you are on the apron watching Saiosyn get his arse handed to him, you’ll be left wondering did you make the right decision? should you have picked Jayden because at the end of the day you are only looking for quantity not quality and now we have this match a truly two on two match you will find out why straight edge doesn’t amount to a single dollar and wealth is simply better

Paul Conrad: because we are The AWF Tag Team Champions and We MEEEEAAAANN BUSSSSSSINESSSSSS

Two Of A Kind Leave the ring as Il Cattivo follow shortly to leave straight edge pondering those strong remarks.

Scott: Wow Death Race is looking to shape up nicely! Il Cattivo vs. Straight Edge’s Jayden and Aiden while for the AWF World Tag Team Championships Two of a Kind faces Straight Edge’s Krysys and Saiosyn. Folks up next we have a spectacular tag match yet again Jman and The Prophecy team up to take on Gillz and Kash!

Match 3: AWF Adrenalin Champion Jman and AWF SuperFly Champion The Prophecy vs. Gillz and Kash

AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

AWF Super Fly Champion The Prophecy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

11-12-2011, 12:52 AM
KASH!!!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGn4fsgtLcI)

Gillz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

Scott: The challengers who a few weeks ago beat Jman and Prophecy in a tag team match go at it one more time before Death Race. Jman and Prophecy are sure wanting to get redemption here tonight.


Scott: They did it! Jman and Prophecy pick up the win leading into Death Race.

*Jman extends his hand out to Prophecy and they shake hands and hold their titles up high Jman exists and Prophecy asks for a mic*
The Prophecy is standing in the middle of the ring, with a serious look on his face,

"Kash, the time is almost upon up, Death Race is speeding its way onto the horizon and the two if us will meet once more. The last time we went one on one I porved without question of the superior talent I possess, and although I dont dispute you and your abilities, the fact is as the first ever and reigning Super Fly champion, I have a duty to these great fans. Whatever happens Sunday remember this, I am The Prophecy the future of this company and any other company I respect enough to lace up my boots in. This title..."

Prophecy holds up the Super Fly championship.

"...represents the high flying excellence we have all come to expect from the AWF, so my friend bring your A game because I sure as hell will, I will throw my very best at you and I will take yours. Kash you want this belt so bad, take it if you can."

*Kash gets in the ring*

Well Proph, Looks Like I'm In Face and Staring the Champion Right in The Eye, Face to Face but soon me standing in victory
And you laidout for the 3 count
How Else Can Money in the Flesh Be Chrished
Diminish You and Leave the Former champ Embarassed
Challenges,Challengers Now Become One
Your Job Holding Gold Is Done
Let Me let you know one thing ,that once I Get my Hands on the Title
I swear one hand on the bible, I'm Never Letting go till I Retire
Winning , Winning , Winning I'm Blazing
Like the Revolver spinning , Your Lost Your Bravery Missing
How u gonna Listen out cold, I'm Hot Your Old
I'm New , Who Knew u been known
I Am That High
Straight Kash.......I'm SupaFly!! (Pushes Prophecy off his Feet)

Scott: What a show of disrespect from Kash, Prophecy will teach him to not lay a hand on him come Sunday. Folks up next is match one of two for HolyJose as he faces El Scorpio

Match 4: HolyJose vs. El Scorpio

HolyJose (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8)

Scott: Here comes HolyJose and he is on a mission to get control of AWF back from the control of SuperCenaSucks. A Few weeks ago he beat Damien Hardy can he keep it going tonight?

El Scorpio! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This man has so much potential but he decides to side with someone who won’t give him a chance to shine it’s a damn shame really.




11-12-2011, 12:57 AM
Scott: Those two just put on a clinic there what a match and what’s this HolyJose and El Scorpio shaking hands for good match. That’s sportsmanship right there.

Danny: That was great but he still has DJ Black to take on tonight the former AWF World Champion.

Scott: That is true tonight though Alex Kidd takes on Rob Rage, Rage has a match against Eclipse at Death Race but Alex Kidd who has been on a role doesn’t have a match what the hell? Let’s see how these two fare against each other.

Match 4: Alex Kidd vs. Rob Rage

Alex Kidd (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SKFwtgUJHs)

Scott: How the hell does he get the PPV off? He just cheats and faces jobbers. I hope Rob Rage puts him in his place.

Danny: What’s your problem? He is just doing what he came to do and that’s win good for Alex Kidd.

Rob Rage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3METMAHEnvk)

Scott: I have my money on him ending two undefeated streaks one of Eclipse at Death Race and tonight he ends Alex Kidd. I’m calling it!

Danny: No way , Alex is too good and Eclipse is crazy Rob has no chance tonight nor at Death Race.


*Ignore ending*
*Rob Rage has Alex Kidd on the ropes and Eclipse runs out and distracts Rob Rage. Alex Kidd with a rollup and 1…2…3!*
Scott: That asshole! Rob Rage had it won but no Eclipse cost him the match! Wait now Alex has something to say
KIDD: undefeated with no championship what is that? i should have the world championship by now i mean look at this face it is the face of a champion, and a very good looking one who wouldnt want me on the face of all the wrestling magazines, and why am i not in all of them?
becuase i am underrated

-crowd boos-

KIDD: yes i am underrated in fact one of the most underrated superstars in history of wrestlling i am underrated and still do not have a single championship on my hand and if i did it would be the invisible championship

CROWD: overrated overrated overrated overrated

KIDD: SHUT UP all you rednecks are blind you cannot see real wrestling talent even if it tells you its wrestling talent and i dont give a fuck if its pg or tv 14 i can do whatever the fuck i want and since this is my show i would like to do something

-crowd chants YOU SUCK

KIDD: i would like to issue an open challenge to anybody who would like to get their as kicked by the underrated legend alex kidd who wants to come out...............

DANIEL MAY! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmsQioVWjgA)

*Daniel may signals for a mic*

whats up AWF *crowd cheer* you know when AWF management contacted me and said they want me to appear on ZERO GRAVITY and I could pick one wrestler to verse at Death Race I had to jump at this opportunity....simply because there’s one man I’ve been wanting to verse and one man that needs to be shut up....and that man is Alex Kidd...I’ve been watching him run his mouth as soon as he got to AWF...when he was in JBW I thought that was the chance I could get to nock some sense into him...but he ran away...so Alex Kidd I will see you at death race and we will have our match

*Daniel may drops the mic and walks out of the arena to Cheers*

Scott: What this is monumental! The International Sensation takes on Alex Kidd to finish up their feud at Death Race! Ladies and Gentlemen right now we head to the back where Jason Alexander is standing by

JA: I've asked for this time to address one man and one man only Avidico. He who has been a thorn in my side for many months now, claiming to do what he did best for you all and then spitting your faces showing he unlike myself never respected you enough to be himself because as I know you all hate me and I love that you do but from day one I have respected you all to some level having shown my true colors from the get go and never being fake towards any of you.

He and I have had some of the exciting matches I've had in my career but that meant nothing when he tried to take claim to what is rightfully mine, The AWF World Championship; a title that truly means a lot to me and know that should be around my waist right now but that’s not happening right now, instead I have to climb ladder, reach for the title and walk out of Death Race as champion once again.

*Camera then goes over to Avidico who is next to Alexander with a good amount of security around making sure they don’t kill each other*

Avidico: Jason Alaxander
Where do I begin
So much things to get off my chest, so little time to do so
Jason Alexander...
How long has it been since this little "feud" started?
2 months?
And how much times have I got the better of you?
At Death Race
The world will witness,
The crowning of a champion.
In the middle of the ring, climbing that ladder, I will pull down the title.
The title I want, no, the title I rightfully deserve!
Come death race Jason Alexander..
*Security steps in between the two while they stare each other down*

Scott: These two have made it personal and at Death Race it all ends one of them will be the champion and it all ends. Now up next is our main event we have HolyJose vs. DJ Black. If HJ wins he will go off and face SuperCenaSucks at Death Race.

Main Event: HolyJose vs. DJ Black

HolyJose (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8)

Scott: He just put on a clinic against El Scorpio now he faces DJ Black in another show stealer of a match. Go HJ!

DJ Black (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCpcdb_kig)

Scott: The man who started it all. He disgraces this company and now he wants to run it to the ground alongside SuperCenaSucks. Let’s hope HJ wins tonight


Scott: He did it! He did it! HolyJose goes to Death Race to face SuperCenaSucks. HolyJose will be back in charge in no time I can’t wait!

Danny: I’m happy to see this and hear it my God the reign of terror ends at Death Race.

SuperCenaSucks: Hold up hold up! Now I agreed to this but now it’s on my terms. HolyJose you get me in a match but I have a special guest enforcer for the match a man you know very well.

MARKUS BEERSTEIN! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNg4aFJs1cw)

*Markus Beerstein walks out with a smile on his face staring at HolyJose while HolyJose has a look of disbelief*

Scott: What a decision folks HolyJose is stunned that’s our show for tonight tune in this Sunday for AWF Death Race! Goodnight all!

11-14-2011, 10:49 PM
Whose ready for Death Race? I sure am!

11-14-2011, 10:50 PM
Here we go I'm excited best show I've ever written and it's all thanks to you guys!

11-14-2011, 10:51 PM
Yet another filler...this is a long one guys

11-14-2011, 10:53 PM
Make sure to catch all the other efeds JBW, EWNCW, HWA,BWA,EWA

11-14-2011, 10:54 PM
Thank you guys so much for your patience and faith in me it truely means a lot

11-14-2011, 10:54 PM
Tis just a filler

11-14-2011, 11:08 PM
Last filler this is for Eddie Guerrero to me he was my hero a true inspiration and I know a lot of us here loved him and wish we got to know him and I sure do. I dressed up as him for one Halloween so RIP Eddie Guerrero gone but never forgotten this EPPV is for you.


11-14-2011, 11:16 PM
Death Race!


Scott: Hello everybody and welcome to AWF Death Race and what a card we have for you tonight But first on this day 6 years ago the wrestling world lost one of the greatest entertainers of all time so for a special guest performance we have 3 Doors Down performing “Here Without You” in honor of the late, great Eddie Guerrero. Rest in Peace



Scott: What a performance and listen to the fans

*Fans chant “Thank you Eddie” “Thank you Eddie” “Thank Your Eddie”

Danny *who is crying*: What an emotional night!

Scott: That it is, it’s been six years but feels like just yesterday but the show must go on ladies and gentlemen give it up for SHINEDOWN!


Scott: What a fantastic showing by Shinedown definitely lifting up the mood here tonight!

*The gravitytron shows a video package*

Jamie: Hey, I’m Jamie ’The Eagle’ Evans, making my debut here in AWF tonight. I take my ring name from the greatest of all animals, the noble eagle. Hey, if it’s good enough for our national seal, it’s good enough for me! Trust me, you’re gonna be seeing a lot more of me in the future, cuz after my match tonight, I’m gonna be soaring right to the top of the ladder.

Scott: Folks that was one of the new acquisitions Jamie Evans who will make his debut at the next episode of Zero Gravity.
Danny: He seems like a little bitch I don’t like him.

Scott: I hope he kicks your ass. Let’s start off with some tag team action The Sky High Bastards vs. The Far East Warriors!

Match 1: SHB vs. Far East Warriors

Scott: These two have just had a match on Zero Gravity and it looks as if they’re going at it yet again

Sky High Bastards (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsXEbqS7cpE)

*Sky High Bastards are rolled in a cage sitting on motorcycles *

11-14-2011, 11:21 PM

Danny: They’re insane! They could have died before the match.

Scott: You’re right but they do it for the entertainment for the fans and to get their adrenaline fix

Far East Warriors (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgJEznqtms)

Scott: They picked up a win on Zero Gravity last night can they keep that momentum going for them?

Danny: Let’s hope so I wanna party with these guys



Scott: The Sky High Bastards pick up the win! What a match from these two they can surely take on the other teams here in AWF. Let’s go to the back where we have Azrael standing by.

*camera goes to the back where Azrael and Linda Vargas are standing by*

Linda Vargas: Hello everybody, Linda Vargas standing by and with me is the brother of our former general manager and owner HolyJose he is The Angel of Death Azrael! How are you doing Azrael?

Azrael: I’m doing just fine Linda. As for why I’m here is AWF the Airbourne Wrestling Federation these men are death defying insects. And I’m here to vanquish them! To show them that if they try to defy death I will be there to stop them and show them that death is inevitable. AWF you’ve been put on notice.

Linda: wow that’s intense guys back to you Scott.

Scott: Scary stuff. Trying to intimidate your roster here, Well he is in action against the Executioner this can’t turn out well!

Match 2: Azrael vs. The Executioner

Azrael (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8ZqFlw6hYg)

Scott: Here comes Azrael and wow he is an intimidating being. I know why Danny does not want to be here, folks he is somewhere hiding because both these been scare the shit out of him and well I don’t blame him.

The Executioner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: here comes Executioner with his cup of blood man these two haven no fear now do they?

11-14-2011, 11:23 PM




Scott: My God! These men maybe intimidating but good God they put on a hell of a match and these two competitors showing the best of their abilities!

Danny: Okay I saw that in the back and I am impressed these two showing the technicality that they have…they still scare the shit out of me though.

The gravitytron goes up and we see Rob Rage!

-Rob Rage is in the back, lifting some weights with his iPod in. A camera man walks in and tries to get his attention, but Rob is oblivious. -

RR: *Singing* God save… the… QUEEN!

-He then pulls the headphones out, puts the dumbbells down and notices the camera man.-

RR: Good song that, always listen to it when I’m working out. Hopefully I didn’t put too many fans off there with my singing skills, but I digress. You don’t want to hear about that now do you? Course you don’t, you want to hear about what the Best of British, AWF top new acquisition, the high flying, death defying, everyone’s favourite nut case, Rob Rage, batteries not included, has in his immediate future here in AWF. Well now, why didn’t you say so, I’ll tell you now.

As you know I’ve only recently started here in AWF, or the United States as a whole for that matter, but let me tell you something, I’m loving it here. Sure, you may have dodgy management that means, although I have been here several weeks now, I am yet to enter in my first one on one match, but that has just been a fun. It’s also given me an opportunity to make a name for myself quickly, and I think I did that by winning the two on one handicap match on Zero Gravity against the Far East Warriors. So now that I’ve got the brasses attention, they have scheduled my first one on one match to be at death race, and lo and behold it’s for the number one contendership for the Adrenaline championship at the next PPV. Woopdedoo!

Now, my opponent at Death Race is another new comer here in AWF, and he too has made quite an impression. So we are very similar you would think? Wrong! There is one big difference, the way we went about making that impression. Now Artemis Eclipse, who is my opponent if you hadn’t already guessed, has already beaten the Adrenaline champion Jman in his short tenure here. Impressive, eh… well, not so, when I tell you that he had to cheat to win, not only with outside interference, but also with a foreign object, that’s a chair to you and me, attack.

Artemis Eclipse, you are not talent, you are just a bully. You are not going to amount to anything here in AWF. Do you know why? Well it’s because I know exactly how to deal with bullies, one big blow to the head, and don’t take that the wrong way, and they come crashing down. At Death Race, I’m going to prove who the top prospect is here in AWF. Now, adios amigos, these pythons don’t make themselves.

-The cameraman walks off and the camera fades to black-

Scott: Insane, Rob Rage has a lot of resentment towards Eclipse.

Danny: He’s just jealous. Anyways we have up next Il Cattivo taking on two members of Straight Edge! ALL HAIL STRAIGHT EDGE *takes sip of beer and drag of Cigarette*

Scott: Such a fucking hypocrite!

11-14-2011, 11:32 PM
Match 3: Il Cattivo vs. Straight Edge

Il Cattivo! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Fki1o_k_M)

Scott: Here comes Il Cattivo they showed up to even the odds for Two of a Kind and now face two members of Straight Edge Aiden Cayne and Jayden.

Straight Edge! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaNwItqNi50)

Danny: ALL HAIL STRAIGHT EDGE! …man I need some weed right now Scott you got any?

Scott: Again you hypocrite! And yes but I’m not sharing!


Scott: And Straight Edge pick up the win! What a showing from both teams!

Danny: I told you so

Scott: You know I can’t even handle you right now.

*Camera goes to the back where SuperCenaSucks is in his office talking to DJ Black, El Scorpio and Damien Hardy(

SCS: So I trust you two will be there to support me in my match. AWF must remain in my control or else all three of you will go no where!

Damien: As long as I get my chance at a championship you know I’m here.

DJ Black: I want my world title back! Promise me that and I will damn well be by your side.

SCS: Very well you both have what you want. You El Scorpio? Will you be supporting me?

El Scorpio: Look at you looking for power and abusing it. No I will not be in your corner. As far as I’m concerned you and I never had an allegiance. I realized HolyJose and I had a fantastic match on Zero Gravity and he is only looking out for his wrestlers. I made a mistake teaming up with you and you know what? I’m gone I hope HolyJose kicks your ass!

SCS: You’ll regret this! I swear by it. When I get win this company for good you’re FIRED! On a lighter note I have Markus Beerstein the insurance policy nothing can go wrong tonight.


Scott: Wow…strong words from those men and El Scorpio putting his foot down good for him!

Danny: I always said he had potential but man am I surprised.

Scott: Ladies and gentlemen let’s go to the back where we have Artemis Eclipse standing by.

*Camera goes to the back*

Artemis Eclipse: See, I haven't given a promo in about a month. Obviously, you can tell why. My teacher has been more than kind to me in basically kicking my Boston accent to the curb. But the thing is, now I'm more understandable. The problem with that? My tongue is a weapon, and it's the sharpest fucking weapon on the block! Rob Rage... you think you have what it takes to beat me. I've beaten the Adrenaline Champion, JMan in a grueling fight. When I face you it'll be like Peter facing the chicken. You may put a beating on me but, I'll kick your fucking face in! At Death Race, I'm gonna put your teeth into your asshole and make you take a bite of life. I will get that shot against JMan, I'll become the NEW Adrenaline Champion and nothing... NOTHING in this WORLD will stop me. And if you don't believe me, wait until we get in that ring.

Match 4: Artemis Eclipse vs. Rob Rage No.1 Contendership match for the AWF Adrenaline Championship

Eclipse (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgb5ATrZocA)

Scott: here comes Eclipse. He has been really impressive as of late but a complete asshole I hope Rob Rage shows him a lesson here tonight in respect.

Rob Rage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3METMAHEnvk)

Danny: he thinks he is all high and mighty because he has respect. I Hope Artemis kicks the hell out of him.



*ignore ending*

*The two men both clothesline each other over the top road hard landing on a table Artemis set up earlier until he almost got disqualified. The ref goes out to check on them and deems then unfit to continue*

Scott: Holyshit! Both men are unable to continue this match is a draw! These two men gave it their all I suppose this shall be settled at a later time! Wow what a match.

