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I thought this was an interesting idea, so I'm gonna go ahead and start writing my own. I'll be basing this off the current WWE roster with the exception of a few names that I'll be adding or taking away from the real life roster just to make this a bit more fun for me and hopefully the readers as well. Let's go over the rosters first, shall we?

RAW Roster:

Alberto Del Rio (Heel)
Alex Riley (Face)
Beth Phoenix (Heel)
Big Show (Face)
Brie Bella (Heel)
Chris Hero (Unknown, not yet debuted)
CM Punk (Tweener)
Colt Cabana (Unknown, not yet debuted)
Claudio Castagnoli (Unknown, not yet debuted)
Curt Hawkins (Face)
David Otunga (Heel)
Dolph Ziggler (Heel)
Drew McIntyre (Heel)
Evan Bourne (Face)
Eve (Face)
Gail Kim (Face)
Goldust (Face)
Jack Swagger (Heel)
John Cena (Face)
John Morrison (Face)
JTG (Face)
Kelly Kelly (Face)
Kharma (Heel)
Kofi Kingston (Face)
Maryse (Heel)
Mason Ryan (Heel)
Michael McGillicutty (Heel)
Mr. McMahon (Heel)
Nikki Bella (Heel)
R-Truth (Heel)
Rey Mysterio (Face)
Santino Marella (Face)
Skip Sheffield (Heel)
The Miz (Heel)
Triple H (Tweener)
Vickie Guerrero (Heel)

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler - Commentary (Faces)
Justin Roberts - Ring Announcer
Josh Matthews - Backstage Interviewer

SmackDown! Roster:

AJ (Face)
Alicia Fox (Face)
Brodus Clay (Heel)
Christian (Heel)
Cody Rhodes (Heel)
Daniel Bryan (Face)
Ezekiel Jackson (Heel)
Heath Slater (Heel)
Jey Uso (Face)
Jimmy Uso (Face)
Jinder Mahal (Heel)
Johnny Curtis (Jobber, doesn't yet have an identity)
Justin Gabriel (Face)
Kaitlyn (Heel)
Kane (Tweener)
Layla (Face)
Mark Henry (Heel)
Natalya (Heel)
Randy Orton (Face)
Ranjin Singh (Heel)
Rosa Mendes (Face)
Sheamus (Face)
Sin Cara (Face)
Tamina (Face)
Ted Dibiase, Jr (Heel)
The Great Khali (Heel)
Teddy Long (Face)
Trent Baretta (Face)
Tyson Kidd (Heel)
The Undertaker (Face)
Wade Barrett (Heel)
William Regal (Heel)
Yoshi Tatsu (Face)

Michael Cole (Heel), Booker T and Matt Striker (Faces)- Commentary
Tony Chimel - Ring Announcer
Scott Stanford - Backstage Interviewer

Note: Divas and Tag Teams will be interbranded since there's only one Diva's Championship and only one pair of Tag Championships. They will compete on both brands in order to stay in contention for those championships depending on which brand the title holders are on.

That's what I'm going to be starting out with. Obviously, changes will be made as I go along. I'm going to start where the current storylines are at the moment and continue them the way I would book them. Once those storylines are over, you'll see my original storylines begin. Each show will be posted as a reply to this thread so that I won't have to make a bunch of different ones, so let's begin. The one and only WrestlingNerd takes over the WWE Universe NOW!

08-22-2011, 02:43 AM
Note: I have decided to change some things that are going on in reality to make this run better. Mark Henry is NOT the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship in my version of WWE.

Also, I'm going to be doing fake WWE.com updates and dirt sheet reports to make things a bit more interesting in here. I guess it's going to be more like an entire simulated wrestling world rather than just your ordinary Be The Booker thread. Here's the first WWE.com update:

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins' talent profiles have been moved to the Smackdown brand.

08-24-2011, 06:51 PM
WWE Raw: 8/22/11


(WWE Intro Video Plays)

("Burn It To The Ground" by Nickelback is played as the Raw opening video plays to start the show)

(Immediately after the opening video and introduction come to a close, the camera cuts to the staff parking lot, showing a large limousine pulling up to the arena)

Jim Ross (in a calm, yet confused voice): Good evening, everyone.. We're here live with Monday Night Raw.. but it seems we have someone pulling up to the arena...

(The back door of the limo opens, as Triple H gets out of the limo, with Kevin Nash following behind him, both wearing suits)

Jerry Lawler: THE C.O.O! TRIPLE H!! And Kevin Nash, too!

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen, indeed it is Triple H alongside Kevin Nash making their way to the arena tonight. There's been word going around that there will be a board of director's meeting tonight DURING Raw.. and that Kevin Nash was invited to take part in it by Triple H himself!

Jerry Lawler: Oh boy.. I'm not too sure what to make of that, JR!

