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Tommy Thunder
07-04-2011, 02:06 PM
EWNCW Monday Night Rage



General manager:
John Cleverly

Christopher Pentalion (play by play)
Bodom (color) (occasional wrestler)

Ring Announcer:
Jason McManus

Alice (valet of Arius)
Darren Bull
Daymien Bloodstone
Harley McCartney
Holy Jose
Malcom Cage
Mark Dimension
Matt Elder
Ric Flair (occasional wrestler)
Ronaldo Romulus
Ryan Wells
Splatered Dreams
The Beard of Zeus
The Blue Flash
TJ Rage
Vanhooligan X
William Carlin

Tag Teams:
The Sexiest Alpha Males
The Mexican Nightmares
Mixed Emotions
Black Blooded
We Fuegos Artificiales

Current Champions:
World Heavyweight Champion: Ronaldo Romulus (17/1/13 - present)
Evolution Champion: The Beard of Zeus (28/5/13 - present)
World Tag Team Champions: Mixed Emotions (19/4/13 - present)
Rage Ignition Champion: Van Hooligan X (7/4/13 - present)

Championship History:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Silver Cena (31/10/11 - 6/3/12)
The Beard of Zeus (6/3/12 - 4/7/12)
K-Jammin (7/4/12 - 17/1/13)
Ronaldo Romulus (17/1/13 - present)

Evolution Championship:
Markus Beerstein ( - 6/3/12)
Ronaldo Romulus (6/3/12 - )
Ryan Wells ( - 12/11/12)

Mark Dimension ( 12/11/12 - 28/5/13)
The Beard of Zeus (28/5/13 - present)

Rage Ignition Championship:
Daymian Bloodstone (31/10/11 - 6/3/12)
Shaz (6/3/12 - 12/11/12)
Hanz Gruber (12/11/12 - 16/1/13)
The Blue Flash (16/1/13 - 7/4/13)
Van Hooligan X (7/4/13 - present)

07-04-2011, 02:11 PM
This is where the Roster will go when thats all decided

07-04-2011, 04:04 PM

chosen by the fans Tune

Rage Commentator Christopher Pentalion welcomes us to rage

CP: Ladies and gentleman tonight EWNCW welcomes you to Rage The Brand new Brand that will be Fasters Stronger and more exciting than anything at all and I Christopher Pentalion will be proud to call it along the Way.

And boy what a show we have to kick off Tonight we will witness something that is bound to be Awesome and that is Tommy Thunder going one on one with Bodom!!

Plus GodMoney will defend against The Force of Greatness That’s right Tag Titles on the line live tonight


Shuriken Blade makes his way to the Ring

Shuriken: So here I am.....

*crowd cheers*

This is Rage huh? A group of idiots having their own show. Oh.....I'm getting angry too just being here. Its fitting that this show is called "Rage". You think you guys are angry.....oh you haven't met me angry.....especially this angry.

I'm here in "enemy territory" to do something about what happened last week at Inferno......ooohh.....I'm Kevin Matthews and I AM SOOOOO BADASS WITH MY GROUP OF ANGRY NOBODIES THAT DIDN'T GO ANYWHERE IN THIS BUSINESS! I'M SUCH A GREAT CHAMPION BY LETTING MY GROUP DO THE DIRTY WORK FOR ME!

Matthews, Tommy, DJ Black. have your forgotten why I was champion? EWNCW needed a champion when it needed one! Yes....I am a young guy but I wanted to prove to everyone why I was suitable as champion and this company grew because I BUSTED MY ASS FOR THESE PEOPLE!!

*crowd cheers loudly*

I have another chance for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship. The last match.....you just had to have your angry nobodies do your dirty work. How does it feel knowing you cannot beat me in skill? Anyways I will beat and reclaim that very champion toni-....)

Ladies and Gentleman please welcome the Rage Spokesman John Cleverly

John Cleverly has a Huge Smile on his face as he looks at this Packed Arena on his way to the ring


JC: Shuriken I just got of the Phone to the Rage GM who due to various complications can not be here tonight However The Rage GM says Far from being the Groups brand Rage officials Highly condemn the Actions of the Group and would like to offer Shuriken an Opportunity at the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship right here tonight!!!...

-Fans love this-

But another value of Rage officials is giving People what they want and after all the Back and forth with a Guy called DJ Black and I will give you the chance to put him in his place tonight by Facing him first oh and By the way if you don’t beat DJ Black you wont get a World Title Shot…

07-04-2011, 04:15 PM
Candy Man makes his way into the Arena

CP: Here is a very unorthodox competitor who goes by the Name of the Candy Man

The Candy man makes his way down the Ramp

CP: and Here is his Opponent newcomer Grind Bastard and remember he got involved in the Ignition Title Match at TOTN lets see how we fares between the Ropes

Candy Man vs Grind Bastard

Winner: Grind Bastard

Grind Bastard Charges back up Ramp man this guy is unstable… while the candy man gets the Mic

Candyman: im new around here an despite the loss as far as im concernd the best..and theres no better place to debut than here... im open to any challenge .any match any time any place.. im here to make impact and thats what i plan in doing... and if u dont dig that ...candy floss ur ass on outa here !!!!!!!!

CP: Wait who is this...I don’t think Candy man was expecting answers to his challenge now

A unknown Man comes Down he stands before the candy man. Suddenly the man attacks him

CP: What the hell is going on the guy just debuts then some other guy is attacking him already I mean who is this man?

The Unknown man introduces himself to be Bill “The Eagle” Richards he then leaves

-The same figure from last week is shown yet again, but this time his back is facing the camera. The figures arms rise up to the hood that covered his head as he pulls it down revealing long blond hair. After a brief moment of silence the muttered laughter of the figure fills the room. The camera then, once again, goes to static. Only this time it's for a brief moment. The camera flips back showing a close-up of the interviewer known as Sanchez who then points the camera towards the wall with big red letters written out upon it. It says, "I'm coming..”-

07-04-2011, 04:26 PM
CP: Here is Gillz the high-flyer has been pissed off a lot lately what with failing to get the International Title Shot at TOTN also issues have arose with Solla and Mark Dimension which lead to him attacking SilverCena on Inferno to top all that he has a Mystery Opponent tonight

-The Lights go down then the Music of Splattered Dreams hits -

CP: What!!! Splattered Dreams the Muscle Mountain is back for one night only

Gillz vs Splattered Dreams


Winner: Gillz

CP: Gillz has done it and in impressive fashion this man is picking up serious steam and is never far away from the title Picture…

…But wait who is this SilverCena!!!

-SilverCena runs down to take out Gillz in Revenge for what Gillz did on Inferno costing SilverCena a shot at Kevin Mathews-

EWNCWShop.Com Advert- Get your Tommy Thunder- Thunderbirds T-Shirt Now!!!!

CP: we are back and we about to see Shuriken take on The Definition of Cool DJ Black and should he win he gets to go to the Main Event tonight and Challenge for the title.

DJ Black vs Shuriken

Winner: Shuriken

CP: Shuriken has done it!!! He has Beaten DJ Black but what a Match Shuriken Cant have Much left for the World Title Match this Evening

-DJ Black looks pissed he let that one slip-

07-04-2011, 04:37 PM

CP: Here comes the No.1 Contender Billy McCoy lets see what this Rising Star has to say

Billy McCoy makes his way to the ring

McCoy: Are you enjoying… Rage TONIGHT!!!! ?

(Crowed goes nuts)

well I thought I’d come out here and explain to you my changes of late I mean 2 months ago I came the most angry Vicious rookie of all time I wanted to rip through The Heartbreaker and leave nothing left but then something happened I met Tommy Thunder now I have a tremendous amount of respect for Thunderbirds and I cant wait to test myself against him for the International Championship again

(Fans Cheer)

The Reason I Respect Tommy Is because Tommy Respects Wrestling!!! And Wrestling Fucking Matters!!!!!

And now I come to Solla ““oh, oh I am soooo Scared uh uh what am I going to do Solla is after me”” McCoy parades sarcastically guess what Junior I aint Scared you, Your Contract your collective. Solla you’re nobody, never will be. And you said you paid your dues??? Really?? Because backstage all I see is a Selfish Egotistical Son-of-a-Bitch who helps nobody but himself!!!! You see Solla you don’t understand the Principals of wrestling… Honour… Respect…. Passion…. Devotion and that will be your downfall because you will never be better than me you will never be able to deny Better is Bigge…

CP: This Man is the Albino Rhino Solla and there is no love loss between these two and he has The Collective in tow

Solla comes out on the ramp with mic in hand




Now let me tell you something, last week when I said The Collective will not be pushed aside for the likes of you baby kissing, fan loving idiots, and I meant that. I also told you that things are going to change here in EWNCW, and there is no better place to begin that promise than right here.....RIGHT NOW!!

Solla sprints to the ring and ATTACKS

-McCoy fights back and almost runs them off but the Numbers Game Catches up and Solla & the Collective have the upper hand-

Solla....Breathing heavy

Now, Billy. This is only the beginning of a very long road for you, a road that is going to wind up coming to a dead end. I am also telling you....and EVERYONE here, whether its on Rage or Inferno......these beatings will continue and they will get worse, I promised you that me and My collective will not be ignored anymore, you're only the beginning Billy.

Now if you'll excuse me.....I promised to break someone's jaw this week.

Solla begins to leave the ring, but not before stopping to go back and finish off Billy.

** Solla hits a Brutal DDT to the floor**]

CP: WAIT....WHATS THIS......OH NO!!!!!!!

*Solla Delivers the punt to the head *

Solla has laid Billy to waste, Billy is unconscious......Solla has destroyed Billy McCoy here tonight on the debut show of Rage.....What else does this sick psycho have in store for us? I guess he meant what he said.....it started right here tonight......Will someone get their jaw broken on Inferno?

The Crowd is Shocked into silence as we head to the Break

07-04-2011, 04:53 PM
CP: We are in Full Swing here tonight This Arena is packed full of Wrestling fans and up next is something quite Special the 2 Biggest Teams in EWNCW Face off for the Titles


CP: here comes the Team of GodMoney Rich Cranium and his Partner The Beard of Zeus!!!!

-Force of Greatness Music Plays as they walk down the Ramp-

CP: and now the Former Champs Matt The Force Elder, Tai Night are THE Force of Greatness!!!!

GodMoney vs The Force of Greatness


winners and still EWNCW Tag Team Champions- Godmoney
CP: What an Epic Match up between the two best team in the World but GodMoney Retain the Championships

-The Teams shake hands as we head to the Break-

EWNCW Would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July and Reminders you to Have Fun and Stay Safe

CP: Lets take a little look at what happened when EWNCW Anchor Dick Thompson sat down with Tommy Thunder

DT: Hello folks! Me Dick Thompson here, and join ing me at this time is the current EWNCW International champion; Tommy Thunder.... Thunder!! Tommy just a few question if I may, Firstly, what are your thoughts about being here on the first ever Monday night Rage?!

TT: Well Dick, I'm obviously very excited! I mean you can almost feel the RAGE here in the back here!! This show is exciting, and electrifying!! And I'm sure my VIP's are impressed by what they're seeing!!

DT: Sure, well, how about some comments on what happened at 'Threat of the Net'? I mean, you and a few other guys screwed Shuriken out of the title!!

TT: NO DICK!! We didn't screw anyone!! Like I said on Inferno last week, it was simply Shurikens time. He'd held that title long enough!! It was time for someone else to have a go!! And very soon, maybe we'll see that title change hands again!!

DT: What about you? You're the longest reigning champion in EWNCW history! Isn't it time you let go of a title?

TT: Dick, I thought that you of all people would understand. This isn't MY title. And the former Forum title that I held wasn't my title. They're the VIP's title. And when they've had enough of seeing me with gold around my waist, then, and ONLY then, will it be time to let go.

DT: Ok. Now what have you in store for us tonight with your match against EWN legend Bodom?

TT: Simple. I'm going to beat him. And in doing so, I'm going to put myself on top of the pile. And in doing THAT, Me and my VIP's will be in line for the big gold belt. I may have helped Kevin Matthews last Sunday, but that doesn't mean I'm on his side. And when the 'Must see MVP of EWNCW' is involved, there isn't a thing that he'll be able to do to stop me!!


CP: You know Tommy Thunder has been complaining about it being his Time never will he have a better chance to prove it than tonight

Bodom vs Tommy Thunder

CP: and here comes Bodom and the atmosphere in here is unbelievable and you will not miss a second it’s Bodom vs Thunder after the Break

07-04-2011, 05:11 PM
-The Fans are on their Feet and going nuts-

CP: I Have never Felt an Atmosphere like this in my life its time for the talking to stop Bodom vs Thunder lets do it

Bodom vs Tommy Thunder


Winner: Tommy Thunder

CP: Thunder has done it; Thunder has done it my god what a Match


CP: From all of us a EWNCW we thank you for joining us on this very special Evening but we are not quite done yet we still have the World Title Match and here comes “The Future” Kevin Mathews


CP: and the Challenge Shuriken but no way can he be 100% after that Epic Match with DJ Black Earlier this Evening

Shuriken’s Music

- Tommy Thunder DJ Black The Collective Harley McCartney & Captain Amazing are here-

Shuriken keeps saying “You Cant Beat me on your own” to Kevin Mathews

Kevin Signals to Tommy

CP: Kevin Mathews has called off the Troops they’re all heading Backstage we are going to get them One on One after the Break

07-04-2011, 05:20 PM



Winner; Shuriken via DQ Mathews Retains the title

CP: What a Pathetic act by Kevin Mathews getting himself DQ’d to save his Title

-Tommy Thunder, The Collective, DJ Black, Captain Amazing Harley McCartney and a few others are Back-

They attack Shuriken

CP: Ooohhh God here comes the Locker-Room!!!

-God Money come down to make the Save but get beaten down by the Collective-

CP: and that might not have been a Smart Move on GodMoney’s Part

here is Billy McCoy how is this man even standing right now

McCoy gets in the Ring and heads straight for Solla but Once again the Albino Rhino gains the Upper Hand thanks to the Numbers game and lays out McCoy

CP: Now who is this it’s the Force of Greatness

-The Force of Greatness appear with Steel Pipes and Manage to Run off the Group Matt Elder & Tai Night help the others to their feet-

CP: and thank god for the Force of Greatness!!!

That’s it for an Epic Night in EWNCW thank you for allowing us into your Homes will you Join us again Thursday night on Inferno for a DRAFT SPECIAL I’ve been Christopher Pentalion and you’ve been watching Rage!!!!!!!!! And remember Log in not Tune in

As we end this very first Rage

Tommy Thunder
07-11-2011, 04:09 PM
This here is what you call a filler.

Tommy Thunder
07-11-2011, 04:25 PM

CP: Hello and welcome to the second ever edition of EWNCW Monday night Rage!! I’m Christopher Pentalion, and we have an action packed night for you once again! Tonight, intensity increases between Rage and Inferno! Speaking of Inferno, on last week’s show, former EWNCW World champion Shuriken declared war on Rage! I wonder if he’ll show up here tonight?!


CP: Here comes our champion, Kevin Matthews. Let's see what he has to say.

KM: You see, when I won this title, three weeks ago, I made myself a promise, to be nobody's shadow. After hearing Shruiken ramble on and on saying he was the best in the world and he was the one who did everything for this company, that's what infuriated me! You wanna know what set me off? I was the biggest thing coming to this company and day in and day out I was getting pushed further and further down the card. I was even stuck opening matches against jobbers at house shows! It took me 4 months to win this championship and by god I'm gonna keep this title win/lose or draw! I remember the first day I walked through these doors and I shook your hand, and you said 'if you need me I’m here bro!' what a croc of shit! You blindsided me the minute you took the opportunity to do it. And look at where I'm standing today, world champion surrounded by my brothers, who have my back! Whatever happens to me, they have my back. Ladies and Gentlemen, as of tonight, this is the beginning of a new era, welcome to The Instant Classic Era!


Shuriken: From a loud mouth champion from up north......"Really?"

*crowd laughs*

"In all seriousness.....Matthews.....you come out here and say that being a champ is good? What have you done to be a credible champion? I mean.....you can't even beat me in a weak state. I had my match against you last week KNOWING that I had a match against that DJ earlier on the night....and YOU STILL can't beat me and now you want to give yourself nicknames? Matthews....you are pathetic!"

*crowd cheers*

"I want one more match against you. And try not to bring your boyfriends over because it is between you and me! Noone else! For that EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship. In all honesty.....all I see is a boy with a belt when I see you, prancing around like a little boy "OH LOOK I'M CHAMPION!!! LOOK AT HOW I AM A SISSY BITCH I AM!!! OHHH I HIDE BEHIND MY GUYS AND THEY DO MY WORK FOR ME!!" Matthews.....when I WIN that title back......I'm gonna show how to look like a champion!

*crowd cheers*


Thunder makes his way out and immediately heads to the ring with a mic in hand

TT: “Cut the music, cut the music, CUT, THE, MUSIC!! Ohhhhno you don’t!! I’m not letting this fish slip the net!! *enters ring* You’re not facing anyone else but ME!! You’ve dodged and weaved your way past me long enough!! I should have had my shot at you when you had that title, but you neglected me!! You turned your back to me!! Well now I’m here before you, but you don’t have the title. BUT!! You can partially make up for it by granting my VIP’s the chance to see Shuriken vs Thunder one on one tonight!! “

*Shuriken nods as crowd go nuts*

TT: “Oh, and since we can’t have the title on the line, how about we put something else on the line….. how about, the winner becomes the no.1 contender?!”

*crowd go crazy for this. Shurkien takes a look around*

TT: “Come on, You want it, I want it, but more importantly, the VIP’s want it!!! What do ya say?!”

*Thunder extends his hand, and after a pause, Shuriken accepts, as crowd erupt*
CP: Well there we have it!! A monumental main event is in place for tonight!! Shuriken will go one on one with Tommy Thunder with the no. 1 contender spot for the EWNCW World title on the line!! A lot riding on this one, and I can’t wait for it!!

Tommy Thunder
07-11-2011, 04:35 PM
CP: Welcome back folks! Now I’ve been told that we’re going to be graced by the presence of a god next… and right on cue here he is!!


*Flair goes into ring and grabs a mic*

RF: You know what? I figured it was time for my old ass to retire and let some young blood take my throne. I have decided to become a mentor for someone who has really impressed me. This is a man with megastar potential and his name is Mitch O’Connor. Everyone, give this man a nice EWNCW welcome!

M O’C: You may boo me now, but that's just because you're all sheep and you cheer for exactly who the sheppard tells you to cheer for. But there is one other man beside myself in this arena who has a shred of common sense, and that man is the biggest legend in this business... Ric Flair. This man saw something in me that no one else saw, he saw a monster, he saw the next big thing... he saw the future of the industry! Now with Ric Flair by my side you all have no choice but to respect me as I prove how right Ric Flair is, each and every time I come out to the ring!"
*O’Connor gives Flair mic back

RF: That right! Just watch as this wheelin dealin son of a gun does his thing! Now ladies, I may be retired but the line to Space Mountain is always open!

CP: Wow!! O’Connor must be feeling so privileged to have one of the all time greats mentoring him!! Let’s see how he gets on against the one man muscle mountain; Splattered Dreams!!

(Styles = O’Connor/Angle = Dreams)


CP: And O’Connor wins, though not without some help from Naitch! But really, can we expect anything else from the ‘dirtiest player in the game’? This partnership has some potential I feel!!


CP: And here comes Billy McCoy!! A true fan favourite, and a man who is destined for glory!! Let’s see what he has to say to us!!
McCoy: Now it’s been 3 weeks and already I am Fed up with Solla & Collective Jumping Me from Behind Solla please be a Man and face me one on one sometime please Grow a Set and face me one on one because Every time you attack me all it Proves is that you cant beat me and you know that otherwise you’d give me a one on one Match with me you see all I Solla is, is a No-Good Jumped up piece of Shit and Solla I got a Guaranteed match with Tommy Thunder for the International Championship and I’d rather be doing that than having to deal with you so this is What we are going to do I will give you one chance to face me one on one or I will come find you and your collective and things are going to get messy!!

(Collective music)

CP: Oh no, here comes Solla and his Collective!! They have a mic, but what are the odds that they wants another piece of McCoy?!

Surgeon General: Senor Billy, I don know what your beef with Solla is lately, as far as were concerned we have done nothing to you to warrant such harsh words towards us. We are just trying to make a living like youself, but you see, we take things to the extreme limits when we are not listened to.

Herbert Birdsfoot grabs the mic

Herbie: BILLY MCCOY.....y y y you no g g g good wretch. W w w we do not fear you or anything that y y y you say, My Collective....Solla's Collective will take you down once and for all, and I will be laughing the whole time they are bashing your brains in. So knowing that we arent taking yours or anyones crap anymore, I suggest that you make tracks right out of the federation to avoid any further consequences.

Captain Howdy grab the mic

Captain Howdy: Billy McCoy....Come out and play.....Billy McCoy....Come out and play......Billy McCoy.....Come out and play....BILLY MCCOY....COME OUT AND PLAY!!!!!!!!
Now that I have your attention, I just want you to know, your blood is going to flow, your bones are going to be broken, so just step inside my little playground and we will have the utmost amount of fun making you break and bleed. Its going o be so enjoyable that I will not want to stop, OH ITS GOING TO BE SO FUN slicing your tendons with my knives, so much excitement listening to your leg bones snapping in two......So much fun making you suffer a horrible painful beating that is only worthy of those that defy us.

Solla grabs the mic

BILLY.....My Collective has spoken......so without further adieu, Its time.......TIME FOR YOU TO SAY GOODBYE


JC: Solla Stop right there The GM is Fed up of seeing these beat Downs and wants some Order because The Rage GM has Something Planned for you two tonight Solla you Choose an Opponent for McCoy and Visa Versa and that may be Unfair but hey Solla are you down with that Sickness Ha-Ha
Solla: Oh....so that’s it then huh??? I don’t get to beat this miserable bastard down again??? Your making a grave mistake.....very grave indeed.

Well, you hick.....If I have to make a choice.....then tonight....Your opponent is going to be one that you have never faced before, one that no one knows nothing about, one that is making his debut right here tonight.

Tonight on Rage....you will face Jebediah Hatfield

CP: Well John Cleverly coming out just in time to prevent another beatdown there!! And a good decision on behalf of our GM there I think, keeping Solla and McCoy apart!! I’m sure Solla would get skinned alive if McCoy got his hands on him after the attacks recently!!

Tommy Thunder
07-11-2011, 04:48 PM
CP: Welcome back!! We have now learned that Billy McCoy choose Godmoney member, TBoZ to face Solla!! Let’s see how this one turns out!!

(HHH = TBoZ/ Umaga = Solla)


CP: Well TBoz gets the win there as Solla doesn’t look too happy! And watch out!! Woah!! The Surgeon General has just thrown Rich over my announce table here!! And now he and Candyman are going for TBoz!! Damn!! What a big boot from Candyman!! And the Surgeon now with a foreign object, choking TBoZ!! I think it’s a stethoscope!! Man!! Talk about making a statement on the champs!! Well Solla looks happy as they all finally leave!! The Collective are determined to take out the tag team champs!! I wonder who Solla will choose to face McCoy later!!

(Candyman music)

*Candyman drives out in an ice-cream truck*

CP: And here comes the Candyman!! A man that has truly cemented himself in the hearts of our fans instantly, especially our younger audience!! And what’s he driving out here? Yes, that’s an ice-cream truck I believe!! And look as the kids’ faces, priceless as they get ice-creams from this awesome guy!!

*Candyman interacts with fans along the ramp and hands out some ice-creams and ice lollies*
This is great… but wait!! Oh my god!! That’s Bill ‘The Eagle’ Richards!!

*Richards runs out with a chair and drills Candyman with it*
What’s he doing!! He just took out Candyman with a chair as he was heading back for more cones!! OH MY GOD!! Chair shot after chair shot!! This guy’s relentless!! Where the hell is security?! And now what? He’s bringing out some ice-creams of his own, those are surely not for the kids?

*Richards heads to the back of the truck and re-emerges with as many cones of soft ice-cream as he can carry and pretends to give them to kids before snatching back*

CP: Well he is reaching out, but no!! He takes them back and now he’s stuffing them all over Candyman’s face!! This guy is unbelievable!! The man was only having some fun with the audience!! Bringing a smile to their faces!! What’s Richards’s problem?! And the crowd are certainly letting him know what they think of him!!


CP:Well here’s Billy McCoy again, and now we’ll see who Solla has chosen as his opponent for tonight…
Solla comes out dressed in Overalls and wearing a straw hat while pickin a banjo. (All as a means to make fun of Billy)

Willie me boy, Id like to introduce me self to ya.....my name is Jebediah Hatfield and I reckon your wonderin why I am here tonight, well I just finished eatin me dinner....ya see we had possum soup with a side of raccoon chitlins, and I needed to work off off all that weight I just put on, so I went and rassled me some gators.

Well....I gotta tell ya, after all that gator rasslin I just did, I needs me a human to beat on now.

but first can y'all please tell me what song you wanna hear? I can play me all kinds of country bumpkin songs on this lil contraption right here.

Ya see....this here.....well its called a banjo, and its used to play what we country folk call moosic, but if i recall kee rectly you dont know how to play moosic, so why dont's I just shimmy on down there and give ya a lil lesson in banjo-ology.

Solla walks to and gets in the ring.

Solla sips soomething from a jug.

Oh I apologize Billy....where are my manners.....Here I brought this fer yew....Its downhome ol fashioned backwoods moonshine, made it myself jus fer yew....have a sip.
*McCoy stares totally bemused and in confusion*

WHOOO WEEEE.....now thats some gooooood shit right there. Now I gots me one more thang that I needs to give ya.

*With that Solla goes back into character and blasts Billy in the head with the banjo*

Now that I have your undivided attention you wretched, no account baby kissing fan sucking Jackass!!
*The rest of The Collective have now emerged, and are standing outside the ring*

I am giving you one last chance to face me, if you choose not to....well then, I am going to give you no alternative BUT to face me, because I have a HUGE surprise in store for you and its NOTHING that you would ever expect, no one in this federation would ever expect to see what I have in store for you.

All I will say "Willy" is that this will be ground breaking, it will be an event that hasn’t been seen in over 25 years, it will be monumental.....and I WILL BE THE ONE TO RESURECT IT back to the forefront.

*Solla goes outside the ring and prepares to leave, before stopping, turning to see McCoy stirring, and after a sick smile spreads across his face, he signals for Howdy and the Surgeon to go to the ring and continue punishing Billy
Both men enter while Solla stays outside to watch. Both prepare to start the beating*


CP: And here come Godmoney!! And just in time!! And Solla is hightailing it out of here through the crowd!!
*Solla jumps the rail and flees through the crown while Godmoney enter the ring and destroy Howdy and the Surgeon. Solla looks on in horror and is screaming in anger! After helping Billy to his feet, Billy looks to Solla with anger and fire in his eyes, before pointing to him, and jumping the rail himself and chasing Solla! Solla scrambles towards the backstage area, with Billy in pursuit.*
CP: Wow, and McCoy is going after Solla with some intention here!! I’ve never seen that look in his eyes before!! Let’s see if we can get a camera to follow them!!

(Morgan = McCoy/Steiner = Solla)


Tommy Thunder
07-11-2011, 04:55 PM
*Once more we see The Long Blond Haired man is sat on the Floor in the Middle of the Pitch Black Room Candles flicker The Camara edges slowly closer to the Man we look over his Shoulder and see Two Pieces of Paper one with The Inferno Logo on it one with the Rage Logo on it We see the Cameraman’s Hand extended outwards toward the Man’s Shoulder The Camera Fuzzes we get a Shot of I’m Coming on the wall again*


CP: Welcome back! And here come the former tag team champions, The Force of Greatness; Matt ‘The Force’ Elder and Tai ‘Greatness’ night!! I wonder what they’re doing here? They’ve been in the thick of the Rage vs Inferno battle; let’s see what they have for us tonight.

ME - "Shruiken, I want to take a moment of the fans time to talk about you. Now don’t think I’m out here to dogg on you man like Tommy Thunder and the rest of the rage roster.

*Crowd Boo*

I want to talk to you about Respect, you see there are very who talk about respect and actually mean it.....Not everybody who has respect uses it for anything other than gaining trust then stabbing people in the back like the rage roster...... Let me give you guys an example

*Titantron shows a picture of Kevin Matthews holding up the arm of Shruiken Blade after won the vacated title*

Now this guys........this is respect but this on the other hand

*Titontron shows a image of Shruiken getting beat down by the Rage Roster*

This man, this is damn low, this is disrespect and me and Tai, we aint just guna sit around here and listen to you get trash talked by a newbie called DJ Smack. Dude what the hell is this revolution you talk about? Is it a new era when a fair fight means nothing?

Is it a new era of wrestler coming through with but a Peanut shell with no balls between his legs? I couldn't give a rats arse about a revolution!!! All i care about is showing respect to guys that have earned it like Shruiken, so once again brother...just to let you know that me and my boy have got your back".

*Crowd cheer and The Force tosses the mic to Tai Night

TN - "Now on the topic of respect...Godmoney....

Rich, TBOZ....the world knows of our mutual respect for each other....I mean man we built the Tag Team Division here in EWNCW, i mean its no coincidence that we are the only teams that have held the titles!!

I mean, in fact...come to to think of it, are there even any other tag teams in EWNCW?

*The Force whispers something into Tai's ear*

Oh yeah i forget about them, The Collective....Captain Howdy and The Surgeon General lead by the Albino bitch himself Solla, I mean what is this? The Munsters day out? Godmoney, why are you even wasting your time with a pair of circus freaks?"

*Tai Gives The Force the mic*

"I have an idea Godmoney, how about tonight we give the fans what they want, lets give the world what they want to see, I say we put on a wrestling masterclass for the EWNCW fans, why don’t you bring yo drunk arses down to the ring and come face to face with A Force of ..........."

*Holds Mic to Crowd*



CP: Well that isn’t Godmoney, that’s DJ Black! What is he doing out here?

DJ: Well well well, if it isn’t the force of gayness. Now i just had to come out here because I heard you talking about the tag team titles, when you’re not even the tag team champions! You guys are FORMER champions, nobody cares about you anymore. But everybody cares about the revolution. And you should too, because tonight, the revolution will claim you as victims when me and my partner defeat you. And my partner is this man.......


CP: Oh my! The champion!! Well Black could not have a better partner I guess!! Matt and Tai look a bit worried! Let’s see how this plays out!!

(Regal and Storm = Matthews and Black/Booker and Goldust = FOG)


CP: Well Black and Matthews do it there, but not in controversial circumstances, as Matthews blindsided Tai and distracted the referee, which allowed DJ Black to use the brass knucks and get the pin. The Force of Greatness can’t believe it, as Matthews and Black are smiling away on the ramp there.

Tommy Thunder
07-11-2011, 05:11 PM
CP: Welcome back! And now it’s time for our main event!!


*Tommy thunder makes his way out and goes straight to the ring. He looks all business tonight.*


CP: And here is the former champ! He’s agreed to put the no.1 contender spot on the line here tonight, let’s see how this one plays out!!

(Angle = Shuriken/Guerrero = Thunder)


CP: And Thunder has Shuriken down for the count here!! All he has to do is cover him!!...

*As Thunder moves to cover Shuriken, Matthews emerges through the crowd and attacks Shuriken, leading to a DQ win for the former champ.*

CP: What the… well the ref has called for the bell, and I believe that he’s declared Shuriken as the winner via DQ!! Thunder does NOT look too happy with this!!

*Thunder is livid at Matthews who continues to stomp a mudhole in Shuriken in the corner. Thunder grabs Matthews and asks him “What the hell was that?!”. They both argue in the middle of the ring. Shuriken has gotten to his feet, and with the title belt in hand, he takes out Matthews! Thunder rolls out of the ring to avoid contact. The crowd are loving this, and Shuriken stands over Matthews, looks at Thunder, then at the belt and then at Matthews before holding the belt up high as Thunder looks on from the ramp. The crowd cheer the former champ!*

CP: Good god almighty!! Shuriken there takes advantage of the situation to get some much deserved payback on Matthews!! The crowd are going fanatic for our former champ here as he holds the belt aloft!! Thanks for joining us folks, and tune in to Thursday night’s Inferno, and next week’s Rage to find out where this story turns next!! God night!!

07-18-2011, 05:16 PM
Ha you thought this was rage didn't you well no its a filler

07-18-2011, 05:17 PM
Fillers time again

07-18-2011, 05:18 PM
This is not a Corprote Endorsement its a Filler

07-18-2011, 05:21 PM
This is a Filler

07-18-2011, 05:22 PM
Final Rage Filler

Tommy Thunder
07-18-2011, 05:43 PM

CP: Welcome one and all to another Monday night Rage!! I’m Chris Pentalion, and boy, are things heating up here!!


CP: Well here comes the champ to start things off. He’s all smiles as the crowd boo him. I wonder what he has to say tonight?

KM: Last week, Tommy and I got into a little spat, in reality, both Tommy and I have mutual respect for one another. We may not have the same crowd reactions but the Rage cause is stronger than ever. Shruiken! The fact that you're trying to play mind games is weak. You can try stirring the pot as much as you want, but just like a cake, the more you stir the mixture, the better and stronger the mixture will be and it’ll hold the cake together. And the more you stir things with Rage, the better and stronger we will get. Your time will come, so whatever you do, it won't work on me.


Shuriken: MATTHEWS! What did I just hear? Raging group of Nobodies? On the same page? I don't believe that.

If that was true, Tommy there would be next in line to kick your ass for the title!

*crowd cheers*

I noticed that you mentioned.....that I didn't hit Tommy after you had your match.....I'm guessing you want a reason? It’s pretty simple but I guess you lack the necessary knowledge to put two and two together.....this is why our country fails, ladies and gentlemen.

*crowd laughs*

I didn't hit Tommy because I hate you more. I can't stand you, you snake, you waste of skin!

*crowd cheers*

Its pretty clear.....which brand is superior.....and no Matthews.....the Raging Group of Nobodies isn't superior......I mean....you can't win against a beaten man! If that doesn't show "superiority", you definitely show the lack of.

I still am the number 1 contender Matthews.....I have my shot......and I AM WILLING TO GO FAR AS TO USE MY OPPORTUNITY TONIGHT!!!!

*crowd cheers loudly*


CP: and here is Rage Spokesman John Cleverly and what has he got for us now

JC: Ladies and Gentleman due to further complications the Rage GM cant be here tonight however he has passed on the Following words

**Cleverly Starts to read off his I-Phone**

“Well it looks as if the Rage Group has been faltering so tonight we will test their True Resolve when DJ Black & Tommy Thunder will face Shuriken in a Two on One Match. Now Shuriken some may think this is Unfair, I see this as a Chance for you to prove your dominance and Kill Two Birds with one stone. Oh, and before I forget, if you don’t win Shuriken, then you can forget about your no.1 contender status, as you will have to go right to the back of the queue!! So I wish you good luck and that Is your Main Event People!

CP: Wow, well there’s a monster main event, and our GM again putting obstacles in the way of Shuriken!! He’s in a handicap match tonight, and if he doesn’t win, he’s loosing the no.1 contender spot!! Thunder and Black are his opponents. I've also been informed that both will be involved in a special edition of ‘The Flipside’ tonight hosted by DJ Black!!

Tommy Thunder
07-18-2011, 05:49 PM
CP: Welcome back folks. Here comes a Man who over the last few weeks has just attacked and Brutalised Candy Man yes this is Bill Richards and he is about to do Battle with Mint Berry Crunch

*Bill Richards music*

Bill Richards make his way down to the Ring to a Corus of Boos from this crowed that has really taken to Candy Man


CP: Wow Richards can really go what a Win by this Promising High Flyer

Richards walks up the Ramp but then Turns Back and attacks MBC


CP: That’s the Candy Man, Candy Man has arrived and in an Ice Cream Van

Candy Man comes out in his Ice Cream Van Runs to the Ring But Richards Bails out

Candy Man gets a Mic

w..w.w.wha do want with me dude. I am out here for a laugh with my fans .... to feed my family ...chase my dreams and you are putting a halt to theese things why ...just why man ..

**Candy Man starts to Crack up a little**

Bill Richards calls for a Mic

Richards: Candy Man trust me dude its not Personal I’ve been hired to take you out and as long as I’m getting Paid that’s what I will continue to do and my boss told me that he's knows who you Really are and seen that guy a thousand times and he’s going to destroy you

CP: Man, who the hell would do that?! Who would hire a man to take out another?!?! And a guy as nice as Candyman?! Why?! The guy was on the verge of tears there!! Interesting to see where this goes from here.
__________________________________________________ ___________________


CP: And here comes Naitch!! God himself is walking amongst us here folks, stylin’ and profilin’ his way to the ring!! And his apprentice Mitch O’Connor is looking like he’s enjoying every minute of the attention!!

*Flair comes out in a suit dressed to the nines*

RF: Let me just say, after carrying the belt that proclaimed me the real world champion, I’m gonna tell you all, with a tear IN MY EYE, this is the greatest moment in my life. When you walk around in this life and you tell everybody you’re number one, the only way you get to stay number one, is to be number one. And this is the ONLY.. title.. in the wrestling world that makes you number one. When you are the king of the EWNCW, you rule the world, Think about it like that!

*Crowd chants Woooooooooo!*

RF: Now, my friend here, Mitch O Connor, he has the best trainer and manager around! You know who? That's right! the 16 time world champion, yours truly, The Nature Boy! Woooooooooooo!

*Crowd pan and crowd cheers*

RF: This guy right here, *puts arm around Mitch*, is going to light EWNCW on fire! He's got the Skill, the speed, the looks to drive the girls WILD! Yes! And most important, he has what it takes to excel and to be the next EWNCW world heavyweight champion baby!

Now, if anyone on the roster wants to prove me wrong, I issue a challenge to all of you to take on my man, Mitch O Connor baby! Until then, ladies, we will see you at the Holiday Inn at room 306!



HB: Yeah you may not have seen me in a while but I am back and i am better than ever! Better than you in the audience, better than you, Ric Flair, and certainly a lot better than that piece of shit you’re in the ring with now.

*crowd jeers*

Oh shut up! You lot just boo when you’re told to and cheer when you’re told to! If you lot want to speak, you raise your hand! I accept your challenge Mitch, but, i think you might want to rethink calling me out because you WILL be hurt tonight, and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it!

CP: Wow!! The Heartbreaker is back?!?! And some strong words there!! Let’s see what he can do here!!



CP: My God!! The Heartbreaker wins!! Flair doesn’t look too happy with O’Connor!!

*Flair is unhappy with O’Connor, and is berating him in the ring. He slaps O’Connor in the face, and leaves the ring, to leave with Heartbreaker*

CP: Wow!! Flair is leaving with The Heartbreaker here!! He’s ditching O’Connor after just one week?! I have a feeling this story isn’t quite over yet!!

Tommy Thunder
07-18-2011, 05:57 PM

CP: Enter Godmoney!! The beer swindling duo know hw to party, and that’s certainly what they’ve been doing since winning the tag titles!! I’ve heard that they’ve both had a different girl every night since!! Let’s see what they have for us tonight!!

TBOZ: Rich, I know that last week, we challenged both FOG and The Collective to a match at the upcoming PPV.

Rich: Yeah man, I can't wait to prove why we are the very best tag team in the world!

TBOZ: And we will man, but tonight, we treat the fans! They sell out these arena's, buy the Pay Per Views, read the shows, hey I'm breaking the fourth wall! Dude, these guys pay for your life.

Rich: Really?

TBOZ: Yeah man, they pay for everything.

Rich: *with tears in his eyes* Oh my god.. You guys, are the greatest, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have almost attacked a midget in a drunken rage. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

TBOZ: Ohhkay dude, touching. But now we need to give back, and I think those Collective need to be put in their child seat, so Rich challenges you guys to a GodMoney classic, A Drinking Match!

Rich: Do I?

TBOZ: Yes because I'm already drunk, and we won't win. So, you guys got the giblets to be proven why it pays to be GodMoney?

*The Collective music*

SG: Senor's I am only coming out here tonight to make sure that noone tries anything sneaky while The Captain is taking this challenge, I myself have no intentions of drinking any type of alcohol and inebriating myself to the point I am unable to function. So I am bowing out of this challenge, but not before I take this pitcher and blast myself right in the head with it.

*Surgeon General rears back and BAM!!! right between the eyes goes the pitcher and the blood begins to flow. As it drips down his face, he licks the blood then looks at Godmoney with a dark smile*

SG: DRINK THIS instead!!

CP: My GOD that guy is just wrong!! Well it seems that The Collective have accepted the beer challenge from Godmoney, but Captain Howdy is doing it?!?! I mean, is that guy even all there?! Ever since his transformation from Andy Cannon, he seems to be under the control of The Surgeon General!! Let’s see how this plays out!!

(skip to 40 seconds in (If you don't want to see some Gail Kim vs Chirsty Hemme :p ))


*Godmoney and The Collective fight after the challenge, with Godmoney getting the upper hand.*

CP: My god!! Howdy somehow beat Rich Cranium!!! At his own game no least!! And now this is just a free for all with the 4 men going at it!!

*Solla Mafoai's music*

CP: Oh no, this can’t be good!! I was wondering when this sick bastard was going to turn up, and now here comes the Albino Rhino to help his Collective!!

*Solla helps The Collective get the upper hand*

*Billy McCoy music*

CP: And Here comes Billy McCoy to even the odds!! Look at the look in his eyes!!! That same look of anger and fire we saw last week!! And Solla isn’t hanging around!! Just like last week he’s fleeing through the crowd with Billy in hot pursuit!!

*Godmoney have cleared the ring of the Collective, and are posing with the belts*

CP: The Surgeon General and Captain Howdy are slinking up the ramp as the tag team champs stand tall in the ring!! But what about the other two, McCoy and Solla?! Wait… I’m hearing that one of our camera crew has tracked Solla down!! I’m hearing that he’s actually fled the arena, and gone into a supermarket across the road!! Let’s see if we can catch up with the action!!



CP: OH MY GOD!! McCoy just destroyed Solla there!! And it looks like there will be a big bill coming the way of EWNCW officials for all the damage done to that shop!! Second week in a row that McCoy’s got one up on Solla now!! Things are bound to explode between these 2 eventually!!

Tommy Thunder
07-18-2011, 05:59 PM

CP: Well the ring is all set up, and here comes ‘the definition of Cool’, DJ Black!! I’m looking forward to what should be an interesting ‘Backflip’ here tonight.

DJ: Ladies n gents, bastards and bitches, coolios of all ages, I am the definition of cool DJ Black, and this is the backflip!!!!!! Now my special guest tonight is Tommy Thunder.


CP: And here is the International champion. I wonder how he’ll respond to these, and maybe we’ll get some answers to some un-answered questions.

DJ: First of all Tommy, why the fuck did you leave Kevin Matthews to be laid out by Shuriken last week and why did Shuriken take out Matthews but not you on Inferno.

TT: Very simple DJ. I left Matthews to be fed to the sharks so to speak, because he has something I want. He has something we all want. If I had stayed in that ring, who’s to say that Shuriken wouldn’t have hit me too?! And then I might not have been able to compete last week on Inferno, or here tonight!! I did, what anyone else would have done in my position, including what Matthews himself would have done. Regarding what happened on Thursday, I guess one good turn deserves another. I helped Shuriken out on Monday, he does me a favour on Thursday. We have respect for each other. Karma works both ways man, even if we are on opposing sides.

DJ: Ok, second question, are you fully behind the rage cause, because lately it seems like the world title means more to you than all us young guys getting our spots

TT: Dude, I am one of those young guys!! And of course I’m fully behind the cause!! I proved that on Inferno Thursday night by getting the pin for us!! The world title is he ultimate goal for all of us, but the immediate goal, is to carry out the orders that HE gives us. That comes first, but the title will ALWAYS be on my mind.

DJ: And last but certainly not least, can the definition of cool trust you in tonight’s main event against Shuriken, or will the revolution be forced to target you

TT: I have your back, don’t worry, you can relax. WE have a man advantage against the guy, so if we play our cards right, it should be a walk in the park. I won’t turn on you unless you give me a reason to. And I strongly suggest that you don’t give me a reason.

*John Cleverly appears on the tron*

JC: Ok, ok, ok. The GM is unhappy with the amount of talking going on. He says quit wasting the air time he’s paying for, stop talking and get fighting!! So clear the ring right now, and get Shuriken out there so we can have out main event!!

*crowd like this, and some stage hands start clearing away the set-up in the ring*

CP: Well John cleverly on behalf of the GM there moving things along. Main event coming next folks!!

Tommy Thunder
07-18-2011, 06:00 PM
CP: Welcome back, and this should be an interesting spectacle to say the least!! Thunder and Black are waiting in the ring as we await Shuriken.


CP: And here is the former EWNCW World Heavyweight champ to a great ovation from the fans!! He seems very determined, and he’ll need to be resilient here against 2 opponents!! And remember, his no.1 contender spot is at stake!! If Shuriken looses, he also looses his right to face Matthews!! Wait we have something on the tron… it’s the Force of Greatness member Tai night knocked out in the rest-room with Matt Elder tending to him!! What’s that on the wall?

*Someone has spray-painted in red the words “An Instant Classic Moment”*

CP: ‘Instant Classic Moment’?! I’ll give you all 1 guess as to who’s handy work that is!! Well here goes with the match!!

(Undertaker=Shuriken/A Train=Thunder/Big Show=Black. Jones=Matt Elder)


CP: NO FREAKING WAY!! Shuriken wins!!! Elder came out to help!! But he’s done here, and shattered!! Thunder is offering a hand to help him up here… but wait!! Kevin Matthews is out here!! No wonder he laid out Night earlier, he wanted a numbers advantage here!! He shoves Black out of the way and is trying to get in the ring signalling Black to follow!! Thunder though is on the apron stopping him!!

*Matthews is face to face with Thunder, but Thunder says “Not now”. He’s leading Matthews back and Black joins him in doing so.

CP: There is much animosity between the 3 from Rage and the 3 from Inferno. And some will say that there is confliction in the ranks. Someone has to put their foot down eventually and make some battle lines here!! Join us on Thursday night for Inferno folks!! Thanks for tuning/logging in!! Good Night!!

Fozzy Bear
07-25-2011, 04:54 PM
This is the stuffing material that you guys do before a show

Fozzy Bear
07-25-2011, 04:54 PM
I cant wait to see what daddy Solla has in store for you tnight

Fozzy Bear
07-25-2011, 04:55 PM
B cause my daddy is awesom when he acts like Solla

Fozzy Bear
07-25-2011, 04:56 PM
And he is my champion of everything. I love my daddy. Have a good show guys

Fozzy Bear
07-25-2011, 04:57 PM
So lets get it on.

Tommy Thunder
07-25-2011, 06:22 PM

CP: Welcome one and all to Monday night Rage!! I’m Christopher Pentalion, and we here at EWNCW are now less than one week away from another ppv; ‘Raging Inferno’!! And just like you, we are all like little kids in a candy store, filled with excitement for this one!! But now, let’s kick off tonight’s show!!


CP: Well, here comes the EWNCW champion, ‘The Future’ Kevin Matthews!! I wonder what the self proclaimed ‘Instant Classic’ will have to say tonight?!

KM: So I've been receiving a lot of tweets since Thursday asking why I walked out of my match against The Force of Greatness. Here's my explanation, Shuriken has been on my case since I won the championship and has tried to pull all the stops and tried to injure me in order to win the title the cheap way. But as you all saw I got two of my buddies to lay him out before he got involved. So tonight, I am taking it easy, but this Sunday I will end Shuriken once and for all! After this PPV, the Inferno geeks will never see me again on that garbage show. And on Sunday I am re-christening the championship the Rage Championship!

CP: Wow, some scathing words from the champ towards Inferno and in particular Shuriken there.
__________________________________________________ _______________

CP: At this time we’d like to take the Opportunity to show you some Video footage from earlier today when the Candy Man demanded a Camera and well see for yourself…

Candy Man: right guys ..im sick so sick of this , ive been attacked every week since i debut here i just dont understand ..and now its my turn , im gonna follow richards around this arena until i find out who or what hes taking orders from...

*Richards gets out of his Car and heads through the Door*

*Camera Cuts*

CM: guys as you can see ive followed him to the lobby ..hes on the phone..who is he on the phone to ?

*Richards turns around so the Candy man and Cameraman step back behind a wall Richards turns and walks away*

*Candy man comes out and runs up the hallway*

CM: keeping the chase up guys..hes heading toward catering .. maybe i can give him some food for thought ?

*Camera Cuts*

*Candy Man is walking toward a door when Richards appears Candy hides in a Group of Roadies who are just chatting Richards goes through another door*

CM: shit..thought hed seen me... hes going into that locker .. its time guys

*Candy Man goes into the Room and Jumps Richards and starts pounding on him then he drives him into a Locker then Reigns in with the Punches he then puts him up against the locker*

CM: You has Hired you??

Richards: ahhh ahhh

*Candy Man threw him back down then went to get a Chair Pounds him in the Back then puts his boot on Richards’ Face*

CM: You wanna tell me now huh?

*Richards just screamed in pain*

*Candy went to push the locker over but Richards hits him with a Thunderous Spear then pushed the Locker over on Candy Man
He stood on the Locker before picking up Candy and Driving him through the Door!!*


CP: Oh My God Richards Just kick Candy Man down the Stairs

*EMT’s Arrive with a Stretcher but Richards Pushes them away picks Candy Man up and puts him up against the Wall*

Richards: You want to Know who’s Hired Me Huh? Candy Well unfortunately you don’t decide when he’s Revealed he Decides get it He DECIDES and he has Decided that Next week I face you one on one.

*Richards Walks off EMT’s Tend to Candy Man*

CP: Oh My god we need to get Candy Man to the Hospital we are going to the Commercial Break people

*We go to commercial as the EMT’s are taking care of Candy man*

Tommy Thunder
07-25-2011, 06:28 PM
CP: Well we’re back here on Rage guys, but I still can’t get over what just went down. Bill Richards kicked Candy Man down a flight of stairs, I mean, the guy could have a broken neck for all we know. We can only hope that Candy Man is ok, and that he won’t be out for a lengthy period of time.

*Ric Flair Music*

CP: Well here comes Naitch!! And he has The Heartbreaker in tow!! We’ve seen an interesting story developing recently with Mitch O’Connor and The Heartbreaker impressing The Nature Boy. One week he’s with this guy, the next week he’s with the other!! What will transpire here tonight?!

RF: OH BOY!! Do I have a physical specimen here!! I thought I’d hit the jackpot with young Mitch O’Connor the other week, but then this guy comes out of nowhere!! I mean, where have you been all my life?!?! You know what, you beat a man last week that was hand picked by ME the 16 TIME WORLD CHAMPION to be my protégé!! While it’s not often I make a mistake, I have to say, I may have made a mistake with O’Connor!! And now, I’m going to give you a chance to use the skills I’ve been teaching you all week!! Take this mic, and treat it as your friend!! Tell Mitch O’Connor what you think about him!!

*hands mic to Heartbreaker*

HB: Hey Mitch! I told you that you was a failure! You thought you had made it big time when you was under flair's wing, but now look what's happened! I beat you with ease and Naitch left with me! Now don’t cross me or I will beat you easily again and if anyone else wants to be heartbroken, be my guest!

*crowd boo and he hands mic back to Flair*

RF: Not bad kid not bad, but we can work on that. So you heard the guy!! He wants a piece of someone tonight, but I know that there aint one guy in the back there that’s got anything on this guy!! Because guess what?! He’s got ME the NATURE boy RIC FLAIR in his corner!!


CP: Ok, let’s see what The Heartbreaker can do here tonight!!


RF: Ohhhhh bravo bravo bravo!! You see, I expected this!! When you have a guy like me in this company, I expected there to be competition for my services!! And now I have 2 impressive guys here that want me. Well let me tell you this, both of you can’t have me!! Only one of you, and here’s what I’m going to do. This Sunday, will be the very first ‘Raging Inferno’ ppv, so I tell you what. You two sons of bitches are going to face each other this Sunday, and whoever wins, gets to have ME, that’s right, ME as their manager for good!! So I’ll see you 2 on Sunday!!


*Flair starts styling and profiling up the ramp with a broad smile on his face as O’Connor and Heartbreaker stare each other down.*

CP: What?! Can he do that?! Can he just make a match like that?! Well he is Ric Flair I guess!! And that is a turn for the books!! Mitch O’Connor came out to showcase his power to Flair again, and now Flair has made this match for this Sunday!! The winner gets his services!! The Heartbreaker doesn’t look too pleased, but that’s how it’s going to go down folks!! Mitch O’Connor vs The Heartbreaker at Raging Inferno!! Ric Flair’s services are on the line!!
__________________________________________________ ____________

*DJ Black Music*

CP: Well here comes DJ Black with Tommy Thunder in tow!! Thunder is wearing normal clothes so I take that he’s only here for moral support.

*FOG Music*



CP: And Matt has done it!! The Force has beaten DJ black there!! A much needed boost for the Inferno guys there!! Oh no here we go again!!


*John Cleverly Music*

CP: Here comes John Cleverly The Rage Spokesman

JC: Break it, Break it up The Rage GM Wants Control and he wants it now you see a lot of people are pointing out that we don’t have a Main Event for our PPV Raging Inferno and seen as Irken is a Muppet and couldn’t do business if he had a Dummies Guide the Rage GM is taking it upon himself to make that Main Event Match its going to be The World Champion Kevin Mathews Teaming with Tommy Thunder & DJ Black to face Shuriken and the Force of Greatness

**Crowed goes Nuts**

*Shuriken & FOG look happy while Mathews & Black looks Shocked Thunder has a Smile on his Face*

JC: and Tonight We are going to keep this Fire Burning by having the Contract Right here tonight!!!!!

CP: OH MY GOD!! What a monumental announcement there from John Cleverly on behalf of our GM!! So at Raging Inferno, our main event will be Kevin Matthews, Tommy Thunder and DJ Black taking on Shuriken and The Force of Greatness!! A battle of the brands!! Who will prevail?!?!

Tommy Thunder
07-25-2011, 06:33 PM
EWNCWshop.com would like to announce that the new Billy McCoy ‘Real McCoy’ t-shirts are now available!!


Available in 3 different ‘flavours’!! Get yours now!!

CP: Now I’m told that we’re now going to be treated to a special video package courtesy of Godmoney member, The Beard of Zeus!! Let’s take a look!!



CP: Oh man, here come the Collective!! But it seems we’re missing Solla thank God!! Let’s see see what he has to say!!

H: Good evening one and all. It must be strange for you to see me out here on my own, but there is a very good reason for this!! Yes, Mr Solla has sent me out here tonight to bring you a very special Birdsnest segment. Firstly, I must address what you have just heard from Mr Zeus there. Mr Solla and the Collective have been in discussion with the hierarchy of EWNCW, and they have granted the Collective a match this Sunday against GodMoney, and ONLY Godmoney for the tag team titles. So your beloved Force of Greatness will not be involved in proceedings!!

*crowd boo*

But now on to more pressing matters. You see Mr Solla has grown very very tired of Mr McCoy, and he will not stand for any more of these foolish and cowardly beatings! So, for his own protection, Mr Solla is not here tonight, but that doesn’t mean that he cannot share his thoughts with us. Mr Solla will tonight be coming to us live via satellite from his home…

*Solla appears on the tron*


H: Sorry Solla. Now, tell us all, how much tolerance do you have left for Billy McCoy?

S: Ohhhhh I tell you Herbie, my patience is running VERY thin!! I don’t have much patience on the best of days, but when it comes to McCoy, it’s even thinner!!

H: Yes Solla, but what are you going to do? You must have something up your sleeve for him?

S: Ohhhh yes, I have something VERY special lined up for Billy, and I might just reveal this to you if you ask nicely…..

*doorbell rings*

S: WHAT THE HELL!! WH DARES INTERUPT ME!! Wait while I get the door my dear Herbie!!....


CP: GOOD LORD!! Billy just destroyed Solla in his own house!! And he was arrested at the end of it all!! What the hell is going to happen at the end of all this?!?! Guess we’ll have to wait until Thursday!!

Tommy Thunder
07-25-2011, 06:34 PM
CP: Well, Here we go folks!! It’s time for that big contract signing!! John Cleverly is in the ring to oversee proceedings, and we’re ready to go!!


CP: And here come the Inferno boys led by Shuriken!! They look determined and are greeted by a warm reception from our fans!!


CP: The Rage guys now make their way out led by ‘The Instant Classic’!! Their reception is slightly on the cool side from our fans, let’s see what happens here…

JC: Ok, you both know the deal, all of you in turn will sign the contract here, and that is it. You will get a match against each other at Raging Inferno, 3 vs 3. It will be a fair match, with no advantage for wither side. When you guys are ready, please sign. Inferno guys to go first please.

*Fog step forward and both sign, before Shuriken steps forward*

S: Well Matthews....it’s come to this. You have grown a set and you are willing to sign on the dotted line. BRAVO! I am not impressed. I wasn't impressed from your win. I wasn't impressed by your little group and I am sure that I AM NOT IMPRESSED ON HOW YOU CARRY YOURSELF AS CHAMPION!

*crowd cheers*

This little war because a few guys didn't earn their spot? You thinking about the future? MATTHEWS YOU ARE A LIAR! IF YOU WERE THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE, TOMMY SHOULD BE WHERE I AM STANDING NOW! A CONTENDER FOR THE EWNCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! But no....you had to cost him because of your imaginary friend's orders.

Let me tell you this Matthews.....you and the Raging Group of Nobodies and Jobbers.....ALL OF YOU WILL LOSE!!! Your time is up! EWNCW WILL BE BACK TO ITS OLD SELF!!! ABOUT HONOR AND RESPECT!!! INFERNO WILL MAKE SURE OF IT!!!

*crowd cheers loudly*

CP: And there we have it, the Inferno guys are in!!

JC: Ok, now Rage guys, your turn to sign please.

KM: Before I sign this, I will let you know that when I win, and you know I will, you will never have another shot at me again! Why? Because as of Sunday, Inferno will no longer have a championship so try while you can, but I swear it won't be easy to beat me this time around. To quote the great Taz: Beat me if you can, survive if I let you!

CP: And there we have it!! The contract has been signed and it’s official!! A 3 vs 3 match at Raging Inferno!!

*Both sides are lined up either side of the table with Cleverly nervously looking around”

JC: Ok… Very good…. Thank you all for coming out here, and we shall……..

*Tommy Thunder flips the table as both sides come face to face and stand toe to toe*

JC: Umm…. As I was saying, we can all go quiet…..

*All hell breaks loose as a brawl between the two sides starts and John Cleverly dives out of the ring and runs up the ramp*

CP: Oh my god, again these 6 men can’t contain themselves as they’re going hammer and tongs at each other!! Thanks for tuning in guys!! I’m sure you’ll join us on Thursday for the final EWNCW show before ‘Raging Inferno’!! But from Monday night Rage, It’s goodnight!!

08-01-2011, 04:33 PM

Find Raging Inferno The PPV on Page 16 of The Official Inferno Thread

08-01-2011, 04:37 PM

if you haven’t Read Raging Inferno or you want to read it again its on Page 16 of the Inferno

08-01-2011, 04:41 PM

Huge Announcement Planned for Final Filler

08-01-2011, 04:47 PM
Let The Hype and Speculation Roar Before the Most Controversial Rage in History

08-01-2011, 04:49 PM
5) This is a Filler for the Most Controversial Rage in history of EWNCW

Huge Announcement up Next

08-01-2011, 04:57 PM

EWNCW Began on 29th of October 2010… and one year on

WE will Celebrate everything about EWNCW with the

EWNCW Awards

That’s right EWNCW’s Answer to the Slammys is going to Role into town on Saturday October 29th and its should be Great

More Info will follow in Coming Weeks

RAGE Comes Next!

Tommy Thunder
08-01-2011, 05:35 PM

CP: Hello Folks and welcome to Monday night Rage!! I’m Christopher Pentalion, and we here are on fire after a monumental ppv last night!! The biggest talking point was of course the main event where we saw team Rage come up trumps and take the win!! Now tonight, I’m told that we are going to have a major announcement later from the GM via John Cleverly, so we’ll keep you posted on that one.


CP: Well here comes the champion Kevin Matthews to open us up. ‘The Instant classic’ lead team Rage to victory last night, and I’m sure he’ll be in a boastful mood and have some very brash words to share with us tonight.

KM: Last night, I beat Shuriken and his clowns and we proved that Rage was far superior than Inferno! With that said, I promised that Rage was to be the land of opportunity where those who never got title shots will finally get what they deserve. I will choose my next opponent, but that match won't happen until the next PPV! So until then, I suggest everyone to stay on their heels because for the next few weeks I will be evaluating each and every one of you on this roster and I will make my decision right before the PPV. Last night, I beat Shuriken and his clowns and we proved that Rage was far superior than Inferno! With that said, I promised that Rage was to be the land of opportunity where those who never got title shots will finally get what they deserve. I will choose my next opponent, but that match won't happen until the next PPV! So until then, I suggest everyone to stay on their heels because for the next few weeks I will be evaluating each and every one of you on this roster and I will make my decision right before the PPV.


CP: Well here comes Shuriken!! A man who’s hell-bent on regaining that World Heavyweight championship!!

Shuriken: Pardon the interruption, but Matthews.....I never tire of putting you in your place....First of all, you didn't destroy ALL OF US. You and I were distracted in our brawl so don't hog glory where it isn't due.

*crowd cheers*

Second, you won't pick when and where you will defend your title. Also....that title isn't exclusive for Rage. Just because you are champ doesn't mean you get to say cute stuff like that. I CHOOSE WHEN AND WHERE, MATTHEWS!

*crowd cheers loud*

I choose to end this charade at our next PPV. That title will come to me and this little "revolution" will end with your defeat!


CP: And much earlier than I expected, here comes John Cleverly!! I wonder if this the big announcement we’re expecting?

JC: Kevin Mathews The Instant Classic The Rage GM wants to tell you how impressed he's has been with your work at Raging Inferno and the last few weeks as a whole I mean you’re the EWNCW World Champion you lead Rage to success at Raging Inferno and…

*Cleverly looks back down at his I Phone*

JC: Oh My Go… This is Huge… The Rage GM is So Impressed with your work that he wants to come out here Right now and congratulate you in Person

*The Crowed goes absolutely Nuts*

CP: We are about to find out who the Rage GM is…


CP: What?! NO WAY!!! Nightwolf is the mystery GM?!?! We haven’t seen him since he was fired by Irken on Inferno about 2 months ago!!! My God this is a shocker!! He’s been the man calling the shots and tormenting the Inferno guys over the last few weeks!! Let’s see what he has to say!!