*The gravitytron begins to play*

-the gravityron shows a giant mansion, a nice sculpture, a big garage, a customized Hummer Limo. It switches to the back yard, which includes a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a fenced in pasture full of horses, then the camera is faded, and then you see the inside the mansion where you see older style furniture, a 65” LED TV, and a fireplace. Then a butler comes and says “Prince Pharaoh would like to see you down in the “pit.”” Then he directs him down in the basement, opens the door and says “After you Sir” You then see a giant personalized gym, you see a wrestling ring in the middle of the facility. Then on the left there is punching bags, speed bags, and other equipment, On the left there is top notch weight machines, and other equipment. Then you see a handsome and elegant man, with black hair that is in a short pomade slicked back hairstyle, punching the punching bag, and another mean looking man who looks like he just got out of prison, who has a buzzed hair cut, and scars all over him, and he is holding the bag. The handsome man has speed and strength as he then kicks the bag, He then kicks it as hard as he can, and it breaks from the hook it was on. The man then turns and sees the camera, smiles, and grabs a towel and wipes his sweat from his face, and neck in a slow seductive way. Rolls in the ring and says “Big Tom, do you care to join me?” and “Big Tom” gets in the ring, then asks Tom the hit him as hard as he can in the stomach, Tom asks “you sure “Princess” Pharaoh?” and the handsome guy tells him “That's prince to you, and that's why I got you out of prison, because of your former underground fighter background” the Big Tom says in a cocky tone “Well, if you want me too..” He then hits him with all his strength. The Prince didn't move one inch from the punch, and he starts to laugh.. Tom gets angry, and screams “why are you laughing mother fucker? I'll make sure you'll cry after this one!” Big Tom punches the man called Prince Pharaoh in the face. The Prince didn't move from that punch either, his head went back a little bit, blood starts coming from his nose, he then takes the towel and puts it over his nose, throws the towel, out of the ring, and starts laughing and then he says “You shouldn't have hit me in my face... Not a smart move at all!” Tom then asks “what are you going to do about it princess?” Then the smile on Pharaoh's face fades away, and then the Prince kicks Tom in the knee, Tom goes down on one knee, then Paul grabs him puts him in a guillotine submission, and Tom then slowly goes down on both knees. Pharaoh who still has the hold locked in, “if you've had enough then tap out, I wouldn't want to hurt you” Tom, then starts to fad, and is nearly blacked out then the Prince lets go, then the prince turns the dazed man over on his back, climbs the turnbuckle and does a first class air (5 star frog splash) Tom starts coughing, and Prince asks him if he's okay, and he starts coughing up blood. Prince shakes his head, and yells “Edgar! (The Butler) please take this man to nurse Betty!” The Butlers runs and Prince helps the bigger man out of the ring, and the Butler helps him up the stairs. He says “Thanks Edgar” He then steps out of the ring, and sits on the outside of the ring, “He then tells the camera man to come here” “Hello AWF, you may not know me but I am Prince Pharaoh. I can't wait to wrestler for all you fans! I'm going to be looking to take that prize called the World Title. Whoever holds that is the King, and as you will find out I'm Pure Wrestling Royalty! I promise you that I will win that Title for every single one of you, and be the King of the People! I'll see you soon, he then kisses blows a kiss and smiles, his teeth are white, and his face is flawless, his hair is black and is in a short pomade hairstyle, slicked back. You can't see the blood from his nose anymore. The camera fades, and on the screen it says “coming soon.”

Scott: So many new talents coming to AWF can’t wait but until then we have our next match that was brewing over in JBW. The undefeated Alex Kidd vs. the International Senesation Daniel May!

Match 5: Alex Kidd vs. Daniel May

Alex Kidd (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SKFwtgUJHs)

Scott: here comes Alex Kidd. This man is undefeated everywhere he has been. He is impressive but his ego is unmatched and he lets everybody know.

Danny: I like this kid. Hey did you hear he won his first world championship today congrats to Alex Kidd woo!

Scott: yea…woo…

DANIEL MAY! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmsQioVWjgA)

Scott: The International Superstar has some unfinished business to take care of with Alex Kidd so this is all personal tonight!

Danny: Personal yea but I mean Alex Kidd is 10000x better hands down!


Scott: Daniel May has done it! He has ended Alex Kidd’s undefeated streak! What a match and congratulations on Daniel May!

Danny: At least Kidd still has is title *crosses arms* hpfm*

Scott: aww you’re jealous it’s ok. Up next let’s go to the back where we have Markus Beerstein standing by

11-14-2011, 11:36 PM
Crowd look shocked as the camera zooms in and then appears none other than MARKUS BEERSTEIN!!!

Markus: Yes, you're minds are not playing tricks to you my Freunde, Markus is here on A..W..F!!!!

(Crowd gets a mixed reaction)

Markus: You'll see, a guy like me is always looking for three things, three little but important things in the life of Markus Beerstein, so first one, come on we all know this one, an esay one, people, What is the thing Markus Beerstein loves more in the world?

Crowd: BEER!!!!!

Markus: Louder I cant' hear you!!!

Crowd: BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Markus: That's right, You like Beer?

Crowd: FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Markus: Then Markus likes you!!! (crowd cheers) thank you, now the second.. thing, of course steal the limo of my brother Hans and go for ride all night with two smoking blonde Germans chicks, you MUST do that least one time a month haha, you should see his face when I come back with an all trashed up limo, and you should see what happens inside that limo haha, wait too much information!!!!

Crowd laughs

Markus: Well finally the last one, the one that most of times is due to the first one and occasionally for the second one, KICK SOME ASSES!!!!!

The audience is going nuts!!!

Markus: I saw the potential in this fed, and say to myself, “you know I can beat the hell out of these guys here, I can be CHAMPION here, I can teach to AWF the Meaning of being, crushed, demolished, damaged, completely annihilate by THE TEUTONIC NIGHTMARE, the one and only Beer drinker, ass kicker motherfucka MARKUS BEERSTEIN!!!!!...

Markus: Besides I have other personal reasons to be here tonight haha, I believe you will found out soon, but not yet, you have to be patient, and I'll promise your head are going to EXPLODE!!!!

Markus: SO let me hear it for BEER

Crowd: BEER!!!

Markus: Awesome, Now I leave, I have to see some old friends backstage!!

Scott: he is here to enforce SCS and HolyJose’s match but is also here for a good time it’s hard to read this guy it’s shocking. Up next folks we have Damyian Bloodstone vs. Axxel Sonn for a future world title shot.

Match 6: Damyian Bloodstone vs. Axxel Sonn

The Pint-Sized rocker! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVtygd1qXc)

*gravitytron shows a pretaped promo*

DB: Tonight I face a good man, someone I respect. Axxel, tonight we face off for a shot at gold. I hope you bring your A game because anything else will be disrespectful.

Axxel! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCXYY2AoOE)

*Axxel walks to the ring with a mic in hand*

Axxel: So, I have to fight someone I consider a friend, and someone I respect tonight to earn a title shot. Honestly I find it all a little hard, but if there is one thing I know about Mr.Pipebombs, Daymian Bloodstone it’s that he will go all out against anyone, even his friends and that is why I respect him. Bloodstone, tonight to soldiers go in, but only one can walk out, may the best man win!

Scott: This is all about respect folks! Both men in competition for a future world title shot.




Scott: Axxel picks up a spectacular victory!
*Both men shake hands and Daymian Bloodstone raises Axxel’s hand in victory!
Scott: This is what the industry is all about! Two men in competition and the best man won tonight. Ladies and gentlemen up next we have a match to determine who takes control of AWF. HolyJose vs. SuperCenaSucks but let’s go to the back where Linda Vargas is standing by the Adrenaline Champion Jman.
*We cut backstage where we see Linda Vargas*

Linda: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing here with AWF Adrenaline Champion, Jman. * crowd pop as Jman walks into frame* Jman, tonight you face Gillz in an ironman match. How do you feel going in?

Jman: Physically I’m still a little sore after a certain Pay-Per-View I worked last weekend. *small pop from a portion of the crowd* Nothing major, just the usual stuff that we all go through. The important thing is though, I’m in the right state of mind. Gillz has decided to make this thing personal. *looks straight into the camera* That was a mistake Gillz. All’s you’ve done is motivate me.

Linda: Some say Gillz is your toughest competition to date here in AWF, what do you say to that?

Jman: I couldn’t tell you Linda, I haven’t faced him yet. The guy has a helluva resume’, I’ll give him that. Like I said though, The biggest mistake he could’ve made was to screw around with me. Now that he’s done so, it’s time for him to pay.

Linda: Switching gears, HolyJose has a match tonight against supercenasucks for control of the company. How has Jose helped AWF and what would happen if he lost control of the company for good?

Jman: Holy is the reason a lot of us are here. I sure as shit would’ve never come here if AWF was still the company it was when ‘cena was in charge. Jose is a great wrestler and I know he’ll get his company back tonight.

Linda: As you know, tonight’s show Is in honor of the late Eddie Guerrero. What are your thoughts on his career?

Jman: He’s one of the all time greats and a guy who had a ton of influence on the style of wrestling we practice here in AWF. I just hope we can honor his legacy tonight in a way he would be proud of.

Linda: Thank you for your time Jman. Back to you, Scott.

Scott: Thank you Linda, and great words of encouragement from Jman. Ladies and Gentlemen it all comes down to this.
Who is the rightful owner of AWF SuperCenaSucks vs. HolyJose!

Match 7: HolyJose vs. SuperCenaSucks with Special Guest Enforcer Markus Beerstein

HolyJose (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8)

*HolyJose comes out in a lowrider wearing gold tights with flames on one side saying EG and the other leg saying EG also a Viva La Raza T-shirt. His wrists are taped saying RIP EG and wearing and EG armband. He walks out the lowrider gets down on one knee makes the sign of the cross says a prayer looks up at the sky and mouths “Thank you Eddie”*

Scott: This is more for Jose to show respect to Eddie and for getting AWF back in his control!

SuperCenaSucks (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lUupa6z2WQ)

*SuperCenaSucks walks out with DJ Black and Damien Hardy in tow with a smirk on his face!*

MARKUS BEERSTEIN! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNg4aFJs1cw)

Scott: Here comes the special guest enforcer Markus Beerstein. HolyJose and Markus have a huge history together so Holy might just be a bit scared tonight he is alone tonight while SuperCenaSucks has three men backing him up.

11-14-2011, 11:39 PM



*Ignore ending*

*SCS pushes HolyJose into the ref and the ref bumps out of the ring. DJ Black, Damien Hardy and Markus Beerstein get in the ring and begin walking towards HolyJose it’s 4 on 1 and El Scorpio runs down to the ring to help out HolyJose but it’s 4 on 2 and as Damien and DJ Black go to attack Markus Beerstein hits the Beer Crusher on SCS! HolyJose and El Scorpio clear house and HolyJose and Beerstein shake hands. HolyJose picks up SCS into a vertical suplex, rolls him over another vertical suplex, rolls him over again and another vertical suplex, 3 Amigos! HolyJose climbs to the top rope and does the Latino Heat taunt points to the sky and FROG SPLASH! Markus Beerstein makes the count 1…2…3!!!!! Markus Beerstein raises HolyJose’s hand in victory both hug and leave the ring together with El Scorpio*

Scott: HE DID IT! HolyJose has regained control of AWF what a match from these men and HolyJose paying a beautiful tribute to Eddie Guerrero and an old enemy turns into a friend what a match. Ladies and Gentlemen up next is one of four title matches starting off with Straight Edge challenging Two of a Kind for the AWF World Tag Team Championships

Match 8: Straight Edge (Krysys and Sayosin) vs. Two of a Kind

Straight Edge! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaNwItqNi50)

Scott: These two men are looking to take over and preach the straight edge lifestyle.

Danny: Jayden and Aiden Cayne won earlier and I know Krysys and Sayoisn can pull off the win for the World Tag Team Championships.

Two of a Kind! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4jaBTamMIU)

Scott: Here come the champions Two of a Kind!

Danny: They knocked down the walls with their own titles and now are the official tag team champions this may be their toughest match yet. ALL HAIL STRAIGHT EDGE!

(Hart Foundation=TOAK and British Bulldogs=Straight Edge)


11-14-2011, 11:44 PM
Scott: They did it! TOAK retain the titles here tonight! What a match from these men and in the end TOAK retain the titles.

Danny: Dammit! I’m going to drown my sorrows in some beer.

Scott: Yea no that’s it let’s go to the back where Gillz is preparing for his match.

*Gillz is in the back preparing for his match*

This is it
I’m taking my first AWF Title and I’m taking out Jman on the way
We’ve both beaten the greats in our industries and only met once before
That match was a fluke Jman and you know it
but know I’ve had time
time to study and analyze you
I know better than you know yourself
So this time Jman there won’t be any fluke wins
Just me and you
Until I am left standing as a Champion

*Gillz leaves*

Scott: Strong words up next we have The Adrenaline Champion Jman vs. Gillz in a 60 minute Ironman match.

Match 9: 60 Minute Ironman match for the AWF Adrenaline Championship. Gillz vs. AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman!

Gillz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

Scott: Here comes the challenger former EWNCW World Champion he is looking to gain his first title here in AWF and against Jman himself! This is sure to be a spectacular match.

Danny: My money is on Gillz hands down

AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

*HUGE POP from the crowd*

Scott: The crowd loves Jman here tonight! Last week at JBW’s New Horizons he beat Shuriken to become JBW WARFare World Heavyweight Champion both men beat Shuriken for their respective titles but tonight it is about AWF and the Adrenaline Championship and how is the better man between the two.


Scott: Oh my God what a match between the two! Jman picks up the win and retains his title but Gillz is definitely championship material. Let’s head to the back where Kash and The Prophecy.
*Camera goes to the back*

The Prophecy is standing backstage with the AWF Super Fly championship proudly around his waist.

The time for talking is almost over, Kash tonight you have your biggest match to date, and everything to prove...I have everything to lose. When this night is over only one of us will be standing tall, the other will be lost in a sea of despair. I have spent months trying to make this title the most prestigious it could be, but tonight you jeopardize all that. You are not worthy of this title, and yet here you are preparing to try and take it from me. We will go to war for this belt, and for that I feel a sense of sheer pride, because of me this title means something now. It is no longer a belt, it is prestige, it is a championship and tonight it will once again be contested, and when all is said and done it will be even more than that. Kash this is my first ever championship anywhere, and tonight I appreciate it is in grave danger of being taken, but I guarantee you this you will need to give me the best you have ever been, history is written by the winners Kash and tonight, I will continue to write the history of the AWF Super Fly championship.

*Camera goes to Kash*

AYo Prophecy, ....How Stupid are You?...Really Tho How Stupid are you
I Can answer that for You...Really Stupid...Because you honestly think
I have shown all of my skills,
My talented possessions , Not 1% accurate !
You Are Preparing in the most wrong of ways , Kash is Pissed!
When when I'm Mad in the state I Am Now there is Nothing that get
In Between me and the money
And the Biggest Paycheck For Me would be taking That Title
And showing the World What superFly is!...
And SUperFly is The Man That Will Take Title
And Sport it Around as my Jewels from club to club,arena to arena and Back in your Face
Cuz I'm Kash (smirks) and I Don't Give a Damn bout you Gain
Only my wealth ,and it can change in a Flash
It’s All About Straight KASH!

Scott: Strong words from both me they prove themselves tonight!

Match 10: Kash vs. AWF SuperFly Champion The Prophecy for the AWF SuperFly Championship.

KASH!!!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGn4fsgtLcI)

Scott: This man has no respect. He thinks he can just waltz and think he can take the title of Prophecy but he has another thing coming no way can Kash beat Proph.

Danny: It’s all about straight Kash tonight! Kash has this in the bag.

AWF Super Fly Champion The Prophecy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: here he is! The champion he looks to continue the string of successful title defenses.


Scott: No! Kash wins he is the new AWF SuperFly Champion! He grabs a mic.

*Kash reaches for a microphone*

I Said and Done no need to Explain
You Can Love it ,You Can Hate
It Was Miiine For The Taking
The Reign ,The Throne Awaits At The Top
On My Way There I Defeated a Proph
IF Its Currensy I'm All In
Ain't spendin a Dime, no Manners I'm Nice
Skillwise and the way born in life
I defeated The Champ , Hope you all Realized
Ain't I Lookin the Part, (holds up title)SUPERFLY!

(Stands on the second rope in the corner, yells toward audience)I'm The Victor,I Am Your New Champion , I Am The Line you don't cross, The Limit is Me
Not Over or for you it’s over
No Game play here, ...who want it,cuz ya can all get it
How Great is Kash, it’s What you All Want !!!
Stop Chasing dreams and start chasing the money....KA$H!(drops mic)

Scott: I can’t believe what we have just witnessed ladies and gentlemen it is time for the main event!

11-14-2011, 11:47 PM
*Camera goes to the back*

*Avidico is seen from behind unmasked and reaches down and puts his mask on. The Flaming Star is ready to reach his goal to finally become AWF World Champion*

*Camera goes to Jason Alexander*

JA: The time is here and now, no more obstacles no more waiting, I can finally face Avidico and get back my AWF World Championship. One thing is for sure only one can lay claim that he is the true AWF World Champion and that person will be and only me, Jason Alexander is the man to beat in AWF and as long as I am champion no one will defeat me and I will become a legend in the AWF.

So get ready to see the career of Avidico be put into jeopardy as he clashes and knows exactly why I came have the name of ''Puerto Rican Nightmare'' when he ends up in a coma after I bash his skull again and again and again until he is lifeless in the ring and I simply have to climb the ladder and remain the AWF World Champion here tonight.

Scott: I’m getting word that Broc has something to say here.

*Camera goes to Broc in the back*

*the main event has yet to start and before anything, we see Broc sitting in his Locker room with a contract on his hand*

Broc: hello ladies and gentlemen, what I hold in my hand is a contract..... a contract that will guarantee me an AWF World title match anytime, any place..... now if you will look closer into this contract, you will notice that the date is now written on it, the date reads December 18th 2011, now as some of you may know that is the date of the next AFW PPV, so that marks the day I will become your AWF WORLD CHAMPION! and it won't matter who I'm facing for it, whether it be Avidico, or Jason Alexander, it doesn't matter, because I know I can beat the Helen Keller of wrestling and I know I can also beat the bitch of the indies, so AWF fans, get ready to crown a new champion

Scott: Oh my God well looks like Broc will face the winner of tonight’s ladder match Let’s get ready for some action!

