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10-06-2010, 06:44 AM
Just after Wrestlemania I took an old empty diary and decided to have a go at the guest booker challenge after many of wrestling's finest minds do it for Kayfabe Commentaries. My goal was and still is to rebook the entire wrestling world if somehow both the WWE and TNA imploded and left the world without a major wrestling promotion to fill the void. So have I have booked the first four months and now I intend to share that with everyone one here after discovering this section which allows us wannabe bookers a chance to do what we have always dreamed about. I will post again later detailing the nature of the organisation that I will start and replace the WWE and TNA with and the basic principles I will follow and a detailed roster list of who's in and who's out

10-06-2010, 10:51 AM
First things first, I think if I had to reorganise the world of wrestling with a new major promotion I'd need to tackle the issues that have plagued, stained and discredited wrestling in order to make my product original, entertaining and bring in big audiences.

My view of wrestling at the moment is that its divided between sports entertainment with WWE and the WCW like TNA which tries to be wrestling but is still over the top and doesn't give the fans what it wants. I think wrestling has to take both a step forward to attract new fans and get them excited about wrestling while also grabbing old fans who have turned away from it, as well as the fans WWE and TNA already have.

First things first, breathing space. Let the whole issues of no major wrestling on tv settle and make the fans want something new and exciting, and also to distance myself from trying to create a product like the previous two big ones. After lets say four months I'd start and internet and multi media campaign with teaser picks although backstage things would already be falling into place. I'd send out posters declaring Sports Entertainment is dead, but is it really over? Just to get people's interest. Then after that I'd announce a press conference on the 6 month anniversary of the death of national wrestling which will explain the grand scheme of how wrestling will come back.

At this conference I would do it kayfabe style, admit things about the wrestling world and get things out in the open. I'd apologise to the fans for what wrestling has become until recently and the image it has as a kiddies show and turned into another TV show and not a sport. I would empathise pro wrestling as a historic and treasured sport and that yes you can call it FAKE and we know that but that's not what wrestling's about. It's about what happens in the ring, its about human skill being pushed to the limit, its about telling a story with your body and so forth.

But in order to make wrestling what it once was it has to take a step back...hence unveiled the new United Wrestling Alliance. A territorial system like the old NWA. Three major promotions that will be dedicated to providing wrestling across America in three different places and about trying to recover that old feel of what wrestling was. The three promotions will be interconnected, they will all be under the same banner, the UWA which will be represented by one world heavyweight champion and two tag team champions who will defend the belt against opponents in all these promotions.

The three territories will be ran by their own set of promoters and have their own backstage road agent and bookers who are also figurehead GM's...the southern United States is represented by SOUTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING (SCW), who's promoter and GM will be none other than JIM CORNETTE...The western coast and side of America is represented by WEST COAST CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING (WCCW), who's promoter is none other than RIC FLAIR...and the eastern seaboard and eastern American is represented by Upstate Championship Wrestling (UCW), ran by PAUL HEYMAN.

The three territories will consist of a roster of around 30 wrestlers each, a mix of ex-WWE, TNA and previously independent wrestlers who will all have their own separate wrestling shows on national TV at the end of the year when the promotions begin. The roster will be gradually revealed to the public in a series of online and TV videos, those who the fans might already know from WWE will be hyped up and those well known, and others who will be major players lie AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and others from TNA or the Independent scene will be hyped up over time.

The last thing addressed in this conference is the UWA World Heavyweight Championship...the rulebook for UWA has been drawn up and released afterwards online, but one clear rule that's made is that this title is the greatest thing in the world, it means something and that the only way to get a title shot is to impress and have the clearance of three of the four board members who run the promotion, myself, Flair, Cornette and Heyman who each have equal say in the matters of booking and running the promotions as a whole. Its announced that when all three promotions start the to decide the first UWA World Heavyweight champion, a tournament like no other will commence. Ten wrestlers from each roster will be placed into a table with the other nine guys on their roster. They will have five matches each against the other wrestlers in their league and possible wrestlers in the other promotions who are also in the league table. After their five matches the top two wrestlers with the best win-lose record will go through to a tournament at the first UWA PPV to decide a world champion in January the following year, GENESIS.

hope this format is ok to follow. I will post a roster list some time in the near future, please feel free to comment and make suggestions if you thought this was too long etc

10-07-2010, 05:40 AM
Before I announce the three rosters I just want to talk about my own vision for what this company is and what it is doing with pro wrestling. I am an avid internet fan, a fan who does want his wrestling back, not sports entertainment so something I'd want to do with UWA is use it to bring wrestling back with more matches on a show than talk and by trying to convince the fans that this is real and that we want to give them the best show possible. In terms of my booking style I'm going to explain most things I do to you, not to patronize but really because I think you understand why I do things and why I book things it adds something to the experience and might make you appreciate it more. I'm very much a booker, not a writer for wrestling, I am not necessarily an old school fan because wrestling in some ways has to move forward and evolve like everything but am a traditionalist and I don't like the concept of backstage politics which exists in the WWE with some of the top talent and now in TNA with Hogan and Bishcoff.

