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10-01-2010, 06:05 AM
Tried to post this as a blog with no success...here goes...

Since it seems apparent (at least to me) that Edge has seemingly done away with the anonymous GM by destroying the laptop 'he' used to communicate 'his' rulings, I think it would be a great time for RAW to introduce a brand new concept that would actually engage the WWE Universe in a way that has never been done before.

The WWE has tried to cultivate the millions of fans they have across the world in a productive way many times over the years. Mr. McMahon giving away millions of dollars, the Cyber Sunday concept, even the recent "You Chose The Matches" night - all decent ideas but nothing that really ever gave the massive Universe a big reason to watch RAW. Since the ratings lately have been pretty lackluster, I see now, six months away from Wrestlemania 27, as a time that could be used to re-energize the base in a unique way that would actually get more people watching and interacting with the show.

WWE - feel free to use this. ;)

YOU - yes you, the WWE fan, would be the GM of Monday Night RAW. You would have the ability to create matches, hire and fire performers (with limitations of course), and basically do anything that any other GM or Commissioner has done before.

The WWE has the capability to set up, through their website, a way for the WWE Universe to run the show in a way that gives them mass control, yet not so much as to completely have the run of the place. Think of the endless possibilities and rewards - you'd have people with a vested interest to watch week after week and visit the WWE site.

Now I'm not talking about some vote where you have three people to choose from in setting up John Cena's opponent for some match on the show. I'm talking about some actual control over what is going on every week. Obviously the WWE brass would still have the majority control and the final say, but why not put a system in place that gives fans the opportunity to really feel like their voice is being heard and engaged in a way that has never really been attempted to before.

This would be sort of like being a team owner in a fantasy sports league, except in this case you'd have a tangible impact on the show itself. TNA, as backwards as they can be at times, actually had a decent idea with the "Top 10 Contenders Poll", but I'm talking about something a little deeper and something that means a little more than just a small vote (where things can easily be manipulated). Again - think of the possibilities. Millions and millions of RAW fans, gathering around their computers every week, managing the RAW roster, making 'decisions', and then watching RAW to see how it all plays out. You could even have interactivity during the show, where during commercials fans are online, making decisions. Fans could gather ideas on skits and sketches, even promos in a limited fashion. There is a lot of untapped creativity out there, and through the internet is a way to capture some of that in a way that can improve the overall quality of the show - as well as the viewership in said show.

I know this is just an outline - I don't pretend to have all the answers. But when faced with the increasing difficulties of being creative and original in this day in age, can it really be that bad of an idea to give the fans a little more control over their favorite show? It's never really been done before, and honestly, can the WWE Universe do as 'uneven' a job as Creative as done lately?

I greatly respect the WWE Creative team and the people that run RAW. It takes an immense amount of talent and dedication to do what these people do. I myself am a writer, director, and producer. I've produced one film and have begun writing several screenplays, and I can tell you from doing small independent productions it's a time consuming and unforgiving-at-times experience. All I am putting forth here is a chance to give us, the loyal WWE fans, a chance to show what kind of an impact we can have, even in today's fast-paced, millions-of-options world.

I'd love to hear your responses. And if the WWE is listening, maybe, just maybe, it's an idea worth considering.

-- Thomas Gidlow, Skyward Cinema

10-01-2010, 07:33 AM
Holy sh*t. This a very raw no pun intended rough draft filled with potential flaws to a very good untapped idea. U might wanna get yourself a poor mans copyright of this idea. Dude u r onto sumthin HUGE here. Excellent creativity bro. Im very impressed.