Main Event: Ladder Match for the AWF World Championship Avidico vs. AWF World Champion Jason “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Alexander

Avidico (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-AukSnsyA8)

Scott: Here comes the challenger walking out to win his first World title this is his final shot and between him and Alexander it has gotten to be a personal feud!

Jason Alexander (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGQwbQwsicw&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: Here comes the champion looking to successfully defend his title in a grueling ladder match. This is it folks you main event of the evening!




*Jason Alexander falls awkwardly off the ladder and is holding his neck. Avidcio reaches up and becomes the NEW AWF WORLD CHAMPION!*

Scott: My God we have a NEW WORLD CHAMPION! And hold on is Alexander ok? He might just be hurt we need medical attention this could be career or even worse life threatening! Folks we have to go this has been AWF Death Race!

12-21-2011, 06:29 PM
Damn it's been over a fucking month? Shit so sorry guys it will get to be back on track!

12-21-2011, 06:29 PM
Suck it Broc here comes the show! :p

12-21-2011, 06:36 PM
AWF Zero Gravity episode 13


The BRAND NEW Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WL5IRrhl20)

Scott: Hello and welcome all to AWF Zero Gravity we are four weeks removed from one of the most important PPVs in AWF history Death Race. First and foremost I would like to apologize for the long wait HolyJose has had to deal with some issues and let it be known we are getting back to working on schedule (all contracted talents have been paid their weekly wage though). Anyways we have a NEW World Champion when Avidico defeated Jason Alexander in a ladder match.

Danny: “It’s Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday”…oh shit we’re on. Yea that was quite a match and wow Jason Alexander took a nasty fall.

Scott: Well I was about to get to that. It is my displeasure to let you all know that Jason Alexander did some serious damage to his neck. Luckily there was not a break but he will be out for the rest of the year. We wish Jason Alexander a quick recovery and will be here for when he returns.

Danny: Shame really, oh well we have Broc who is going to beat Avidcio anyways.

Avidico (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-AukSnsyA8)

**Avidico makes his way down to the ring with the AWF world title proudly around his waist
he is sporting a new mask http://maskmaniac.com/store2010/imag...9941_small.jpg and his AWFshop.com t shirt http://image.spreadshirt.net/image-s...aming-star.png

he grabs a mic from the stagehand and gets in the ring***

Well Well Well.
I proved all the doubters wrong.
As predicted by me,
I became AWF world champion at death race.
Not only that but i put jason "the puerto rican pussy" alaxander out of action and possible ended his career.
Some of you may not know this but next ppv "the most boring man in professional wrestling" broc is going to go toe to toe with "the flaming star" himself
Now some people have been saying that i am scared of broc and my reign as AWF champion will be over.
Well the only thing i am scared of is falling asleep mid match because broc is so boring in the ring.
Broc you are nothing compared to me. Take notes rookie and ill show you how to wrestle!

**avidico throws the mic to the outside of the ring and walks out proudly holding up the AWF World Championship*

Scott: What words from Avidico! He is our new Champion ladies and gentlemen. Well let’s get right to the action we have TWO superstars debuting today on of them being Jaime Evans who looks to take on Azrael here tonight!

Match 1: Jaime “The Eagle” Evans vs. Azrael

Azrael (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8ZqFlw6hYg)

*Azrael walks out with a mic*

You know ever since I joined AWF I’ve been treated like shit. I haven’t won a match and I’ve jobbed to pieces of shit no more will this be the case! Jaime Evans this will be your only match in AWF!

Jaime “The Eagle” Evans (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gF2UySGZAU)

*Jaime walks out with a mic in hand as well*

Jamie: What’s up people? My name is Jamie “The Eagle” Evans, and I am your newest AWF Superstar. The reason I’m here is very simple: to put the craziest and most awesome shows right here for you people. So let’s get this started, because I was born for the headrush. Tonight I face Azreal. Sure he’s a challenge, but that just means I get more of a thrill. Just watch me soar high tonight, with the Adrenaline Pumping and the Eagle coming out on top!

*Azrael has Jaime ready to go for the Gates of Hell but Jaime reverses it with a hurriciana and goes up to the top rope and hits the Eagle Dive he goes for the pin 1….2…..3!!!!!!*

Scott: Jaime wins his debut match! What an impressive showing really great match from both men.

*Azrael then gets up and attacks Jaime and puts him the Ticket of Death (Texas Cloverleaf submission) and is yelling “This isn’t over” until he lets go and leaves staring at Jaime*

Scott: Despicable he couldn’t take the loss could he? He had to blindside Jaime well this isn’t over between those two.

Danny: God job Azrael has done nothing but job to people he is taking matters into his own hands. Anyways let’s go to the back were we have another new acquisition Prince Paul Pharaoh standing by.

Interviewer: Paul Pharaoh I wanted to get a few words with you if I could.

Prince: Wait, what did you call me you jester!

Interviewer: Paul Pharaoh..

Prince: You shall address me as Prince Paul Pharaoh, or Prince Pharaoh, but what did you want to ask me jester?

Interviewer: Well I was wondering what does the AWF High King mean, and what exactly is the AWF Crown?

Prince: The High King is the one holding the crown! The crown means you're the best!

Interviewer: So the crown is the championship?

Prince: Yes the High King is the AWF Champion, and The Crown is the championship! Anymore question jester?

Interviewer: Just one, What does that make the AWF Superfly Champion?

Prince: He is the Duke, and he holds the AWF Mighty Sword

Interviewer: Okay, so you're sites are set on the AWF High King and the crown?

Prince: Yes, Jester. I will become the High King of the People, and hold the People's Crown!

Interviewer: You have a long way to go Prince, how do you plan on getting there so fast?

Prince: Through Melee Jester!

Interviewer: What's melee?

Prince: Matches, and the more matches I win the higher my tier goes up.*

Interviewer: What's a*

Prince: Silence, The Prince has no more time for your foolish antics. I have to suit up for Melee tonight! Wish me luck Jester!

-Paul Pharaoh walks off-

Scott: Well that was interesting anyways we have something to say. Shortly after Death Race Ka$h won the SuperFly Championship well this caused major controversy with Ma$$Dinero from JBW and Ka$h has changed his name to Depri$e now I don’t like what he does but I have to say that was pure class on his half and I commend that. Now back to the action we have Il Cattivo take on The Far East Warriors

Match 2: Il Cattivo vs. The Far East Warriors

Il Cattivo! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Fki1o_k_M)

*Il Cattivo walk out with a mic*

Uliose: Well well well I suppose we have to give nursery rhyme there cues *roberto interrupts and says Jayden and Aiden for those who dont know* yes roberto i mean Jayden and Aiden they were just that little bit better although seeing Two Of A Kind defend their tag team belts means our first PPV debut ever wasnt a total disaster

Roberto: never the less Uli losing isn't winning, Winning is winning and tonight we face The Far East Warriors who are stalwards in this company but have not had the best of runs recently and although Far East we dont take you lightly.... you got us on the wrong night.

Uliose: So true tonight we build momentum as we separate ourselves from The Shadows of T.O.A.K. and begin our own path into greatness and tonight we do what we do best and thats winning.

Roberto: Because Far East... Losing isnt Winning, Winning is Winning

Far East Warriors (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgJEznqtms)

igetwild: I am sick and tired of this shit! We are just fucking jobbing and after a MONTH of no shows this is getting tiring. HolyJose if this doesn't change we are coming after you! So Il Cattivo we will beat you and then we will take out Straight Edge and then Two of a Kind and become the NEW AWF World Tag Team Champions.

12-21-2011, 06:49 PM


Scott: And Il Cattivo pick up the victory! I wonder what this could mean for The Far East Warriors. Up next we have Gillz who demands a rematch for the Adrenaline Championship
Gillz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)
*Gillz walks down with a mic*
*Gills Enters*
Now im out here for one reason and one reason only
To demand a rematch With Jman for the Adrenaline Title
Im the only person that should wearing that belt right now.
Jman your win was a fluke nothing more than pure luck
i had you beat, but you got lucky
I can beat any day of the weak with one hand behind my back
but nevermind that now whats done is done
so whoever runs this freakin show
get out here and give me my rematch, i dont care who i have to go through
SCS' lackeys or even HolyJose himself ill get my rematch
so you may aswell just give me it now and save yourself from the beating of your life.

*Gilzz pulls out a chair and sits down waiting on his answer*

HolyJose (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8)


HJ: Gillz you demand a match? listen you lost your match fair and square back of the line buddy. But since I'm back in control of AWF and after a one month absence we are getting AWF back on track now Gillz I'm feeling generous so here is what we'll do if you beat the man I am sending out then you get your shot. If you don't then back of the line buddy.

El Scorpio! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Danny: What? El Scorpio? Just beacuse he helped HolyJose at Death Race he is getting rewarded? This isn't fair!

Scott: This is just a shot at it! HolyJose got help from an unlikely source and is now getting rewarded with a CHANCE that's all this will be a challenge for both Gillz and Scorpio!

Match 3: El Scorpio vs. Gillz



Scott: Oh my God! Gillz just beat El Scorpio and what a showing from both men! Gillz get's another shot at the AWF Adrenaline Championship! Let's go to the back where the former SuperFly Champion is standing by.

The Prophecy is standing backstage, with a look of dissapointment on his face.

"For those of you who dont know yet, I am no longer your Super Fly champion."

Fans boo

"I know I know, instead of me, a guy with class, elegance, impecible taste in everything, and not to mention the best wrestler alive today....we have a man with no class, who cant even spell elegance, and has no taste in anything at all. We have a man who cant even speak in a normal language, no English, not Spanish not Klingon or anything like that. He has to have his own subtitles for when he speaks, and yet he...he...is the man representing the Super Fly championship"

Fans start chanting Prophecy

"I spent so long making that title mean something, when I first won that belt, all it was, was a fancy looking belt...and after only a few months it became one of the most prestigious championships in this business, well Depri$e or whatever you now want to call yourself, I dont want to Depre$$ you but your days as a pathetic, rambling champ are soon going to be over, because at the next PPV I am cashing in my rematch clause!"

Fans cheer

"But onto tonight, I am facing DJ Black, one of the guys who created this company for personal gains, my opinions on you have been represented before, but just because I havent mentioned your pathetic worthless ass in quite sometime doesnt mean I have let you off. DJ Black, you are an arsehole plain and simple, and whats worse for you is that tonight, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time"

Prophecy grabs the mic and gets closer to the camera

"You are facing The Prophecy mere days after he lost his first and only championship, and that does not bode well for you. Tonight DJ Black, you will get the beating you deserve, and Depri$e, I hope youre watching"

Scott: Strong words from the former champion. Later on we will see Prophecy vs. DJ Black but up next we have Markus Beerstein take on Damien Hardy!

Markus Beerstien! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNg4aFJs1cw)

Scott: A bitter enemy of HolyJose in his time at JBW helped HolyJose regain the company. Now he looks to make his wrestling debut against Damien Hardy

Damien Hardy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvFZJFf8S6Y)

Scott: Damien cannot catch a break. He aligned himself with SuperCenaSucks and hasn't won a match ever since debuting. Let's see if he can get a win.

Danny: He's a Hardy he'll lose then go snort cocaine it's how it goes. He's a jobber and forever will be.

Match 4: Markus Beerstien vs. Damien Hardy

12-21-2011, 06:56 PM

Scott: An impressive showing! But Markus Beerstien came out the victor! What a great showing

Danny: Are you really surprised? I'm only surprised Damien lasted that long!

Scott: Valid argument anyways let's go to the back after a "hectic" schedule for Two of a Kind they have the night off and only have a few words to say for us.

Kid Wonder: well well well here we are back on zero on gravity and still your AWF world tag team champions.
A lot has changed in the AWF recently, Two title changes, A former boss fired, Friends turned Foe and Foes turned friends but the more things change the more they stay the same because we are stiiiiilllll your WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.... *crowd starts booing and chanting you sucked* and we backed up our words liek we always do and proved that a single dollar is worth more than a lifetime of straight edge

Paul Conrad: *yawns* Kid this is all boring as hell, all of this.... Straight Edge was boring.... The critics are boring, but you know whats more boring then all of that *kid asks what?*... All of you people *MEGA BOOS* and you wanna know why... because all you people do week after week is wait for us too come out so you can boo us, chant you suck and hold up signs that are spelt wrong. Look at this fat kid right here in Aisle D *camera pans out to a young kid holding a sign* See that sign its spelt Paul Conrad sucks... kid its spelt F.U.C.K.S. as in Paul Conrad Fuc

Wonder: Whoah Whoah Whoah Paul dont swear infront of these ignorant, insignificant, malicious parasites... they may actually start following our dialogue and lord forbid we get on the same wave length as the commoners. Say what you want everyone but we defended our titles like we said, we are still AWF world tag team champions like we said and we proved why a single dollar is worth more then straight edge.

Conrad: Because we are Two Of A Kind and we mean business

Both Conrad and Kid stand together and raise there arms into an X and the stick there thumbs down and lower there arms in disapproval of straight edge.

Scott: They're really arrogant but they have dominated every tag team they have faced so they have the right to brag. wait wait wait I'm word now that after the altercation between Depri$e and Ma$$ there will be a Six man tag team main event the team of the AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e, Broc and Alex Kidd vs. AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman and two mystery partners let's go to the back where Jman is standing by.

*We cut backstage where Jman is walking through the hallways.*

Cameraman: Where are we going?

Jman: The parking lot. We have a couple of very special guests joining us tonight.

Cameraman: Who.

Jman: You’ll find out soon enough.

to greet whoever is inside, we cut back to the ringside area*As the camera pans back, we see a silver Hummersine pull into the parking lot. As Jman goes

Scott: I wonder who they are but right now we have The Prophecy vs. DJ Black

Match 5: The Prophecy vs. DJ Black

The Prophecy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: The Prophecy isn't happy he lost the only title he has ever held but I see great things in him and for sure will go into the main event here in AWF. Just beacuse he lost the SuperFly title doesn't mean he is done yet I guarantee he'll be in the main event!

DJ Black (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCpcdb_kig)

Danny: This man still has a job here? He got into this company for his own selfish reasons The Prophecy will show him what it means to be humbled tonight!


Scott: The Prophecy picks up the win! What a great match Prophecy unleashing some anger here tonight. Let's go to the back where Rob Rage has some words for Artemis Eclipse

Rob Rage's Music Hits (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HO8h-k_tNk) and the crowd pops
Scott: Or I guess he's coming out here

Rob makes his way down to the ring microphone in hand. He slides under the ropes and sits in the full lotus position and begins to address the crowd

RR: Well thanks for the warm welcome, but I hardly think I deserve it. I mean, I told you guys that next time you would see me I would be the number one contender for AWF Adrenaline championship. Sadly, one week, a gruelling match, a drawn match and a table break later and I stand here no more your number one contender than I was the week before. I hold my hands up for that, sorry guys. Let us look on the Brightside though; at least we don’t have a Bostonian as number one contender. *Smiles* I think my popularity may have just dropped a little from our audience in Boston, but never mind.

Eclipse, you’re one lucky bastard. The match may have ended in a draw, but I know I was going to win it; the match was mine to win. You got lucky, not once, but twice. Firstly, I was in control of you, just one Rage Bomb away from the one two three, and we both happened to go over the top rope, and through the table you had set up earlier. Why you set it up is beyond me, did you realise you had no chance of winning? Are you that stupid to think that a DQ loss would earn you the number one contendership? I’ll never know, but luckily for you, we fell through it, and yes it was a nasty spill. This was where your second piece of luck came in. The ref blew the call. He checked on us, then immediately called for the bell, instead of making the ten count like he should have. I had enough energy to get back into the ring, that match should have carried on, and I would be standing here in front of you the number one contender, but hey-ho. I don’t blame the ref; I understand his priority has to be the safety of the wrestlers, and I respect the job they do, but I still see it as a blown call.

So that brings us to now. We don’t have a number one contender; we don’t even have a definitive winner. Yet… That’s where the reinstated boss comes in. Thank god he’s back in charge, because he takes this problem, and not only gives a solution, but he turns it into a positive. He turns it into a money spinner. He makes it into a god damn TLC match! *Crowd pop* Hell, fricking yer! This isn’t going to end in some crappy draw, or a DQ finish, we are going to have a winner. At the next PPV, mark it on your calendar, because that’s the day that I become number one contender. JMan, I’m coming for you, so you better be ready to fly.

*The Gravitytron flickers on*

*The door to Artemis's locker room is open and you can hear him cursing out someone. The cameraman walks in and see's Artemis sitting on a gamer chair with a headset and moving his PS3 controller around. He's not pissed but, he's aggravated to say the least.*

Cameraman: "Umm... excuse me sir uhh.. did you just hear what Mr. Rage said in the ring a few minutes ago before we went to break?"

Artemis: "Look you douchebag, I don't care what you say Romes... you're no better at this type of game than you are in that e-fed you do online. Idiot."

Cameraman: "Mr. Eclipse, sir... can I have a response?"

Artemis: "Look dude, you just need to stop your bitching. That's all you do. I've killed you now 56 times in a row! This needs to stop! I have an annoying cameraman in here who wants an interview too... I'll talk at ya' later you perpetual douchebox."

*Artemis turns off the PS3 and looks at the cameraman.*

Artemis: "Look dude, you just fucked up my game. This better be DAMN important!"

Cameraman: "I asked about Mr. Rage, sir."

Artemis: "Rob Rage? You divided my attention from whooping RomanFlare's ass for the umpteenth time because you want me to talk about him? Ugh. Annoying. Look, I was told what he said while I had K-Jammin on my iPad. He was talking about Rob saying some stupid shit about our TLC match and he was whining that he never lost either match, blah, blah, blah.

The simple fact is, I've beaten this so called ALL GREAT Adrenaline Champion, JMan a few weeks ago. Granted it wasn't a Championship match but, if I did it once, I can do it again. And if I can beat him, I can beat some second rate knock off CM Punk who sits in the middle of the ring like a full on retard. You know you're never supposed to go FULL retard right? Well, he did. And does.

I'm happy its a TLC match. That means I can annihilate him at my whim. I will be the number one contender. Bank on that. JMan, I'm coming for that Championship. Keep it shiny and warm for me. KTHANXBAI!"

Cameraman: "Is that... all?"

Artemis: "Umm... yeah dumbass. It is. I gave some good promo stuff, I kicked ass. Stop looking at me with that stupid face... yeah, you can't fix that... sorry. Look... I'm hungry. I want a pizza. If you go out and get it, I'll pay for it all. K?"

Cameraman: "You serious? Umm.. okay, I'll be back soon."

