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08-26-2011, 10:26 PM
My thoughts on WWE:

Announcers: Cole is a lil less annoying now, though in my opinion, I really do not care for him. The rest do a pretty good job. As far as Lawler, not sure why he was sooo against Punk, and during the tagteam match- so against Henning/Otunga. His announcing during that match pretty much gave away who would win.

Talent: same old same old pretty much. Their golden boy is Cena, he will headline every PPV- so it was no surprise that this past Monday he would ask and somehow get the title shot at NOC. Cena has had some pretty good matches, working with Punk this go around has been good for him. And I am ok with him getting a shot at Del Rio- as long as they have Del Rio retain the title in some way. Cena will get his f’n title back for WM, so WWE should let Del Rio shine. They did it with Miz and look what its done for him. Just wish they would make Cena over somehow...his shit is getting really old and boring, despite the fact he has had some pretty good to decent matches

Orton- aka SDs Cena- we should just get used to the title being on him in the long run. Sure Christain, a better worker, had a lil run, Mark Henry will probally get a lil run soon too- but it will pretty much just stay on Orton. I am actually hoping he has it by WM so Bryan Danielson has a match with him, and wins the title. So far all MITB winners have gone on to win a title, so they should just keep it going.

Punk- he should just write everyones promos. Think about it…Cena would not come off as sounding like a 6th grader wrote his promos. Cena shows passion in some promos- with a better writer he could do wonders. As far as his ring work- one of the best. Punk only has one equal in this bizness--- Jericho, they both are great ring workers and both kill it on the mic. If Jericho ever comes back WWE has to set up a fued between the two guys.

Nash- Hope his ring work is just at the next PPV and it puts Punk over. After that…I could care less. His promos on the last two Raws were pretty bad.

Mistico(Sin Cara)- Bet he wishes he never signed with WWE… he is being held back and read earlier today he was sent home..WTF? He should just go back to Mexico and have a great career. I just hope its him as Sin Cara on next weeks match against Del Rio. WWE very rarely uses foreign talent very well…they mostly just wind up getting buried.

Everybody else: Sheamus, Cody, Bourne, Coffee, Danielson, Ziggler and a few others are having pretty good runs…all great workers, so glad to see them getting used. Some guys have just pretty much gone bye bye which I have no idea why- Santino(really do not miss him, but crowds love him), Drew, Swagger(he is just being being used horrible). I think some of the guys that they cut should have been kept, and got rid of other deadweight(JTG)

Divas- Beth and Nattie are the only all around best divas and the division should revolve around them not Kelly, Eve or a Bella. The only other bright spot in the division is AJ, yet they will probally not push her to the top. With Gail and Melina gone there is no other competition.

Tag Teams: dead…unless they bring in some fresh blood…maybe 2 more tagteams such as the Briscos, KOR, MCMGs, Beer Money and put some of the midcard guys together. If not, just kill the division.

Corporate: With all the upheavals they have had recently, I see trouble. Steph having more control…meh…They should try to get Shane back in the bizness.

I can not think of anything else right now, all I know is they are doing some things better- letting Punk speak, pushing him. But the rest of an average Raw is a struggle to watch. SD is doing a lil better.

08-26-2011, 11:05 PM
Nice rant but I'm only going to talk about one part because I'm tired of hearing people go on about it.

John Cena deserves to be the face of the company. now before anyone starts I'm not a cena fan boy I'll be the first to roll my eyes when he gets the title the first to hit mute when he goes on and on about the "universe" and I can't stand the fact that he has to always have some bright colored ring gear with some insperational crap across the front.

But the fact is John cena when he started was a great talent, when he became a rapper he had some of teh best and funniest promos of those years, and he has worked his ass off since he showed up to get to where he is. If tomorrow cena showed up in a black shirt, bitching about how hard he's had to work just to get hated on by people and turned heel the internet would shit its pants and fall right back in love with him

08-26-2011, 11:12 PM
I gotta agree with Cena deserving his spot, I'm not the biggest Cena fan myself, but his work ethic is unmatched, the guy breaks his back day in and day out for that company.