10-01-2010, 07:52 AM
Please allow me to give my infinite wisdom on this matter. To me it doesn't matter who or what the GM is or if we need one in the first place. I'm starting to think people are believing their own hype when they say Vince has lost his marbles and he is out of touch. He hasn't and he is aware of the ratings slipping but make no mistake about it, it's just a matter of time before his genius shines on the rasslin world. I imagine a genius like him is working 23 hours a day pacing the floor at night contemplating what brilliant idea to use next. Not only is Wrestlemania six months away he also has to deal with the NFL America's favorite pastime on Monday nights. But that shouldn't be an excuse for putting out a bad product. If anything it should be a wake up call to the creative team to realize we the people have options and we know how to use the remote. If i was in charge i would get rid of the guest host so fast it would be like a Benoit match on a new WWE DVD never to been seen again and for good reason. That brings up a valid point, lets discuss that further. Pro rasslin has had certain people/situations that have gave the sport a huge black eye and i dare to say almost a knock out punch. Wrestlers are dieing so fast the company that makes body bags is thriving. Is that Vince's fault, i don't believe so. People have rights and freedoms in this country and one of those rights is you can mess up your life with drugs and steroids. Now on to a more sobering topic. Chris Beniot with his actions hurt wrestling in ways i cant even fathom. When one of your companies biggest attractions kills his kid and wife them himself what can you say or do to make it better. The answer is you cant. Since horrible news makes the CNN and FOX news rounds when a non wrestling fan hears about it, not only is wrestling fake in their minds and everyone uses steroids but the people in wrestling are monsters in real life and not just in the ring. That selfish act crushed wrestling storylines ( McMahons limo blowing up) in its tracks and for that moment when Vince stopped being the character Mr. McMahon pro rasslin wasn't an escape from reality it was another prime example of the real world we live in. And for what that monster did to his family i will never acknowledge his wrestling accomplishments and i hope for his sake god has mercy on his soul. Its hard for a company to get over something that bad but i believe the WWE has done the best they can do. As for the GM on raw i will leave that up to the genius mind of Vince and hopefully he can come up with something so brilliant it will be another example of why i am a pro rasslin fan in the first place. But I also think Vince should listen to what Bill Gates said and i quote "Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they cant lose." U MAD???

10-02-2010, 01:06 AM
!f I wuz gM i VV0uLd h!r3 tH3 r0cK lululz

10-02-2010, 06:19 PM
IPITS - I think you have lost your marbles if you think Vince is still capable of that sort of business acumen. He has lost touch - his marbles are another matter.

To this idea however - while I fully agree that it IS a good idea, I debate the WWE's ability to choose the right individuals to sort out which stories to use and what not to. This is where another barrier to this exists - creative will all be exposed for the frauds they are. Vince might hire the right people - but then get sick of them for some trivial reason and show them the door. So - no continuity

10-02-2010, 07:23 PM
Bad idea,
The kids and marks would flood the site, out vote us and it would be Cena vs next biggest face every week. Miz would be fired in 30 seconds. Santino vs Hornswoggle for years. Undertaker could never retire. The storylines would be "Drew stole my lunch money!" and "Cody made fun of my unibrow!" Its seems like fun but then you gotta remember the trolls and idiots of the world that would ruin it.
The best thing we could do is have "fantasy WWE" on this site or on the video games. If it was in the games. You and one of your friends could run RAW and SD. Have the Raw vs Smackdown storyline from years ago, the PPV's are for one show or the other. That sounds like fun to me.
If it was on this site a few more people in on league. One person gets Raw, one for SD, one gets TNA, and one for ROH. If another friend wants to join then give them an indy company. Have the users of this site rate storylines and matches to see which group has the better league.

10-02-2010, 09:49 PM
I think its both a good idea and bad. I understand that WWE had to alter the way they did things after Beniot did what he did, and I think they have put it all behind them- until the next big name wrestler dies of an overdose.
But creative has lost their touch. Vince has lost his touch, and Steph has probally been one of the reasons behind some of the bad creative crap going on. They can still stay PG, push the envolope and have good stortlines if they get new creative, or Vince and Steph lets them actually think for themselves. Thank god for DVR, I get through most wrestling shows in about 45 minutes