*The cameraman walks off happy and Artemis gets onto his iPad and starts talking to someone.*

Artemis: "Yo dude! I just had to do a gay interview. Yeah... the cameraman took my money and is assuming I'm paying for him to eat my pizza. Haha! I told him I'll pay for it all... little dumbass doesn't know what that means aparently haha!"

*Rob Rage is in the ring with a smirk on his face he waves to the fans and heads to the back*
Scott: A TLC match these two men are willing to go through hell for that title wow wait what's going on?
*music hits*

12-21-2011, 06:57 PM
*Jman, with the Adrenaline Championship draped over his shoulder, appears at the top of the ramp to a huge pop. Jman gets in the ring, grabs a mic from a stagehand, and begins to speak*

Jman: This business is all about, well, handling your business. That’s what I did on Sunday against Gillz and that’s what I, or should I say we, plan on doing tonight. You see folks, over the last few days there have been a few backstage issues here in AWF. Instead of playing the backstage political game though, HolyJose has allowed us to settle it where it should be settled; between these ropes.


In the main event tonight, it’ll be Alex Kidd, Broc and the man who now calls himself Depri$e against yours truly and the two men I’m about to bring out here.

They tore up the England tag team scene, and the England bar scene, for years and then came to the states and were two-thirds of the greatest faction of all time. Some of you may know them as Drum ‘n Bass but most of you probably know them as St. George and Ma$$dinero!!

A black BMW with tinted windows drives out on to the ramp. Loud Drum & Bass music can be heard blaring from the speakers. Ma$$Dinero steps outs, and he is dressed sharply as always in his dark pinstripe tailor made Giorgio Armani suit. He is casually smoking a joint, and all the pot heads in the front row can be seen reaching out, hoping for a puff. St George steps out of the car, and lights a melvin Bragg. He smiles as he looks down at his "Steelers suck" T-Shirt. They get in the ring and fist bump JMan, who passes them the mic.

George: Hello my AWF chinas! It's good to be here. Now my AWF-er's you are witnessing history here tonight. Drum n Bass have only made one appearance since disbanding back in the day, so tonight you get to watch us re-unite for one more match. Throw my julius Jman into the mix, and well it's a fookin unstoppable dream team. Now our opponents tonight are a mixed bag of tricks. We have a vegetable, a video game character and... Well... Erm... A wannabe rapper. Firstly, we have Mr Colli. Or as everybody else knows him as Broc... Broc - Colli. And believe me china, you'll be a vegative state when we're done with ya. Next there's the big eared video game character Alex the Kidd. You can try you're best china... But it will be game over for you! And finally, the Ma$$dinero wannabe rapper Depri$e. China you couldn't wrap a parcel, and if you're honest with yourself you can smell defeat!

Ma$$: Who's feet? Depri$e's?

George: Prizes? What prizes? We don't get prizes in JBW!

Ma$$ & George: hahahahaha!

Ma$$ walks over to the turnbuckle, climbs to the top and takes a seat. St George calmly heads for the middle of the ring, with his back to Ma$$, spins the mic and catches it in his right hand. He raises his left hand and points to the rafters. St George then throws the mic thirty foot straight up in the air. Ma$$ calmly jumps down off the turnbuckle, fist bumps St George and catches the mic one handed.

St George has been drinking Stella's, I've been knocking back Fosters,
In preparation for our "battle" with these underage imposters!
They're some of the worst wrestlers out of all the independent rosters,
and they run around the AWF playing gangsters and mobsters.

Depri$e done went ahead and went and changed his name,
he felt ashamed to stay the same as a guy who changed the game,
a guy who paved the way for the current state of play,
I'm the ace of spades, with the most famous face,
everybody knows Ma$$Dinero, I can't evade this fame,
you wouldn't want to be me you couldn't take take strain,
walk one day in my shoes and you'll feel the pain for days,
you'll wanna quit, you'll be reaching for the razor blades.

You may have chunky nuts, but, we'll still see ya hurt,
Broc, I hope ya got steel plates underneath that Steelers shirt,
you've been sucking cock ever since the day your arse was christened,
and your buddy Alex got his name off a game on Master System!

Ma$$ throws the mic full pelt like a baseball at the top rope. It bounces back and St George catches it.

St George: Now let's get this show on the road! Our opponents... Weighing in at a combined weight of 175lbs, they hail from Springfield, Neverland and Fraggle Rock! Accompanied to the ring by Barbie's boyfriend Ken! It's Broc-olli, Alex Kidd and Depri$e!!!! Hahaha!

12-21-2011, 06:58 PM
*Out comes Depri$e*

YOU know I Always Say Stop Chasing Dreams and Chase The Money
There's Always Dreams That Money Could Buy...Straight KA$H
In a Flash , No Suits or Superhero Traits wen I say
I React Like No Other
Snypa Lames, especially those over from JBW Here Today
Listen Close Don't Get that Close, Caskets Closed
And Sent Back , After u Loss and ur Boss
First KA$H, First To Pay Back,not Get Any Pay Back
Get Laid Flat, 3 Count Exterminate a straight Rat
Make mines always Straight Ka$H , ahhh
There Wrongs ,There's Rights
Everyone Pays Depri$e
I Can't Be Ka$H Im Way More Then That , I Am The TaG u Can't Afford ha
Of Course, of InCome I'm the overall Source
Expose, How much Better and Cooler then the wind when its cold
I Am ,That's Why Reading this.. the letters are Bold
Who Told ,Who Tellin ,Mind ur Biz Kid
Budding in was the others
I'm on my grown man shit, ...I'm Hotter then da middle of Summers
Yeaa I know, Make a comment or 2
I don't speak much on it, my next words will be at ur funeral dukes

**I Am Supaflly Champion in this company for a Reason,Coming up the ranks it ain't nuthin 2 me wen I'm gunnin for the top, Jokes wanna come in here to the AwF to make me laugh for while so be it,let the comedy hour begin... I Got no problem takin a lilbit of my time and Makin me some Over time...
As soon as I'm Done I Want My Check! Asap!

Off Mic talking to the crowd: I Don't Even Know Who These 3 Are..I'm Serious ,What Mass What..J Who ..St.Dinero...Georgeman..and The Who ?

*Out follows Alex Kidd*

-alex kidd comes down the ring no music this week when he gets in the ring he asks for the microphone-
KIDD: at our last pay per view you saw that I lost my undefeated streak but i call bullshit on all this, this was all a trap the referee didn’t count the way he is supposed to and that upsets me and for now since I am blaming the referee I am still undefeated.

-Crowd boos and chants you lost your streak-
KIDD: on to other less important things I was told I will be in team action tonight in a 3 on 3 match , against massdinero, jman and st. George now these fools think they might bat us but I handpicked my tag team partners,I want them to be a surprise but for now lets talk about my opponents. You know what my opponents do not deserve to be talked about me so lets talk about something else like me
-somebody in the crowd puts up a sign saying Alex Kidd Sucks with a picture of kidd getting pinned-

KIDD: lets talk about my future in AWF, let me just say that I am not getting treated right in this company and I need a title match I am telling you this, if I don’t get a title match in the next few weeks I am going to do something that will glorify my career and I will do it for my own good, no so you idiots can see more gold but this will be MY gold, more gold added to my waist. Hopefully everybody backstage hears this because if I do not get a push I will take matters into my own hands

*Lastly Broc walks down*

*Broc makes his way to the ring, looking somewhat disgruntled, after announcing last night, that he would, cash in his AWF title match on December 18th, Broc gets into the ring, and requests a microphone*

Broc: so....... even though everyone here should be talking about, how Broc is going to win the AWF title, instead, we are talking about Massdinero...... why? who cares about massdinero? anybody? why do you guys care about this guy, he's not even on AWF, but yet we treat him like some fucking god of wrestling, well I've got news for you Mass, I am better than you! some people think that I should be blessed to step into the same ring as you, when the truth is you should be blessed to share a ring with me.... you will see soon enough that I am no joke, and I will win this match for my team tonight, and I will pin you mass..... I am going to embarrass you like you have never been embarrassed before, I am going to beat you, and then I am going to go on to, bigger things..... the AWF Championship will be mine, come December 18th you will see Broc defeat the Helen Keller of wresting, avidico! and it won't stop there because after I win that title, no one will stop me from keeping, I will hold this title, until I don't want it anymore because I am just that good! I will hold this title and no one will stop me from doing it, not Mass, not St. George, not Jason Alexander, not Helen Keller, and certainly not Avidico..... oh sorry, I said Avidico twice..... Decmber 18th ladies and gentlemen..... AWF will be getting, an early christmas present

*The three walk down as a ref runs down to get the match started*

Main Event: Broc, Alex Kidd and AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e vs. AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman and Drum & Bass (Ma$$Dinero and St. George)


(Ignore ending)

*Jman and Alex Kidd are fighting when Gillz runs down and distracts Jman behind the refs back and it's a 2 on 1 assualt when The Prophecy runs down to make the save for Jman. while St. George hits the St. George's cross on Broc on the outside and both are laying down*

Scott: This is pure Mayhem! What's going on!

*Ma$$ hits a powerfull DDT on Depri$e


Kickout! Ma$$ get's up and get's ready to hit the My Friend Went to London and All I Got Was This Blood Stained T-shirt. Depri$e staggers up and Ma$$ goes for the MFWTLAAIGWTBST, Depri$e ducks hits a pele and then he picks up Ma$$ onto the top rope and does a top rope Brainbuster*


*Depri$e goes for the pin*




Scott: Oh my God! Depri$e just picked up the win for his team! Broc, Alex Kidd, and even Gillz join in and celebrate the win! What an insane match from both teams That was our main event folks join in next time for another AWF Zero Gravity! Wow what a show! Thank you all!

12-21-2011, 11:13 PM
Oh yea baby I'm back!

12-21-2011, 11:14 PM
You guys ready for the second show? Yea I wrote two shows in one day! Least I could do for you guys

12-21-2011, 11:15 PM
One final segment to write and I'll post show! :D

12-21-2011, 11:28 PM
Woo episode 14!!!!!!!!

12-21-2011, 11:29 PM
For the record AWF>>>>>>>>>>>piece of shit>>>>>>>>>>>>HWA :p :rolleyes:

12-21-2011, 11:33 PM
AWF Zero Gravity episode 14


The BRAND NEW Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WL5IRrhl20)

Scott: Welcome one and all to another episode of Zero Gravity! Last time we saw Drum & Bass and Jman take on Depri$e, Broc and Alex Kidd, who I report is no longer a part of AWF he only had one loss and was impressive but due to situations beyond our control he had to leave AWF. We wish him the best of luck on his future endevours. As they say the show much go on. Tonight we have Two of a Kind take on Il Cattivo and Straight Edge for the AWF World Tag Team Titles and our main event will be The AWF World Champion Avidico vs. Axxel Sonn!

Danny: That's right Scott we also have Depri$e and Gillz teaming up yet again to take on The Prophecy and Jman in a tag team match these four have been feuding for months what will it come down to is the two titles SuperFly and Adrenaline. We also see the debut of Dylan Cross who takes on Daymian Bloodstone and a lot more action in store tonight!

Scott:You're right Danny! HolyJose is doing his best to catch up the past month that we've missed. Now Let's tune to the gravitytron and see what happened at the JBW SuperShow recently. The AWF stars Jason Alexander (who is feeling better but won't be cleared to wrestle for another week or so), his cousin Erick Alexander, AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e, Axxel Sonn, and DJ Black were invited to the show as a gratitude from KashDinero for being allowed use of the SuperFly name by HolyJose. What happened next well take a look.

Ma$$: Hahahahaha!! You've got to hand it to the little farm boy, he's a funny lad, but, see, he had a few nasty words for yours truly, and, well, I think I'm gonna have to respond to that right about n-

Suddenly a familiar voice can be heard over the loudspeakers.

"Yes, people, it is I, Kevin Mathews! Now, look up to the rafters.

Everybody looks up and sees Kevin Mathews in the rafters. With him are HWA wrestlers - Hans Beerstein, Brandon Mideiros, Jonny Hot and Jack Nickolas.

Yes, people, you see, I may have been viciously assaulted by one company, and brutally given the cold shoulder by another, but I assure you, my contacts in this industry hold no boundaries. All it took was one call to Broc and Dave, and they lined up the finest HWA has to offer, and I have brought them here to lay down a challenge to anyone from the EWNCW OR the JBW rosters! In fact, just to show you how serious I am, I'm gonna come down there and show you!"

Kevin and the HWA invaders suddenly descend from the rafters on zip lines.

As the are lowered, DJ Black and the rest of the AWF guys sitting in the front row jump over the barrier and storm the ring, meeting the HWA invaders as they land in the middle of the ring.

An amused looking V3 look on as the two teams representing their respective Indy feds begin brawling.

DJ Black and Jason Alexander trade blows with Hans Beerstein and Kevin Mathews, as about thirty members of JBW security hit the ring. The two forces are separated, and after some strong resistance, they are led to the back.

Scott: Yes ladies and gentlemen. The war that has been going on between JBW vs. EWNCW, and yes folks HolyJose did tell us we have to be unbiased here, has spilled over into the Indys where HWA decided to take over JBW and AWF would have none of it. Now the current Number one contender for the AWF World Title is the Owner/Creator of HWA so who knows how this will pan out. But folks strap along for the ride because we're going to at the Spead of Sound straight to the Victory Point!

Danny: Isn't that the name of the next HWA PPV?

Scott: I don't know I don't keep up.

Danny: Good enough well we have the debut match up next of Paul Pharaoh and he will go one on one against Inzagi with igetwild by his corner!

Match 1: Paul Pharoah vs. Inzaqi w/igetwild

The Prine Paul Pharoah! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0vCqEgarBY&skipcontrinter=1)

*Paul Pharoah walks down wearing a Cape and crown http://www.vectorstock.com/composite/518743/gold-crown-with-red-gems-vector.jpg*

Scott: He sure is full of himeself to think he is actual royalty! I don't get it!


Scott: I work with this idiot.

Far East Warriors (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgJEznqtms)

Scott: Here comes Inzagi and he is looking to shut up the "haters" they have been on a losing streak and need to get on to winning.



Scott: An impressive win for Paul Pharoah! He maybe cocky but he just showed he can lay it out in the ring. Great match from both men!

Danny: We bow down! He is impressive Scott and he will be the new king of AWF watch it!

Scott: Whatever you say Danny,

*Camera goes to the back where we see a young man doing somersaults and flipping over equipment and he runs into Azrael*

Azrael: Boy you better run!

*The kid doing backflip stands up to him and isn't backing off"

Azrael: Well if you really want t-

*Jaime Evans flys off some high equipment onto Azrael and begins to beat him down. He picks up a chair from near by and smashes it across
Azrael's head leaving him lying while both young men get out of there*

Danny: What the hell! That was uncalled for! Azrael didn't do anyting

Scott: I have to agree with you that was uncalled for but last time Azrael did beat down on Jaime Evans so alls fair in war!

Danny: Whatever he didn't deserve that!

Match 2: Dylan Cross vs. Daymian Bloodstone

12-21-2011, 11:37 PM
The Pint Sized Rocker Daymian Bloodstone! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVtygd1qXc)

Scott: here comes Bloodstone he Axxel had one hell of a match at Death Race with Axxel coming out on top and getting a future world title shot. But Daymian definetly will get his shot sooner or later he is suck a great talent to have!

Dylan Cross (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSeNSzJ2-Jw&ob=av3e)

Scott: The young man doing the flips just now so that was Dylan Cross! I hear he loves Parkour and wants to use those skills here in AWF!

Danny: It's this kid's fault that Azrael was laid out back!

(Ignore ending)

*Dylan has Daymian set up for the Suicide Diver when Azrael runs down and attacks Dylan. He is laying him out Daymian gets up and starts to fight Azrael as well and out comes Jaime Evans to help both men out with a chair together fight Azrael but his strenght takes over and takes out Daymian and Dylan and sets up Jaime for the Gates of Hell and it was a thunderous slam!*

Scott: What! Uncalled for Azrael ruined a perfectly good match because he wanted revenge. He could have waited until after the match was over to do it this is a disgrace! The ref is ruling this a no contest.

Danny: That's what you get when you mess with a monster like Azrael

Scott: Well they seem to be alright and are walking it off. Unity in these three could serve well if faceing a monster like Azrael.

Danny: yea well up next we have Il Cattivo vs. Straight Edge vs. Two of a Kind for the AWF World Tag Team Championship.
Last time Il Cattivo beat The Far East Warriors and are looking to go and win the Tag titles tonight! My money is on straight edge! *takes sip of jack and coke*

Scott: You're such a hypocrite! Let's get this match started!

Match 3: Il Cattivo vs. Straight Edge vs. Two of a Kind

Il Cattivo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Fki1o_k_M)

Scott: Il Cattivo have been on a slight roll even if they lost against Straight Edge they are on their way to the top!

Straight Edge (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSPsrvnYbMg)

Danny: *Puts hands up in the air in an X* All Hail Straight Edge! *Takes another sip of his Jack and Coke*

Scott: Unbelievable do you even know what Straight Edge means?

Danny: Of course it means you're straight and drink hard drinks like Jack and Coke right?

Scott: You're an imbecile! It means you don't drink alcohol or do any drugs.

Danny: Oh...eh All Hail Striaght Edge anyway!

Scott: I can't believe I work with you

AWF World Tag Team Champions Two of a Kind (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4jaBTamMIU)

Scott: Here are our champions and they are the dominating team here in AWF let's get this match started!


(Ignore Ending)

*Mad Dog hits the Conrad Crusher on Uliose! While Kayden and Krysys are out fighting Kid Wonder and Roberto.*
Scott: TOAK retain yet again! What an impressive victory!

12-21-2011, 11:42 PM
Scott: Ah well TOAK is a good second choice I guess.Well up next is yet another massive Tag team match Gillz and the AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e vs. The Prophecy and AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman!

Danny: Depri$e led the team of the current number one contender for the AWF World Championsion Broc and the now gone Alex Kidd to victory against JBW's top stars the JBW WARFare World Heavyweight Champion as well as our own AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman alongside one half of the JBW Mayhem World Tag Team Champion Ma$$Dinero and former JBW Mayhem World Heavyweight Champion St. George. Both Ma$$ and St. George were known as Drum & Bass and two thirds of the JBW stable V3 and Depri$e being the great leader he is beat them! Go Depri$e you deserve it!

Scott: While it was a great match Depri$e won the match for AWF but nothing shall be taken away from those three they are the best at what they do and that's kicking ass! Hats off to them and I wish them the best of luck!

Match 4: Gillz and AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e vs. The Prophecy and AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman!

AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGn4fsgtLcI)

Scott: Unbelievable that not only he beat the Prophecy for the SuperFly Championship but he also led the team to victory against
Ma$$FuckingDinero, St. George and Jman. I am impressed but this man shows no respect!

Danny: No respect? He changed his name from Kash to Depri$e to avoid any further confusion that is pure class on his part!

Gillz (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

Scott: This man had no right to get involved last week. It's partly because of him that Depri$e even won. It's a shame no respect come from these men!

Danny: He got his second shot at the AWF Adrenaline Championship and went out to send a message to Jman by attacking him nothing wrong with that at all!

AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZI76XNKkk)

Scott: Now talk about class Jman is the epitamy of it! He carrys that title around with pride like it would a World Championship!

Danny: Disgust! He thinks he is high and mighty just beacuse he is the World Champion in JBW he is nothing more than mid card shit here!

Scott: So is that what you'll say about Gillz too who is also a World Champion in EWNCW but is feuding for the Mid Card Adrenaline Title here.

Danny: That's different Gillz makes any title a world title.

Scott: Like always Danny is a hypocrite!

The Prophecy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: The Prophecy who seems down that he lost the only Title he ever held but rest assured it won't be the last!

Danny: Washed up!

Scott: Good lord you're more annoying than Dudley!

Danny: Hey I like Dudley take that back!

Scott: No let's get back to the in ring action!

*Ignore ending*

*Depri$e and Prophecy are out brawling in the crowd. Gillz staggers up turns around and gets hit with a Good Match Let's Eat from Jman.




Scott: Jman picks up the win for his team and shows why he is the Adrenaline Champion. He took advantage of a situation and capitalized! Ladies and Gentlemen our main event is next The AWF World Champion Avidico vs. The number 2 contender Axxel Sonn!

Axxel! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCXYY2AoOE)

Scott: Axxel is walking down looking proud making his Marine family proud. On Behalf of everyone here at AWF we would like to wish a Happy Holidays to those serving in the military and protecting their country! Axxel is here to make them proud!

AWF World Champion Avidico (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-AukSnsyA8)

Danny: Some champion Avidico is! He isn't even leading the charge against HWA!

Scott: He is contracted by JBW to represent their own SuperFly division which HolyJose graciously let them use. So we have the former champion leading the charge!

Danny: Still Broc would gladly take that charge!

Scott: Are you mentally retarded?

Danny: Hey that's not nice! Broc would be fantastic!

Scott: Broc is the creator and Owner of HWA that would be a horrible idea!

Danny: oh...well then still Avidico should lead the charge!

Scott: I'm done with this ladies and gentlemen this is our main event of the evening Axxel Sonn takes The AWF World Champion Avidico!

Main Event: Axxel Sonn vs. AWF World Champion Avidico



Scott: Avidcio just beat Axxel in an outstanding match! The champion is looking strong here going into facing Broc for the World Title Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for tuning in I'm Scott and by my side is Danny be sure to tune in next time to AWF Zero Gravity!

12-27-2011, 05:51 PM
We go to a match in Progress!

*Broc has Avidico set up for his finisher. Avidico avoids it and a Superkick to Broc Avidico climbs the stop rope and hits the flaming star! 1...2...3!!!!!!*

Scott: Avidcio just retained his world title! Avidico picks up his be,t and flicks off Broc and starts to beat him down Avidco sets up a table tosses Broc on top and off the top rope hits another Flaming Star! Avidico stands up groggily picks up his world title and mouths "fuck HWA" the fans start to Chant "Fuck HWA" while Broc is taken away by paramedics.

01-13-2012, 08:48 PM
That was just a test. I should have the show up in a few hours.....PH200 if you have time get me that promo :D

01-14-2012, 12:22 AM
working on the finale to the main event right now t-minus 20 to 30 minutes

01-14-2012, 12:29 AM
There is a war abrewing

01-14-2012, 12:31 AM
Holy fuck balls 22 Pages on my iPad...yup first show written on my iPad cuz my Laptop is dying...:( thank God I have a keyboard for this iPad

01-14-2012, 12:33 AM
Also feels good to have some gold around the sig again :) Check out the other feds JBW, EWNCW, EWA, Alpha Revolution, BWA and that one fed

01-14-2012, 12:39 AM
Doubt anyone will read this because really, who would view an AWF show? I mean look at the tags. Fun fact, HWA Legacy has been alive only half the time AWF has been, but yet they almost have more shows then AWF has. Fun fact, HWA Dynasty has had more then double as many shows as every single Zero Gravity show. Fun fact, HWA > AWF in every aspect. Fun fact, AWF will be dying in the next 3 weeks due to HWA buying them out!

01-14-2012, 12:42 AM
AWF Zero Gravity Episode 15


The BRAND new Zero Gravity Theme Song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WL5IRrhl20&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

Scott: Hello all and welcome to another epidsode of AWF Zero Gravity and HWA has gonne full out with their feelings towards us. Well We have a few words for them from some of our wrestlers.

Danny: I don't see what is so "cool" about hardcore wrestling. I mean that's what got Jason Alexander side lined I thought this was about entertainment not killing each other.

Scott: That's what you get from HWA attempted murder. Well we have a good show for you ladies and gentlemen our main event is--

Broc! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzU7kpA9M4Q&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

*the lights hit, the music is blasting through the arena, and Broc emerges to the ramp, the crowd is electrified with boos here tonight as Broc has something on his mind this afternoon*

Broc: you know..... since day 1 of stepping into this company, I always pictured it, as helping a handicap person across the street, you know, it's the least you can do for them right? So you know how it works, I come in here, I completely dominate my competition, and I'm already about to be world champion, but then.... but then AWF decides to declare war on HWA, my company! And now everyone here just wants me to stay with AWF? you know why they would want that? because they all know, that I am the only person wirth mentioning in this god awful company, I mean Avidico as your world champion? come on, have I not gotten the Helen Keller point across? I mean even the bitch of the indies, Jason Alexander is better than that no talent disgrace to a wrestling ring. but you guys all don't get it, you still cheer, and applaud Avidico.... why? the man has no talent what so ever, I mean lets compare Broc to Avidico, Broc is way better in the ring than Avidico, Broc writes promos, Avidico however, chooses to write poems. Broc, is the best talent in this whole company, Avidico is a bitch who was pushed to the stars for no reason, and a terrible reason at that. But enough with that, comparing me to that god awful waste of space is just sickening, I mean who would do that? I mean, everyone knows I'm already miles better than him, so why even attempt to compare me to him? It's rediculous that this guy even has a job here in AWF or any other wrestling company, and it just shows how much of a piece of shit the AWF would be if it wasn't for me, I mean you fans would stop watching if it weren't for me, you would die in boredom, if you had to deal with Avidico being a world champion for too long, but fear not, because I am the savior..... but not for AWF, but for myself, because when me and Avidico step into that ring, when the title is on the line, I will take it.... and I will be taking it to a much better place, and that place, is HWA,otherwise known as the better company, the one run by myself, the one that actually doesn't have no talent spot monkeys like Avidico as their World champions. So Avidico, shine that title up bright for me, and don't expect to ever see it again, because once it's gone, it won't be coming back

HolyJose! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz6IMjdthr4&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

HolyJose: You know Broc you are right you are the number one contender for the AWF World Championship and should have gotten your shot last month but due to some unforseen circumstances it did not happen. So that's why tonight in our main event Avidico will make his first title defense against Broc!

*Crowd pops*

HolyJose: Now Broc considering you are HWA's owner/whore/whatever you call that brothel it'd be controversial. So I have a stipulation for this match. If Avidico wins tonight and retains Broc you will no longer be able to compete for AWF as long as AWF and HWA are fighting it out. Now if you win then you're the world champion and you do what you please though let's face it that's not going to happen. This match will be a No DQ match but if ANYONE from AWF locker room gets involved they will be punished it is best for Avidico and Broc to settle it like men! Best of luck

Scott: Wow what an announcment from our owner HolyJose. If Avidico wins, Broc is no longer able to compete in AWF for the next few months but if Broc wins then he takes the belt with him to HWA.

Danny: I never thought I'd say this but I hope that little mexican wins.

Scott: That wasn't racist at all.

Danny: Me racist? no! But Avidico better beat Broc the AWF World Championship is too prestigious to be in that shit hole known as HWA. Up Next though we have Krystian Krysys and Sayoisin of Straight Edge vs. Two of a Kind in a Non-title match! I hope Straight Edge wins!

01-14-2012, 12:49 AM
Scott: Straight Edge are a great group but they have yet to beat the champions when it counts for the titles.

Match 1: Straight Edge vs. AWF World Tag Team Champions Two of a Kind

TOAK: *APA theme plays which can only mean one thing*

AWF World Tag Team Champions
Two of a Kind! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C--gpM2BIW8&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

*The first ever dual inaguaral tag team champions have arrived*

KW: Paul, a joke

PC: yeah

KW: whats got eight legs, no belts and clearly no idea

PC: I dont know Kid what?

KW: Straight Edge


*Paul starts an exagerrated laugh as the crowd show their disapproval of this joke*


PC: Do i have to say it again this week,

*crowd getting louder with boos*

Im warning you last chance

*crowd are now in hysterics*

SHUT UP!!!!, Now listen here and listen good the more things change the more they stay the same. like for example.... last week we defeated both Straight Edge and Il Cattivo and yet this week Straight Edge get another shot at our title.

things have changed as well though because we are now your AWF and EWA world tag team champions, not only that we are setting records as the first ever dual inaugaral tag team champions and only second ever world dual tag team champions which simply means we are without a shadow of a doubt the greatest ever tag team champions wrestling today

KW: And our investment in all things gold is only going to increase as we are the number one contenders for two other tag team belts and once we secure them around our waist we will need the services of an errand boy as it is very hard to hold four tag team belts at once.

So send your resumes to kidwonderenterprise@rocketmail.com and we will go from there, of course it will be minimum wage and dodgy conditions so only Mexicans and underage wrestling fans needs need apply.

*huge you suck chants are now riveting around the arena*

PC: Now back to tonight, we have beaten some of the worlds best tag teams, we have beaten the entire AWF and EWA tag team roster over and over again and straight edge you may want to start learning French because after tonight you will be feeling a little deja vu.

Because we are two of a kind and we mean business

Straight Edge (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6JHASKe4qg&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

Danny: And Straight Edge are heading straight to the ring.

Scott: It looks like they can’t take the insults anymore

Danny: The referee is checking each competitor… and here it goes!


Scott: Straight Edge win! Straight Edge win! What a win for Straight Edge!

Danny: We get it. They won. But it was a big win none the less.

Scott: Could we be looking at the future tag team Champions? Only time will tell!

Danny: So next up we have Daymian Bloodstone, Jamie Evans and Dylan Cross teaming up against the monster Azrael.

Scott: Last week we saw Azrael interfere in the match between Dylan and Damian in which he attacked both Superstars.
Jamie Evans came out to try and help but Azrael’s strength was too much for him and he too ended up face down on the mat.
Scott: Bloodstone, Evans and Cross are already in the ring and Evans has the mic. Let’s hear what he has to say…

Jamie Evans: Two weeks ago, I made my debut here in AWF with a victory over Azrael. Now I know that he feels that he hasn't been treated properly, but he has to take his frustrations out on guys like me. I'm in this business for one thing only, and that's to give the AWF fans a good time. But if Azrael wants to try and take me out he's got another thing coming. As far as Cross and Bloodstone go, they got every right to be angry too. But I'm not letting anyone get near Azrael but me, I am not gonna let some brassed off pompous git on an ego-trip stop me from being the best that I can be! Azrael is gonna learn what happens when he gets my blood pumping. He's about to experience an Adrenaline Overload!

Danny: Strong words from Evans, but what with him being a new Superstar here in AWF, one has got to wonder if he’s too big for his boots

Scott: Only time can tell, but a victory over Azrael is definitely something to shout about!

Azrael (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KsPZ1f7MDs&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

*Azrael comes out with a mic in hand*

Azrael: What these insects fail to realize is that I am the personification of evil. I am the personification of Death. They think
that they can defy death by risking their lives? Well I for one will not stand for it. Let's see how well you do when you see death face to face!

Match 2: Dylan Cross, Jaime "The Eagle" Evans and Daymian Bloodstone vs. Azrael


Scott: And Azrael wins the match! He completely dominated all three of them

Danny: Neither of them managed to even land a punch on Azrael, it just shows how strong he is!

Scott: Very true let's go to the back where there is a surprise waiting for Jason Alexander.

01-14-2012, 12:56 AM
*Jason Alexander makes his way to his dressing room when he hears a voice coming from inside his room, as he opens the door complete and total shock is seen on his face before a huge grin is seen and he speaks*

JA: Primo! Canto 'e cabron me alegra verte (Cousin! You bastard, its great to see you).

*Jason soon hugs his cousin and lets go to let him speak*

Erick Alexander: Igual, primo. (Likewise, cuz) I got finished with my schedule ahead of time and as promised I'm here and looks like I came at the right time.

JA: Yeah, you did. This company has had its share up and mostly downs including now with a worthless company called HWA putting us down because they ''feel'' they can but I got my start here in AWF and because of that I'm grateful to this company and I will do what I can to make sure that if we ever go down it wont be without a war.

EA: Now thats the cousin I know and love. Now you know I got your back but in a war strenght lies in numbers so we need to figure who is willing to fight for the cause. You got anyone in mind?

JA: Actually I do but we'll discuss that later now we celebrate because The Alexanders are gonna put the AWF on notice and if I alone caused an impact, you and me together are gonna be amazing.

Come on, let me show you around.

*The Alexanders soon walk around backstage as the camera cuts to the announcer table*

Scott: Wow what a surprise the long awaited Alexanders are here in AWF and will more than likley take the tag division by storm. Wait what's this lets go to the back

*Jason Alexander walks out elated to have seen his cousin finally here in AWF when he is confronted by DJ Black. Alexander gives him a look of disgust and the feeling is mutual*

DJ Black: Alexander, you and I. We don't like each other in fact I hate you and everything you stand for and in this so called "War" we are on the same team that dumbass HolyJose put us in. I'm not going to complain because it won't do anything but seeing as how I was the first AWF World Champion and leading this team you and I need to be on the same page I need to know that now.

JA: DJ Black first off there are no leaders in this team. We are a group and AWF is my home so for me to defend its honor is something I'd lay my life on the group to do. You maybe first AWF World Champion but that was awarded to you for nothing. I on the other hand was the first AWF World Champion that gave a damn about this company. If I have to team with a man like you then by all means for AWF I will. I have your back but I don't trust you.

*Jason Alexander extends his hand and DJ Black looks at the extended hand and then at Alexander and shakes the hand then brings Alexander in and mouths 'This isn't over'*

Scott: Tensions sure are rising but it's good to know that DJ Black and Jason Alexander. Up next we have the team of Markus Beerstein and El Scorpio vs. DJ Black and Damien Hardy. Let's go to the back where we have Markus and El Scorpio standing by.

Markus: You know what I love?

*fans chant BEER!*

Markus: Oh well of course I love beer! But what I love more is kicking ass! And DJ Black and Damien Hardy you guys are a pain in the ass.

*Crowd cheers*

Markus: You try to take over the company and and still have the Hoden to to stay here well my little buddy here and I will gladly kick your asses!

El Scorpio: I left you guys because I realized I'm better off. And with Markus and HolyJose on my side. I know that you two jackasses won't last long in AWF.

Match 3: Markus Beerstein and El Scorpio vs. DJ Black and Damien Hardy

Markus Beerstien and El Scorpio (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNg4aFJs1cw&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

Scott: Here come Beerstein and El Scorpio they helped HolyJose regain control of AWF and they've had their problems with DJ Black and Damien Hardy.

Danny: They should give up with a power house like Beerstien Hardy and Black don't stand a chance!

DJ Black and Damien Hardy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOKdexoUJ8U&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

Danny: How are they even employed?

Scott: Somebody has to job.

Danny: Good point. Can we get this over with?


*DJ Black hits a springboard DDT on Markus and Damien Hardy flys over the top knocking out El Scorpio. DJ Black climbes the top rop and as Markus gets up he hits the Dragoncarana!




Scott:I can't believe it DJ Black and El Scorpio pick up the win!

Danny: That's it I give up....I never thought I'd see Damien Hardy win a match. I mean sure by association but still..

Scott: I'm just as amazed as you are well right now let's go to the back where Artemis Eclipse is.

Artemis is seen hanging out in his locker room playing video games. He has some Nacho Cheese Doritos and a Java Monster sitting next to him. He's yelling at someone but the cameraman is having a hard time catching his words. It might be because the camera person is on their knees and looking through a crack in the door but, that's another issue. Artemis looks at the door and sees the lens reflecting back at him.

Artemis Eclipse: "You dirty little fucker. He stands up and stretches. Why is it that you fucking camera people can't leave me alone?"

He stops in his tracks and notices that the camera person is indeed... a camerawoman.

Artemis Eclipse: "Erm... hi there pretty lady. I like the fact that you're looking up at me while on your knees... trust me, I do. But the thing is, you gotta' get up. I won't be able to think right with you staying like this chick face."

The camerawoman stands and looks at Artemis. He's clearly taken back by her but tries to stand his ground.

Artemis Eclipse: "Please tell me... when did AWF hire such an amazing specimen?"

Camerawoman: "Umm.. I've been here about 2 weeks now. They've been mainly training me though. Telling me how to handle situations and how to make the best of things. Mainly... how to react to the talent."

Artemis gets a smile on his face. And holds his hand out for the woman to enter his room. She grabs it and walks in. She looks around and sees a bunch of comics on the ground and sees about 3 empty cans of Java Monster and some various Sushi containers. She sits on the couch and Artemis in his elevate bean bag.

Camerawoman: "My... how interesting you are Artemis."

Artemis Eclipse: "Oh yeah, you think? Is this another tactic they taught you? Make us feel comfortable so you can ask a bunch of personal questions in a bit? Huh? I invited you in and you react this way? I'm not typical talent here chick face. I'm special. I'm a soon to be legend and a current prodigy. There is none higher than me. Intelligence or talent wise. So please, don't patronize me. Just ask the questions you came to ask."

The camerawoman is visibly upset and doesn't know what to do. She's fumbling for her words and begins crying. Artemis just sits there unfazed. After a minute, she takes a couple deep breaths and composes herself.

Camerawoman: "Fine then. If that's how you want it... I have three questions. One, are you afraid of what Rob Rage is going to say out there tonight? You guys have had a HEATED rivalry recently and it's coming to a definite point soon. Your TLC match is right around the corner. You must have some thoughts.

Two, if by some chance you do beat Rob at the next PPV, how confident are you going up against JMan the next month? It's got to be nerve-wracking. Going after your first Championship. And number three, if you obtain the Adrenaline Championship from JMan... what's next?"