*Nightwolf confidently makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction*

N: Ha HAAA!! Yeah that’s right people, I’m back!! And I am indeed better than ever!! First I have to thank John Cleverly for being here to relay my instructions over the last few weeks. Now, I must first congratulate ‘The Instant Classic’ Kevin Matthews for being my general in control of team Rage!! You have done a magnificent job, and that display t ‘Raging Inferno’ last night was truly magnificent!!

*Shuriken gives Nightwolf a threatening look*

N: Ohhhh don’t look at me like that!! I’ll come to you in your turn now!! But as I was saying, Matthews, you did beat team Inferno to a pulp last night, just like I asked. BUT, you failed me in another aspect. I specifically told you to get the win, and make that title exclusive to Rage. And in that, you failed me!! Now, you mentioned that YOU were going to be the one deciding who gets a shot at your title and where, well, actually, that’s my job.

*Matthews can be heard saying, ‘No that’s not fair!!’*

N: Oh yes it is. Now if I can turn to you Shuriken for a minute. You mentioned that you want a shot t the title at the next ppv? Well you got it. That’s right; I’m giving it to you. Even though team Inferno were beaten like rag dolls last night, you are still here standing tonight, and I can respect that. So you have your shot at the title at the next ppv, as you requested.

*Shuriken nods approval*

N: Now back to you Matthews. I’ve been hearing some unsettling rumours about several EWNCW talents recently. One of these rumours state that you want out and that you want to take that title with you. And the fact that you’re saying that you want to choose when and where you defend that title suggests to me that you want out sooner rather than later. So, with that said, I’m putting you in a title match TONIGHT!!

*Matthews looks gobsmacked as the crowd pops. He can be heard saying ‘What?! You cannot be serious!!’*

N: Oh I’m damn serious boy!! You failed me at the ppv, I wanted that title to be exclusive to Rage, and you didn’t do that!! And since you want out, how about I add a little stipulation to the match. If you lose your match and that title tonight, then you’re not walking out, I’m Firing you!!

*crowd pops as Matthews is seen speechless*

N: Now who can I pick as an opponent for you? I need someone who loves EWNCW more than anything else. I need someone who wants that title more than anything else. And I need someone that will do anything to ensure that title stays in EWNCW. And you know what? I think I have the perfect guy!! I saw you screw this guy out of becoming the no. 1 contender to your title a few weeks ago. And although I don’t like this guy, in fact, I hate him! He was constantly unwilling to beat up the Inferno guys over the last few weeks, which was going against my orders. But although I loathe the man, I am the GM and I am a fair man, and the guy deserves the shot you screwed him out of. Enter ‘The Storm’!!


CP: OH MY GOD!! Tommy Thunder?! Is he serious?! I thought best not to mention it, but as it’s out there now… Indeed there have been rumours going around regarding the futures of several EWNCW talents. And now the GM is not messing around!! First of all, Shuriken asked for his shot at the next ppv, so he’s getting it!! But first, the title is going to be on the line right here tonight!! Nightwolf is weary that Matthews could walk out with the championship, so he’s firing him if he loses his title match tonight!! And our GM has chosen an opponent that, in his words, will do anything to get that title and keep it in EWNCW, Tommy Thunder!!

Tommy Thunder
08-01-2011, 05:38 PM

CP: And here comes the Nature Boy with his brand new protégé; ‘The Japanese’ sensation Bam in tow!! Bam won an incredible match at ‘Raging Inferno’ last night to gain this opportunity, and tonight, is his first Rage as the apprentice of Ric Flair!!

RF: Ohhh man! Do I feel good tonight!! You wanna know why?! Because this son of a gun right here, won that triple threat last night to become my new protégé!! I could not have made a better wrestler if I had all the best qualities in the world!! This man right here, the Japanese sensation; Bam, is on a rocket ship to the top!! Because he’s got ME!! The 16 time Wo….


M'OC: Flair, Bam, just stop right there fellas.

*The crowd give a mixed reaction to Mitchell O'Connor and The Heartbreaker who don't seem to be too pleased with what went down in Sunday*

M'OC: Flair do you really think you've upgraded from me and Heartbreaker, now that you're mentoring that guy? That Godzilla fearing jumping bean? Well then I guess these fans are right and you really are an old has-been!

*The crowd cheer and laugh*

M'OC: You see Flair, me and Heartbreaker, we may not see eye to eye all the time and we sure as hell aren't friends, but you caused me and him to lose the once in a life time chance of being coached by a god, that means that me and him have something in common; we have a common goal... that being revenge! You're a slimy cheat Flair, and me Heartbreaker are gunna prove it to everyone around the world fella.

*Flair has taken off his jacket and is flailing it about like a crazed man. He is eventually calmed down by Bam*

RF: Who the hell do you think you are?!?! Do you know who I am?! I’m GOD!! GOD!! Your GOD!! And you dare interrupt me?!?! Nobody interrupts the Nature Boy!! You don’t think this kid is the real deal?! Well you’re going to find out right now!! Because I have an opponent for lined up for him!! So why don’t you guys take a hike to the back, sit yourselves down and watch this man in action!! And don’t get too comfortable!! Seeing as you want some action, you’re going to get it!! I’m going to arrange a little match for you 2 chumps later!! See how you like that!!


CP: My God, I thought Flair was going to explode there!! Well Bam is in singles action tonight, and we’re going to see Mitch O’Connor and The Heartbreaker in action later.

*After O’Connor and Heartbreaker go to the back Splattered Dreams comes out*

CP: Well a match made for later by Naitch there, but now we can see Bam in singles action against the muscle mountain Splattered Dreams!! Let’s see how he gets on!!

(Crash Holly = Splattered Dreams/Tajiri = Bam/Regal = Flair)


CP: And Bam does it!! That was an impressive display!! And Flair seems to be very impressed by his new apprentice!!
__________________________________________________ ______

Tommy Thunder
08-01-2011, 05:43 PM
*Bill Richards is standing in the Ring Ready for action*

CP: Welcome back to Rage The Most Exciting E-Fed show in the World and let me take you back to the last few weeks Candy Man arrived on the scene and on that same night bill Richards arrived and attacked him. Over the weeks it was revealed that somebody had hired Richards and Tonight Candy Man goes head to head with the Bill The Eagle Richards

*Candy Man’s Music Plays as he comes into the arena*

CP: and in the Short time he’s been here Candy Man certainly got the fans on his side but you get the Feeling he is also a little unhinged

(Candy Man= Edge/ Bill Richards=Regal)



CP: Wow Candy Man has won a Very Physical Match and Richards isn’t Moving he might need some help

*Candy Man calls for the Mic*

im sicka this shit ..week after week ..i sit at home thinking who it could be, and why oh why have they decided to attack me, ive beaten richards he is in the past he isnt my problem, my problem is who the f*** is the guy who is behind all of this...im calling you out asshole ..get out here now goddammitt


*RussoSwerve walks on to the Stage*

CP: No, Not that guy!! Oh my God RussoSwerve in EWNCW?!?! This changes the landscape for sure!! This is certainly shaping up to be a night of shaking things up!!

*Russo Swerve Smirks*

*Candy Man looks on in utter disbelief as does the EWNCW Crowed*
__________________________________________________ ___________________________

CP: Welcome back folks and our next match is about to get under way!! It’s that match that Ric Flair made for us. The Heartbreaker and Mitch O’Connor will take on Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma. Tag team veterans in EWNCW by now. Let’s see how this one plays out!!

(Okada and Kiyoshi – Hawkins and Charisma/Ink Inc – HB and O’Connor)


CP: And The Heartbreaker and O’Connor do it!! They haven’t seen eye to eye in the past, but they now have a common agenda, revenge!! They faced a stiff challenge from an experienced duo in Hawkins and Charisma, but they pulled out the win!! I wonder how Flair will react to that!!

Tommy Thunder
08-01-2011, 05:46 PM
CP: I’m hearing folks that now, we’re going to have a re-match from ‘Raging Inferno’, with The Collective getting their re-match against Godmoney for the tag team titles!!


CP: Well here come the Collective. There’s no Solla tonight, and it’s no wonder after that scaffold match he was in last night against Billy McCoy!!


CP: And here are the champs!! A big pop from the crowd, as arguably the greatest tag team in e-fed history make their way down!! They won’t want to loose their titles just one night after successfully defending them on ppv!!



*After the match, The Surgeon General and Captain Howdy blindside Godmoney and continue to lay them out.*

CP: Oh no, The Collective are just relentless in their attack here!! They’ve had their chance, and they lost!! Why do they need to do this?!


CP: And here come The Force of Greatness steel chairs in hand!! Tai blasts one to the he head of the Surgeon Generall!! Maybe that’ll knock some sense into him!! And Matt gives one to Howdy in the gut before crashing a shot down across his back!!

*Godmoney go up the ramp with FOG as the Collective are laid out in the ring*

CP: Well The Force of Greatness coming to the aid of Godmoney there!! I’m sure that they’ll feel that they’re owed something for that save!!

Tommy Thunder
08-01-2011, 05:48 PM
CP: I’m told now that GM Nightwolf has made another match. We’re going to see 2 no. 1 contenders face each other as Billy McCoy takes on Shuriken!! This should be an excellent match!!


CP: Well I’m frankly astonished that this man is still standing!! After that brutal scaffold match against Solla last night, I can’t see how this young man is walking!!


CP: And here comes the no.1 contender!! As we heard earlier, Shuriken will be challenging for the World Heavyweight title at our next ppv!! This match right here should be an incredible one, as both these young stars have proven to be so good in the ring in the past!!

(Williams = Shuriken/Guerrero = McCoy)


CP: And Shuriken wins!! He needed a rollup to do it, but that was one hell of a technical wrestling match!!

Tommy Thunder
08-01-2011, 05:56 PM
CP: Welcome back folks!! It’s now time for our blockbuster main event!! There has been tension between these two over the last few weeks, but tonight, they’re on opposite sides, and it’s every man for himself and no teams!! The title is on the line, there is also a contract on the line for Thunder, and Matthews is fired is he loses!! Here we go!!


CP: Tommy Thunder comes out first to a very big reception from the crowd, and the smile on his face says it all!! This is his first ever World Heavyweight title shot!! Can he do it?!


CP: And here comes the champion, ‘The Instant Classic’ Kevin Matthews!! The crowd are less than happy to see him, but he doesn’t seem to care at all as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. We’re all ready for this title match so here we go!!

*Nightwolf appears on the tron*

N: Oh, hey guys!! Just to spice things up. I’m now making this a no DQ match!! Anything goes!! Have fun!! HA HAAAA!!

CP: DAMN!! If the occasion itself wasn’t enough, this one’s now a no DQ match!!




CP: My God what a match!! And Tommy Thunder has won the EWNCW title!! This place has exploded!! Kevin Matthews will have to leave EWNCW!! He’s fired!!! Thunder is celebrating in the ring as we have to end yet another excellent Rage folks… oh no, wait…


CP: Well it’s our GM, let’s see what more he has to say!!

Tommy Thunder
08-01-2011, 06:00 PM
*Nightwolf comes out with a piece of paper in hand. He passes Kevin Matthews on the ramp and he can be heard saying ‘See ya Kevin!’ with a broad smile on his face. He climbs into the ring to join Thunder*

N: Well done Thunder, well done!! Kevin, don’t forget to close the door behind ya my friend, because you’re fired!! HA HAAAA!!

*crowd cheer*

N: Now seeing as I gave you a shot at the title tonight Thunder, how about you repay the faith!! I know that you’re another of the EWNCW talents that these recent rumours have been about, and I also know that now that you’re the champ, that you want to stay and celebrate with your VIP’s!! So I have here with me a brand new long term contract for ya!! So how about you be my little lap dog, as I know you are, and sign this for me!!

*Thunder looks around, at the crowd. He turns back to Nightwolf, and the mic picks him up saying ‘I’m not your lapdog!’. He exits the ring, grabs his International title and a mic.*

TT: If you think for one second that I’m going to be your “lapdog” as you say, then you have another thing coming punk!!

*The crowd cheer. GM Nightwolf isn’t happy with Thunder’s as he scowls at the new champ.*
N: You want to play hardball do ya?! Well you’re signing this tonight no matter what buddy!! And this guy is going to help me do it!!

*DJ Black jumps the rail and tries to blindside Thunder, but he’s able to drill him with the world title! He then starts taking apart the announce table, before setting Black up. He then hits his finisher. Black lies motionless*

TT: Not today buster!!

*Thunder jumps the rail with his 2 titles and heads up into the crowd as the GM looks on in disbelief*

TT: Now there is one important thing we need to do first before we move on. Matthews, I notice you’re still down there, and it’s just as well!! That was one hell of a match brother, but I think that all these people here, my VIP’s have a song they want to sing to you, and it goes a little something like this…”


*crowd chant this song endlessly as Matthews slinks up the ramp with a scowl on his face*

TT: “That’s right!! Bye bye!! See ya soon!! Now, onwards. You know what people, winning this title right here is the proudest moment of my career, and I have all of you to thank for it. Without my VIP’s, I would NEVER have achieved this. And now, I’m a dual champion here in EWNCW!!

*Crowd cheer and chant ‘Tommy Thunder’*

“Now before we close the show here, and I know we’re running over, but I’m the champion and I can do whatever the hell I want!!

*crowd cheer*

I want to address a very important subject. There are a lot of rumours flying around recently regarding my future with this company, and here I am here tonight being offered a brand new contract with the company. But here’s the thing. It’s being offered to me by that man right there. I have zero. ZERO respect for you Nightwolf. You’re just a bitter lowlife, who couldn’t handle being fired by Irken a couple of months ago. And the last few weeks you’ve been tormenting the Inferno roster. How can I work for a guy like that?! And what’s more, as much as it pains me to say, you’ve made a BIG mistake in firing Kevin Matthews. He’s one hell of a worker, and the fact that you’re letting him go just goes to show the lack of ambition that you have for this brand and this company!!

*crowd pop for this as Nightwolf looks livid in the ring.*

TT: Now, I’ve always seen myself as an EWNCW original, and I’ll always be that no matter what. EWNCW made me what I am right now before you, and I will never forget that.

*crowd clap in appreciation*

The rumours state that I’m leaving this company. I’ve had a good run here, and I’m now the holder of two titles!! And when one has achieved every goal there is to achieve in a company, one has to ask himself, what’s next? What more is there to achieve here for me? Why not go and play my trade elsewhere?

*a shot of Nightwolf is shown, and he can be heard shouting ‘Don’t you dare!! You hear me?! Don’t you dare!!’*

TT: And what better way to leave a company, than as not only a champion, but a DUAL champion!! Hell, I could waltz right on out of here right now with these titles, and take them elsewhere just like a certain Japanese man did not so long ago!! And you know what? Right now, that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to me!!”

*crowd boo slightly, as Nightwolf is shown looking less than pleased. He can be heard shouting ‘Don’t you dare you son of a bitch!!’*

“Now the million dollar question I hear you all asking is… Am I staying, or am I leaving? I’ve had an unbelievable run here, and I will be forever thankful for you and everybody backstage for that. When I started out here, I thought I was EWNCW for life. But to that I say, don’t count your chickens, because the only thing that’s for sure about Thunder…is…..”

*He pauses and takes another look across the arena as the fans chant ‘please don’t go’. Thunder looks emotional and seems to be close to tears as he mouths ‘thank you’*

……. The only thing that’s for sure about Thunder, is that nothing’s for sure…..”

*Thunder continues through the crowd. He stops at the top of the stairs, takes a look at his 2 titles, then a look around at the stunned crowd, before giving a short salute, and leaves the arena with an emotional look on his face*

CP: Oh my God. Did he just leave with the International title AND the World Heavyweight title?!?! Did we just witness Tommy Thunder leave EWNCW?! 2 of our top superstars have just left the company!! I don’t know what to say folks. We have to end the show there, so tune in to EWNCW through the week for more updates on this situation. And of course, tune in for Inferno on Thursday. Goodnight.

08-02-2011, 10:35 AM
The EWNCW Title Tournament Announced!

This Thursday, 8 wrestlers will compete in a knock-out tournament in order to determine the new EWNCW Champion.

The list of superstars that will be involved is as follows:

Rich Cranium
Matt Elder

Please tune in this Thursday for what promises to be one hell of a tournament, and one amazing showcase of EWNCW Talent!

08-08-2011, 04:15 PM
So these are the First Catogories for EWNCW Awards

some will be Chosen by Creative some will be Put to Poll

* Best Show (Rage or Inferno)
* Best Promo Man
*Best Tag Team
* Best Wrestler
Both of the Above Storyline wise

08-08-2011, 04:27 PM
The Next EWNCW PPV comes your way on August 28th and will be called In Violence We Trust

Rage Comes your way Next

08-08-2011, 04:31 PM
EWNCW Rage 8/8/11
Part 1

CP: Welcome to this edition of Monday Night Rage ladies and Gentleman we are Sold out in the Detroit Michigan that’s Right Rage is on the Road and boy do we have one hell of a Show Tonight EWNCW Management Promises that the Controversy will continue I am Christopher Pentalion and lets get Right underway


CP: Here comes the Fans Favourite Billy McCoy who was cost a Chance at the World Title by The Ignition Champion Seth Farrell last Thursday Night

* McCoy gets in the Ring to the Ovation of The Thousands in attendance*

BM: Now I am supposed to be on a Short Leash but look I am taking that Leash off *Mimes taking a Leash off* I Want to address Certain Issues that Need to be Addressed first off Tommy Thunder, Yes TBOZ I will use his name I mean we’re not the WWE and I don’t care if I get in Shit for it but Thunder you ran away with out Giving me my chance to prove I am the Better Man you’re a Coward that Screwed this Company to meet your own needs and now we’ve Disowned you we’ve Moved on guys like…

Billy McCoy…*Fans Cheer*… SilverCena…*Fans Cheer again*… Godmoney …*Fans Cheer once More*… Gillz *Fans Boo*… alright ok you may not like him but Gillz is talented and we are going to lead this Company to the Future and thunderbirds when you are old and Washed up you’ll sit and watch with (as a Great Man once Said) Tear in your Eye knowing you could have been a Part of it…

My second Topic Kevin Mathews Honestly not a big loss quite Frankly now this Fed wont be held back by a Child who is always Moaning and Complaining but didn’t have the Balls to do anything just like most Canadians

*The US Audience Laugh*

And Now I come to The Pharaoh Seth Farrell Monday Night you cost me a Shot at the World Title and on the Same Night you won a Battle Royal so that means at some Point you’ll be in this Ring with me and you’re a Smart Man so surely you would of Realised that had I won the World Title Monday on Inferno then you would have had a Guaranteed Match against The World Champ for the International Championship instead you Pissed me off and now you Pride yourself on Being Technical Prince but boy I am the Technical King and you call these People Peasants I call them the People Crowed Cheer in appreciation so Billy McCoy would like the People to join in with this one when I say that BETTER IS Bigge…

The Crowed Shouted Better is Bigger along with McCoy but that Quickly Turns to Boo's when Seth Farrells Music hits


Here is Seth Farrell with Kingstem in Tow

SF: Well here we are McCoy! And I'm here to take that title! And I will be a dual Champion. Ignition title holder, most exciting man in EWNCW. And International title holder, most tenacious fighter! I'm gonna beat you until crisps fly out your ass! haha.

*Here comes John Cleverly*

JC: Well Rage is on the Air and live From Detroit!!!! *Crowed Cheers*Now Pharaoh The Rage GM Night Wolf is in the Building tonight be had some urgent Business to attend to backstage but right now Seth as you know EWNCW has had some bad Experiences with Double Champions Recently so tonight you are going to defend the Ignition Championship right Here and its Going to be against Kingstem

CP: Well John Cleverly has Certainly put a Spanner in the Ignition Champions Works here tonight

08-08-2011, 04:36 PM
Rage Part 2

*Gillz is sat in his Locker Room when the Door Opens and in walks Night wolf*

NW: Hey Gillz

*Gillz stands up Confrontationaly*

NW: Sit down man i was Impressed with you on Thursday i mean you are going to be the Next big thing in EWNCW all you need is another Shot at the Title and Tonight i'll Give it to you but on One Condition when you win the Belt you must make it Exclusive to Rage

*Gillz Stands up*

Gillz: You know Wolfie boy youre right, I am the next big thing, I am the future of wrestling and this company
And everbody knows it, these fans, you even the guys on Inferno know it.
But the way i look at it you have just asked the next big thing to pick a side
will i show my loyalty to the very show i deuted on and decline your offer
or will join the likes of Tommy, Kevin and Black and come here to Rage
well you what whilst i despise you for coming back from that asskicking i delivered to you a couple of months ago
I realise what that title means.
It means that the holder of that belt is the best in the world and the leader of this company
and i mean who better than me
so you know what i accept your offer, but im doing this for me and only me not you and not the crap you call rage

*Gillz walks out*


CP: Here Comes Daymian Bloodstone and he looks set for action

*Bloodstone walks the Aisle while Silverasstool is waiting in the Ring *

(Daymian Bloodstone/Amazing Red vs Silverasstool / Khiyoshi)


CP: Well that was an Impressive Victory but the Mesmerising Daymian Bloodstone!

08-08-2011, 04:40 PM
Part 3

CP: Welcome back to Rage, Here comes the Japanese Sensation BAM with his Mentor the Nature Boy Ric Flair

*Flair has the Mic*

Ric Flair: Woooooo!! I am fired up because tonight Heartbreaker & Mitchell O’Connor you’ll both learn a lesson at the hands of the 16 Time 16 World Champion The Limousine Riding Jet Flying Kiss Stealing Wheeling Dealing Son of Gun Woo

*Flair Runs the Ropes Rips of his Jacket and Drops The Elbow*

and his Protégé The Japanese Sensation Bam!!!

now you don’t become the Greatest Wrestler of all time with out Wrestling in Japan and Trust me, The Horsemen and I have been to Tokyo and we have Sweat in 60 minute Matches I know their Style and Nobody Does it Better than BAM so Tonight Heartbreaker and Bam are going to walk that aisle but Trust me Bam will walk out The Man Woooo!!

Shut up Fat Boy *Points into the Front Row*

CP: No way we are going to get Heartbreaker vs BAM now, This one is Going to be Epic

(The Heartbreaker/ RVD vs BAM/AJ Stlyes) + (Mitchell O’Connor/ Jay Lethal + Ric Flair/Ric Flair)




CP: The Heartbreaker has beaten BAM and what about Mitch O’Connor Coming down and applying the Figure Four Leg Lock on Ric Flair Himself… You Just know Flair is going to have Revenge in Mind

CP: Still to Come tonight Shuriken will defend the EWNCW Championship against Gillz.

08-08-2011, 04:42 PM
Part 4

CP: Monday Night Rage continues, what a night this has been, and there’s still more to come. Be sure not to miss it, because controversy continues…


CP: That music has never been heard in EWNCW. And as I’m told, this is the newest acquisition of the company, “THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA” PRIMUS KHAN. Let us see what he has to say in his first night in Rage:


PK: Wow! Those are really strong words by the KHAN. Let’s see who will be his first opponent:

*Charisma music hit*

PK: Charisma seems to be willing to face this newcomer. Will his experience be enough to defeat the debutant?


CP: What an amazing victory for PRIMUS KHAN! He has sent a clear message to the roster: he is here to dominate them all. After what we have seen tonight, I can predict that THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA will give us great matches in the future!

(This Part was written by Grind_Bastard)

08-08-2011, 04:45 PM
Part 5


CP: Here Comes The Ignition Champion Seth The Pharaoh Farrell and cant be happy about Management Making him defend his title against Kingstem Tonight

*Here Comes Kingstem

CP: What an Opportunity for this Young man now I know that Kingstem & Farrell are tight but you got to Believe that if Kingstem gets The Chance he’ll take it

(Seth Farrell/ Undertaker vs Kingstem/ Maven) + (Billy McCoy/The Rock)


CP: and we have a New Ignition Champion Kingstem has done it but he has to Give Credit to Billy McCoy who has Returned Farrell the Favour By costing him his Title Belt
*Kingstem walks up the Ramp celebrating his Title Win Billy McCoy & The Pharaoh Stare each other down*



*Russo Swerve comes out walks down to the Ring and gets the Mic*

“shut your damn mouths I have something important to say. My name is Russo swerve I came her for two.things and thats to expose and mentally and physically abuse the candyman. And to take out this second rate company known as ewncw. And prove impact is number one. I didnt come here to make friends with anybody in the back, none of u pathetic fans and none of managment. I will make sure u all remember the name russo swerve

CP: Well Russo Swerve Certainly man Surrounded with Controversy and Certainly hasn’t made any Friends since arriving in EWNCW, but anyway tonights Rage Rolls on and up Next The Legend that is Rich Cranium will take on The Albino Rhino Solla

08-08-2011, 04:50 PM
Part 6

CP: Here comes Solla and he cant be happy at the Way in which The Collective was Embarrassed by GodMoney and The FOG last week.


CP: and his Opponent One half of the Tag Champs and One Half of GodMoney this legend that is Rich Cranium, Rich hasn’t had much singles action recently but had a Good Showing in that World Title Tournament on Inferno lets see how he fairs Tonight

(Rich Cranium/Undertaker vs Solla/ A-Train)


CP: Rich Cranium has won a Hard Fought Match and his Tag Team Partner TBOZ has Joined him in the Ring for the Post Match Celebration

*Solla and The Collective attack GodMoney*
CP : Oh and what a bad loser Solla is he didn’t have to do this

CP: Here come the Force of Greatness and they’ve got Chairs

*Solla slips out the Ring while FOG Pelt Howdy & The Surgeon General with Chairs before handing them to Godmoney and letting them take Shots*
CP: My god they are Pounding on The Collective but wait Solla has the Mic

Solla: GodMoney, GodMoney, GodMoney, have I got a surprise for you! You see, up until now you miserable shits have pretty much dominated the tag team division. You've beaten that pathetic excuse for tag team champions, The Force of Greatness & yes you've even beaten two members of the Collective. Now I'll give credit where credit is due, you boys have accomplished quite the feat by repeatedly destroying my pal Surgeon General & MY CREATION Captain Howdy. And yes that's something I am NOT too thrilled about! But now that the dust has settled more blood will be shed! You didn't think the Albino Rhino was gonna roll over & die did you??? HAHAHAHAHA quite the contrary my friends, quite the contrary. Ya see, Solla doesn't run from anyone! Instead, I've searched the world over & found two of the SICKEST bastards this world has to offer. They are here to inflict as much pain as you can stand before they even get warmed up! These men.....no FREAKS are sicker than Howdy & SG, they may even be sicker than me! HAHAHAHAHA who am I kidding??? No one, and I mean NO ONE is that sick! Anyways GodMoney & the rest of the EWNCW tag team division, without further ado, your newest nightmare.........The Psycho Circus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*The Physo Circus Run down to the Ring and with the Collective and Solla they Completely Destroy FOG & GodMoney*

CP: Oh my God, Where are the EMT’s we need some Urgent help My God Solla and his Collective are Sick as Shit and now they’ve got these Clowns with them my God… We are going to have to go to a Break But when we come Back its going to be Gillz vs Shuriken will we have a New Champ

08-08-2011, 04:55 PM
Part 7
*Gillz Music Hits*

CP: Here Comes Gillz this man has the Opportunity of a Lifetime Tonight can he seize it


CP: Shuriken is Here The Now Two Time World Champion makes his First Defence Next



CP: Shuriken Wins but only Thanks to the Interference of SilverCena my god Payback is indeed a Bitch for Gillz tonight

*Nightwolf Runs down to the Ring and Starts Arguing with Gillz Nightwolf Shoves Gillz but Gillz Nails The Rage GM in the Face then hits his Finisher*

*Gillz leaves Nightwolf Lying in the Ring*

CP: Here comes John Cleverly

John Cleverly walks onto the Stage with a Mic In hand

JC: Nightwolf you are a Joke I know it these Fans Know it and EWNCW Management Know I mean you promised to Bring that title to Rage and you didn’t that’s Why Your FIRED!!!!!!!!!! And your Replacement is ME!!!

*SilverCena & Shuriken laugh as Nightwolf Limps to the back Weeping like a Child*



CP: What was That all about?.... Puts his Finger to his Earpeice Guys can you tell us what that was… You Don’t Know… what?...OK I’ll Just Sign Off… Well EWN Thank you from Joining us on this Very Special Edition of Rage Tonight So you thought the Controversy had ended no its Just Begun…

We see Chrisopher Pentallion Speaking into his Earpiece as we Fade to Black

08-15-2011, 04:56 PM
fillers want something doing...

08-15-2011, 04:56 PM

08-15-2011, 05:05 PM
our old foe Internet Connection Strikes again anyway final filler Rage is next

08-15-2011, 05:06 PM
EWNCW Rage 15/8/11


CP: Welcome to EWNCW Rage live from the Sold out Pepsi Centre in Denver Colorado Tonight EWNCW’s First son comes home that’s right Tommy Thunder is back tonight and infact he is back Right Now

*The Arena sits in Silence has the Electricity Builds*


*The Crowed Irrupts like never before everyone is on there Feet Screaming but there is also some strong booing in this split crowed*

CP: Can you feel that electricity everyone is on their feet for Tommy Thunder coming back Unbelievable the Mixed Reaction of The Pepsi Centre and no doubt the world at home as well

*Thunder emerges on top of the ramp with a very broad smile on his face, and the EWNCW World Heavyweight title around his waist. After soaking up the raction, he makes his way down the ramp. After mounting the turnbukle to pose for the fans, he stands in the centre of the ring and calls for his mic to be lowered.*

TT: "Well well well, look who decided to stay after all!! Are there any VIP's in the house tonight?!"
*mixed reaction*
"I thought so!! And trust me when I say, that the VIP's will get their money's worth now that I'm the champion!!"
*mixed reaction again*
"Now I think you all want to know, why I reacted the way I did the other week, when I seemingly, left EWNCW for good."
*crowd boo*
"Now the reason I pulled that stunt is very simple. There was a corupt man in charge of this show. There was a man in charge that was going to run this company and it's talents into the ground!! I mean, as much as you guys hated him, Keving Matthews was an exeptional talent, and one of the best in this company. But Nightwolf let him walk out. That is NOT the kind of management I want to work under. So I had to do something drastic. I had to do something that would get that joke of a GM; Nightwolf, fired. And guess what? I did!!"
*crowd cheer*
"And now, we are going into a new era in EWNCW. And with a new era, comes a new champion. And the new champion is none other than ME!
*mixed reaction from the crowd*
"Oh no wait, where are my manners. Of course, a NEW champion was crowned last week because I 'left'. And the man that has got that honour is none other than Shuriken."
*Shuriken chants start as Thunder nods*
"Now Shuriken, let's get one thing straight. You didn't pin our former champ Kevin Matthews to become the champ, and you sure as hell didn't pin me. So you're no more of a champion that anyone else on this roster. I, am the REAL champion here, so if you want to become a REAL 2 time champion, you need to pin ME."
*crod boo slightly*
"Oh hold on there my VIP's. I mean didn't you know? But your supposed 'champion' also had plans to leave this company!! That's right. The man that's known as the heart and soul of EWNCW had plans to leave this company!!"
*crowd boo slightly*
"And I don't care if I wasn't supposed to say that, because these people, my VIP's deserve to know the straight up facts!!"

*crowd cheer*
"But now that you've decided to stick around Shuriken, I have only this to say. If you want to be known as champion again here in EWNCW, you need to pin ME; the REAL EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion!!"


CP: Gillz the man everyone is talking about question is what does he think about Thunder coming back

Gillz: Whoa There Tommy
your back 5 minutes and your already talking bullcrap
If you havent heard Tommy but since you pussied out of this company things have changed
you are no longer at the top of the list Tommy. I AM!
and i will prove it win a defeat both Shuriken and the little crapstain SilverCena and walk out of In Violence We Trust youre new EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion.
*Gets in Tommys face*
Now are you gonna go to the back of the line quietly and am i going to have to drag you screaming and kicking all the way

*Slaps Tommy*

*Tommy goes for Gillz but Gillz slides out of the Ring before Thunder can get his hands on him*


JC: Tommy There is nothing I can do we already have Gillz vs SilverCena vs Shuriken booked in for the Main Event at In Violence We Trust so there is no chance I am afraid but talking of Main Events I just thought of a great main event for tonight how would you guys in Denver like to see Gillz vs SilverCena in a Grudge Match and just to make sure Gillz doesn’t cheat or screwed I am making one of the EWNCW World Champion Shuriken the special enforcer

08-15-2011, 05:09 PM
Part 2
*Backstage Bill Richards approaches Russo Swerve*

BR: Hey Boss listen that check you gave me last week bounced turns out there is no Bank del Guatemala but anyway bro I was thinking you pay me now and then we will go find Candy Man and beat him down yeah?

*Russo Swerve contemplates for awhile*

RS: How dare u call me boss your a joke. Did you not hear what i said last week i didnt come here to make make friends screw the ewncw.I used u to do my dirty work and now that its done u can go away. Its all about impact wrestling but tonight i have pulled some strings and you will take on splattered dreams i hope he destroys you. Now get the hell outta my face JUNIOR!!!!! (Looks into camera) EWNCW i will bring this pathetic company to its knees. You didnt book me in neither of the matches for the vacated title because you are scared and you should be. Because im russo swerve and you should remember the name.

*Seth Farrell is walking backstage he stops the Camera Zooms into Billy McCoy playing on his I Phone*

*The Crowed Irrupts*

SF: Ah McCoy. Getting ready for our match? Interesting preparations there. You know, a Cage Match with me is a challenge.

BM: Your Right Bro I am preparing for an Epic Challenge one that EWNCW has never seen before I am determined to beat Bob Daniels score on Angry Birds that guy is good

SF: This is not a joke McCoy. Do you know who you are dealing with?

BM: Just chill bro listen could you do me a favour send Solla a Sheep on Facebook because that dude will not stop poking me…Probably because I threw his ass off of the Scaffold a while back does the Pharaoh have Facebook?

SF: Of course I don't! I don't concern myself with all of that mind-numbing crap!

*BM Laughs SF face Stone Cold Style*

SF: I'm glad you're in a good mood Billy you should be happy to hear that I've been talking to John Cleverly and one of the things we chatted about was your opponent tonight. You're fixed to take on Mark Dimension. How do you "like" that? haha

*Billy McCoy has a Look of Disbelief on his face*
CP: what?!! MD vs McCoy tonight live wow!! Yet another Debut lets see if Nyron can catch the Eye of Management especially with Nathan Staples Challenge on Infermo


*Nyron comes down the Ramp while his Opponent K2 Jelly is in the ring waiting*

CP: an Impressive victory for Nyron, Nyron very happy about his first win in EWNCW can he impress EWNCW Management

08-15-2011, 05:13 PM
Part 3

CP: Here comes Mitchell O’Connor and the Heartbreaker and Mitch must be so happy after Last week

The Heartbreaker gets the Mic

Ric flair the greatest icon in this business decides to join that chinese fuck. Just think about that for a moment. Go on flair think... Flair you left US! THE most talented wrestlers on the EWNCW roster. Just think about THAT for a moment.... Well flair let me tell you that i lied you are not the greatest icon in this business anymore because of that thing stood next to you. Now what can i say about you Bam? I have just one thing, reconsider Wooooo hahaha


CP: The Japanese Dragon Bam has the Mic and neither he nor Flair look very happy

"How dare you mock a great Wrestler such as Ric Flair. Ric Flair has groomed most of the greatest wrestlers that we have today. What have you guys done? NOTHING! That is right, and you will never accomplish anything in this business as long as I am here. Mitchi boy! I just got back from the office, and I have received word that you will be taking on Ric Flair tonight. You better bring your A-GAME! Because things are fixing to get dirty! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

CP: Monday Night Rage continues, we’ve had a great show so far, and, like the old song says, the best is yet to come.


Here we have Primus Khan again, what an amazing debut he had last week, and I believe he wants to continue dominating the show. But we’d better listen to him, as he comes with a mic in hand:


CP: Wow! That apocalyptic speech sent chills down my spine! Who will have the guts to face Primus Khan after that?

*SilverAssTool music hits*

CP: SilverAssTool is the valiant who comes to the ring. Let’s see what he can do in the ring:

(Kozlov = Khan/ Hardy = SilverAssTool)


CP: The second consecutive win for Primus Khan, and the second impressive win for win! Will anyone stop this guy

08-15-2011, 05:15 PM
Part 4
CP: Here comes The Physco Circus along with Solla and The Collective and what a Impact full debut they made last week

(The Physco Circus/Generation Me vs Cooper Hawkins & Captain Charisma/Ink inc)


CP: TPC have done it but not 100% Honestly though but Certainly left there mark on Hawkins & Charisma

Bill Richards & Splatered Dreams are already stood in the Ring

CP: Bill Richards facing one hell of a Task tonight in the Form of Splatered Dreams


*Russo Swerve makes his way on to the Stage to watch this match*


CP: My god there is just nothing left of Richards what a Beat down

*Russo Swerve Runs down to the ring and begins to beat down on Richards with Dreams also contining the beatdown*


CP: Its Candy Man, The Candy Man is back

*Candy Man runs down to the ring with a Kendo Stick and clears house*

08-15-2011, 05:17 PM
Part 5
*Backstage Jonathon Sanchez is with Mark Dimensions*

Jonathon Sanchez: Jonathon Sanchez here with Mark Dimensions Mark you requested this time what was you had to say?

MD: What I Have to Say is Regarding the State of EWNCW, I Here by Now Take The Torch.
Starting right now ...I Am EwncW and Forever More Gonna Destroy Everyone
All Champions Should Be On Alert
Anybody with a Name is On The HIT LisT
Dimension is assigning A New Assault ProGram and The Pieces to Puzzle are forming together and The Board of LiFe are Giving the Reigns over to Me
Dominance is a Hold, My hands of Pure Blood are Gripping Onto All

From RAGING nobodies to The Fakes of DJ Black To Tommy Thunder down to Dickhead Thompson
Regrets Are Expressed, I am The Now Not the Damn Next
Open Eyes ,Closed Caskets ..The Ground holds The Dead
The Death that Makes Me the Killa ,My Gift is if you Die
Through Pain and Punishment, Mark Dimension The LasT Alive!

JS: So any comments on Krysytian Krysys?

MD: Krysys is Actually Showing he has More heart than anybody else and I commend him for that, I commend the fact he doesn't want to stick around to watch the destruction of everyone else...
Get Yourself Out the way and my anger gets worst with every move , Your Life Shall Be wiped Swiftly ,As I Engine My Momentum into End of days

JS: and tonight you face Billy McCoy your thoughts

MD: Who You Said?
Billy Mc?
Mc, Mc, McCare Not So Much About Billy ,You see Contenders Come and Go and he is Forever a Contender ...My Eyes Are Set and I'm Not Playing
(Grabs Sanchez off his Feet )
I'M not playing with NoBody Anymore, Everyone will Experience My Effect
Sooner or Later, Now or the Future

JS: Well thanks for the Time Mark ladies and gentleman up next its Ric Flair vs Mitchell O’Connor



CP: Here Comes The Nature Boy Ric Flair and I still get goosebumbs when I hear that Music ladies and gentleman the Greatest Wrestler that ever lived

(Mitchell O’Connor/Eddie Guerrero w/ The HeartBreaker/Chris Beniot vs Ric Flair w/ Bam/Bubba Rey)



CP: And Ric Flair truly is the Dirtiest Player in the Game and what a fast one he and bam have pulled tonight and Mitchell O’Connor is outraged

08-15-2011, 05:21 PM
Part 6


CP: The No.1 Contender for the International Championship and the Fans Favourite what a challenge is ahead of him tonight in the Form of the Undefeated Mark Dimension


CP: Mark Dimensions what a streak he is on he has mowed through just about everyone on the Roster but if nobody has had a better chance than breaking that street than Better is Bigger himself Billy McCoy this one will be epic

(Mark Dimensions/HHH vs Billy McCoy/Goldberg)

CP: And who won? Do we know who won? Seth Farrell just assaulted Billy McCoy

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentleman the Referee has ruled this match a NO CONTEST

CP: My god these two warriors couldn’t find a winner and that is thanks to Seth Farrell getting involved

*Farrell & MD attack McCoy until Krysys runs down with a Chair and MD & Farrell scarper*

McCoy calls for the Mic

BM: Farrell you know its a good job Kingstem Broke Free when he did one more day up your arse he would never have made it back out...I am sick and Tired of you costing me shots at the title do you know what i've been through to get the title shot...well as i said i am working class and i'm proud of that and when we want something we not like the Rich we dont moan and wine before getting someone else to do it we get something done so heres what we are going to do that Cage Match that was set for IVWT its going to happen on inferno Thursday night and it will be for the International Title

*Krysys and McCoy shake hands as we go to break*

CP: We got to take a quick Break but when we return is SilverCena vs Gillz in a Grudge Match

08-15-2011, 05:24 PM
Main Event
CP: He is The EWNCW Champion and enforcer for the Main Event Shuriken Blade


CP: Here is Gillz this man is headed for the Big Time but tonight he has a Chance to settle the Score with SilverCena

CP: And this is SilverCena The Rapping Hyena and you know this man would like nothing more than to leave gillz laying at the end of this

(Gillz/Kurt Angle vs SilverCena/Jeff Jarrett with Shuriken as Special Enforcer/Mick Foley)




CP: SilverCena has done it my god what match Shuriken raises SilverCena’s hand as his Music Plays

*When Tommy Thunder walks down the Ramp clapping*

*Thunder gets in the ring stares down Shuriken they both raise the title belts above there heads before Shuriken leaves the ring Thunder gets on the Second rope to show off his belt to the World when John Cleverly comes in and with a Chair
but Tommy Catches him with a right hand and lays him out Thunder stands over him when Solla appears and nails Tommy with a Chair*

CP: Thats all we have time for folks what a Rage live from Denver!! Why has Solla attacked Tommy like this i guess you'll have to tune into inferno

08-22-2011, 06:40 PM
This is the Filler for the greatest Wrestling Show on Earth!!

EWNCW RAGE!! Are you ready

08-22-2011, 06:42 PM
whats that you wanted another Filler

08-22-2011, 06:46 PM
i think JD said it best when he said that rage makes Monday Night /Tuesday Mornings Exciting again :p

Tommy Thunder
08-22-2011, 07:32 PM

CP: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Monday night Rage!! We are less than a week away from our next ppv; ‘In Violent we Trust’, and there are several talents certainly getting violent!! We saw Billy McCoy winning the International title against Seth Ferrell on Inferno, before being attacked bey Mark Dimension!! In light of this, our GM John Cleverly has announced that Billy McCoy will team with Krystian Krysys against Dimension and Ferrell. I must also introduce my new broadcast partner. He’s the former leader of the Godmoney stable. The one and only EWNCW legend; Bodom!! Welcome to the commentary table my friend!!

Bod: I’m not your friend Pentalion. Don’t talk to me unless you’re talked to. Now, let’s get this show on the road!!


CP: And here comes the EWNCW champion, or one of them at least... what do you think of the situation with the two World champs Bods?

Bod: Ahhh Shuriken’s here. I like this guy, but he’s not the real champ, so why has he got that strap? It’s a confusing situation, but there’s a simple answer. Tommy Thunder is the REAL champ here. As I was saying, it’s a confusing situation but it’s so simple. What do you think Chris?

CP: ...Ok... you’re ignoring me... Let’s see what Shuriken has to say.

S: You know what people...


Bod: Ahhh, Mr ‘I will step on you to progress’. I like Gillz. He’s ruthless and isn’t afraid to run through others in order to get what he wants. Reminds me of someone...

CP: Yeah... But he didn’t even let our champ speak there!! What a douche!!

G: Woah wait a minute shuriken
we all know youre about to talk complete bullcrap
you talk about honour Shuriken, but thats just not how it works
i mean i used to fight like you with honour, didnt cheat and shook hands at the end of a match
and where did that get me
i had three succesive international title shots aand didnt even win one
because i was holding back and fighting with 'honour'
Shuriken we all know that you dont fight to youre fullest unless it calls it
and even then you fluke wins
its becase of me that you even have the title round youre waist
but that will change come In Violence We Trust
when i defeat not one but two men and become EWNCW World Champion
And there is nothing you, Cena or even Tommy can do about it
but im sure you will try

*Gillz signals at shuriken to come fight him*

*But as Shuriken does so he bails to the back*

*SilverCena music*

CP: And here’s the raping hyena!! The 3rd man involved in the triple threat for the World Heavyweight title on Sunday!!

SilverCena: Hey Gillz! Wait just a damn minute Shlong boy! How are you out here causing a fuss when you should be getting your diaper changed right about now? All you do is employ sneak attacks and I gotta tell ya, it's played out! I can beat you any day of the week so do Shuriken and I a favour and go be a fly on the wall! Hello! That means Buzz off!

Shuriken, Shuriken, Shuriken. Now I have a lot of respect for you and realize that you are pissed off about Tommy Thunder being the EWNCW champion. I would be pissed too! But in all honesty, I have worked my ass off for that title and you know it! So if anyone deserves a shot at the gold, your looking at him!


Bod: Ohhhh yeah!! Here we go!! HIT HIM!! SOMEONE HIT SOMEONE!! LET’S GO!!

CP: Sit down man!!


JC: Hold on a minute there guys!! Before we have ourselves a free-for-all triple threat right here, I’m going to restore some order here so that we can all let off some steam. Tonight you 3 are going to be involved in a pick your poison match!! So Shuriken will choose the opponent for Silvercena, Silvercena will choose Gillz’s opponent, and Gillz will chose the opponent for Shuriken. And to add a little added spice to things and to make it a bit more entertaining for our fans here, we’ll also make it a beat the clock pick your poison match!! And the first one to be in action will be Gillz. And that match is right now!!

CP: Wow!! A beat the clock pick your poison match!! I can’t wait to see who wins this one!! Who is your money on Bodom?!

Bod: Damn, you insist on trying to communicate with me don’t you!! Isn’t it obvious? Shuriken. He’s the former champ. He’s got the most experience. He’s the one who keeps this company going. Without him, there is no EWNCW. Of course he’s going to win!!

Tommy Thunder
08-22-2011, 07:34 PM
CP: We’re back from the commercial here, and we’re getting ready for the first pick your poison beat the clock match. Let’s see who Shuriken has chosen to face Silvercena?

*Harley McCarthney music*

CP: And it’s a member of the Ignition division, young Harley McCarthney!! An exciting young star who will very soon no doubt win the Ignition title!!

Bod: Pfft!! This guy hasn’t got what it takes. Silvercena will make mincemeat of him. This’ll be a squash match right here!!

(Orton = SilverCena/Hardy = McCarthney)


CP: And Cena wins to set a time of 7 minutes and 6 seconds!!

Bod: Pah!! Gilz will make mincemeat of that later!!

CP: Rage Rolls on tonight and you’ll remember last week Russo Swerve Paid for Splatered Dreams to take out Bill Richards and he Pretty Much did the Job tonight Russo Swerve hopes that Candy Man will suffer the Same Fate tonight


CP: and here comes the Candy Man in his Trademark Ice Cream Van

Bod: This guy is a joke. He should be in central park selling ice-creams, not sacrificing himself to the slaughterhouse every week here!!

*Candy Man plays to the Fans while Splatered Dreams is fired up in the Ring ready for action*

(Candy Man/ Jeff Hardy vs Splattered Dreams) (+ Russo Swerve/Abyss, Bill Richards/Raven)


CP: and Candy Man has got the win what a High Impact Match Russo tried to cost Candy man the Match but was taken out by Splattered Dreams himself then Bill Richards got his Revenge by taking out SD that was chaotic and wait Russo has the Mic

*The camera cuts to Russo Swerve who has retreated up the ramp*

Russo Swerve: last week and tonight two things happened. First splattered dreams loses his match and proves to me that he isnt worthy of my time .Second the Candyman returns and tries to attack me. Well candyman enough of the games i want a piece of you at the next ppv. And im so confident that ill let you name the match junior. And after our match while you are layed out in the middle of this ring unconscience and blood pouring out of your head. i will finally tell the world about the real candyman. And we will see how much these little snot nosed kids love you afterwards.

*Candy Man calls for the mic*

Candy Man: russo you can run your mouth and hide behind whoever you want because now it doesnt matter anymore... all that matters is me and this guy (shows a singapore can) haha at the ppv there will be two things not walking out..thats you and this after ive bent and whiped and smashed it over your cocky fukin face ..haha

CP: My god a Singapore cane match at In Violence We Trust Russo might want to think twice about that one Candy Man is unstable

Bod: Unstable? You said it!! HA!! That Candyman doesn’t stand a chance!! I’m betting he turns up with a candy-cane instead of a Singapore cane!!

Tommy Thunder
08-22-2011, 07:39 PM

CP: It’s now time for some bar-stool banter with Godmney!! They’re in the ring ready for us!!

Bod: Great... I can't wait to see these 2 clowns again!! You know, they messed up big time by not sticking with me and Splattered Dreams!!

CP: Bodom, how can you say that!! They're the champs!!

Bod: They're 2 drunken idiots!! That's what they are!!

CP: *sigh*...

Rich Cranium: So TBOZ, what do you think of the teams of The Psycho Circus and The Collective?

TBOZ: I really don't think of them to be honest, but I do know that they are cheapskates who will do anything to get the job done!

RC: What job?

TBOZ: To take our tag team titles!

RC: Never Ever will these fools be able to withstand our Godly Defence!

TBOZ: Right, and how about our old rivals, FOG?

RC: These guys have been a mainstay in EWNCW going way back! We have had many back and forth matches and I think it is safe to say we both respect them with the fullest!

TBOZ: Agreed, they are stand up guys! Not to toot my own horn, but We, GodMoney are legends in this business and have earned the right to be called the best team ever!

RC: No doubt, there used to be many naysayers but one by one they have all learned *looks at TBOZ*

TBOZ: That is pays to be GodMoney!

CP: Ahhh some vintage Godmoney there!! They’re really fired up for this Sunday, where I’m told they will be defending their titles. EWNCW management have been in deep discussion over the last week as to who should face them. I wonder if we’ll get that announcement tonight?

Bod: If they don’t stay sober, they’re odds on to lose those titles regardless of if they’re in a match or not!! Knowing them they’d use those titles to pay for their bar tab if they had to!!
__________________________________________________ __


CP: Ahhh here come the talented upstarts Mitch O’Connor and The Heartbreaker!! They are on a mission to prove Ric Flair wrong for kicking them to the kurb in favour of ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam, but it didn’t go to plan last week with O’Connor against Flair!

Bod: It certainly didn’t!! Great to see Naitch back in the ring last week, and he was in top form as he literally stole the win!! Taught these 2 rookies a thing or 2 right there!!

MO’C: You know what fellas, Although Ric Flair beat me last week, he didn’t beat me clean. He didn’t beat me fair!! He had to cheat to beat me. That tells me that I’m a superior athlete!!

HB: That’s right, we both are. Now your ching chong chinaman might be what you’re looking for Flair, but he’s no match for us 2. You kicked us to the kerb as if we were rubbish to the dumpster!! These fans here know that we deserve a chance here in EWNCW, and we’re going to prove that!!


Wait a minute right there boys! Before you go on any further, you need to know that you never try and go one on one with the dirtiest player in the game! That's right! You have NO CHANCE!

*Takes off jacket and runs into ring ropes*


*Crowd woos*

Now, I am very proud to be managing the Japanese Dragon Bam! He is on to great things so be prepared to sit on the sidelines and watch! That's right, you boys are mere spectators! Spectators to the future that is EWNCW baby!

*Points at fella in crowd*

Shutup fatboy!

O'Connor! Think you have what it takes to test Bam? How about you face the Japanese Dragon right now!


Bod: Haaa!! You can’t beat Naitch when he’s in top form!! I can’t wait for this young man, Bam to rip kick O’Connor’s ass back to Ireland!!

(Tajiri = Bam/Kidman = O’Connor)


CP: Damn, and O’Connor comes up short this week again!

Bod: Of course he does!! Bam is being coachd by Ric Flair. A wrestling God!! What the hell did you expect?!

Tommy Thunder
08-22-2011, 07:47 PM
CP: We have in the ring ready for action now the Force of Greatness as they face EWNCW’s newest tag team; The Psycho Circus!!

Bod: I like the Force of Greatness. They apitomize what tag team wrestling is all about. As for their opponents, I think they’re in the wrong company. I believe the circus left town a few weeks ago!!


CP: Damn, and the Psycho Circus pull the win out the bag!! And that’s a pretty big win too over the former tag team champs!!

Bod: Crazy. I mean what the hell, who the hell are these people? Where do you find idiots like this?! Who the hell gave them contracts?!
__________________________________________________ ________________


CP: Ohh man, it’s Primus Khan. Since debuting here, he’s been in dominating form, beating everyone laid in front of him!! Let’s see what he has to say tonight!


Bod: I love this guy. He’s here for one thing. To dominate, and he’s taking no prisoners in doing so!!

(Jinder Mahal = Primus Khan/ K2AssJelly = Trent Barretta)


(ignore post match)

CP: Well another impressive win for Primus Khan!!

Bod: This guy is doing it the right way. No messing and straight to the point. That’s the way to get somewhere in this business!!
__________________________________________________ ______________

CP: And here comes the other EWNCW world champion. The always controversial Tommy Thunder!!

Bod: You mean the REAL EWNCW World champion Chris!! Now Thunder’s my kind of guy. I like controversy. Controversy creates cash as a wise man once said. And this guy is as controversial as they get. I'm liking this new Tommy Thunder. He's not taking any shit off anybody, and he's doing it while pleasing the fans at the same time!!

*Thunder walks down the ramp with a smile on his face and calls for a mic after entering the ring*

TT: Ok. There’s a few things I need to get off my chest here. Firstly. Let me remind everyone why exactly I teased leaving EWNCW a few weeks back. I did that in order to get the corrupt weasel known as Nightwolf out of EWNCW, so that this company could move on in the correct way. And I thought that happened. But unfortunately, the man that replaced him as the GM of Rage has proven to be just as corrupt!! John Cleverly!!

*crowd boo*

TT: Yeah. Now, last week Cleverly, I don’t know what you were playing at when you came out here and tried to drill me with a steel chair. But thankfully, I managed to knock you out before you got the chance. In fact that moment right there was quite refreshing!!

*crowd cheer*

TT: But after that, the albino hippo got himself involved again. I mean what the hell do I need to do to make you leave me alone?! I mean, do you like me or something?! Because let me make it clear to you right now, I don’t swing on that side of the fence buddy!! And if you want proof, you better ask your wife, because she knows that better than anybody!!

*crowd laugh*

TT: Now I don’t know if you and Cleverly have some arrangement here, but the fact is, you and me are facing each other AGAIN on Sunday. And if you win, you’re winning this title right here; the REAL EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship!!

*mixed reaction from the crowd*

TT: And you then have the chance to go on to face the winner of the triple threat main event match in order to unify the 2 titles!! BUT!! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, that’s not going to happen is it? Because this Sunday at ‘In Violent we Trust’, I’m going to put you out of everybody’s misery once and for all. I’m going to make sure that you don’t walk out of that ppv with anything. You’re going home... In fact you’re not even going home.

*crowd cheer*

TT: That’s right, this title doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the VIP’s here, and that’s the way it’s staying.

*crowd cheer*

TT: And I don’t care if you have your little Collective, or you’re Psycho Circus clowns, on Sunday it’s you vs me. And you’re not walking out of there with ANYTHING!!


JC: Now Tommy, Let me tell you I had nothing to do with Solla’s actions last week, but I do have something to do with this week’s actions. Right here, right now, you’re going to have to face the Collective in a handicap match!!

*Bodom stands up on the announce table, mic in hand*

Bod: Now you just wait a minute there Cleverly!!

CP: Sit down Bodom!!

Bod: Shut up Pentalion!! This is your must see MVP in the ring here, not some rookie nobody!! He’s your EWNCW World Champion!! I know a thing or 2 about respect here, and you’re not showing any of it!! As an EWNCW original and legend, I won’t allow him to compete in a handicap match. I’ll be his partner tonight!!

*Bodom proceeds to make his way into the ring, taking his suit jacket, shirt and tie off.

JC: Jesus fucking Christ!! Fine!! I used to like you Bodom, but if you really want to be a jackass about this, your funeral buddy!!

CP: Ok... so Bodom has left me here and joined Tommy Thunder in the ring for this one!!

(Farooq = TT, Bradshaw = Bodom/ Test = Captain Howdy, Booker T = Surgeon General)


CP: Ahh!! They did it!! Thunder and Bodom did it!! Bodom even got the pin!!

*Solla and the PS run out and start attacking Thunder and Bodom*

CP: OH MY GOD!! What the hell!! Sola and the Psycho Circus are attacking the 2 winners!! The Collective also getting in on the action!! It’s 5 on 2!!

*Godmoney music*

CP: And here come Godmoney and the force of Greatness to even the odds, steel chairs in hand!! Solla and his men are bailing, but they all have a sick and disturbing smile on their faces!!

*Cleverly appeares on the tron*

JC: My oh my. 4 tag teams in the ring, all gunning for a shot at the title, but you all seem to want to clash at the same time!! Well you got it!! EWNCW management have just made their decision regarding the tag titles!! At ‘In Violent we Trust’, Godmoney will defend the titles against The Force of Greatness, The Collective and The Psycho Circus in a fatal 4 way!! How’s that for food for thought!!

CP: DAMN!! Another big match added to Sunday’s card!! What do you think Bodom? Oh, it doesn’t look like he will be re-joining me!! He seems a little beat up and is being helped to the back!! Stay tuned for more folks!!

Tommy Thunder
08-22-2011, 07:50 PM

Next up we have Gillz competing in his pick your poison beat the clock challenge!! I wonder who his opponent will be!!

*Splattered Dreams music*

CP: Oh my, the one man muscle mountain Splattered Dreams!! This will be a tough one for Gillz!! Let’s see what he can do here!!


CP: And Gillz has done it!! What a great win for him!! He’s beaten the clock and it’s all down to Shuriken now. Can he get one up on his opponents?! We’ll find out later!!
__________________________________________________ _______________

CP: Next up for you we have Billy McCoy and Krystian Krysis vs Mark Dimension and Seth Ferrell!!


CP: Enter the new International champion!! He looks proud as punch there as he has Krystian Krysis in tow!!


CP: and here is the sinister Seth Ferrell and the destructive Mark Dimension. These 4 have clashed with one and other over the last week, and tonight, they’re all in the same ring!! Let’s see how this one plays out!!

(Orton = Billy McCoy, Christian = Krystian Krysis / Mark Henry = Mark Dimension, Sheamus = Seth Ferrell)


CP: And they’ve done it!! Krysis get’s the pin as he and McCoy celebrate!! There seems to be some conversation between both regarding the title too. A future match perhaps?!

Tommy Thunder
08-22-2011, 07:52 PM

CP: It’s now time for our final pick your poison beat the clock challenge!! With Shuriken going against an opponent chosen by Gillz, and you can guarantee that he hasn’t picked an easy opponent!!


CP: It’s the Ignition champion and former bodyguard of 'The Freat Pharaoh' Seth Ferrell; Kingstrem!! And this won’t be an easy match for the champ!!


CP: Oh my!! And Shuriken has failed to beat the clock!! Gillz came out to distract Shuriken and that cost the champ enough time for him to lose!! Mind games being played by Gillz here as he’s the winner of the challenge tonight!! Will this give him the edge he needs to win on Sunday?! We still have Inferno before then!! Tune in then to find out what happens in the final chapter before ‘In Violent we Trust’!! Goodnight everybody!!

08-29-2011, 07:11 PM
the Fillers for Rage are upon us

08-29-2011, 07:14 PM
fillers, just another filler

08-29-2011, 07:21 PM
you can find IN Violence We Trust on the inferno thread

08-29-2011, 07:23 PM
final filler guys rage is next

Tommy Thunder
08-29-2011, 07:37 PM

CP: Hello and welcome to EWNCW Monday night Rage!! My name’s Christopher Pentalion alongside EWNCW legend Bodom here, and we are pumped up for an amazing fallout show after an incredible ppv last night!!

Bod: Yes, ‘In Violent we Trust’ didn’t disappoint did it!! We saw a new ‘champion’ crowned, and we saw the REAL champion Tommy Thunder retaining. Also, we saw a fellow original leave in the shape of The Beard of Zeus. Godmoney retained the tag titles, but there’s only one half to the team.

CP: That’s right, we’ll see what happens there as Rich Cranium, the sole member of Godmoney will address the situation later tonight!!


CP: And here comes the former EWNCW World Heavyweight champion, Shuriken. It was one hell of a match last night, bbut it was Gillz that came out on top,

Bod: Oh don’t sound so down Chris!! Gillz will be a great champion.. He’s worked his way up from the dirt to get to the top. Sure he’s stepped on more than a few toes to get there, but he’s done it, and he deserves it more than this guy!! I’m surprised he’s even showing his face here!!

Shuriken: Ladies and Gentlemen.....there comes a time when a wrestler thinks back on what he has accomplished and thinks about his future. EWNCW.....I'm sorry to do this to everyone here in this arena, the boys in the back that I enjoy competing with, the EWNCW crew, the loyal fans who watch and follow us....family, friends....Ladies and Gentlemen....I must say goodbye to EWNCW....

*crowd grows silent*

I know its a tough pill to swallow but I have to do this for my own well-being. I am not leaving in bad terms with this federation. This is my first federation and I have enjoyed the run! Its not all bad! Personally....this fed will continue to grow even if I am not here.

*crowd chants "Please don't go. Please don't go."

I have to my friends.....but don't worry.....the shadows of honor will still watch over this fed. I am making this statement right here and now......Competition always breeds. I WILL RETURN ONE DAY!


*lights of the arena goes off for three seconds and turns on again, only to find a mask in the middle of the ring*

*crowd chants loudly "SHURIKEN! SHURIKEN! SHURIKEN!*

CP: My God!! What the hell just happened there?!

Bod: Damn it Pentalion, Shuriken left the company!! Was it really that hard to understand?!

Tommy Thunder
08-29-2011, 07:41 PM

*Gillz comes out wearing a suit, as he looks very business-like. The reaction is not a good one with plenty of displeasure.*

CP: Well, after that revelation from Shuriken, here is the new champion...

Bod: Oh come one Pentalion, you can do better than that!! HERE IS OUR NEW CHAMPION!! Gillz looks really happy with this, which is more than can be said about the reception!! Don’t these people don’t realize that this man is their new champion?!?!

CP: So you acknowledge Gillz as a champ, but you didn’t Shuriken?

Bod: Shut up Pentalion!!