Jim Ross: I don't think anyone is, King, but time will tell what's going on between these two..

Jerry Lawler: And don't forget! What does this mean for CM Punk?!

(Camera cuts into the arena as "Burn It To The Ground" remains playing in the background. The pyrotechnics go off around the arena as the camera cuts to the announce table for JR and King to give us the formal welcome)

Jim Ross: Some interesting events transpiring as this Raw broadcast begins, as we're here LIVE in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

Jerry Lawler: Packed crowd tonight.. these folks are LOUD! And I don't blame them, JR! The WWE has been buzzing with intense matches and rivalries the last few months and you never know what's gonna happen next, especially here on Raw!

Jim Ross: That's correct as it seems we're almost set to begin with the action, no matter what's going on backstage tonight..

Match 1 - Alberto Del Rio vs. Alex Riley (7:04), Del Rio wins in a pretty solid match to open the show, making Riley tap out with the Cross Armbreaker. Rey Mysterio is invited out as a guest commentator during the match and questions whether Del Rio is a legit champion while also announcing that he has sustained an injury and will be out for an indefinite amount of time. Del Rio grabs a microphone after the match.

Alberto Del Rio: Ahhh.. look who's out here to watch the destiny of the new WWE Champion unfold. Little Rey Mysterio... What are you glaring at me like that for? Why are you even out here? Didn't I put you on the shelf last time you got so close to me? I'm not sure if being out here at ringside is so good for your health.

(Crowd Boos Del Rio, but pops for Rey as he grabs a mic from ringside)

Rey Mysterio: Don't be so proud of yourself, Del Rio.. You've been successful thanks to going behind people's backs, stepping on toes.. That's not how a REAL champion acts.

Alberto Del Rio: Rey, Rey, Rey... Who are you to question whether I am a real champion? At least Alberto Del Rio can hold the championship for more than a few hours.. (Del Rio flashes his signature smile at Rey)

Alberto Del Rio: And now.. I'm going to do the same to Alex Riley as I did to you.. How dare anyone question the destiny... of Alberto Del Rio?! If this is how I'm going to have to prove that I'm a legitimate WWE Champion.. the top man in the WWE.. Then this is how I will do it.

(Del Rio turns away from Rey, and begins to assault Riley, eventually putting him back into the Cross Armbreaker. Suddenly, Cena's music hits as the crowd erupts into cheers)

(John Cena sprints to the ring as Del Rio escapes, leaving Alex Riley laying there as Cena tends to Riley. Cena grabs the mic that Del Rio left in the ring)

John Cena: You think THIS is how men prove that they're a true champion?.. Do you really think this is what I had to do to become a multi-time WWE Champion? You know what, Alberto? Fine, you're the WWE Champion. On paper, you're supposed to be the top man in the WWE. I'll let you hear what you want to hear. You cashed in your Money In The Bank contract against an already beaten CM Punk to become champion. That's good for you, man.. would I have done it the same way? Not exactly. But the fact remains. You ARE the champion. Which leads a lot of people to speculate who the challenger for your championship will be...

(The opening of "Cult of Personality" begins to play as CM Punk gets a bigger pop than Cena, making his way out to the stage wearing his "Best in the World" T-Shirt and holding a mic)

CM Punk: Whoa, whoa, whoa... Let's not even go there. Let's not dare to go that far yet. I mean, are you serious, John? Here we go again, every time there's a new champion, it's John Cena out here with a microphone, claiming that he's the guy to beat in this company, blah blah, blobbity freakin blah. We've heard it before, John. We've ALL heard it before. You know I find it funny... Each and every time someone loses the WWE Championship around here, there's something called a rematch clause that more often than not, is cashed in and the rematch happens. Cena, it seems that you have an EVERLASTING rematch clause around here. I mean, it seems like this is the EXACT SAME segment I've been seeing every month or so after the big Pay Per View goes down. What gives YOU the claim to the championship, when I was the one who beat you TWICE. Two times in a row, in front of tens of thousands of people on live Pay Per Views. What gives YOU the claim to the championship when these fans give you a thunderous pop whenever your music hits.. but when MINE hits, it's 10 times louder? Mind explaining THAT to me John? Because it seems like you try to be the voice of reason around here, when most of the time you're just spewing some more bull(censored).

(The Anonymous RAW General Manager sends an email, as Jerry Lawler stands up and heads to the podium)

Jerry Lawler: Uh.. well. I've just received an email from the anonymous Raw General Manager. He says: "Once again, both John Cena AND CM Punk have compelling arguments that I've carefully considered as I review the WWE Championship picture. However, we have to remember, Alberto Del Rio IS the new champion. He has won both of his matches in the last two weeks and has proven to me that he should have some kind of say in this argument. Therefore, I have come to the decision to let HIM decide who he wants to put his WWE Championship on the line against."

