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07-23-2011, 12:24 PM
UCW- Ultimate Championship Wrestling

So its finally here UCW my own Fantasy Thread

This will be alittle more structured than my normal threads with shows posted on Saturdays

Although seen as I’m on holiday could go up anytime

I’ve scrapped the Brand Concept and for now theres only One Brand

Also searching the Net I am aware that there is a Company called Ultimate Championship Wrestling but this has Nothing to do with it

so UCW

Show: Saturday Night: Ultimate


UCW Championship
UCW Tag Team Championships
UCW International Championship
UCW USA Championship


GM: Eric Bischoff

Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
AJ Styles
Daniel Bryan
Samoa Joe
Matt Morgan
Big Show
Mr Anderson
Kofi Kingston
John Morrison
Cody Rhodes
Team 3d
The Usos
The Hart Dynasty
Doug Williams
Jack Swagger
Ted Dibease
Roderick Strong
Doug Williams
Robert Roode
Dolph Ziggler
Vickie Guerrero
Steve Richards
Tatsuo Naito
Kevin Steen
Zack Ryder
Justin Gabriel
Trent Barretta
William Regal
Generation Me
Adam Cole
Zima Ion
Amazing Red
Evan Bourne
Eric Young

David Otunga
Heath Slater
Robbie E
Clayen Croft

07-23-2011, 01:06 PM
UCW- Ultimate 1

Eric Bischoff in Ring with Mic

“Ladies and Gentleman welcome to UCW Ultimate so see I’ve Tried to do this Before but certain Obstacles but they don’t exist any more so nothing is going to stop Me from Turining this Business upside down again only this Revolution will last Forever and it begins at our Very First PPV “UCW Combustion” where we will have a Ten Man Gauntlet to decide the UCW Champion and it is at this time that I ask the Daniel Bryan & AJ Styles to Join me”

AJ Comes out

Followed by Bryan

Bischoff Continues “Now That Gauntlet for the Title will contain the Best UCW has to offer but it wont Contain you two”

Styles & Bryan are Shocked

“Because you see I am a Hige fan of both of you so I am making a Dream Match for Combustion Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles in a No.1 Contenders Match think about whoever wins the Gauntlet will have to go through 8 men all you have to do is go through 2 I am doing you a Favour I am want to see and I am damn sure they want to see it *Points to fans*”

They Cheer

Bryan & Styles Shake hands and leave the Ring


UCW Combustion on Sunday 7th of August

Match 1: Robert Roode Def Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) at 10 mins

Finish: Ziggler hit the Zig Zag but only got Two he rolled to the Ropes and Vickie tried to hand Ziggler Knucks but the Referee catchers her takes them off Ziggler and when Dolph turns around and Roode hits a Lariat for the Pin & The Win

Ted Dibease: Backstage

Dibease is told by a Roodie that he is Partnering Sting Next Dibease is star struck for a Moment

Match 2- UCW Tag Series- LAX Def Sting & Ted Dibease at 12 mins
-four way match at PPV these are the Qualifier

Finish: Dibease went up top but Hernandez whipped Sting into the Corner knocking Dibease Down Hernadez sends sting Over the Top and hits the Border Toss on Dibease for the Win

-After the Match Dibease attacked Sting leaving him in the ring-

Jack Swagger Backstage

Swagger is shown talking to fans and Signing Autographs backstage looks like the All American American is playing Nice in UCW


Match 3: John Morrison Def Kazarian at 14 mins in an Epic Bout

Finish: Kaz was going Flux Capacitator but Morrison beat him down then hit Star-ship Pain for the Pin and the Win

Tonight’s Main Event- Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle

Matt Morgan in Ring with Mic

“Wow boy is the Blueprint excited to be in UCW I am excited for many Reasons 1. it’s the Most Exciting thing to happen to Wrestling since the Monday Night Wars 2. I am Excited to be on such a Great Roster 3. I am excited to be on the Same Roster as a Hero of Mine that Hero is the Worlds Largest Athlete The Big Show but Show you may be the Worlds Largest athlete but your not the Worlds best big Man that’s Matt Morgan and I’d be willing to prove it so what I am proposing is Big Show vs Matt Morgan for Combustion Show I await your Reply”