Gillz: Hello EWNCW universe, let me welcome to your new EWNCW World Champion
who is of course for you idiots here me.
now there is some business to attend to
There is Mr. Thunder but I will deal with him later.
Now to the more pressing matter, a certain Mr Shuriken has just
decided that last night was his last match in the company at least for the time being
now I for one applaud him on doing the right thing and not trying to face me again.
I mean no one wasn’t to see you fight me again especially because we all know you have had your day. It would be like Rocky having one last fight at the age of 50, sad and uninteresting.
Shuriken you are just a shell of your former self, an old dog that needed to be put out of its misery.
but luckily for you I was the one to do it.
so it’s been good knowing you but piss off back to the unemployment line
as long as I’m here you will never get another match in this company
because you don’t deserve another match.


CP: Good job!! Tommy Thunder is here!! He beat Solla last night to retain his EWNCW World Championship!!

Bod: You mean the REAL EWNCW World championship!!

CP: Right, whatever...

TT: First of all, let me hand it to you Shuriken. You are an EWNCW legend, and you will live long in the memories of these fans. They won’t forget you, and neither will I.

*fans chant for Shuriken*

TT: BUT, you are simply walking away from me here. You are simply walking away because you can’t beat me.

*crowd boo Thunder*

TT: No no, hear me out here guys. Would it interest you to know why he’s leaving? Yeah, he’s jumping ship to play his trade in a downgraded version of TNA, known as JBW.

*fans boo*

TT: Oops. Tell me I did not just say that!! I wasn’t supposed to say that, but as I’m the champion, and management know what I’m capable of, I’ll say whatever the hell I want. Manabu did the same thing as you’re about to do Shuriken, and now look at him! Kevin Matthews also!! You just heard what these fans think of you leaving. But If you’re sure you’re leaving, and for the right reasons, then so be it. But hear this. You can’t dodge me forever. You and me will face each other one day, one on one. And my VIP’s will get the match that they deserve to see!! In fact, I think that they might also want one last match from you, right here tonight against ME!!

*crowd cheer*

TT: And now on to you. Well look at you!! The fishmarket boy acting all grown up!! You might have a title around your waist there boy, but what you don’t realize is that one was bought from ewncwshop.com and is probably made from plastic! This one however around my waist here is made of gold, and costs a million times more.

*crowd cheer as Gillz looks angry*

TT: This *taps title around waist* is a representation that I’m the Champion here. Sure you may have won last night, but you haven’t beaten me. I’m the real EWNCW World Champion, and you need to pin me to win this title, and until then, you keep on parading out here with your ‘title’. You’re a fish out of water here Gillz, so I suggest you get out of the ring, and return to your fishbowl.

*Gillz takes off his suit jacket and starts to loosen his tie*


CP: Well here comes our GM to restore some order here.

Bod: I say let them fight!!

JC: Now now boys, play nice!! You 2 will be in the ring together eventually, but not here. As for Shuriken, well, I’m not happy at all that he’s leaving us to go and wrestle in front of a Walmart. And he might have done his little disappearing act here just now, BUT, Shuriken, I know you can hear me, and I think these fans would like to see one more match!!

*fans explode*

JC: Alright!! Then in tonight’s main event, we’ll see Gillz defending his title against Shuriken in his rematch!!

*fans cheer loudly as Gillz looks very displeased. Thunder is also complaining and saying “that should be my match!!”*

CP: Now there’s a mouth-watering main event for ya Bodom!!

Bod: What?! Are you kidding me?! There is no sense in making a champion defend his title just one night after winning it!! What if Shuriken wins?!

CP: I guess we’ll just have to find out...

Tommy Thunder
08-29-2011, 07:46 PM
*Mitch O’Connor theme*

CP: and here is one of the Upstarts; Mitch O’Connor!! He along with his partner The Heartbreaker beat Ric Flair and Bam last night!!

Bod: Yeah, you’re really happy about that aren’t you?! They proved nothing last night. Bam IS the future here, and Flair will take him to the top. I’m glad Flair isn’t wasting any more time with this guy and his accomplice.


CP: Ah, TJ Rage. Now he’s a great new talent that joined the roster recently. He had a good showing in the Money in the Bank match last night!!

Bod: Exciting, and talented. He’s got a good future here.

(Joe = TJ Rage / Styles = O’Connor / Daniels = Heartbreaker)




JC: Hold it right there!! Jeez!! Do I have to come out here every 2 seconds?! TJ, you have no business attacking Mitch and Heartbreaker like this, since you have your own battles here. I would however like to announce that the Heartbreaker and Mitch O’Connor have earned themselves an opportunity at becoming no.1 contenders for the tag titles!! Next week, you will face the Psycho Circus for the no.1 contender spot!!

CP: Wow!! Despite losing, John Cleverly was obviously impressed by the Upstarts’ performance last night!!

Bod: They just lost a match, where on earth is the logic in giving them this opportunity?! Some decisions here are sheer acts of lunacy!!

Tommy Thunder
08-29-2011, 07:47 PM
CP: We’re now going to get our first look at yet another new talent!! Bill ‘The Eagle’ Richards is waiting in the ring for our new guy, so let’s see who we’ve got!


CP: And this is Ryan Wells!! A former college all-american defensive player in the NFL!! He’s certainly got size going for him!!

Bod: Thanks for pointing out the obvious Chris!! He seems like a confident individual, and he seems to carry himself well.

*Wells asks for a mic*

"Thank you, thanks to all of you. As I can see, most of you know who I am. If not, I'll tell ya just who I am, my name is Ryan Wells, but a lot of people call me "The Freak", and I think, from what all of you just saw, you know why.

But this, what I just did, is only the beginning. You see, back in my college and pro playing days, nothing or anybody ever got in my way, and nothing hasn't changed, anyone in this business who gets in my way, will find themselves in the same place as this guy lying face down behind me is.

My goal here, is to win the world championship, and I know, I will. It's only a matter of time 'till I get my shot, and when I do, well, I don't want to give any details away too soon, but.....it involves me winning. There will be a lot more destruction like this, because nothing, gets in my way.

CP: Well, some confident and assured words there. Let’s see what he can do in the ring!!


CP: An impressive win there for Wells.

Bod: Yes, he’s going to go far here. That was a great display of strength at the end there.

Tommy Thunder
08-29-2011, 07:51 PM

Bod: Oh here we go Chris this man is about to expose the Candy Man to the world this is going to be good!

CP: ah Bodom please this guy is a Jerk and he is victimising Candy Man for no reason and there is no way of telling he is even telling the Truth

Bod: Jesus Chris if it was nothing tell me why, just why Candy would react like he has

CP: well good point actually bods

Bod: don’t sound surprised Jackass

*Russo comes into the ring after pandering and winding up the Crowed for awhile gets the mic*

Russo Swerve: last night I was embarrased but tonight I will embarrass candyman once I reveal his secret…


CP: Candy Man is here, Candy Man is here I knew he wouldn’t just take this lying down

*Candy man comes out with no Ice Cream Van just runs straight down to the ring grabbing a mic on the way*

Candy Man: russo listen up ...im sorry for any trouble for everything im so sor...please im beggin you dont say a word your going to ruin lives cmon be the man . nobody deserves this..if you say what i think your gonna say ..man i could be out of a job i cant have these fans knowing this ..ill have to go ...and my family they wont be fed cmon russo please im begging man (falls to hands and knees) ill do anything

Russo: you will do anything huh? Well thats not good enough I absolutley hate you and what you stand for.There is nothing you can do to keep me from revealing the truth to these pathetic so called fans. We will see how loyal these dirty snot nosed kids and these ugly fat hairy women are later on tonight.After our handicap match.

CP: What the hell Russo really must hate Candy man he is going to subject him to a Handicap match tonight

*Candy Man is in the ring pacing up and down while Russo Swerve is walking down the Ramp his music is playing but has a mic in hand*

Russo: Hairy ladies and snot nosed kids I introduce to you nyron.


but nyron isnt my partner. Hahaha hes the partner of candyman.

(Russo/Cena vs Candy Man/EDGE & Nyron/HHH)

(ignore anything after 8.40)

CP: What the Hell Nyron has turned on the Candy man!!!

*Nyron stares at Russo Swerve before Shaking hands with him*

CP: and what the hell is this this was Russo’s plan all along but what is candy mans secret when are we going to find out

Bod: Oh yes that Russo guy is a Slippery Genius he keeps tormenting the Candy Man
__________________________________________________ ________

*Cut to backstage to see Mark Dimension and Krystian Krysis brawling*

(MD = Judas Mesias, Sting = Krysis)


CP: My God!! Dimension and Krysis going to town on each other back there is seems!!

Bod: Again with the obvious Chris!! Dimension is an unstoppable force, and he’s not done with Krysis it seems!!

Tommy Thunder
08-29-2011, 07:53 PM

CP: Well here comes Rich Cranium. The man who along with his former partner, The Beard of Zeus retained the tag titles for Godmoney.

Bod: I have nothing to say about those loosers.

CP: ...Ok. Well Zeus has left the company, and Rich is the sole carrier of the tag titles now, let’s see what he has to say.

*RC walks down to the ring alone with a tag title on each shoulder*

RC: In case you guys missed the PPV last night, TheBeardOfZeus has left the EWNCW for personal reasons. Due to this, he has vacated his title and gave it to me. I would like to say this is an emotional moment for me and that TBOZ, you will truly be missed by not only me but the EWNCW fans as well!

*Crowd pan and some kids are crying while everyone else chants, TBOZ, TBOZ!*

RC: So now the question is, what happens now? How do I defend both titles? I am not sure but I will bust my ass to keep them!

*crowd cheers*

RC: Thank you! *Sets mic down in middle of ring and leaves*

*JC appears on the tron*

JC: Get your ass back in that ring Rich!! Zeus may have given those titles for you to carry last night, but I can’t have one person carrying the tag titles. You are in a match right here right now!! And those titles will be on the line!!

*crowd boo as Rich looks on in disbelief*

JC: Your opponents will be The Collective!! And since you need a partner, I’ve taken the liberty to choose one for you. And you’ll find who that is right now!!


CP: No way!! Primus Khan?! Will this team work?!

Bod: Khan is undefeated in EWNCW, and he’s been on a roll since debuting!! I’m looking forward to seeing him in action here again!!

*Collective music*

CP: And here come the Collective!! They came close to winning last night, but came up just short. Let’s see what they can do tonight!!

Bod: These guys are crazy, but they’re getting better by the week. Real danger here for Rich, especially with a new partner.

(Mysterio = RC / Guerrero = Primus Khan, MNM = The Collective)


CP: Oh my God!! The Collective have won!! The Collective are our new Tag Team champions!! Primus Khan ditched Rich there, he didn’t make any effort to tag in!!

Bod: Well it’s been coming. The Collective finally have gold in their ranks. As for Khan. Why should he help Rich? He’s not a part of Godmoney!! There was no reason for him to help him out here!! Why should he dirty his hands to help someone else?!

CP: Well, I can’t imagine where this is going, but The Collective have won the tag titles!!

Tommy Thunder
08-29-2011, 07:55 PM
JC: I’m now told that we’re going to see a slight re-match from last night, where ‘The Great Pharoah’ Seth Ferrell will take on Billy McCoy. The International title WILL be on the line!!

Bod: Seth Ferrell is another talent I admire, he deserves this!!


CP: Here comes the Pharoah!! Looking as regal as ever!!

Bod: This guy has class, he deserves to be champ just for that!!


CP: And here comes the International champion!! He successfully defended the title last night, and he’s on fire right now!!

Bod: Billy McCoy has worked for that title, and I can respect that. But Ferrell can buy respect, and that’s even better for me!!

(Guerrero = McCoy, Haas = Ferrell)


CP: McCoy does it!! He retained the title!! Ferrell tried to use the belt as a weapon, but he failed!!

Bod: It’s only a matter of time until Ferrell has that title Chris, mark my words!!

*Ric Flair and Bam run to the ring and attack McCoy*

(skip to 4:40)


CP: Oh my!! Flair and Bam just took out the champ!! And it seems Flair has some words to say!!

Flair: Now! The reason Bam and I beat you down McCoy is because we are tired of waiting in line to get some attention around here! I am the 16 time world champion and I deserve respect dammit! Our goal is the EWNCW world title but in the meantime, we will take the International Title! Bam! That title belongs to you! Wooooooooooooooooooo!

Bod: YES!! Flair saying it how it should be!! That’s what I’m talking about!! He deserves respect and he will get it!!

CP: Well I’m not sure he’ll get any by beating people up like that. But Bam has made a statement here.

Tommy Thunder
08-29-2011, 07:57 PM
CP: It’s main event time folks!!


CP: Here is the former champ!! Looks like he has decided to trat his loyal fans to one last match. This is the last time we’ll see Shuriken here in EWNCW. But he has a chance to go out with a bang!!


Bod: This man would like to argue against that!! Gillz will do everything in his power to make sure Shuriken goes out on a flat sombre note here!!

(Jeff Hardy = Shuriken vs HHH = Gillz)




CP: And Gillz has pulled it out of the bag when it matters!! He needed a sly counter to win it, but Gillz remains the EWNCW world Heavyweight Champion.

Bod: You sound disappointed Chris, but I told you so!! Look at that idiot Shuriken in the ring!! The boy looks lost!! Bless his cotton socks!!

*Tommy Thunder comes out and drills Gills on the ramp with his title belt to a big reaction from the crowd*

CP: What the?! Thunder comes out of nowhere there!! He just took out Gillz!!

Bod: What in God’s name does he think he’s doing?! I know he’s the real champ, but that’s Gillz!!

*Thunder stands on the apron and looks at Shuriken. He then enters the ring and stands face to face with Shuriken. After a while where words are exchanged, Thunder extends his hand to Shuriken. Shuriken stands with his hands on his hips and looks around the arena as the crowd chant his name. He eventually takes the hand, and shakes it, much to the pleasure of the crowd. Thunder proceeds to lift Shuriken’s arm in the air as the crowd go wild, and Shuriken’s theme plays.*


CP: An excellent gesture from Thunder there, and that a great sendoff from the fans here for Shuriken!!

Bod: He’ll be missed for sure. A fantastic talent.

CP: That’s it from here folks!! Look out for Thursday night Inferno!! But until then, goodnight!!

09-05-2011, 05:31 PM
EWNCW Would like to tell you all that voting ends on wed, 9/7/11 for the big ppv name so get your Votes in if you havent allready

09-05-2011, 05:32 PM
The Next time EWNCW goes to PPV is on sep 18th with Day or Reckoning

Monday Night Rage follows next

Tommy Thunder
09-05-2011, 05:50 PM

CP: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another episode of Monday night Rage!! We are on the second leg of our British Isle tour, and tonight, we are live from Birmingham England!!!! Although we’re in the UK though, we’d like to wish all our US viewers a happy Labour day from all of us at EWNCW!! I’m Christopher Pentalion alongside EWNCW legend Bodom. We are less than 2 weeks away from our next ppv which was announced towards the end of last week by Dick Thompson as ‘Day of Reckoning’ which will conclude our British Isle tour at Wembley Stadium. But as for the present, BOY, do we have a show for you tonight!!

Bod: That’s right. I’m not so keen on the British myself. Too much fish and chips and not enough fried chicken!! But like you say Chris, we’re going to have an action packed night tonight. We have a no. 1 contenders match for the tag titles, and I’m sure that we’ll see some more exciting action as the night progresses.


CP: An interesting man to start us off here tonight. Siler Cena, who was involved in that triple threat match at ‘In Violent we Trust’, has been growing on our fans for quite some time. He’s quite popular now. Wouldn’t you agree Bodom?

Bod: Well he’s not popular with me, and that’s what matters.

*SilverCena makes his way down the entrance ramp while high fiving fans along the way and then gets in ring*

SilverCena: Yo, yo, HELLO Birmingham!

*Crowd erupts with cheers and whistles*

SC: I am loving this place!

*Camera shows crowd as many fans are waving English flags*

SC: Now, as you all know, I have had my share of titles matches for quite some time here! I was in the title picture when Shuriken was champ and even the guy who got lost in the rafters and never came back! Who was that douche again?

*Crowd laughs*

SC: I think his name was the WalmartBrand or something? I don't know but anyway!

*Crowd laughs and claps*

SC: In all seriousness, we now are having to listen to two guys that are now bitching and moaning over who is the real champion, you know, Gillz and Tommy Thunder!They should realize that I can beat both of them and they really need to give SilverCena a title shot!

I mean, c'mon, Gillz? Shouldn't he be home sewing his kilt or something?

And Mr.Thunder? I think you need to lower your intake of Big Macs if you think you can defeat me! I mean, if I bring a Big Mac to the ring, Tommy will be all about handshakes and milkshakes instead of a wrestling match!

*Crowd is crying in tears*

SC: Now, JC, I am tired of being left out of the EWNCW title picture! I mean why are you denying me my shot? Can you do me and all of these fans a favor and give us an explanation?


*Crowd cheers*

CP: Well, Silver Cena calling out GM Cleverly there. Saying that he deserves to be in the title picture.

Bod: Why should he?! He had a match at the last ppv and he lost!!


CP: That certainly isn’t John Cleverly, but it is ‘The Albino Rhino’ Solla Mafoai And he does NOT look happy!!

Bod: *sigh* Chris, you really need to stop pointing out the obvious. We’re not all idiots like you!!

SM: My dear Silver Cena. Have you forgotten about me? OF COURSE YOU HAVE YOU LOW-LIFE!! Everybody has forgotten about ‘The Albino Rhino’ Solla, and what I’m capable of!! Too long I have been ignored!! Too long have I been relegated to the dungeons of this company!! Well no more!! I demand that GM Cleverly comes out here RIGHT NOW!! And gives me the answers I want to hear. If not, then something bad, VERY bad will happen to somebody!!!


CP: Here is the GM eventually. Some chilling words from Solla there, I wonder what the GM think of these two’s claims!!

JC: Hold on there you two!! I don’t give a damn what either of you think. I’m in charge here, and I’m the one who decides who’s worthy of getting title shots!!

*mixed reaction from the crows*

JC: Now from my point of view, neither of you have fully convinced me that you’re worthy of a shot at the big time. So to sort that out, I’m going to book a match between both of you at our next ppv,which will be live from the O2 arena in London on the 18th of September!!

*crowd cheer*

JC: The name of the ppv will be ‘Day of Reckoning’, and it most certainly will be a day of reckoning for you 2, as one of you will show the world that YOU are the one that deserves a shot at the title!! And maybe, just maybe, there will be a reward for the winner!!

*crowd erupt after hearing this*

JC: But that’s the future. We need to arrange something for tonight. Since Shuriken had a match against Gillz last Monday, tonight, you Silver Cena, you will face Gillz in our Main event. BUT, it will be a non-title match.

*crowd boo*

JC: As for you Solla, I want you to keep out of the way. You were out of line on Inferno on Thursday, so I want you to take the rest of the night off. If you violate this order, then something bad will happen to you, and I’ll make sure personally that you don’t receive a title shot for as long as you work for EWNCW!!

*crowd cheer as Solla doesn’t look happy*

CP: Wow, a huge main event for us there. Gillz will be taking on Silver Cena in a non-title match, but this is a great chance for Silver Cena to prove something!!

Bod: It is, but I have no doubt that Gillz will embarrass him further in this match.

Tommy Thunder
09-05-2011, 05:57 PM
CP: We’re back from the break folks, and waiting for us in the ring is one of EWNCW’s newest acquisitions, Ryan Wells, let’s see what he has to say tonight!!

RW: First of all, thanks for the cheers, I appreciate it, it makes me feel welcome here in EWNCW. Now, last week, I debuted here, and I won my match against Bill "The Eagle" Richards. I first want to wish him a well recovery. I never meant to hurt him, but, I meant to send a message. And I think it was well read and understood.

*crowd cheer*

RW: My purpose in coming here, was to dominate and become the champion, which I know will happen. But most of these guys backstage want to become a champion for themselves, I'm not like that. I want to be champion for you, the fans. You guys are what drive us to do what we do and do it good. They may not admit it, but it's true and I knew this all along. You guys are the driving force for me to perform above and beyond. And I can't thank all of you enough.

*crowd applaud*

RW: But, now down to some more serious stuff. Last week was the beginning, the beginning of a new era. The era of the Freak, Ryan Wells. Anyone, I mean anyone, who tries to get in my way, or who wants to mess with me, I'm right here, and I will destroy you. I'm coming for that championship title, and whoever I have to get through to get there, better be prepared to get wrecked like all the rest.
And lastly, I have a message to everyone backstage. Anyone who tries to stack up to me better get real comfortable to this ring, because you'll find yourself lying here a lot, face...DOWN.

JC: Wow, some bold and confident words there from Ryan Wells. I wonder who he’s facing here tonight?

*SSP music*

Bod: Silver shower Pisser? Oh boy...

CP: I think you just summed it up Bodom. I don’t think anyone’s getting their hopes up for SSP!!

(Jimmy Wang Yang = SSP / Ezekiel Jackson = Ryan Wells)


CP: Well, another convincing, and predictable, win for Ryan Wells, and the crowd are really into this guy!

Bod: He’s impressive, no doubt. But he’ll have to do more than beat a few lower league players to convince me.
__________________________________________________ _____

*We cut to backstage and the Crowed Irrupts as we see Billy McCoy in the Back. Billy McCoy is wearing a T-Shirt saying Fuck McLeish for Cheap love from the Birmingham People*

BM: People of Birmingham WE ARE LIVE ALL AROUND THE WORLD and yours Truly The International Champion The Best Technical Wrestler in this company has a Few issues to address first of Bam & Old Man Flair you must be the Stupidest Sons of Bitches I’ve ever seen I mean I am on the Biggest Role of My Life I am finally were I need to be I have finally made it and if you think I am going to let some Japanese Wanna Be and some man who is so far over the Hill he can’t see Sunset take it from me guess what Flair you said it yourself to be the Man you’ve gotta beat the man and as sure as I’m standing here today if your International Champion you’re the Man so I guess you’re going to have to beat me aren’t you
Now onto…Seth “The Pharaoh” Farrell *The Crowed Boos loudly* Seth you are really a Stuck up stupid Sonuvabitch Last Week I saved you from a Beat down from two of the most vicious men in the world and you repay me with Disrespect well here is what I am going to do I am going to give you that beating all by myself would you like that Birmingham *huge pop from the Crowed* and prove that BETTER IS BIGG…

*Seth Farrell comes into shot the fans drown with boos*

BM: hell no what do you want moron

SF: Oh spare us McCoy. On and on and on and on, no one cares. You don't have any fans. Just peasants too stupid to know better. just cheering for the guy who has the title. A title you've kept by luck and luck alone. You make me sick. You're a brute. But not just that, you're an arrogant, inarticulate, noisome brute! With asinine sayings and trumped-up ring abilities. Bah!
Y'know Billy my boy you insult that title. You disgrace it by carrying it around with you. That title deserves someone better to carry it. Not you, not Bam, not the freak Dimension. Someone like me. Someone of class. Of skill. Someone who at least has more character than to push crappy snack foods on the peasants attending. haha!

*Seth Ferrel pops a bag of McCoy's crisps in McCoy's face. McCoy swats the bag to the floor and gets in Ferrell’s face.
John Cleverly passes by*

JC: Well well, what have we here? Two of the bestest of friends making nice judging from your actions last week on Inferno!! Since you two like each other soooo much, I think I have an idea for a match later. How about you two team up to take on Bam and Ric Flair?!

*McCoy and Ferrell look at each other and then at Cleverly in disgust*

JC: Great! Now that’s sorted, I’ll look forward to seeing that match later!! Good luck!!

*SF and BM stare at each other, before Seth walks away slowly with a smirk on his face, leaving McCoy standing*
__________________________________________________ _____
*Back in the arena*


CP: Wow, who the hell is this guy?!

Bod: Beats me. He’s pretty big though, and his entrance music positively sucks!!

*In a heavy Polish accent.*

IG: Jak siemasz! My Name 'a Istvan, Istvan Gretzky.. "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky. Istvan who?

*Cups his hand to his ear, smiles, then nods.*

IG: Istvan Gretsky, kurwa. Google Istvan make eyes witness Istvan pictures of make win over maaany championships win maaaany champion, kurva! Remember, kurwa, Istvan study ECWN championships and all of ECWN wrestling children. Children like Richard with Cranium and Tomascz the Grzmot. Children like Jonny Hotlips and Gilzmore, kurwa. Istvan has long heard before of wrestling children like Boy in Silver Panties name Cena and Prime Khan. Istvan has message for all wrestling children, kurwa... Istvan prepare for day of first match in ECWN and will be mighty in efforts of catch-as-catch-can grapples with first victim, kurwa. A match is a match but Istvan no care for match, Istvan care for punish with biceps made from fallen star, kurwa.

*Points to his right bicep.*

IG: Look Istvan arm. *Flexes* Istvan arm vascular.... *Flexes again*... VASCULAR, KURWA!!!

*Regains composure, and continues.*

IG: Be warning ECWN, Istvan is coming soon, kurwa.... Do Widzenia.

*Spits on the floor and walks off but can be heard saying*

IG: How you do, baby? Wanna show a new guy round town maybe shake a leg with me, kurwa?

Womans voice: Uh, OK.

IG: Heh heh, Istvan love American woman, kurwa.

CP: Ok, so Istvan Gretzky!! I’m not sure if that lady said yes in fear of the man, or if she really saw something in big ‘Red Hot’!! He’s big, he seems bad, and he’s Polish. What do you make of him Bodom?

Bod: I’ll need to see what he can do in the ring before passing judgment on this guy, but the guys personality is hazardous. And I don’t mean that in a good way. And anyway, I’ve never liked these foreign folk coming in to our country.

Tommy Thunder
09-05-2011, 06:03 PM

CP: Oh no, Russo Swerve is here. What does he want this week?!

Bod: Don’t diss this guy Chris, he’s a genius mastermind!! And what he’s been doing to Candyman; I LOVE it!!!

Russo Swerve: Last week I enjoyed beating the hell out of that piece of garbage known as candyman. And I’m not done oh no not by a long shot I won’t stop until the candyman is history
But now let me introduce someone who shares the same hatred for candyman as me and his name is Nyron...and I am going to let him reveal to you the true candyman


*Nyron makes his way down the ramp*

CP: well I want to know what the deal is with Nyron he turns up on the scene last week Russo made him candy’s partner then at the end of the match Nyron destroys candy

Bod: Chris this man was smart enough to realise that Candy Man sucks and that being allied with him is no good

CP: None the less Candyman not here tonight even though he was scheduled to be.

Nyron: haha after all these weeks of speculation and rumours its time for me to revel who and what the candy man really is hahaha...who wants to hear ? (crowd cheer for nyron in anticipation) well the candy man is my bastard of a farther he abandoned me when I was young and venerable he left me with no means of support ..but I have grown up and moved on and gained strength and power not seen before and thanks to russo i have been given the opportunity to come here and get my revenge ..candy man you senseless mother fucker i challenge you to a match at ‘Day of Reckoning’ and I will leave you in that ring with no point in living ..its time candy man ..its time hahahahaha

*The commentators sit in silent shock as the audience give that a mixed reaction*
__________________________________________________ ____

CP: well after that revelation just before the break, I'm speechless Bodom, what about you?!

Bod: Well the fact that you're talking suggest otherwise, Christopher!!


CP: Here come ‘The Upstarts’!! This young duo proved Ric Flair wrong at ‘In Violent we Trust’, and they now have a chance to become the no. 1 contenders for the tag titles!!

Bod: They proved nothing Chris, they’re still young and naive. And without the guidance of a veteran like Flair,
they’ll fall at the first hurdle right here tonight!!


CP: Confident words from the young pair, but here come their worst nightmare. ‘The Psycho Circus’ led by the devious Ringmaster!!

Bod: That guy creeps the hell out of me. You see that crazy smile on his face? And that thin curled moustache... he doesn’t seem right in the head...

(Hawkins and Ryder = PC / Colons = The Upstarts)


CP: My God!! They’ve done it!! ‘The Upstarts’ are the new no.1 contenders for the tag titles!!

Bod: Hmm, they did alright tonight. They’ll have a tough time against the twisted minds of ‘The Collective’ though.

CP: Indeed. And they will now go on to face ‘The Collective’ at our next ppv, which comes live from the O2 arena in London on the 18th of September. ‘Day of Reckoning’!! Don’t miss that folks!!

Tommy Thunder
09-05-2011, 06:08 PM

*Crowd boos as Gillz walks into the ring*

CP: We're back from a commercial here as Gillz makes his way to the ring. I wonder what he has in store for us tonight?

G: Now, Now people I need to address what happened on Thursday
for those of you who aren’t on the smart side I’ll inform you
On Thursday our GM put me in pretty bad situation,
Me and the so called real champion Tommy Thunder against That big lump Solla and my personally most hated man here SilverCena
now It turns out that we won and by that mean I personally won that for us Thunder
I worked with you because I’m the champion, if we broke down like the other two twats it wouldn’t make me look like a great champion. That win was for me, not us.
Now I have another match with Cena which I’m not too happy about, but ill take this is an opportunity,
an opportunity to prove that Cena shouldn’t be getting anywhere near this Title
Thunder I had a discussion with Cleverly after being told about that match
So if you want a match you got it but not tonight
but don’t think your off the hook, oh no

*Gillz Smirks*

G: You have a match later tonight with a great up and coming wrestler, and that guy’s name is

*Drops Mic*

CP: Wow. Gillz certainly not playing around here, and in a foul mood tonight. He’s dismissed that win on Thursday’s Inferno as a win for himself, and he’s arranged an opponent for Thunder later.

Bod: And so he should! If one champion’s going to be in action, it’s only fair that both are in action!! And why not choose a superstar that is on a roll; ‘The Alpha and the Omega’ Primus Khan!! I can’t wait for that later!!

CP: I agree that Khan will be a tricky opponent, but will you please make your mind up about who the champ is?!

*Bodom stares unimpressed at Pentalion

__________________________________________________ _________


*Krysys walks out with a look of satisfaction spread across his face*

CP: Here comes Krystian Krysys Bods and he must be riding high after getting Revenge on Mark Dimensions on Inferno

Bod: These two Punks have been attacking each other backstage I mean real men get it done in the ring

CP: These two guys are two of the most Intimidating guys on our Roster and you don’t think they’re man enough

Bod: well I’ll put it like this Krysys doesn’t Drink and MD is a Avatar Rip off

CP: Well I wouldn’t let him hear you say that

*Krysys gets in the ring with Mic in hand*

KK: Did you all see Inferno?

*Crowd yells YES!*

KK: So, that mean you saw me beat the living hell out of Mark Dimension! I told you Dimension, I wouldn't rest until I got payback, and boy did I get it! I kicked your ass so badly you had to be sent to the hospital! But you know what, I'm not done, kicking your ass felt so good I wanna do it again! I don't feel the ass kicking you received makes up for the shit you put me through, the challenges I did just to face you, and of course the brutal beating you gave me last week, no no just doesn't do justice.... So I think I will do it again!

*Mixture of cheers and boos*

KK: Oh, right I forgot that some of you morons are actually fans of his. How does the chant go? Di-Men-Sion?

*Crowd Chants Di-Men-Sion Di-Men-Sion*

KK: Morons.. Anyways I didn't come out here to pick a fight with the crowd, I came out here to say that I want to kick Dimensions ass again, so come on Cleverly, make this happen! I want Dimension tonight!


CP: Oh here is MD and he is not in a Playing mood

*MD runs straight to the ring without getting a mic*


CP: My god they have taken it to a whole new level, that was brutal. we need something to settle this between these two.

Tommy Thunder
09-05-2011, 06:16 PM
*Another cemetery, before a angelic status, the Black Angel rocks back and forth -- hands clasped in prayer before raging bonfire.*

S: Time gives for no man, but I am not one. I am more than a mortal, I am the Favoured of the Voices. This darkness that men fear, is the life that I live. From Heaven, I was cast, and now I cast you all from its holy embrace. These Voices allow none to enter the promised land, and sway all into the fires of damnation.

*The camera view switches to the other side of the fire, looking directly towards the rocking man; the shot exemplifies exactly how demonic he looks, when coupled with the cackling fire.*

S: EWNCW shall fall before the rise of these voices. These Voices have given me the word to start with Inferno, *He looks at the fires* and there I shall start. You see, these pathetic fools no nothing about the dangers of a true Inferno. They lazily name their show after such a thing, but have no clue the repercussions of such devious actions. From Inferno, I shall rise and spread wings of darkness over EWNCW. Rage shall not be safe, the Inferno shall dance higher than the entirety of EWNCW have ever imagined. And from those damning flames, The Black Angel shall appear.

*Off camera, someone throws something unto the flames causing it to flare up. When it dies down moments later, the Black Angel is done. A quick shot at the ground shows black spots where he once sat.*
__________________________________________________ _____________

CP: You may have seen a similar promo bit on Inferno last week. And that is for one of EWNCW's latest acquisitions, 'The Black Angel' Seraphim. Can't wait to see him debut!!


Bod: And here comes the wrestling God and his protégé!! I’m telling you Pentalion, this young kid’s going places with Flair!!

CP: Let me guess, he’s ‘going on a ride on space Mountain’!! Jeez gimme a break!!

Bod: Don’t you dare disrespect a legend like that!! You better hope that I don’t tell Flair you said that!!


CP: ‘The Great Pharaoh’ Seth Ferrell is a man on a mission to get that International title, but tonight, he’s going to have to work with the champ to get the win.

Bod: Have to? I don’t think so. ‘The Great Pharaoh’ doesn’t HAVE to do anything Chris!!


(Flair = Duh!!, Batista = Bam / Jericho = McCoy, Orton = Ferrell)


CP: My God!! Flair and Bam got the win!! Flair pinned the International chamion!! No chemistry between McCoy and Ferrell, and they paid the price for it!! McCoy needed a tag there, but Ferrell was nowhere to be seen!!

Bod: There!! That’s what happens when you step in the ring with a wrestling God!! Ric Flair does it again!!

Tommy Thunder
09-05-2011, 06:23 PM
*A video hits the Titantron*

We can see in ring action from one guy. He gets the catlle mutilation on one opponent. The opponent taps. Then, the Crippler's Crossface on another opponent, another tap. The Haas of pain. The tarantula. The sharpshooter. All of them tap.Then we get the face of the guy, and these words: "William Carlin. Surrender or be dismembered"

CP: Wow! Who or what was that?!

Bod: Beats me. But it looked like someone that knows how to break every limb in your body!!

CP: Well, next up for you is the match that was announced by Gillz earlier; Tommy Thunder taking on Primus Khan!!


CP: And here comes the REAL champ!! There Bodom, you happy? I said it!!

Bod: Good to see that you’re learning something from me. You need to be a sponge Chris, absorb everything I teach you.

*Tommy Thunder grabs a mic from ringside and enters the ring*

TT: Ok, before this match gets started, I need to say a few things. First of all, I need to address what the ‘RAPING Hyena’ said. And yes, I DID just say that!

*crowd laugh*

TT: Cena, you made a comment regarding big macs. Do I look like I eat big macs? Allow me to inform you that I weigh an outstanding, lean two hundred and twenty-seven, and a quarter, pounds!! You on the other hand, look as if you’ve had more than your fair share of big macs!! And given your background, I’d say they were probably leftovers from the trash cans round the back!!

*crowd laugh*

TT: Secondly, Gillz. I’m glad you finally realize that you have to face me to be recognized as the REAL EWNCW World Heavyweight champion, and I’m hoping that match will happen at ‘Day of Reckoning’, unless you run away scared. But why oh why are you making me face Primus Khan. Why put an up and coming star in the unfortunate position where there is only one outcome? There is only one winner in this bout and...


CP: Well, we’ll never get to know what Thunder was going to say there, although I think I have a fair idea!!

Bod: I’m all for talking, especially when Thunder's on the mic, but I want less talking and more action here. Although, it was good to hear that gem from Thunder!! I’ll have to use the ‘RAPING Hyena’ myself!! But turning to the match, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this one since it was announced earlier, so let’s get things started!!

(Batista = Thunder / Goldberg = Primus Khan / HHH = Rich Cranium)

(stop watching @ 6:00)

CP: My god, Thunder won that match, but Rich Craanium has gone crazy here!! He’s destroying Primus Khan!! Get security out here!!

Bod: Ahhh let em go at it Chris!! You have to let nature take it's course in situations like this!!

*Security eventually come out and break up the 2 as we go to commercial*

Tommy Thunder
09-05-2011, 06:25 PM
CP: It’s now time for our main event folks!! But in the mean time, don’t forget to cast your vote on the ‘EWNCW big ppv name’ poll!! We want YOUR vote, because your vote counts!! Poll closes on Wednesday, and the winning name will be announced on Thursday night Inferno!!


CP: Here comes Silver Cena, the ‘Rapping Hyena’!!

Bod: There’s no way this douchbag is winning here. I agree with Gillz 100%. There’s no way this guy should be anywhere near the title!!


CP: And now for time for the other World Champion to be in action. Gillz will be looking to destroy Silver Cena here. There’s so much hate between the 2!!

Bod: Can you blame the guy?! How hard is it NOT to hate the ‘RAPING Hyena’ as Tommy Thunder put it!! Haha!!

(Edge = Silver Cena / Chris Jericho = Gillz)




CP: And Gillz has done it..... But wait, it’s Solla!!

(Thunder/Orton, SC/Christian, Sheamus/Gillz, Henry/Solla)


CP: Well Thunder took his time getting to the ring, but He eventually got there and cleaned house!!

Bod: I’d have rather he let Cena get beaten to a pulp there, I can’t STAND that guy!!

CP: Well that’s all we have time for tonight folks!! We hope you join us again next week, but don’t forget to tune in to this Thursday’s Inferno, where we will announce our big ppv’s name!! Get voting, because your vote counts!! See you next week folks!!

Tommy Thunder
09-10-2011, 04:07 PM

Dick Thompson here folks!! And joining me at this time is EWNCW Ignition champion, King Strem! King, let me ask you firstly, how does it feel to hold the Ignition championship?

KS: Hey Dick, I must say, holding this title is a pretty amazing feeling. But, like I have said, I want more and more. So while I enjoy this title, I will not be truly satisfied until I hold more gold.

DT: Well exactly, why stop at one title, when you can have the lot!! You came into this company under the wing of 'The Great Pharaoh' Seth Ferrell. Are you still in contact with him? Is he still mentoring you?

KS: Seth and I do try and remain close although it is rough with our schedules and what not. I wouldn't say he is mentoring me but when needed, he gives me some great advice.

DT: Some very good advice I'm sure, given he's the former holder of the Ignition title. Looking on to 'Day of Reckoning', the Ignition title is arguably the hottest contested title in EWNCW, with a lot of talent in the division. How do you plan on defending your title at 'Day of Reckoning'?

KS: That's simple Dick, I'm going to defend it against the person who deserves it and that is Tj Rage. He won a match where the stipulation was win and get a shot. He didn't have a match, lose, then try to jump right back to the front, and he didn't come storm out and beat me with my own title. I say he would be a worthy opponent.

DT: That's a fair assessment. Any thoughts on some of your other main competition? Grind Bastard has been on a roll as of late.

KS: Well like I said, Tj is the only opponent to me. Bloodstone is out of the question and That dumb ogre Grind Bastard is a joke. What mentally challenged person thinks they can come out to the ring, assault the king and get a title match. I will deal with him in good time.

DT: The guy does seem like he needs some sense knocked into him! Finally, what are your long term ambitions in EWNCW? Our biggest ppv of the year; 'Destiny's Calling' is coming along in October. Any plans on your radar?

KS: One thing Dick, EWNCW World Champ. I want to be known as the best. I will do whatever it takes and destroy whoever I must, even if it is Young Thomas Thunder or Gillz. This is the year of the king, and a glorious year it will be.

DT: I'm sure. Thanks for your time King! King Strem there ladies and gentlemen!! Make sure you stay tuned to this channel for the latest folks!!

09-12-2011, 06:05 PM
so coming your way on Saturday 29th of October on the 1 year anniversry of EWNCW we will hold the EWNCW Awards

here are the Catorgories

EWNCW Superstar of The Year
EWNCW Tag Team of the Year
EWNCW Show of the Year
EWNCW PPV of the Year
EWNCW Promo Man of the Year
EWNCW Moment of the Year
EWNCW Newcomer of the Year

Nominations will come in the coming weeks

then the voting will open on Saturday 15th of October to give 2 weeks to vote it will be done by PM so nobody knows the results until the night itself good luck to everyone

09-12-2011, 06:08 PM
EWNCW Monday Night Rage Follows Next live from Dublin Ireland its SHOWTIME!!!

Tommy Thunder
09-12-2011, 06:19 PM

CP: Welcome one and all to EWNCW Monday night Rage, live from Dublin Ireland!! We are less than 1 week away from ‘Day of Reckoning’ and we are looking forward to one hell of a ppv onSunday with several matches set!! As always, I’m joined by EWNCW legend Bodom here!!

Bod: Lucky me! But yes, we do have an already star studded ppv lined up for Sunday. The tag titles are on the line, with The Upstarts challenging The Collective. Mark Dimension is facing Krystian Krysys. We have Solla facing Silver Cena. The International title is on the line in a 3 way!! I can’t wait what other matches will be added, so let’s get this show on the road!!


CP: And here comes GM Cleverly to open proceedings!!

JC: Hello EWNCW!! Great to see a full arena here tonight!! On behalf of Rage management, I have to thank the British fans for making the British Isle tour a success!!You have been brilliant hosts, and without doubt, we can’t wait to come back to entertain you guys again!!

*crowd cheer*

JC: And we hope to see you at this coming Sunday’s ppv ‘Day of Reckoning’!! Where we will be performing in front of a sold out crowd at Wembley Stadium!!

*crowd cheer*

JC: But now onto more serious business. First of all, I must do something about a situation that has get beyond out of hand. Mark Dimension, Krystian Krysys! You 2 have been attacking each other here, there, everywhere!! And both of you are a danger to yourselves and each other!! Now its obvious that you have issues with each other, so I’m announcing that you will cafe each other at ‘Day of Reckoning’ in an unsanctioned match!!

*crowd pop big*

JC: But, I must add that EWNCW cannot and will not take any responsibility for any injuries. But until then, I’m issuing a restraining order on both of you!! If either of you get involved with each other physically between now and ‘Day of Reckoning’, then you will BOTH will be suspended, and you will BOTH miss our big ppv, ‘Destiny’s Calling’.

*mixed reaction from the crowd*

JC: And now on to another issue. The EWNCW World Heavyweight title. We have 2 guys parading around here claiming to be the champion, and I’m not happy about it. So to resolve the matter once and for all, this Sunday at ‘Day of Reckoning’, I’m booking Gillz to face Tommy Thunder, and the winner will be crowned the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion. In the meantime though, tonight’s main event will have Tommy Thunder taking on Silver Cena!! So this Sunday...


CP: Well here comes one of our champions, Gillz. He seems to have taken exeption to what GM Cleverly had to say, and he’s coming out there to voice his opinion. Let’s see what he has to say.

G: Now hold on a minute Cleverly
You’re forgetting one key point in what you’re saying
I am the champion, which means i get say in who faces me and when
Cleverly you haven’t been the greatest when it comes to me and who I face
so I’m gonna make a recommendation for your benefit
The only person that even remotely deserves a shot at me and this title
is Solla, not Cena or that bitch Thunder,
He can claim he’s champion all he wants but I was the one that won the match
And I am the one it is and will remain champion
Now if you wanna stay on my good side Cleverly you will scrap that match with Thunder now
or are things between me and you going to get personal

*grabs Cleverly by the scruff of the neck*

G: What’s it gonna be little man?


TT: Hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY!! Slow down there buddy, you seem to be getting all flustered there. You need to relax a bit, loosen up!! I think that match is GREAT!! The one thing that Mr John Cleverly has done that I agree with!! FINALLY I can get in the ring with Gillz and kick his ass!!

*crowd cheer*

TT: You think Solla deserves a shot? The only shot he deserves is a shot to sedate him!!

*crowd laugh*

TT: But seriously, I’ve kicked that guy’s ass so many times, I’ve lost count. I beat him in the first ever Hell in a Cell match in EWNCW. And I also beat him for the EWNCW title at ‘In Violent we Trust’. So if anything, he should be at the back of the queue for a title shot.

*crowd cheer*

TT: As for Cena, well he has a chance to prove himself this Sunday against ‘the Albino Hippo’, so he’s getting there to the front of the line, but he’s not quite there yet. But if you want to be known as the champion Gillz? You want to be known as the REAL EWNCW champion? You NEED to beat me. So I suggest that you accept this match, stop being a crybaby, and go and find your balls, so that when we meet in the ring on Sunday, I can shove ‘em up your ass! So when you shit, you shit all over your balls!!

*crowd pop big. Gills stares at Thunder with a scowl on his face as Thunder who has a wide grin on his face. After a few moments, Gillz goes for Thunder, but he manages to get out of the ring in time.

CP: Wow!! A huge match set up there by John Cleverly for ‘Day of Reckoning’, and also, a blockbuster main event tonight!!

Bod: That’s right Chris. We finally get to resolve this situation, Gillz vs Thunder in the main event this Sunday! Only on will prevail as champion!!

Tommy Thunder
09-12-2011, 06:31 PM
CP: We’re back from the break here and we’re still digesting that huge match set up for Sunday!! I for one can’t wait for Thunder vs Gillz!!


CP: And here comes Ryan Wells!! He’s been in EWNCW for 2 weeks now, and he hasn’t been stopped yet!!

Bod: That’s right. He’s on a roll, but I’m yet to see something that makes him special. Until I’ve seen that, he won’t convince me.

RW: Ok, so as most of you have noticed, the past 2 weeks, I've been stuck in matches with 2, shall I say...weaker opponents. Now people all around are praising me for my size, viciousness, and dominance, which is all to be expected. Also, you know, you, the fans, the support you give me also helps and I can't thank you all enough. But tonight I am a little angry and I deserve to be I think.

2 jobbers, 2 lower-mid carders, 2 wrestlers in no title picture, and that is who I have to face. As all of you saw, I destroyed them completely and quickly, as much as I like a win, I like a win against an opponent who will give me a hard time and make me show all my skills to beat, or at least a semi-decent wrestler, which is a major improvement from the opponents I already did face.

So I am asking you, no...I am DEMANDING that I get a better opponent tonight, or the EWNCW management will have a lot more then a championship debacle to deal with, they'll have a 6'7", 298 lbs angry giant to deal with too!

CP: Some big bold words there from Ryan Wells and...


Bod: Oh no...
Bod:Tell me that isn’t who I think it is...

CP: Sorry to disappoint Bodom, but that is indeed ‘Red Hot’ Istvan Gretsky!! And it looks like he has something to say to Ryan Wells!!

Istvan Gretzky: Jak siemasz! My Name 'a Istvan, Istvan Gretzky... But all you of should be knowing of this by these times in present. I am interrupted this Rodney Well to let Kurwa know manage have asked if Istvan mind break him with vascular arms made from falling star, Kurwa!

*poses, kisses biceps, and continues.*

IG: In a my country you people know I take piss in well of the village, just to be pissing off the whole village and see if men will fight me. Well, Well, this is consideration of Istvan pissing in Well to make for fighting with Istvan. Dare make fighting with Istvan, Kurwa, dare make fighting with man with VASCULAR ARMS MADE FROM FALLEN STAR, KURWA! Dare make fighting with strongest of alls, Istvan Gretsky, Kurwa! Istvan make American journey for competitionist and make breakings of bones of ECWN children to make kielbasa with guts and blood. Istvan make American journey to leave trail of guts and eyeball and rib bones, Kurwa.. I, Istvan Gretzky have making challengings to Well in village, Kurwa. Rodney Well, I am pissing with you to see if you making fights with Istvan. Istvan prepare for answer from village Well... This is Do Widzenia for now but remember name of "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky.... He is coming soon, kurwa. Will Rodney be readys?

Bod: What the hell did that man just say? Something about pissing in a well?!

CP: Well I think Istvan Gretzky has just issued a challenge to Wells here...

*Wells looks outraged, but a smile creeps across his face*

RW: Alright hotshot, get your foreign ass in the ring here and let’s do this right here right now!!

CP: Wow! And it seems we have a match here folks!!

Bod: Damn, I hope Wells gives me a reason to like him right here!!

Ryan Wells/Brock Lesner vs Ivan/A-Train


CP: And Wells does it!! How do you like him now after he beat ‘Red Hot’ there?

Bod: Ironically, I like him a lot more Chris. He’s not letting some idiot like Gretzky get in his way, and that’s the way to do it!!
__________________________________________________ ________________

CP: We are back live and its time to hear from the candy man.


*Candy Man comes down the Ramp theres no ice cream van today*

Candy: nyron ..I’m saying this to you now so everyone can hear it and u and my fans can understand why I left..I didn’t mean to cause as much harm as i did but there was no money around at the time I had to go..i had to get out while i still could ...u were dragging me down and ur mother was a two faced fukin hore how couldn't give a fuck about anything other than men...I had to leave and make money for the future for your future for our future..nyron I’m sorry ..I did what was best for us

*Candy Man puts the Mic down and heads to the Back we see Nyron Backstage starring ferociously at the Screen*

CP: well Bods I certainly hope that Nyron takes notice of this I mean we don’t really want to see a father and Son go at it

Bod: Well I do Chris. Candy Man is in an Idiot and an Asshole and I hope Nyron beats the Shit out of him Sunday at the PPV.

CP: Well certainly everyone has their own view on this one and whether I like it or not I guess we will see it at Day of Reckoning folks.

Tommy Thunder
09-12-2011, 06:35 PM
*we return to see Damien Bloodstone and Grind Bastard and TJ Rage waiting in the ring. King Strem is suited up at ringside joining the commentary table.

CP: We’re now going to see an Ignition division exhibition match. This Sunday, we’re going to see King Strem defend his title against title against the 3 guys who are in action tonight, one of which has a guaranteed shot at the title. TJ Rage of course has that Money in the Bank contract he won at ‘In Violent We Trust’, which he can cash in at any time! Grind Bastard and Damien Bloodstone are the other 2 in triple threat action with Rage!! And King’s here with us tonight!

KS: That’s right. But let me tell you this Pentalion; I may have 3 guys against me this Sunday, but I’m a King. If I say I don’t loose, then I don’t loose.

Bod: Well I certainly don’t see you loosing on Sunday. I mean let’s be serious, none of the 3 guys here are serious contenders.

Grind Bastard/Batista vs Daymian Bloodstone/Jeff Hardy vs TJ Rage/Elijah Burke


CP: And the crazy Grind Bastard has done it!! Any thoughts on that King?!

KS: That man is crazy. He thinks he’s so great here in EWNCW. He’s nothing. He doesn’t deserve to win this title!!

*King Strem rips off his headset and makes his way into the ring with the Ignition title where Grind is celebrating*

Bod: You had to make him mad didn’t you Pentalion!!

*Grind is on a turnbuckle posing to the fans. King Strem waits behind him with the title ready. After Grind dismounts the turnbuckle, Strem charges and drills Grind in the head, before posing over his body with the title*

CP: Good Lord!! Strem just floored Grind Bastard there!!

Bod: HA!! No more than that crazy little worm deserves!! He thinks he can take the title from Strem? I think not!!

Tommy Thunder
09-12-2011, 06:41 PM
CP: We’re back here folks! Dublin Ireland is buzzing here tonight!! What a great host city they’ve been for us here!


CP: Rich Cranium is in the house folks!! The former Tag team champion lost the titles thanks to Primus Khan, but Rich got some payback when he beat the life out of Khan last week!!

Bod: It wasn’t in Khan’s interest to help Cranium keep the titles. As for the attack last week, Khan was on the verge of a HUGE victory over Tommy Thunder, but he was cheated out of tht by this sour grape!!

*Rich is in ring with mic*

RC: I am here to address some facts that need to be aired. As many of you know, I've had a string of bad luck as of late. First, the team of GodMoney lost it's beloved tag team gold! I was thinking to myself, okay, it's happened before, all I gotta do is regroup, find a new partner and win those titles back!
I have a rematch clause so it's money in the bank! What happens next? I announce my plans to find a new partner but our GM decides,

*does a child like voice* 'oh no Rich, you can't just find a partner. I will find one for you.'

*Crowd laughs*

RC: And so he decides to pair me up with this guy named Primus Kahn.

*Crowd boos*

RC: The GM is a fool for doing this! I gave Kahn a chance since I really had no option and what does he do? He leaves me high and dry and costs me the chance to once again hold the EWNCW tag team titles! This folks, is the reason for my actions last week when I attacked him! To teach him a lesson and to beat some sense into him!

*Crowd cheers*

RC: Primus Kahn, I want you to bring your ass down here and explain to me the reasons for your actions and why you cost me the titles! If you have any balls, BRING THEM OUT!


CP: Well after those comments it would have been hard for Primus Khan not to come out, and here comes ‘The Alpha and the Omega’!!

Bod: This man is impressive. He’s clinical, and he’s very businesslike. Just my type of guy.


*John Cleverly appears on the tron*

JC: Hold on a just a minute there!! I make the matches around here! But I do like what you 2 have going here, so I’ll make it happen. Rich Cranium will take on Primus Khan at ‘Day of Reckoning’!!

*crowd pop*

JC: But I can’t have you two coming out here to argue like this, so tonight, we’re going to have ourselves a tag team match!! Primus Khan will team with The Collective, to take on the team of Rich Cranium and The Upstarts!! Holla!!

CP: Wow another huge match made for ‘Day of Reckoning’!! Rich Cranium taking on Primus Khan!! What do you think or that Bodom?!

Bod: Khan will beat him. He said it right there. Cranium was being carried by TBoZ back in the days of Godmoney, he can’t cut it as a singles guy, and Khan will take him to school.

CP: Ok. Well join us after the break for this 3 vs 3 tag team match!!
__________________________________________________ ____________
*The Collective and The Upstarts are out and the match is ready to get under way*

CP: Welcome back folks, you join us just in time for this one, let’s get going!!

PK & Collective/ CM Punk, Drew McIntyre & Luke Gallows vs Rich & The Upstarts /R-Truth, Matt Hardy & John Morrison


CP: And Primus Khan did it!! He got the win for his team!!

Bod: I told you Chris, that man is a real talent!!

CP: I wonder what will transpire at ‘Day of Reckoning’? The Upstarts against the Collective, and Rich Cranium vs Primus Khan. 2 big matches!! Stay tuned for more folks!!

Tommy Thunder
09-12-2011, 06:52 PM
*We Cut Backstage to see Krysys and MD*

KK: 3 Stages of Hell! Just the match to end you!

*Gets in Dimension's face*

KK: I promise I will make you bleed!

MD:The 3 Stages Of Hell Is no Ordinary Match I'm Gonna Kill You in the squared circle and no I don't mean hurt you
No I Don't mean just have you in Pain
I'm Goin in For The Kill On Krystian Krysys
Some Might Say hmm MD really got Krysys noticed put him on da map to WATCH!
Well Watching Stops Now as I Will rip The Heart out of the body that holds your soul
And let you see yourself as your spirit rises and say Damn Ii should of Never been in The way of a Dimension
Exterminate I will,kill on site

(Steps right back in krysys fae)
(Yells out “you don't want to really your scared this all a frontHands off me damn it you don't want this!”
starts fighting security krysys jumps over and more security get in the way krysys just snapped an arm of head of security trying to speak to him MD and krysys are being pinned down and dragged away)

(MD Runs back down the hallway with a guard holding on to his leg *Stop,Stop it guys Krysys isn't backing down)
We will See Who Wins You Watch Now Krysys You Just WATCH

*guard says please stop*

MD:Shut up (and walks away)

KK Yea! Walk away you little bitch! Enjoy your time being undefeated, at Day of Reckoning I will end your f***ing streak!

*Guards hold back Krysys as he tries to get to Dimension*

KK: Let me go you assholes! I just wanna hit him once!

Guard: No Krysys, we got orders to keep you two seperated!

KK: Screw that! Dimension get back here

Bods: well I cant wait to see these two go at Day of Reckoning this is certainly one of the Hottest feuds at the Moment

CP: Couldn’t be more Right Bodom

Bods: I am always right!
__________________________________________________ _____________________


CP: We welcome you back as ‘The Great Pharaoh’ Seth Ferrell makes his way out here. I wonder what he has on his mind?

Bod: Isn’t it obvious? He has Billy McCoy’s International title on his mind!!

SF: You know, I think you people have had to put up with an unworthy champion representing you long enough I'd say. He doesn't deserve the title he carries. The title he sullies! That title loses its esteemed history the longer he holds it. TJ Hawks, Tommy Thunder, and Billy McCoy. *sings* Which one of these things is not like the other! I am a Pharaoh. I deserve gold at all times NOT JUST THE INTERNATIONAL TITLE. Every title. McCoy it's true, has some skill. But I am a superior athlete. I am superior to McCoy, I am superior to the entire International Title Legacy, and I am superior to you peasants. But fret not my dear peasants, and you too McCoy, because you will all get to bask in my spectacle. You've cheated, you've given me the runaround. Day of Reckoning couldn't be a more fitting title for you McCoy.


CP: Well look who it is...

Bod: Don’t you dare disrespect this man Pentalion!!

Bam: Now here me when I say Ferrell, I respect you. I would even hazard saying I like you in some ways. But understand one thing. The International title has MY name on it. ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam!! This great man here

*points to Flair*

Bam: Has been schooling me, and helping me hone my skills over the past month or so, and now I’m ready to have some gold around my waist. And that’s going to happen this Sunday at ‘Day of Reckoning’!!


CP: And here comes the International champion!!

Bod: Shut up Pentalion!! This man is as bland as they get. He’s not worthy of a title as prestigious as that one!!

BM: I Feel like I am watching an Inferno re-run!! Because you know there is Seth Farrell saying he should have a shot Bam saying he should have a shot and Billy McCoy saying that Better is Bigger and the fans, the good fans in Dublin Tonight just want the talking to stop and the Ass Whipping to begin!!! All in good time one thing I have to do first
…Dublin Ireland…

*Crowed Roars*

BM: WE ARE LIVE ALL AROUND THE WORLD and your International Champion is going to head in to EWNCW Day of Reckoning and face 2 men The Japanese Dragon BAM and Seth The Pharaoh Farrell now you 2 punks have been running around disrespecting Me, This Title and These People!! And what makes you think either of you deserve a shot at this title in order to even get a shot at this title I beat the Albino Rhino in a Scaffold Match you two have had an easy ride thus far but that’s going to chance because in the packed out Wembley Stadium at Day of Reckoning I will show you what it takes to be a true Champion

*Ric Flair snatches a mic from Bam*

Ric Flair: Stand back boy, I’ll take this one!! What!?! McCoy! What did you say!?! Don't look at me like that!! Are you disrespecting me!?! I think you are! Don't you talk to me like that! Don't you know who I am!?! I am GOD! You can't talk to GOD like that! You are not worthy to hold that title! In fact, you should be stripped of your title and it should be handed to a REAL athlete such as BAM!! Hell, I bet Ferrell would whoop your ass! You know what!?! I want to fight you right now! Let’s go right now! You and me, one on one!

BM: Ok, you're on...... Old man!!

*Flair is outraged and clearly worked up as Bam struggles to hold him back*

CP: Wow!! Flair is really lost it here...

Bod: NO PENTALION!! Flair is a wrestling God!! And he just got disrespected by a young nobody!! Why should he stand for that?!

CP: Well come back after the break to see how this one plays out folks!!

Tommy Thunder
09-12-2011, 06:56 PM
CP: We're back here folks to see Ric Flair ready to take on Billy McCoy!! Can't wait for...

Bod: This is going to be great!! Ric Flair is the best ever in this business!! He's taking this kid to school here!!

McCoy/Beniot vs Ric Flair/Ric Flair


CP: What a match, and McCoy does it!! What about that Bodom?!

Bod: This match never happened....

CP: *sigh* Well McCoy gets some momentum going into Sunday. Ferrell and Bam will be there waiting for him, Flair is banned from ringside remember. It should be a great one!!

Tommy Thunder
09-12-2011, 07:00 PM
CP: We’re back here folks and it’s main event time!!


CP: And here comes the ‘Rapping Hyena’!!

Bod: You mean the ‘RAPING Hyena’!! Haha!!

CP: Bodom! There are kids watching!!

Bod: Hey, Thunder said it, not me!!


CP: And now here is Thunder. He takes on Gillz this Sunday so that we can finally find out who the real champion is!!

Bod: I don’t know who wins on Sunday Chris, but this one tonight, is a Thunder win!!

CP: Well let’s find out!!

Thunder/Eddie Guerrero vs SilverCena/Chris Jericho



CP: And Thunder does it!! Thunder wins and gets the momentum builder!!

Bod: A great match, but Thunder was too good in the end!!

*Thunder extends his hand to Cena to pick him up. Cena takes it and they shake hands. Suddenly, Gillz and Solla come through the crowd and attack both competitors.
After taking Thunder out of the ring, they double team Cena in the corner.
After some beating, Thunder comes back in with a chair to run both out.*

CP: Damn!! Those 2 came out of nowhere there!! A brutal attack on both, especially Cena there. But Thunder with the steel chair was enough to force them out of the ring!!

Bod: Those 2 wanted to send a message, simple as that, and that’s the best way to do it!!

CP: You can’t seriously be congratulating them on this attack?!

I don’t joke Chris. Look, this is my serious face.

CP: Ok. Whatever!! We’ve had a great Rage tonight folks!! Remember to tune in to Thursday night Inferno when we will be live from the CIA arena in Cardiff Wales!! And of course, join us on Sunday when we’ll be at a sold out Wembley Stadium for ‘Day of Reckoning’!! But thank you for joining us tonight folks!! Goodnight!!

09-19-2011, 02:34 PM
Warning Rage is still going to be awhile just going to post the EWNCW Awards 1st Nominations so u can all look at them they are coming next

09-19-2011, 02:35 PM
There will be 4 nominees in each catogory here is this weeks

EWNCW Superstar of the Year

EWNCW Tag Team of the Year
The Force of Greatness
EWNCW Show of the Year

EWNCW PPV of the Year
In Violence We Trust

EWNCW Promo Man of the Year
Tommy Thunder

EWNCW Moment of the Year
Tommy Thunder leaves with both Titles

EWNCW Newcomer of the Year

09-19-2011, 05:32 PM
This is the most awesome filler ever
RAGE is Next!