They sit there for a minute and Artemis just stares at her. She starts fidgeting around. Artemis finally stands up and moves over to the couch. The camerawoman backs up and stares at him. He leans in.

Artemis Eclipse: "Scared of me now or something chick face?"

Camerawoman: "No. Just wondering what you're thinking. That's all."

Artemis Eclipse: "Excellent. I'll answer your questions if you answer one for me."

Camerawoman: "And that is?"

Artemis Eclipse: "What's your name?"
Monica: "Monica. She smiles. It's Monica."

Artemis Eclipse: "Simply a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Sorry to make you cry earlier. My emotions get the best of me sometimes. Either way, my thoughts on Roid Rage are this... I don't give a damn about him. Honestly, I never did. I do however give a damn about winning. I love to win. I beat him, he beat me... blah, blah, blah.

That's all schematics. See... something important that no one is looking at here is the fact I've already beaten him. AND I've already beaten JMan a few months ago. Simply put, I'm ready. I'm going all the way. That should answer your questions in the long run. Roid Rage is going down and so is JMan. Mark my words. I have no qualms putting them in their place and making everyone realize who they're messing with. I'm Artemis Eclipse damnit!

01-14-2012, 01:02 AM
He stands up and starts pacing.

I'm going to take it all here in AWF. It may be a slow process but, I have time. I want to win every Championship here. And I want to be the first to do it. I want to be the first AWF Grandslam Champion. Keep watching. It will happen.

He looks at Monica and sits.

Most importantly right now... do you want to go out with me and get some Sushi, chick face?"

She looks at him and smiles a broad smile.

Monica: "Umm... sure. Let me turn this interview into my supervisor and I'll get my stuff and we can go.... you sure?"

Artemis Eclipse: "Of course I am. I wouldn't ask if I wasn't. Meet you at my car... you know which one it is?"

Monica: "I saw you driving it earlier, yes."

Artemis Eclipse: "Excellent. Meet me there in 30 minutes."

She smiles and walks out the door. Artemis goes and sits down on his chair and pulls a cell phone from behind his couch.

Artemis Eclipse: "You hear all that? Yeah... oh yeah... she's a hottie for sure.... uh huh... yup.... yeah.... you know my motto... Hahaha! Yup, just put it in the butt!"
Scott: Well that certainly was interesting. Up next we have Rob Rage vs. Straight Edge's Jayden and Aiden Caine
Match 4: Rob Rage vs. Straight Edge
Straight Edge (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3METMAHEnvk&feature=youtube_gdata_player&quot; Rob Rage [/URL]<br /><br /><br />Rob Rage makes his way down to the ring, and sits down in the full lotus position<br /><br /><br />Rob: And before I get started, yes I know you hate the lotus position, that’s exactly why I’m doing it. Now, onto tonight’s business, and for some reason it just feels all wrong. I’m in a tag team match, nothing wrong about that, you have them all the time. I’m up against a regular teaming tag team, one who teams all the time but my partner and I have never teamed. So the odds are stacked us, but hey, nothing wrong with that either, I’m used to overcoming the odds. Am I on the wrong side of the ring? My opponents, they’re called Straight Edge, and they live by the Straight Edge lifestyle, as do I. So, really, I’d want to be on the other team, but hey, sometimes you fight with your friends, and sometimes you have to fight against them. So I guess sometimes you fight with people of the same philosophies as you, and sometimes you fight against them, so yet again that is fine too. So where oh where is this problem? Ah, it must be with my partner. Is he untalented? No, he’s not, so that’s not the problem. Ah, I’ve found it. I’m teaming with Artemis Eclipse *his face turns to an expression of disgust and he spits out his last words* a Bostonian! *Crowd laughs* Who wants to team with a bloody Bostonian, they’ll stab you in the back for the sake of cleaning their knife. And which Bostonian, non-other than the one I’m feuding with. So yeah, I’m not too keen on this match, but hey, I’ll still win it. Artemis, you’re going to have a front row seat for wrestling excellence, so keep your eyes peeled and you might learn something. Oh, and if you want to stab me in the back, think first, as I’ll just stab you in the front twice before you even get your knife out<br /><br /><br />[URL=&quot;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6JHASKe4qg&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

Scott: Here come Straight Edge and this is going to be one hell of a handicap match let's see how well Rob Rage fairs.

*Watch until 8:50*

*Rob Rage has Jayden while Aiden is on the floor and Artemis Eclipse slides in and hits Rob Rage. The ref calls for the bell. Artemis and Straight Edge begin to beat down on Rob Rage and Artemis sets Rob Rage up for the standing Dragoncarana when the lights dim and a spot light is seen and two men from the rafters drop down dressed in what appears to be a superhero outfit they fight off Straight Edge and Artemis gets out of the ring. They check on Rob Rage make sure he is okay and look at Straight Edge they pick up Rob Rage and propell back up the arena!*
Scott: What did we just witness?! A new team helping out Rob Rage well this can only get interesting from now we have Axxel Sonn who has a few words to say to the crowd
*Axxel walks out to massive cheers as the former Marine salutes the crowd*

AS: So it looks like I am getting a shot at the AWF World Championship, something I have wanted since I step foot in this place. The AWF isn't just a title, it isn't just an accessory to me, it is a badge of honor, a badge that shows my dedication and my hard work. The AWF World Championship is something that a man of honor should carry, a man who has bleed and cried for this business and for this country. The AWF World Championship is the most prestigious belt in this company, to hold that belt doesn't mean your the best, it means you try the hardest, and nobody tries harder than me and I will prove that when I win the AWF World Championship!

*Crowd cheers*

AS: Now, on to another matter at hand, HWA. Apparently they don't like us? Huh, interesting.. You know I almost went there, but yeah I choose to come to a real promotion. Everyone says that HWA is the 3rd biggest company next to JBW and EWNCW, but honestly I don't think that is the case and when my team meets theirs we will prove just how second rate that company really is! Hoorah!

Scott: Great words from Axxel no doubt he'd make a great champion but will we even have an AWF World Championship after tonight?

Danny: I don't like Axxel but I'd rather have him than Broc who says he'd take the title to HWA and I hope Avidico does what is right for the company.

Scott: I agree up next we have Jman and Gillz in a non title match

Match 5: Gillz vs. AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman

Gillz (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

Danny: Gillz is here! The No.1 contender to the AWF Adrenaline Championship is here!

Scott: Yeah let’s not get too excited Danny… We don’t want a repeat of when your Wife gave birth…

Danny: That was a miracle of nature and…

Scott: Gillz has the mic!

Gillz: Jman you and I aren't much different. We are both world champions for our respective companies and here we are in AWF fighting over the Adrenaline Title that proves you have the balls to last over an hour against your opponent. I got my second chance and Jman trust me I will win the Adrenaline Title from you but tonight I'll just kick your ass as Speed of Sound I'll take your title.

Jman (http://&quot;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

Scott: And here comes the AWF Adrenaline Champion! One has to wonder what’s going through his mind, Gillz is a big threat to the title. Earlier today, Jman was interviewed by no other than Linda Vargas.

Jman: *The Gravitytron cuts to a shot of Linda Vargas*

Linda: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is the AWF Adrenaline Champion, Jman.

*big pop as Jman walks into the frame*

Jman, thank you for joining me. First off, what are your thoughts on having to face Gillz again?

Jman: I’m fine with it. He thinks I got lucky at Death Race but at the next Pay-Per-View I’ll prove I truly am the better man.

Linda: If you do defeat Gillz your next challenge will come from either Artemis Eclipse or Rob Rage. Who would you rather face?

Jman: Rage. He’s a helluva competitor who has an intense passion for the business.

Linda: What if Artemis wins?

Jman: Then I’ll beat him. See Linda, it doesn’t really matter who you put in front of me, I just wanna win.

Linda: Speaking of winning, I have to ask you about this war with HWA…

Jman: *cutting Linda off* Ahhh yes, I’m glad you asked about that. Can I have the mic? 

Linda: Sure.

*Linda hands Jman the mic and walks off camera*

Jman: A lot of my fellow AWFers will talk about a specific guy in HWA but I wanna take a look at the whole company. All’s I’ve heard from the HWA camp lately is how they’re about to make the “big two” of JBW and EWNCW into a “big three”. What they seem to forget is that they wouldn’t be where they are if it wasn’t for “the big two” lending out our talent. From day one, HWA has had success handed to them on a silver platter. Here in AWF though, we’ve recovered from crappy management, injuries to our top guys, and an invasion from the same people who fucked this place up to begin with. An outside observer might look at this war and think AWF is completely overmatched by the “hardcore” federation but that’s what we thrive on…We’ve always been told we’re not good enough and somehow we’ve always overcome the odds. This war with HWA will be no different.

*With that, Jman walks off camera to a huge pop.*

Danny: The next match will be a non – title match, so even if Gillz wins, he will need to beat Jman again in order to win the title.


Danny: Gillz wins! Gillz has beaten the Adrenaline Champion! If he can do that again when the title is on the line, he’ll be the new Adrenaline Champion!

Scott: Jman was battering him though. It’s gonna be a tough match.

Danny: He looks like he’s already lost the title. He can’t afford to let this loss get to him though.

Scott: No, Jman is strategic he won't let this loss deter him instead he'll learn and grow from it. Let's go to the back where we have The Prophecy standing by.

01-14-2012, 01:05 AM
The Prophecy is standing backstage in front of a sign saying HWA."Ladies and gentlemen, mostly gentlemen, do not get your hopes up. The sign behind me does not say HLA, short for hot lesbian action, it in fact says HWA."The Prophecy looks back to double check."Yeah HWA *sigh*. Now I dont tend to read efed dirtsheets, or even watch the competition, but when a friend of mine told me about some company called HWA insulting this great company, I got a little pissed off. So after searching Google for HWA, and getting distracted by HLA I found out that this other company had indeed besmirched our name. Now you see I take this personally, I am one of the founders of this fed, and have put my all into the AWF. "The fans cheer."I had great matches with Jman for the Super Fly title, I even had some good matches with that other Depri$e guy or whatever the hell he is calling himself these days. So as I said, HWA I take these insults personally, and I will not stand for the besmirching of the AWF. So HWA get all your jobbers, erm I mean champions lined up and I will show you what greatness truly is.....me"Fans start chanting PROPHECY"HWA, unless you start giving away HLA, then get your asses ready, because PROPHECY SLAUGHTERS THE HWA, will be trending worldwide".

Scott: The Prophecy had some words for HWA and is willing to go to War for AWF which is good to know let's go to the AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e who is in the back.

Depri$e: Can Somebody Please Tell Me What da Fuck is So Hardcore about HWALet's Get da Facts Straight.....Anyone wit da right mind leaves and will leave datt piece of shit ,da cow shit I call the wrestlers there ,that Farm house I call that company and that Pig I Call Broc...oink oink u snitch ass ,Rat ass ,Garbage ass Promoter, Owner ? Let's be real ur gonna really get owned and put in place..That's Right Nevamind u are put in place....Last Place and All u need now is the Death Date..I Could tell u right now as soon as the spotlight is off , and it will be off Because AWF would pull da plug after we pack up and leave Once we invade and rape dat company for Fun ,why because we Can!....Us against you is da only real Shine ur getting..Hardcore Wrestling my cock in da owner Bitch mouf, well I ain't a homo so no dick for Dave Sullivan...another thing All Those Paper Champs I Recognize as Chumps Can't Even Compare to The SupaFlly ChamPion of The AWF...Depri$e!...Cut Da Check , HWA is Done.Anybbody gotta Problem Put Some money up cuz I ain't Beating up on bitches for Free unless u push me pussies...........Juuuuuuu Heeaaarddd


Scott: Shut up you're not SilverCena don't be saying Boi. but uh if I can decifer what Depri$e said he seems to be on the same page as everyone else about HWA we have one more who has something to say and that is Jaime "The Eagle" Evans who was involved in a match earlier on against Azrael he seems to be recovered well.

Jamie: So HWA think that they're able to beat us? The simple fact of the matter is that we're all for kicking ass in the name of the company. Those idiots are too busy hitting eachother in the head with chairs to even think about working together, unlike myself. I would be honoured to stand side by side with anyone in a battle against them, even someone like Azreal.I know it's short but I thought of something. I already sent a PM to Shining Light about my upcoming match againsty Azreal. SInce I've mentioned him in that Promo, I though it would be good to link them both together. Let's say I'm giving a backstage interview, then after I say this bit, the interviewer links it to my other piece. Just an idea.

Scott: Great words from our talents here united together against HWA. Folks it is time for our Main Event. Broc cashes in his
Championshipmaker contract to challenge Avidico for the AWF World Championship.

Danny: And it's not just that. If Broc wins he'll take the belt to HWA but if Avidico wins then Broc cannot compete in AWF for as long as HWA and AWF are at war.

Main Event: Broc vs. AWF World Champion Avidico

Broc! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzU7kpA9M4Q&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

Scott: This man is horrible. He is here in AWF to compete and decides since he owns HWA he'll gladly take the belt there? No this is AWF where talent reigns supreme not some hardcore junkies.

Danny: Agreed Scott. Broc isn't deserving of the World title. Don't get me wrong neither is Avidico but Broc doesn't deserve it either.

AWF World Champion Avidico (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIokT8nGoig&feature=youtube_gdata_player)

*Avidico walks out with a mic and proudly wearing the AWF World Championship around his waist*

**Avidico makes his way to the ring with his Awf World championship around his waist*
*a chant is heard making its way around the arena
Fuck You HwaYou Suck BrocFuck you HwaYou Suck BrocAvidico: As all you may know a battle is brewing between AWF and HWA
Fuck You HWAAvidico: Yup Fuck HWAnow right now i will be facing broc
You suck BrocLearn to wrestleThe CREATOR of HWANow i Promise all of youI will not let that talentless "Hardcore Junkie"Take this title *Holds up AWF World Title*Now about the warAs some may knowi am signed to a contract with JBW
JBW JBW JBWMeaning that i will not be able to lead AWF against HWA
Fuck you HWA But that doesnt mean that it isnt in good hands
AL EX AND ER AL EX AND ERand it sure as hell doesnt mean i wont be joining in kicking some HWA arseStarting with you broc*Avidico drops the mic and walks to the top of the ramp there he stops and turns round*Avidico: fuck you HWA
YOU SUCK BROCAvidico: you suck broc

Scott: Well here we go our main event!


Scott: AVIDICO DID IT! HE DID IT! Avidico retained the World Championship against Broc. What an impressive match from both men

*The Lights go dark and then come back on and in the ring are Hans Beerstein, Jonny Hot, Jack Nikolas, Brandon Mideiros, and Kevin Matthews as they are about to attack DJ Black, Jason Alexander, Erick Alexander, Depri$e, and Axxel Sonn make it to the ring and begin to Brawl then the rest of the AWF Locker room comes out to aid their brand and Broc,Hans,Brandon,Jonny, Jack and Kevin retreat through the crowd as the AWF fans throw garbage at them. The Camera goes to the AWF Locker room united against HWA as the screen fades to black*

02-10-2012, 02:15 AM
Well I guess here it goes :/

02-10-2012, 02:16 AM
I'll save the sentimental stuff for the fillers for Speed of Sound sometime next week

02-10-2012, 02:18 AM
This is the final Zero Gravity folks it has been a blast and I apologize that in it's final days I was slacking

02-10-2012, 02:19 AM
These fillers were always awesome here is a random one


02-10-2012, 02:21 AM
Here we go FINAL Zero Gravity!

02-10-2012, 02:29 AM
AWF Zero Gravity episode 16

The BRAND NEW Zero Gravity theme song!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WL5IRrhl20)

Scott: Hello all and welcome to another episode of AWF Zero Gravity and we are just one day away from Speed of Sound and just days away from HWA vs. AWF: End of Days!

Danny: You're right! We are only days away from AWF kicking the shit out of that ECW rip off company.

Scott: That's offensive!

Danny: How so?

Scott: Calling HWA an ECW rip off is far from it. It's an insult to the legacy of ECW. It's more of Backyard Wrestling promotion.

Danny: And that's an insult to backyards!

Markus Beerstien! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIP4Q_L5iCM] AWF World Champion Avidico [/URL]

*Avidico makes his way down to the ring with this AWF world Championship around his waist
As he makes his way down to the ring The Crowd is Giving him a Standing Ovation*

Avidico: Thank you thank you
now since i beat broc, Banning him from AWF for the war and successfully defending my title. now i thought that i was having the night off come speed of sound
but our wonderful Owner Has informed me i will be defending my title against Axxel.
Now Axxel, This is your chance. it time to sink or swim. i know what my money is you sinking
Axxel you are a zero. i am a hero and come Speed of sound. i am going to show you that exactly
when i hit you with the supernova and pin you 1...2....3

*avidico drops the mic and walks off*

Scott: Well what words from Avidico there. We were wondering what the main event would be for tomorrow's PPV Speed of Sound would be and Avidico just confirmed it.

Danny: You're right. At Death Race Axxel won his match against Daymian Bloodstone and is the number one contender.

Scott: And speaking of Speed of Sound we have our musical guest confirmed!

Danny: I heard HolyJose tried booking Justin Bieber and The Backstreet Boys. But couldn't get either of them :/

Scott: You're right he did but due to their extensive schedule he couldn't do so instead he has booked Florida based Metalcore/Pop-Punk band A Day To Remember!

Danny: Meh they're good too!

Scott: Of course they are! Well let's get to the action we have Markus Beerstein vs. DJ Black up next!

(”[url) DJ Black

Scott: here comes DJ Black the former AWF World Champion and he and Markus don't like each other right now since Markus helped HolyJose regain AWF.

Danny: He didn't deserve anything I hope Beerstein kicks his ass!

Match 1: Markus Beerstein vs. DJ Black

*Ignore stipulation and ending*

*Markus has Black set up for the Beer Crusher and DJ gets out of the way and hits a low blow on Markus. The ref calls for the bell and DJ Black begins stomping and beating on Markus and Damien Hardy makes his way down to the ring and both begin to beat down Beerstein. Scorpio makes his way out to the ring to a huge pop but gets knocked down by Hardy with a hard left. Hardy and DJ Black go out and get tables and set both Markus and Scorpio on the tables climb opposite side of the ropes and hit an amazing shooting star press crashing onto the men through the tables!*

Scott: Oh My GOD! That's insane! DJ Black and Damien Hardy making a statement tonight to their opponents after witnessing that let's go to the back where Linda Vargas is standing by with Artemis Eclipse.

Linda Vargas: Thank you Scott. Hello everybody I'm here with Artemis Eclipse. Now Artemis you have a match against Rob Rage for the number one contendership to the AWF Adrenaline Championship at Speed of Sound. What are your thoughts?