Eric Bischoff comes onto the Stage with the USA Championship he says its time to crown a Champion in a Battle Royal

Jack Swagger wins the UCW USA Championship in a Battle Royal at 11 mins

Finish: Strong, Swagger Kingston were the Final 3 Swagger threw Kingston over the Top but he skinned the Cat only for Strong to Dropkick him off then swagger hit the gut-wrench Powerbomb on Strong with him landing on Kingston

Other competitors: Stevie Richards, Heath Slater, Kevin Steen, David Otunga Clayen Croft Trent Barretta Max Buck Jeremy Buck Evan Bourne & William Regal + Roderick Strong & Kofi Kingston

Swagger collects his title and celebrates a UCW First Champion



a Video Hyping Zack Ryder is Fame and z true long Island story

Zack Ryder def Amazing Red at 12 mins

Finish: Red went for the Canadian Destroyer move but Ryder turns it into a Spine Buster then hits Rough Ryder for the win

Kazarian in the Trainers Room

Kaz is being Treated when Cody Rhodes comes in and says Kaz had an Impressive Match Tonight Rhodes is looking for a Tag Partner what about it Kazarian accepts

KAZ & CODY are a Tag Team

Main Event

Kurt Angle Def Chris Jericho at 21 mins

Finish: both men Busted open make their way to their Feet Jericho goes for Code-breaker angle counters into the Angle Lock body sisscors applied means a Submission win for Kurt Angle

After the Match CM Punk comes out with a Chair and Destroys both Men

End of Ultimate

07-23-2011, 03:11 PM
UCW Ultimate Backfire

This Week on Ultimate
Bischoff announced a Gauntlet for the UCW Championship at Combustion and Daniel Bryan will face AJ Styles in a No.1 Contenders Match on the Same Night
* Robert Roode Def Dolph Ziggler after a Vickie Guerrero interference Backfired
* Ted Dibease seemed happy at Being Partnered with Sting but attacked him after they lost to LAX in the Tag Series
* John Morrison beat Kazarian in an Awesome Match
* Matt Morgan challenged Big Show to a Match at Combustion
* Jack Swagger won a Battle Royal to be Crowned UCW USA Champion
* Zack Ryder Def Amazing Red
* Kazarian & Cody Rhodes decide to become a Tag Team
* Kurt Angle beat Chris Jericho in an Epic Main Event only for CM Punk to destroy them both with a Chair.

Current Combustion Card
* UCW Tag Team Titles- LAX vs TBD vs TBD vs TBD
* UCW Championship Gauntlet
* No.1 Contenders Match- Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles

07-24-2011, 06:27 AM
UCW Ultimate 2


Highlighting last week: Punk attacks Angle & Jericho

Eric Bischoff’s office

Bischoff: Ladies and gentleman tonight after the Main Event next week I will announce the 10 competitors that will compete at Combustion for the Title

No.1 Contenders for USA Championship- Stevie Richards def Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) at 13 mins

Finish: Stevie Richards was going for a Superkick when Vickie got up on the Apron Richards tried to get Vickie off Ziggler went for Richards but he moved sending Ziggler into Vickie Richards rolled Ziggler up for the win

After the Match Ziggler and Guerrero argued before heading Backstage

Kurt Angle in Bischoff’s office

Angle: Bischoff, Bischoff did you see what CM Punk did after our Match last week
Bischoff: Yeah I did as a Matter of Fact
Angle: Well I want him tonight
Bischoff: well I can’t do that because Punk already has a Match tonight against Chris Jericho
Angle shakes his Head