09-19-2011, 05:38 PM
*The Camera comes up to see Nathen Staples and John Cleverly in the ring*

Cleverly: Ladies and Gentlemam welcome to the Best E Fed show in history the always exciting Monday Night Rage and joining me at this time the Man that guides the rubber dingie that is Inferno Nathen Staples

*Staples looks alittle annoyed at Cleverly*


Staples: Yea um and we are here together for one reason. The reason being that on October 30th EWNCW Presents Destiny’s calling live on PPV and that will be the Biggest show of EWNCW’s Year and only one man will get the Chance to challenge for the EWNCW Championship and face the New Champion Gillz *Crowed boos*

Cleverly: and unlike some companies we are going to give everyone the chance because that is what this is, the Land of Opportunity! So Tonight The King of The Cage Tournament begins the way it works is if you loose your out simple as that who ever wins this tournament will have to go undefeated until the PPV in a few weeks we will be down to just two men they will meet in a Steel Cage Match to decide the No.1 Contender

Cleverly: unfortunately we cant have the whole tournament on Rage where it would be awesome some of the Matches will be on the Thursday night Bore fest Inferno as well

Staples: Hey Jackass you got a problem with me why not just come out and say it cos I will tell you this Inferno has been the Flagship show of this company and it built this company so idiots like you could come in and earn a living and Inferno is always great every single week

*Staples backs Cleverly into the corner*

and while I am on it you screwed this company more than anyone else you let stars walk out all because your selfish so you got anything to say

*Cleverly low blows Staples as the crowed boos in disgust*

Cleverly: I don’t talk I act moron!


CP: Well Fireworks kicking of Rage in more ways than one we are in Anaheim California alongside me is Legendary EWNCW Star Bodom and bods right off the bat gotta get your thoughts on what was just announced the King of the Cage Tournament

Bods: I Love it I mean everyone is involved the whole damn roster surely we will find a winner who doesn’t irritate me.

CP: and I just got word that backstage John Cleverly challenged Nathen Staples to a match tonight!!!

Bods: well things got personal between the two let em fight that’s what I say.

CP: well bods the King of the Cage Tournament going to start right now! Its Ignition Champion King Strem in action


CP: The Ignition Champion King Stream Kicks off the Tourney off the back of another successful Title Defence

Bods: I would bet my house on the king going threw look who is facing

*Silverasstool makes his way to the ring*

King Stream/Sheamus vs Silverasstool/Goldust


CP: Silverasstool brought is game tonight but king Strem just too good for him

Bods: I still own my house and King Strem could go far in the competition

09-19-2011, 05:41 PM
Part 2
Dick Thompson: Dick Thompson here standing by with The EWNCW Undisputed World Champion Gillz, so Congratulations to you sir...

DT: So have you anything you'd like to say to the man you beat last night Tommy Thunder?

Gillz: Tommy, I did exactly what i said i would do
come out and become undisputed champion
Ive proven everyone wrong, now theres no doubt that i am the best

DT: So Earlier tonight Cleverly and Staples announced the King of the Cage Tournament to find your challenger for the PPV, You Thoughts on that?

Gillz:It doesnt matter who wins the thing
ill beat him and still be champion for some time to come

DT: Well Gillz Thanks for your time.



*Mitchell O’Connor is making his way to the Ring while The Surgeon General waits in the Ring with a Blood thrisy smile on his face*

CP: The King of the Cage Tournament continues with two men who last night were both involved in the Tag Titles Match at Day of Reckoning now that was an epic match Bods it will be intresting to see the condition of Both men

Bods: Would you just stop talking Chris lets get some action underway

RVD/Mitchell O’Connor vs Lance Storm/The Surgeon General


CP: and Mitchell O’Connor advances he got the better of the Surgeon General there

Bods: Well I am surprised at that The Surgeon General one half of the Tag Champs got upset by some guy who two months ago was sucking off Ric Flair

CP: Oh My god that’s outrageous, sorry if your offended folks

Bods: oh stop crying pentallion

EWNCW AWARDS is on October 29th and EWNCWs Biggest PPV ever Destiny’s Calling


CP: Welcome Back to Rage and up next some more action in the King of the Cage Tournament! And here comes Krystian Krysys and he must be Pissed off at William Carlin for what he did last night


CP: This Beast has been tearing up EWNCW since arriving!

Bods: he has talked a lot about pissing in Wells so he is my kinda guy

Krystian Krysys/Brock Lesner vs Ivan Gretsky/Mark Henry


CP: Krysys does it what a showing by the saint

*Krysys calls for the Mic*

*Grabs a mic and looks down at Gretsky*

KK: Carlin! You son of a bitch! You just got here and you decided to that you would intervene in the biggest most personal feud here in EWNCW! You ruined everything! Because of you I lost my chance at Vengeance! Because of you the world still fears Dimension as a God! Carlin, listen to my words carefully, I promise, no I swear that I will make you pay! What I did to Gretsky is nothing compared to what I will do to you!

*Referees come in a back Krysys up*

KK: Carlin, keep your guard up, because I am coming, and you will not survive The Saint!

09-19-2011, 05:45 PM
Part 3

*John Cleverly is sat in his office on the Phone*

Cleverly: How dare Staples come onto my show and disrespect me like that well he is going to pay, get word to him that he needs to find two partners because I’ve just changed our match for tonight to a Six man tag

*Pauses for a second*

My Partners… The World Champion Gillz and Seth The Pharaoh Farrell

*Evil Smirk for Cleverly*

Solla is seen shouting at the collective in the locker room everytime the Camera comes closer the door slams and the Cameraman all we hear is "You'd better god damn Win Howdy"


CP: Back on Rage and some more action in the King of the Cage Tourney and trust me we are just getting going.

Bods: Yea Chris you don’t just win a no.1 contenders match and Challenge for the World Title (:P Inside joke)


CP: and Captain Howdy got to be feeling the Pressure after that dressing down from Solla earlier.


Bods: Here come Mark Dimensions this man Undefeated so if Captain Howdy is to keep Solla happy he has one hell of a task.

CP: Don’t count out Howdy for one second this man is a Tag Champ and is certainly and unhinged competitor

Captain Howdy/ Chris Jericho vs Mark Dimensions/Batista


CP: and MD wins but what a Back and forth and match. Solla should be proud of Howdy there these two men put on one hell of a Show tonight

Bods: oh what a shame Solla doesn’t care about Pride Idiot!

CP: Wait are you hearing this Bods Tonight in the King of The Cage Tourney SilverCena In action against what could not be a more Credable Opponent Ignition Sensation and The Pint Size Rocker Daymian Bloodstone

09-19-2011, 05:50 PM
Part 4

Nyron is sat in the Locker Room Taping his fists, Candy Man approaches

Candy Man: Look Nyron, Last Night you got what you wanted you beat the shit out of me and i dont give fuck ok whats done is done i just want us to move on

Nyron ignores Candy Man and continues taping his fists

CM: Cant you see what Russo is doing he doesn't give two fucks about you just let me apologise

Nyron gets up and leaves the Locker Room


CP: Its Rich Cranium fresh off the Victory against Primus Kahn last Night Rich will be up for this one, he has the Credentials to go all the way and Challenge for the title at Destinys Calling


CP: Bods could we see an Upset here I know you’re a fan of Nyron

Bods: Yea Nyron is smash mouth style and doesn’t take no shit not like Rich The Stereotype Cranium

CP: Well somebody is still bitter after Godmoney split

Bods: Why don’t you just shut up! And let me watch Nyron destroy Cranium

Rich Cranium/Christian Cage vs Nyron/Alex Shelley


CP: Rich Cranium advances in a tough bout against the up and comer Nyron!

*Nathen Staples is in the back heading for a limousine*

Staples: Screw Cleverly Screw his main event I am going I am done with this hell hole!

*Tommy Thunder appears*

TT: Nathan, Where you going man, you got a Six man tag tonight

Staples: Screw it man I am so fucking pissed off

TT: I know Cleverly is an Asswhipe but all the more reason to stay and fight and no need to worry about finding a Partner because I hate cleverly and the poor decisions he has made since coming here he is no better than that jerk Nightwolf so here what I say is that Cleverly wants to cause a Hurricane I say I am the Storm Tommy Thunder and Tonight he are going to take those mugs out. We Just need a Partner

*The Two look around*

*They see Big Chief Long Schlong and T-Thunda talking with several women*

TT: Um na!

*The Camera pans back round to see Billy McCoy stood there*

BM: Whats Up?!? Anahiem California WE ARE LIVE ALL AROUND THE WORLD and Tonight Seth Farrell, Gillz & John Cleverly all learn that Bigger is Better!

09-19-2011, 05:54 PM
Part 5

CP: Welcome back to Rage and here comes SilverCena! Set for his Match in the King of the Cage Tournament


CP: Well SilverCena came up short against the Albino Rhino Solla last night on PPV lets see how he fares tonight

Bods: Don’t forget Chris SilverCena lost to solla last night

CP: That’s what I just said are you even listing to me

Bods: huh? What did you say


CP: This man also unsuccessful last night but only just this man came with in an Inch of Beating King Strem for his title

Bods: Sporting a new Entrance Theme tonight Chris!

Daymian Bloodstone/ EDGE vs SilverCena/Eddy Guerrero

CP: And SilverCena gets it done by my god Bloodstone came so close I really thought he had that one but SilverCena pulled it back and advance and Bloodstone is fustrated that he gave so much but still lost that one

Bods: Bloodstone day will come Chris!

CP: Is that a kind word from Bodom

Bods: Shut the hell up!


09-19-2011, 05:56 PM
Main Event Time!

CP: Welcome back to the Main Event of EWNCW Rage and its Time for Team Cleverly to take on Team Staples


CP: Here comes the Team of Cleverly, Seth Farrell and the Undisputed Champion Gillz

Bods: Well this looks like a Dream team right here The Pharaoh, The Champion and The Genius of EWNCW John Cleverly

CP: it’s a team full of Jerks

Bods: Keep your thrilly knickers on Pentalion


CP: Now this is a Team. The International Champion Billy McCoy, The Former Champion Tommy Thunder and the mastermind of Inferno Nathen Staples

Bods: Well it’s a team of muppets Thunder the Stupid idiot drove away two of this companies biggest stars and Billy McCoy is a Joke of an International Champion
CP: Well McCoy has had several successful defences against the best EWNCW has to offer

Nathen Staples/Booker T, Tommy Thunder/Shawn Michaels & Billy McCoy/Kevin Nash vs John Cleverly/Ric Flair, Seth Farrell/HHH & Gillz/Chris Jericho



CP: Team Cleverly wins and Seth Farrell just pinned Billy McCoy!

Bods: well after months of Fustration Farrell has finally pinned that Clown Billy McCoy

CP: That’s about all we have time for. From EWNCW and Anahiem California we wish you well and hope you’ll join us on Inferno where the King of The Cage Tournament will continue.

09-21-2011, 03:14 PM
Dick Thompson: A EWNCW Exclusive for you here a bit we missed on Rage. Well lets go back and watch what happened when Rage was off the Air its Splattered Dreams vs Seraphim and yes its in the King of the Cage Tourney


CP: Here comes Seraphim this man looks to have a very bright future ahead of him and has look very empressive since debuting before Day of Reckoing

Bods: Seraphim!?!?!?!? What does that even mean

CP: Well basically Bods it’s a Celestial bein…

Bods: Stop right there Pentallion you don’t want to bore our audience to death. However I’ll give him credit he is certainly bringing his game!

*Splatered Dreams looks angry and confused at the same time in the ring*

CP: Bods lets talk about his opponent Dreams usually not to successful but as of late he has certainly picked up the intensity


CP: And Seraphim has done it, and in impressive fashion

DT: So that’s what we missed during Rage, hope you enjoyed that match and also hope you will join us for Thursday night Inferno as the King of the Cage Tourney Continues

09-26-2011, 03:57 PM
Rage Fillers

09-26-2011, 04:05 PM
another Filler

EWNCW Double bill of Nominees in these very fillers

09-26-2011, 04:07 PM
This Weeks Nominations

EWNCW Superstar of the Year
Tommy Thunder

Join Gillz in that Category

EWNCW Tag Team of the Year

The Collective

Join The Force of Greatness

EWNCW PPV of the Year
No Guts No Glory
Threat of the Net

Joins In Violence We Trust

EWNCW Promo Man of the Year

Captain Howdy
Godmoney (couldn’t separate TBOZ & Rich)

Joins Tommy Thunder

EWNCW Moment of the Year
The Group of Raging Nobodies
The Lynyrd Skynyrd Debacle

Joins Tommy Thunder leaves with two titles

EWNCW Newcomer of the Year
Daymian Bloodstone
King Strem

Joins Krysys

Congrats to all the Nominees Monday Night Rage Follows Next

09-26-2011, 04:33 PM
EWNCW Rage 26/9/11


CP: My Name is Christopher Pentalion Welcome to Huston Texas for this episode of Monday Night Rage so much action going to go down alongside me Legendary EWNCW Star Bodom as always.

Bods: Great to be in Texas I have had some memorable moments and memorable women in this city

CP: Keep it Clean Bods

Bods: Pentalion if your not carefull I’ll make your mother one of my memorable Women


CP: The Albino Rhino Solla is in the House we saw last week on Rage Captian Howdy and The Surgeon General be eliminated from the KOTC Tourney and The Physco Circus also Elimanated looks like Solla is going to have to do it on his own

Bods: Solla is sick enough to win it on his own in the last few months look at the Roll he has been on picking up a victory of SilverCena at Day of Reckoning!

Solla: I am your Shepard of SICKNESS the Albino Rhino Solla and I am going to win the king of the cage tournament and I will do it by braking more bones and snapping more knecks than I ever have before. If you want to step up and get in my way I will take the blood from your forehead and paste across this ring because I am the greatest wrestler ever and you’d better be down with the sickness because weather you pathetic idiots like it or not I will be the next EWNCW World Champi…


CP: Mark Dimensions what the Hell does he want?!?!?!

Bods: Two of EWNCW’s biggest beasts in the ring right now Chris
(Rushes to the Ring)
(The Arena iis Rumbling
Camera Shakes

Solla Solla Solla!!!
Mistakes are Made Really Easy by So many like you
Like you and Are you
I Am What you Brag every word in the meaning I Win,
And Against Captain Howdy I Damn Welll WON!
(Gets into Solla FACE)
not only listenn, But WaTCH !
The ONLY at Work as I CaN DeFeat YOU and Win The Tourney That will Get Me The
And Respect That FoLLows Worship
Open Your Eyes Your Doing My Work
at Best Evil in the Flesh
(Bumps his chest against Solla)
I Will Win King Of The CaGe
(Throws Mic as Far as Possible into the Crowd)

(Massiive Loud Pop)
(Mark Dimension is Signaling to the crowd Louder)
Mark Di-men-sion clap clap clap clap clap
(Off camera talks to crowd I Fight But I Win They Fight and it Doesn't matter I Am ....I Am...

*Massive heat for Farrell*

CP: it doesn’t sound like the good folks in Texas wanted to see Seth Farrell

Bods: I doubt he gives a shit!

SF: Well would you look at that? Two of the biggest brutes clogging up EWNCW somehow managing to share a ring together! God what an eyesore. On one hand we have the neon dreadlocked Mark Dimension, looks like Bob Marley joined the blue man group. And on the other, the Albino Rhino, Solla. Make your own joke about full fat mayonaise. Mark Dimension, it's you who should just watch, from the back when I win the KOTC tournament. And Solla, by the time King of the Cage is over, your pride is the only thing that will be coming down with anything. A bad case of the blues. But then, I guess you already have that with MD standing right there! True class and skill will win this tournament. I will win this tournament!


CP: The Champ is in the Building, Billy McCoy and the fans are electric

BM (Motions to Seth, Solla & MD) I’ll be with you in one second. (Turns to crowed) Housten Texas WE ARE LIVE ALL AROUND THE WORLD. (Huge pop as many fans shout along with McCoy)

well seth to be quite honest I have never been so glad to see your jumped up little ass because People at home where losing the will to live. One on hand you got the Avatar Rip off, The Captian Howdy rip off & The Billy McCoy rip off that is Mark Dimensions oh did I forget Bill Goldberg. point is jackass you’re a nobody in this world and hate to break it to you but you never will be

And Solla I have been telling you since I got here that you need to start living in the real world and relise that the only time your hot shit is when you’ve eaten a dodgy Curry. And your only sick when you have the Sniffles and to be honest your just not as good as Billy McCoy gotta get over it dude

*McCoy turns to Farrell*

Seth Farrell *Sarcastic Smile* I hate you so much you’re a stuck up pompus Royal Bitch! And some point down the line I am sure I’ll kick your ass but its not gonna be at Destiny’s calling because on that night I will be facing Gillz and taking his world Title and then everybody will know that Better is Bigger

*All Four men start to squabble and talk trash*


*Cleverly comes onto the stage with a Kids version of The EWNCW Championship with the GM Spray Painted on it*

JC: Ladies and Gentleman I am not only the GM of Rage I am also the EWNCW GM Champion!!

*Crowed Boos*

but down to business all four of you are yet booked in a King of the Cage Tournament match here tonight so I have just had a Crazy thought Tonight its going to be Mark Dimensions and Solla vs Seth Farrell and The International Champion Billy McCoy

CP: What the hell, What a Main Event The Undefeated Mark Dimensions teaming with The Albino Rhino the Shepherd of Sickness Solla vs The outspoken Seth The Pharaoh Farrell and the Technically gifted International Champion Billy McCoy

Bods: Damn Cleverly why lumber my fave Seth Farrell with that idiot Billy McCoy

09-26-2011, 04:39 PM

CP: Time to find out who is going to Destiny’s Calling as the King of the Cage Tourney Continues this of coarse all heading to the Terrifying Steel Cage!!

Bods: Here comes Seraphim this dude has impressed me Chris this is guy that goes out there and gets the Job done I mean look at Day of Reckoning

CP: Seraphim certainly very talented weather you like him and his god damn voices or not


CP: Time and time again we use the words Insane, outlandish and monster to describe Grind Bastard

Bods: Grind Bastard os odd why the hell is he wearing a gimp mask I should call him gimp bastard

*Grind Bastard looks toward commentary*

CP: I think he heard you Bodom

*Bodom leans back and points with his index finger at Pentalion*

Grind/ Ezekiel Jackson vs Seraphim/ Jeff Hardy


CP: and Seraphim has done it this man has impressed everyone so far how far can he go in the Tournament

09-26-2011, 04:42 PM
Part 3

Jordan1995 aka Candy man makes his way down the ramp with no music playing he calls for the Mic and gets in the ring

Jordan1995:Russo this is no longer the candy man your speaking to this is Jordan1995 and believe me you have made this war personal because on the forums around here your bullshit and ignorance pisses me off your lack of respect shows in your posts and what im going to do to you will keep all others happy and at destiny s calling a life lesson is going to be taught to you....dont piss off the wrong guy !!!!!!!!


CP: and here comes Russo Swerve god this guys a dick

Bods: Some might call it Entertaining

Russo Swerve: So you change your name and now you think your hot shit huh??? I have been gone for a few weeks and I have been itchin to come back and kick your punk ass. So yes I accept your challange pee wee. But first I wanna get something off my chest I absolutley hate you I hate your family I hate your pets I hate your stupid fans.When you die im gonna piss on your grave. And when I face you im gonna try my best to cripple you im gonna make sure the only way you can eat is through a straw. Im gonna beat and batter you. Then im gonna let nyron finish you off. Call me sick call me psycho I dont give a damn what nobody says cause im all about me.

CP: Oh my god what a personal attack there was no need for that

Bods: I Thought it was quite funny actually

CP: Regardless it goes down at Destiny’s Calling two of this Forums biggest enemies Russo Swerve vs Jordan1995 go at it on October 30th at Destiny’s calling



CP: Welcome back to Rage and time to see the King of the Cage Tourney to continue its Legend Rich Cranium going head to head with the Intense Rookie Ryan Wells can Wells make himself a Star Tonight


Bods: This is a Big dude right here!

CP: Certainly Ryan Wells a Man with endless credentials hang on a minute looks like Wells is heading for the Mic

Hello everyone! Tonight is a great night indeed, I mean, come on, I'm in (insert city name)! It can't get any better then that, can it?!

Wells: Tonight I face Rich Cranium, who is by far, a legend. Do not get me wrong, a great wrestler is exactly what he is, there is no denying that. But there is one thing I know I'm right about, that I am a better wrestler then him. I can defeat him and that is exactly what is going to happen tonight. He hurt an even bigger legend, TBOZ. And that isn't cool by any means. I'm gonna destroy you and show everyone that you may think you have what it takes as a singles wrestler, but you really don't, you got carried by TBOZ the whole time in GodMoney, and you are nothing without him.

I promise to everyone here, these great fans, who you betrayed for your own selfish ways and your ego, that I will destroy you tonight and will put you in the place, in the ground, 6 feet under. I will win this King of the Cage tournament and finally have the chance to win the championship I deserve and give the great fans of EWNCW what they deserve, a great champion!

I will take out everyone in my way, and tonight, YOU ARE IN MY WAY!!!!

Rich Cranium/Eddy Guerrero vs Ryan Wells/Rhyno


CP: Cranium does it his experience shone through there, I tell you this Ryan Wells is going to be World Champion one day he is awesome

Bods: Well certainly EWNCW has the best Young talent in the world

CP: its the land of oppertunity

09-26-2011, 04:44 PM
Part 4


*Daymian slowly walked to the ring*

DB: Last Thursday I expressed my thoughts on how I've been treated since debuting in EWNCW. It has been four days and guess what?

*Crowd yells what*

DB: They haven't said a thing to me. The brass in the back have their heads so far up their asses they can't see good talent if it kicked them in the face.

*Crowd cheers*

DB: They continue you to push the same people like Thunder, Gillz, MD, that idiot Kingstrem and Seth. Makes me think some of them may be rubbing the brass a certain way to get what they want.

*Crowd laughs*

DB: Shut your mouths! You are no better, you're sheep who cheer for who ever they tell you to. You have no minds of your own. You are all pathetic waste of space. This promotion has turned into a monarchy ruled by the ones on top. Well I am sick of it! You all look down upon me and treat me like dog crap. I can beat anyone in this promotion and they know it. That's why they are keeping me down. Unlike the rest of you pawns who follow these idiots, I have my own mind and will not bow to the likes of Thunder and Gillz. I am taking control of my fate and I'll do it with my knuckles it I have to. Everyone in the back including the brass has been put on notice. Either you start showing me some respect of I'll beat it out of every single one of you. You've been warned.

CP: Shortly the EWNCW World Champion Gillz will be joining us on Commentary infact here he is now Hello Mr Gillz

Gillz: Hey there you two, just here to do a little scouting

Bodom: hey Champ!

CP: So Gillz gotta get your thoughts on the King of The Cage Tourney some big names left in

Gillz: Chris you know it doesnt matter whos left, in the end ill be the champion because i am the best in this business and will be for long time. now shut up and call the match

CP: Well up next it’s the Upstarts facing off against each other

The Heartbreaker/Robert Roode vs Mitchell O’Connor/Kazarian

Watch till 9;30

CP: and The Heartbreaker has done it

Gillz: Why yes he has but he hasnt proved anything, but im about to prove a point.

CP: What where are you going?

*Gillz leaves the Announce Table heads down to the ring and nails The Heartbreaker with the title and then hitting him with several vicous shots to the head*

CP: My god Gillz has sent a message here tonight I don’t think he is going to care who wins this man has stepped it up since becoming champ and now I cant think of anyone better out there in E-Fed

09-26-2011, 04:47 PM
Part 6


Captain Howdy: Well well well, here we are again. In OUR world! And by our world I don't mean me & you, I mean the Collective's world. When I got here I had to rid myself of a little problem, who's name we won't mention. (Crowd chants ANDY ANDY...) Shut the hell up! Now once the Albino Rhino Solla & my good friend Surge here introduced me to the sickness I began to see things a little more clearly. From then on out SG & myself have been terrorizing the tag division here in EWNCW. Any & everyone that has arisen has been annihilated and there is NO disputing that. But there was one little problem standing in the way of our quest, GodMoney. All we've heard since we began our journey to the top is how great these pricks are. Well they may have avoided us for a while but on August 29, 2011 THE MOST DOMINANT reign in wrestling history began! That's right, the Surgeon General & myself 'collected' the EWNCW tag team titles. As you now see, things are changing around here. The Collective backs down from no challengers. Everyone who wants a shot gets a shot! See we are about to unveil a path of destruction, the likes of which have never been seen before. The Upstarts got their chance & we made waste of them. Who's going to be next to step up? Huh, who??? Just fair warning to the tag teams here, unless you're prepared to be sent to Hell, don't try us. We're busting skulls, breaking necks, snapping limbs, & carving flesh! If you don't believe me, step up. We will make your head into a canoe & row it through a river of your spilled blood with your spine as a paddle! Nobody can stop us, NOBODY. We are beginning a reign of terror mankind has never seen before & there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it! Right SG?

Surgeon General: Si, Senor Howdy. There are no limit to what we can do! Heads will roll, blood will flow. No se puede evitar el dolor!

CP: Strong words from the Tag Champs


CP: Wait what is this?

Bods: Looks like we are going to see The Sky High Bastards going head to head with the Champs right now

The Collective/Matt Morgan & Hernandez vs The Sky High Bastards/ The British Invasion



CP: And a Dominant performance by the champs here tonight

Bods: Who is going to step up and take on the champs cos right now they look unbeatable

CP: True

09-26-2011, 04:49 PM
Part 7


CP: here comes the Rapping Hyena SilverCena and he is starting to get ahead of Steam in this King of the Cage Tournament a Tournament that continues next

Bods: god SilverCena is an Idiot!

CP: He is entertaining.

Bods: Whatever!


Krysys/Chris Jericho vs SilverCena/John Cena


CP: And SilverCena gets the sneak win but a what a match between these two ring warriors how close did Krysys come to winning that one!

Bods: it was a close one and Krysys should have won but the experience of SilverCena did him good and he gets another victory as the Cage match edges ever closer

*Krysys is sat dejected in the ring realising how close he just came when William Carlin jumps the rail and nails Krysys with a Beer Bottle*

CP: What the hell where did Carlin come from he just smashed that beer bottle over the head of Krysys

Bods: what a waste of Beer!!

09-26-2011, 04:53 PM
Part 8

CP: The Ignition Champion King Strem, he will be up for this one bods. A chance to prove himself against a Wrestling god


Bods: Chilling it’s the Naitch, this man fights has hard has he parties

CP: You party with Flair?
Bods: of course I do Pentalion who do you party with Dick Thompson

CP: Well…

Bods: I don’t care! Its King of the Cage Time

King Strem/ Chris Jericho vs Ric Flair/ you get the jist


CP: And the Ignition Champion does it man both men tried some dirty tricks but Strem had the better trick done and won the match

CP: The King of the Cage continues Time to see if Flairs Protégé can fair any better, here’s Bam


CP: here he is and can you feel that electricity the fan favourite the outspoken storm Tommy Thunder

Bods: Come on Bam got to get this one done buddy

Tommy Thunder/Mr Kennedy vs BAM/ Jeff Hardy


Bods: Damn it Bam

CP: hahaha Tommy Thunder advance Folks can he get his shot at Gillz at Destiny’s calling

09-26-2011, 04:57 PM
Part 9

Main Event


CP: This man never fails to put on great matches really doing the company a great service representing us as International Champion defending the title all around the world in places Such as India Africa Spain and Australia

Bods: This man is mug we all know Seth Farrell should be champion right now


Bods: Know this man would be a Great Champion Seth Farrell what a Role model he’d be to our children I am so proud of him *Bodom gets up and starts Clapping*

CP: Sit down Bodom


CP: Here comes Solla this man was just seething after the comments of not just his opponents but also his tag Partner


Bods: Mark Dimensions is on his way to the ring and in EWNCW near one year history have we ever seen such a threatening Tag Team

CP: Certainly a lot of Power in this team

Billy McCoy/Shawn Michaels & Seth Farrell/ John Cena vs Mark Dimensions/Batista & Solla/ Undertaker




CP: Billy and Seth have done bods

Bods: I Think you mean Seth did it

CP: what about Dimensions after Solla was pinned Dimensions flipped out and nailed Solla with a brutal shot

Bods: I Hope dimensions knows what he is getting himself into

*Billy McCoy and Seth Farrell stare each other down you can see seth mouth “this tournament is mine” McCoy shakes his head *

CP: That Ladies and Gentleman is all we have time for on this Monday Night Rage and we hope you join us on Thursday Night Inferno where the King of the Cage Tournament comes towards the crucial Stages, Billy and Seth both on form here tonight

10-03-2011, 07:09 PM
This is filler, and announcing that net will have the final nominees for EWNCW awards!

10-03-2011, 07:11 PM
EWNCW Superstar of the Year

EWNCW Tag Team of the Year
The Upstarts
EWNCW Show of the Year

EWNCW PPV of the Year
Bred for Combat

EWNCW Promo Man of the Year
Seth Farrell

EWNCW Moment of the Year
Solla ends TJ Hawkes’ career

EWNCW Newcomer of the Year
Ryan Wells

That your final nominations congrats to everyone nominated

EWNCW Awards with have its own thread soon and the Polls will open after next weeks Rage and will be done by PM to keep it secret they will stay open for 2 weeks.

Good luck to all

RAGE is next!

Tommy Thunder
10-03-2011, 07:27 PM

CP: We are less than 4 weeks away from our biggest ppv of the year, ‘Destiny’s Calling’, and we are gearing up here tonight for another episode of Monday night Rage, live from Phoenix Arizona!! We have 3 matches already announced for tonight. We will find out which 2 superstars will advance to the final of out no.1 contender tournament. God’s golden son Rich Cranium will take on the outspoken Tommy Thunder in our opener tonight, and Silver Cena; ‘the Rapping Hyena’ will take on the EWNCW Ignition champion King Strem in our main event! Who will advance to the final and be crowned king of the cage? I’m alongside my broadcast partner; EWNCW legend Bodom here, your thoughts on those 2 huge matches there?

Bod: Well Chris, 4 excellent athletes fighting it out to be the no.1 contender. My money is on King Strem. That man has been on one hell of a roll recently, and he’s already got one piece of gold around his waist. But you can never count out Tommy Thunder, or Silver Cena. Rich Cranium is also on a quest to prove he’s more than just a tag team specialist. I’m not convinced, but we’ll see tonight if has what it takes to advance.

CP: That’s right. And As I mentioned one more huge match that has just been announced for tonight. You might recall Ryan Wells calling out Billy McCoy on Inferno recently. And after seeing Ryan Wells dominate recently, tonight, he get’s his wish!! It’s Wells vs McCoy and the title is on the line!!

Bod: It should be a great match Chris, but you can’t see McCoy dropping his title to a rookie. Not this close to our biggest ppv of the year.


CP: Well I thought Thunder vs Cranium was opening the show, but here comes the EWNCW World Heavyweight champion, Gillz. He’s been having an easy time recently, since all he’s had to do is sit back and watch the rest of the roster fight for the right to face him at ‘Destiny’s Calling’!

Bod: It’s never easy being the champ Pentalion. You always have to be on your toes, and you can take it from me when I say Gillz has not had an easy time as of late.

*Gillz swaggers down to the ring to a chorus of boos*

Gillz: Well hello EWNCW, its me you one and only champion Gillz

*More Boos*

G: Now I’ve been pretty scarce lately and that’s for one reason
See there’s this little tournament going on to decide who I’m facing at Destiny’s Calling
so I needed to lay low and scout the competition, Now yes I had a little impact on one or two matches
but in all honesty who hasn’t these days
Anyway onto the competition or lack of it
there’s four guys left all wanting this thing on my shoulder
there’s, let’s see there’s Rich

*Crowd pops*

G: Tommy

*Crowd Pops

G: Cena

*Pops again*

G: and the so called King; King Strem


G: Rich the former tag team specialist gone solo
now we have never met but as far as I was seeing you were the Jennety of GodMoney
so i should have absolutely no trouble disposing of you
I mean its miracle your even this far.
Hmm what about Cena, a man I’ve beaten many times before
Someone who never deserved to have shots at this title
I wouldn’t expect him in the final but even if he gets there the dream will become his very own nightmare
courtesy of me.

*Gillz laughs a little to himself*

G: So how about King Strem, the Ignition belt and another person I’ve never had the displeasure of facing
and personally don’t want to face, not because I’m scared or anything but because I fear for his safety.
No one wants to see a lamb taken to the slaughter and that’s exactly what you would get if that little thing was in the final. I would beat him within an inch of his life
I would end his career as quickly as it took off.
He claims I rubbed up to management to become the champion
even the thought of that makes me laugh
It took all of my skill get here and now I am I won’t let it go.
Now lastly there’s the hero Tommy Thunder
The fan favourite, everyone’s golden boy
See a while ago that all disappeared when I take his title, or rather confirmed that I was the real champion
when I did that I killed the hopes and dreams of all the little thunders at home
and you know what I loved every last bit
so I would like nothing more than to be the dream killer once more at Destiny’s Calling
But personally I would gladly put any of those guys in there place
it doesn’t matter who wins, because at Destiny’s Calling I will remain champion
And I will be champion for a very, very long time
Now deal with it

*Drops Mic*


CP: And here comes Tommy Thunder!! He’s in action against Rich Cranium in the first of our 2 semi-finals tonight!!

Bod: Well I’ve always said I’ve liked Thunder, but I don’t appreciate him coming here to steal our champion’s, excuse the pun, Thunder!!

CP: Ahhh I see what you did there Bods! Very clever!

Bod: http://i49.tinypic.com/f44j0j.jpg
Don’t patronise me Pentalion!

TT: Really Gillz, you want to be a dream killer do you? Well allow me to retort. You are actually living a dream right now. Right this very moment. You see that title you have there, isn’t rightfully yours. In your fantasy little world, it may be, but we’re trying to live in a realistic world here, and frankly, a real world needs a real champion. And you’re not a real champion.

*crowd cheer*

TT: Now tonight, I’m facing Rich Cranium. One half of the legendary tag team; Godmoney.

*crowd cheer*

TT: And I’ll be honest, I’ll be real happy for ya Rich if you go on to win this, I mean what an achievement right? From loosing the tag titles, to winning the World Heavyweight championship! But you see I can’t let you win tonight. Because just like Gillz here, you’re living in a dream world, where you’re fool’s dream is to win the championship. Let the big guys take care of things here. You’ve made it far in this tournament, and I respect you for that, but you’ve come as far as you can go frankly. Because tonight, I’m stepping forward and moving closer to Destiny’s Calling. Where my VIP’s will see me winning the World title for a second time!

*crowd cheer*

TT: And as for who I face in the final, well it doesn’t matter. I mean it’s quite safe to say there’s only one winner in the other semi-final tonight. King Strem has been running his little mouth like a baby all week. He can talk the talk, I’ll give him that, but he can’t walk the walk. So I won’t even bother considering ‘the Queen’ as an opponent in the final.

*crowd laugh*

TT: Cena, I know what you’re all about, but I know I can beat you too, and inside that cage, I’ll destroy you. I participated and won the first ever Hell in a Cell match here in EWNCW, so a steel cage is nothing to me! Once me and you step in there. There will be no running. We’ve both had our chance at Gillz, but I owe it to the VIP’s to get that title back where it belongs.

*crowd cheer*

TT: So back to you fish man. Yes, you may have beaten me for that title a few weeks back, but you better pray to God I don’t win this thing, because if I do, not only am I going to take back what’s mine, I’m going to rip your balls off and shove em up your ass, so when you shit, you’ll shit all over your balls!!


CP: And enter the man who is hell-bent on winning this tournament, Rich Cranium!!

Bod: Yeas, since loosing the tag titles, Rich has been working his ass off to prove he can make it as a singles star, and so far, he’s doing just that.

RC: Alright Thunder! I think you have said enough! This is not about you! This is about me winning this tournament and going to Destiny's Calling to take on Gillz for the undisputed EWNCW world championship. So Tommy, save your breath! You’re not winning this! And Gillz, I am taking your title at the PPV because it is my time and there is not a damn thing you can do about it! In the meantime, get a cloth and shine that baby up for me because it pays to be Rich $$.

*crowd cheer*

RC: Now get a ref out here so we can get this match over and done with!!

CP: well, rich doesn’t want to waste anymore time, and here comes our ref!

Bod: A nice exchange of words there, but it’s all about this match here. I’ll hazard a guess at Thunder winning here!

CP: Well it seems that Gillz is going to hang by the commentary table here to see this one first hand. Let’s get this one under way!!

Tommy Thunder
10-03-2011, 07:31 PM
Tommy Thunder/Randy Orton vs Rich Cranium/Triple H - BAM/Batista, Ric Flair




CP: Oh my God!! What a match!! An absolute cracker, but What the hell were Bam and Flair doing there?! Why the hell did they get involved?!

Bod: YES!! FLAIR IS GOD!! He’s teaching his protégé the right way!! That’s how you make a statement!!

CP: Well I don’t know Bodom. Thunder beat Bam last week in the quarter final of the tournament, but they had no business out here tonight. We’re heading to a break now, stay tuned folks!
__________________________________________________ __________________________________

CP: we’re back from the commercial break here after witnessing Rich Cranium pull a win out of the bag over Tommy Thunder, thanks to a distraction from Ric Flair and his protégé Bam.

Bod: Well I love flair, and I think Bam is the fastest rising star in EWNCW. They’re going after a big fish in Tommy Thunder, and that’s the way to get to the top of a company, by taking out the top guy.


CP: Here comes Solla and to say that he and MD have some issues is an understatement

Bods: The Beasts are battling in EWNCW

CP: Indeed Bods

*Solla gets the Mic and steps in the ring *

Solla: Mark Dimensions you screwed me over and cost me the King of the Cage tournament I have been here since day one and I am sick and tired off guys like you coming in and getting ahead of me I wont let it happen again you better believe that Dimensions your streak is coming to a end and I will kill the last alive!!

CP: You can see it Solla’s eyes he wants to hurt Dimensions bad

Bods: These two are proper giants the ring will shake if these two collide again


CP: And that could be right now Bodom here comes Dimensions

Bods: this is a beer moment in need a Bud

CP: Well that’s unprofessional

Bods: *Sarcastic voice* oh that’s unprofessional. Jackass.

(MD Promo)

CP: They are going at it again

*Deminsions and Solla go back and forth. Solla takes down MD and starts pounding on him but MD turns it round and starts laying into Solla. The two get back to their feet and a Low Blow from Solla, but here comes Security to break it up.

Bods: I am going to beat security up myself if they get between these two one more time

*MD is lead to the back by security while Solla is held in the ring by security*

Tommy Thunder
10-03-2011, 07:36 PM
*John Cleverly is in his Office he has the “EWNCW GM’s Championship on the desk” he is seen typing when a suit comes in*

JC: What do you want Pete?

Pete: Sorry sir its just the board says you have to do something about MD and Solla they are fighting all over the place they’re damaging Company property nobody feels safe anymore

JC: I see well as your GM and your champion here is what I am going to do. They want to fight?! I’ll let them fight! On the grandest stage of them all at ‘Destiny’s Calling’ its going to be The Albino Rhino Solla vs Mark Dimension!! Tell the board to stick that on their memo!!
__________________________________________________ _____________________

CP: We’re back from another commercial break here, and just before the break there we saw John cleverly make another huge match for ‘Destiny’s Calling’!! Its going to be the Battle of the Beasts as The albino Rhino Solla Mafoai taking on the still un-pinned cyborg Mark Dimension!!

Bod: Well that’s a car crash waiting to happen if ever I saw one! That isn’t going to be a match Chris, it’s going to be a slug-fest. It’s going to be brutal. Those 2 are going to tear each other apart.


CP: Well, it seems that we’re now going to have the match that was announced at the top of the show!! Ryan Wells is making his way out here where he will be taking on Billy McCoy for the International championship!! Can he do it Bodom?

Bod: Well Wells is an impressive man. He’s got a great physique and he has the tools to be a major player here, but this is Billy McCoy we’re talking about. Not some dumb shmuck.


CP: Ohhhh boy and here comes the champ!! He looks focused!!

Bod: Well In my humble opinion, McCoy will do anything to hold onto that title tonight. As long as he has that title, he’s got a free ticket to Destiny’s Calling. But then again, that’s good motivation for Wells to try and win here tonight.

CP: Well we’re ready to go here, so let’s go!!

(Billy McCoy/ Rey Mysterio vs Ryan Wells/ Dolph Ziggler)



CP: And Billy McCoy has done it!! Ryan Wells put up one hell of a fight, but he came up short here.

Bod: I think Wells has proven tonight that although he’s a rookie, he can hang with the big guys here, and... wait a minute...

*Seth Ferrell runs to the ring and attacks Billy McCoy from Behind. He can be heard screaming “Nobody wants a peasant’s champion!!”. After a quite severe beating, Ferrell grabs the title, and hoists it above his head over McCoy’s body. The crowd drown the arena with boos.*

CP: Good lord!! McCoy didn’t stand a chance there! After a pretty intense match with Wells, he didn’t have the energy to fight back against the fresh Pharoha!!

Bod: I’ve been waiting for Ferrell to get a clear cut shot at the International title, and I think he’s proven tonight that he’s more than ready for it. Book it now I say!!

CP: Well we’ll have to wait and see about that, but Ferrell has certainly made a statement here tonight!!

Tommy Thunder
10-03-2011, 07:40 PM
*We come back to see a cameraman and EWNCW reporter Jonathan Sanchez trying to catch up with a figure walking in the parking lot.*

JS: Johnathan Sanchez here trying to catch up with Russo Swerve hey Russo wait up?

Russo: What the hell do you want junior?

JS: So at Destiny’s Calling you face Jordan1995 now you guys have some genuine bad blood?

Russo: Yeah that’s pretty obvious

JS: This match is going to have a lot of posters interested don’t you think?

Russo: I honestly could care less

JS: but don’t you think your actions have been a little despicable of late?

Russo: You ain’t seen nuthin yet

JS: Wait where you going isn't that Jordans ice cream van?

Russo: Which is exactly why I’m about to demolish it.

*Russo grabs a wrench from on top of a productions box and he takes to the headlights of his ice cream van he smashes up with windows the alarm is blaring. Russo then gets the production van you can hear Russo shouting “Your gimmick is pathetic” and you suck at life junior

Russo gets a match and lights it pops the bonnet. The camera crew start to run they turn around to see the ice cream van blow up. The sound is blistering and the camera crew are thrown of their feet. We see Russo standing and laughing at his destruction*
__________________________________________________ _________

*We cut back to the commentary table*

CP: My God, that man has lost it, he’s crazy!!

Bod: He’s crazy and I like it!! Did you see that ice cream van explode?! HA! Excellent stuff!

CP: You sound just as crazy as him, How can you like seeing something like that?!

*SHB's music plays*

CP: And that’s the music of the Sky High Bastards; Toxic and Bazooka!

Bod: High Flying, death defying maniacs. And they’re prepared to step on every pinky on every foot in that lock room to get to where they want!

Toxic: You know Bazooka, we have been winning our matches so where is our title shot? I mean it's the pathetic excuse for a GM in Cleverly to not give them to us! Those tight wad executives wouldn't know how to take a shit without guidance!

Bazooka: Absolutely! This place is very corrupt where even the bloody agents hang out backstage smoking pot and drinking booze! We are the best and a lot better than the ones who hold the titles right now!

Toxic: *Looks into camera* Cleverly! Get your arse down here and announce the Sky High Bastards the number 1 contenders!

Bazooka: Yeah, get off your fat lazy arse and do something important for once you slimy bastard!

*FOG music plays*

CP: Hey! It’s the force of Greatness!! Maybe they can teach these two punks a thing or two about respect here!!

Bod: I have to admit, the Force of greatness are veterans of the tag team division. I’m curious to know what they’ve got to say to the SHB here.

Matt: So you blokes want to come out here and keep up the disrespect? All you guys do is bitch and moan about everything! You are bringing shame to the Tag team division here at EWNCW!

Tai: That's right Matt! If you boys want to become men and earn a shot at the gold then you gotta beat us first!

Matt: Yeah and Toxic, you and I have a date set for tonight! I aim to teach you a lesson in respect! You guys have been getting on our nerves with your cheap victories and diahrea infested mouths! Bring it on boys!

CP: Aw right! Matt ‘The Force’ Elder facing Toxic right here, right now!!

Bod: This should be an excellent bout.

Matt Elder/Alex Shelley vs Toxic/Doug Williams


CP: And Matt has done it!! A lesson in respect right there for the SHB!!

Bod: I don’t think this one’s over Chris. The Collective are without challengers for Destiny’s Calling, and for me, these are the in-form teams here right now.

Tommy Thunder
10-03-2011, 07:48 PM

CP: We’re back here and it’s main event time as Silver Cena makes his way down to the ring!!

Bod: We have one man booked in that cage for the final of this tournament in the shape of Rich Cranium. For me, Cena’s had his chance, but you can never count this guy out.

SilverCena: We all heard Gillz at the start of the show running his mouth talking about how he is better than this person and better than that person. Wow Gillz, you must not have many friends!

*Crowd laughs*

So instead of dissing us, you should be taking notes! I'd say you should be wary of me! Despite what you said earlier, I am gunning for you at Destiny's Calling and that title will be around the waist of the Rapping Hyena known as SilverCena!

*Crowd cheers*

Tonight is a good night for SilverCena! Anyone got a clue why?

*Points mic to crowd and crowd looks confused*

I'll tell ya! You see, there is this guy running around saying how he hates EWNCW and how he hates this and hates that! He hates creative, he hates McCoy crisps, GodMoney beer bags, Gillz toilet paper, Bloodstone Light - which BTW he is Keith Stone's little brother but not as smooth, Krysys Trojans, Grind Bastard Bagels, Tommy Thunder action figures with removable underwear, yadi yadi yada!

*Crowd is laughing*

Worst off, he hates my raps! *Crowd boos* He is none other than EWNCW crybaby Kingstrem! Well right now, I am going to ROYALLY enjoy kicking Kingstrems ass and advancing in the King of the Cage tournament!



CP: Confident words from the rapping hyena, and now, enter the Ignition champion King Strem.

Bod: This man has been very impressive as of late. I think this is his time to break out.

*Sits in top turnbuckle*

KS: So...here we are again. Everyone is out here to cheer for the corporate favourite like usual. A lot of you have been saying that I am bitching and moaning like a girl so let me dumb this up and explain it to you. I am sick and tired of every week coming out and busting my ass for no reason because no one recognizes me or praises me. The writers are always saying that I'll be good but never give me the push. Well...fuck them. I don't need the writers, I don't need this piece of shit title that no one respects, and I do not need any of you. All I need is myself and the world heavyweight championship. I will do anything for that title. I will destroy anyone the writers decide to throw at me. Whether it be my opponent silvercena, young Thomas thunder, or the god forsaken low life piece of shit gillz. Let it be written and let it be told, no one will stop me. I will get respect and if I do not. Then I guess I'll find someone who will respect me. The king has spoken

CP: Strem coming right back at Cena there, but let’s find out how this one plays out! It’s time to go!

SilverCena/MVP vs King Strem/ Karl Anderson


CP: And Cena does it!! He’s in the final!!

Bod: Well I said you can never count the guy out, and that was an intense match there!!

CP: So it’s Silver Cena vs Rich Cranium inside the steel cage!! Who will emerge as King of the Cage and go on to face Gillz at Destiny’s Calling?! Your guess is as good as mine folks!! Don’t forget to tune in to Thursday night Inferno!! But from Phoenix Arizona, it’s good night form us folks!!

10-10-2011, 05:59 PM
THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is a FILLER!!

10-10-2011, 06:01 PM
EWNCW DESTINY's Calling our The Biggest Efed Show of all time comes your way on October 30th

10-10-2011, 06:04 PM
You can find the Inferno that followed this rage on page 28 of the inferno thread

10-10-2011, 06:06 PM
Monday Night RAGE Filler

10-10-2011, 06:09 PM

Reminder the EWNCW Awards now has its own thread

RAGE IS NEXT!!! from Denver Colorado

Tommy Thunder
10-10-2011, 06:41 PM

CP: Welcome, to Monday night Rage, live, from the Pepsi Center here in Denver Colorado!!

Bod: That’s right, we have an action packed night for you. There’s under 3 weeks to go before we reach ‘Destiny’s Calling’, and the EWNCW roster are desperate to book their places on the card!!

CP: You said it Bodom! Now let’s get tonight’s show on the road!!


CP: Oh my God!! It's EWNCW anchorman Dick Thompson!! We haven't ever seen him live on EWNCW shows before!! This must be something special!!

*Dick Thompson walks out with a broad smile on his face as he waves to the crowd. He takes time to shake hands with the crowd on his way down the ramp. After entering the ring, he waves some more before settling in the middle of the ring, where there is a leather couch, a desk and office chair set up.*

Bod: I've been interviewed several times by this man as have most of the EWNCW roster. He really is a great man. Remember, if Dick Thompson says it, it's the truth!!

DT: Well thank you one and all for the warm!! It truly is a pleasure to be here live on Monday night Rage!!

*crowd cheer*

DT: Now as you all know, the two finalists for the King of the Cage tournament have been decided, and tonight, I've been appointed the job of queering both men about their thoughts. What they think of each other. And how far will they actually go to win this tournament and move on to main event Destiny's Calling!!

*crowd cheer*

DT: So please join me in welcoming the first of my guests, one half of EWNCW's legendary tag team; Godmoney, God's golden son; Rich Cranium!!


*the crowd pop big for Rich Cranium as he casually walks out. He seems calm and composed as he makes his way to the ring. After entering, he poses for a while to the crowd, before grabbing a mic.*

DT: All right! A lot of Rich Cranium fans in the crowd tonight it seems! Well let’s get straight down to business then!! Please take a seat!

*Thompson gestures to a sofa. Rich sits down and Thompson takes a seat opposite him behind the desk.*

DT: Now, there are a few questions that I’m itching to ask you, and the audience need to know the answers!! So my first question to you is, can you do it? Can you go all the way and win this tournament?

RC: Do I think I can go all the way?! Are you serious Dick? To answer your question, I don't think I can, I KNOW I CAN!

*Crowd cheers*

DT: Do you think you’ve done enough to prove the critics wrong? Many doubted that you could be a singles star, but do you think you’ve done enough to prove those people wrong?

RC: You know, I still get people asking me this very question. Yes, I was in a legendary tag team but that is the past and I am going to prove to everyone that without me, GodMomey wouldn't have been so successful. So to all my naysayers, watch as I win this tournament and then walk out of Desiny's Calling as your new World Heavyweight champion!

*Crowd is chanting Rich, Rich, Rich*

DT: Now you’ve beaten many stars on your way to the final here, including former champion Tommy Thunder. Since SilverCena has never been the champion, in your opinion, does that mean that technically, you should beat him inside the cage?

RC: I think SilverCena is a great talent here at EWNCW and I have never had the pleasure of going against him. To be in the cage without possible outside interference is exactly what these fans deserve.

DT: And if you do manage to make it through to Destiny’s Calling, what can EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion Gillz expect from you?

RC: Gillz can expect for me to attack from every angle and he better be on his toes because these opportunities don't come along often. I plan to walk out of there victorious.

DT: Ok, well I know think it’s time to get my second guest out here! The second finalist in the King of the Cage tournament; ‘The Rapping Hyena’ Silver Cena!!

*Stands up and show's respect by clapping hands*


*Cena comes down to the ring in his usual flamboyant fashion to a great reaction from the crowd. After entering the ring and grabbing a mic, he gets serious as Rich stands up. They both go toe to toe and have a staredown.*

DT: Alright, now I don't want any altercations here on my show, but I’m going to trust that you’re both going to act like men here ok? So please Cena, take a seat on the couch there.

*After both stare at each other for a few more seconds, they both sit down.*

DT: Ok, now Cena, I’m going to pose similar questions to you. You’ve always had to fight and scrap your way to get through in life, has this tournament been any different to you?

SC: No it hasn't Dick. You see, I have always had to fight to get where I want to be and this is no different. It's actually quite natural to me.

DT: In the shape of Rich Cranium here, how do you see your competition in the final?

SC: Well, I was always a fan of GodMoney.

*Crowd cheers*

SC: I didn't like the way they split up but that's another story. Back on subject and I'll be honest, I always thought TBOZ was the core of GodMoney and am truly shocked that Rich has made it this far. I have nothing but respect for him.

DT: Now you’ve faced off against Gillz many times before, but he’s the one who’s got the best of you so far, since he’s the champ. How will things be different if you make it through to Destiny’s Calling?

SC: You can certainly say I have the experience factor when it comes to Gillz. I have studied and learned from my past mistakes from my many matches with him and will use that to my advantage. I am walking out of Destiny's Calling the new EWNCW champion!

*Crowd cheers*

DT: And now without further ado, would both of you please sign this contract for the final of the King of the Cage tournament!!

*Rich sweeps the pen up and quickly jots his signature down before turning to Cena with a smirk on his face. Cena then takes the pen carefully, and after a slight hesitation, he also signs, as the crowd pop big.*

DT: Now I’ve also been told by John Cleverly to announce tonight’s main event tonight, and it concerns both of you. Both of you will be teaming together with Tommy Thunder, to take on the team of ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, Bam, and the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion Gillz!! Either of you got any thoughts on that? Will you two be able to co-exist?!

*SC and RC standup, stare at one another with serious expressions and then shake hands as the crowd goes nuts*

DT: Well, I don’t think we could have had a better answer if I’d have written it myself!! Give it up for Rich Cranium and Silver Cena folks!!

*Crowd erupt in a huge cheer for both guys*

DT: On behalf of the EWNCW newsteam, I'm Dick Thompson; you stay classy Denver!

Tommy Thunder
10-10-2011, 06:49 PM
*SHB music*

CP: God damn, it’s those Sky High Bastards again. I wonder who or what they’ll be disrespecting tonight?!

Bod: I’m not a fan of their disrespect I must say, but they know that they need to step on toes to get to certain places, and that’s what they’re doing.

Toxic: So last week, the Force of Greatness decides to come into this ring and talk about respect.
Do you have any bloody idea what we think about respect?!

*Spits on ring canvas*

Bazooka: I thought we made it clear we don't give 2 shits about this thing called respect! You can take it and flush it down the rotten toilets for all we care!!

*Fans boo as the camera zooms in on an old lady who is giving the middle finger to both members of SHB*


*FOG's music plays and they walk mid way down the aisle*

Matt: Did I hear you right? You don't give 2 shits about respect?

Bazooka: That's right!

Tai: I thought we settled this last week when Matt kicked your ass Toxic! Are you sure you boys want to walk down this road? Are you fellas really that stubborn?

Toxic: What do you 2 tampon wearing douche bags think?!

Matt: In that case, Tai will just have to break that stubbornness because he is facing Bazooka NEXT!

(Bazooka=Anderson, Tai=Isles)


CP: And Bazooka defeats Tai Knight! So much for the Force teaching the Sky High Bastards about respect!

Bod: Like I said, it’s all about stepping on toes, and the SHB are stepping on the toes of former tag team champions here in order to reach their goal.

*Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma are standing in the ring.*

CP: Well we here have Hawkins and Charisma ready to compete, I’m told that Hawkins is the one in action tonight, but I’m not sure who his opponent will be.


*Istvan Gretzky walks out on to the stage, and it is clear that he is here to talk business.*

CP: Well, it seems it’s going to be ‘Red Hot’ Istvan Gretzky. We haven’t seen him since he exited the King of the Cage tournament, but he certainly looks a lot sterner than usual tonight

Bod: Well I didn’t like this goofball the last time I saw him, and I’m doubting that I like him now.

"Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky: Jak siemasz! My Name 'a Istvan, Istvan Gretzky.. Ladies call me "Red Hot" Istvan Grertzky! Now, many moons has passed from when Istvan was seen in ECWN, and many long moons has passed for Istvan to feel shame at initial catch-as-catch-can grapples match here in ECWN, Kurwa. A pride as strong as Istvan take loss very poorly, and serious is threat of permanent jobber for ECWN. Well, since last devastation losing in Cage of Kings tournament Istvan has trained many hours in state of art gym, and has taken on new coach who remind Istvan of power in Istvan vascular arm made from fallen star, Kurwa! No more will Istvan act like he forget how to be champion worthy, and be Kielbasa for children of ECWN! No more will Istvan love of American women distract him from plan of dominate, Kurwa! Istvan has now working out time table to manage shaking legs and time for party, Kurwa... Istvan stand on stage before all and everyone to say NO MORE WILL MAN WITH VASCULAR ARMS MADE FROM FALLEN STAR BE TREAT LIKE CHILDREN BY ECWN CHILDREN.... No more, kurwa... Do Widzenia.

CP: Ok. So it seems that Gretzky is ditching what many eastern Europeans refer to as ‘the American dream’ and a lifestyle of women and partying, and he’s getting down to business it seems.

Bod: Good. If you want to succeed, you have to take competition seriously. I like the guy’s new attitude. Let’s see what he does with Hawkins here.

(Gretzky = Vladmir Kozlov / Jesse = Cooper Hawkins)


CP: A dominating, and intimidating performance by ‘Red Hot’ Istvan Gretzky there.

Bod: Well I like him much better than his old self. This Istvan Gretzky has potential to go far in EWNCW. I can’t wait to see him maul someone else!

Tommy Thunder
10-10-2011, 07:07 PM
*Russo is walking along whistling to himself having a good time when out of nowhere Jordan1995 comes out of nowhere and drills him from behind. He throws him into a production box then gets a cable and wraps it around Russo Swerves neck choking him, Russo’s face goes bright red. Russo tries to get a few shots in but Russo gives him a stiff shot to the side of the head he then gives Russo a kick to the back sending him down and drags him along the floor before picking him up and whipping him into the garage door of the arena.

They head out into the parking lot, Jordan sends him head first through a Car windshield before ramming his head into the bonnet several times. *

Jordan: look I got a little present for ya!

*He drags Russo towards a Ice Cream van. Jordan drills Russo into the bonnet. They head to the back of the Van, Russo gets a low blow in and turns around and raises his arms in victory he turns around and Jordan opens the Door in his face. Jordan nails some shots to the head he then throws him in the back of the ice cream van then smashes a jar of hundreds and thousands over russo’s head then throws him between the two front seats and the and the tune goes off. Russo drills him relentlessly Russo falls sitting down with blood all down his face, Hundreds and thousands stuck to his head by the sweat. Jordan then puts him under the ice cream nozzle and poors Ice Cream all over his head swirling it round, doing a good job, Jordan finally gets a Flake and pops on top of the Blood Sweat and Ice Cream pile that is Russo Swerve. *

*Pentallion cant stop laughing*

Bod: How dare that tramp!!!!, look at Poor Russo Swerve

CP: I’m sorry, but that shit was just too funny!! Join us after the break folks!!


CP: Well here’s a man we haven’t seen since he was knocked out of the King of the Cage tournament, ‘The Black Angel’ Seraphim.

Bod: This man has an aura about him. He has some sort of presence.

CP: Well let’s see what he has to say.

*The voices start, angry.. loud... but not at the crowd.. at the man who has just made it to the ring! He's there, kneeled down in prayer, though they seem remorseful.*


*Voices stop*

S: The last time I was seen.. I suffered a loss in the tournament. After that loss I was trapped in the confines of my mind and soul... being punished for failing them. It was unbearable. I was a broken shell of a Fallen Angel. But something spoke to me while I was there. Goaded me into seeking forgiveness. It wasn't the voice I was used to hearing. It was... the goodness locked deep down within me, the goodness in each and every one of you.

*Stands, revealing his black robe*

s: That goodness kept me warm, kept me safe. Even if you all hate me, I ask for your forgiveness! I beg for it! The voices have changed they have shown me the light.

*Clasps hands together and mumbles out a prayer*

S: I wish to no longer be the Black Angel, but instead...

*Lets robe drop, revealing an all white version of his previous ring attire*

S: The SERAPHIM! I welcome all non-believers to the City of ANGELS!


CP: Well, here’s another talent that hasn’t been seen since being knocked out of the King of the Cage tournament, ‘The Alpha and the Omega’ Primus Khan!!

Bod: Khan was on a roll prior to entering the tournament. He was locked in a great feud with Rich Cranium, and came very close to beating him at ‘Day of Reckoning’. He’s obviously taken offense to what Seraphim said here.

PK: Seraphim? You really think that you are the man to break out here in EWNCW? You are NOTHING!! You may have won the battle of the newcomers at ‘Day of Reckoning’, but it is I ‘The Alpha and the Omega’, Primus Khan who is destined for greatness here in the realms of EWNCW!!

*crowd boo*

PK: You come out here and present some sort of cheap re-birth?! And these people are stupid enough to buy into it?! Well I am not buying into it. You can decieve them. you can pull the wool over their eyes, but not me. I see through you. I can see that you're weak. In the mind and in the head. You are not some white knight here, as you claim to be. I am 'the Alpha and the Omega'. It is I that the people should look to when in search of salvation!!

*crowd drown the arena in boos*

PK: You want to prove that you are the best? You want to become the best? You want to reach the heights of civilization and reach the pinnacle of EWNCW? Then you will have to go through me! I am stronger than you, I am smarter than you, and I am better than you. I am better than all of the talents here in EWNCW. And if you want to climb the ladder, why don’t you face me right here right now, so that we can find out if you’re really as good as you think you are!!

*crowd boo.*

*Seraphim takes off his attire and Khan smiles and gestures for a ref to come down*

CP: Well it seems we have ourselves an impromptu match here, but it sure as hell should be an interesting one!

Bod: You got that right. 2 of EWNCW’s brightest prospects going at it here. It makes for good viewing to the audience for sure.

Seraphim/RVD vs Primus Kahn/Charlie Haas (Ignore Angle)


CP: Wow, a no contest! The referee counted both men out, and we don’t have a winner here folks!

Bod: Both stars were evenly matched, I couldn’t pick a winner at the start, and I sure as hell couldn’t pick a winner right now Chris. I hope we get to see these 2 go at it again!

Tommy Thunder
10-10-2011, 07:15 PM
CP: We're back here form the commercial, and we've had a great show so far! But don't forget to tune in t Thursday night Inferno this week. One match that you're guaranteed to see and should not miss is the second of the best of 5 series match between William Carlin and Krystian Krysys!! To find out who gets the second fall, tune in this Thursday for EWNCW Thursday night Inferno!!


CP: here comes our international champion Billy McCoy, I am sure he like us is thrilled with the prospect of getting Seth Farrell one more time at Destiny’s Calling.

Bod: This is the end of the line for McCoy I cant wait to see Farrell destroy him at DC. All hail our new champion Seth Farrell!!

BMcC: Denver Colorado!!!!!! WE ARE LIVE ALL AROUND THE WORLD and in just a few weeks I get Seth Farrell on PPV at Destiny’s Calling for the EWNCW International Championship and on that night I we will burn that sonovabitch down but I will win and I will leave with championship and your balls because I am going to take your manhood and you will leave wishing you never knew a charismatic young champion named Billy McCoy because I am the future of this fed I am its brightest star and just love to tell anyone who’ll listen that BETTER IS Bigg..

*McCoy drops to his knees after a thunderous chair shot from Farrell*

CP: Where the hell did he come from?!?!?

*Farrell picks McCoy up and nails him again*

Bod: Two awesome shots from our future Champion.

*Farrell hits him one more time, then heads to the outside and getting a chain coming back in drilling him in the face*

CP: my god this is getting ugly

*Farrell goes from another shot but McCoy ducks cannons of the ropes with the clothesline to Farrell *The crowed goes nuts* but Farrell knocks him right back down with the chain*Crowed drowns*

SF: god damn you son of a bitch you god damn brute.