08-26-2011, 11:25 PM
I gotta agree with Cena deserving his spot, I'm not the biggest Cena fan myself, but his work ethic is unmatched, the guy breaks his back day in and day out for that company.

So what you are saying that the rest of wrestlers doesn't work as hard as Cena? How would you know he is the hardest worker in WWE?

TNA 'The very best'
08-26-2011, 11:33 PM
So what you are saying that the rest of wrestlers doesn't work as hard as Cena? How would you know he is the hardest worker in WWE?

if you don't know you can't be helped,

pluss did that dude call Kofi - Coffee???

08-27-2011, 12:11 AM
if you don't know you can't be helped,

Couldn't of put it better myself, his work with The Make a Wish foundation speaks volumes..I'm not saying they all don't work hard, because they do..but as far as hard working goes, Cena is in a class all of his own

08-27-2011, 12:18 AM
I liked the rant up until you said "I could care less" then I stopped reading. Why don't you americans use your common sense and say the real phrase "I couldn't care less"

Gets on my TITS

Back on topic: I think the major problem is throwing away feud possibilities. Like why would you let Punk and Cena fight on RAW? Takes away credibility of that feud. Also, they should have had Cody Rhodes feud with Randy Orton months ago after Mania 26 instead of wasting it. They need to build these feuds and not waste such great epic matches that make sense on silly throw away RAWs

08-27-2011, 12:28 AM
How can you say Christian is a better worker than Orton?

08-27-2011, 04:42 AM
Yeah, I think they're keeping us occupied with Punk's brilliance in ring & on mic, to shadow the fact that not much else has changed. Cena's fighting for the title again, & RKO's still burying Christian. Just like he did to Punk, winning everytime. Christian never beat Orton! He beat ADR, & won Orton by dq. It's still the same old stuff. I fear, if they can't keep Punk going, & I know your all confident they will, & I'm pretty confident too, but they're are alot of big egos involved with Punk, guys with a history of not putting ppl over. THAT's ALL I'M SAYING!! But if they can't keep him going, (tell me we haven't seen them fuck up a GR8 angle before) things will automatically go back to: BORING!! And the diva's division, well if they want a s/l w/ Beth & Nattie saying they're the best, better than the barbies, & then letting the barbie continuosly beat Beth, just give up on the angle. For any1 thinking the diva s/l is to help K2, Eve, & others improve, well where's the improvement? I hope they're not planning on letting K2 & Eve>>Beth & Nattie until Kharma returns, to finally beat all the barbies. I agree w/ most of EyeHateCena's analysis. I also think they should bring Shane back too. Office morale is said to be low w/ Steph running things. I bet if Shane were doing it, the workers would be fine. JMO!

08-27-2011, 08:13 AM
The rant was good, but just how are they holding back Sin Cara? He has his own lighting during the matches and he beat every person that he was in the ring with. I don't think I've ever seen him get pinned. You can't continue to botch every match and expect WWE not to do anything about it and you can't go against their wellness policy. There's no exceptions to it anymore, especially after all the backlash with Benoit. Just because he's not going over with the fans doesn't mean that he's being held back. If anything they're forcing him down our throats.

Russo swerve
08-27-2011, 09:15 AM
Wwe is still way better than tna

wired aardvark
08-27-2011, 04:30 PM
Wwe is still way better than tna

what he said

08-27-2011, 06:12 PM
for me, the show as a whole is ok. its just that they took the heat off the cena an punk. what was the point of all that heat if you're gonna change it a week later? they say they wanted to have adr the champ when they go threw mexico but it really stoled some of that heat. it would have worked better to let adr win some time during the mexico tour,and had cena and punk thing keep going until then. the kevin nash thing is bad plan and simple his time has been up for a long time and bring him back justs shows how bad steff and triple hs' ideas are. this is the worst case of nepotism ever. they have let steff go for a long time and all its done is a bunch of main event talent leave,7 long years of john cena, and a empty rouster they need to bring up at least one more guy to that main event level or try to get one of the guys who left. bring back batista and the univerce would go crazy