Artemis:.... *Gives the camera an evil stare and walks away*

Linda: Well he must be focused then. Back to you Scott!

Scott: Thank you Linda and that was very odd of Artemis he usually has a lot to say but not today.

Danny: He's done with talking. It's time for action that will be a great match from Artemis at Speed of Sound.

Scott: Ladies and gentlemenlet's get to our second match we have Artemis taking on Damien Hardy

Damien Hardy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvFZJFf8S6Y)

Scott: Damien actually help pick up the win last week I was surpised and he just beat down Scorpio and Beerstein but up next he has to take on Artemis Eclipse.

Artemis Eclipse (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypCdGNe3Bvs)
Danny: Artemis has been impressive as of late and leading into Speed of Sound I know he'll get the number one contendership slot.

Scott: I don't know Rob Rage is a serious contender I see him picking up the win in the tables match let's get to the action

Match 2: Artemis Eclipse vs. Damien Hardy


(ignore interference and face/heel)

Scott: Artemis has Hardy up and a kravat suplex! Artemis heads up to the top rope, Hardy slowly getting up and Aretmis jumps and hits the Dragonrana! and the ref counts


Scott: Artemis wins! Artemis wins! what an amazing match

Danny: This just shows that Artemis is going into Speed of Sound and be the new Number one contender.

Scott: We'll just have to wait and see

Dany: Oh you will ALL see.

Scott: Well anyways we have some tag team action up next the debuting Erik Alexander teams up with his cousin former AWF World Champion Jason Alexander let's go to the back.

02-10-2012, 02:36 AM
*Jason and Erick Alexander are seen backstage getting ready for action*

JA: Finally I get to have someone I can trust be apart of the AWF and enter the rank of the tag team division. I cant think of anyone aside my from BWA partner Abel who I would rather team up with and lets face it among the few teams that appear here in the AWF no team other than the champions Two of a Kind can handle The Alexander Bloodline (which is our team name) including The Sky High Bastards tonight, que tu crees primo? (What do you think, cuz?)

EA: Eso es cierto primo, con nosotros juntos todos los demas equipos no valen un carajo. (Thats right cuz, with us being together all another teams are worthless). The Alexander Bloodline will prevail and we will be AWF Tag Team Champions sooner rather later. Hell if we kick Two of a Kind's asses badly enough at Speed of Sound they'll just have to give the titles to us and we will make them one of a kind.

JA: Ahora vamos a mostrarle al mundo que (Now we show the world that) The Alexander Bloodline will reign supreme in the AWF.

EA: Let's go.

Scott: Well they're ready for action let's see the Alexander Bloodline take on the Sky High Bastards!

Sky High Bastards (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYnFIRc0k6E)

*SHB roll down with their BMX bike and riding around throwing stink bombs all over the place*

Danny: That's just foul!

Scott: I couldn't agree more. These two don't know any respect!

Alexander Bloodline (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGQwbQwsicw&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: The long awaited debut of the Alexander Bloodline. Jason Alexander was great in singles competition we can only imagine how great he is with his cousin his "familia" Erik Alexander.

Danny: I don't like them already BUT I don't like Sky High Bastards either so I guess I have to root for the Alexander Bloodline

Match 3: Sky High Bastards vs. Alexander Bloodline


(Ignore titles)

Scott: What an impressive showing from the Alexander Bloodline one can only imagine how far they'll go in AWF

Danny: It was good but one thing....

Scott: What?

Danny: We need some damn ventalation here those Stink bombs are rancid!

*Two of a Kind walk out with mics in hand*

Conrad: Come on are we really listening to this crap, We have heard Jason Alexander go on all of last year to the media and hype that his brother was coming to the AWF and take our World Tag Team championships and so far you have done what you have set out to do.

You have joined the AWF so congratulations but that is as far as you are going to get because We are the AWF.


We are you see, when anyone thinks of the AWF hey think ohh thats where the triple Crown World Tag Team champions got there start

KID: and when you think of AWF you think of your AWF Tag Team Champions Two Of A Kind, we are an institution here, all the championships in AWF have been lost except for our AWF World tag team champions.
These titles are pure so im sorrly Alexanders you are not staining thses titles because we are Two Of A Kind and we mean business

Scott: Two of a Kind calling out the Alexanders looks like there maybe a final addition to the card at Speed of Sound! Let's go to the back where Jaime Evans and Damien Bloodstone are standing by

Jaime Evans: Azrael you think you're some sort of monster huh? You believe that since you're bigger you're better?

DB: You're wrong. The future of this company is here in front of you and Azrael you can't do a damn thing to stop us.

Jaime: Alright I'm out here for one simple reason. Azreal, I know you're listening so pay attention. You want to be treated with respect you gotta damn well earn it, and you ain't done that with me. I ain't gonna say you're not a good wrestler, Hell you could even be one of the best someday, we all could. But bitching and moaning about your losses and then jumping guys after their matches is just downright pissing me off! You want to run around whining about being treated like shit. Well here's an interesting thought, try not acting like a piece of shit! Now I don't care how we go about it, but you and I are gonna settle our differences in this ring. We can do it bare handed, you can grab some weapons, Hell do whatever you like. This thing is still gonna end, with you on your back, learning the hard way that if you want respect, you gotta give some out too. And that includes respecting me!

*camera goes back to the ringside area*

Scott: Bloodstone and Evans are not afraid of Azrael

Danny: Yeah but they should be! He's the damn Angel of Death!

Scott: Oh you don't believe that do you? Grow up

Danny: Don't be begging for mercy when he comes for you.

Rob Rage’s music hits and he walks out to a warm reception from the AWF crowd. He sits on the turnbuckle in a full lotus position and begins to speak

Rob: Well hello AWF! *Crowd Pop* It’s been a damn while has it not. I mean, I’ve heard of the saying quality over quantity Jose, but this is taking it to the extreme a bit isn’t it? Right, onto business. You may be wondering what business is, well wonder no more, as I’m about to tell you.

Business is the Adrenaline title. I’ve made it my business. JMan, I respect the shit out of you, but that doesn’t change the act that next month, come hell or high water, if you have the title I’ll be taking it from you. Gillz, one of the original high flyers, multiple time World Champion. Quite frankly I don’t care, it doesn’t matter, if you hold the title, it’s not going to be for long. That’s because 2012 is going to be the year of the Rage. I’ve already kicked it off elsewhere by earning two titles, and I ain’t stopping there.

Artemis, you’re a stepping stone for me right now. A big, ugly, Bostonian stepping stone. You are not going to beat me, take that as a fact. At the next PPV, in a TLC match, you need to know just two words. I. Win. I have no doubt that it’s going to be brutal, at some points it may even look as if you’ve got the upper hand. Don’t be deceived, on thing will remain constant in that match, and that is the fact that I will win.

*crowd scream last line with him*

Straight Edge (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSPsrvnYbMg)

Scott: Here come Jayden, Aiden and Krysys and they look to call out Rage to a match.

*Then two ropes decend from the ceiling and Iconography slide down*

Scott: Well it looks to be a fair fight now!

Match 4: Straight Edge vs. Iconography and Rob Rage

(Ignore post match)

Scott: An impressive debut for Iconography! With Rage getting the pinfall going strong into Speed of Sound.

Danny: Looks like a bunch of gay men in tights.

Scott: This entire sport is men in tights dumbass

Danny: But Iconography is gay though

Scott: That's I'm having you announce with thedag one of these days

Danny: I love thedag! met him at a bar once real friendly.

Scott: *gives Danny a what the fuck look* well up next we have challenge vs. challenger The Prophecy vs. Gillz

02-10-2012, 02:41 AM
Match 5: Prophecy vs. Gillz

The Prophecy! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

*Prophecy walks out with a mic in hand*

*The Prophecy is standing in the ring with a microphone and the fans chanting his name*

Proph: Depri$e (fans boo) only a few months ago you took away my first ever championship, the AWF Super Fly championship. That championship meant everything to me, and I worked my ass of to make that title mean something.

The fans chant "one more shot, one more shot"

Proph: When I first won it, it was nothing more than an expensive accessory. However after week after week of incredible matches that title became prestigious, it became sort after, it became a championship. Jman and I captivated the audiences with our awe inspiring matches, and through it all not only did we gain respect for each other, but we helped put AWF on the map.

The fans cheer and chant "AWF, AWF, AWF"

Proph: You are a di$grace to that title, you are not worthy of that title, you do not deserve the right to be known as the AWF Super Fly champion. That my friend is why I will regain that gold belt, and bring back some prestige that you took away from it. Depri$e, enjoy your final days as champion, because when we meet again, I will be the two time AWF Super Fly Champion.

*The Prophecy drops the mic and walks out the ring with the fans cheering his name.*

Gillz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

Scott: Prophecy has vowed to get the SuperFly Championship back in his possession and Gillz is looking to finally win gold here in AWF. both men have a lot to prove and we'll see who wants their championship more

(ignore championship)

Scott: And Gillz picks up the win! He shows that he wants the Adrenaline Championship and is willing to go through any lengths but let's not count out the Prophecy here he is determined to get back the AWF SuperFly Championship.

Danny: In Gillz we trust!

Scott: I give up with him. It is time for our main event. champion vs champion. AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman vs. AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e

Main Event: AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman vs. AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e

*Music hits*

*To a big pop, Jman appears at the top of the ramp. He gives high fives to some fans as he heads toward the ring and grabs a mic from a stagehand before heading up the steps.*

Jman: Gillz…Gillz…Gillz. I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking “Hey, I’ve beaten that Jman guy before and on Sunday I’m gonna beat him again.” That first part is true; you have gotten the best of me before. The second part though? That’s where you might want to rethink things.

*crowd pops*

I’ve lost plenty of matches in my career Gillz. Hell, I got pinned by Felix fricken Guerrero a few weeks back. When it really matters though, I’m at my best. You don’t have what it takes Gillz. You can’t hang with someone like me when the lights are at their brightest. I proved that at Death Race, and on Sunday I’ll prove it again.

*Huge pop as Jman drops the mic*

AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGn4fsgtLcI)

*Depri$e walks out with a mic in hand*

First of All Things This Championship
Crowd Now as I Speak Don't get your Damn Eyes off Of It and Do Not Get Your Damn Eyes Off Me!
Why Exactly, Because You Wouldn't Have to, Depri$e Will Remain Standing The Champion and #1 Champion in Every Division Period.
The Bar is at a Low set for others and the Top you Can't Reach because I Am The Damn Top!
Climb What ladder if I'm Pushing it , Up What Mountain if I have Conquered It...
So What is a Title Defense to Depri$e, Nuthin...Nuthin At All hooligans and hoes...kids and Bitches in da Back notice that The SuperFly Champion is in Full Control of the Situation , The Only Problem is Does Prophecy even know WHAT he is Dealing wit ,When EveryBody Pays ...DepRi$E!!! ..oww, Ain't I So SuPaFlly!!!..(takes his shirt off and throws it at the ladies in the audience)
Grabs The Mic Back ..Did I Mention Depri$e + Prophecy= Pri$e is Winning, yo Where my wingman...Prophecy midget comes out in prophecy attire , Goes to the top rope and Depri$e Gives him a superFLYkick into the audience


Scott: NO! Gillz just came out and and gave Depri$e the DQ win! This can't be! Jman had it won

Danny: YES genius!

*Prohpecy runs down to the ring and Jman alongside Prophecy begin to brawl with Gillz and Depri$e when all of a sudden the lights go out and music begins to play*

The Former HWA Supremacy Champion, The Former JBW SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Champion, The former EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion. One of if not the most contoversial man in Efedding history. KEVIN MATTHEWS! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUMh8GQnDW8)

Scott: No it can't be! Kevin Matthews in AWF? How so?

Danny: I don't know but he has a mic let's see what he has to say!

Kevin Matthews: Oh what a difference two weeks makes! Two weeks, you we all have our fifteen minutes of fame, and I'd like to take a couple of my fifteen minutes to talk about the rights and the wrongs in the world of pro wrestling. What's wrong is seeing a bunch of misfits running around claiming they know how to book and run a show properly, claiming they know everything about booking a show. Newsflash! You can't book worth shit and you can't accommodate certain needs people ask! On the other hand, what's right in the world of pro wrestling is for me Kevin Matthews to abandon the titanic otherwise known as the HWA, and swim to the refuge of the AWF! What's right with the world of professional wrestling is to have people that run companies that know your needs and they don't ask questions about it! Sorry HWA, you had your chance, but you blew it, I asked one thing and you guys decided to be dicks so, my good friend HolyJose called me up and offered me the deal I asked for with you guys, and I accepted. *puts on AWF shirt*
I heard alot of badmouthing last week when I was supposedly fired from HWA. Well tonight, I'm going all out, and I feel like shooting! You see, the problem is I quit the company after the PPV, and I had the balls to stay until the PPV. Initially I never intended to stay in the company for more than six months, I lasted four months. But quickly I became dissatisfied with the way management decided to go forward with my character, I'm not a hard guy to work with, but to publicly humiliate me, that's another story. Just at the PPV, the way they wrote me off was sickening! You had a guy pin me down to the ground after my match was over and spit in my mouth like it was some sort of gay porn fetish! and after that, he had the audacity to tell me that if I was going to stay for the war, I was going to appear as if nothing ever happened, and indirectly called you fans morons by trying to make you guys magically forget that I was put through a table, landing on steel chairs and expect to walk out the next week as if nothing ever happened! I gotta say, having someone who is bitter with you writing the show is something that I wish many people don't encounter in this business, because believe me they'll go to town with you! You see the guys who run the company have to realize that in this business, we work people and we rib them, HE actually bought all the crap I was feeding him, because when I was being trained, my trainer told me to always keep kayfabe alive and I did! There was no way in hell I was going to stay after I learned that I was hired to become a transitional champion, and then shove me down into rookie island because I'm no better than the new guy who was just hired five minutes ago. Sorry boys but I don't fly that way! When I get hired in a company, I get hired on my terms, and if they don't accept my terms, too fucking bad! And if they breach my terms during the time I work there, I walk the fuck out of the company regardless if I'm the champion, or in a major storyline, but if you break a promise, I leave! I may come off as a big shot egomaniac, and a prick but I suggest you go watch that PPV one more time and come back to me on that one.
I'm done!

Scott and Danny:....*speechless*

*Camera fades to black*

03-10-2012, 06:27 PM
yup working on it as we speek

03-25-2012, 12:45 AM
.....SO close to being done but sleep is overcoming me I shall finish writing but posting will be done early tomorrow

03-25-2012, 10:10 PM
AWF has been a wild ride. I thank everyone who made it what it is. Chunkynutz, Jman, HeelTurn, Broc, SEZ, TnaWhat, just to name a few off the top of my head

03-25-2012, 10:12 PM
Krysys and Vegas you guys helped make this too. Also I want to thank you SuperCenaSucks wherever you are. This was your creation but you're leaving allowed me to pick the ball and make it was it is now.

03-25-2012, 10:14 PM
Lastly I want to thank DUBS for having the faith in me taking over. I also want to thank the readers for the support you have given

03-25-2012, 10:16 PM
I have no regrets in anything that happened in AWF. It has truly become mine. I may not have started it but I made it into what it is

03-25-2012, 10:17 PM
Well folks up next is the show. It has been a long time coming but it's time to move onto the future.

03-25-2012, 10:23 PM
AWF Presnets: Speed Of Sound!

[CENTER]http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/421609_10150721010496458_656406457_11469968_212923 1783_n.jpg


Scott: Welcome everybody to Speed of Sound! This is where it all ends for many of the wrestlers feuds. But first we have our special performance from A Day To Remember!


Scott: That was A Day to Remember! What a performance from the band.

Danny: They were good but HolyJose should have gotten Backstreet Boys that would have been great.

Scott: Well you're just gay then. Anyways this is where it all ends..

HolyJose (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8)

*HolyJose walks out with a mic in hand wearing a brand new tailored Armani suit and Versace sunglasses*

HJ: Scott, you're right about that! Speed of Sound where it all ends! But it's not the end of feuds that happens tonight. Back in August I took the helm for AWF and it has been an amazing ride. From controversy galore to appraisal from an other companys. We have been graced by TheDevilsAdvocate, Ma$$Dinero and St. George.

*huge pop*

HJ *with a huge grin*: Our own Adrenaline Champion went and captured the most prized possession in JBW the WARFare World Heavyweight Championship and the man he has feuded with over the Adrenline title with Gillz in EWNCW not only beat Shuriken for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship he went on to become the first ever EWNCW Champion.

*Huge pop*

HJ: The small unkown team came with their own belts and went on to become the first and only AWF World Tag Team Champions a team that later went on to become the first triple crown tag team champions that team, TWO OF A KIND!

*Boos from the crowd*

HJ: And this man went from being unknown to the hottest ticket in the indys. The man went on to win the AWF World Championship and become outspoken and a solid main eventer. That man is Jason "The Puerto Rican Nightmare" Alexander!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

HJ *visibly getting emotional*: Yes exactly. One final point is one I am very proud of. The man known as the Prophecy who has never won a championship came here to AWF and won his first ever title the AWF SuperFly Championship! The point I'm trying to make here is this and it goes to the SuperFly Championship.

*HolyJose takes off his sunglasses and they're red looking as if about to cry*

HJ: AWF has been a proving ground for top stars in Efedding today. And today is the FINAL AWF PPV. AWF has offically become a part of JBW. But with that door closing there is another opening. That being AWF has become JBW: Octane! So AWF is no more and I want to thank you the fans for making AWF what it is and what it will forever be known for! So lets end this with a bang! And let's end this with a match that has never been done before Kevin Matthews let's do this. You vs. Me!

*Kevin Matthews walks out and looks at HolyJose and is shaking his head in agreement*

Scott: Oh my God! What have we just witnessed! AWF no more?

Danny: That means I don't have a job after this? Dammit looks like I may have to go back to modeling.

Scott: You model? I'm not sure if you're joking or serious

*Danny then pulls out a photo album here he has modeled suits for the likes of Armani, Dolce Cabana and other high class companies*

Scott: Well I'll be damned! Anyways looks like a match that has never happened will happen tonight. HolyJose vs. Kevin Matthews! And that's just ontop of everything else. Speed of Sound where it all ends. Let's begin with the action we have Jaime "The Eagle" Evans vs. Azrael!

Match 1: Jaime "The Eagle" Evans vs. "The Angel of Death" Azrael

Linda Vargas: Introducing first from Battle Creek Michigan, he is Jaime "The Eagle" Evans! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz3SMN8OrFE)

Scott: Jaime is looking very confidant tonight but has a huge test against Azrael.