CP: Farrell has snapped.

Bod: He is giving McCoy what he deserves.

*Farrell gets a Kendo Stick and takes his time to hit a sick shot with the sound cracking of McCoy’s back as he screams in pain he keeps the shots going each one more painful than the last*

CP: god this is ugly we are going to need some help for McCoy.

*Farrell puts the chair out sits on it takes of his shoe and throws it at McCoy. He gets McCoy and places his mouth over his foot*

SF: Kiss my foot bitch, I am better than you!

*Farrell stands up and stalks Billy with like a predator*

SF: This time No Dimensions, No Krysys, No Bam and No Flair just me and you one on one, I am going to hurt you so bad you brute this is just the start.

*Farrell picks up the chair and gives one last painful chair shot to the head of McCoy who failed to get his arms up in time*

*Farrell walks away with a sinister grin on his face*

CP: My god what have we just seen McCoy might be done for good

*EMTs and agents run to the ring to assist McCoy, they brace his neck and lay him on the spinal board and push him onto the stretcher the fans clap as McCoy is wheeled out*

CP: well we are trying to re-gather ourselves here, we may have just seen a prosing career cut drastically how the hell is McCoy going to defend it at Destiny’s calling.

Bods: Even I’ll admit Farrell went too far tonight.

Tommy Thunder
10-10-2011, 07:27 PM
CP: Well we’re back here folks but what we just witnessed was just sheer horror. ‘The Great Pharoah’ Seth Ferrell doing nothing short of trying to end the career of our International Champion, Billy McCoy.

Bod: Well like I said, I’m usually a fan of Ferrell, but what he did there before the break was quite disturbing. Nobody likes to see other stars hurt that way.

CP: but n a lighter note, be sure to check out the EWNCW awards!! Categories and nominations are available to see on the titled thread. Have your say on the EWNCW year. Who do you think is deserving of an award? Have your say, and get voting NOW!!


CP: We can look forward to a huge 3 vs 3 tag team main event here now, as we have Rich Cranium coming out!!

Bod: Great interview from the guy earlier, and I’m sure he’s very much up for this one.


CP: And now, her eis ‘The Rapping Hyena’ Silver Cena!!

Bod: I’m curious to see whether he and Rich will be able to work together here. I know they shook hands earlier, but you can’t trust your direct competition so easily.


CP: Enter ‘The Storm’ Tommy Thunder!! He’s been having problems with Ric Flair and his protégé ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam as of late, I’m sure he’ll be eager to get his hands on them tonight.

Bod: Flair is just doing Bam a favour. Hes taking him on a rocket ship to the top, and hes doing it the right way. “To be the man, you got to beat the man” as Naitch once said, and here in EWNCW, Tommy Thunder is one of those ‘men’ to beat!


CP: And speak of the devil, here he is...


*Bodom gets on top of the table starts jumping up and down in excitement, clapping and cheering*

Bod: This man here is the best EVER!! Come on Chris up you get WOOOOOOOO!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!

CP: Whay do I work with you, get down, you’re making a scene. And anyway, I thought that nobody said ‘Wooooo’ except Ric Flair.

Bod: Shut up Chris!!


CP: And finally, here is the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion! He’s been holding on to that title, and sitting back watching the rest fight for the right to face him at Destiny’s Calling.

Bod: Gillz has is ticket to the biggest ppv of the year right there over his shoulder. And I’m sure he’ll prove a point against the three wanabe champs that he’s facing tonight.

(Goldberg – Cena, Michaels – Thunder, RVD – Rich Cranium / Kane – Gillz, Batista – Bam, Orton – Flair) (ignore Flair intervention)


CP: Rich did it!! He got the win for his team!! Cena took Gillz over the security barricade on the outside, Thunder took care of Bam, and that left Rich alone with Flair to get the pin!!

Bod: I didn’t see Flair get pinned there Chris. But this is a great momentum builder for Rich. He’ll be feeling confident after getting this one under his belt.

*All 3 guys are celebrating in the ring. Rich and Cena have another staredown, but after a while they shake hands again.

CP: He sure will... wait... what?!?!

*Gillz and Bam return to the ring bearing steel chairs and take out all 3 superstars. *

CP: Someboody stop them!! This is assault!!

*They start delivering a few chair shots to the fallen guys as Flair, who has now recovered, shouts abuse. Flair takes of his belt and delivers a few lashings to each man. The 3 heels stand tall with Gillz posing with his title as we go off air.*

Rich Cranium
10-17-2011, 08:02 PM
It's happening!

Rich Cranium
10-17-2011, 08:03 PM
The journey to Destiny's Calling is in motion.

Rich Cranium
10-17-2011, 08:03 PM
Get your asses to the EWNCW Awards thread and VOTE! :)

Rich Cranium
10-17-2011, 08:04 PM
ZZ Top grows great beards except Frank Beard.

Rich Cranium
10-17-2011, 08:09 PM

Tommy Thunder
10-17-2011, 11:27 PM

CP: Welcome to Monday night Rage live from Saint Luis, Missouri!! We have a HUGE night of action for you tonight, since tonight, we find out who will be challenging Gillz at ‘Destiny’s Calling’ for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship!! Will it be Rich Cranium, or will it be Silver Cena? EWNCW legend Bodom is alongside me here as usual, your take on tonight’s main event!

Bod: Well it’s a very tough one to call. Rich Cranium has defied the odds to make it this far, but Silver Cena is a battler. He’s had to fight for everything he’s got in life. And do’t forget, it’s inside a steel cage. Who will be King of the Cage tonight? Your guess is as good as mine!


CP: Well this is unexpected to say the least. Primus Khan coming out here to open things up.

Bod: Well ‘The Alpha and the Omega’ has been locked in battle with Seraphim since his ‘re-birth’. Khan is a superior athlete, and has really impressed me since joining EWNCW.

PK: Why don’t you all give me, ‘The Alpha and the Omega’ some respect?

*crowd express their displeasure*

PK: I need to address Seraphim here. Let me tell you that I don’t buy this ‘re-birth’ of yours for one second! You seem to think you’re a new man after that don’t you! Well allow me to inform you that you’re n better than you were before! You seem to think you can beat me! HA! Nobody beats me!! Now please don’t bother me again, since I have better things to do with my precious time here than waste it on some fool like yourself!


S: You know, Khan, ever since my rebirth, you’ve done nothing but trash me. Why? Is it because you’re not a believer in goodness? I was like you once, lost, confused, angry.. At myself!

*Heads down to the ring*

S: Last week we fought to a no contest and now, you’re still out here slating me! What’s up with that? See these new voices in my head tell me to forgive you, and I want so much to do so. But you see, I can’t have you out here saying all this.

*Gets in the ring, looking Khan dead in the eye*

S: Wanna prove you’re better than me? Want to prove to all these people wrong about my change? That is isn’t legit? That you are better than me.

*Walks to a turnbuckle and sits down on it*

S: What do you people say to a gauntlet match tonight? See who can last the longest? I bet my faith carries me through, while you fail, Khan?

*Hops of the turnbuckle and stares at Khan, before leaving the ring and walking out. Khan is livid, but he seems to have accepted the challenge since he’s taken off his robe.*

CP: Wow, so Serahim there challenging Primus Khan to try and outlast him in a gauntlet match!!

Bod: And it seems that the first one’s coming up right now Chris. Khan shouldn’t have any problems here.

(Hassan = PK / The Hurricane = Silver Shower Pisser)


CP: That’s one down for Khan, let’s see who comes next!

(Hassan = PK / Val Venis = Harley McCarthney)


CP: Another one down for Khan, as he added insult to injury post match there too.

(Hassan = PK / Sgt. Slaughter = Splattered Dreams)


CP: And khan does it! A very impressive display by him there, beating 3 EWNCW superstars in succession.

Bod: He’s a superior athlete Chris, Seraphim has his work cut out here later on.

Tommy Thunder
10-17-2011, 11:36 PM

CP: ‘The Rapping Hyena’ is in the house!!

Bod: I can’t imagine what wisdom he has for us this week...

*Half of the crowd is chanting "Silver" while the other chants "Cena"*

SC: Thank you and I plan to defeat Gillz on October 30th! Gillz! You carry around the EWNCW title with a cockiness and arrogance that just makes me want to rip that title from your waist! I am tired of champions that have no respect for this company! Frankly I am surprised that you haven't jumped ship to that other company like the last few champs have and like Thunder almost did until his plot was spoiled! I have faced you many times and have studied your every offense and defence. Come October 30th, I am leaving as the champ and there is NOT a damn thing you can do about it!

So get ready for the biggest celebration ever at Destiny's Calling! Are you ready? *Holds mic out to corwd*

*Crowd replies "Yeah Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"*

CP: Well Cena pretty confident that he’s heading to... oh my! The champ! Where did he come from!!

*Gillz jumps the security barricade, enters the ring and drills Cena with the belt.
He motions for a mic*

G: Did you like that Cena!
You see this *Gillz shoves the belt in Cenas face*
You are never getting this off of me
I dont care who wins your match
Because who ever does will have me to deal with
I will personally make sure that either you or Rich dont make it to DC

*Gillz kicks Cena 1 more time before leaving to a chorus of boos*

CP: Well a clear statement there from Gillz. He doesn’t want Cena or Rich to make it to Destiny’s Calling. But that attack was uncalled for don’t you think Bodom?

Bod: It’s a dog eat dog world Chris. When you’re the champ, you look out for no.1.
__________________________________________________ __________________

*We cut backstage where EWNCW anchorman Dick Thompson is standing by*

DT: Hello EWNCW! Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, King of the Cage finalist, Rich Cranium! Rich, you've defied all the odds and the critics to make it to the final of the King of the Cage tournament final. You're now just one match away from becoming the no.1 contender for the EWNCW World Heavyweight championship, can you do it?

RC: Of course I can Dick! I have received many tweets with the same question and my response has been the same. I respect SilverCena but on a night like tonight, I will keep it real and hold nothing back! It's not often that one gets an opportunity at the World title so I plan on bringing everything I have to the match!

DT: Now this match is going to be inside a steel cage. We haven't seen too many of these type of matches in EWNCW thus far. How do you prepare yourself for such a match?

RC: Well Dick, it takes skill to not feel the wrath of the cage as it can be very detrimental for one's health. All I can do is be focused and not let the fear of claustrophobia get the better of me. I have studied the cage and I am ready!

DT: You and Silver Cena have had your differences in the past few weeks, but one thing you do share is a common enemy in Gillz. Since Cena's have several shots at him in the past, many feel it's your turn now. How eager are you to get your hands on him?

RC: I am very eager to prove to the world that I am not a fixture in the tag team division which I feel I have proven thus far! To get a win tonight is almost the icing on the cake as I will be one step away from meeting Gillz at Destiny's Calling.

DT: Now one thing I must ask you is this. In your opinion, what on earth are the significance of the showerhead you found in your bag last week, and that song that has been constantly interfering in your matches as of late?

RC: I have heard the song before and the showerhead reminds of a prank that was once played on me. I just can't put my finger on it but at the same time, I have an idea which I hope proves to be false


RC: What did you say Dick?



*ZZ Top are standing behind Rich. They are both wearing Godmoney t-shirts and have their Godmoney beer bags.*

DT: ZZ Top, I must ask you what are you doing here tonight?!

Billy Gibbons: Oh we received a phone call a couple of days ago from a friend who we cannot name, saying that he’d arranged a couple of tickets for us tonight, so here we are!

DT: I see, now I’m a huge fan of your beards!! Well, and your music of course! But the beards!! What is the secret to the perfect beard like yours?!

Dusty Hill: Very simple Dick, it’s a gift from God!

DT: I see, anything you want to say Rich?

*Rich looks confused and worried, and he starts backing off down the corridor. As he turns to walk away, Gillz is there waiting to drill him with the belt. He can be heard shouting “you won’t make it to DC Rich! You hear me?! You won’t make it!”*

DT: My God!! Well some unusual goings on backstage here. Rich taken out by Gillz there, and ZZ Top here, courtesy of being special guests of an unknown man! I’ll be looking to get the thoughts of EWNCW superstars throughout the night as to who they think will win the King of the Cage tournament, but for now, Chris, Bodom, back to you!

Tommy Thunder
10-17-2011, 11:43 PM
CP: Thanks Dick, and we look forward to hearing the thoughts of our superstars on tonight’s main event.


*Tai Night and Matt Elder come down to the ring slapping the hands of those in the front row. They get in the ring and Matt has the mic*

Matt Elder: Last Week The Force of Greatness finally taught some respect to foul mouthed jumped up rookies The Sky High Bastards. Meaning that at Destiny’s Calling in 13 days time we challenge for the EWNCW World Tag Team Championship and we face our the team that has become our Nemesis’ The Collective now I have no doubt you boys have proven yourselves but the way you went about it still pisses Tai and I off I mean you think you can come in and just hurt people, put them on the shelfs take food from our tables well you cant. And The Force of Greatness will be in full effect at DC we are getting those titles back and we are taking this division back where it belongs! Tai.

Tai: Well matt your right on the money I mean how many countless great battles did we have with the team they call Godmoney including an epic bout on Rage’s very first show, and as of late we were happy to step back and give shots to the guys like the Upstarts and The Physco Circus but hell we couldn’t sit back long we had to become champions again to reinvent this division! And…


CP: Doesn’t look like Tai is happy he just got interrupted!

Bods: Well it’s the Collective on their way to the ring they have the Tag Titles in hand if FOG want them back then they have to bring their A game at DC.

*Collective are in the ring howdy has the mic*

Captain Howdy: Well Matt and Tai! We heard what you said but you see we don’t care who we hurt who we put on the shelf or what we take from you we are the Collective the most dominant team in EWNCW Today note the world “Today” we are the present and you are nothing but two washed up has-beens who were on their last legs when they came to this company we are the future and we want to know if you still have it don’t we General?

SG: Si Capitano Howdy! I Love to inflict pain on Tu Personas!

Captain Howdy: So what we did is we went to John Cleverly and suggested an idea to him. And he liked it. It tasted good to him as it does to us!

SG: We love the taste of pain hermano

Captain Howdy: your going to take on Different teams in the next few weeks to prove your ready meanwhile we will get the chance to do some scouting!. Tonight it begins when you take on The Upstarts!

FOG/The Hardy Boys vs The Upstarts/MNM




CP: and Force of Greatness get it done!

Bods: I tell you this might backfire on Collective it could well wear down FOG but it could let them build some serious steam headed for DC
__________________________________________________ _________________

*we cut backstage to Dick Thompson*

DT: I'm joined here by Damien Bloodstone and Seraphim. Damien, who do you think is emerging victorious in tonight's King of the Cage tournament final?

DB: My honest opinion is that Rich is going to be victorious against Silvercena. With all do respect to silver, Rich just seems like he wants it more and that will give him the edge in the cage match.

DT: Ok, and yourself Serphim?

S: I’m going to be honest with you here, Dick, I can see Rich pulling this one out. Cena doesn’t have it in him, like he thinks he does. I may be the new guy around here, but let’s be honest, my voices have been around the block a few times. Cena just doesn’t have it, I mean, I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, but I mean, I could take him, if it wasn’t for this damn Khan business.

*Looks at the camera*

S: Get’em Rich, so I can come take that title off you in a while.

Tommy Thunder
10-17-2011, 11:46 PM
*Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma are in the ring waiting*


CP: We’re back here, and here we have a very different Istvan Gretzky coming to the ring, where Hawkins and Charisma await.

Bod: ‘Red Hot’ Istvan Gretzky to you Chris. And ‘Red Hot’ is how I’d describe his form as of late. His new attitude is taking him places here, and I can’t wait to see what he has for us tonight.

"Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky: Jak siemasz! My Name 'a Istvan, Istvan Gretzky.. Ladies call me zee big "Red Hot" Istvan Grertzky! Now Istvan is in ECWN to make Kielbasa out of opponents here! He make domination his tactics because Istvan is master at catch-as-catch-can grapples matches, Kurwa! Once I enters the ring you will feel power from Istvan vascular arm made from fallen star, Kurwa! Istvan here to make home country proud as he is great hero in mother Poland! I have focus and American women will not distract my domination plans! Istvan has now working out time table to manage shaking legs and time for party, Kurwa... Istvan stand on stage before all and everyone to say FROM NOW ON, MAN WITH VASCULAR ARMS MADE FROM FALLEN STAR BECOME DOMINATING FORCE IN EWCN...kurwa.

CP: Ok, well Gretzky is a very seasoned competitor back in his homeland where he is a multi-time champion in several disciplines. It looks like Captain Charisma is the one that’s going to step in the ring this week. Let’s see if he’ll do better than Hawkins did last week.

(Festus = Captain Charisma / Vlamir Kozlov = Istvan Gretzky)


CP: Well a better challenge for Gretzky this week, but he still manages to pull out the win.

Bod: This man is going places, and at this rate, he’ll be booking his ticket to Destiny’s Calling.
__________________________________________________ _____________

*we cut backstage to Dick Thompson*

DT: I'm now joined by Russo Swerve here. Russo, who do you see winning tonight's King of the Cage match and progressing to Destiny's Calling?

RS: Did you really ask me about a match that has nothing to do with me? I’m not worried about that match I’m focused on destroying jordan1996 this Sunday night. Now get out of my face before I kick your ass.

DT: Thanks for your time
__________________________________________________ ___________________

Tommy Thunder
10-17-2011, 11:55 PM

Solla: This morning I woke up and realised that I am one day closer to tasting the blood of Mark Dimension. You see Mark you are just a goat and like in ancient times it would fall upon the leader of the tribe to select the sacrifice for the gods and Mark you will be my Sacrifice on my path to the EWNCW world Heavyweight Championship. But Mark I am not only the leader I am the God as well and I am going to take that Goat and I am going to kill it in the most painful and sadistic way as I feel every drop of blood splash against the floor and then I want smell that blood and…


CP: Well first Solla out here, and now his nemesis as of late, Mark Dimension, who's rushed through the crowd here!

* Comes Out Thru The Crowd

MD: You See This Public
Its a Necessary Evil! Who Else But Me The G.O.D.
MD of my, your, and The Future World!
Where there is pain there is Mark Dimension
Where there is Punishment There is Mark Dimension
Where There is Destruction..THERE IS (young man yells Mark Dimension!)
Your Days,Your Hours,Your minutes,Your 3 Seconds are gonna be done and out
With the Ref Count and the Most Dominant In EwncW History
Will Show You Why I Can Last Forever applying the pressure of suffering upon you
But Why Do That? Why do all of that?

AND JUST LIKE THAT (snaps fingers)
Your DEAD!
(Laughs at him)ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME ,...AS
Make Something out of Nothing...and I don't mean howdy
Surgery will be needed not from the general, but to remove my boot from your ass!!
Haaaa!!! (Pats a guy really hard in the back)

To Be Honest Solla , I Can't Wait to FIGHT You!!!


CP: King Strem what the hell does this jerk want?

Bods: ssshh quiet Pentalion the king is here.

KS: Will you two just shut up? Really? Oh I'm Solla, I am going to collect you like I do fancy little dolls and figurines. and, I...Am...Mark...Dimensions... I will hurt everyone like my daddy did when I was a wee lad. You two are fucking pathetic. I hear a lot of bulldog talk from those puppy dog jaws. You two need to understand one thing, and that is that I am the best around here. I know it does not seem like it because no one cares to push the top talent, just those who are good friends with the writers. But trust me, no one in the company can stop me. Hell, you two together could not stop me. And if I could get the chance, I would really love for you two to try. Let it be written and let it be told, you can not stop the king, you can't even slow him down. You can only get ran over or get out of the way. The King has spoken."


CP: Daymian Bloodstone is here. The Kamikaze Warrior is here and I am sure he is bring a Bloodstone Era Pipe bomb with him and listen to that noise this crowed seems pleased to see Bloodstone out here, probably because he is going to call it like he sees it instead of the bullshit King Strem spews

Bods: you ever get tired of your high horse I don’t care what Daymian says its King Strem is the Ignition Champion

CP: a title he has Zero Respect for!

*Bloodstone gets the mic and hits the ring*

DB: Oh dear god, again you're are out running your damn mouth. KING STREM YOU ARE SO PATHETIC! You whine like no one else can. Why the hell did you find it necessary to come out here and interrupt these two guys for no reason. What because you call yourself king you think that entitles you do as you please? You are not worth the toilet paper i use to whip my ass. You are nothing but a pathetic piece of shit who cries like a bitch when no one pays attention to you. I can't for the life of me figure out why the brass in the back gave you the gold when it is clear you don't deserve it. Hey guys and girls in the crowd you think King Strem deserves the Ignition Title?

*Crowd chant hell no!*

DB: Thats what i thought, Who should be the champ?

*crowd reply: "Bloodstone"*

DB: Aww you guys are so sweet! Back on topic though. King Strem you think that coming out here and bitching because no one likes you will get you the respect you want but it only makes you look like an idiot. You treat everyone like they are your personal slaves because you wear gold. Than to make things worse you come out here and claim you don't care about the title or our respect which we can all tell is bull s**t. You are in the greatest era in the history of EWNCW, the Era of Bloodstone, and at Destiny's Calling when i beat you, wells, MBC, and GB to become the Ignition Champion this era will grow and i will prove to everyone that big things come in small packages!

CP: Bloodstone might well be new ignition champion come Sunday!


JC: do you four guys have anything to do with each other! I mean everybody is angry and quite frankly its getting out of control so here is what I am going to do tonight MD and Solla you want to prove your dominance fine you’ll be the captains for a good old 5 on 5 elimination Tag match Team Solla, King Strem, Grind Bastard, Russo Swerve and Nyron vs Team Dimensions: Mark Dimensions, Daymian Bloodstone, MBC, Jordan, & Ryan Wells.

CP: Oh my god what a huge Match!

Bods: This one should be good some real heavy hitters gonna be thrown in the melting pot tonight.
__________________________________________________ ______________

*Back from the break Team Dimensions is in the ring. Team solla are in a team huddle at ringside. They take their respective places on the apron and this one is underway.*

MD/Hardcore Holly, Daymian Bloodstone/Chris Beniot, Jordan1995/John Cena, Ryan Wells Bradshaw MBC
Solla/Brock Lesner, Russo Swerve/Big Show, Nathan Jones/King Strem, Grind_Bastard/A-Train & Nyron/Matt Morgan



CP: Well where to start with that one! Jordan just pinned Russo Swerve but MD got eliminated before it even got going due to the disqualification for attacking Solla, Wells eliminated Grind that’s got to give him some steam heading to DC.

Bods: That one was a train crash of brutality I loved it!

CP: really

Bods: ALL UNTIL THAT JERK Jordan pinned Russo!!

CP: ah… None the less things far from settled by these guys DC can’t come quick enough this is getting wild and out of control

Tommy Thunder
10-18-2011, 12:03 AM
*We cut backstage to Dick Thompson*

DT: Ryan Wells and Krystian Krysys are with me here folks, who do you think will win the King of the Cage final tonight?

RW: Hey Dick, thanks for the opportunity to input my opinion, appreciate it!
But I got to say, as much as I dislike Rich, he is a hell of a wrestler, and I got nothing but respect for his abilities. But...SC is also a beast in the ring and me and him have chatted lightly a few times, and he is a great and cool guy, hard worker, charismatic, and a great wrestler. With that being said, I got to go with my man SilverCena, he's gonna make us proud, one for the good guys, eh? I'm rooting for ya buddy!

DT: And you Krystian?

KK: That's a simple question and here is a simple answer Rich Cranium. Rich deserves it more than just about anyone and I think he wants it more and that will be the defining factor and the reason he wins tonight

DT: Thanks for your time guys.
__________________________________________________ ___________________

*We come back to see that Seth Ferrell is in the ring.*

SF: You people need to show me some respect, because you’re looking at your new International champion!!

*crowd boo*

SF: You see I’ve put Billy McCoy on the shelf, and unless he’s ready to compete in 30 days, he has to surrender the International championship to ME. Because I’m next in line.

*crowd boo for Ferrell. John Cleverly appears on the tron*

JC: Now Seth, I’m sorry to say, but the match at Destiny’s Calling will not be put in jeopardy like this. I’m the GM, so I make the rules, not you. I’m giving McCoy until Destiny’s Calling to heal up. IF he fails to get medical clearance to wrestle at Destiny’s Calling, then , and ONLY then will the title have to be forfeited. And McCoy, I know you’re listening, I want an answer from you this Thursday on Inferno.

*mixed reaction from the crowd as Ferrell looks slightly peeved.*

CP: Well another huge announcement there form GM Cleverly! Villy McCoy has until Destiny's Calling to get healthy, or he has to forfeit the title!!

Bod: It'll be touch and go if he's ready or not, but this could be an opening for Ferrell to become International champion!
__________________________________________________ __________________

*We come back from the break to see Seraphim and The Flying Dutchman in the ring*

CP: We’re back here folks ready for Seraphim’s gauntlet match.

Seraphim/Christopher Daniels vs The Flying Dutchman/elix skipper


CP: That’s one for Seraphim, let’s see who’s next

Seraphim/Chrisopher Daniels vs TJ Rage/Chris Sabin

(ignore post match)

CP: Another one bites the dust there. One more to go for Seraphim.

Seraphim/Christopher Daniels vs Bill Richards/Jarrelle Clark


CP: And he’s done it!! And excellent display from Seraphim there... but wait..!!

*Primus Khan is down to stop the celebration as he starts to beat on Seraphim. He lays into him in the corner for a while. The referee finally pulls him away and he leaves the ring*

CP: A vicious beating dealt there to Seraphim at the hands of Primus Khan!

Bod: This rivalry is heating up nicely. I want to see them go at it 1 on 1!! BOOK IT NOW!!

CP: Well, you might just get your wish Bodom!

Tommy Thunder
10-18-2011, 12:08 AM

CP: And here comes the Nature boy with 'The Japanese Dragon' Bam in tow!!

Bod: It’s always good to be in the presence of a God Chris, but you’re fortunate enough to be in the presence of 2 right now!

CP: What?! You are unbelievable!

*Ric Flair and Bam make their way to the ring*

RF: The Nature Boy is feeling good tonight! You see, each and every week, we are embarrassing that pompous SOB Tommy Thunder! That's right! You see, I came to EWNCW just as I've appeared on every major wrestling program in the country and I told the people that I was born with a golden spoon in my mouth, that I wore the finest clothes money could buy, the most expensive jewelery, driven in the biggest cars, flown in the massive airplanes. Everything I've ever wanted in life has been mine. I reiterate, if I couldn't buy it, I went out and got it. I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it a hundred more times, if theres a wrestler out there that wants to find out where he stands, where he ranks in professional wrestling, the greatest sport in the world today, then he better get in the ring with my protege Bam because he is the illusion destroyer. Tommy Thunder, we issue a challenge to you at Destiny's Calling! What do you say?! Woooooooooooooooo!


CP: and no messing around, here comes Tommy Thunder!! Bam and Flair have been going at it with Thunder ever since Thunder beat Bam in the King of the Cage tournament, and they even went as far as costing Thunder his place in the final!

Bod: As I’ve said before, to make a statement in this business, you go after the no 1 guy, and Thunder is in the group of top guys in this company. It’s a smart move on the part of Flair to advise Bam to do this.

TT: Did I hear that correctly, or am I going deaf here. Did you seriously challenge ME to a match at Destiny’s Calling?! Don’t make me laugh!! What have you done to deserve a match against me? At EWNCW’s biggest ppv no less!! NOTHING! That’s what!

*crowd cheer*

TT: The only thing you’ve done is attack me from behind time and time again! And why? Because you’re bitter that I knocked you out of the King of the Cage tournament!! And through these attacks, you denied me the chance to go on to headline tonight’s Rage, and Destiny’s Calling, and the chance for me to reclaim my EWNCW World Heavyweight title!!

*crowd cheer*

TT: So I tell you what. You’re on for Destiny’s Calling Bam!! I look forward to beating your sorry little sushi eating ass!!

*crowd explode as Flair and Bam look excited*

TT: BUT! For tonight, how would the EWNCW fans like to see me put a beating on someone else’s ass?

*crowd roar in approval*

TT: Seeing as you’re dressed to compete, how about tonight we see Tommy Thunder vs Ric Flair!!

*crowd go nuts as Flair is taken back a bit. Bam seems to be encouraging him, and he eventually gets fired up again.*

CP: All right! We’re going to see Bam taking on Tommy Thunder at Destiny’s Calling, and we’re getting Flair vs Thunder right now!!

Bod: 2 excellent matches. I always love to see Flair in action, I can’t wait for this one!

Tommy Thunder/Jeff Hardy vs Ric Flair


CP: Well Thunder needed a rollup there, but he pulled it out the bag!

Bod: Flair had that one, but Thunder had to win via a rollup. Not the way to win a match!!

CP: Well at least we can now look forward to seeing Thunder vs Bam at Destiny’s Calling!!

Tommy Thunder
10-18-2011, 12:19 AM
*We cut backstage to Dick Thompson*

DT: I've now finally managed to get hold of EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, Gillz. Who do you think will win the King of the Cage final tonight and go on to face you at Destiny's Calling?

G: Well lets see
of any of them it would be rich
but to be honest i couldnt care less
the only reason i think rich will win is because Cenas washed up
hes a shell of himself
but hell i would gladly kick his ass if he drag himself to beat rich

DT: Thanks for your time Gillz.
__________________________________________________ ____________

CP: It’s now time for our main event folks!! It’s a big one!! It’s the final of the King of the Cage tournament!!


CP: Here comes Silver Cena; ‘the Rapping hyena’!!

Bod: This man talks nonsense most of the time with his raps, but he know what he’s doing in the ring.


CP: And here comes the man that’s nearly completed his mission of proving everyone wrong. Rich Cranium, the man everyone claimed wouldn’t make it as a singles wrestler, is now looking at the chance to advance to Destiny’s Calling to face Gillz for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Bod: well I got to give it to him, he’s proven me wrong, and I’ve gained a lot of respect for the guy. Keep in mind though, both men here were attacked by Gillz earlier in the night, but it’s now 1 vs 1 inside a steel cage!!


*Rich looks around with a worried look on his face as the music plays.*

CP: And again it's that music playing. I can't imagine who or what it means, but to me it seems that Rich seems to know it's significance.

Bod: This is bad timing. Rich can't let silly mind games like this get to him. Not now. Not when he's so close to destiny's Calling.

CP: Well the music has stopped now. The cage has been lowered, and we're ready to go here.

Rich Cranium/Eddie Guerrero vs SilverCena/JBL



CP: What the.....!! Is that who I think it is?!

Bod: It is Chris that’s Rich's former Godmoney tag team partner; The Beard of Zeus!!

CP: He just screwed Rich out of the match!! He just cost his former tag team partner a chance to headline Destiny’s Calling!!

Bod: There must be a reason for this Chris, TBoZ must have his reasons for this, you don’t turn on your best friend like this for no reason. I want to hear him out before passing judgment.

CP: WHAT?! He just screwed his friend out of a shot at the EWNCW World Heavyweight title!! How can you possibly think he’ll justify that!! Well that concludes our broadcast for tonight folks, but we’re still in shock here. Tune in for Thursday night Inferno, where hopefully we will get some answers to what happened here tonight! Several big announcments here tonight. Silver Cena has won the King of the Cage tournament and will go on to face Gillz at Destiny's Calling, but bigger than that, The Beard of Zeus is back in EWNCW!! And he screwed Rich out of winning here tonight!! What will happen next? I don't know, but if you tune in on Thursday, we might have something for you!! From St. Luis Missouri, good night everyone!

10-25-2011, 05:43 AM
Monday Night RAGE! is tuesday lunch time RAGE this week Enjoy

10-25-2011, 05:44 AM
Final Filler


Tommy Thunder
10-25-2011, 06:08 AM

CP: We are less than one week away from our biggest pvv of the year; ‘Destiny’s Calling’!! We are live her in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we have some show for you tonight!! We already have one match announced with Gillz taking on the man that was screwed out of his shot at the title. Rich Cranium. Yes folks, tonight, we get to see the match that never was!

Bod: Indeed Chris, I’m sure Rich’s all fired up to prove his point against Gillz, and I’m sure it’ll be some match.


CP: And here comes the champ himself; Gillz!!

Bod: This man is walking out of the grandest stage of them all with his title Chris, mark my words. He’s held that title for a long time, and that’s the mark of a true champion.

*In The Ring*

Well Hi everybody, its your good pal Gillz
You know the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion Gillz
Now as you know a certain someone pulled another fluke win last week
and now he faces me one last time for the belt
Hear that Cena ONE! LAST! TIME!
Every time you weasel your way into a match with me and each time I knock you back on your ass
And that’s how it will stay Cena
That is...
If you make it to DC Cena


CP: And here’s the challenger for his title Silver Cena ‘The Rapping Hyeana’!! He can’t be too pleased with what he’s just heard.

Bod: Well as I’ve said before, this guy talks a lot of gibberish to me. I’m not really into rap music and all that, but his unique brawling style does get the job done in the ring for him.

SilverCena: What's up Indianapolis!

*Crowd yells "what's up BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"*

SC: That's right, SilverCena is in the House!

*Crowd cheers*

SC: I am here tonight to address the Gillz problem! Gillz has been running around with the title for too long now! He has become as stale as expired crackers! Let's face it. It's time for a change! It's time for a new dawn! It's time for a new champ and that is where I come into play. You see, I earned my shot by winning the King of the Cage tournament and there is no way in hell that I am going to walk out of Destiny's Calling empty handed! Gillz, you have less than a week left as champ so you better celebrate every day like it's your last cause the clock is ticking! See you at Destiny' Calling!

*Throws down mic*


CP: And our main eventer for tonight!! Rich Cranium enters the fray!! I wonder what he’s got to say!!

Bod: Well Rich was screwed out of the chance to main event ‘Destiny’s Calling’, but he gets a chance at some redemption here tonight at least. He has a chance to prove here tonight that he could have become the champ!

RC: Gillz, SHUTUP!

*Crowd laughs and cheers*

RC: Tonight the EWNCW fans will get to see the match they should have had at Destiny's Calling! I am going to prove
that if we were to meet at Destilny's Calling for the title that I would have been the EWNCW Champion!

*Crowd chants "Rich"*

Now get ready because I am going to dismantle you tonight!


CP: And now here comes the man that cost Rich his chance to main even ‘Destiny’s Calling, The Beard of Zeus!!

Bod: Well he feels forgotten. And who can blame him? Since he left, we’ve barely herd his name mentioned!

TBOZ: Really? The match that "should" have happened? Last time I checked, Rich lost. He won matches with interruptions, why can't he lose one?

This place is a joke and an outrage, thank the heavens I'm back. The fact that Gillz, whatever kind of name that is, has to defend his title against this excuse for a entertainer is beyond me.

I think I should shake things up a bit, how about we fast forward our meeting Richard and have you face me in the main event? Maybe then people will see how much of a joke you really are. And it will also give the "champion" a rest before he eventually has to face me.

Oh, is that a bold statement of intent? Yeah, I think it was.

*TBOZ starts to go towards Rich, but Gillz holds him back, and Cena holds Rich back*


CP: Well, now here’s Tommy Thunder! What does he want out here?!

Bod: I don’t know Chris, but I’m sure he has something to say, as usual...

TT: Ladies, ladies, ladies, please! Stop this! I mean, I don’t want you have any fun out here without me!

*Thunder enters the ring*

TT: Now see this is the way I see things. Gillz is pissed because he has to defend his title against Cena. A guy he’s defeated countless times. But on the other hand, you’re in the main event at ‘Destiny’s Calling’ dude, so quit your damn whining!

*crowd cheer*

TT: Now Cena’s faced Gillz a billion times, and this Sunday he has yet another shot at him. Is that fair? In my book it ain’t. But you did win the King of the Cage tournament to get that shot. But you also had a ton of help along the way, with Flair and Bam taking me out, and beardy here taking Rich out.

*crowd laugh as TBOZ looks annoyed*

TT: So although you’re in the main event, count yourself very lucky to be there!
And on to the aforementioned beardy Zeus here. Why the hell are you pissed? Because your name wasn’t in the spotlight anymore? Because your partner was on his way to the main event at ‘Destiny’s Calling’? Because you ran out of money and you had to beg and grovel to get your job back here?! I don’t know! But one thing I do know, what you did on Rage last week was low man. You cost your ‘former’ best friend a chance of a lifetime. So if anything, he’s the one that needs to be pissed off!!

*crowd cheer*

TT: And yeah, like I said. Very simple with you Rich. You’re pissed off. And I can see why. Because you, just like me, were screwed out of your match in the King of the Cage tournament. And...


CP: Oh boy here comes trouble!

Bod: Ahh my good friend, nd fellow wrestling God, ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair and his protégé, the man that will win the EWNCW World Heavyweight title very soon ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam!! I can’t wait to see what they have to say to us!!

RF: Shut up Thunder!! Shut up!! Shut your damn mouth!!

*crowd boo*

RF: And all of you fatboys can shut up too!!

*crowd boos louder*

RF: You come out here Thunder and run your God damn mouth every week, like you own the place!! Well newsflash buddy!! You don’t!! You see that square thing you’re standing in there?! You see it?! Yeah! That’s MY house!! No, no, no!! That’s my TEMPLE!! And to stand in my TEMPLE and run your mouth, you need permission from ME!! And you didn’t get that!! Only I can run my mouth in there!!

*crowd boo*

RF: Now, instead of concerning yourself with those idiots in the ring, you should be concerned with this man right here!! Because on Sunday, you’re going to make the career of this man when he beats you!! That’s right!! After this Sunday, ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam will be 5 steps closer to joining me on a ride on Space Mountain!! And he by the time he arrives, he’ll have THAT World Heavyweight title around his waist !!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


JC: Alright stop this right now, before we have the whole roster out here!! The main event for tonight is set, and I’m not changing it! EWNCW World Heavyweight champion Gillz WILL face ‘God’s Golden Son’ Rich Cranium in tonight’s main event!

*crowd cheer*

JC: But, this little altercation here has given me some ideas for other matches tonight. Later, we will see ‘The Rapping Hyena’ Silver Cena, take on ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam!!

*crowd cheer as both superstars eye each other up, and Flair is in Bam’s ear*

JC: And we will also see ‘The Prodigal Son’ The Beard of Zeus take on ‘The Storm’ Tommy Thunder!!

*crowd cheer*

JC: And that match is right NOW!!

*crowd explode*

CP: Wow! Well first we had one huge match tonight, now, we have 3!!

Bod: We have a mouth watering main event, but two other main event worthy matches set here!!

Tommy Thunder
10-25-2011, 06:15 AM
CP: So here we are back on Monday night Rage, and we have a main event-worthy match set up here in front of us! Tommy Thunder taking on The Beard of Zeus!

Bod: Well we haven’t seen much of Zeus in singles action during his EWNCW career, and Tommy Thunder is a former holder of multiple championships here. It should be an interesting bout Chris!

TBOZ/Brock Lesnar vs Tommy Thunder/Hulk Hogan


CP: My God! TBOZ has done it! A huge victory for the former Godmoney member!

Bod: Well, new attitude, new beginnings, new horizons. TBOZ looks like he’s all fired up for Sunday’s no holds barred match with Rich!!
__________________________________________________ ______

CP: Welcome back to Rage coming up next The Force of Greatness continue their roll through the Tag Team Division. Over the last few weeks Force of Greatness have set out to prove that they are still one of the top teams in the world and really who could argue otherwise


Bods: Very impressive! Matt and Tai are the consummate professionals and always deliver


CP: Well you know The Physco Circus are tight with The Collective. The Circus will want to hurt Matt and Tai.

Bods: Two serious beasts here they are going to be going full tilt here.

The Force of Greatness/AirBoom vs The Physco Circus/Jindar Mahal & The Great Kali


CP: FOG get it done. Miscommunication from PC allowed Matt and Tai to get the win there

Bods: Watch your back guys!!

*The Collective run down with chairs head for The FOG who manage to escape Matt grabs the mic *

Matt Elder: Hey you guys really are quite angry aren’t you! Well this isn’t going to help because we were on the phone to Nathan Staples and he has put you guys in a match for Inferno a 3 way match The Collective vs The Upstarts vs Sky High Bastards just to make sure you guys are ready

*Tai laughs, so does Matt as they leave up the ramp*

CP: So the Force of Greatness are heading to Destiny’s Calling on a high it seems, and they’ve arranged a 3 way match for The Collective on Inferno!

Bod: The Collective need that win. They can’t look weak heading into the biggest title defence of their careers!

Tommy Thunder
10-25-2011, 06:21 AM
*We come back to see Harley McCarthney standing ready in the ring*


CP: Well Harley McCathney is ready for action in the ring, and it seems we now have ‘Red Hot’ Istvan Gretzky heading to there.

Bod: Well it doesn’t look good for McCarthney does it. Gretzky’s new attitude has impressed me, and nobody has been able to stop him.

IG: Jak siemasz! My Name 'a Istvan, Istvan Gretzky.. Ladies call me zee big "Red Hot" Istvan Grertzky! Istvan makes appearance at Destiny's Call because Istvan is master at catch-as-catch-can grapples matches, Kurwa! Once I enters the ring, not a man can stop the great Gretsky because you will feel power from Istvan vascular arm made from fallen star, Kurwa! Istvan here to make home country proud as he is great hero in mother Poland! I have focus and American women will not distract my domination plans! Istvan has now working out time table to manage shaking legs and time for party, Kurwa... Istvan stand on stage before all and everyone to say FROM NOW ON, MAN WITH VASCULAR ARMS MADE FROM FALLEN STAR BECOME DOMINATING FORCE IN EWCN...kurwa!

CP: Good lord. The guys intimidating and intense isn’t he!

Bod: Alright Chris, no need to get a hard-on. Keep your pants on, and let’s call this match.

(Kozlov = Gretzky / Hardy = McCarthney)


CP: Another impressive win there for Istvan Gretzky, who continues his ‘Red Hot’ streak here. You see what I did there Bodom?!

Bod: *sigh* yes Chris, well done. But back on topic, yes. Gretzky said before the match that he intends to be at Destiny’s Calling, and I got to say, why not! They guy’s more focused now, and his new attitude is paying dividends!
__________________________________________________ _______________


CP: We’re back here on Monday night Rage, and ‘The King’ is on his way to the ring!

Bod: This man has been preaching and preaching without end on his dissatisfaction at his treatment here. He’s holding a title, but he feels he deserves to be higher up on the card so to speak. Let’s see what he’s got for us tonight!

KS: So I guess I am suppose to say that this Sunday is Destiny's Calling and how I will defeat everyone in that match. To be honest though, I just don't give a fuck. I don't care what happens, I don't care if I win or lose, I really don't even care if I keep the title. I am fed up with all of this. I am fed up with dealing with guys who since the middle of summer have been trying to beat me and can't. Really guys? You can't put me in some other feud? This shit gets boring. I am here to wrestle and win the top prize and that will never happen as long as I keep feuding with bloodstone and Grind. So I really don't care what happens, just give me your next shitty feud. Let it be written and let it be told, I am the top superstar here but no one will know this because I always get shit shoved to the back burner, and if the writers keep going in the way they are, will continue to stay there. Hence, I don't care. The king has spoken.


CP: And here comes my favourite in the King of the Mountain match at ‘Destiny’s Calling’; Damien Bloodstone!!

Bod: Meh, this guy has some qualities, but there are 3 other guys in the match remember. But King Strem and Bloodstone seem to have something personal going on between both.

DB: Oh God again? Didn't you do this last week and the week before that and well every other week for god knows how long. I got an idea, after I strip you of the Ignition title the brass in the back can give you a title for running your mouth the most!

*Crowd laughs*

DB: But on a serious note, This Sunday will be the last day you wear any gold around your waist. You don't deserve to wear gold when it’s clear to everyone you don't respect it. You think you’re so great, so holyer than thow but you’re as worthless as they come. I may be small in height but you come up short everywhere else. You bitch and moan because no one pays any attention to you. Why should they when you trash these people every chance you get? I'm big in spirit and strength and everywhere in counts and that’s why come Sunday I’ll prove to everyone that big things come in small packages!

*They both get in each other’s faces for a while*


JC: Now hold on a minute there playas! I’ve had complaints from the other 3 guys in the King of the Mountain match that you 2 are stealing their thunder. They feel that they’re in this match too, but you 2 seem to think that you’re the best 2 athletes in the match and that you’re the only 2 options to win it. So, with that in mind, here’s what I’m gonna do right now. We’re going to have ourselves a tag TEAM match!!

*crowd cheer*

JC: King Strem! You will team with Damien Bloodstone!!

*crowd cheer as Strem and Bloodstone look at each other stunned. Strem starts complaining, shouting at Cleverly. He can be heard shouting “It’s not fair!”*

JC: That’s right. Life isn’t fair playa!! And you will take on the team of ‘The Freak’ Ryan Wells, Grind Bastard, and the MBC; Mint Berry Crunch!!

*crowd cheer*

JC: Holla holla holla!!

CP: Wow! A 2 vs 3 handicap match!! How will this one work out?!

Bod: Well the odds are against Strem here, since not only is his team outnumbered, but he’s teaming with a guy he doesn’t even like!

Tommy Thunder
10-25-2011, 06:25 AM
*After the break Wells, Grind and MBC are ready in the ring*

CP: We’re back ready to go in this 2 vs 3 handicap match folks!! So let’s go!

(HHH = Strem, John Cena = Bloodstone / Mysterio = Grind, Angle = Wells, Orton = MBC)


CP: Good lord what chaos!! Team-mates attacking each other left right and centre!! Damien Bloodstone eventually got the win, much to the dismay of Strem, but there was a lot going on there Bodom!

Bod: There certainly was. But the bottom line is, even after being hit with Strem’s finisher, Bloodtone managed to roll up the MBC for the win, as Strem could only look on. Strem’s title is in danger on Sunday, but it’s still anybody’s guess as to who takes it out of these 5 guys!
__________________________________________________ ___________

CP: Now as you all know folks, ‘Destiny’s Calling’ is only 6 days away, but the night before, EWNCW will host the 2011 EWNCW awards!! You, the EWNCW fans have been voting over the past 2 weeks, and the voting has now closed! So this Saturday, we will find out which superstars have received these prestigious awards!!

Bod: Hmm, I wonder if I’ve won one...

CP: I’m sure you have, but next up for you folks we have Silver Cena taking on ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam!!

Bod: This should be an excellent matchup. 2 very different styles, but 2 very determined competitors.


CP: Here comes ‘The Rapping Hyena’!!

Bod: We’ve never seen these 2 match up before, so this is a whole new experience for both guys. Cena looks determined. As long as he doesn’t rap, I’ll be happy.


CP: And now here is ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam!!

Bod: How dare you forget the ‘Nature Boy’!! He’ll play a big part in coaching Bam here as usual, shouting instructions!!

CP: Hmm, are you sure you don’t mean cause obstructions?

BAM/Batista w/Ric Flair vs SilverCena/Kane


CP: And Bam has done it!! He’s beaten the no.1 contender for the EWNCW World Heavyweight championship!! Flair was heavily involved as usual there, but...

Bod: What do you mean?! Bam won that one fair and square!! Bam’s a future champ here in EWNCW, and he’s defeated the man that’s main eventing ‘Destiny’s Calling’ with Gillz!! Boy!! Flair must be proud!!

Tommy Thunder
10-25-2011, 06:28 AM

CP: Up next it’s Seraphim in singles action

Bods: that’s right he is facing…


CP: Russo got to be thinking about Destiny’s Calling this Sunday he is involved in huge match

Bods: Indeed he is Russo Swerve faces his forum nemesis Jordan1995

CP: These guys genuinely don’t like each other!

Seraphim/Christopher Daniels vs Russo Swerve/Matt Cross


CP: Seraphim picks up the win more momentum for this man on quite a role

*Primus Kahn runs down to the ring and starts beating Seraphim and here comes Nyron to join in the beatdown*

CP: My god they are laying into Seraphim here he is trying to fight back but he is just outnumbered

*Jordan1995 runs down the ramp, slides in nails Russo with a right hand. Seraphim recovers he and Jordan1995 clear house*

*JC appears on the tron*

JC: Allright. I can see that here we have 2 sets of guys that are not on each other’s Christmas card lists! So here’s what I’m going to do about it. Russo, Jordan! I can see that neither of you guys like each other, and I’ve granted you 2 your little match at ‘Destiny’s Calling’. BUT, I want to make sure that you Nyron don’t get involved. So at ‘Destiny’s Calling, Russo and Jordan will compete with each other inside a Steel Cage!!

*crowd pop as Russo and Nyron ar livid*

JC: But wait, I’m not finished there! Seraphim and Primus Khan. You 2 have been going at each other’s necks for a few weeks now, but we still aren’t any closer to finding out which one of you is the true superior competitor. So at ‘Destiny’s Calling’, I’m going to put you 2 in a match against each other. A 60 minute Iron Man match!!

*crowd go nuts for this*

JC: Have a nice day!

CP: Oh my God!! Another huge match added to Destiny’s Calling’s card!! A 60 minute Iron Man match between Primus Khan and Seraphim!! Well I guess that’s one way to find out who’s the best!!

Bods: That’s a huge encounter added to Efeds Biggest Show!! But if that isn’t enough, the real life hatred between Jordan1995 and Russo Swerve will now be confined inside a Steel Cage!! I can’t wait for those 2 Chris!!

Tommy Thunder
10-25-2011, 06:31 AM

CP: We’re back from the break here to see John Cleverlyin the ring. I’m being told that Billy McCoy is now going to be called down to the ring for an important conversation ahead of the potential match he has at ‘Destiny’s Calling’, where he is slated to face ‘The Great Pharaoh’ Seth Ferrell for the International title.

Bod: Indeed. You mentioned ‘potential match’ there, of course we don’t know if McCoy will be medically cleared to compete yet, since he’s still nursing a head injury he received at the hands of a brutal attack from Ferrell wielding a steel chair a couple of weeks back.

JC: Now, as you all know, there is a match on the card for ‘Destiny’s Calling’ where Billy McCoy is supposed to defend his International title against Seth Ferrell. But as you all know, McCoy has not yet been medically cleared to wrestle, and I have given him until Sunday to prove that he is able to compete. Now, I asked McCoy to come here tonight, as I need to discuss something with him, so I now call you Billy to come on out here if you please.


*the crowd pops big as the International champion Billy McCoy comes out. He looks a lot more serious than usuall as he makes his way down the ramp and in the ring. He grabs a mic*

JC: Thanks for coming out here Billy, much appreciated. Now, about the reason I asked you to come out here...

BM: Let me stop you there John. I know why you’ve asked me to come out here. I know that If I’m not ready to compete at Destiny’s Calling, then I will have to forfeit the title to Ferrell. But Let me assure you, I’m working with the best people right now, and there’s nothing I want more than to compete at EWNCW’s biggest ppv in front of all the EWNCW fans!!

*crowd cheer and start a ‘Real McCoy’ chant*

BM: There is nothing I want more than to beat Seth Ferrell and retain my title against him at ‘Destiny’s Calling’. And believe me John cleverly. I WILL be ready to compete this Sunday. You have my word!

*crowd cheer*

JC: Ok. Ok, well that’s all great Billy. But that’s not the actual reason I asked you to come out here tonight. You say you will be ready on Sunday. Now I believe you, and I have faith that you will be! Indeed I hope you will be because there’s one match less on the card of you’re not! BUT. With a problem like this, there aren’t any guarantees. You can’t guarantee me 100% that you’ll be ready on Sunday. And for that reason, with great regret, I must ask you to hand over the International title to me right now.

*crowd boo as McCoy looks devastated*

JC: I’m sorry Billy, but management have asked me to take it in case you’re not able to compete, so please hand it over.

*after a minute or 2 staring at the title, McCoy stares out to the fans who start a ‘you’re the champion’ chant. McCoy eventually hands over the title as the crowd boo*

JC: Thank you Billy. I’m sure you’ll be fine for Sunday, and you’ll have a chance to defend this.

*McCoy exits the ring and starts walking up the ramp. At the top he stops to look back at the ring as the crowd cheer.
Suddenly, Seth Ferrell comes out and attacks McCoy with a steel chair again from behind! He stands over McCoys body as the crowd boo him endlessly. Eventually John Cleverly is over and orders him to the back as a few referees come out to check on McCoy.*

Tommy Thunder
10-25-2011, 06:39 AM
CP: Well we’re back from the break here after we just witnessed a sick attack on a very emotional Billy McCoy. He had just handed over his title to GM Cleverly in case he wasn’t fit to compete this Sunday, and on his way to the back, a chair wielding Seth Ferrell would attack McCoy from behind!

Bod: A sick attack indeed Chris. McCoy is already injured, and a further attack with a chair isn’t going to help his chances. I’m afraid that we could have just witnessed the last time Billy McCoy holds the International title here tonight.

CP: Indeed, but now, let’s look forward to our blockbuster main event!!


CP: Here comes the champ! He looks fired up here tonight, but he doesn’t feel he should be facing anyone let alone Rich here tonight!

Bod: Well he’s the champ, he’s got a right to do whatever he wants I say!


CP: And here comes ‘Godn’s Golden son’! Rich Cranium!! We’re finally now going to see the match that should have been!!

Bod: If it’s the match that should have been, then Rich would have won last week, simple as that.

Gillz/Chris Jericho vs Rich Cranium/Lance Storm


CP: And Gillz gets the win here, proving his dominance!

Bod: Well there you go Chris, the fairytale wouldn’t have come full circle after all you see.

CP: Well no but... oh wait, is that...

*The Beard of Zeus rushes out and enters the ring to start beating down on Rich. Gillz joins in the attack too as they both take it in turns to pummel him.*

CP: This is complete cowardice on the part of both men here! There’s no reason whatsoever for it!!

Bod: Ohhh wait a minute, look who’s coming!!

*Silver Cena runs out with a steel chair. As he enters the ring, Gillz and TboZ bail. Cena helps Rich to his feet and the 2 sets of men stare each other down.*

CP: Wow! Cena came to the aid of Rich there, and only just in time! Gillz and TBoZ were really laying into the guy!

Bod: Well it’s a good way to soften your opponents up, but I would rather see these men compete at a 100% at ‘Destiny’s Calling’, so I guess Cena did goo here.

CP: Well that’s all the time we have this week folks!! Remember, ‘Destiny’s Calling is only 6 days away! The EWNCW awards ceremony is only 5 days away! But before then, there’s one more stop! That’s right, Thursday night Inferno this week folks!! Don’t miss it!! We’ll see you there, but from Indianapolis, goodnight!!

11-01-2011, 07:02 PM
Hope You enjoyed Destinys Calling go check it out on PAge 320 of the Infenro thread

11-01-2011, 07:05 PM

11-01-2011, 07:06 PM
Final filler it s RAGE Time

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 07:42 PM

CP: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday night Rage!! We are coming off the back of a monumental ppv in Destiny’s Calling, where we saw 2 new champions crowned!! Damien Bloodstone beat King Strem to become the new EWNCW Ignition champion, and Silver Cena defeated Gillz in the main event to be crowned the EWNCW World Heavyweight champion!! I’m here alongside EWNCW Bodom who was there to witness it all. Bodom, tell us, how was it?

Bod: HA! Yeah, you’d like to know since you weren’t there!! But seriously, it was incredible. This company should be proud of that show last night. Everybody worked their ass off to make that show what it was, and boy, did it deliver!

CP: Absolutely, and a big thank you to Airbourne for providing the entertainment throughout the night! But now on to tonight, where we are live from Providence, Rhode Island! EWNCW management have decided that from this point onwards there will be 2 definitive rosters for Rage and Inferno, and that there will be a draft held here tonight to determine those 2 rosters. This means that stars drafted to Rage will only appear on Rage programming, and Inferno stars will only appear on Inferno programming. Tag teams however will NOT be affected by the draft, since the titles will be defended on both brands. I’ve also been informed that there will be several brand new talents debuting here tonight! And if that isn’t enough, we’ve been told that it’s also likely there will be new titles added to the mix too, but no more details have been disclosed on that mater.


CP: And here comes our GM John Cleverly out to start us off here!

Bod: Cleverly had a hand in booking several of the matches from last night’s ppv, and they certainly delivered. Kudos to him for that.

JC: Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I hope you all enjoyed last night’s spectacle; ‘Destiny’s Calling’!!

*crowd cheer loud*

JC: I thought so! But as much as I’d like to bask in the glory of that ppv, we must press on. Tonight, we’re having a draft to determine definitive rosters for Rage and Inferno. Now the way we’re going to do this is very simple. But first, I must ask my Inferno counterpart, Nathan Staples to come out here to join me.


JC: Thanks for joining me here Nathan I...

NS: It’s great to be here John!! And I can’t wait to sweep up all the talents for Inferno tonight!!

JC: Haha! Good one Staples! I don’t think that’s going to happen! Now as I was saying, this is how things are going to work tonight. Staples and I will be picking each others opponents for tonight’s matches. The superstars that I pick will be representing the Rage brand, while the guys that Staples picks will represent Inferno. Whoever wins the respective match, gains the draft picks, for their respective brand!

NS: That’s right. But first we need to announce tonight’s main event! Gillz has invoked his re-match clause, and has challenged Silver Cena for the EWNCW World Heavyweight title here tonight! After a lengthy discussion before the show, John and I decided that Cena would represent Inferno for the match, and Gillz will represent Rage!!

*crowd cheer*

JC: Now, what do you say we start things off with a tag team match?

NS: Sounds good to me! I have an idea if you care to follow me! How about I choose Seth Ferrell and Bam to represent Inferno!

JC: Ah, I see where you’re going with this! Then I have Tommy Thunder and Billy McCoy to represent Rage! Sounds good to me! Let’s get this draft going!


CP: All right, the rules are fairly simple for tonight, it’s Rage vs Inferno, Cleverly vs Staples! Who’s going to be drafted where?!

Bod: As long as we have Ric Flair on Rage, I’ll be happy!!

CP: Hmm, well, we’ll see about that!

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 07:49 PM
CP: Now I’m told that a beer bash is being held backstage tonight to celebrate Silver Cena’s title win last night!! The host? None other than Keystone beer’s own Keith Stone! We’re delighted to announce that Keystone have signed a multi-year contract that allows Keith Stone to appear on EWNCW programming to promote their beer! Let’s head backstage to see how the party’s going!!

*backstage, a room is filled with EWNCW superstars (mainly faces and a few jobbers). Cena is seen with his title chatting with Billy McCoy and Tommy Thunder. William Carlin can be seen chugging one beer, before following it up with another. The camera pans to the door as a rather scruffy looking man comes in flanked with several ladies. He has a crate of Keystone Light hoisted on his shoulder. It’s the one and only Keith Stone! As he notices the camera...*

KS: Oh, you ladies go and join the party, I’ll be right over with my stones!

Girls: Ohhh Keith Stone! You’re so smooth!!

KS: Always.

*turns to camera*

KS: Hey. ‘Sup. I’m Keith Stone. You look thirsty. Well, whaddya know? I’ve got a cold pack of Stones right here. Handy. Here you go friend.

*hands can to camera man*

KS: Everything you need to know about me you learned just now. Now I’d love to stay and chat, over there, the champ needs a party! I’ll see ya around!

*goes over to Cena with his Stones and hands him, Thunder and McCoy one each*

KS: Here you go boys! To the champ!

*all 4 chug their beers*

TT: Damn, we really shouldn’t have done that seeing as we have a match right now McCoy!

BM: You’re right man, I think I might need the little boys room before we go!

TT: No time man, let’s kick some ass so we can come back here ASAP!
__________________________________________________ ________

*back in the arena*

CP: Well well, the party seemingly in full swing back there!!

Bod: How unprofessional. Drinking before matches!! And important matches for that matter!

CP: Come on, don’t tell me you’ve never had a sly drink before performing before!!


CP: And here comes ‘The Storm’!! He lost to Bam at Destiny’s Calling, but he’ll be looking to bounce back here tonight since it’s a clean slate now with this draft!

Bod: I always said that Bam would win that match. Flair has taught him well. But you’re right, it’s a clean slate for everyone here tonight.


CP: And now here is his partner, Billy McCoy!! E retained his International title last night, and he’s looking ready for the next challenge here!

Bod: Yes, a well fought match with Seth Ferrell saw McCoy come out on top. This team is a formidable one for sure, with a former International and World Heavyweight champion, and the current International champ teaming.


CP: And here comes the man who failed to win the International championship last night, ‘The Great Pharaoh’ Seth Ferrell.

Bod: That match was an excellent one, but Ferrell just couldn’t get the job done. He certainly impressed though, and I expect big things for him.


CP: And now here’s a guy that arguably pulled off THE upset of the night. ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam knocked off Tommy Thunder at Destiny’s Calling. A huge boost to his career.

Bod: Well as I said, Flair has turned this guy into an incredible superstar, and after a win like that, his career is really going to take off here now.

CP: Ok, so Thunder and McCoy representing Rage, and Ferrell and Bam representing Inferno. Who gets the draft pick? Let’s find out!

Tommy/HBK & McCoy/HHH vs Seth Farrell/DH Smith & BAM/Tyson Kidd



CP: And Tommy and Billy did it!! McCoy pinning Ferrell there after some great teamwork!

Bod: Well it seems that rage have the first draft picks! I wonder who we’re going to get here!

CP: Indeed. Let’s find out!


*****Drafted to Rage*****
Seth Ferrell
Markus Beerstein

CP: Wow! 2 Excellent talents coming to us there! Seth Ferrell who we know all about of course! And the beer swindling Markus Beerstein who debuted last night at Destiny’s Calling, beating Istvan Gretzky!!

Bod: 2 great talents indeed. Can’t wait to see more of Ferrell, and I’m certainly excited to see Beerstein in action, even if he is drunk half the time..... or most of the time.

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 07:55 PM
*John Cleverly and Nathan Staples are shown in an office. Both are watching the show via a big plasma screen tv on the wall.*

JC: well that’ one nil to me!! Haha!!

NS: I’m not too fussed. It’s early days yet Cleverly, and with the matches we’ve got lined up, I think I have a good chance of snapping up some big stars.

JC: Who’ve we got coming up next?

NS: Well I have Rich Cranium going for Inferno, and you have William Carlin going for Rage. Then we’ve got Primus Khan representing Rage going up against Mark Dimension for Inferno!

JC: Hmm, interesting. Let’s see how these ones pan out.

*back in the arena*


CP: And here is William Carlin! We’ve heard the next 2 matches we have coming up, and Carlin will certainly have his hands full with Rich Cranium, who’s coming off a massive high from Destiny’s Calling.

Bod: That’s right. Cranium and Zeus took brutality to the next level in that no holds barred match. You can’t expect Rich to be 100% here, but as you said, the high might be enough to get him through here.