08-27-2011, 10:31 PM
WWE is not much better than TNA now, IMO. At times, the actaul ring action is better on a TNA show, TNAs storylines are the main problem. Least I can at least kinda follow WWEs storyline. I miss 4 weeks of Impact, Angle is face, then heel, Mr Anderson is face, then heel, then face during that time. WWE has a lil more contitiuity(forgive my miss spelling) and Kerrastone, forgive my miss use of a phrase, and I agree with your post, well most of it- I would agree with you on the fact that they are throwing away silly matches on Raw, but I agree with the rest you said. As far as my statement my statement on Nash- allow me to elaborate: Once Nash serves his purpose, putting Punk over, Nash should no longer be in the ring. His only purpose should be to work as an agent, a body gaurd to someone, or be a stooge to HHH. His best days are behind him on the mic and in the ring. Nash is safe at WWE being buds with HHH, but he should not be pushed to go over people. Personally, I think Nash is gonna be a team player, do what is asked. He is not in WCW anymore, he has a lot less power now.

Kingorton- the reason I stated Christain is a better worker- I should have elaborated on that. Orton has just come up through the WWE system, its all he knows. I am sure he got pointers for Cowboy Bob Orton, but a career in just one company limits you. Orton in no way sucks in the ring, he has pretty good skills. Christain has worked elsewhere, many different matches- so in that case he is a better all around worker. Orton has matured, has gotten to be a good worker, but he needs to do tours with New Japan, AAA...etc, get exposed to different styles. Until then, Orton will always be the same- entertaining, boring, Smackdowns Cena. Just wish he would get rid of that stupid viper stance thingy, looks pretty stupid, like cenas 5 knuckle shuffle thing.

Cena- Yes, he has great work ethic. He does what is asked, does a shitload of great PR stuff, helps out on charities- which is great. He probally does more than most of the other roster, afterall, he is the face of the company. But others do alot of outside work too(look at all the PR stuff Miz has done), even those who are not on the active roster but are on Legends contracts- they all do stuff to help promote WWE and causes. But this does not make Cena above everyone else, saying his is the best worker. He is just the 'guy' brass in WWE wants at the top, to be the face of their company. He is todays Hogan, Warrior...but less of a nutjob, and with much less ego- and probally better talent(He is a master pro wrestler compared to Warrior in my opinion). I agree his promos when he first started were better- with his rap gimmick, and he can still cut a good promo at times. Its just most times they tend to be on the corny side, the boring side...etc. If he is allowed to wing it on the mic, they should really have someone write something for him to say instead. If he is going from a script, he needs a new writer. His ring work- it was better when he first started, but at most times, most of his matches are the same. He has had some pretty good matches with some talent- its just Cena should deliver at all times- not just on PPVs, not just on occasional Raws, not just against a few select opponents. I know someone can not have great matches with every single person on the roster, but they can at least try instead of just going through the motions. I joke about Orton being SDs Cena, but at least most of his matches are not the exact same.

Yes, I called Kofi- Coffee, I always do, i do not know why, not ment as an insult to him at all, I think he is a pretty good worker.

As far as Mistico, yes they have pushed him, but they would have been better off putting him with people with the same style, bring in more cruiserweights that have worked with him before- then put him in the ring people with other styles. As far as botching, everybody does time to time, especially when adjusting to a new style. Everybody coming into the FCW/WWE learns the WWE style of wrestling- of course it will take some time to adjust. The WCW cruiserweight division was allowed to be themselves which is why they thrived there. But in WWE, its learn the new style or bye bye. Thank god they do not sanatize some talents style to the point of them being boring or copycats. They let Mistico do his stuff, but in the WWE way...which is most probally to help protect the talent. The thing I am saying, its gonna take awahile for some to adjust, especially if they do not speak the same language. the wellness violation- of course they should have suspended him if he had something in his system that was not prescribed to him legally- not debating that. But if they replace him with the other guy playing Sin Cara, its a shame. But with WWE, I guess its just about the character, not a person in this case

08-27-2011, 11:23 PM
[QUOTE=Kerrastone;233673]I liked the rant up until you said "I could care less" then I stopped reading. Why don't you americans use your common sense and say the real phrase "I couldn't care less"

NO DR, but the better question is who the hell cares. Saying I could care less has nothing to do with using our common sense, and tbh it's kind of insulting that you are more or less saying we Americans do not have common sense, know what I mean!