Tatso Naito def Rhyno at 13 mins

Finish: hit a Flying Dropkick followed up by a Backdrop then a 450 splash for the win

tonight AJ Styles picks a Partner so does Daniel Bryan

Sting comes out with a Mic

Sting: “now last week they asked the Stinger to team with Ted Dibease Jr and after the Match he decided to turn on me and I would like to know why you did that Ted”

Here comes Ted Dibease Jr

Dibease; “Sting you want to know why I did what I did its because this you your whole Persona is a Failure you never made it anywhere so you better to make my name at the expense of you”

Sting: “ok cos you made it didn’t you just like your dad made it Right”

Dibease attacks Sting and lays him out


Evan Bourne Def Adam Cole at 14 mins

Finish: Cole went for the Panama Surprise but Bourne Countered into a Hurricanrana then Shooting Star Splash for the Win

Chris Jericho is getting Ready backstage

Angle: Chris how is it gong?
Jericho: Yeah good Bro got Punk tonight
Angle: yeah I heard anyway I got your back Bro
Jericho: Cheers Man should be a Classic but if anything does happen good to know you’ve got my back

UCW Tag Team Championship Series- Cody Rhodes & Kazarian Def Generation ME at 15 mins

Finish: Max hit a Moonsault on Kazarian Max buck then stands on the Apron about to jump on Kaz again when Cody pushed him off then hit that Springboard Kick on Jeremy for the 3 in a Great Tag Match

AJ Styles is Backstage

Samoa Joe agrees to team with Styles tonight

Big Show comes Out

Show: “Last week the Blueprint Matt Morgan came out here and claimed to be the best big man of all time and well quite Frankly that’s a Joke I for 16 years have been the Most Dominant force in Wrestling and now that I am here in UCW I am ready to do it all over again and now that I got Matt Morgan challenging me I see no better chance to start that reinvention so in answer to your Challenge Matt I accept”


Mr Anderson def John Morrison at 14 mins

Finish: Morrison went up top for Star ship pain but Anderson pushed him down either side then hits a Mic Check from the top for the Win

Daniel Bryan backstage

Christian agrees to be his Partner tonight

Confirmed for PPV: UCW USA Championship- Stevie Richards & Jack Swagger + A International Battle Royal for the UCW International Championship

AJ Styles & Samoa Joe Def Christian & Daniel Bryan at 21 mins

Finish: AJ hit the Spiral Tap on Bryan through the Announce Table then Samoa Joe hit the Muscle Buster on Christian for the pin and the Win

Main Event time

Chris Jericho def CM Punk at 19 mins

Finish: as Punk went GTS Jericho blocked the Knee Swiped the other leg then locked in The Walls for the Tap out win

after the Match CM Punk attacked Jericho but Angle made the Save only for MVP to attack angle with a Chair

07-24-2011, 05:58 PM
UCW Ultimate Backfire

* Eric Bischoff announces that after next week's Main Event the Compititors for the UCW Championship Gauntlet will be announced
* Stevie Richards def Dolph Ziggler to become no.1 contender for the USA Championship after a Vickie Guerrero interferance Backfired
* Tatso Naito def Rhyno
* Sting wants to know why dibease attacked him. He said that he's going to make his name at the Expense of Sting, Sting tells Dibease he's a failure just like his dad Dibease attacked Sting
* Evan Bourne Def Adam Cole
* UCW Tag Team Championship Series- Cody Rhodes & Kazarian def Generation Me
* Big Show accepts Matt Morgan's Challenge
* Mr Anderson Def John Morrison
* A Battle Royal was announced for the PPV to crown an International Champion
* AJ Stlyes & Samoa Joe Def Christian & Daniel Bryan
* Chris Jericho Def CM Punk
* after the match Punk attacked Jericho only for angle to make the save but he was beaten down by MVP

Card for Combustion
* UCW International Championship battle Royal
* Matt Morgan vs Big Show
*UCW USA Championship- Jack Swagger vs Stevie Richards
* UCW Tag Team Championships- Cody Rhodes & Kazarian vs LAX vs TBD vs TBD
* UCW Championships Gauntlet
* No.1 Contender- AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan

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