Rich Cranium/Chris Beniot vs William Carlin/Kurt Angle


CP: My God! What a match that was!!

Bod: Carlin really stepped up his game there. That’s a sign of things to come from him perhaps, but Rich get’s the win, and the draft pick for Inferno!

CP: Right! And let’s see who’s going to be playing their trade on Thursday nights!

*****Drafted to Inferno*****
King strem

CP: Wow! 2 big talents there! ‘The Japanese Dragon’ and ‘The King’ will now be Thursday night regulars!!

Bod: Indeed. 2 guys I enjoy watching regretfully, but at least Flair isn’t part of the deal with Bam there! But wait, what’s this.....


*****Also drafted to Inferno, and making his return to EWNCW*****
The Great Cobra

CP: What?! The Great Cobra?! We haven’t seen him in EWNCW for months!!

Bod: An odd ball if I recall, I wonder if he’s learnt English since the last time we saw him?

CP: Well I think we can find out man, because I’m being told that there’s a pre-taped promo for us to see! Let’s take a look!

*The Great Cobra is shown on the tron marching back and forth with no purpose*

TGC: Cobra is BACK! I been away on top secret duty fighting Icelandic volcano eruption! I now come back and I sent to the Inferno! Volcano and Inferno both very hot! The Great Cobra here to win shiny belt so I take it to use like mirror against volcano eruption for the tan! I want the shiny belt so champions beware cause I put you in the Cobra clutch and you go nighty night! Tonight, I team with the Gretsky in tag team! We in Iceland no like the foreign guy cause he talk funny! If Istvan is to make a the grade in the Inferno shows, he must learn the proper English! I try to teach it but he worried bout American woman! I off subject but tonight is the return of Cobra and I do the business and win the belts! Cobra Army, flytja út! That mean, Cobra Army, move out!

*Salutes into the camera and marches off somewhere*

Bod: .....Well, I guess we did get the answer to my question.

CP: Yes, but we also learnt of another match that’s been made for tonight!! During that promo I was informed that The Great Cobra will team with Istvan Gretzky to represent Inferno, and take on The MBC and Markus Beerstein who represent Rage!! Another huge match there!

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 08:03 PM
*we cut backstage to the beer bash again. Cena is seen talking with EWNCW Ignition champion Damien Bloodstone. A waiter is carrying a crate of Keystone Light, but he trips over the deliberately outstretched leg of William Carlin, who’s very drunk by now. Keith Stone lunges to catch the crate of Stones before they hit the ground*

Girls: Oh eith Stone, you’re so smooth!!

*Keith gets to his feet and puts the crate on the table*

KS: Always. But anyway, can I have everybody’s attention please?! I think the man of the hour, Silver Cena here has a little something he’d like to say!!

*The handful of wrestlers and refs in the room gather around SilverCena with beer in hand*

SC: Thank you all for being here! As you al know I have worked my ass off to earn this title! *Displays EWNCW World Heavyweight title as the other guys nod their head in approval and clap* It took me several tries to get to this point but it has been well worth it.

*Krysys walks in and shakes SC's hand*

SC: Here, have a beer my man!

*Krysys declines and does the Straight Edge sign*

KK: No way man. I can’t.

*From out of nowhere, Stone Cold Steve Austin appears to a huge pop from the drowd!! He has a Keystone beer in hand.*

SCSA: What?!

KK: I said I can’t.

SCSA: What?!

KK: I can’t o..

SCSA: What?!

KK: Look I’m...


KK: If you just...


KK: I...


*Stone Cold continues until Krysys, with a slightly annoyed look, eventually moves away and leaves. After he leaves, Austin stops to smile. He then turns to Cena*

SCSA: I don’t think he wanted a beer.

SC: That's cool, more for us! *everyone laughs*

*MBC is already drunk when he attempts his cartwheel routine but passes out halfway and pukes up blueberries.
Carlin has a beer keg strapped to his head with a hose going from the keg to his mouth*

SC: Now, I would like to get serious for a moment! We have seen some of the past EWNCW champions jump ship to that other company. Now I am not allowed to mention their names but we all know who they are! I can promise you that nothing like that will happen again as long as I am champion! Now let's get back to the party!
Time to drink some more of that beer, boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
__________________________________________________ _______________________

CP: My God!! Stone Cold!! Stone Cold is backstage in EWNCW!!

Bod: A very nice surprise I must admit. I’m not sure if Cena’s going to be in any shape to compete if he continues drinking though!!

CP: Well Mint Berry Crunch is already in the ring, so it seems that we’re now going to have that match we heard of earlier; MBC and Markus Beerstain against Istvan Gretzky and the returning Great Cobra!

*MBC is already in the ring*


CP: And here comes EWNCW Newest superstar The German Sensation Markus Beerstein, and boy he made an impact this past sunday at Destiny Calling

Bod: Indeed He did, beating Istvan in his open challenge, let see what he has to say

MB: Monday Night Rage... this is the moment you are been waiting for... after a long, long wait MARKUS IS HERE!!!, for the ones who don't know me and I bet is just that guy wearing that horrible Kingstrem shirt, I am Markus Beerstein, THE TEUTONIC NIGHTMARE, former champion all around the world and the most exciting drunk guy in wrestling history!!!

*Crowd cheers*

MB: That's right folks, you heard people talking rumors about me coming here to EWNCW, many wait for my debut and finally I'm here, you know being a top class superstar is kinda hard, and when you are used to kick everyone asses it gets a little bit tired, so I took some free months and visited my loved Germany for some National fucking Octoberfest action!!, ahh don't worry still I beat the hell out of some guys, because I said to myself "Where is the best scenario to make my debut?"
The Grandest stage em all Destiny Calling!!!

*Crowd cheers more*

MB: Thanks, and it seems is the perfect time for a BEER!!, come on lets celebrate all together, Monday Night Rage, let me hear it for BEER!!!!

*Crowd :BEER!!!!!!!*

CP: Wow, never seen someone drinks faster a Heinekein than this guy

MB: Ah that better, now onto my opponent last sunday, Mr. Izztanzky Gaytzky, this guy was running his mouth every night telling he is the greatest wrestler of this company, and there is the diference betwwen you and me Gaytzky, Markus don't talk, he KICKS SOME FUCKING ASSES!!!, like I did at destiny calling, so that let me thinking now that had my beer, I am ready to humillate him ome more time, what do you say people?, you want Izstanzky vs Beerstein part 2?

*Crowd: FUCK YEAH!!!!!*

MB: You hear it my polish fatass friend, if you the balls, come on to this ring and lets give the people what they want!!


*Gretzky and Cobra come out together*

CP: And here come the 2 opponents! And Gretzky doesn’t look too happy!!

Bod: Why should he be?! He was just insulted by a drunk fool!!

CP: Well we’ll see now what kind of shape Cobra is in, as we get this one under way!

Markus Beerstein/Zack Ryder & MBC/Curt Hawkins vs Istvan Gretsky/Jamie Nobel & The Great Cobra/ Chavo Guerrero


CP: And Beerstein and MBC get it done!!They get the draft pick for Rage!!

Bod: Can’t wait to see who we get here!!


*****Drafted to Rage*****
Rich Cranium
Markus Beerstein
Istvan Gretzky

CP: Wow! Well 2 of these guys were drafted there!! Beerstein and Gretzky who faced each other last night at Destiny’s Calling!! And Rich Cranium also added to our roster! Another huge talent!

Bod: Yes, some good picks for us there. I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of Rich in action.

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 08:08 PM
CP: I’m now told that we’re going to see one of those matches made earlier, The Beard of Zeus facing Krystian Krysys!


CP: And here comes Krysys. He had a run in with Stone Cold in the back there, but I’m sure he’s focused on this match here.

Bod: Yes, he’s on the back of a phenomenal win over William Carlin at Destiny’s Calling, winning their best of 5 series. A tremendous feat!


CP: Zeus here now coming out. He lost against his former Godmoney partner and best friend on Sunday, but it’s a new dawn and a new day now!

Bod: I always knew TBOZ had this mean streak in him. If only he’d have shown it when I was in charge of Godmoney!

CP: Well let’s see where this one goes here!

TBOZ/John Cena vs Krysys/Billy Gunn + Rich Cranium/Undertaker


CP: What the...?!?! Rich distracted Zeus, and that enabled Krysys to get the win!!

Bod: Well, Rich returning the favour from TBOZ by screwing him out of some matches!

CP: Well that meant that Rage gets the draft pick, so let’s see who’s coming to Monday night Rage!!

*****Drafted to Rage*****
The Beard of Zeus
Grind Bastard

CP: Oh my God!! Zeus has been drafted to Rage!!! The same brand as Rich is on!!

Bod: Karma?! I think so!! This feud isn’t over to me, I think we’ll see those 2 go at it again!!

CP: and not to forget, Grind Bastard also drafted, and also the first of several debuting talents! Shaz!! And now I hear we can get a little glimpse of who exactly Shaz is.

*promo plays on the tron*

Shaz:Whats up, I guess your all wondering who the heck I am!

I was born in the mean streets and I just came back from the place of hell! WHEN I SAY HELL, I MEAN PRISON! WHERE I WAS IN FOR 3 YEARS! YOU GET ME?!

I'm a man that likes to fight! I aint scared of nobody, you get me! Whoever the EWNCW puts in front of me, I will destroy! Except the fact that I will work my way from the bottom to the top! Where I belong!

*crowd booing*

Shaz:I don't give a toss if you fans boo me! I will bust my ass in the ring! No help, no cheating, no interferance! You get me? If I can get in the ring with anyone, then I will bust their ass open! I will give them a moment they will never forget and always regret! Every time I'm in that ring! I will find that buzz in the lightyear!

Damien Bloodstone will regret being the Ignition Champion that he is! I will beat him when I see him! I will injure him and if not then I will win and go home with the Ignition Champion! Because I am the 'real deal', I am the 'legend of all legends' and I am the 'best in the world at what I do and there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING! That can stop me'.

CP: Well that guy seems like a pleasant fellow.

Bod: Sounds like a guy who’s worked hard for everything he’s got. Can’t wait to see him work on Monday nights!!

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 08:12 PM
*Nyron is in the ring already*

CP: I’m now being told that we’re going to see Russo Swerve representing Inferno taking on Nyron who will represent Rage.

Bod: Nyron of course sided with Jordan on Sunday when he turned on Swerve!


CP: And here comes the master manipulator himself!

Bod: Yes, Swerve sure knows how to twist people around his little finger.

Nyron/John Morrison vs Russo Swerve/The Miz


CP: And Swerve wins that one, gaining a much needed draft pick for Inferno!


*****Drafted to Inferno*****
Ric Flair
William Carlin
Alex Kidd

CP: Ohhhh look what a shame Bodom. Flair’s gone to Inferno!!

Bod: Any chance I can be inserted into this draft?! I think I need to text Cleverly to see what can be done.

CP: Alright , well while you do that, let’s take a look at this promo that gives us an introduction to who Alex Kidd is!! An exciting young talent that’s competed all around the world, and is now going to be on EWNCW Thursday night Inferno! Let’s take a look!

*something shows on camera its very dark and you cant see anything
finally some music plays*


*crowd cheers as they know who it is. A character gives out his face and its ALEX KIDD*

KIDD: I came to EWNCW to prove my talent and I want to be the best there is in this world I come from Mexico being one of the best there now I came to EWNCW to triumph and gain the respect from my opponents I am straight edge I fight technically as a high flyer studying wrestling all my life it’s a passion that cannot die and it will not die this is something that will live on forever, if my opponents don’t think or respect that they aren’t better than me until they step in the ring with me

*crowd cheers while music stops playing*

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 08:16 PM
*We cut backstage to the office where cleverly and Staples are discussing the draft so far.*

JC: Well, I think it’s fair to say Rage is doing better so far.

NS: I wouldn’t say so, we’ve acquired some top talents here tonight!

JC: Now what about the next couple of matches?

NS: I was thinking of picking The undefeated Mark Dimension to fight for me next.

JC: Damn it! Well, Primus Khan might give him a run for his money, so I’ll go for him. Ok, who do you want to face Seraphim?

NS: Solla no doubt. The guys’s near boiling point these days. I’ll let him vent some frustration on your Seraphim! And what do you say to a Destiny’s Calling rematch? Bloodstone vs King Strem?

JC: Only if I get Bloodstone.

NS: Fine by me!

*back in the arena*

CP: Well you heard there, some big matches made for later. A lot riding on the results for both GM’s!


CP: Oh my. Here comes ‘The Albino Rhino’, Solla.

Bod: In a foul mood as usual. He’s not had any luck in recent times, but I’m sure he’ll be dishing out some serious pain here tonight!


CP: And here comes seraphim! Fresh form a 60 minute Iron man match win over Primus Khan!!

Bod: I’m not sure if fresh is the right word Chris. I’m pretty sure he’s beat, battered and bruised.

CP: Well let’s find out!

Seraphim/Sting vs Solla/Meng


CP: Well, Seraphim does it! Showing no signs of fatigue from Sunday there!!

Bod: Impressive. I’m tipping Seraphim for big things here in EWNCW.

CP: Well that means that Rage gets another draft pick, so let’s see who we’ve got this time!


*****Drafted to Rage*****
Silver Cena
Damien Bloodstone
Ryan Wells

CP: Aha!! We’ve got him Bodom!! We’ve got the champ!!

Bod: So it seems. And not just one champ, but 2! Damien Bloodstone coming here too? It seems to me that Inferno’s lacking some titles!! Ryan Wells is also a bright shining star here in EWNCW , so it’s a great bonus to have him here on Monday nights too!

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 08:24 PM
*we cut backstage to Silver Cena’s beer bash. It seems that Stone Cold and Markus Beerstein are having a beer drinking contest as several talents look on. William Carlin seems to be passed out in the corner, with the beer ceg that was on his head resting in his lap. Silver Cena is seen chatting with Keith Stone*

SC: Yo Keith, thanks for hosting this party man, it’s been a blast!

KS: No problem my man, anything to promote Keystone Light! Smoothest beer in the states!

*In the background, it seems that one of the girls has fainted. Cena and Stone look on*

SC: Oh my God! Anyone here know CPR?!

KS: Hold my stones.

SC: But...

KS: I got to go.

*Stone hands Cena his stones and dashes away. Cena turns back to look at the girl.
Suddenly, a masked man in a blue and silver outfit appears at the scene.*

Masked man: Stand back. Allow me to handle this!

*the masked man proceeds to give the kiss of life to the girl and she eventually revives*

Girl: Ohhhhh, you’re so smooth! Who are you?!

Masked man: Call me The Blue Flash!

*the masked man dashes away as the crowd cheer. Cena turns back to see Stone has returned. He seems a bit out of breath as he adjusts his cap.*

SC: What the... where the hell did you go man?!

KS: I yu..... went to the bathroom. Why?

SC: Did you just see that?! A masked man just helped that little doll that passed out!!

KS: Really?! How, smooth!

*Stone turns to the camera with a raised eyebrow. He grabs his stones and resumes to drink.*
__________________________________________________ _____--

CP: What on earth...?! Did you just see what I just saw Bodom?!

Bod: no Chris I’m blind, enlighten me! Of course I saw it you idiot!

CP: A masked man just saved that girl! A superhero!!

Bod: How amazing, I wonder who the hell it could be?!

CP: Well I don’t know for sure! But let’s crack on with this show!


CP: Ahh here comes Primus Khan. He came out on the loosing end of that Iron man match we mentioned earlier.

Bod: It’s such a morale killer to endure a match that long, and not get anything at the end of it. But I know that Khan will pick himself up.


CP: Well I’m willing to bet some amount that he’ll need help picking himself up after this one. Mark Dimension is still undefeated here in EWNCW.

Bod: It’s true he’s on a remarkable streak, but every streak has to end sometime right?

CP: Well let’s find out if it ends tonight!

Mark Dimensions/Lance Hoyt vs Primus Kahn/Spoiler2000


CP: And Dimension remains undefeated!!

Bod: That streak will have to end some day Chris, but for now, it remains intact.

CP: And another draft pick for Inferno. I wonder who they’ll get here?


*****Drafted to Inferno*****
Mark Dimension
Krystian Krysys
Arthur Lansdale

CP: Well, no more Mark Dimension on Rage! And 'The Saint' Krystian Krysys also making his way to Thursday nights!

Bod: I’m sure Inferno will love to see predictable matches with Dimension involved, and has just proven himself to be worthy of some gold after winning that best of 5 series against William Carlin.

CP: Well as for the other draftee, Arthur Lansdale, let’s find out a little bit about him with this little feature.

*With the announcement of Arthur Lansdale being drafted into the EWNCW, the lights of the arena dim slightly, the crowd murmurs quietly, not quite sure what to make of the latest addition to the roster. Questions such as 'Who the hell is that guy?' and 'Have you ever heard of him?' circulate amongst the fans, confused looks on many peoples faces.*
*Suddenly up on the large screen a Union Jack appears, waving slightly in a breeze. The camera pans out slowly and standing by the flag is a man of fair complexion, shoulder length blonde hair and dressed in a tailored suit. He smiles smugly whilst looking into the camera, taking a deep breath he utters in a thick English accent.*

AL: My name.. is Mister Arthur Lansdale. Many of you I am very sure are wondering who this delightfully well spoken man of perfect size and stature is, well i'm here to tell you. For the past four years I have dominated the World Amateur Wrestling tournaments with such ease that it has become all but childs play for me. I have brushed aside so many pathetic, weak simpletons over my career that I could fill the very arena you are sitting in with broken dreams, ended careers and accolades five times over. So easy has it become that the pure crushing boredom that I have suffered at the hands of these fools has forced me to seek a new challenge.

*The crowd begins to stir, unsure of Lansdales tone, his boasting and the smug grin growing ever wider on his face.*

AL: Of course, I am an incredibly famous and well respected athlete outside of the United States, but not quite so known within the narrow minded and xenophobic borders of your greedy and disgusting country.

*The crowd reacts angrily to the slur and challenge spewed by Lansdale.*

AL: But before you condemn me for speaking the truth, allow me to explain to you why it is that this company needs me, why the 'Wrestlers' of this company need me, and why each and every one of you dirty and simple minded slobs NEED me.

*The boos and angry shouts become louder*

AL: You NEED me to help you better yourselves as human beings. You all NEED me to guide you, to show you the way, to provide a shining light for all of you to grasp onto to bring meaning to your dreary and pointless lives. Through my teachings you shall all become better people, you will learn that your greedy and hedonistic lifestyles are leading you to ruin. I will take you on a voyage of discovery, teaching you proper manners, showing you that you CAN live without stuffing your faces with greasy and parasite riddled fast food. I WILL turn you into BETTER people.

As for the so called 'Wrestlers' in this company, I have a clear message for you. You have defiled this business with your pathetic lack of skill, your slow witted speeches and above all your shockingly poor etiquette. I have forced myself to watch past shows, listening to the mindless drivel that spews forth from your wretches mouths is almost intolerable. You walk around here bludgeoning each other with whatever weapons you can find, killing whatever few brain cells you had left. I need only one weapon, and that is myself.

If there is a way to cripple a man with my bare hands, I know it, if there is a way to inflict terrible, agonising pain upon a man with any submission hold, I know them all. The Arthur Lansdale School of True Wrestling has opened for business, and class attendance is mandatory. My name.. is Mister Arthur Lansdale.. and I am better than every single one of you.. in every single way, and you will all submit to my will, one way or another.

*The camera focuses on Lansdales face, he begins to sneer, his grin fades into a scowl as his eyes glare coldly into the camera. The screen goes blank and loud boo's echo around the arena, men, women and children alike all shout angrily, turning to one another clearly riled up by the anti-American statements and the insults levelled at them by the cocky British wrestler.*

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 08:28 PM
CP: Wow! Well Inferno have a decent looking talent there!

Bod: Seems like my kind of guy!

CP: Well we now move on to a match that’s just been announced!


CP: Here come The Collective, who retained their titles at Destiy’s Calling!

Bod: Indeed, they’re representing Nathan Staples and Inferno tonight, as they look to get more talents on board!


CP: And down come the Force of Greatness for their rematch!! They’re representing us at Rage here, so let’s cheer them on!

The Collective/Demolition vs FOG/The Hart Dynasty


CP: the Collective have done it again against The force of Greatness!

Bod: There was no way The collective were losing one day after retaining their titles.

CP: Well let’s find out who Inferno have got thanks to that win!


*****Drafted to Inferno*****
Billy McCoy
Primus Khan
Russo Swerve

CP: Wow! Some big names there! Inferno finally have a title on board with International champion Billy McCoy heading to Thursday nights!! Primus Khan is another big player here in EWNCW, and Russo Swerve will provide ample controversy there I’m sure!

Bod: You got that right. At least we won’t have any more blowing up ice cream vans on Rage now!
__________________________________________________ ______--

*We cut backstage to Silver Cena’s beer bash. Markus Beerstein and Stone Cold are now being pampered by ‘the girls’. Carlin has disappeared. Silver Cena is still talking with Keith Stone.*

SC: You sure you didn’t see him dawg?

KS: Saw what man?!

SC: That superhero guy! The Blue Flash!! He gave that doll the kiss of life!!

KS: Superhero?! I think you’ve had a few stones too many! I think you should get your ass to the locker room and get warmed up for your match with Gillz!

SC: Hell yeah!

SCSA: Hey that’s my line!

SC: Sorry dawg! I’ll catch ya later Stone, thanks for the party man, you’re so smooth!

*Cena goes towards the locker room. Stone looks at the camera*

KS: Always.

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 08:34 PM
CP: Well we’re nearing the end of the draft here but there are still 2 matches left, and thus, 2 draft picks!!


CP: And here comes the new Ignition champion, Damien Blodstone!!

Bod: He did a good job in that King of the Mountain match. It’s a tough match to win, but he came out on top!


CP: And here’s the former Ignition champion, King Strem.

Bod: Unfortunate of him to lose last night, but I predict big things for him. He’s too good to go down.

CP: Well we have Strem representing Inferno, and Bloodstone representing Rage, so let’s see how this one plays out!

Daymian Bloodstone/Eddie Guerrero vs King Strem/Billy Kidman


CP: And so Bloodstone gets the win for Rage here!!

Bod: Yeah, after the high of winning at Destiny’s Calling, Bloodstone was always the favourite, but like I say, I think that ‘The King’ is moving on now.

CP: Well let’s see who Rage have got thanks to that win!!


*****Drafted to Rage*****
Ronaldo Romulus

CP: Wow! A blockbuster trio there! Sick as he may be, Solla is an EWNCW original! And Seraphim is one of the fastest rising stars here in! Great to have them on Rage!

Bod: Indeed, 2 great additions to our roster right there. But what of that new guy?

CP: Ronaldo Romulus. Yes, well I think we’ll let him tell us himself right here.

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 08:35 PM
*A room with no light, no sound and no signs of life is the initial scene that foreshadows an unknown yet cryptic arrival of a puzzling enigma. One of which the witnesses of Tuesday Night Rage, that fill the packed arena, the Rage and Inferno superstars and the viewers worldwide watching at the leisure and comfort of their humble abodes, will never forget. In an abrupt instance, a voice beckons the attention of its captive audience.*

RR: “I’ve always believed that there are three types of people in the world. Their roles and their worth are predetermined by a force beyond human recognition and comprehension. Mankind has been enslaved to this divine caste system for centuries and its rule is absolute and sovereign.

The first type of people are those who have no worthy skills or traits that aid to the overall success of how the Earth has continued thrive when faced with the threat of ailments, terrorism or the anxiety of the coming of a new age. In short, these people are nothing but “average”. The ignorant have always belittled them for not being extraordinary and cast them out. While it is important to not suffer fools gladly, to persecute this creed, this class…..is completely unforgivable. The roles bestowed upon them by God have merit and their existence should be preserved for the sake of the natural order. Their role is to praise and worship their superiors on a daily basis and without them, there would be no rallies, no support……..no backbone to the uprising of some of history’s most known figures. Whether it’s creating songs or poems of their brightest hours, documenting their impact on human history in the theater or cherishing their memories and sacrifices each and every day, the roles of the people I like to call, the “serfs”, are still crucial. However, they’re the lowest of man and are two steps below the people who are the most divine......"

*As the mysterious voice trails off the introduction of his somewhat startling doctrine, the light, consistent beat of footsteps can be faintly heard by all who listen. The crescendo of said footsteps is a universal sign that preludes the audience to the identity of the one who riddles them with his distinct diction.*

RR: "I believe the second types of people are those who ascend slightly above the “serfs” in the divine caste system. These people possess somewhat admirable abilities, yet ultimately, if said abilities are put to good use, they amount to nothing compared to the powers that the “chosen race” have obtained. These people are whom I like to call, “the gifted”. Modern day civilians call these types of people “heroes”. Firefighters, policemen, veterinarians, politicians...........these are the people I hate the most. While some of the “serfs” understand their roles and know whom the true praise should go to, these people constantly glorify themselves to obtain the glory the “chosen race” should receive. Though no praise for their efforts to run the world for the better and for the common good is a crime, this fact gives them an excuse to trick the “serfs” into giving themselves more credit than they deserve by pandering to their needs, lowering their sense of pride just to have bones thrown at them. It makes me sick! Why has nothing been done to silence these fools? It’s because the “chosen race”, the race of divine individuals that truly deserve the recognition of the “serfs”, are dwindling in numbers……."

*The climax of the familiar beat of the footsteps ends when a light reveals the
source of what the common can deem as abnormal. However, while the figure is now in view from the shoulders up, a black hood covers his face from the nose up.*

RR: "Which leaves me to the third and final types of people that exist: the “chosen race”. Their bond and their classification as a race isn’t due to the fact that they’re related in blood or genes. It’s due to what they have done. These people are the ones who are the main attributers to the world’s preservation; whom have made the world thrive since the dawn of time. These chosen few are blessed by God Himself to improve the lives of his creation. Those like Albert Einstein, Julius Caesar, Muhammad, Isaac Newton, Socrates and Charles Darwin are some of the few that are part of the “chosen race”. The ease on my part to account their likeness is a testimony of this fact. In addition to assisting mankind thrive, once their divinity is recognized by the majority of the world, they’re to chastise the unworthy who assert themselves to greatness, a.k.a “the gifted” who aren’t content with being superior over the serfs. The “chosen race” has different professions but their roles are still to be practiced no matter what environment they’re thrown into. I myself am a warrior, a champion, a professional wrestler. As a member of the “chosen race”, I have proved my divine calibre by obtaining championships and records in my place of birth, Brazil. Regardless of my success, I knew that staying in my homeland for the rest of my life would bear no fruit for the purpose I had to fulfil. It was then I knew that I had to sign to one of the most famous wrestling promotions in the world, the EWNCW.

Once I showed by accolades that would ensure me the position as a wrestler, I was shocked, bewildered…….ENRAGED at my employers. Obviously, these people were “the gifted” but I’m not sure how that man who calls himself Tommy Thunder is even fit to compete along with "the gifted". He had the essence of a “serf” with doubt. Disregarding him, my sacred ears nearly bled at the horrors that I endured! It had been two months before the present day that I was signed and I was required to arrive at the shows Rage and Inferno each and every week. Oh, how I loathed it! The rebellion of these “gifted” was maddening! A certain fellow wearing the most hideous attire and jewellery that he called “bling”, was shouting out profane and haughty words. To makes matters worse, it was those words that followed the same foolishness that the other “gifted” would do as well; claiming that they were the best wrestler in the world! In the presence of a member of the “chosen race”! My blood boiled and my saint like patience began to erode and a statue of unshakable vengeance was soon erected in its place. It was then, I knew what to do. My debut had not been scheduled until the Rage after the event called “Destiny’s Calling”. What a fitting name to the future concerning the domain I will soon establish when I capture the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship! My divinity will be unquestioned! My prestige will no longer be ignored and the generations of both “serfs” and “gifted” alike will sing praises of the greatness, the glory and the honourable distinction that was……RONALDO…..ROMULUS!!!!!†

*The figure, now known as Ronaldo Romulus, swipes his hood from his face. The enigma in question appears to have a tan complexion free from blemish or boil. The only thing decorating his face is a evenly trimmed goatee which barely trails from his chin. His hair is symmetrically brushed down with waves running down the crown of his head to the nape of his neck. Understandably, after his angry tirade, Ronaldo was breathing heavily with his *
glare fixated towards the people watching him. Ronaldo breathes in deeply and sobers his facial expressions before continuing.*

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 08:35 PM
RR: “Unfortunately, a simple demonstration *of my abilities cannot be enough considering an event that transpired not too long ago. Just when I thought that my divinity would be recognized by “the gifted”, I was humiliated instead. Just when I was beginning to hope that the “serfs” would understand the roles bestowed to them by God and worship my presence and majesty, instead, my scorn and contempt was mocked. Just when I believed that I would finally be respected as a member of the superior “chosen race”, I was attacked in a heinous assault on my life by the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, Gillz! As EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, Gillz is currently the ruler of the EWNCW. Such an exalted position of power is not only fit for someone of my sanctity, as an affiliate of the “chosen race”, it is my birthright and the fact that I have to validate my divinity to these…these…..HEATHENS in two weeks makes my holy blood boil! The opportunity for me to vent my *equitable, sacramental vengeance upon the “serfs” who taunt me, the “gifted” who disesteem me and especially to Gillz for pioneering this crusade to discourage me from my mission cannot come sooner.”

"Gillz. The mere uttering of the name cleaves my sanity asunder. The impression of a champion that I possess is quite universal. Even the lowly “serfs” share my mindset when regarding the disposition of a champion. A champion is one who doesn’t exploit his power in order to gain unworthy advantages. A champion is one who achieves feats beyond the parameters of the feeble abilities of the “serfs” or even that of “the gifted”. A champion, above all things, also knows who is worthy of being a champion and who is not because it’s common knowledge to him. The way I was defiled by that….deceiver, that beguiler was not the manner in which a champion presents himself. All that bumpkin did was serve to rekindle my righteous fury when he used the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship to smite in the back of my temple while feigning an act of goodwill that would prove his loyalty to my future domain in the EWNCW as the world champion. Not only is this contemptible, unwelcome advance unforgivable but if the incident were to be approached in an ironic perspective, the crown jewel of the EWNCW, that will confirm my sacredness to the world once I acquire it, was utilized by unworthy hands in an attempt to defame my status as one of the “chosen one” as well as dishearten me from my goal. My chagrin, following that unfortunate occurrence, is a constant source of my lamentation towards my mistreatment. The fact that the minds of the “serfs” are easily swayed and impressed by the scanty feats of “the gifted” is no justification for their wrongdoing in this atrocity. They’re to blame as well for the rancor that I now harbour.

While I stayed in a high class auberge, near the venues for that week’s Rage and Inferno, known as the Holiday Inn, it had come to my attention that the incident that took place with Gillz had been documented to the “serfs” on a global scale. The identity of who is to bear responsibility for this villainy still alludes me but while I was at the Holiday Inn, my identity as Ronaldo Romulus was common knowledge among the “serfs”. At the time, I was puzzled by this revelation as I had yet to debut to the public on television. Therefore, I should have blended in with the “serfs” without any unique, distinct features except for my choice of attire and refined manner which far outclassed them. It was then that while I was renting a room for myself that one of the attendants identified me as that “guy who got jumped by Gillz”. The bewilderment I displayed inspired the woman to recount the incident for me perfectly by going on some website known to the “serfs” as “YouTube” and speculate the footage before me on the computer on the desk she was stationed to. Right before my very eyes, I was able to recount the moment where that reprobate degenerate Gillz assailed me in cowardice. Then, to make matters worse, she presented me with a section under the video where “serfs”, under the guise of ridiculous alibis, were able to comment on the misfortune. Though some of the comments were of my approval since they pitied my plight, the majority of them aimed at mocking me! ME! A member of the “chosen race” blessed and sanctified by God at birth! These ungrateful, spiteful, malevolent, ill-spirited “serfs” possessed the audacity to descend me to their baseborn degree of mediocrity to make sport of my affliction?! It was then I knew that my mission for glory and admiration had to go beyond my initial arrangements that included merely winning the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship and proving that my sacredness is more than the ramblings of a crazed man hoping to obtain grandeur with megalomania being the inspiration for his dementia. I had to achieve this by punishing those who hold disdain towards me. Even the passive infidels have to go unpunished. But out of all the heathens who must pay the price, whether or not he’s the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion when I appear before the “serfs”, Gillz will suffer the most. One hundred times over must he antagonized by my wrath before I am appeased."

"All of these things will come to pass when the coming of I, the hallowed, venerable, august and noble patriarch of the “chosen race” Ronaldo Romulus, make my debut in a mere matter of moments. How fitting that the name of the venue in which I make my inaugural appearance to the “serfs” and “the gifted” is dubbed Rage. The ultimate epitome of my perpetual animosity towards those dogs!

Fortunately, I will provide you all with one chance to abandon your misplaced sense of pride and significance and partake in a crusade that leads to the immorilization of my legacy; a role bestowed upon you all by God, the designer of the omnipotent caste system which ranks me in realms and plains far beyond human principality and comprehension. For those who refuse, may the "Wrath of Remus" judge you accordingly."

*With that, the light ascends and Ronaldo Romulus can be seen no more. A departing message is left for all to see as "11-1-11" can be seen in gold color and in Verdana font. After a few seconds, the cryptic message fades into the shadows.*

Tommy Thunder
11-01-2011, 08:38 PM
CP: Well we’re now back here folks, and ready for our main event!!


CP: Enter Gillz. He can’t be happy about loosing his title on Sunday.

Bod: Nobody would be happy about that Chris. He’ll be seeking retribution here tonight!


CP: And the champ is here!! Silver Cena’s hard work paid dividends at Destiny’s Calling when he finally captured the World Heavyweight title!!

Bod: Yeah, I got to give the guy credit. He deserves that title. He’s worked hard, and that’s what you get when you work hard.

CP: Well we already know that Cena will be on Rage, but the title is on the line also here folks, since Gillz has instantly invoked his rematch clause. Cena’s representing Inferno, Gillz is representing Rage here. Let’s watch this one!

SilverCena/John Cena vs Gillz Triple H





CP: And Cena does it!! My God what a main event match we’ve seen here tonight!! An incredible match!

Bod: Every bit as good as their match last night Chris. Cena is holding onto that title for a while yet I feel!

CP: Well the big question now is, who will the final draftees be for Inferno?! Let’s find out!


*****Drafted to Inferno*****
Tommy Thunder
Mint Berry Crunch

CP: Oh my God! Gillz and Tommy Thunder on Inferno?! That’s a loss for Rage right there!!
Bod: Indeed it is Chris. MBC is also a very good Ignition division wrestler, and his skills will serve Inferno well.

Bod: Indeed it is Chris. MBC is also a very good Ignition division wrestler, and his skills will serve Inferno well.

CP: Well all the big names in EWNCW have now been divided between Monday night Rage and Thursday night Inferno!! We now know what we’re working with! Be sure to check out EWNCW during the week for the supplemental draft!! But from here in Providence, Rhode Island, goodnight everybody!

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 09:40 AM
This is a filler.

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 09:40 AM
Same goes for this one.

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 09:41 AM
And another.

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 09:41 AM
One more for the road?

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 09:42 AM
Need another one I think.

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 09:42 AM
I have no idea how many more.

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 09:43 AM
I think this is the last one.

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 09:55 AM

CP: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday night Rage, live from Yonkers, New York!! We are one week on from the 2011 EWNCW draft, and we now have our own roster of superstars ready to engage in battle, and fight for supremacy on Monday night Rage!! I’m Christopher Pentalion, alongside EWNCW legend Bodom as usual, what did you make of the draft? Did Rage get the best picks?

Bod: Well apart from loosing Ric Flair, I’d say we did alright for ourselves. The important thing for me is that we kept the champion Silver Cena. But we are lacking another title here, but I understand you have more information on that matter.

CP: Indeed I do. GM John Cleverly has issued a statement saying that there will be a new title on Rage to accommodate the International title on Inferno, but he’s said that he needs time to evaluate the roster first in order to determine who is worthy of a shot at this new title. He continues to say that it might take until after the next ppv for him to fully conduct this evaluation of his, and that a decision on the matter will be made after that. And one last thing he added was that the name of this title will also be announced after the next ppv. And speaking of our next ppv, we can now announce that the name has been chosen! The EWNCW fans have been voting during the last week, and they have decided that our next ppv will be EWNCW ‘Fallout’!! This ppv will take place on the 27th of November!!

Bod: Well that sounds great. Something for the guys to work on during these next few weeks!

CP: Indeed, but on to tonight, where we already have one match announced! We will see two champions collide as Ignition champion Damien Bloodstone will take on the World Heavyweight champion Silver Cena!! A big match to look forward to there!


CP: That’s The Beard of Zeus coming out. He was screwed out of his match last week by Rich Cranium when he was representing Inferno, and the resulting draft pick saw TBOZ drafted to Rage! Let’s see what he has to say about that!

TBOZ: So, this is my new home. Greeeeeat.

I get to be on the show, started by people who "hated the system" or really just couldn't hack it. Where are all those guys now?

And Monday? Really? God, I cannot actually articulate just how much a Monday physically drains me of all my life, just like most of the roster here. Oh wait, I can.

Anyway, enough gripes about being on this disaster, because I'll steer it on to a much better track, it's time for my next move.

At Destiny's Calling, I lost. I did a Philip Rives and fumbled my chance at the last minute. But now I'm moving on. I've been back long enough to be in the title hunt, and I want a shot at the serial rapist, SilverCena.

And by rapist, I mean of the audience. Every single week we get his mundane entrance, his sub-par promo's and then his lackadaisical "boiiii" that you all just lap up. How he became champion I will never know.

But I want to be next in line for that insubordinate fool to attempt to wrestle, but ultimately fail. I want that title, I want to prove everyone wrong, and I want to be the next EWNCW Champion.

Why? Because I'm the Machiavellian, the new breed, the reason that people tune in and keep watching.

Now write this down, because it will be said again and again and again.

When anything can happen, I make history.


CP: Well TBOZ claiming he’s done with Rich and wants a match for the title! Here’s Rich though!

Bod: Rich Cranium’s on a roll as of late. But Zeus makes some valid points. He never wanted to be on Rage, so surely he should be granted something to accommodate for that!

*TBOZ looks surprised*

RC: Wait a minute right there Zeus! We all know the reason you are on Monday Night Rage is because of one man! That man is me! So before you get your panties in a bunch, just know that there is no way in HELL that I am done with you!

*Crowd cheers*

RC: The simple fact is, after I whoop your ass again and anyone else that gets in my way, I will be the one to challenge SilverCena at the next PPV for the EWNCW World Heavyweight title!

*Crowd loves it*

RC: I have proven that I am more than just a tag team wrestler! After you ran off to impregnate Justin Bieber, *Crowd laughs*, I was wrestling in singles competition week in and out! I even came really close to winning the King of the Cage tournament until you made your cowardly return by costing me my match!

*Crowd boos*

RC: Now it's time for me to get what truly should be around my waist and that is the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship! So do yourself a favor and take your collection of Godmoney beer bags and go get comatose drunk because you will NEVER win the big one as long as I am in EWNCW! There is a book that will be written and will tell the story of Rich Cranium and his career. The career that includes his reign as EWNCW Champion! Don't worry, your parts of taking the tag and getting easy pinfalls based on the damage already created by me will be included in footnotes!


CP: What? That’s Seraphim! He was also drafted to Rage last week, and he’s on the back of an incredible iron man match from Destiny’s Calling, where he beat Primus Khan!!

Bod: He’s certainly proven to be a great athlete, but I wonder why he’s out here interrupting Rich and TBOZ?

*In the midst of Rich and TBOZ bickering about the WHT, Seraphim stands at the top of the stage, listening, mumbling a small prayer with a mic held to his side.*

S: Rich, Zeus, can I call you two those names? Look, I respect you both, you're both good in the ring, and you're both phenomenal men outside of it. But, let's be honest here, you two don't need another title shot, do you? This is just to stroke whatever massive egos you have, be they deserved or not.

Look at the facts of what I, the newest draft from Inferno and killer of Khan's have done:

In my first PPV match, I defeat 1. 2. 3. other men in the Battle of the Newcomers, I know you all remember that, back when the voices held me, and then, at my next PPV match? I endured a man that had been mercilessly attacking me, in a 60 minute Ironman match.

Let's recap.

*Heads down to the ring, cracking his neck*

S: I've beat three other men in the greatest newcomer battle of EWNCW history and then the best Ironman match in EWNCW history, having to carry Khan through the whole thing. Now, don't get me wrong, I respect you both, but I think it's time for someone new, someone named the Seraphim, to have a crack at the title; even if it's just one shot, I will prove myself worthy.

*Looks both men in the eye*

S: And neither of you, will stand in my way.


CP: Oh no, here comes the sickness!!

Bod: Nothing good happens when Solla’s involved. These three men better watch themselves here!

Solla: You all think that YOU deserve a shot at the title?!?! What about ME?! I’ve been in this company pretty much from the beginning, and I’ve never even been considered for a title shot!! I’m demanding that I get what I deserve, or somebody is going to get SERIOUSLY hurt!!


CP: And here’s GM Cleverly. We have 4 guys here staking their claim for a title show, but only one can have it! Who do you see worthy Bodom?

Bod: All 4 have a claim in my opinion. Rich has been screwed out of a shot in the past, TBOZ has looked in fine form since returning, Solla has paid his dues in my eyes, and deserves a show. Seraphim for me is a rising star, but he’s the one guy here who perhaps has more to prove. I’m sure Cleverly will have a suitable solution for us here.

JC: Now wait a minute. I hear what you’re all saying here, and I agree, all 4 of you have a reason to be wanting a title show. But me, I want to see Cena defending his title against one person one on one, so I can’t just give you all a shot. So here’s how we’re going to do this. Starting tonight, we will have an elimination series to determine the new no. 1 contender. So in tonight’s main event, we will see the 4 of you go at it in a fatal 4 way match.

*crowd cheer*

JC: Whoever gets pinned, will be eliminated from the series. In next week’s main event, the same rules will apply but this time in a triple threat match. And in the same way, the following week we will have the one on one match to determine our new no. 1 contender.

*crowd cheer*

JC: So instead of arguing amongst yourselves, I suggest you all go to the lock room and get ready! Have a nice day!


CP: Wow! A huge main event match made by GM Cleverly! A fatal 4 way which will see the looser eliminated from the title picture for the next ppv!

Bod: I’m putting my money on TBOZ to go all the way with this one. He’s been ruthless since returning, so I expect he’ll be making no exceptions here! Seraphim is my pick to be eliminated tonight.

CP: Well, thanks for that insight! Join us again after the break folks!

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 10:07 AM
*We come back to see TJ Rage ready in the ring.*


CP: We welcome you back here, as TJ Rage is waiting in the ring, and on his way down there to meet him is EWNCW newcomer 'The Rapid King' Shaz!

Bod: It seems he has a mic in hand, let’s see what he has to say.

*Crowd booing*

Shaz: My life has had its ups and downs! Well mostly downs, in fact. I have never, and I mean never, had a good time since finishing kiddie school! I have had to fight for everything including a small razor. No one and I mean NO ONE can relate to anything to my past and future. TJ Rage, you are about to enter the world of pain. Because I am the legend of all legends. I am the best in the world at what I do and nothing and I mean NOTHING CAN STOP THAT! YOU GET ME.

CP: Well some bold words there. Let’s see if he can back them up in the ring!

(Homicide = Shaz / Kiyoshi = TJ Rage)


CP: And Shaz does it! Some excellent wrestling there, although aggressive also.

Bod: That’s how you win matches Chris, with some fire and ruthless aggression. And it doesn’t seem to me that Shaz is finished with Rage here.

*Shaz goes back at Rage and starts beating him up bad. He relentlessly rains punches down on him. Eventually a couple of referees come down to pull him off. After exiting the ring. He quickly turns back, goes at Rage again, hitting him with a Canadian destroyer before finally leaving.*

CP: My GOD! What a brutal attack by this guy!! That was a merciless beating if ever I saw one!

Bod: It sure was brutal. Talk about making a statement!

CP: I sure hope Rage is ok!
__________________________________________________ _------

*Backstage, Keith Stone is seen talking to Damien Bloodstone.*

(Gregory Helms = Keith Stone / Mark Henry = Damien Bloodstone / The Hurricane = The Blue Flash)


DB: Man, did you just.....? Was that.....? Weren’t you.....? Ahhh, man never mind. I’m going to the locker room!

*Stone shrugs. The girls come to Stone*

Girls: Ohhh Keith Stone, you’re so smooth!

*Stone looks at the camera with a raised eyebrow*

KS: Always.

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 10:12 AM
CP: Tell me you saw that Bodom! Tell me you saw The Blue Flash save that guy!!

Bod: It was a man in a costume Pentalion! If you want me to believe that it’s some superhero, then you must think I’m stupid. Do you think I’m stupid Christopher?

CP: No, but the superhero...

Bod: Look, if you think for one second that everybody here doesn’t know who that is, then you’re a lot more stupid than I thought, now drop it!

CP: *sigh* whatever you say, but we all saw it with our own eyes there.


CP: Well we now have Ryan Wells heading to the ring. He’s a physical specimen no doubt, and he’s been in the hunt for the Ignition title for a while now.

Bod: Yes, he’s got the physique to make it in this company, but he panders too much to the fans for my liking.

RW: Hello there! Wow, you guys are great, I'm digging this, I'm gonna go deaf from you guys! I always thought the fans of Yonkers were awesome, and I was proven correct! But I have to talk to you guys and address something to the whole EWNCW community. I've been here 3 months, and as many of you know, last weekend, I was in the King of the Mountain match at Destiny's Calling, and Bloodstone won the title from Kingstrem. Now I want everyone to understand something, I have nothing against him, but I don't think by any means that he does deserve the Ignition Championship. He got lucky to be honest, I would know, I was in the match. I didn't lose the match, I just didn't win. Bloodstone hit someone who was weak and pinned him when everyone else was busy. A five-way match for a title? That isn't right. I was NOT pinned, I did not lose. But I'm sorry to all of you that I didn't win. I'm sorry. But I know if I got another shot at that title 1v1 against Bloodstone, I would win. I have been held back from getting my title shot and that isn't fair, I have been here over 3 months and have dominated the whole time. I know you guys agree with me, but management doesn't apparently. So I make a plea to creative, and management, what must I do to show YOU guys I deserve a 1v1 title shot? I know you guys don't like having title swaps often, especially within 2 weeks, which would happen if I got my shot tonight. But I know I deserve it, but I'm not complaining unlike other wrestlers, I have earned it and the fans agree. But if management won't be convinced, then Bloodstone, you know as well as I do that I would defeat you in a title match, but you have an obligation as a champion to defend it. I didn't lose that match, you just happen to win it. Now give me a fair shot, because I'm not the only one who agrees.

* Points mic towards crowd to lots of cheering *

RW: Point, proven.

* Drops mic*


CP: Well strong words from Wells, making it clear that he wants a straight up shot at Damien Bloodstone, but Grind Bastard seems to have other ideas!

Bod: This man has a nut loose somewhere. He’s a psychopathic maniac that should be in a cage.

*Grind gets in the ring, and gets in Wells’ face. Both men stare each other down for a while*


CP: Well that's the Ignition champion himself! Let's see what he has to say!

DB: Hey guys! *smiles* I think both of you make good points, well Grind, you didn’t say anything, but I think it’s pretty obvious what point you’re trying to make here. Now I’m not gonna be a champion who runs from a fight so here's what I propose, Right here in this very ring we see Ryan "The Freak" Well go one on one with Grind Bastard with the winner getting a shot at me for The Ignition Championship. What do you fans think about this?

*The crowd screams!*

DB: Well than if the brass has the well brass to do this than lets have!

CP: Well that’s settled! We’ll see Wells vs Grind right here right now!

(Batista = Ryan Wells / Kane = Grind Bastard)



CP: Wow, and Ryan Wells gets the win! A hard fought battle between these 2 juggernauts, but it’s the former football player that gets the win!

Bod: A titanic like battle between those 2 there, but that win puts Wells in a good position to stake his claim for Bloodstone’s title!

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 10:19 AM

*Goldberg theme drowns out the arena as this newly established tag team enters the arena*

CP: And I believe this will be the first look we get at EWNCW’s newest tag team acquisition; Domination.

Bod: I did some research on these guys once I heard that they’d signed, and boy, do they have an impressive CV. They’ve been all over the world, but now they’re in EWNCw and looking to make an impact.

Geiger: So here we are Busmer.... here we are at the home of E-Fedding... The EWNCW!!

*Crowd Cheers*

Busmer: That’s sooooooo true Geiger and on that note I want to introduce myself to this wonderful crowd *Huge Pops now* I am The Big Bang or Double BB, Barry Busmer and I am genetically superior to all of you.

*boos starting now*

Geiger: and I am Matt Geiger or affectionately known as the Most Dominate Species Of Man, The Geiger Machine.

*Crowd getting rowdy now*

Now lets get something straight of the bat, we are not happy individuals but together we are mighty pissed you see this inept management has taken so long to sign us up it is beyond a joke, yet no one’s laughing. We are the most dominate tag team alive today which is why we called ourselves Domination 11 years ago and since then we haven’t been stopped. We have won tag team and heavyweight championship titles that many times it has become boring

Busmer: And yet we get absolutely no recognition, no respect and certainly low dollars because the art of tag team wrestling is apparently dead.... well if that’s the case then we have the cure to revive the dead because we are bringing in the second golden era of tag team wrestling, we have been spoiled by the mighty tag teams of the 90's and now they are seen as a joke well not anymore we are going to be the main attractions whether you like it or not

*Mega you suck chants*

Geiger: but don’t get it wrong we are not doing this to save tag team wrestling, we are doing this to prove that we are the best in E-Fedding today and a simple message to the current champions.....


CP: Well they sure are confident about themselves!

Bods: I like it someone not afraid to mix it up and be edgy

CP: Well let’s see what they can do here come Hawkins and Charisma

Domination/Big Show & Kane vs Charisma & Hawkins/The Heat Throbs


CP: Domination displayed just that

Bods: This team are set for big things!

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 10:30 AM
*Once again, Monday Night Rage, the #1 wrestling cable television program in the world, returns live on the air after a brief series of commercials. With the camera now panning the () arena, thousands of loyal EWNCW fans take the time to briefly showcase their EWNCW merchandise as well as their clever homemade signs. One of them, a sign held by a young woman, reads “CENA’S NUMBAH ONE BOO, BOIIIII!!!!” The overall atmosphere of the arena mirrors an over stimulated, sugar crazed child; hyped and unpredictable. However, amongst all the contained chaos lies a sense of boundless omnipotence in the majority of the crowd. Even with the Draft unquestionably changing the Rage environment, they believe have a pretty good idea of what to expect and what not to expect. More beer bashing via Keith Stone, less of King Strem’s whining, the feud between Rich Cranium and the Beard of Zeus collimating more shock value by the week and of course, Silver Cena’s charismatic presence galvanizing euphoria throughout the proximity and throughout the homes tuning in. Just when it seemed that everything they had planned would transpire to their expectations, bone chilling music commands the attention of the viewers watching from their abodes and the crowd in the Yonkers arena, who can feel the music’s affect the most when all the ecstasy in the building virtually plummets like a falling star.*


*In conjunction with the beginning of the climax of the music, Ronaldo Romulus appears from behind the curtain. Ronaldo still preserves the same facial features as he did last week but this time, instead of a black robe, he is instead exhibiting a white suit, a pair of Claiborne Flat Front dress pants, a pair of black Rockport Margin, a 40 mm Stainless Submariner Rolex watch and to top of the classy image, a white rose stowed in the reservoir of the suit’s front pocket. Ronaldo halts his brisk pace to the ring in favor of briefly observing the captivated audience before he continues his stride. When he approaches the steel steps, he takes another look at the audience before walks up them, across the apron and through the top and middle rope. As soon as the music concludes with its last note, the lights in the arena go off. Following the terse period of darkness, a spotlight incandesces the ring which reveals the augural Ronaldo Romulus once again to the awestricken viewers. Much like last week, Ronaldo’s sober facial expressions connote a disposition above morality as he is not swayed by the events that just transpired unlike the silenced audience.*

CP: Is that Ronaldo Romelus?

Bod: I think so, I wonder what he wants out here?

~::Ronaldo Romulus::~

“You should all consider yourselves very fortunate.”

*As if to add even more bewilderment to an already baffled populace, Ronaldo was able to converse his words without the aid of a microphone. In fact, after he stopped, much like after the use of a microphone, his words echoed for a second. This only annexed his mysterious nature. The people watching him felt more isolated from him with each passing second. No one from the crowd made any effort to retort to his arrogant statement. Ronaldo’s gaze, still fastened on the audience, continues his recondite discourse.*

~::Ronaldo Romulus::~

“You all will be bestowed with the honor of being the first of the “serfs” to pledge your very beings into serving one purpose; eulogizing me for the entire world to see. As I explained to all of you last week, your destiny, your abilities….everything that you can and cannot do are all predetermined by God himself. He chooses where you stand in his caste system. It will dictate you for the rest of your life. However, the media has publicly rejected His authority by telling you “serfs” that it’s okay for you to obtain independence outside your birthright and all of you believe it. Not only do you believe it, you endorse this corrupt, inane calumny to your own children; the ones who are to continue this hallowed tradition. But what’s worse is the fact the “chosen race” has dwindled to such insignificant numbers that this travesty seems nearly impossible to reverse. Long are the days where brilliant minds and upheld philosophers were a common sight. The overwhelming sagacity that the “chosen race” illuminated was a paragon of nonpareil. God’s glory, as well as His plans, was able to operate without obstruction. The “serfs” knew their decorum and immortalized us without questions. Public buildings and museums, littered with sculptures and paintings of our image, were a daily landmark of interest for the “serfs” because they knew what their intended course of life was; servitude to the “chosen race”. But now, in this modern day ordeal, the same light that once shone across the globe has now been demoralized. It is because of the lies you “serfs” have been told, which tell you that you can become something admirable, that you all became ungrateful; that you began to strive for the independence that is illegitimate to your class. Then, as calculable as the destruction of a civilization in the wake of a fraudulent tyrant, you all began to dishearten the “chosen race” One by one, you persecuted us. Mocking, public beatings and even executions of our kind was a common…spectacle for you “serfs”. Your feeble comprehensions didn’t allow you to understand our theories and breakthroughs that would have advanced our society into an everlasting utopia free of the daily plagues that clutter our streets. Crime, poverty, war…all of it would have been an afterthought if not for our exile. In recent centuries, the few genius minds of our time have retreated to isolated fortresses of solitude. Some….”

*Ronaldo Romulus pauses and looks down at the ground; obviously distraught. He gathers his inner thoughts for a few second and faces the crowd once again. For the first time, Ronaldo exposes himself in a state of weakness and vulnerability. However, that showcase of remorse was soon followed by an exhibition of emotions that fought against the slow fermentation of pity that began to take root in the overall conscience of the audience.*

~::Ronaldo Romulus::~


Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 10:31 AM
*That fragile plant of pity was swiftly overcome by a weed not foreign to any mortal man; fear. Fear of Ronaldo and his cryptic doctrine, fear of the possibility that the message he preaches might have some solid truth to it. Along that weed sprouted another one; hatred. Despite Ronaldo’s choice of speech and unique syntax, some of the audience members knew when they were being insulted. But it wasn’t just a simple cheap shot at their hometown or the chastisement of their physical appearance. Not only had this man castigated their ethics, he seemed to mean every word he spoke. The union of these newly developed emotions and attitudes produced negative feedback from some of the crowd members. Then, to their dismay, Ronaldo’s face was decorated with a smug grin.*

~::Ronaldo Romulus::~

“Fine. Jeer me. I know my place. You’re all beneath me and whether you like it or not, you will all immortalize me. My goal isn’t to gain your companionship. To do that would be to abandon the “chosen race” and I could never do that; especially to God. Respect. Admiration. That’s all I require. That’s all that is needed for the world to be restored and for peace to return. Then, and only then, can peace and prosperity prevail. You all don’t seem to comprehend the pressure that I’ve been burdened with. With me as one of the remaining few of the “chosen race”, willing to step sacrifice my comfort for the preservation of God’s will, I must ensure that I am put in a position that ascends “the gifted” in the EWNCW. The only way to do that, is to win the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship. Last week, when the annual Draft took place, destiny orchestrating the threshold of my raise to glory when I was drafted to Rage to compete for the one of the most prestigious prize in the wrestling world today. The ode to my divinity, however, was only beginning when destiny had Gillz drafted to Inferno. Despite my previous engagements that involved his ultimate downfall, it was then I realized that without Gillz on Rage, he could not be granted with the rematch clause that would ensure that my conquest would be halted. Temporarily of course, but waiting is not an option. Without Gillz, there is no one at the present moment with circumstances that would guarantee them an opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship. That means that all I must do is prove my mettle when I decimate each and every one of my opponents in such expert fashion that Silver Cena will have no choice but to face me.”

*Ronaldo takes a moment to grin in an even smugger fashion, inciting more animosity from the “serfs”.*

~::Ronaldo Romulus::~

“You can express all the malevolence that you desire but in the end, it will not serve your intentions in the slightest. As the disciple of Jesus, Paul of Tarsus once proclaimed in the Book of Romans, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” This holds true to my case because like it or not, the shame that you “serfs” have smeared on the “chosen race” will be avenged. You all can either abandon your foolhardy sense of pride and beg me for forgiveness or....let the Wrath of Remus judge you accordingly.”

*With his last fit of deciphered aberration, Ronaldo Romulus stands tall in the ring leaving the viewers in a state of a plethora of attitudes; fear, respect, hatred, benevolence and eccentricity. Overall, no one knew what to expect from this Brazilian enigma but it they knew, beyond the confines of implication, that whoever he opposed were soon to succumb to his awe inspiring presence.*


CP: Well very captivating words from Ronaldo Romulus there. He left the audience here in awe, until Seth Ferrell’s music cut through the air there.

Bod: I honestly don’t know what to make of this guy, but we all know Ferrell. A very dangerous competitor. Let’s see what he has to say.

SF: Soo, you want to bore these peasants with your long speeches do you? You want to try and make them bow down to you do you? Well let me tell you, only ‘The Great Pharaoh’ can bore these people. Only I can make these fools bow down. And in the ring, only I can reign supreme as I hunt for gold. You are a mere peasant yourself here. I challenge you to prove that your worthy by facing my chosen opponent for you tonight.

*Splattered Dreams music*

CP: Oh my, it’s the ‘one man Muscle Mountain’ Splattered Dreams! Ronaldo will have his hands full here in his first match in EWNCW!

Bod: Well I know Dreams well, and I know he’s a tough competitor. This will indeed be a test for Ronaldo Romulus.

(CM Punk = Ronaldo Romulus / Mike Knox = Splattered Dreams)


CP: Well Ronaldo did it! That was a tough match, but he managed to pull out the win!

Bod: Great work there from him. Dreams is as tough as they come, so that’s a solid first win in EWNCW for Ronaldo.

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 10:34 AM

CP: Here comes Jordan1995 this man is brimming coming off a victory in his final battle with nemises Russo Swerve, Now that rivalry is over due to them both being on different brands

Bod: Cant we trade Russo back to Rage? Man I am going to miss him.

CP: Well I am glad to see the back of him Bodom the guy was a asshole.

*Bill The Eagle Richards is waiting in the ring for Jordan1995 he looks like he has his game face on!!*

Jordan1995/HHH vs Bill Richards/The Hurricane


CP: An impressive victory here for Jordan1995 that was a clinical pperformance.

Bod: Ok I’ll admit the man can go.

*Nyron music*

*Nyrons music hits he makes his way down the ramp with a few cheers now he has defected from Russo Swerve Nyron gets the mic*

Nyron: Congratulations Jordan that was an impressive victory but there was one problem I realise you had to come out of character to beat that jerk Russo but I say these fans want the good old Candy Man back.

*crowed chants Candy Man, Candy Man, Candy Man!!*

CP: This crowed seems to want some Ice Cream!!!!!!!!

*Jordan pauses for a second… he shakes Nyron’s hand*

CP: looks like we have The Candy Man back and now he is allied with Nyron let’s see how these two get on, a new tag team maybe?

Bod: The Candy Man back? Please. Give me a break!

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 10:41 AM

Bod: Here's my boy "Red Hot" Istvan Gre..., wait a minute that's not him!!!

CP: No he's not, I think we all know who he is, the smell of alcohol is in the air!!!

*Markus Beerstein comes to the ring in Istvan gear and start to mock Grestky actent*

MB: Ja siemazs!!, My name is Izztvanzky Gaytzky fatass poland wreslter, ladies call me Red Hog vascular arms made from eating 200 cheeseburgers

*Crowd laughs*

MB: I come from Poland to become star, family in Poland don't love me and heck all Poland don't love me Istvan move to america to get ass kicked, American woman don't affect focus, Izztvanzky like men, Izztvantzky is in love of Bodom

Bod: Oh come on this is shameful!!!

CP: Relax Bod this guy is pretty funny, crowd is laughing, not of you of course with you!! Haha!

Bod: Shut up!

*Markus now imitates Izztvan moves*

MB: Oh oh look at this body, so fat so ugly, Izzvantzky so sad, never tell this Izztvanzky cries all night, Izzvantzky cries after beatdown by Markus Beerstein, Izztvanzky butt hurts after kickass ahhhhhhhhhh, so Izzvantzky says is better than all guys here, Izztvanzky wrong, Izztvanzky can't even beat John Cleverly with tied hand Kurwa!!!

*Imitates Cries sounds*

*Crowd is going nuts!!*

*Markus now takes off top the wear and start to talk normally*

Markus: You like that haha, come on let's give an aplausse to my friend Izztvanzky,no really the guy is great!!!, we all love you buddy... well everybody expect your momma!!!, and.. I want to give me apologizes to everyone wtaching the show in Poland, I know I know, it's embarrasing having a big fat bold assholes representing your country, your poor guys!!

I know you're wondering where the hell I got this clothes??, well... you see I have some friends in the staff and maybe one guy entered to Gaytzkyz lockeroom and you know the rest Kurwa!!!, in fact i think there is no clthes left in that lockeroom

Well in the books says Markus 2 my polish cow lookalike rival 0, and its funny to beat the crap out of the guy so I think after this little sketch I'm going to have some fun!!!, time for a Beer, come om people drink with Markus

*Markus drinks*

Markus: Let me hear it for BEER!!!!!!!

Crowd: BEER!!!!!!!!!!


CP: Well I think that’s the real Istvan Gretzky, and I don’t think he’s too happy with what he just heard!

Bod: Well would you? His reputation was just mocked, his homeland, heritage and language was just mocked, and his abilities were mocked! I wouldn’t be happy either!