Danny: Azrael will destroy Jaime in a heartbeat. Speaking of which...

Linda Vargas: And introducing his opponent from Washington DC The Angel of Death Azrael! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KsPZ1f7MDs)

(ignore title match)



*Azrael has Jaime set up for the Gates of Hell powerbomb when Jaime begins to fight back and jumps off Azrael. Azrael turns around and Jaime hits the Talon Kick. Jaime has Azrael down and climbs the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb. the ref counts.



Scott: He did it! He did it! Jaime beat Azrael and what a showing it was.

Danny: No! How could he? Azrael was a good foot taller than him and much stronger!!!

Scott: In this business it isn't about weight or strength but about skill and Jaime sure did show the skill to overcome. Up next we have Daymian "The Pint-Sized Rocker" Bloodstone vs. Prince Paul Pharoah. Match has just been added to the card.

Danny: That isn't fair to Pharoah! He doesn't have time to prepare!

Scott: Neither does Bloodstone but these are HolyJose's orders. It's the final show so more exposure the better in the end.

03-25-2012, 10:31 PM
Match 2: Daymian Bloodstone vs."Prince" Paul Pharoah

Daymian "The Pint-Sized Rocker"
Bloodstone (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKRKO-y6wlo)

Scott: Daymian Bloodstone is coming out to a huge pop from the crowd!

Danny: God I hate this midget. All he's done is lose and hasn't even been seen in weeks except with Jaime Evans. Paul Pharoah is an impressive KING!!!!!

Scott: Oh right a "king" anyways Daymian has my full support here tonight!

Prince Paul Pharoah (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0vCqEgarBY&skipcontrinter=1)

Danny: All bow down to the Pharoah! Worthiness is earned around him!

Scott: Oh shut up you! This is the last show thank God I won't have to deal with this afterwards. Paul Pharoah is not impressive at all and Daymian Bloodstone will be the victor here tonight!


*ignore time limit*

*Paul Pharoah has Daymian set up to hit him with the Royal Pain but Bloodstone knees Paul in the face to get out. Daymian then begins a series of kicks to Paul and runs the ropes and hits Paul with a powerful clothesline. Bloodstone then hits an inziguri and Paul is down. Bloodstone goes to the top rope and hits a double moonsault.*



*Daymian lets go of the pin*

Scott: What are you thinking!

*Daymian then picks up Paul and hits him see with inverted DDT and climbes the ropes one more time and hits his 360 shooting star press.*

Scott: oh my God!




Linda Vargas: Here is your winner Daymian "The Pint-Sized Rocker" Bloodstone!

Scott: And impressive win by Bloodstone and great showing from both men. Let's go to the back where the Alexander Bloodline is sitting by.

Danny: The Prince was dethroned....excuse me while I go cry

Scott: No use crying over spilt milk, on to the rest of the final show for AWF.

*The Alexander Bloodline is seen in their locker trainin before their match against Two of a Kind*

EA: Oye primo por que demonios esta lucha no es por los titulos? (Hey cuz why the hell isn't this a title match?)

JA: I don't know but you can bet when we win that it will be a matter of time before those titles belong to us.

EA: Eso es asi. (You got that right)

*Cousins soon bump fists and get ready for action*

Scott: The Alexander Bloodline look ready and focused to take on Two of A Kind in a non title match up later tonight. Up next we have Dylan Cross vs. The Executioner.

Match 3: Dylan Cross vs. The Executioner

Linda Vargas: Introducing first Dylan Cross (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSeNSzJ2-Jw&ob=av3e)

Scott: Dylan is an impressive parkour individual We'll see how he fares against the Executioner.

Linda Vargas: And his opponent The Executioner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME&feature=player_embedded)

Danny: Jobber vs Jobber? I guess they're all here for a paycheck then

Scott: Not a chance. Dylan has this one won.

Danny: Yeah but a jobber is still a jobber

Scott: I...er. you have a point Danny.

Danny: Damn straight let's get this over with!


Scott: Impressive showing from both men but Dylan pulled out win here.

Danny: Told you..

Scott: Right well you were bound to be right at some point. Moving on we have The Sky High Bastards vs. The Far East Warriors.

Match 4: Sky High Bastards vs. Far East Warriors

Linda Vargas: Introducing the first team The Sky High Bastards (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYnFIRc0k6E)

*The lights dim the arena cieling is opening and we see a plane fly by with two dots falling out. It's the Sky High Bastards*


Scott: My God they sure went overboard with their final AWF entrance!

Danny: Damn I would have shit myself if I did it.

Scott: That explains the smell

Danny: Well...um..I'll be back

*Danny leaves quickly and a shit stain is seen on him*

Scott: That idiot. Don't tell him this but I'm going to miss working with him.

Linda Vargas: Introducing their opponents from Japan and South Korea Inzagi and igetwild Far East Warriors! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgJEznqtms)

*Far East Warriors walk out with all the swag in the world and stand at the top of the ramp and sunglasses drop for all the fans to rave to alongside the Far East Warriors*


Linda Vargas: Here are your winners. The Sky High Bastards!

Scott: What an impressive win.

Danny: *phew* back I get a nice change of pants

Scott:Lovely. Anyways let's get rolling onto the next match we have an intense rivaly that has brewed over the last few months. Markus Beerstein and El Scorpio vs. DJ Black and Damien Hardy.

Danny: It started after Markus and Scorpio helped HolyJose win control back of AWF from SuperCenaSucks and this just boiled over into this match.

03-25-2012, 10:39 PM
Match 5: Damien Hardy and DJ Black vs. Markus Beerstein and El Scorpio

Linda Vargas: Introducing first the team of DJ Black and Damien Hardy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCpcdb_kig)

Linda Vargas: Introducing their opponents Markus Beerstein and El Scoprio


*El Scorpio and Hardy are fighting in the back. DJ Black begins to go back and forth with Markus. DJ Black goes for a Clothesline when Markus cathes him and hits him with the Beer Crusher!*




Linda Vargas: Here are your winners. Markus Beerstein and El Scorpio!

Scott: Impressive yet again! Let's go to the back where we have the AWF Adrenaline Champion standing by.
*The GravityTron cuts to a shot of Jman sitting at his locker and putting his elbow pads on*

Jman: Ironman. It’s a term made famous, in this business anyway, by a Heartbreak Kid and a Hitman. I’ve come to love being known as an ironman; as THE ironman of AWF. Tonight, for the final time, I face of with a man who has been trying for months to become the AWF Adrenaline Champion and our resident ironman. Gillz, you haven’t been able to do it yet and even after a sixty minute war in that ring tonight you’ll still come up short.

Danny: Jman is ready but Gillz will win the Ironman match tonight!

Scott: We'll see but next we have two men who would have fought for a shot at the Adrenaline title but now it's just a grudge match.

Danny: My boy Arty Eclipse will destroy Rob Rage in this tables match!

Match 6: Tables Match: Artemis Eclipse vs. Rob Rage

Linda Vargas: The following contest is a tables match. The object of the match is to put your opponent through a table. Introducing first from England [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3METMAHEnvk"] Rob Rage! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNg4aFJs1cw)

Scott: The man who I see winning this! Artemis will fall to Rob Rage!

Linda Vargas: And his opponent from Boston, MA Artemis Eclipse (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWDkIjdHuQg)



*ignore ending*

*Rob Rage has Artemis set up on the table. Rob goes to the top rope looking to hit a moonsault to end it. Rob jumps but sees Artemis move out and twists his body in mid air narrowly avoiding the table. Artemis seizes the opportunity to throw Rob out of the ring. Eclipse sets up a barbed wire board underneath the table. Goes out and grabs lighter fluid and pours it over the table. Lights a match and sets the table on fire. while the crowd chants.

Set him on Fire

Set him on fire

Set him on fire

Artemis rolls Rob Rage back into the ring. Rob fights back with a few elbows to the head and looks to clothesline Artemis. Artemis catches him by the neck and attempts a kravat suplex. Rob again fights out of it and ends up irish whipping Artemis into the ring ropes and looks to superplex Artemis onto the burning table. Artemis begins to punch back and turns around on Rage. Grabs Rage by the neck and does a flip slam onto the burning table both men go crashing into the fire and barbed wire. The ref goes to check on both men but the fire is still burning. EMT's rush into the ring and put out the fire revealing Artemis on top of Rob Rage. The ref singles for the winner*

Linda Vargas: Here is your winner. Artemis...ECLIPSE!

Scott: Oh my God that match was insane.

Danny: By God! Arty did it he did it!

*Crowd begins to chant Holy Shit Holy Shit Holy Shit and That was Awesome *clap clap clap*That was Awesome *clap clap clap* That was Awesome!

*EMT's rush both Artmeis and Rob Rage out of the ring and to the nearest hospital*

Scott: This looking as if the show will end with a bang

Danny: Oh my God. I don't believe that. Up next we have Iconography vs. Straight Edge!

03-25-2012, 10:42 PM
Match 7: Iconography vs. Straight Edge

Linda Vargas: Introducing first Jaydan and Sayoisn Straight Edge! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSPsrvnYbMg)

Danny: All Hail Straight Edge!

Linda Vargas: And their opponents Iconography (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw6qmYX1ny4)

Scott: A new team we haven't seen in action let's see where this goes!


(*ignore titles*)

Linda Vargas: Here are your winners. Iconography!

Scott: Impressive victory and talent shown by these young men wherever they go they will surely shine! Up next we have the first of three title matches. Jman defends his AWF Adrenaline Championship against Gillz.

Danny: Gillz and Jman have had incredibale matches over the last few months for the Adrenaline title and it all ends in a 60 minute ironman match tonight!

Match 8: 60 minute IronMan Match for the AWF Adrenaline Championship: AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman vs. Gillz

Linda Vargas: This match is a 60 minute Iron Man Match for the AWF Adrenaline Championship. Introducing first the challenger from Scotland Gillz (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATIVuynOPTM)

Danny: Gillz is a great competitor and deserves the Adrenaline title he has a never quit attitude! My money is on him.

Linda Vargas: And His opponent from Philidelphia, PA The AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBQ0_9IFzU0)

Scott: I doubt it. Jman is the man to beat and has always been dominant. Jman retains and remains the only AWF Adrenaline Champion. First and only.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqi0ia6S9uE&amp;feature=results_video&amp;playnext =1&amp;list=PLEC18E041701BDD65

03-25-2012, 10:51 PM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDbADzGK3pM&amp;feature=BFa&amp;list=PLEC18E041701 BDD65&amp;lf=results_video

*Ignore ending*

* Score is 4-3 Jman down by one with 5 minutes left on the clock. Gillz is seeing he is about to win gets out the ring and starts walking up the ramp with the belt in hand the ref begins to count Gillz out. Jman is looking to see what is happenig. The ref is up to 5.






Linda Vargas: The winner of this decision is Jman!

score is now tied at 4-4 with 4:30 left on the clock Jman goes after chasing for Gillz. Gillz and Jman begin fighting back and forth on the ramp. Jman grabs Gillz and throws him into the ring. Jman is ready to hit Gillz with a "Good Match Let's Eat" but Gillz moves out of the way and kicks Jman in the midsection and throws him into the ring post. 3:18 left in the match. Gillz then sets Jman up for a superplex but Jman fights out and knocks Gillz over. He hits a diving elbow drop on Gillz and beings the count.



...Kick out! Gillz kicks out at the last second. 2:01 left. Gillz rolls over and Jman picks him up and hits a vertical suplex on Gillz. Jman then locks in a crossface onto Gillz and he begins to hold on.

1:00 left in the match.

Gillz isn't tapping out

:30 seconds left

Jman lets go sensing the pressure waits for Gillz to get up.

:20 seconds left

Gillz stands on his feet and Jman connects with a "Good Match Let's Eat"

:09 seconds left in the match.

Jman goes for the pin


:04 seconds left in the match.


:03 seconds left in the match

:02 seconds left in the match


The buzzer goes off.

Linda Vargas: Here is your winner with the score 5-4 and still the AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman!!!!

Scott: My God what a match Jman will forever be known as the first and Only AWF Adrenaline Champion. Great job

Danny: No...Gillz

Scott: oh don't cry let's keep the show moving.

Match 9: AWF World Tag Team Champions Two of a Kind vs. Alexander Bloodline

Linda Vargas: This match is a non-title match up. Introducing First they are the AWF World Tag Team Champions Two of a Kind (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C--gpM2BIW8)

Danny: Speaking of first and only here come Two of a Kind the first and only AWF World Tag Team Champions

Scott: You're right in tag teams TOAK have dominated and they deserve those belts.

Linda Vargas: And their opponents from Puerto Rico. Erik and Jason Alexander. The Alexander Bloodline! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGQwbQwsicw)

Scott: The most anticipated team in along time let's see how they perform together.

(MCMG=Alexander Bloodline/TOAK=American Wolves)


Linda Vargas: Here are your winners The Alexander Bloodline!

Scott: Impressive showing from both teams but the blood connection between Erik and Jason is unbreakable. Let's keep moving forward we the AWF SuperFly Championship on the line.

Match 10: AWF SuperFly Championship Match: AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e vs. The Prophecy.

Linda Vargas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the AWF SuperFly Championship introducing first the challenger The Prophecy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnB25KVyynA&feature=player_embedded)

Scott: The Prophecy wants to reclaim what is his. I see him successfully doing so tonight!

Linda Vargas: And His opponent he is the AWF SuperFly Champion Depri$e (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGn4fsgtLcI)



Linda Vargas: Here is your winner and the NEW AWF SuperFly Champion The Prophecy!

Scott: He did it! He became the 2-time AWF SuperFly Champion

Danny: NOOO!!!!! This can't be. Depri$e almost had him.

Scott: Well Prophecy can now lay claim as the first and the only two time AWF SuperFly Champion. Let's move on to a match many have wanted to see and can now only be seen here tonight. Kevin Matthews vs. HolyJose

03-25-2012, 10:55 PM
Match 11: HolyJose vs. Kevin Matthews

Linda Vargas: This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Ottawa, Canada he is the former EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, former HWA Supremacy Champion, former JBW Showdown Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Matthews! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U5HpeA_WSo)

Scott: The very outspoken Kevin Matthews. There is no denying it though he backs it up in the ring.

Linda Vargas: And His opponent he is the former JBW WARFare World Television Champion, former JBW WARFare World Tag Team Champion, the first ever dual champion in JBW and the current reigning Alpha Revolution North American Heavyweight Champion and the AWF Owner HolyJose! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TLu5uocX8)

*HolyJose walks out to a huge pop from the crowd. Obvious emotion shown in his face but proud of all that has become of AWF.*


*ignore ending*

*Kevin Matthews has HolyJose in the middle of the ring in the Canadian Maple Leaf. It looks as if HolyJose is about to tap out. HolyJose begins dragging himself to the ring ropes. He is an inch away and Kevin Matthews lets go, drags HolyJose back to the middle of the ring and reapplys the Canadian Maple Leaf. Again the look in HolyJose's face is excrutiating. HolyJose begins to roll him self over to no avail. He begins backing up onto Matthews but it's only applying more pressure to his legs, rolls over and kicks Matthews in the back of the head. Both are on their feet and begin trading blows. Kevin throws a hard right, HolyJose ducks under it, knees Kevin in the back and hits the Final Judgement.




*fans Pop hard!*

Linda Vargas: Here is your winner. HolyJose!

*Matthews is looking angry and begins to attack HolyJose. Kevin begins to stomp on HolyJose until Broc Flucker runs out to make the save! Kevin gets out of the ring and looks out with a smile on his face. Broc helps HolyJose up and HJ looks puzzled. Broc asks for a mic*

Broc: Jose.... it's been great man. You may think that I didn't like you, or AWF, but truth is, I respect you, and I always have. You and I, we're two competitors, and two great ones at that. We've had our separate ups and downs, but this is a real downer. AWF was a great company.... not as good as HWA but still a good company.

*Both HJ and Broc laugh a little as Broc continues*

The point is, this is a sad day, but rather than treating it like that, we should be celebrating. We should be celebrating the great life that AWF has lived. HJ, Lemme wish you the best in whatever you decide to do with AWF, or anything else. Good day to you, and thank you for giving me the chance to call myself a part of this great company.

*HolyJose get's the mic*

HJ: You know Broc we've had our ups and downs but it shows the kind of person you are coming to the rival and am glad that you explained to the whole world here and I will win our third match

*both Broc and HJ laugh hystraclly at that*

*the two shake hands in the center of the ring*

HJ: Now who's ready for the final main event in an AWF show?! AWF World Champion Aidico vs Axxel Sonn. Tear the roof down!

Match 12: AWF World Championship Match: AWF World Champion Avidico vs. Axxel Sonn.

Linda Vargas: The following contest is your main event and it is for the AWF World Championship. Introducing first the challenger the former Marine Axxel Sonn (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCXYY2AoOE)

Scott: A great man who served his country in the Marines looks to overthrow Avidico here tonight and become the final AWF World Champion.

Linda Vargas: His opponent he is the AWF World Champion Avidico! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIP4Q_L5iCM)

Danny: Avidico surprised the world becoming the AWF World Champion when he beat Jason Alexander in a ladder match at Death Race. Let's see if he finishes his AWF career as AWF World Champion


*Both men are locked up in the middle of the ring. Avidico kicks Axxel in the knee. Runs the ropes and jumps off the ropes into a kick to the head. Axxel is down in the middle of the ropes and Avidico hits a tiger feint kick jumps onto the top rope and does the "Flamin Star" 630 splash only for Axxel to move at the last second sending Avidico crashing to the mat. Avidico is on one knee. Axxel runs and hits a shining wizard and Avidico looks to be knocked out. Axxel then climbs the top rope and hits the Semper Fi!




Linda Vargas: Here is your winner and NEW AWF World Heavyweight Champion. Axxel Sonn!

Scott: My God I can't believe he did it! Axxel beat Avidico here tonight. What an amazing final main event for AWF.

*HolyJose walks out alongside the rest of the AWF locker room congratulating Axxel Sonn. HJ gets a mic*

HJ: Axxel congratulations you deserve it. Avidico you put on a stellar match both of you should be proud. This is been a great night, an emotional night. You men everyone of you made AWF what it is. I thank each and everyone of you. Now I ask you to join us in the future. Join us for JBW: Octane where we take everything to the next level.

*The camera pans on the entire lockeroom. The champions Jman, Prophecy, and Two of A Kind. Axxel Sonn in the middle of the ring shaking hands with Avidico. Danny and Scott hugging. Finally on the fans as the screen fades to black while Scott says one last thing*

Scott: That's all folks the ride has been amazing. Onto the future where it is always brighter.

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