On the inside of the company the only people in titled to make decisions are myself and the three bookers, each promotion has its own set of road agents who can contribute ideas but there should be no backstage politics, wrestlers get pushed for being talented not because they work out with the boss' son-in-law. As for other things like drugs the company will have an extremely tight drugs policy, all wrestlers would have time to clean themselves up before if using but once under contract if caught on either recreational or steroids or unregistered painkillers, then its a two strikes and out though at the same time the company would offer more help than WWE does with more concealing and bigger punishments. If you fail the test twice, your banned from the UWA for five years minimum.

Also if a talent is released the company will do its best to look after them, i.e. counselling, drug related help, getting them into another promotion full time like ROH and health care because you can't just forget about these people's, especially if you look at guys like Test and Lance Cade. To some degree these death's are preventable. Also with those currently on the roster I want to keep a minimum roster with everyone getting used, I don't like the idea of stockpiling talent and also those who are younger or on lower paid contracts will be rented out and paid for work on the indy scene.

OK, now on to the actual wrestling side and the roster's, I'll explain why I picked each man and what their place in the company is. Although those marked with a WC means WildCard pick. Basically these guys are on three month contracts because they are on a trial like basis. Some of them won't be around long and their know it, they might just be there to add for reconision to the roster in the short term, while others might be younger guys though who I think are good wrestlers but might not fix in on the roster.

Oh, and on another note you won't see Cena, Orton, Triple H, Undertaker, or Micheals on the lists because in my mind they are boycotting UWA in the hope of resurrecting another WWE style company with Stephanie and also at this point I think I could run the UWA without them.

1. CHRIS JERICHO: Has to be on of the greatest wrestlers in the world and most recognisable. Great worker in the ring and great mic skills, he will play a big part of the SCW and UWA main event.
2. EDGE: Again one of the greatest in the world, can work and talk yet I think WWE has underutilized him with his world title reigns.
3. SAMOA JOE: TNA have really dropped the ball on him but with the right booking he will be one of the greatest in the world. Those who don't know if will soon see him as a world title contender.
4. JEFF JARRETT: Great wrestler and great mic skills, he generated a lot of gd heat throughout his career. Although in TNA power may have went to his head, he still has a lot to offer and can teach the young guys a lot.
5. BOOKER T: One of the tope wrestlers, but although he's been out of the picture for a bit, like Jarrett he can help bring up new Main Event talent.
6. MATT MORGAN: TNA made him and are destroying him again. Truly the total package, I didn't use to like him but when feuading with the right guy he is magic.
7. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS: For one he will be key in the company. Great althelete who's yet to get what he deserves. i want to make him as big as AJ.
8> ROBERT ROODE: He will team with Storm for Beer Money at first but he's got more to offer as a singles wrestler.
9. JAMES STORM: A great tag wrestler with Roode and would make a good mid-card wrestler also.
10. WILLIAM REGAL: truly the most underrated and underused wrestler in WWE history. When allowed to do what he wants in ring he is technical genius and he can help bring up the young guys to the mid card and beyond.
11. KAZ: A great x wrestler who will be pivotal as SCW will house the new X division and has potenial beyond that.
12. ALEX SHELLEY and CHRIS SABIN: the Motor City Machine Guns will be a stable in revamping the tag division and will bring the X division to a new audience.
13. TED DEBIASE: A good young wrestler with a lot to offer. Will team with his brother and Rhodes for LEGACY.
14: BRETT DEBIASE: A top rookier, who teaming with his brother and Rhodes as part of LEGACY will help him grow.
15. CODY RHODES: I think he can imrpove but still a decent worker with potenial.
16. JAY LETHAL: Drop the MAcho Man stuff and a geat wrestler and personality. Another X-weight.
17. ELIX SKIPPER: A guy from TNA who never had a real chance to shine.
18. PAUL LONDON AND BRIAN KENDERICK: As a team were great and could have good feuds as a team and singles wrestlers throughout the X division and beyond.
19. PETEY WILLIAMS: A great young x wrestler.
20. MATT BENTLEY: Another TNA x guy.
21. MAX AND JEREMY, GENERATION ME: A top tag team who will get the respect they deserve.
22. Short term contracts from Mexico: SHOCKER, JUVENTUD GURRERREA, SUPER CRAZY and PSYCHOSIS: All great wrestlers will have a stable together. Will help gain Spanish fans and hopefully those of the old ECW and WCW crusierweight days.
23. WC GOLDUST: As a worker he is solid and the gimmick, done in the right way would be great.

I can't post the other two rosters now, will do so in four days time.

10-12-2010, 06:09 PM
I'm sorry for anyone who's read this but in my haste at seeing this part of the forum I rushed explaining things, I haven't considered certain parts of the context of my fantasy booking and I've just botched this really. I will start again sooner rather than later but I will take my time and not rush things and lay out what I'm saying neatly, in sections and leaving nothing out. Apoligises for anyone who has read what I've put so far, but I need to reboot this because I've started this forum in the wrong way and what I've wrote deserves better than to be rushed and put up only half cocked and half explained.