(Camera cuts to Del Rio smiling at ringside, then shows CM Punk and John Cena with disapproving expressions on their faces.)

(Alberto Del Rio picks up a microphone)

Alberto Del Rio: All of this hype about John Cena... and CM Punk... Alberto Del Rio is the champion.. and now the spotlight is where it belongs.

(Alberto Del Rio's music hits as the show fades out to commercial)

(RAW returns from commercial break, as JTG is shown standing in the ring. Drew McIntyre makes his entrance next)

Match 2 -Drew McIntyre vs. JTG (2:11), McIntyre wins, squashing JTG with the Future Shock DDT. Lawler and JR put over McIntyre post-match, noting that he looks as if he's rejuvenated and more dominant than ever after his performance tonight. They also continue to hype the WWE Championship situation, noting that the ball is in Del Rio's court as for who he faces at Night of Champions.

(Camera cuts backstage to Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero)

Vickie Guerrero: You're FINALLY seeing yourself as a man with potential! I'm so glad you decided to come to me and join me!

Jack Swagger: You've led other to success before, Vickie.. I'm just happy you finally dumped Ziggler. He's not going anywhere, especially compared to the places I'll be going.

Vickie Guerrero: See! You know how to treat the people who look out for you. Dolph just couldn't understand that. I'm glad I was able to show you the right direction. Now you're on course to be one of the biggest superstars the WWE has to offer!

Jack Swagger: Yeah.. starting with that United States Championship.

Vickie Guerrero: Of course! Dolph's days as champion are numbered!

(Jack and Vickie continue walking down the hall)

(Commercials Air)

08-24-2011, 06:53 PM
WWE Raw: 8/22/11


(R-Truth's music hits as he and the Miz come out to the stage as RAW returns from commercial break)

Match 3 - The Miz and R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne (5:37) Kofi and Bourne win after R-Truth undergoes some sort of panic attack in the ring and takes a Trouble In Paradise from Kofi Kingston. Before the match, Miz and R-Truth cut a promo on their conspiracy theory about being held back in WWE. They called out a tag team to come out and face them as they try and start their own path to success since WWE won't help them out. Bourne and Kofi answered the call.

(Camera fades backstage to Alberto Del Rio heading back to his locker room, packing his things into his locker. John Cena walks into the room as the crowd pops)

Alberto Del Rio: Whoa, hey, what are you...

John Cena: Don't say a word. I'm not here to listen to you speak, and I'm not even here to speak so much myself. But you have exactly what I want.. and whether I have a shot at it or not is completely in your hands. I'm not here to get on my knees and beg you for anything, so don't get your hopes up, bud. What I'm here for is to let you know that out of everyone backstage in that locker room, I'm the man who will give you the best match of your career. I'm the man who will give you the competition a guy like you needs. And that's all I'm gonna say about it.

Alberto Del Rio: You know, all that's interesting and all.. and after I heard that I'd have the privilege of choosing my own Night of Champions opponent, I decided to head straight to management. I got you a match tonight, John Cena. You're in the main event. It'll help me decide who I'd like to defend my championship against.

John Cena: Alright.. who's my opponent?

Alberto Del Rio: You're going up against John Morrison. He's been trying to find his way to the top too. Who said I had to choose either you or Punk to face me?

(Del Rio winks at Cena and leaves his locker room)

Jim Ross: The champion playing mind games with Cena! And a hell of a main event we've got tonight! Morrison and Cena go one on one!

Jerry Lawler: Yep, but also we have to wonder what's going on backstage in that important meeting that Triple H and Kevin Nash are involved in! I've been trying to get some news about it all night but apparently everything's being kept on the down low! I wanna know what's going on, JR!

Jim Ross: We all do, King.. but the fact that we're seeing John Cena take on John Morrison in our main event tonight, under the watchful eye of Alberto Del Rio is more than enough to keep me on the edge of my seat! RAW rolls on after the break!

(RAW returns from commercial as Eve's music hits and she makes her way to the ring)

Match 4 - Eve vs. Maryse (1:49) Maryse wins after Beth Phoenix walked out to the stage and distracted her. Maryse picked up the win and received a stare-down from Beth Phoenix as well.

(Camera fades backstage to CM Punk with Josh Matthews)

Josh Matthews: Good evening everyone, hope you're all enjoying RAW thus far! Josh Matthews here with CM Punk tonight and Punk, I've got a few things I'd like to bring up with you.

CM Punk: Shoot, Josh.

Josh Matthews: Well first of all, I'd like for you to shed some light on the WWE Championship situation. With Alberto Del Rio being given the right to choose his own opponent for Night of Champions, how confident are you that you'll be chosen by Del Rio?