*Istvan walks out onto the stage. He is holding a microphone and has a bag slung over his shoulder.*

IG: Jak siemasz! My Name 'a Istvan, Istvan Gretzky, "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky... But you are all knowing of this, and if not, then must have memory problems with brainwave. Speak of problems, it is problems that Istvan must adress. Istvan first must adress Mark Lechstein problems with how Istvan use this pig Latin dialect that people of the world call English. Why German Llama farmer can love a language that has been pissed on by stupid American men is amaze to Istvan.. AMAZE!! But, Mark Lechstein, Istvan have problems of own, Kurwa, see, Istvan has problem with lose to Herman ze German at Calling of Destiny, but Istvan know why Istvan lose. Istvan lose because Istvan have problem of sex addict, and Istvan's stupid manager team tell Istvan he have three American women's waiting for him in the room for locker as prize for when Istvan defeat you. This did cause Istvan's brainwave to focus on thirty six double D's wrapped around Istvan's Kielbasa and Istvan struggle to concentration on fighting with German farm child drunk on nazi wine. Back in Istvan's Mother Poland Istvan is joke again, Kurwa! On one page in paper, journalisims call Istvan white Tiger Woods, Kurwa! This is not accepting. But Istvan has now council to help with sex addict, and sex addict no longer will be a problem for Istvan. However, Istvan still has more problems, and biggest of all is Mark Lechstein disrespect Istvan's achievement and accolade in Mother Poland. Mark, Istvan know you have followed Istvan's career, and Istvan knows that you dream of matching Istvan's achievement and accolade, Kurwa! Now, let Istvan show you something of his that will make jealous rage flow through blood.

*A middle aged woman, wearing daisy dukes and a white crop top, walks out onto the stage, and Istvan hands her the microphone. He then takes the bag off of his shoulder and reaches inside and pulls out this belt and holds it high above his head.*


IG: Look, Kurwa! Look at this! You are knowing of this glorious champion, Lechstein, but for all these ignorant American people, I will be telling you what it is. This glorious champions is the Catch-As-Catch-Can Grapples Champions of Mother Poland, Kurwa, and it is champions that Mark has wanted all of miserable life.

*Istvan brings the belt to his waist, and the middle aged woman helps him to buckle it up at the back. SUDDENLY, a woman -also middle aged- jumps over the ringside barrier! She runs towards a smiling Istvan, but goes straight past him and attacks his lady friend. They begin catfighting and the cottage cheese begins to wobble.*

IG: Hahaha!! Yes! Yes American womens! Fight for Istvan!

*The two women continue to roll around on the floor while Istvan continues speaking.*

IG: As you can see, Mark, EVERYBODY LOVE ISTVAN! Not you!

*crowd boo*

IG: But what Istvan is coming out here for is to offer challenges to you. Istvan is knowing how much you are loving this belt, so Istvan will give you chance to take it, Kurwa! Next week Istvan and Mark will fight in a special Catch-As-Catch-Can Grapples match for Catch-As-Catch-Can Grapples Champion of Mother Poland, and Istvan will break you like children you are, Kurwa!!

*Strikes pose and flexes his biceps.*

IG: Istvan will break you with VASCULAR ARMS MADE FROM FALLEN STAR, KURWA! Next week Istvan will be there in Catch-As-Catch-Can Grapples Ring... Istvan hope to see you there, Kurwa.

*Istvan turns to the pair of middle aged women, who are still rolling around on the stage, scoops them up and throws them over his shoulder. Laughing as he walks through the curtain, Istvan Gretzky heads back to the locker-room.*

CP: Well one can only imagine what a ‘Catch-As-Catch-Can Grapples’ match is! Any ideas Bodom?

Bod: Well as a matter of fact, I do. Since I’ve wrestled all over the world, I know exactly what it is. It’s an amateur style wrestling match, where the winner is decided on points gained from takedowns. I’m very much looking forward to that, and I’m sure Istvan will give us a master class on how it’s done.

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 10:47 AM
CP: The Time has come to a match we have seen many times in EWNCW, Champion vs Champion but boy is different tonight new brands new champs its EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion SilverCena taking on EWNCW Ignition Champion Daymien Bloodstone!

Bod: this one going to be exciting Pentallion.

CP: Indeed Bodom, it should be a classic


Bod: This man may be the champion but he hasn’t proved anything to me

CP: On the contrary, SilverCena chased that title for months now matter how many times he got knocked down he got back up stayed in the hunt and eventually won that belt at DC

Bod: You always got to be the smartarse haven’t you!


Bod: I don’t like this guy either

CP: do you like anyone?

Bod: Yea myself and your momma Pentallion

CP: Well it falls to me to be the professional then!, Bloodstone has some huge momentum with his new era he has created hopefully he can lead the Ignition Division to the promised land

SilverCena/Bret Hart vs Daymian Bloodstone/ 1 2 3 Kid



CP: Well what a show of Sportsmanship! SilverCena gets the win but these two men have great respect for one another!

Bod: Hate to admit that was probably one of the best matches we have ever witnessed

Tommy Thunder
11-09-2011, 10:50 AM
CP: It’s now time for our main event folks!

Bod: It should be interesting to see this fatal 4 way. 4 guys who are deserving of a shot. Who will be eliminated?


CP: Here comes the rookie of this match; Seraphim!

Bod: Well goven that he is just that; a rookie, I’d say he’s the one prone to being eliminated here, but having said that, he’s been impressive in his short time here in EWNCW.


CP: And now ‘The Albino Rhino’ Solla enters! A dangerous competitor in any match!

Bod: This man is just plain sick Chris, the other 3 will need to keep an eye out for him.


CP: And now the ‘Prodigal son’ comes out. The Beard of Zeus!

Bod: Well he’s my pick to go all the way and win this series. His mean streak has helped him since returning, and I’m sure he’ll pull through here.


CP: And finally, ‘God’s Golden Son’; Rich Cranium!

Bod: Well Rich is still looking for that big win. There’s no doubt he deserves the title shot, but he has to prove it against these guys first!

CP: Well that’s our four guys! Let’s see how this one plays out!

(Batista = Seraphim / Kane = TBOZ / Cena = Rich Cranium / JBL = Solla)


CP: My God! TBOZ is out! He’s been pinned!

Bod: Well there goes my prediction.

CP: And check out who got the pin, Seraphim! That’s be a huge boost for him!!

Bod: Got to give credit where it’s due, that was a good display from Seraphim, but Zeus must be bitterly disappointed.

CP: You bet. He will now have to watch Rich Cranium progress to the triple threat next week while he sits on his ass backstage watching! That’s all the time we have for this week folks! Don’t forget to tune in to Thursday night Inferno! Goodnight everybody!

Tommy Thunder
11-14-2011, 06:28 PM

CP: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of Monday night Rage!! We are live here tonight from Richmond, Virginia, where the crowd is electric! I’m Christopher Pentalion alongside EWNCW legend Bodom as always.

Bod: That’s right, we have an action packed night laid out as always. We’re just under 2 weeks away from our next ppv; ‘Fallout’, and I for one can’t wait to see what transpires here tonight.


CP: And so here we go! To kick things off, we have The Beard of Zeus making his way out.

Bod: He must be bitterly disappointed to be knocked out of the no.1 contender series last week. I backed on him making it right until the end.

CP: Well, let’s see what he has to say.

TBOZ: Last week, after dominating for a long time in the match, I was the one eliminated from the No.1 Contender series for the World Heavyweight Title.

I mean, I was pinned by a freaking rookie, who got one lucky shot and got the pin. Well done, but luck doesn't last long Seraphim, and I'll catch up with you soon enough.

What I am disgusted by is the fact that Rich got through. Exactly what did he do last week? Lie on the floor for the majority? He is an unbelievable coward and should be punished.

I was the main player in the GodMoney tag team. I won us most of the titles, I helped us keep them, and as soon as I left he fell apart.

But we will see, because when anything can happen, I make history.


CP: Well TBOZ there complaining and the champ seems to have something to say about it.

Bod: Cena talks too much for my liking. He’s proved he has something in the ring, but I sure wish he’d shut the hell up at times.

SC: TBOZ! Would you do us all a favor and SHUT THE EFF UP?! That's right! The Champ told you to shut it! Nope, no one is listening. Why are you complaining so much? As much as you talk, you oughta be able to defeat someone with your jaws. Or they might simply lay down and take a 3 count to avoid hearing your bullshit!

*TBOZ looks pissed as SilverCena smiles*

SC: Instead of bitching about getting your ass kicked, why don't you start trying to win some damn matches?! You got kicked out of the number 1 contender series because your ass got beat. Just own up to it and move on! You got beat by Seraphim because he had a better night than you did! That guy is a great young talent so quit acting like your momma just took away your XBOX!

*Crowd laughs*

SC: Now you are up here ripping on Rich Cranium! Your former GodMoney tag team partner! You know, SilverCena was a huge GodMoney fan! That team was the best team ever in my opinion and are true living legends! But then those guys split up to move on and take up something else. Yeah, I really admired those guys from GodMoney, Rich Cranium and that other guy. What was his name? HMMMMMMMMMMMM?

*TBOZ is screaming obscenities in SilverCena's direction*

SC: What? What is it you are saying? Ohhhhhh, you were in GodMoney! My bad! I totally forgot who that guy was that stood on the outside while Rich did all the work!

*Crowd cheers*

SC: I tell you what big boy! Why don't you stop flapping your jaws and meet me later on in a non title match?! I mean, you are complaining about not being in the position to face me for the EWNCW World Heavyweight title, right?! Well, if you can beat me here tonight, you will prove that you are truly worthy of a title shot.

*TBOZ is beaming and is saying he will win tonight*

*SilverCena is pointing to TBOZ and saying, "We will see"*

CP: Wow! A huge match set there for later! Zeus will have the chance to face the champ in a non title match! A great opportunity for Zeus to prove a point here!

Bod: That’s right Chris, and he’ll do well to make good of this chance. If he pulls off a win, then who knows, the GM might make him the no.1 contender!

Tommy Thunder
11-14-2011, 06:30 PM
*Candy Man & Nyron walk out they have no music but Candy has a mic he talks as they walk to the ring. Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma are ready and waiting in the ring.*

Candy Man: me and Nyron we’ve been thinking and we have decided that we are going to form a tag team ..we have been made stronger with our rivalry we’ve been through things others on this roster couldn’t have nightmares about. together we will be dominant ..we will be powerful but most of all were gonna be kicking ass ..today marks the start of the new era of tag teaming the era of the tag team known as conquest !!!

CP: Well there you go its official Nyron and Candy Man are to be known as Conquest!!

Bods: Yea how great *Sarcasm*

CP: Well looks like they are going to get some action here against Hawkins and Charisma!

Conquest/Michael Shane & Kazarian vs Hawkins and Charisma/La Parka & Psycosis


CP: and they get the job done Bods what a match from another impressive team!

Bods: Fluke I prefer Domination!!
__________________________________________________ _____________________________-

*We cut backstage to see Keith Stone with ‘the girls’. The camera suddenly turns away after hearing a scream*

The Hurricane = The Blue Flash


*the camera turns back to the girls to see that Stone isn’t there. It turns back to the saved lady as the girls comfort her.*

The girls: Are you ok? What happened?

Saved girl: I’m fine, some guy in a costume saved me!

The girls: Ohhh, the Blue Flash!!

*Keith Stone comes into the picture*

KS: Hmmm, that man must drink Keystone Light to be that smooth.

Saved girl: Ohhhhh Keith Stone!

*The girl embraces Stone as he turns and looks to the camera with a raised eyebrow*

KS: Always smooth.

Tommy Thunder
11-14-2011, 06:30 PM
CP: Well well, The Blue Flash strikes again!! Did you see him Bodom?!

Bod: god damn it! That's all I've been hearing since last week!! Blue Flash this, Blue flash that!! Jeez, gimme a break! Can we just get on with the show?


CP: Well there’s your answer Bodom, yes we can! Shaz is on his way to the ring! Bill Richards is waiting for him in the ring.

Bod: Now I was impressed with the statement that this man made last week. Can’t wait t see what he’s got for us this week.

S: Hello (saying it in a proud manner)

Last week, you witnessed the truth. It looks like I didn't lie about being the unstoppable one as I beat up TJ Rage.

I have proved to you that there is no one who will stop me! I am the......

*Booing for about 1-2 minutes*

S: SHUT UP! As I was saying, I am the most dominant one around here, I will beat anyone in front of me and if you don't like it.......

*crowd booing*

S: SHUT UP! If you don't like it then tough luck! Because I am the legend of all legends, I am the best in the world at what I do, and there is nothing and I mean NOTHING! That can stop me!

CP: Shaz setting his stall out once again here! Let’s see what he can do against Bill ‘the Eagle’ Richards!

Shaz/Brock Lesner vs Bill Richards/Shawn Stasiak


CP: And Shaz again pulls off an impressive win!

Bod: But wait, he’s not done here.

CP: Oh no, we saw this last week...

*Shaz re-enters the ring, and goes to beat on Richards as he did with Rage last week. He beats him down severely until the ref manages to convince him to leave. After exiting the ring, he goes to the ringside area and grabs a chair. He goes back at Richards and hits him a couple of times with it. He then delivers a Canadian destroyer to Richards on the chair.*

CP: That was hard to watch. That move is quite dangerous you have to say Bodom, and landing on that chair, Richards might have some bad injuries from that.

Bod: Quite the beating I have to say.

*A few referees are attempting to enter the ring but Shaz still has the chair and he’s keeping them at bay. As Shaz is posing over Richards with a sick smile on his face when suddenly......*


*a logo appears on the titantron*


*As the camera zooms out, it’s revealed to be The Blue Flash (the logo being on his chest). He is standing with hands on hips starring on as the crowd pop. Shaz looks up in bewilderment. The Blue Flash then points directly at Shaz as the crowd cheers. Shaz is visibly upset and is ranting. The camera then zooms back in on the logo and then goes back to show the Monday night Rage logo. Shaz in mad and shouting as he exits the ring and heads up the ramp.*

CP: My god! Did you see that Bodom?! The Blue Flash!! Protector of the EWNCW universe!!

Bod: god damn it Pentalion, it’s just a guy in a costume!!

CP: Blue Flash has obviously picked up on Shaz’s wicked activities, and he sent a clear message to him there! I wonder if what’s next after this interesting turn of events?!

Tommy Thunder
11-14-2011, 06:31 PM

CP: And here comes the EWNCW Ignition champion Damien Bloodstone!!

Bod: He put up an excellent match with Silver Cena last week here on Rage. A sign that we might be looking at a future World Heavyweight champion perhaps?

CP: Very possible Bodom. I think I can quote you in saying that last week’s match was one of the best ever seen here in EWNCW! Let’s see what the champ has to say!

*Daymian walks out shaking fans hands along the way*

DB: Well the challanges keep coming. At Fallout i will defend my Igition Championship in a triple threat match!

*crowd erupts*

DB: Now this match will put me in the ring with one guy from Rage and one guy from Inferno. Now in recent weeks we've seen quite a few guys debut, put that with the dudes already here and I am looking at some tough competion. But it doesn't matter who i face, I worked my ass off getting this title and no one, not even God will take this title away from me! The Era of Bloodstone has only just begun and it isn't going anywhere. To the guys who think they got a shot, step up an try something. I'll prove once again big things come in small packages!


CP: And enter ‘The Freak’ Ryan Wells! He beat Grind Bastard last week!!

Bod: I’ve always said that this guy has the tools to be a great success here in EWNCW, but he plays to the fans way too much for my liking. You have to be in this business for yourself, not for anyone else.

RW: Hello everyone! I'm sorry to interrupt Bloodstone, I don't mean to be rude. It's just I heard that you will be defending the title against not 1 but 2 people. Now while this isn't what I had asked for from the beginning, it is better then what I had to do at Destiny's Calling. Now, it is going to be one person from each brand, and from Rage, I want to nominate myself. You told me if I beat Grind, I would get a shot at the title, and I did so I ask you to keep up your end of the bargain. I will say it again, I respect you Bloodstone, and I think a 1v1 match between us would be a hell of a match but I guess we will have to just make it an even better match with someone else in there. But I am owed what is coming to me, a title shot. A real one, not a 5 man challenge, a real shot. Please keep up your part of the deal and make me the contender from Rage. Because you can even ask the fans who they want to represent Rage. *Points mic to crowd*

*Crowd reply: Ryan Wells!*

RW: The council has spoken Damian, you promised me, now please hold up your promise.


CP: And now here comes the crazed Grind Bastard!

Bod: What is he doing here? He lost last week! He’s surely not implying he deserves a shot at Bloodstone’s title?!

*Grind gets in the face of Wells like he did last week. He then turns to Bloodstone and looks at the belt, before turning back to Bloodstone again. After a staredown between the 3 men...


JC: Now wait there just a minute guys. I’m still not decided on who will represent Inferno in the triple threat match at ‘Fallout’. So here’s what we’re going to do tonight. I’m going to put all three of you in a triple threat environment right here, right now! Whoever can impress me the most out of Grind Bastard and Ryan Wells, will get the spot at ‘Fallout’!

*crowd cheer*

JC: And we’ll have the match right now, so let’s get a referee down here and get the match under way!

CP: Alright! So we’re going to see the champ in a non-title triple threat match with Wells and Grind. Whoever has the better showing, will be announced next week as the man who gets the spot!

Bod: I’m not sure if it’s fair, but it should make for an interesting match!

CM Punk = Ryan wells / John Morrison = Grind Bastard / The Miz = Damien Bloodstone


CP: Oh my God! Ryan Wells has done it! He pinned the champion!

Bod: Well maybe I was wrong, maybe it is possible to play to the crowd and win championships.

CP: well we’ll have to wait and see. But one must assume that Wells is in the driving seat to represent Rage at ‘Fallout’ now!

Tommy Thunder
11-14-2011, 06:32 PM
*We come back to see the Sky High Bastards in the ring*


CP: here comes Domination!!! They had an impressive debut last week I know they impressed you bodom

Bods: Indeed good to see a fresh wave of Tag Teams here in EWNCW Domination are the brightest team in my opinion not like those Sexy alpha male idiots over on inferno

CP: Well you just don’t know how to have fun

*Domination enters the ring to a chorus of boos*

Geiger: I feel like we have to repeat ourselves this week busmer because these idiots in the stands *huge you suck chants* didnt quite hear us last week when we explained that we were going to DOMINATE the tag team division.

Busmer: and not only did you prove that you are the most dominate species of man, i also proved that i am genetically superior in our match last week which was nothing more then a squash.
Mind you however this is how every week is going to turn out as.... a Squash match, a statistic, a W next to our names until the current tag team champs the collective decide thats its better to lose there titles while we are no pissed of because when The Big Bang gets angry, bad things happen... very bad things happen

Geiger: incase you morons at home didnt catch monday night rage last week because hell if you didnt hear that we were on it, let us repeat for the benefit of the lost audience members who we are. I am the most dominate species of man, Matt Geiger and my buddy here is The Bing Bang Barry Busmer and together we are your future tag team champions, Domination. Now last week we proved just that, Dominating so lets just get the other team out and finish this already...

Domination/Bad Intentions vs Sky High Bastards/No Limit



Bods: I Tell you what last week domination showed domination tonight they proved they can go toe to toe with anyone that was a great match and Domination come away with the win

CP: I Agree that was impressive by both teams but Domination gets the win!

Tommy Thunder
11-14-2011, 06:33 PM
CP: I’m now told that we’re going to see the special Catch-As-Catch-Can Grapples match that Istvan Gretzky challenged Markus Beerstein to last week! And remember, there’s a title on the line here as Istvan was so confident that he’s put his Polish Catch-As-Catch-Can Grapple championship on the line!

Bod: Well rightfully so in my opinion! Istvan is a world class athlete and he has the accolades to prove it. Beerstein doesn’t know a headlock from a takedown, so this will be a cakewalk for Istvan!


CP: And here comes the champion. He looks redy for business with his headguard and gumshield in hand.

Bod: a true professional. I can’t wait to see the man work.


CP: And here’s the fan favourite Markus Beerstein, beer in hand!

Bod: How does this man get clearance to compete drunk?

CP: Who cares! The man’s entertaining! Let’s see how this first ever amateur style match in EWNCW goes!

Jack Swagger = Istvan Gretzky / Kofi Kingston = Markus Beerstein


CP: Wow!! Well Istvan managed to win the challenge, but only by one point!! Did you see Beerstein racking up those last few points! He nearly won!

Bod: Yes, but was there any need for the post match beatdown?!

CP: well in all fairness I think Istvan laid the first blow Bodom.

Bod: Well what did you expect?! The man was embarrassed, he was humiliated by this goof!

CP: I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of these 2 facing off!

Tommy Thunder
11-14-2011, 06:33 PM
*Monday Night Rage, one of the most watched wrestling television shows in history, returns to television after a brief intermission that advertised companies and businesses. The crowd in the () arena are all hyped up for the matches that will take place later on in the night, especially for the triple threat main event match. Guy Smith, one of Rage’s reporters can be seen on the titantron, wearing a rather cheesy looking tuxedo and dried mustard stain on the collar.*

::Guy Smith::
“Ladies and gentlemen, joining me with now is one of EWNCW’s hottest stars…..Ronaldo Romulus!”

*The Brazilian enigma, Ronaldo Romulus, appears on the titantron along side Guy Smith in his wrestling gear; black boots, black elbow pads and a pair of red trunks. Ronaldo looks down at Guy Smith and sneers lightly at his current apparel. *

::Guy Smith::
“Ronaldo Romulus, first off I want to say thanks for showing up.”

::Ronaldo Romulus::
“It’s about time I receive some of the respect that being clan to the “chosen race” asserts. It seems like some of you “serfs” have learned your place in God’s caste system. Well done.”

::Guy Smith::
“Riiiight. Anyways, I couldn’t help but notice that last week was when you said that winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Silver Cena was going to be somewhat easy since no set contenders were in place. Well, now we know that there are now three of them and unfortunately for you, you’re not one of them. With you being out of the title picture, what will your plans be for Fallout?”

::Ronaldo Romulus::

“With the PPV now named, Fallout, the setting has now been determined where the pent up animosity that has fueled rivalries will be unleashed. For one man in particular, that animosity was recently bred a week ago. However, the drive behind his hatred and his rage cannot to be questioned and has led him to the point of absolute rancor. He is I, Ronaldo Romulus. After declaring my plans for immortalization, the admiration and respect that I hoped to gain from the “serfs” was abridged when Seth Ferrell belittled me for being a mere pretender of the prestige and skill that he possesses.”

*The camera focuses onto Ronaldo’s face which leaves Guy Smith’s image out of the shot.*

“This rebellious behavior from “the gifted” is something that I cannot stand for. That imbecile, Ferrell is just like the rest of them! Mistaking their skills for those of the “chosen race”! However, I must understand the comprehension of “the serfs” as well. It is to my understanding that false witnesses will claim to harbour the abilities of my race. It is easy for them to be misguided and exposed to fallacies. Knowing this, “the serfs” can rationalize me as a pretender as well. Seth Ferrell mimics some of my conduct and it can be easy for the genuine holder of divinity to be confused for the spurious distorter of truth. I am happy to announce that I have come up with a way to end the confusion and begin the immortalization of my image. As I mentioned in a compressed manner, at Fallout, my plans involve the downfall of Seth Ferrell. That is why I challenge Ferrell to a match at Fallout. I doubt he will even accept considering my astounding manifestation of power, speed, agility, sagacity and endurance against Splattered Dreams. For Seth Ferrell, I will allow the omnipotent nature of the Wrath of Remus judge him accordingly.”

::Guy Smith::
“Well thank you for your time. You heard it here folks! Ronaldo has challenged Ferrell at Fallout! Will Seth accept? Stay tuned for more Monday Night Rage to find out!”

Tommy Thunder
11-14-2011, 06:34 PM
CP: We’re back here on Monday night Rage, and as we just heard from Guy Smith, Ronaldo Romelus has challenged ‘The Great Pharaoh’ Seth Ferrell to a match at ‘Fallout’. Any thoughts Bodom?

Bod: Well Ferrell has been calling out Romelus over the last couple of weeks, and it seems’ that he’s had enough. Seteling it in the ring man to man is the way to do things in this business, so it’s an interesting matchup.

CP: And I’m just hearing that Seth Ferrell will answer Ronaldo Romelus’s challenge next week live on Monday night Rage! But up next we have the match that was made right at the top of the show; The Beard of Zeus accepting the challenge of the World Heavyweight champion Silver Cena!


CP: And here comes the challenger!

Bod: Zeus has the potential to beat Cena in my opinion. Can he keep it together here? Can he keep his composure to pull off the biggest win of his career?


CP: THE CHAMP IS HERE!! Silver Cena bursts out here to a great ovation!!

Bod: He’s the champ, I’ll give him that, he earned it. Butis he a good champ? Is he a good representation of this company? Absolutely not!

CP: Well we’re ready to go here! Let’s see how this titanic clash turns out!

SilverCena/The Rock vs TheBeardofZeus/Rhyno


CP: And Cena pulls it out of the bag!! That was a true test for him, but he did it!!

Bod: Well TBOZ showed me enough there to suggest he’s going to win that big one soon.

CP: I’ll agree with you on that one! A fantastic match, but the champ wins here tonight!

Tommy Thunder
11-14-2011, 06:34 PM
CP: Back from the break here folks, and it’s now time for our main event!!


CP: First out is Seraphim! Although a newcomer, he’s making waves here in EWNCW!

Bod: He is. But he’s still inexperienced compared to the 2 guys he’s facing here tonight.


CP: And now here comes ‘The Albino Rhino’ Solla!

Bod: A devastating force with a renewed drive as of late. I like his chances here.


CP: and finally, ‘God’s Golden son’ Rich Cranium!

Bod: Again, Rich has a lot of momentum, so you can’t bet against him. But can he put his problems with TBOZ out of his mind and concentrate on winning the title?

CP: Well, we’ll see! Let’s go!

Solla/EDGE vs Rich Cranium/Chris Jericho vs Seraphim/Batista



*At the end of the match, TBOZ appears on the titantron which distracts Rich. This allows Solla to hit his finisher an pin him*

CP: Oh my! Rich has been eliminated from the series!! TBOZ appeared on the screen which distracted Rich, and Solla was able to capitalize!!

Bod: Well, that answers my question. Zeus is still in the mind of Rich, and he’s screwed him out of a chance at the title again!

CP: Rich looks very disappointed, but congratulations to Solla and Seraphim who will now face each other next week on Rage for the no.1 contender spot!! That’s all from us here tonight folks, but be sure to tune in to Monday night Rage next week, but also to Thursday night Inferno this week!! But from Richmond Virginia, goodnight!

Tommy Thunder
11-26-2011, 08:43 PM
One filler needed I think! Here's a very late edition of Rage!

Tommy Thunder
11-26-2011, 08:44 PM

CP: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday night Rage!! We are live here in Atlanta Georgia, and the crowd here are electric!! I am here alongside EWNCW Bodom, and we are gearing up to our main event tonight where we will find out who will face Silver Cena at Fallout for the World Heavyweight championship!!

Bod: That’s right Chris! ‘The Albino Rhino’ Solla against Seraphim is tonight’s main event, and we couldn’t have a better matchup! We’ve also leant that there will be a 5 vs 5 elimination tag match at ‘Fallout’ with a team from Rage captained by Grind Bastard against a team from Inferno captained from The Great Cobra! Who will be on team Rage? We’ll find out tonight!!


CP: Well here’s Rich Cranium! He was once again screwed over by The Beard of Zeus last week, who once again prevented him from becoming the no. 1 contender for the title!!

Bod: Come on Chris. Just admit that Rich just doesn’t have ‘it’ to become champ!!

CP: Well let’s see what he has to say tonight.

RC: Cut my music! You know last week, I was once again screwed over by TBOZ! He decided to screw me out of the number one contender's series!

*Crowd boos*

RC: I mean, it's really pathetic! Why can't this guy live his own life?! Is this some sort of desperate act to seek attention?! Is he like, "Hey, look at me, I am from GodMoney and if I don't get my way, I will screw my former tag partner!". All I know is that I am really sick and tired of being screwed over every time I get a chance to climber the ladder towards the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship! Do I need to get a guard dog?

*Crowd laughs*

RC: I am not getting a dog but I tell ya, if he keeps it up, I will eventually introduce him to my friend! Yes! I have a very good friend who takes care of people that keep bringing misery on people's lives! This friend is a real BITCH too! TBOZ! Keep screwing with me and my dear friend KARMA is going to take a bite out of your ASS!

*Crowd chants KARMA*

RC: You have been warned! *Throws down mic*


CP: Oh man, here comes TBOZ!

Bod: One of my favourite guys right now, but where the hell is he? He’s taking his time here...

CP: Oh! Watch out!

*TBOZ jumps the rail and slides into the ring behind Rich before taking him out! He beats on him on the floor for a while before hitting his finisher on him! He then stands over Rich’s body with a sinister smile on his face as the crowd rain him with boos.*

CP: Oh man! What a vicious attack by that backstabber!!

Bod: He’s out to prove a point Chris, and he’s getting it across in a way that leaves a mark.

Tommy Thunder
11-26-2011, 08:46 PM
*Camera cuts backstage and we see Conquest talking*

Nyron: I don’t get it. We put a great show at DC, and the next Rage, and we don’t get a spot in the card!

Candy Man: We still have tonight, have a bit of hope, son.

*From out of nowhere Grind Bastard emerges. Conquest flich a little and go backwards. Grind produces a paper, and camera zooms in so it reads: You in for Rage team at Fallout? In what seems to be blood. Candy Man takes it, reads it, and hands it in to Nyron with a smile.

CM: See?

N: Of course we are in!

*Nyron hands the paper back. Grind extends a hand and both members of Conquest shake it before the big man leaves. Nyron has a big grin on his face*

CM: We’d better get ready.

N: Yeah.

*back at the commentary table*

Bod: Not the best choice for Team Rage, I wonder they entrusted Bastard with this task.

CP: You may not like them, but Candy Man and Nyron have proved themselves, I like to have them on the team.

*TJ Rage ready in the ring*

CP: Well, we’reback from the break. And after we just saw TBOZ attacked Rich, we’ve just been informed that Rich and Zeus will face off in a Destiny’s Calling re-match at Fallout!!

Bod: I’m very much looking forward to that! It should be a fantastic match again!


CP: But now we’re getting ready to see a re match from a couple of weeks ago as we see TJ Rage taking on Shaz, who has been tearing up the roster as of late!

Bod: He’s been getting himself noticed, that’s what he’s been doing Chris.

CP: Well he’s certainly caught the attention of The Blue Flash Bodom, as we saw last week!

Bod: Come on, we all know who that idiot is!! It’s.....

CP: Ummm, let’s just watch this match Bodom!

(Yoshi Tatsu = TJ Rage / Paul Birchill = Shaz / The Hurricane = The Blue Flash)


*After the match, The Blue Flash grabs a mic.*

BF: Greetings citizens of EWNCW!!

*crowd cheer*

BF: And I have come to EWNCW to rid the place from the tyranny of evil men who beat on weaker citizens than themselves, like citizen Rage here!

*he raises TJ Rage’s hand as the crowd cheer*

BF: And my quest for peace starts with you citizen Shaz!! At Fallout, you shall feel my wrath as I vanquish you from the realms of Monday night Rage!!


CP: The Blue Flash issuing a challenge to Shaz at Fallout!! What a match that should be!!

Bod: Have you seen the form Shaz has been in since debuting?! He’ll destroy this goon!! I hope he reveals him to us so we can all see captain obvious revealed to the world

Tommy Thunder
11-26-2011, 08:49 PM
*TJ Rage is shown backstage walking towards the locker room after his match when he bumps into Grind Bastard. Grind produces the paper but TJ Rage looks reluctant to take it. Grind insists. TJ Rage reads it aloud:*

TJ: You in for Rage team at Fallout? Yes! Why not? It’ll be good to be at Fallout. Count on me, man.

*Grind retrieves the paper and offers the handshake. Hands shaken and both leave*

Bod: Interesting choice this one, let’s see how it works.
__________________________________________________ _________----

CP: welcome back! I’m told now that we’re going to have a mini tag team tournament! Our newest tag team; Domination will face the Sky High Bastards, and the winner of that match will face Conquest. The winners of that match will then move on to Thursday night Inferno where they will face The Sexy Alpha Males fr the right to face The Collective at Fallout!

Bod: Jeez, a long winded way to do things!


CP: Well Bodom, that it may, but here are perhaps the most dominant force in EWNCW right now!

Bod: Well you got that right


CP: And here are the Sky High Bastards!! They’re also relatively new to EWNCW, and they’ve also been tearing it up here since getting here!

Bod: I really like these guys. They’re not afraid to push aside others to get what they want!

CP: Let’s see how they both get on!

(LOD = Domination / Steiner Brothers = SHB)



CP: And Domination get the win!

Bod: An impressive display

*Conquest music*

CP: But no rest bite for them now, here are Conquest! The Candy Man and Nyron are a newly formed tag team, and they have started out good here in the tag team division!

Bod: After Domination’s dominant path of domination during the past weeks, it should be an interesting contest.

Hart Foundation = Conquest / Legion of Doom = Domination



CP: My God! Domination did it! They did just sneak that win as one of them was holding Nyron back as he tried to break the pin, but a win’s a win!

Bod: That’s right Chris. Domination will now head to Inferno to challenge The Sexy Alpha Males for the no.1 contender spot at Fallout this Sunday! Domination dominating!

Tommy Thunder
11-26-2011, 08:51 PM
CP: Welcome back folks! I’ve been told now that We’re going to see Ryan Wells taking on Damien Bloodstone in a non title match! Wells has been on a roll recently, and he’s going to be representing Rage in the triple threat for Bloodstone’s title on Sunday.

Bod: That’s right. Arthur Lansdale is representing Inferno, another guy who’s been causing ripples with his lecturing, so the triple threat on Sunday should be interesting.

CP: Well let’s see how Wells features one on one with Bloodstone, a match he’s wanted for a while!

Ryan Wells/The Rock vs Daymian Bloodstone/HHH + Lansdale/Shawn Micheals
watch till 12:53


CP: And Arthur Lansdale!! What the hell was he doing there?! He had no business being here on Rage!

Bod: He’s involved in the Ignition title match so why not come here to check out the opposition?!

CP: Come on! I think it’s fair to say that he did a bit more than that Bodom!
__________________________________________________ _----

*Grind is shown walking backstage. Bill Richards appears. Grind offers the paper but Richards flies away. Grind twists his mouth in disgust*

Tommy Thunder
11-26-2011, 08:52 PM

CP: And we now have Seth Ferrell coming out. I wonder what he wants?

Bod: Well if you recall Pentalion, he was challenged to a match at Fallout by Ronaldo Romelus last week. I’m sure he’s come out here to address that situation.

CP: Only one way to find out. Let’s listen to ‘The Great Pharaoh’!

SF: Silence my peasants.

*crowd boo louder*

SF: Last week, the one who calls himself Ronaldo Romelus issued a challenge to me; ‘The Great Pharaoh’ Seth Ferrell. He dared challenge ME to a match at ‘Fallout’ this Sunday!! How dare he!!

*crowd boo*

SF: I do not mingle with mere peasants like him, like all of you!! I am of a superior line of kings!! I am better than you!!

*crowd boo*

SF: Alas, Ronaldo Romelus has made a foolish mistake. He has disrespected me. He has disrespected my position and my ability, and now, he must be punished! And I will personally punish him myself by humiliating him and destroying him live on ppv this Sunday at ‘Fallout’!!


CP: Well it seems that Ferrell has accepted the challenge from Ronaldo, but it’s Istvan Gretzky who’s now making his way out here.

Bod: Yeah, he’s been dealing with that vile imbecile Markus Beerstein as of late. This man is a superior athlete who deserves respect in the wrestling world. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

"Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky: Jak siemasz! My Name 'a Istvan, Istvan Gretzky.. Catch-as-catch-can-grapples champion of all of Eastern Europe, kurwa!

Istvan am interrupt this tea partying between Roly-Poly and man who's name is combine from two of Istvan favourite funny Americans because Istvan hear word like challenge being thrown around like kielbasa at Czechoslovak sexy time party, kurwa.

See, Istvan was a whisker of a pussy cat away from losing catch-as-catch-can-grapples invitation last week against Mark Lechstein, and Istvan feel shame once again.

*hangs head.*

IG: But no! No more will Istvan feel shame.

*Strikes pose and flexes biceps.*

IG: No more will Istvan feel shame after this Sunday, Lechstein, Kurwa mac!! For now another challenge has been made! Istvan will see German pig farmer at Falling Out, and Istvan will DOMINATE GERMAN PIG FARMER AT FALLING OUT WITH VASCULAR ARM MADE FROM FALLEN STAR, KURWA!!!

*flexes biceps again, and a forty-plus year old women who looks like she brushes her teeth with meth walks out on the stage. Istvan hands her the mic and he begins doing press ups while she holds the mic for him.*

IG:Look on Istvan! Look on Istvan as Istvan makes whole planet of American move down and up at Istvan's will, kurwa! No man who is alive has strength of twelve village ox like Istvan, and no man alive in planet of Americans can take Istvans catch-as-catch-can-grapples champion away from him, kurwa!

*after twenty or so press ups Istvan stands up and takes the mic back from the MILF.*

IG: Heh heh, thank you American woman... Now go wait for Istvan in Istvan's room for the locker and wait for Istvan to come make shake a leg with you...

*Turns serious again.*

IG: MARK LECHSTEIN, at Falling Out, Istvan will make sure it is you who is feeling shame, and Istvan will send you back to pig farm to drown sorrows in Nazi Wine and make shake a leg with your brother Hansel... Do widzenia until Sunday, kurwa!

CP: What the hell....


Bod: You’re right for once Chris, what the hell does this guys want now?!

CP: Well I was about to say what the hell did Istvan just say, but I think he said something bout challenging Markus to a rematch at ‘Fallout’? Well here’s the man himself to address that right now!

Markus: Alright, why you two ladies shut the fuck up and stop boring our audience here, Seth, you wanna face Romulus let me tell you one thing going from all the presents, no one fucking cares!!!, well I don't think they guy even know you exist so go back to your pathetic and find someone who love you

*Crowd cheers*

Markus: Now, let go with Grestky, I gotta admit, you beat me last week fair and square, even if you did in what could be the most stupidest match in the history of mankind you caught me by surprise, curious that was my first match and I made you sweat like giant polish pig, mmm well you are the champ of catch as catch I don’t give a fuck belt, so I kinda make you look... bad, so the score is 2-1 in advantage for me and seems you want another round with German Sensation so why we don't give all the Beersteinmaniacs what they want in the next PPV, what de you say about that!!!

*Crowd: Fuck yeah!!!!!*

Markus: So people, talk time is over and is now to KICK... SOME..ASSES, so you two are goin to stay there like morons or going to try to take me down!!!

*After a while of Ferrell and Gretzky staring in a threatening fashion at Beerstein, it seems like they’re about to attack when...*


CP: And here’s Ronaldo to even the odds!!

Bod: Really? Why does the guy feel the need to come out here?!

CP: Beerstein’s outnumbered! The odds are fair now!

*Both sets of men start beating on each other. Ronaldo and Beerstein get the upper hand and manage to throw both Gretzky and Ferrell out of the ring, much to the pleasure of the crowd!*

CP: Well it seems it’s on! Beerstein and Gretzky will face each other again in a ‘Destiny’s Calling’ rematch, while Ronaldo Romelus will face Seth Ferrell!

Bod: 2 great matches lined up for Sunday, I can’t wait!

CP: You and me both buddy!

Bod: I’m NOT your buddy.

*We see the High Sky Bastards backstage, when Grind Bastard appears. He once again produces the paper but the Bastards spit on it. Grind enrages and starts beating the hell out of the two*

Bod: Come on, beat those punks! They deserve it!

*Security runs in and separates Grind from the SHB*

Tommy Thunder
11-26-2011, 08:54 PM
*Grind is roaming backstage once again. He bumps into Splattered Dreams*

Bod: That man has to be in. I really hope so!

*Intense staredown between the two. Grind produces the paper. Dreams reads it, takes a look in Bastard’s eye, and nods. Grind nods back, retrieves the paper and both leave*

Bod: Yes! We’ve got Dreams in!

CP: So, we have Rage team complete with Grind Bastard, Conquest, TJ Rage and Splattered Dreams.

Bod: I feel Rage can win this one. I don’t trust Conquest, but having Splattered Dreams and Grind Bastard on the same page gives our teams a lot of options.
__________________________________________________ _________--

CP: Welcome back to the last part of Monday night Rage folks, and we’re now gearing up to our main event!


CP: And here’s the first of our no.1 contenders, ‘The Albino Rhino’ Solla!

Bod: The guy’s sick, but there’s been a renewed focus in him as of late. Can he get over the final hurdle here?


CP: And the surprise package and EWNCW’s breakout star right now, Seraphim!

Bod: He’s impressed me I must admit. I’m surprised he’s made it this far, but has he bitten off more than he can chew here?

CP: Well let’s find out! Let’s go!

(Edge = Seraphim / William Regal = Solla)


CP: Oh my! Solla does it! Seraphim gave it his all but Solla pulled out the win after using those brass knuckles!!

Bod: Wha take you talking about Pentalion?! I didn’t notice the ref signalling for any illegal intervention!

CP: The referee missed it! He was on the floor after Solla used him as a human shield!!

Bod: Don’t be ridiculous! The referee was clearly just in the wrong place at the wrong time!


CP: Alright! And now the champ is here!!

Bod: What the hell does he want?!

*SilverCena's music plays as he comes out to the entrance ramp, stops and claps*



SC: So Solla, I see you just won the number 1 contenders series and that you will be facing me at Fallout for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Title! You know what?! Don't be looking at me and gesturing to your waist that this belt will be yours! I saw how you got that win and honestly, I don't like it!

*Solla is saying "Oh well"*

SC: Now I know you don't play clean and I can see that is the only way you know how to win! However at Fallout, I want to make sure we have a clean match and that none of your tricks can be used! You see, while you were out here celebrating, I got the GM on the phone and explained to him what I am explaining to you! I explained that I don't want to lose my title the dirty way! If I am to lose my title, let it be done fair! You know what? The GM agreed and has appointed a special referee to see this match straight down the middle! This special ref is none other than "The Black Angel" Seraphim!

*Crowd cheers as Solla looks pissed and is shaking the ring ropes in anger*


CP: Haa! The champ always gets the last word!

Bod: I wish he really didn’t...

CP: Come on cheer up Bodom! We have a ppv to look forward to! And you too folks! We hope to see you all there for Fallout!! But from Atlanta Georgia, Goodnight!

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 07:58 AM
First filler!

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 07:58 AM
And another one.

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 07:58 AM
Monday night Rage returns with a BANG!

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 07:59 AM
One more before showtime!

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 08:00 AM

Christopher Pentalion: Ladies and gentlemen welcome, to the first episode of 2012 of Monday night Rage!! We are live here from Wichita, Kansas, I’m Christopher Pentalion alongside EWNCW legend Bodom, and we have an action packed show coming up for you tonight, because, not only is this the first episode of 2012, but this is the first episode of Rage in about 2 months!

Bodom: That’s right Chris, EWNCW’s roster have been away competing in a special cross federation event; ‘EWNCW vs JBW: Battle Lines’, which reminds me. Where the hell were you at that event? I didn’t see a peep of you! And you forgot to mention Chris that this is also your first show for 2 months, since you weren’t part of the commentary team at any of the supershows we’ve had over the last 2 months!

CP: Well... er... that’s true. I was at Battle Lines though, but as a fan. For some reason I wasn’t asked to do commentary. I can’t imagine why not.

Bod: Oh believe me Chris, I can list you a few reasons.

CP: But enough of about that, we’re back here tonight folks! So sit back, and enjoy the show that we’re going to be bringing you tonight!


CP: The Champ is here!! What better way to kick things back off, than with the World Heavyweight champion, ‘The Rapping Hyena’; Silver Cena!!

Bod: I’ll be honest Chris, I can think of a few ‘better’ ways to start off a show. Excuse me while I throw up in your lap here.

CP: Hey, woah there! Come on Bodom, Cena’s proven that he’s worthy of carrying that championship. If we take you folks back to our last ppv, ‘Fallout’, Cena retained the title against ‘The Albino Rhino’ Solla!

Bod: Yeah, and who was officiating that match? Yeah, Cena’s new best pall Seraphim. The only reason Solla didn’t win that title is because of that idiot not calling the match down the middle!

CP: Well we all know that isn’t true. Seraphim called that match straight down the middle. Let’s see what our champ has to say.

*Huge pop for the champ as his music hits the arena! The fans go wild and chant his name, a great way to start Rage after its long hiatus. Cena gives a salute to the fans and charges down to the ring and poses on the turnbuckle as the fans continue to chant and cheer loudly for him, Rage has been away for far too long. The Champ grabs a microphone.*

Silver Cena: Yeah BOOIIIIIIIIIIIII! The Champ is here!

*The fans shouts BOIIIIIIIII! along with him*

SC: Welcome back, to Monday Night Rage!

*More cheering from the crowd*

SC: Let’s get straight down to business! The Champ is getting a little bit bored right now, he needs a new challenge, someone new to get into the ring with, seeing as everyone else who the champ has faced hasn't been able to take this belt right here away from me!

*The crowd pop again and another 'Cena! Cena! Cena!' chant erupts*

SC: I've beaten the Albino Rhino! I've swept aside Gillz! No one's been able to bring a big enough game to Silver Cena, so it's about damn time I got myself a real challenge, so I can prove once again, that I am the best damn wrestler here!

*Big cheer from the fans*

SC: So I don't care if it's Rich, TBOZ, or even Ric 'Viagra Mountain' Flair who wants to give it a shot, but I'm standing right here, so let’s have ya BOOOOOO.......!!


*As Silver Cena talks, the music for Black Angel hits - blasting across the audience. Flickering lights and a haunting mumble foretell his arrival to the top of the ramp, holding a mic.*

CP: Well Cena laying down the gauntlet there, daring anyone and everyone to challenge him, but it’s Seraphim who’s come out here. The special guest referee from the World Heavyweight title match at ‘Fallout’. I wonder what he has to say.

Bod: I can’t imagine. I mean what the hell has this guy even done to deserve hanging around with the main event guys?

CP: Well he has a mic, so let’s be quiet and see what he has to say.

Seraphim: You're right, Cena, it is good to be back on MONDAY NIGHT RAGE!!!!!!!!! This Arena is packed so much, we are probably breaking all kinds of fire rules to accommodate our fans. So tonight, it's gonna be hot!

*Crowd Pops*

S: I see you are looking for a challenge at the next PPV, and let me tell you man, I am too. I want to talk to you seriously for a minute though, man, can I do that?

*Seraphim climbs in the ring*

S: I want to personally thank you for helping me out over the past few months, you know with climbing the ladder and becoming a main event talent here in the almighty EWNCW. Without you man, I would have to be out here tearing up the mid-card division instead of running with the big dogs, like I was always meant to do, understand? So yes, Silver Cena, I want to thank you for all you've done for me.

*He shakes Cena's hand, but doesn't let go.*

S: But I want to tell you something else too man. I've been good for you as well, whenever you've needed a tag-team partner, I've been there, haven't I? When you needed someone to call it down the middle at Fallout, I was there, wasn't I? Can I get a thanks for that? Can I get one for helping you out when you needed it, like you did for me? I'm not asking for you to get on your knees, but I just want some recognition for all I've done since you, in some respects, took me under your wing to show me the ropes of the main event.

In fact, *he lets Cena's hand go*, I feel that you owe me something big in exchange for it. Yeah, I'm grateful that you've helped me out this far, but you should let me show you what I've learned since then!

Who in here thinks that, at Glory to the Brave, it should be Silver Cena vs The Seraphim, for the title?

*The crowd pops huge*

S: What was that? I don't think Cena heard you, tell him one more time.

*Crowd pops again, chanting: CENA - SERAPHIM; CENA - SERAPHIM*

S: What do you say, my friend? Will you give these voices at shot at your title?

*Cena begins to speak when.....*


CP: Well, we’ll never know what Cena’s answer would have been there, because here comes GM Cleverly!

Bod: The only man in the vicinity barring myself of course, that has an ounce of common sense here. He’ll put that little weasel Seraphim in his place now. Who the hell does he think he is demanding a title shot like that?!

*Cleverly makes his way out to a mixed reaction. He walks down the ramp with purpose before getting into the ring, mic in hand*

John Cleverly: Ok, let’s ease off for a second here. First of all, I got out here as soon as I could because I was taking care of some business, but I was meant to be the one opening this show. Not you Cena. This is my show, and this is the first show in 2 months and the first Monday night Rage of 2012. I was the one who was meant to open things up here!

*the crowd boo Cleverly as Cena just stares at him and shrugs his shoulders*

JC: Now, there was a very good reason why I wanted to open the show, because I have a few very important announcements to make. The first announcement is regarding the Ignition division. I can now announce that the Ignition championship as of this very moment is exclusive to the Rage brand, as is of course the champion Damien Bloodstone. Now, before any Inferno radicals start throwing garbage at me, that is only half of the story. The other half of that announcement will have to wait until Thursday night Inferno.

*The crowd give a slight pop for this*
JC: Now, moving on to my second announcement. You may remember me announcing a while back that EWNCW management were looking to instate a brand new championship on the Rage brand to accommodate the International title on Inferno. Well, tonight, we will unveil that very title, and the first champion will be crowned live here tonight!

*The crowd pop big for this as Cleverly smiles to himself*

JC: And finally, we come to my third announcement, which involves you two in fact. Now, I heard what you said there Seraphim, and to a certain degree, I agree with you. There is a case to argue that you do deserve a shot at the title. But, unfortunately, I’ve already booked a main event for tonight to determine the no.1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Bred for Combat. And that match will see Rich Cranium taking on The Beard of Zeus!

*The crowd pop for that match as Seraphim loos a bit down. Cena can be said saying “come on man”*

JC: But, I’ve had an idea for another match tonight. If you want to prove to me, to these EWNCW fans here that you’re ready, and truly deserve a shot at the title, then tonight, we’ll see Seraphim taking on Silver Cena in a non title match!

*the crowd pop big as Seraphim looks rather more pleased now, and Cena looks happy too*

JC: And that match is up next! Holla!

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 08:38 AM
CP: Wow! What a start to Monday night Rage we got right there! So let’s recap here, we now have the Ignition title exclusive to the Rage brand, and another new title to debut tonight! Thoughts on those 2 first Bodom!

Bod: Well, the Ignition division is well and truly full of exciting young stars, and the fact that the title is now exclusive to Rage is a winner for us. I feel for the Ignition division stars on Inferno though. What will they compete for now? As for this new title, I can’t wait to see what it is, but more importantly, who will be competing for it. John Cleverly did say way back when he announced the new title a few months back that he’d be watching various superstars and evaluating who deserves to have a shot for it. I guess we’ll find out later who those deserving people are!

CP: Indeed, a title match live here! I can’t wait to see who gets a shot at that! And how about those 2 matches set up by GM Cleverly?

Bod: Well it’s the right decision. I mean Seraphim shouldn’t be the no 1 contender, and he sure as hell shouldn’t be getting a title match. He’s extremely lucky that Cleverly’s let him have a match with the champ here tonight. As for the main event. It’s a mouthwatering matchup for sure! TBOZ going up against his arch nemesis, and the no. 1 contender spot is up for grabs! That one’s a tough one to call.

CP: You’re telling me, but for now, let’s concentrate on this matchup here. Seraphim given a chance to prove he’s ready to face the champion here.

(Zack Ryder = Seraphim / John Cena = Silver Cena)


CP: What a spectacle! What a match! Seraphim put up a hell of a fight there, but the champ was able to pull off the win!

Bod: That was indeed an excellent matchup Chris. Seraphim so close to toppling the champ, but the bottom line is, he didn’t get it done.

CP: But he’s surely done enough to convince everyone that he’s good enough to be champ though?

Bod: Well until you beat the champ, no, for me he hasn’t. And besides, he now has 2 other guys ahead of him in the pecking order it seems, since it’s Rich and TBOZ who are in the no 1 contenders match.

CP: That’s a fair point but..... hey wait a minute! What the .....

*Solla jumps over the security barrier from the crowd and enters the ring, he then starts beating Seraphim mercilessly. After a while he goes out of the ring and goes to rummage under the ring. He eventually brings out a Singapore kane, and starts flailing away at Seraphim’s back. After about 10 lashes, and the kane destroyed. Solla simply stands over the limp body of Seraphim with a sick sadistic smile on his face as the crowd boo and shout abuse at him*

CP: What a sick man! What the hell is his problem!!

Bod: Well the only thing I can think of Chris is the fact that Seraphim screwed Solla out of winning the title at Fallout.

CP: What?! Seraphim was the referee! He called that match straight down the middle!!

Bod: Well it seems that Solla disagrees with you Chris. Shall I tell him that you’d like to argue with him?

CP: I’d rather you didn’t, at least not while he’s in that sick zone he’s in now! Join us after the break for some more Monday night Rage!

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 08:48 AM
*video opens It's dusk, nearly night.
it quiet until lightning stikes and you see Arius on top of a snowy mountain*

First impressions often are lasting impressions so let’s begin.

You can call me Arius, for years I trained from back home in Australia all way to the land of the rising sun.

I went up against the best the world had to offer and one after one they fell , every match a disappointing one . I went through everyone they threw at me and never was there that one guy who had at least half a chance.

But through all that there was one that always lived up to her expectations, never disappointing and always by my side the devious , cunning and always stunning Alice.

* Alice now appears from the mist*

This sexy minx from the suburbs of Melbourne can take out anyone may it man or woman

We together formed a Congregation, a mass following of worthy disciples who did our bidding as we commanded, we stormed through the roster of each company we have graced our presence with obliterating the unworthy and allow the ones who wish to embrace the power to join us in our takeover.

But there is always a Judas in each group the one who goes against the leader, usually it’s not a problem. One stands up wants to lead he gets knocked down quicker than the snap of my fingers but this one, this one was smarter than the rest. He had already convinced the rest of the congregation to stand up against me and well the rest is history.

Now we are here in EWNCW to rebuild our Congregation once more to its glory and diminish all who stand in our way.

Next Week it all begins again.

*We move to John Cleverly’s office. He’s sitting at his desk as there’s a knock on his door*

JC: Come in.

*Markus Beerstein and Istvan Gretzky come in*

MB: You wanted to see me?

IG: No! Me!

JC: Pipe down, I wanted to see both of you. Now as you both heard earlier I’m sure, tonight we’re finally revealing our new title here on Rage. And like I said, I’ve been evaluating and assessing all Rage talents for the last 2 months to see who would be best suited to carry this title. Now, you two have been battling it out against each other recently, and the feedback on you matches has been good, and the reviews have been excellent. So with that in mind, I decided that tonight, you two will face each other once more! And whoever wins, will become the new holder of this.....

*the camera pans over to a brand new title sitting on a pillow at a table*

JC: The EWNCW Evolution championship! So I suggest that you both go and get ready!

*Beerstein and Gretzky stare at each other for a while, neither man backing down. After a few seconds, another knock comes at the door*

JC: Come in.

*One of EWNCW’s latest acquisitions Hanz Gruber comes in. He confidently walks in and moves directly between Beerstein and Gretzky. He stops between them, and looks from one to the other. Gretzky marches out. Gruber looks at his fellow German compatriot; Beerstein and just smiles.*

Hanz Gruber: Aha. Hi.

*Beerstein doesn’t change his expression, and just stares at Gruber for a few seconds.*

JC: Ahem, Markus, if you could please excuse us for? Mr Gruber and myself have some business to discuss.

*Beerstein eventually walks out as Gruber just watches him go.*

HG: Something I said?

JC: Just ignore him, come sit down.

__________________________________________________ ____

*We cut back to the commentary table*

CP: Well some more big announcements there folks. Firstly there that video package showing one of EWNCW’s newest acquisitions; Arius and Alice, and we’ll look forward to hopefully seeing them debuting next week!

Bod: Certainly an interesting looking talent. Certainly educated in the right place in the form of Japan, so I’ll be looking out to see how good he is.

CP: Indeed. And then we saw John Cleverly announcing that it will be Markus Beerstein taking on Istvan Gretzky later tonight! A rivalry that has been boiling for a while now might come to a head tonight when they both face off for EWNCW’s newest title; the Evolution championship!

Bod: If tonight’s match in anything like their previous encounters, then we’re in for a treat for sure Chris. Gretzky’s a seasoned competitor and a champion in his homeland, I can see him adding some more gold to his resume here tonight!

CP: Yes, and did you also see at the end there another new talent to EWNCW, and another German competitor; Hanz Gruber!

Bod: I’ve heard much of Gruber. He’s been competing here for a while now, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him. Now that he’s in EWNCW, I can see him developing even more and I can see him being a big hit here.

*We cut backstage again to see The Blue Flash, keeping a keen eye out for trouble, when New EWNCW Superstar Chris King walks up.*

Chris King: Hey there Flash, as you know tonight we're in a Triple Threat match with another member of the Ignition Division, Shaz! Now, I think you and everyone will agree with me when I say since the day he first showed his face in this company, Shaz has been nothing but a disrespectful punk, to everyone in the locker room, to all the higher-ups, and to the fans. There is one strict difference between Shaz, and yourself Flash. And that's the fact that I don't hate you. I don't want to kick you so hard in the head your skull caves in, so, basically what I'm trying to get across is I don't care if I win, or if you win, as long as it isn't that egotistical, self-righteous prick Shaz.

*The Blue Flash looks King over for a second, before becoming satisfied that he isn't evil and is being genuine.*

BF: Citizen King, I'm glad that you see things that way. You are absolutely right. Citizen Shaz has shown nothing but disrespect to everybody here. From the citizens of the EWNCW universe, to people like you and me, and even the main event talent. And I agree with your point, that no matter which one of us two wins, at least it won't be that coward. But hear this, I am not in this match for you, I am in this match to prove that I am the man who deserves a shot at Bloodstone's Ignition title. I am the only man that can bring balance to the EWNCW universe, and it starts tonight.

But I digress, I bid you good luck out there citizen King.

*He extends his hand to Chris King who after a brief moment, accepts and shakes it. Flash then walks on as King looks on, the camera switches back to the announce team.*

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 08:54 AM
Christopher Pentalion: Blue Flash and Chris King there, promising to unite to vanquish the evil threat that is Shaz!

Bodom: I swear, it's like working for a child at times. Pentalion, he's not a super hero, neither of them are, it's a well known fact The Blue Flash is none of than Ke..

CP: A mystery man than no one knows the true identity of! Don't worry Bod, you're not the only one who doesn't know the truth. Besides, King might be a super hero, you never know, maybe on the side he works as 'Super King'.

Bodom: You mean he's a pack of cigarettes? Not a very original name there.. wait a freakin' minute, he's NOT a super hero!


CP: They may not be real super heroes, but here's a man who CAN really fly, Daymian Bloodstone, EWNCW Ignition Champion!

Bodom: What's he even doing out here? He's not scheduled for any matches, shows what GM John Cleverly really thinks of his Ignition Champion.

CP: Ahh come on Bod, Daymian's been a great Ignition champion here on Rage, and he's been a fighting champion, defending his title successfully multiple times since he won it.

*Bloodstone gets a big pop from the crowd, one of their favourites. He walks around the top of the ramp energetically, amping the fans right up, getting them in the mood for some Ignition entertainment. He walks down the ramp, high fiving fans in the front row as he does so, proving that the fans love an underdog. He climbs the steps and steps through the ropes, being handed a microphone as he prepares to address the arena.*

Daymian Bloodstone: Oh my God IT'S RAGE! Oh how I have missed this place! Now I know you are all out here to see The KamiKazi Warrior do his thing but sadly that won't be happening tonight. But we be having a great match between three people looking to dethrone The Pint Size Rocker. Chris King, Blue Flash and Shaz, get on out here and make the Ignition Division proud boys! Let this battle begin!

*Daymian exits the ring and heads over to the commentary table where there is an empty chair waiting for him.*

CP: So, looks like we're being joined right now by our Ignition Champion, welcome to the booth Daymian! How does it feel to be on this side of the camera for a change?

DB: A strange feeling, a big part of me wants to go fly around the ring like the monkey that I am.

Bodom: What I don't get Bloodstone, is that you're a pipsqueak, how the hell have you managed to retain that title for so long?

DB: Hello to you to Bodom. Just because I’m a small dude doesn't mean a damn thing. I'm willing to put my body on the line and go through every ounce of abuse to retain my title. It means everything to me.

CP: It's safe to say that you've earned that belt Daymian, which one of the guys will you be keeping a closer eye on tonight?

DB: All three of these guys are great wrestlers, I have had my eye on Chris King though. Something about him makes me want to have a go at him.


JM: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is a triple threat match. Introducing first, Shaz!

CP: Here's Shaz, and i know i'm not the only one who thinks so, but this guy is a real jerk, so pompous and arrogant.

Bodom: The guy's just confident, and he's got the skills to back it up, there's nothing wrong with that at all.

DB: Not sure I agree there Bodom, something just doesn't sit right with me on this guy, he's got a real attitude problem.

*Shaz gets a poor reaction from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring, not a fan of his attitude and sense of self importance.*

Shaz: So, I've been hearing that people have been talking behind my back! Not just any old people! But some pathetic scumbags who I'm facing tonight! The Blue Flash? Chris King? Ring any bells?!

*The crowd give a cheer after the two names are read out, preferring King and Flash to this guy.*

Shaz: Listen, no matter what you say, I will always be the best at what I do. I came from the mean streets! And I'll be playing mean! I have had enough of Flash's shenanigans! And Chris King? I don't even have a clue who that mongrel is!

*A large boo from the crowd this time, not appreciating his tone.*

Shaz: I am the legend of all legends, the rapid king, the best in the world at what I do, and there is nothing.....and I mean NOTHING! that can take that away from me. Especially not an imbecile like Flash!


CP: Speaking of the Blue Flash, here he is! Gotta say, he's my pick for this match, and the fans are loving his gimmick.

DB: He's a little goofy, but that's what makes him so fun, I really respect this guy.

Bodom: Well I think he sucks, and he's clearly got a few screws loose, he really does believe that he's a super hero.

*Flash enters to a big reception from the crowd, getting behind him and chanting his name. He makes his way to the ring, staring off against Shaz, shaking his head at him. Shaz mouths off a little but they keep their distance.*


CP: Chris King! He's not been here all that long, but I think the fans are starting to see that this guy has the talent to go a long way.

Bodom: I've not seen anything special from him, throw him in the ring with Solla and see if he survives, then we'll see what he's made of.

*A decent reaction for King as he strides out from the back, he looks focused and ready for the match. He makes his way to the ring and steps through the ropes, he nods to Blue Flash and then stares down Shaz.*

(Shaz/Psycosis vs Chris King/Kidman vs Blue Flash/Mysterio)

(Stop at 8.21)

CP: Oh my god! Blue Flash just got taken out accidentally by King! Shaz outsmarting both men there, elevating King over the top rope onto Flash!

