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08-10-2011, 12:14 AM
I've been thinking and wanted to try something new. We all know that through most E-feds it's hard to produce one great feud since most people want their entire show to be awesome. You should give this a shot since it's not nearly as time consuming as creating your own e-fed.

So here's what this is all about:

Anyone interested (up to 10 people) will come together to book a 3-6 week feud for two wrestlers. All the wrestlers will be unique so they can meet together at a supershow. This edition's theme will be current Raw vs Smackdown. The goal is to try to get some unique pairings that have never feuded before. Just engage your wrestlers in good promos and even some matches leading up to their supershow match. Make one guy face, one guy heel or both tweeners and whatever you want really. Even though Rey is always a face it doesn't mean he can't be a heel. Any wrestler not in the feud pool can be used as a jobber.


- You may choose your own feud from the feud pool. However, once a pair of wrestlers to feud is chosen, you may NOT pick the same pair.

- You must finish your feud before Night of Champions.

- You may join as long as there are still pairings of wrestlers left (max of 10)

- Once you are done, you book the match for the supershow.

- At the end, there will be a vote on which feud is the best.

- The winner of the match of the best voted feud will be the defending champion going into the 2nd edition.

- I picked 10 possible best current wrestlers from Raw/Smackdown and randomly sorted them. I redrew if the feud was already overkill done.

Feud Pool: (Red= picked)

Morrison vs Ryder
Kingston vs Bryan
Ziggler vs Barrett
CM Punk vs Sheamus
Cena vs Christian
Truth vs Orton
Miz vs Rhodes
Swagger vs Kane
Mysterio vs Zeke
Del Rio vs Henry

I haven't picked mine yet, I'm going to let others pick first. I would let the next guy pick mine but there's some really crummy posibilities in here and I doubt all 10 feuds will get booked. Just post your promos and stuff in the thread. Wouldn't be a bad idea to just edit one post to have your entire feud all in one. Post it all at once or week at a time.

edit: for the time being everything previous to the supershow doesn't have to flow together. Just everyone work on their own feud and they get their big match at the big one. Ask away if confused.

08-10-2011, 09:00 AM
Ok let me try it out. I'll have Cena vs Christian

08-10-2011, 09:36 AM
This sounds like a great idea. I'll take Miz vs. Rhodes.

08-10-2011, 09:51 AM
sounds good BTW The PPV after SummerSlam is Night of Champions