CM Punk: Quite frankly, I think all of it is BS. Every single guy who has ever been WWE Champion has come out to the ring with a microphone the night after they lose it and start crying about a rematch clause.. but of course, when it's CM Punk's cash in HIS imaginary rematch clause, something has to go wrong.

Josh Matthews: How do you feel about the fact that Cena has already approached Del Rio about the championship match, and that Del Rio had Cena placed into tonight's main event?

CM Punk: Of course he already approached Del Rio. Haven't you realized yet that if Cena, God forbid, goes more than a week without being WWE Champion, everything in his world starts going into some sort of meltdown. The poor man can't live without being the center of attention. Am I surprised? Of course not. I refuse to try and persuade Del Rio into giving me that championship match, which I should already have. All of this is just a result of Triple H's shotty leadership. I can't believe this company has gone so strong for so long, being ruled by these fools.

Josh Matthews: Well speaking of Triple H, he's apparently been in an important board of directors' meeting all night long, which Kevin Nash was invited to. What are your feelings about that?

CM Punk: Well Josh, I'm disgusted. I thought things were bad BEFORE. But NOW it seems that Triple H, always with his head up his ass is resorting to his old pals to help him run this place. First we have Kevin Nash resurface.. what's next? The big return of Joanie Laurer? Or how about Mr. Hughes?... Whatever, Josh.. I don't know what to make of it anymore. All I'm gonna say is not to worry about that meeting. Sometimes people complain too much rather than taking the appropriate action.

(CM Punk walks off the interview set)

(Camera fades to the ring to the ring announcer, who announces that the main event is about to begin)

Main Event - John Cena vs. John Morrison (8:26) Good match between these two. Cena won after catching Morrison with an Attitude Adjustment as Morrison tried to go for a Springboard Crossbody. However, about 30 seconds before the match ended, CM Punk appeared on the titantron, wearing a suit.

Jim Ross: What in the hell?! What's CM Punk doing?

Jerry Lawler: He's interrupting the main event!

CM Punk: I'm sorry, everyone.. for interrupting your precious main event between two of your most oh so beloved superstars. But there's more important things than this going on. Haven't you guys heard about the Board Meeting going on tonight?... How about you follow me.

(This is about when the match ends, as the camera cuts completely onto Punk. He starts heading down the hallway until he reaches a door with a sign that reads "Executives Only")

CM Punk (with hints of sarcasm): Now, be very, very quiet. The events going on behind this door are extremely important.

(CM Punk opens the door and walks into a room with Triple, Kevin Nash, John Laurinaitis, Stephanie McMahon and other WWE officials sitting at a large table. Triple H abruptly stands up to face Punk, surprised)

Triple H: What do you think you're doing?....

CM Punk (walking toward Triple H and disrespectfully sitting down in the seat he just stood up from): I'm pretty sure I'm crashing this here meeting. I'm sorry, Trips.. I really am, but I was just DYING to know what goes on behind the closed doors, you know? I wanted to see where this stupidity you seem to work so hard into running the company is born.

Stephanie McMahon: He asked you to leave, Phil.

CM Punk: Oh, how adorable! You called me by my real name! That makes your wife seem really, really tough Mr. COO. I'm sure you like her like that, eh?

Kevin Nash: Alright, that's enough.. What the hell are you doing in here?!

CM Punk: Easy there, big guy. I just wanted to know what's so "top secret" about this meeting. Why can't the WWE Universe that Hunter here is supposed to stand for be let in on what's going on? Why must you keep things confidential from the WWE Universe, Triple H? I mean, I thought you and your buddy Nash here liked when things were good for business... and being secretive around your fans and keeping them in the dark... That's not such a great business model, is it Big Sexy?

(CM Punk puts his feet up on the table, but Kevin Nash gets up and tosses them off)

Kevin Nash: I've already Jackknifed you once. Don't make me do it again... and if you do, it'll be through this damn table this time around.

CM Punk: Seriously.. why is everyone so on edge.. What could this meeting possibly be about that you're so nervous about someone like me being in here? Oh wait... could all this fuss be about me? Is that what you guys are discussing?

(CM Punk reaches for a sheet of paper in front of Nash's seat)

CM Punk: Let's see what's going on here...

(Kevin Nash punches CM Punk across the face, as the two begin brawling in the meeting room)

Triple H: Hey! Get them outta here! Get these cameras out!

(Triple H tries to break them up along with John Laurinaitis and a few others in the meeting, but they keep brawling, knocking over the camera as the screen goes black, ending RAW)

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All I can say is absolute brilliance. I like how you write down what the commentators say. Well done. Keep up the good work

08-25-2011, 12:04 PM
Thank you! Smackdown to be posted soon so keep your eye out for it!

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Dirt Sheet Report: WWE Tag Team Championship match on this week's Smackdown tapings!