Bodom: Flash isn't gonna be getting up any time soon, he's out cold hahaha!

*King gets to his feet slowly, he looks a bit disorientated but managed to slide back into the ring where Shaz is waiting for him, laying into him with the heel of his boot time and time again. Shaz picks him up and looks to whip King to the ropes but it's reversed, Shaz rebounds off the ropes and ducks under a clothesline from King, hitting the opposite ropes and attempting to hit a running drop kick but King catches his legs and Shaz's back hits the mat as King holds onto his legs.*

CP: He's trying to end it here! He's attempting to lock in the figure four leg lock!

Bodom: Come on Shaz get off your ass!

DB: He's got it locked in, he can't hold out for much longer surely!

*The crowd are cheering as Shaz writhes in pain on the mat, he raises a hand, almost ready to tap.*

CP: There it is! He's tapping! King's won it!

JM: Here is your winner, Chris King!

*Bloodstone stands up from the announce table and applauds King who nods down at the champion, before making a belt gesture towards him.*

CP: Looks like King has eyes on your belt Daymian, and judging by tonight’s performance, you'll have a tough time defending it.

Bodom: Unbelievable, not only did he get the win, but he stole the finisher of the greatest wrestler who ever lived, I’m gonna call Naitch right now, he won't stand for this!

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 09:04 AM
The festivities and commemoration of the return of Monday Night Rage is the initial setting that the viewers at home are greeted with when Monday Night Rage comes back on the air live in Wichita, Kansas. To add to the significance of this momentous occasion, this is also the first ever EWNCW show since the inception of EWNCW vs. JBW: Battle Lines. Even the fans in the stands know how important this night is as they wear official EWNCW “Monday Night Rage” shirts being sold by concessions venders along with holding signs that acknowledge Monday Night Rage’s reinstatement such as one held by a slightly overweight blonde mother of two that reads, “WE’RE BACK, B&%#$ES!!” The less clever and inebriated EWNCW devotees find the act of twirling their shirts over their heads and screaming obscenities a much more satisfying ritual to undertake much to the chagrin of some of the more sensible, civil patrons sitting next to them. The morale that was taken away from EWNCW after losing to JBW at the first federation war PPV is regained in glorious abundance as the Rage superstars get to compete in what many consider to be their “home” again. Everyone, especially the Rage superstars, are in high spirits as the nostalgia of hearing the Rage chants echo throughout the arena is relived in the present. In addition to their new found euphoria, the Rage superstars are also enthusiastic about the match that determines who wins the new “Evolution Championship”. Despite the major changes brining the most anticipation for the night ahead, even the usual routine of concession venders selling alcohol and EWNCW merchandise seems to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. That is…except for the security guard who flies out from behind the curtain separating the ring area from the backstage area.

Though “flying” would be too inaccurate of a word for the spectators who view said puzzling turn of events; most would describe it as “a man in a yellow jacket thrown face first on the ground”. Either way, answers are obviously wanted as the security guard scrambles to get back on his feet and charges backstage again with less spring in his step as before. The same process repeats itself with another security guard joining the fray. The author of this disarray, none other than Ronaldo Romulus, runs out from backstage and kicks the stirring security guard in the head when he senses imminent recovery on his part. Sweat is clearly visible all over his body and his usually orderly and stoic composure is shattered. No suit, sweaty wrestling gear, disappointed looks; to the viewers watching him, he looked like any other normal wrestler; more specifically, Ryan Wells at the end of every match he has. Looking behind his shoulder and averting his gaze to the squared circle, Ronaldo dashes to the ring and slides under the bottom rope where he is heralded with boos and jeers orchestrated by the symphony of the disgruntled and vexed fans in the audience. Paying no mind to their abhorrence, Ronaldo grasps the undivided contemplation of the spectators by turning around to face the ramp and shouting the familiar name of…

::Ronaldo Romulus::


…John Cleverly, the Rage General Manager who hasn’t been on television since Inferno and Rage became one. Everyone witnessing Ronaldo’s behavior can make an educated guess that Ronaldo has some beef with Cleverly and not the kind that had the potential to feed a family, the kind that would make good shock value and kill time until the next match would start.

::Ronaldo Romulus::


Still no answer from John Cleverly. Instead of wasting his time and energy screaming like a lunatic, Ronaldo decides to take another course of action. Exiting the ring, he runs up the ramp, hurdling over the motionless bodies of the unconscious security guards. As he walks down the corridors of the backstage area, he is once again greet by security guards, three of them to be exact who stand about seven feet away from him. Ronaldo’s eyes meets their and he cautiously and slowly steps forward. The security guards mimic his movements. He takes another step forward only to have his patterns copied again. Seeing that the security can anticipate his every move, Ronaldo appears to be deterred from making any more attempts at resisting capture and puts his hands over his head as a sign of surrender. One of the security guards ventures forward to subdue Ronaldo, a rookie mistake. One elbow to the face is all it takes to send him flying. Grabbing the guard by the collar, Ronaldo drags him along the floor towards the guards and makes the most menacing look he can muster; conveying a threat which pretty much says, “One wrong move and he gets it.” Both men watch as Ronaldo carries his hostage away down the hallway until he disappears behind a corner.

Sensing the heat off his trail, Ronaldo releases his victim and heads down the hallway. Despite the haste he made earlier, he makes no attempts at quickening his pace as doing so would throw him off of finding Cleverly’s room and settling whatever grievances he has with him. For the first time since his appearance of the night, Ronaldo appears elated when his eyes meet a brown door that has a golden plaque on it that reads, “JOHN CLEVERLY – RAGE General Manager” engraved in cursive font. His hand firmly grasps the doorknob and with a swift clockwise supination of his wrist, the door flies open. Instead of trying to find Cleverly, Ronaldo takes the time to observe the room. An autographed picture of Theodore Long that reads “Keep on Hollerin’, Playa” and Michael Jackson rests directly in behind Cleverly desk. Other than some fake palm trees, trash bin and a 50’ plasma screen “DYNEX” television set, nothing about the room is all that impressive. Snapping himself out of his sightseeing tour, Ronaldo notices that Cleverly isn’t behind his desk.

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 09:04 AM

“You gonna keep standing there all day?”

Ronaldo’s head spins around along with the rest of his body until he comes face to face with the source of the voice, John Cleverly. Stern gazes silently lock horns with each other as both men are unwilling to step down and submit. Finally, Ronaldo breaks the silence.

::Ronaldo Romulus::

“There are matters of utmost preponderance I would like to disclose to you.”

::John Cleverly::

“Well then why don’t we do just that?

Cleverly reaches back to shut the door. To make the discussion more official, Cleverly walks behind his desk and sits in the black chair behind it. He leans forward and props his chin up with his fist.

::John Cleverly::

“Ronaldo, before we continue, I just want to let you know I saw your little stunt. I wasn’t in my office at the time when I saw it but let me tell you something right now, playa…”

Cleverly scoots his chair closer as he tries to size himself up to Ronaldo and keep a stern, authoritarian composure.

::John Cleverly::

“I don’t mind you goin’ out there talking all your mumbo-jumbo ‘bout religion and God and serfs and whatever but what I don’t appreciate you doing is putting your hands on my security guards. If you wanted to talk to me about whatever it is you want to discuss, then all you needed to do was wait for me to get to my office so we can chat. You’re a tremendous talent, Ronaldo and a great acquisition to our roster but I value keepin’ a safe work environment for everyone over catering to one superstar. If I catch you doing something like that ever and I mean ever again, the next card you’ll be seeing yourself on is on a pink one. You feelin’ me?”

Ronaldo refuses to acknowledge Cleverly’s authority and justs crosses his arms.

::John Cleverly::

“Perhaps you didn’t hear me. I said…do….you…feel me?

Anticipating disciplinary action, Ronaldo sighs and nods his head.

::John Cleverly::

“Very well. Now let’s get down to business. What can I do for you?”

::Ronaldo Romulus::

“Can you explain my absence from the Evolution Championship match?

::John Cleverly::

“Ooooooh. I see why you’re so miffed now. Uh, yes, Ronaldo. You will not be participating in the Evolution Championship match. There was no mistake abo…..”

Papers and pens previously placed on Cleverly’s desk are now flown in the air thanks to Roaldo’s hands violently slamming on the hard wood.

::Ronaldo Romulus::

“Is this quip the brainchild of your lack of cognizance?!”

::John Cleverly::

“Woah, woah, woah! Easy there! You need to get that temper checked out. N-now listen, Ronnie….can I call you, Ronnie?”

A heated glare from Ronaldo answers his question.

::John Cleverly::

“Right. Ronaldo it is then. Anyways, like I said earlier, you’re an excellent competitor, the epitome of an asset but I didn’t put you in that match for a very good reason. I’ve been watching you, Ronaldo. Ever since Day 1 I’ve been scouting you, seeing what kind of action and excitement you bring to the table and I’ve been very impressed. I just don’t feel like the Evolution Championship would do you any sort of justice with all you’ve done for us especially with you winning that 18 man battle royal a while back. That’s why instead of that match for the Evolution title, tonight you’ll go one on one with a man I think you know pretty darn well.”

::Ronaldo Romulus::

“Is the opponent in question, Gillz?”

::John Cleverly::

“Nope. It’s none other than “The Freak” Ryan Wells.

Discerning Ronaldo’s rekindled ire, John Cleverly waves his outstretched hands frantically in front of him, trying to call off Ronaldo’s next rampage.

::John Cleverly::

“Don’t worry about it. Trust me when I say this; this match is very important for the both of you. Whoever wins your bout will have a very bright future ahead of them; even brighter than the one’s you already had for yourselves. I know you’ll do well out there, Ronnie..er, Ronaldo. In fact, that match between you two is next. So I suggest you spend some last few minutes getting warmed up. It won’t be easy. Best of luck!”

Ronaldo doesn’t know what to make of the events that just transpired. He couldn’t see how getting to be the first Evolution Champion was less important than overcoming Ryan Wells for the umpteenth time. It didn’t get him anywhere of interest. Stiil, the promise of bigger things to come did please him even though he wouldn’t let Cleverly know about it. Before leaving, Ronaldo looked back at Cleverly with a flared up disposition and fire and doubt in his squinted eyes. As soon as Cleverly knows Ronaldo as left the room, he slumps back in his chair sighing deeply. Another bullet unbitten. Digging into the reservoir of his pants pocket, Cleverly pulls out his iPhone and presses the screen three times. Putting his phone on speaker, the last words before the next commercial airs are…

::9-1-1 Operator::

“This the emergency hotline. How may I help you?”

::John Cleverly::

“That you, Sheryl?”


“John? Lemme guess, more security guards?

::John Cleverly::



“We’ll send an ambulance.”

::John Cleverly::

“Make it two.”

Cleverly turns the phone off and shakes his head again as he’s forced to live in the same rut. Monday Night Rage was definitely back.

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 09:08 AM

JM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Sao Paolo, Brazil, Ronaldo Romulus!

CP: John Cleverly telling it like it is there.. Playa..

Bodom: Romulus has a point, he's looked damn good since his debut here on Rage, the guy deserves a shot at becoming the first ever Evolution Champion.

CP: Perhaps, but Mr Cleverly is the GM, not Ronaldo, and not you Bod, what he says goes.

Bodom: You get any further up his ass Pentalion and you'll be frenching his liver.

CP: No need for that Bod, anyway Ronaldo is out here and he's waiting for his opponent, 'The Freak' Ryan Wells.


JM: And his opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, 'The Freak' Ryan Wells!

CP: Speak of the devil and he will arrive, it's Ryan Wells!

Bodom: Ryan Wells has great potential, he'd be that much closer to a title if he just stopped kissing the asses of each individual fan out here. He worries too much what they think of him.

CP: Can't blame a guy for wanting to entertain and give the fans what they paid for.

Bodom: Sometimes you just gotta choose between personal glory, and the happiness of others, and Wells doesn't seem to realise this.

Ryan Wells: Cut the music! I'm sorry guys, but this is all serious tonight. Ronaldo, I'm sick and god flippin' tired of how you treat these great fans, you talk bad about them, and derail them, and put them down when they pay for your undeserved paycheck. I'm sick of you, you god damn show them some respect now, or I'll beat it into your empty head. You are not better then any of us backstage, so stop acting like it. I'm gonna knock some sense into you tonight, and show why it should be me who should have his place in the Evolution title match, with the fans in my corner, I can't lose!!

*Big pop for Wells as the fans get right behind him as usual.*

CP: The fans sure did love that one, they'd love someone to shut Ronaldo's mouth once and for all.

(Ronaldo/Drew vs Wells/Ryan)

(Stop at 6.45)

CP: Ronaldo is really getting a hold of this match, really laying into Wells, punch after punch after punch!

Bodom: The fans can't help him now, this one's about to end badly for the freak.

CP: Hold on Wells is starting to fight back, they're trading punches in the middle of the ring!

*The crowd begin to cheer as Wells fights back, gaining the advantage and rocking Romulus with punches of his own. Wells runs the tops looking for a huge clothesline but Romulus ducks and counters it into the Wrath of Remus!!!*

CP: Wrath of Remus! This one's over!




Bodom: Oh hell yes! Romulus picking up the victory again! This guy is sending a clear message to John Cleverly that he's a real contender here in EWNCW!

CP: Agreed Bod, he's damn impressive, Wells just didn't have enough in the tank tonight.

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 09:16 AM
Christopher Pentalion: Welcome back to Monday Night Rage! Where all your wrestling dreams come true.

Bodom: Dreams come.. Pentalion, what the hell have you been smoking? Dreams come true? As the Miz would say, Really? Really? Really?

CP: Ahh come on Bodom, i'm just trying to jazz things up a little here, make the show a little more accessible to everyone.

Bodom: How about you keep your pretty little mouth shut and let a real commentator worry about engaging the viewers interest.

CP: I'd love to Bodom, but we'll have to make do with you for now. Coming next, the fairly new team of Jesting Madness will be taking on Conquest, to be honest I can only see one winner here.

Bodom: That'd be the team with the Masked Monster right? Every time I look at Grind Bastard, I'm reminded of the reason I don't step in the ring much anymore, that guy is a freak.

CP: Uncontrollable in the past, yet he's somehow managed to get along with Will Carlin thus far, safe to say that Will Carlin is the brains of that outfit.

Bodom: Most likely Pentalion, but I wouldn't say that to Grinds face if I was you.

*The camera goes backstage to show the Jesting Madness walking down a corridor that leads to the ringside area. Both men don’t stare at each other, but to the front, with a martial air and extreme focus. There’s no need for words as they seem to know what they have to do. All of a sudden, Domination appears on the right side of the screen, bumping into Carlin*

WC: Look who’s here! None other than the soon to be former tag team champions Domination!

*Killing looks from Geiger and Busmer*

WC: You know what? The other day I came into a song that matches exactly with you too. You’ll excuse me as my singing is awful, but here are the lyrics for you.

*Carlin cleans his throat with exaggeration*

WC: #“I can hear what you’re thinking#

#All your doubts and fears#

#You know your days are numbered#

#Counted one by one#

#Like notches in the handle of an outlaw’s bat#

#You can outrun the devil, if you try#

#But you’ll never outrun the hands of Grind”#

*Domination threaten to attack Carlin, but Grind steps in, going nose to nose with Busmer and showing the barb wire baseball bat in his right hand. The wire has some dark red stains that look like coagulated blood from a victim. The tension grows as the seconds pass by, and finally Grind moves his arm backwards, looking for the impulse that will smash the bat on Busmer’s head, but before the monster can start the motion forward, Domination retreat out of the shot*

WC: And these are those who call themselves Domination? Look at them, running scared instead of facing us like the champions they are supposed to be! You are shaming the tag team division!

*He turns to Grind*

WC: Let them run all they want. When we get those belts, we’ll give them back the prestige they have. We’ll be bigger that freaking GodMoney!

*Grind nods and extends his fist so Carlin can hit it with his own fist*^

WC: Let’s get to business, shall we?

*Grind nods again and they resume their march, as Busmer and Geiger reappear in shot, shaking their heads, looking a little pissed.*

CP: Chilling stuff there, I wouldn't wanna be in Dominations shoes right now, especially not when Grind Bastard has his eyes set on Tag Team gold.

Bodom: That's the worst thing about being a champion, you paint a target on your back and everyone wants to take you out, Domination are big boys though, I doubt they'll take that lying down.


JM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a tag team match. Introducing first, from Durham, England, the team of Candyman and Nyron, Conquest!

CP: Speaking of targets, Conquest have the unfortunate task of going face to face with Jesting Madness right now, they can't be looking forward to this.

Bodom: Once again you've missed the point Pentalion, Conquest will be doing everything they can to gain the win tonight, face it if they manage to do away with Grind and Carlin, that'll send a big message to GM John Cleverly.

CP: So you're saying you'd like to see Conquest get a title shot?

Bodom: Oh hell no, these guys suck, what kind of a wrestler hands candy out to the fans? I'm looking forward to Grind getting his hands on these fools.

*Candyman and Nyron head out to the ring, looking a little nervous, knowing that the task ahead is going to be a tough one. They get the crowd on their side by throwing a few pieces of candy to the fans in the front few rows, a chant of 'Candyman! Candyman! Candyman!' breaks out and it's clear where the support is tonight. The duo climb into the ring, awaiting their foes, Candyman grabs the mic.*

Candyman: Alright guys, listen up. A lot has been made and said about our opponents tonight, you got Will Carlin, used to be one of the fast risers over on Inferno, thing is, he got his arse kicked off that show because he couldn't get the job done. And then you got the monster, Grind Bastard, but what the hell has this guy done so far? Nothin'. because he can't get the job done, so that said, lemme say this, Conquest are here, to get the job done.. now bring this clowns out here so Ime and Nyron here can slap them around a little..

*The crowd cheers for Candyman and wait for their opponents.*


JM: And introducing their opponents, from The last house on the left of the Arkham Asylum, the team of Grind Bastard and Will Carlin, Jesting Madness!

CP: Christ almighty would you look at the size of him, forget your dark alleyways, I wouldn't wanna meet Grind anywhere.

Bodom: For once you're right Pentalion, I don't care if they pay me more than Flair, there's no way i'd jump in the ring with this guy.

CP: Flair gets paid an awful lot of money Bodom, are you sure you'd turn it down?

Bodom: Are you kidding me? You can't spend cash when you're dead, you can take your money and shove it asshole.

*Grind and Carlin stride down to the ring, barbed wire bat in Grinds hand. They climb up into the ring and Conquest head to the outside as Grind swings the bat in their direction, the referee seems to have made a run for it too. Carlin pats him on the back and gestures to the fans, they get a lot of heat as the crowd boos them heavily, not appreciating Carlins smug attitude. Grind puts the bat down on the outside and Conquest climb back into the ring, as does the referee, and we're ready to get this match started.*

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 09:16 AM
(Jesting Madness/Kane & RVD vs Conquest/Regal & Storm)

(Stop at 11.00)

CP: And there's a near from for Grind but Nyron was able to break up the pin, wait a minute! Chokeslam to Nyron! He certainly paid the price for getting involved as the illegal man.

Bodom: Ain't lookin too good for Conquest right now, Grind's looking to end this for Candyman!

*Grind grabs Candyman by the throat, looking to deliver yet another chokeslam. He stares into Candymans eyes and lifts him up, slamming him down flat on his back with thunderous power. He looks to go for a pin but..*

CP: What the hell!? Domination are out here and they're attacking Grind, the referee is calling for the bell!

Bodom: I told you Pentalion, Domination were never going to let what happened earlier go down without sending a message of their own!

CP: The crowd don't know what to make of this, neither team are in their good books right now! Where's Carlin!?

*Domination double team Grind, they deliver a spiked powerbomb together and stomp on him as he lies on the ground. Carlin rolls into the ring, he tries to fight the two off but the numbers game is too much and Carlin gets his own spiked powerbomb for his troubles. Domination admire their work and grab a mic as the crowd boo loudly.*

Busmer: Shut the hell up and respect the greatest Tag Team ever in EWNCW and hell, E-Fedding history.

*Crowd in hysterics*

Geiger: Jesting Madness, you are certainly living up to the second part of your name, you must be mad to even consider being able to compete with The EWNCW World Tag Team Champions

*Crowd just wanna boooo some more*

Geiger: Boo all you want you low life nimcanpoops.... jesting Madness, Tonight was just a demonstration of the power and strength we have just wait until the bell rings and officials are unable to do a damn thing until WE decide to make the pin.

Busmer: and normally we just win our matches then go home and PVR our favourite shows but not this week no because Jesting you showed some tremendous disrespect to not only us but EWNCW as a whole because if you had watched our match against the Triple Crown World Tag Team Champions and just how easy we squashed them and got EWNCW the start they needed, you would have realised there is no beating us, No Coming close you are merely the new opponents for us to legitimise our world title run.

Geiger: So as you recover and PVR what we have to say, just stop and think for a minute before trying to be clever and writing something to get the fans on your side, Think about what we are capable of....... think about how we have never lost...... but most importantly Madness, think about how no one has actually tested us yet and how much better we could be.

Busmer: On that note we are not spending another minute in this dump, come n lets get out of here GEIGS

*Dominations theme plays as the ever 'modest' Champs leave*

CP: Domination, sending a clear message to Grind and Carlin as they lie on the outside of the ring.

Bodom: I'm not sure they heard a single bit of that, they look out cold, even the monster!

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 09:20 AM
CP: We’re back here live on Monday night Rage, and we’ve had an excellent first night back here haven’t we!

Bod: Certainly have Chris, and there’s a hell of a lot more still to come! That match between Markus Beerstein and Istvan Gretzky for the new Evolution championship, and of course a big main event with The Beard of Zeus facing Rich Cranium. The winner gets to face Silver Cena at Glory to the Brave!!


CP: Speaking of which, here comes TBOZ now, but it surely isn’t main event time already?!

Bod: Well I don’t think so. TBOZ must have some issue on his mind. He doesn’t seem all that happy if I’m honest.

*TBOZ makes his way to the ring with a scowl on his face as the crowd greet him with jeers. He grabs a mic and enters the ring*

TBOZ: So, we finally have our Rage back, and this is what they stick in the main event?

I mean, of course I'm in the main event, it would be ridiculous not to, but do I really have to embarrass Rich again?

To beat him several times is one thing, but surely this isn't main event calibre any more. So I request, in fact, I demand, that the main event be altered as so not to contain Rich Cranium, or I will leave Rage.

There becomes a point where it becomes annoying to consistently beat down a weaker foe, and I can't understand why I have to still work under the same roof as this malcontent.

So Cleverly, come on, run on down here and save your top superstar from leaving and see things my way for a change.


CP: Well, that isn’t GM Cleverly! That’s Zeus’s opponent tonight ‘God’s Golden Son’ Rich Cranium!

Bod: What is this tool doing here? Didn’t he hear a word that TBOZ said? He can’t work with him, and now he’s coming out here! The cheek of the man!

CP: Seems like Rich has some words here, he’s got a mic in hand.

Rich Cranium: You know what Zeus? For a change, I actually agree with what you said. I agree with you that we’ve faced each other more times that I can care to remember. I too can’t stand the look of you here, and I don’t want to work in the same place as you any more than you want to be work in the same place as me. But, Are you seriously suggesting that it’s ME that should be taken out of the main event? Let’s look at a simple fact here. I’m not the one who was beaten at EWNCW’s biggest ppv of the year; ‘Destiny’s Calling’. I’m not the one who got beat inside a brutal steel cage match on the Inferno Supershow a few weeks back. So if anyone deserves to be taken out of the main event, it’s you!

*the crowd pop as TBOZ looks irate*

RC: And regarding your suggestion that you never work for Rage again if something isn’t done about this? Well you know what? Maybe that’s a good idea!!

*TBOZ and Rich go head to head, and after a brief staredown, Rich throws a punch at TBOZ, and both start brawling in the ring. Rich gets the upper hand, before TBOZ rolls him over and starts beating him down. Rich manages to get some separation, before charging at TBOZ and taking him down with a Lou Thez press before raining some more punches down on him, much to the delight of the crowd.
Eventually, some security personnel come down with John Cleverly and separate both men. Cleverly gets the mic*

John Cleverly: Both of you need to stop it and calm down! If you two wanna play hardball, then that’s fine by me. Because I’m sick and tired of both of you going at each other’s throats like this, because it’s disrupting the show! Now I heard someone mention that they didn’t want to work for Rage, so you know what? That sounds like a good solution to me. So not only will tonight’s main event see the winner become the no. 1 contender, but the looser will be fired!

*the crowd pop big for this as TBOZ smiles sadistically, and Rich stares right back at him*

JC: Now both of you will be escorted to your respective dressing rooms, and if I hear that either of you have any physical contact with each other before the match, then you can consider both your assess fired!

*the crowd pop big for this result as the security begin to take both men backstage*

CP: My GOD! So it seems that after tonight, The Beard of Zeus or Rich Cranium won’t be a rage superstar!

Bod: There’s a hell of a lot at stake here now. The winner gets a shot at the title, the looser, well, looses his job. This rivalry has just been taken to a new level.

CP: Well, Rage hasn’t been big enough for the both of them for a while, so maybe it’s for the best that one leaves! But who?! We’ll find out in tonight’s main event!

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 09:23 AM
Jason McManus: The following is a match scheduled for one fall, and it is for the newly created EWNCW Evolution Championship!


JM: Introducing first, from Warsaw, Poland, ‘Red Hot’ Istvan Gretzky!!

CP: And here comes the ‘Red Hot’ Polish wall that it Istvan Gretzky! A master technician, and a multi-time champion in his homeland.

Bod: And tonight, he has a chance to add to his prestigious accolades by adding the Evolution championship to his name! He’d make a great champion!


JM: And from Munchen, Germany, Markus Beerstein!!

CP: The beer swindling German Markus Beerstein makes his way out here to a huge ovation! He’s certainly one of EWNCW’s most popular stars!

Bod: He’s popular, but he needs to lay off the beer if he’s to be successful. Take Gretzky, a perfect role model. He trains hard, he goes hard in the ring, and that’s how he’s become so successful in Poland.

CP: But he’s yet to win anything this side of the pond Bodom.

Bod: Tonight, there’s a good chance that will change.

CP: Well, we’ll soon find out, here we go!

(Matt Hardy = Markus Beerstein / MVP = Istvan Gretzky)


CP: My God what a match!! But Markus Beerstein wins!! Markus Beerstein is the first ever EWNCW Evolution Champion!!

Bod: Well, you got to give it to the guy, he got the job done! That was an excellent match from both guys, but Markus Beerstein came up trumps!

CP: Indeed he did! And look at him celebrate, it means so much to the guy!!


CP: Ohhhh my!! Look who’s coming out here!! It’s ‘Oh so Smooth’ Keith Stone!! And he’s got ‘the girls’ with him!!

Bod: I see he’s changed his attire...

CP: What are you talking about Bodom?!?! Bring over the Keystone Light Keith!! And bring them hot girls over!!

*Keith Stone and ‘the girls’ hand out Keystone light to the front row, and then enter the ring and celebrate with Beerstein. Stone raises Beerstein’s had up high with the belt as ‘the girls’ huddle around the new Evolution Champion. They spend several minutes throwing beers up and drinking whilst playing to the fans until..... John Cleverly appears on the titantron*

JC: well done Markus, another excellent display. But I have some news for you. Someone reminded me earlier that I did indeed make a mistake in not including him in the match for the title. So next week, you will put your new title on the line. And your opponent? Well, none other that this man...


*Ronaldo Romelus emerges at the top of the ramp and stares directly at Beerstein, who has now stopped drinking and is leaning on the ropes staring back in disbelief. Ronaldo motions for the title around his waist. Keith Stone and ‘the girls’ comfort Beerstein who is staring directly back at Ronaldo as we head to a commercial break.*

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 09:26 AM
CP: We’re back here on Monday night Rage, where before the break we saw a brand new champion crowned! Markus Beerstein, the first ever EWNCW Evolution Champion!

Bod: That we did Chris, but you forgot, John cleverly announced after the match that Beerstein would have to defend that title next week on Rage against Ronaldo Romelus!

CP: A huge match set up for next week there! Something to get you all tuned in next week!

Jason McManus: The following is a match scheduled for one fall, where the winner will become the no. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight championship, and the looser will have to leave Rage!


JM: Introducing first, from Nottingham, England, ‘The Machiavellian’ The Beard of Zeus!!

CP: And it seems that it’s now time for our main event folks! Huge implications attached to this match as ‘The Machiavellian’, the Beard of Zeus makes his way to the ring!

Bod: Indeed Chris. Zeus looks as smug as ever, and with good reason, since he’s taking out the trash from Rage tonight!


JM: And his opponent, from Marin, Callifornia, ‘God’s Golden Son’ Rich Cranium!!

CP: And now here is Rich Cranium! Looking as focused as ever as he heads down the ramp!

Bod: The look of a scared man Chris. You can see it in his eyes that he knows his time’s up.

CP: Well you can’t count Rich out Bodom. He’s beaten TBOZ in a no hold barred match at Destiny’s Calling, and in a steel cage match a few weeks ago. One of these men is leaving tonight as the no. 1 contender to Silver Cena’s title, the other, will leave without a job!


(He’s used a chair as opposed to a ladder ok lol)

JM: And here is your winner, ‘The Machiavellian’, The Beard of Zeus!!

CP: Oh my GOD!! TBOZ won!! But he cheated!!

Bod: What are you talking about Chris? I saw nothing wrong with that, and now that good for nothing sack of potatoes Cranium has to leave Rage, and Zeus is the no. 1 contender for the title!!

CP: Bodom, tell me you saw that chair shot!! Tell me that you saw TBOZ hit Rich downstairs with that chair!!

Bod: I saw nothing of the sorts, I mean the referee would have called the disqualification had it happened Chris.

CP: But the referee was down outside the ring!! He couldn’t have possibly seen it!!

Bod: Well, then it didn’t happen. It’s only a DQ if you get caught Chris, and TBOZ didn’t get caught. He capitalized on an opportunity and cashed in. Well done him I say!

CP: Well, I still can’t believe this, but TBOZ has been declared the winner, and he is now in line to challenge Silver Cena for his World Heavyweight title at ‘Glory to the Brave’! But as for Rich, well just look at him there. He can’t believe it!!He’s out of a job!! Rich Cranium is no longer a Rage superstar!! That’s all the time we have for this week folks, but don’t forget to tune in to Thursday night Inferno!! But from Wichita, Kansas, it’s goodnight from us!!

Tommy Thunder
02-02-2012, 06:10 PM
Just bumping the show up for anyone who missed it earlier!

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 01:04 PM
A lot of fillers are needed this week!

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Here's another filler. I like how we can write whatever we want here.

Tommy Thunder
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I mean does anyone actually read the fillers?

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 01:07 PM
It's hard to think about what to put in these sometimes, especially since you need to fill 10 characters too!

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 01:07 PM
Ok, we're nearly done here!

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 01:07 PM
I never know, is this the last one?

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 01:08 PM


CP: Well, we welcome you to Monday night Rage here, live from Oklahoma City! And we have ‘The Machiavellian’ and no.1 contender for the World Heavyweight championship, The Beard of Zeus here, instantly heading out to the ring. I’m Christopher Pentalion, alongside EWNCW legend Bodom. We’re 3 weeks away from our next ppv; ‘Glory to the Brave’, what do you think the no.1 contender is doing out here tonight?

Bod: Well as you said, he is the no.1 contender for the title, so and I’m sure he’s out here to address that. I mean remember what happened last week? TBOZ kicked that piece of trash Rich Cranium to the curb! That’s what happened! I can’t wait to see what he has to say about that!

CP: Indeed. As you said last week we saw a shocking ending to Rage as Rich Cranium lost a looser leaves no. 1 contender match. Rich is not here tonight, and I’m sure that TBOZ has some words here as we see what he has to say.

TBOZ: *laughing* Did everyone enjoy me taking out the trash last week?

Finally, we never have to see that "Marty Jannetty" on Rage ever again, and I made it happen. Me! Now he will have to crawl on hands and knees and see if Inferno will have him! I mean, he was a half decent competitor, but now that the quality has risen to the top, he can be tossed aside and you can enjoy a real wrestler get to work.

And also, thanks to our GM, the victory was sugar coated with a shot at the EWNCW Title at Glory To The Brave. At last, a chance to go mano-e-mano, with Silver Cena.

So let's get down to the nitty gritty here, Cena, get yourself into this ring, I have something to say.


*the champ enters to a huge ovation*

SC: And here comes the champ!! Cena knows that he’ll be facing Zeus at ‘Glory to the Brave’, and now we’re going to get them face to face!

Bod: It’s about time someone put that raping hyena in his place Chris. I’ve had it with him and his incoherent babbling each and every week!

CP: Ummm, Bodom, don’t you mean rapping?

Bod: Rapping, raping, what’s the difference?!

TBOZ: You see Cena, ever since you came over here, you have been handed everything. Oh, let’s put him in title matches straight away, Oh there’s a bit of an issue? Stick Cena in with a title shot! Time after time after time after time, you got shot after shot, and it's almost as if they were praying it would eventually stick. And somehow, it has!

You have faced me before, but not like this, not one-on-one with the title on the line. You know how dangerous I am, you have seen that I am clearly the cream of the crop here, and you know that even at this early stage, your title run is hanging by a thread.

*TBOZ meets SilverCena eye to eye*

TBOZ: A thread, I will cut. So ask yourself, after I'm done, will you ever wake up?

Silver Cena: Will I wake up? The real question here is will YOU wake up! You been nothing but a disrespecting S.O.B. since you returned! You treated your tag partner, your LEGENDARY tag partner might I add, like a piece of crap! Rich is one hell of a competitor. I know. And I also know that he’s TWICE the man that you are BITCH!

*crowd pop big*

Cena: You’re living in a dream world booooooooooi!! You’re the one that needs to wake up, and smell what you’re shovelling!!


*Seraphim's music hits, as he stands at the top of the ramp, listening to TBOZ and Silver go back and forth, back and forth before walking to the ring.*

CP: And now Seraphim enters the fray. He’s been on the very edges of earning a title show here. It’s right within his grasp wouldn’t you say Bodom?

Bod: What has he done to deserve it though? Has he pinned the champ? No. Has he pinned TBOZ? No. I think he needs to go that extra mile before he can claim for a shot at the gold.

Seraphim: Woah there guys, let’s ease up here! TBOZ, you are gonna be the next champ? By that you must mean one of the mid-card titles, because the belt around Cena's waist is slated to come to me next. Now, now, before you get your panties in a bunch, I want you to know, I'm not out here for you. I don't find you that interesting, that important, or that good in the ring. In fact, I think Grind should have whooped your ass and sent you ogg, but that's neither here nor there, is it, TBOZ? You won, congratulations, but that doesn't mean you are going to be able to beat Cena, and you damn sure can't beat me. Now get the fuck out of my face and out of my ring, before I completely and utterly whoop your ass all over this arena!

*The crowd pops huge as he turns to Cena and moves his shoulders*

Seraphim: Now, on to you, Champ. Let's face it, we had a good match last week, a damn good match and you know I came close to winning. But, alas, Solla came out and attacked me for no reason, apparently. Now, I'm not saying YOU had him do that, because you seem like you have more integrity than that, but it was quite odd. Again, that is neither here nor there, and I have a proposition to you. How about we have a three-way at Glory to the Brave, for the EWNCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

*The crowd pops again*

Seraphim: Think about it man, me, you, and well, this inconsistent piece of trash behind me, we can have the match of the year, the match of the CENTURY, at Glory to the Brave. Hell, we can make it elimination and take out TBOZ and it just be me and you; that's what the fans really want, TBOZ is just a punching bag.

*He turns around to TBOZ*

Seraphim: Oh, you're still here? What do you want? Someone to hold your hand and walk you out of my ring? How about I give you the City of Angels instead? But on another matter, what do YOU say, TBOZ? Man enough to make it a three-way for the belt? Or are you too much of a BITCH to get in the ring with me? Scared of my voices? Scared I might take you out like I have most every other competitor before me? Scared that you are looking into the eyes of the next World Heavyweight Champion, a man you can not beat? What do you say, Boz? Can I join in the match?

TBOZ: Right, let me get this straight, you deserve a title shot, because you have tried hard for a few months?

Look, I earned that shot, as stipulated by Cleverly himself, and all this belief that you are better than me when you beat me in a fatal four way?

Again, mano-e-mano, you would fail. And, as I don't want to completely squash your push, how about you go and sit in the back, and wait your damn turn.

Although, I can see why you want to have a go before I'm champ, because then it'll be a mountain, rather than a molehill.


CP: And here comes the GM! John Cleverly always has the final say on these things, and with everyone bickering here, he’s the man to sort this mess out!

Bod: What if I ask for a title show too? Would that help?

CP: I don’t think so Bodom, sorry. Let’s see John Cleverly’s take on this.

John Cleverly: Woah woah woah! Look Seraphim, I know you want a title shot, but Zeus is right, he’s the number one contender, and he’s the one who will face Silver Cena at Glory to the Brave. However, I have an idea for a main event. How about we see you taking on TBOZ? If you beat him, then perhaps we’ll consider putting you in the match!

CP: Another chance for Seraphim to prove his worth as a title contender! If he wins, he might be in the match at Glory to the Brave!

Bod: He won’t beat TBOZ. He’s a seasoned veteran. I’ve seen the man grow from the time were in the stable Godmoney, to the man that stands here before us. He’s a future champ, no doubt.

CP: Well, we’ll see tonight I guess! Still to come though folks, remember that after becoming the first ever EWNCW Evolution champion last week, Markus Beerstein will defend his title tonight, against the devious Ronaldo Romelus! Stay tuned for that!

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 01:14 PM
*General Manager Cleverly is shown on camera returning to his office, no doubt looking forward to the first match of the night. He spots that his door is open and with raised eyebrows he enters to find 'The Freak' Ryan Wells sitting down waiting for him. Wells gets to his feet as Cleverly enters and the GM offers his hands for Wells to shake before sitting down behind his desk.*

Cleverly: Listen up Playa', i'm glad you came to see me, there's something I need to talk to you about, you dig? Now take a seat so I can holla at you.

Wells: Thanks John, i've got something I need to get off me chest to. But by all means go first.

*Wells takes a seat across from Cleverly and listens up*

JC: Alright now Playa, you might not like what I have to say to you, but it's gotta be said. Last week I went out on a limb to place you in a match with Ronaldo Romulus to win a shot at the new Evolution title.

*Cleverly stands up and walks around the desk*

JC: Now unfortunately for you, Ronaldo got the win, so hear me out playa, i'm a little reluctant to give you anymore high profile matches until you can prove that you're ready for the big time. So tonight, i'm going to give you a chance to prove it, you're going to go one on one, with Chris King.

RW: Last week Mr. Cleverly, I was screwed out of my spot for the Evolution Title! Romulus didn't even deserve to be in contention for the title to begin with! What has he done, what are his accolades? Stealing my win in the Battle Royale? Ha! He blindsided me, he should be considered a traitor. I demand that I get a rematch against Ronaldo, I've been treated horribly in this company since I debuted! The fans want this, and so do I. Do something I want for once, and give me my rematch!

JC: Now listen to me Playa, i'm the GM and what I say goes, so my decision stands, tonight you will be going one on one with..

*There's a knock at the door and Chris King himself walks in*

Chris King: John I need to talk to you about...

*King cuts his sentence short when he sees Ryan Wells turn around and look at him, he stares for a second.*

JC: Chris just the man I've been waiting for, 'The Freak' and I were just talking and I've decided that tonight, you will face Ryan Wells one-on-one!

CK: Seriously? That guy?

*Chris looks semi-scared and points to Wells, Cleverly nods yes, King still looks like he doesn't want to wrestle Ryan, then King starts to smile, he looks at Ryan.*

CK: I don't know if you were watching last week, but I won a triple threat match in my debut on Rage. I'm confident I can win the Ignition Championship, even if I have to go through you, because even if you don't want to hear it, you're just a stepping stone for me. I will win tonight, better yet, I'm gonna make you tap out and prove to everyone I'm the next Ignition Champion.

*King smirks and walks out of the room with Ryan Wells staring at him, Wells looks at Cleverly before walking out himself. Cleverly shouts after both men.*

JC: Your match is up first, so go get yourselves ready Playa's! Holla!

CP: You heard it folks, Ryan Wells will be taking on Chris King in an Ignition Division match coming up next.

Bodom: Cleverly making a good decision for a change, Wells hasn't been in great form recently and i'm not sure why he was facing Romulus last week to begin with.

CP: He's a hard worker Bodom, and he's got a lot of untapped raw ability, he just needs to focus a little and get back on track.

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 01:15 PM
The interview segment will be edited in here.

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 01:20 PM
CP: we're back live here on Monday night Rage! The ring is cleared and it looks like we're ready to get underway, Ryan Wells vs Chris King coming up next! What are your thoughts on this one Bodom?

Bodom: I'm not a fan of either of these guys, Wells kisses a little too much ass with the fans and King's a little too green for my taste. But judging on momentum, King might take this one.

CP: Gotta say i'm leaning towards Wells myself, he's due a win and is one of the most dangerous guys on the roster on a good day.

Bodom: That's just it though, he's too inconsistent, he really needs to pull his finger out and get his head straight. Forget the fans and just concentrate on your match, the fans ain't gonna help you when your face is being beaten to a pulp. Now that's something i'd like to see!


JM: The following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Boston, Massachussets, Ryan Wells!

CP: Here's 'The Freak'! Looking pumped as ever, I know he's gotta be dying to prove he's ready for a shot at the Evolution Title!

Bodom: He's pumped because he's clearly been jacking up on 'roids again, you see his body, the guy must have balls the size of grapes!

CP: Now that's not fair at all Bodom, the guy works out, there's nothing to suggest he's on anything other than a high protein diet.

*Wells is out to a big pop from the crowd, getting behind him as usual, still a fan favourite despite his loss last week. He makes his way to the ring, high fiving fans as he goes, even signing an autograph for a young member of the Freak Fan Club. Wells jumps up onto the apron and steps through the ropes, climbing the turnbuckle and saluting his fans in typical Wells fashion.*


JM: And his opponent, Chris King!

CP: And here's Chris King, three matches, three victories here in EWNCW, great start to his career.

Bodom: Commentators curse right there Pentalion, take it from me, wrestlers hate being reminded of unbeaten streaks, adds pressure.

CP: Well at least he can't hear me, that said, i'm sticking to my first choice and siding with Ryan Wells in this one.

*King is out to a smaller pop, but he still gets one, the fans showing appreciation of his good start here in EWNCW. He looked a little edgier in Cleverlys office earlier, more attitude, a good statement of intent showing confident that he can take Wells. King runs down the ramp to the, sliding under the bottom rope, trash talking Wells a little and the two face off ready to begin.*

(Wells/Mason Ryan vs King/Swagger)

(Stop at 4.00)

CP: King looking to take control now, slowing Wells down with a series of submission moves, now placing Wells into a headlock.

Bodom: King made a bold claim earlier, saying he's going to make Wells tap, Naitch told me he'll be watching closely to see if he rips off the figure four again!

*The fans start to raise the noise, Wells starts to feel their energy and tries to fight out, elbow after elbow into King who finally releases him. Wells goes on the attack, knowing him down with a huge right, and then a clothesline as King scrambles to his feet.*

CP: Here comes Wells, the fans have woken uo him, giving him that extra bit of energy he needs!

Bodom: The fans aren't doing a damn thing, he needs to stop looking to them for help!

*Wells scoops King up and slams him down, he picks up him and whips him hard into the corner. Wells goes to the opposite corner and charges but King has it scouted and moves at the last second, Wells hitting the turnbuckle hard. King pushed wells into the corner and climbs the ropes and begins raining punches down onto his forehead as the crowd count them down. He gets to 6 and Wells has had enough, grabbing King and lifting him onto his shoulders, walking away from the corner and delivering a...*

CP: Freak Attack! This one's over!




JM: Here is yout winner, The Freak, Ryan Wells!

CP: Great comeback from Wells at the end! And a good showing from King. Have either men been able to prove themselves to John Cleverly though?

Bodom: Only time will tell Pentalion, Cleverly is know to be a bit of a flip flopper!

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 01:25 PM
Christopher Pentalion: Welcome back here to Monday Night Rage, live all the way from Oklahoma City! So far tonight we've seen a match between Seraphim and TBOZ arranged for the main event, TBOZ of course responsible for Rich Cranium being banished from Rage!

Bodom: And we've seen Ryan Wells pick up a much needed victory over newcomer Chris King, The Freak looking to prove that he'd worthy of being in the Evolution Title picture. In my opinion, he doesn't even come close.

CP: A victory none the less, and we've got plenty more action to come. But right now we're heading backstage to Jonathan Sanchez who is standing by with the Ignition Divisions own, Shaz.

*The camera switches backstage centering on Sanchez and Shaz, Shaz with a smug grin on his face.*

Sanchez: Thank you Chris, i'm joined at this time by none other than Shaz, one of our rising stars in the Ignition Division. Shaz it's great to see you, you've been here a little while now and you've really made a mark on EWNCW, how would you rate your own performances?

Shaz: Rate my performances? Like it or not my performances have been outstanding! I proved to this ugly, hateful planet that I am the best in the world.

Sanchez: You were in action last week, and you seemed a little annoyed at hearing that Chris King and The Blue Flash had been conspiring behind your back, is that something you expect from opponents?

Shaz: What do you expect, listen. I am the Legend of all legends so obviously they needed a tactic. My tactic is just total high flying, aggressive domination I am Shawn Michaels and The Rock put together......no I am better than two! Dunknoe

Sanchez: Some here in EWNCW would say that you're a little too arrogant for your own good, you've not made many friends, what do you have to say to those people?

Shaz: Im here to wrestle! Not to make friends! I never had no friends behind bars cause I was playing it mean, as they were David, I was goliath!

Sanchez: And tonight, you're going to be taking on debutant Hanz Gruber, one of EWNCWs latest signings, are you confident of picking up the victory over the new guy?

Shaz: That makes me laugh, I really don't see why people could ever think suh a thing! A rookie beating me? I don't know if you were smoking the correct Ganja today but I know that I was, but there is not a doubt that I will beat him!

Sanchez: Anything extra you would like to add?

Shaz: Yes, I am the rapid king, legend of all legends and the best in the world at what I do!

*Shaz walks off shot as soon as he's finished, leaving Sanchez looking into the camera with a raised eyebrow*

Sanchez: Uhh.. back to you Chris..

CP: Thanks Jonathan, like him or not, Shaz is talented, and he's confident about picking up the win later in the night.

Bodom: I've seen this Gruber kid in action in other organisations in the past, I like his style, Shaz needs to be on his game tonight.

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 01:51 PM

CP: Looks like we're being joined right now by tag team Jesting Madness, after what happened last night, you can bet they're absolutely seething.

Bodom: And who could blame them, about to pick up the win against Conquest and the EWNCW Tag Team Champions Domination come out and blind side them.

CP: Some would say they got what they deserved after getting in Busmer and Geigers faces backstage.

Bodom: Some people may be right, we all knew Domination weren't just going to stand there and take it but to attack from behind, pretty cowardly act right there.

*The crowd instantly boos heavily as the pair emerges with a serious face. Instead of their calm walk down the ramp, they run straight to the ring, and after sliding the bottom rope, Carlin demands the mic*

Will Carlin: Cut the music!

*Music off, but not the boos*

WC: Last week we were having a hell of a match with Conquest. Despite one of them being named Candyman, they were tough fellas. But in the end, they were going to succumb to the Jesting Madness. Grind was about to cover the Candyman after a chokeslam, but then, the so called team of Domination blindsided with and spiked powerbombed both of us. Then they started speaking their usual shit.

*Crowd keeps booing*

WC: We are named Madness only after one of us, and believe me, it’s not because he’s daring to face you! You said nobody has tested you, but the same can be applied to Grind and me? Have you ever tried to force him to his limits and see how much pain he can inflict and deliver? Have you ever tried my resiliency and my ability to put you in numerous holds? No, you’ve never tried. And you’re afraid of doing it, because instead of facing us in a fair battle, you ambush us in the ring, and get a cheap victory on us, so you still can gloat about how good you are, when you are two Road Warriors sized piles of shit!

*Crowd booing like mad*

WC: And yes, we know you beat Two of a Kind, and the huge collection of titles they have, but that doesn’t change a thing, you have not faced us, and we’re no worse than Two of a Kind, and more title hungry than them. We are not here to legitimate your title run, we’re here to end it!

*Crowd is absolutely crazy against the Madness (good oxymoron, LOL)*

WC: But no more ranting. Let’s get this done in the ring. I’m challenging any of you to a match one on one with me, right here, right now, no blindside attacks, no bullshit. So, bring your fat asses right here and let’s settle this, if you dare!


CP: Here come the champs, looks like we're gonna get an impromptu match here with Carlin challenging either of the two members of Domination.

Bodom: Carlin seems pretty confident, could be because of the monster he's got standing behind him.

*Domination stride out onto the top of the ramp getting a lot of heat from the crowd, neither team well liked by the fans. Geiger's got a mic and both men look ready for action.*

Geiger: Ya know, it figures Carlin, that you wouldn't challenge us to a tag match considering you're both singles competitors pretending you're a team. I mean lets face it, the two of you should be jobbing in BWA, you're not a team, you're pathetic!

*Carlin has to stop Grind from heading up the ramp and starting a fight with Domination, just about managing to calm him down.*

Geiger: Listen, we might not be used to singles action, but ya know what, we all know that either one of us, could take down either one of you fairies. Hey Bus', how about you go down there and tear the little ponce a near arsehole?

*Geiger hands the mic to his partner.*

Busmer: Ya know what, I think that's a great idea, you want a fight Carlin? You just got yourself one, now get that freak outta the ring. This is gonna be more one sided than when me ma' used to beat on me dad, tough old bitch.

*Busmer and Geiger walk to the ring and are followed by a referee*

CP: Looks like both partners are going to be staying at ringside to make sure no funny business goes on.

Bodom: Nothing funny about Grind Bastard, that guy is a beast.

(Carlin/Jericho vs Busmer/JTG)


JM: Here is your winner, Barry Busmer!

CP: Busmer gets the win! I didn't see this coming, with Carlins singles experience!

Bodom: Impressive win for one half of the tag team champs, even if Geiger was distracting Carlin outside the ring!

CP: They're getting out of dodge pretty quickly there, Grind looks angry!

Bodom: I'd be running too if that freak was chasing me. Please don't tell him I called him a freak...

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 01:55 PM
CP: Well folks, I hope you're ready for yet more Ignition Division action as it's time for EWNCW newcomer Hanz Gruber to make his debut.

Bodom: I've been looking forward to this ever since I heard Hanz had signed up, the guy has talent, and he's got a real killer instinct that could set him apart from everyone else here in EWNCW.


JM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Germany, Hanz Gruber!

*Gruber casually walks to the ring following behind two very hot women dressed all in black. One of them is carrying a German flag. Once they get to the steps of the ring, the woman without a flag precedes to the ring apron. She holds the ropes open so Gruber can get in the ring. Then both women enter the ring, the woman with the flag is now in front of Gruber- Gruber salutes the German flag, then asks for an receives a mic.*

CP: Another flag carrier, these overseas wrestlers seem to like making a point that they're not from here, Arthur lansdale does exactly the same on Inferno.

Bodom: Shows the last time you saw Inferno Pentalion, Lansdale comes out with a family crest these days, I think he's had enough of people associating him with has beens like Billy McCoy.

CP: Really? You're gonna play that card? Bodom, we all saw you in the ring a few weeks back on the Supershow, and you wanna call McCoy a has been?

Bodom ...Alright lets get back to the match at hand shall we? Hanz Gruber's looking pumped, and those women... dayum! Just don't let Naitch see them before I get a shot.

Hanz: *cough, cough* - Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hanz Gruber. *Both women are now behind him* Never heard of me? Well you will soon find out what I am all about. I am from the greatest country in the world, Germany. It’s where real wrestlers are born, its in our blood, its an addiction. Now don’t confuse me with any of the Beerstein brothers, I am the real deal. I have wrestled all over the world, I have trained with the best in the sport, men like Bryan Danielson, Ultimo Dragon, Dos Caras Jr., Great Muta and Terry Funk. All their teachings have made me into what I am today- a supreme ring technician, or in other words- the best fucking wrestler alive. And that’s what brings me here, to prove that point to the viewers in one of the top promotions in the world- EWNC fucking W.

*crowd pops

Hanz: Sure, it would have been very easy for me to sign with ‘the other guys’ considering that they are now affiliates of the other promotion I wrestle in- EWA. It probably would have been even more money. But I don’t give a shit about that. To me its all about the challenges, its all about the glory, and its all about the titles- all of which I know I can all obtain in this fed. So I did not hesitate to sign that contract last week when it was offered.

Hanz: Now I know I have to work my way up to be a contender for any of the belts here, I do not expect anything to be handed to me on a silver platter- I don’t work that way. I bust my ass in the ring to prove I am the best. But rest assure, with my superior ring work, I will be in the title picture very soon, and I mean very soon. looks back to the two women Ok enough talking, ladies wait for me back at the hotel room so we can, um, play. I gotta work now.

*Both women give Hanz a kiss then leave the ring and head out for the night.(

Hanz: Ok, now get this Shaz out here and let me show all the guys on the roster just why EWNCW signed me.

*Hanz removes his ring jacket and waits for Shaz to come out.*


JM: Introducing his opponent, Shaz!

CP: Ask and you shall receive Mr Gruber! Here comes Shaz, he'll be looking for a win after tapping out to Chris King last week.

Bodom: Should be a pretty even match here, Hanz will be looking to impress on debut, win or lose.

*Shaz heads out to the ring to a chorus of boos, the fans continuing to show him that they don't appreciate being called hateful. Shaz points at Gruber as he heads down the ramp and issues a cut throat gesture and a shrug, signalling that he doesn't regard him as a threat at all. he slides under the ropes and gets in Grubers face, the two square off and the referee gets in between them, determined not to let things get out of hand before the bell has even rung. The ref calls for the bell and we're good to go.*

(Gruber/HBK vs Shaz/Perfect)


CP: A great technical match so far, both of these men really wanting to put on a show.

Bodom: It's been back and forth, either one of these guys could get the win here.

*Shaz circles the ring looking pretty happy with himself thus far as Gruber slowly raises to his feet. Shaz goes in with a wild attempt at a punch but it's blocked and Gruber counters with a strike of his own, and a repeat, and another rocking Shaz. Gruber sends Shaz to the ropes and hits a standing drop kick, both men are quick to their feet and Shaz is put back down with a series of quick clotheslines again and again.*

CP: Gruber starting to take control now, almost decapitating Shaz with those clotheslines!

*Shaz looks a little groggy as he climbs to his feet, Gruber moves in for the kill, grabbing his opponent from behind, looking for the Scorpion Death Drop! However Shaz is wise to it and fights out with a few elbows to the side, he scoops Gruber up and slams him down with a sidewalk slam. Shaz looks to go airbourne and climbs the ropes, standing on the middle turnbuckle and waiting for Gruber to rise to his feet. Gruber staggers up and turns around as Shaz comes flying off looking to hit a double-axe handle however...*

CP: SUPERKICK! Oh my god he just kicked him out of his boots! This one's over!




JM: Here is your winner, Hanz Gruber!

Bodom: Fantastic move from Gruber, completely surprising Shaz and gaining the victory!

CP: That was incredibly impressive, playing possum and damn near tearing Shaz's head clean off his shoulders with that!

Bodom: Mark my words, forget Chris King, forget Ryan Wells, forget Bloodstone, this guy is the future right here.

CP: A little harsh on three very talented guys there Bodom, especially Ryan Wells and Daymian Bloodstone, two remarkable talents. Anyway we're heading for a break, see you soon!

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 03:25 PM
CP: We’ve had a great night here so far, and we’re not done yet! Remember that Evolution title match is still to come, and a big main event of TBOZ taing on Seraphim!

Bod: I know that Seraphim isn’t ready, he’ll get a real schooling from Zeus tonight!

*Arena turns pitch black, crowd sits waiting in anticipation wondering who it is*

*Suddenly white Smoke starts pouring out everywhere*


*starts playing and Arius and Alice emerge from the smoke and make there way to the ring *

Alice: Cut the Music, cut the music
Arius is about the speak, and you should all be grateful that he has even bothered saying anything to you undeserving fools.

*The booing gets louder as Arius takes the microphone from Alice*

Arius: It has been written, so it will indeed come to pass. Because now that i am here , and I know who the supposed Ignition Champion is...the hourglass has been turned over and the reign of impending terror is upon us.

And it all starts tonight with Bill Richards, the first casualty in our upraise through EWNCW.

So sit back and relax Ladies and Gentleman because tonight marks the begging of a new era in EWNCW

Tonight we will make sure that our voice will be heard. Tonight everyone will know the power that we possess. And tonight everybody will finally learn of the impending nightmare that is going to swallow EWNCW whole.

*Alice takes back microphone*

Alice: Tonight, It all begins Again

*Alice laughs as she throws the microphone on the ground and they make there way to the ring*

CP: Ahhh, now here’s an interesting fellow. You may recall the video package that aired last week. Well, here’s the man himself; Arius and his valet Alice!

Bod: He certainly looks the part, and I liked the way he conducted himself in that video last week. Let’s see if he can do it in the ring, as we have Bill ‘The Eagle’ Richards awaiting him here.

Bryan Danielson = Bill Richards vs Koji Kanemoto = Arius



CP: What a debut! Arius there going toe to toe with the technically gifted Bill Richards, and coming out on top!

Bod: Got to give it to him, that was some impressive stuff there. I liked the attitude he showed prior to the match, and this young man seems very sound in the ring. I’m very much looking forward to seeing him grow here in EWNCW.

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 03:36 PM
*We cut backstage to see Damien Bloodstone speaking with Keith Stone and ‘the girls’*

Damien Bloodstone: You know what Keith, I’m glad we have you on Rage here. I mean, it means that we get a load of free beer here! And with guys like Markus Beerstein around, that’s great news for management, since they don’t need to splash out on beer! But you know what else I like about Rage right now? Your pal, The Blue Flash! That guy is awesome! I got a lot of respect for a guy that devotes his life to protecting the weak.

Keith Stone: Well it’s funny you should mention him Damien, because I’ve heard straight from his mouth that he’s a big fan of yours too! He thinks that you’ve been a great Ignition champion, and that you’re a great role model for all!

One of ‘the girls’: But I wonder who can fly better, Damien Bloodstone, or The Blue Flash?!

KS: Well, I think there’s only one way to find that out.

DB: Tell ya what, you tell your pall Flash to meet me in the ring next, and we’ll find out the answer here tonight!

*Bloodstone nods at Stone and walks away with a smile on his face. After he’s gone, Stone looks around to see if anyone else is around.*

KS: Umm, excuse me girls, I need to use the restroom.

*Stone enters the bathroom that’s just behind him. Seconds later, The Blue Flash emerges! And after looking from one girl to the other, he whooshes away towards the ring!*

The girls: Ohhhhhhhhhh!! Sooooooo smoooooooooth!!


CP: Well, it seems we’re about to get another Ignition match here tonight!

Bod: I don’t believe how stupid some people here are. I mean are people still buying into this blue Flash crap? Are people really that stupid? And as for this guy, he’s no better. Bloodstone’s buying into it just like everyone else!

CP: It’s just a bit of fun Bodom, come one!

Bod: Fun?! This is wrestling! It’s a serious business Chris!


CP: And now here is EWNCW’s resident superhero! The Blue Flash!!

Bod: Jeez, gimme a break.

CP: I sometimes wish you would take a break. Just go with it man! This match will be an explosive high flying one for sure, let’s see who comes out on top!

Chris Jericho = Damien Bloodstone / Ultimo Dragon = The Blue Flash


CP: and Bloodstone does it! A fantastic match between both with some incredible moves on show there!

Bod: I have to give it to both, I may not like them, but they sure do have some moves in their respective lockers! The title wasn’t on the line there, but you have to think that Flash is in contention for a shot after a display like that.

CP: Ah, so you you recognize him as The Blue Flash now?

Bod: 1466

Tommy Thunder
02-14-2012, 03:39 PM
CP: We’re back here live on Monday night Rage, and up next is the much anticipated matchup between Markus Beerstein and Ronaldo Romelus! The Evolution title is on the line!

Bod: We saw what these 2 had to say about each other earlier, but now it’s time for the talking to stop, and the action to start!


CP: First out, here comes Ronaldo! He’s got plenty to say hasn’t he? But he has also proven that he get it done in the ring.

Bod: He has a good attitude. He thinks he’s the best, and with that mindset, he’ll reach the pinnacle of EWNCW. He doesn’t care about pleasing the fans, he doesn’t care about stepping on others to achieve his goals. He just sets his sights, and goes for it.


CP: And now the champ! The beer swindling Markus Beerstein! The first ever EWNCW Evolution champion in history!

Bod: How on earth did this man achieve that Lord only knows. This guy comes out here week in week out, drunk off his face, and puts his opponents at risk! He doesn’t take things serious! What kind of a champ is that?!

CP: Well the fans love him Bodom, and he got the job done last week. Let’s see who
wins this one as we now start up the match!

Stone Cold = Markus Beerstein / Bret Hart = Ronaldo Romelus


*Ronaldo manages to get out of the headlock by performing a jawbreaker on Beerstein. He them immediately rolls to the outside for some separation to gather himself.*

CP: And what is this? Ronaldo just taking his time on the outside here, making no effort at all to continue with the match!

*Beerstein is on one knee watching Ronaldo and is urging him to come back in. After a while, he eventually looses patience, and as Ronaldo is leaning on the announcers table, he rushes out and starts pounding away on Ronaldo!*

Bod: What a cheapshot! He struck Ronaldo when his back was turned!

CP: Well if he wasn’t going to fight in the ring, taking the fight out to him was the only option Bodom!

*The referee has already started a 10 count as both men slug it out. Neither are aware of the referee’s count as it reaches 7*

CP: The referee is at 7 already!! They need to get back in here!

Referee: 8!....9!.....10! Ring the bell!!

CP: They’ve been counted out! It’s a no contest!

Bod: Foul play! Beerstein wanted this! He knew he couldn’t beat Ronaldo straight up, so he got both of them counted out to retain his title!

CP: Come on Bodom, Ronaldo was the one who went to the outside in the first place!

*Beerstein is now back in the ring with his title, and he’s holding it aloft as Ronaldo looks on from the ramp.*

CP: There’s the makings of a great feud here Bodom wouldn’t you say?

Bod: As long as Beerstein plays fair next time, these 2 could really set the place alight. 2 such contrasting personalities clashing can only result in one thing; fireworks!