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Hey everyone, I have started a new thread! This time its TNA. Lately I have started to get into watching TNA, and I thought it would be funny to do another be the booker thread on TNA, since my WWE thread is pretty succesful (I guess? At least some people is viewing it ;)). So what Im gonna do is Im gonna go back to the first Thursday of 2011 and start from scratch

What happened in TNA? One of the main thing that happened in the company is that Hulk Hogan has left the building, right out with him went Jeff Hardy, Robbie E and Orlando Jordan. Instead, we got ourselves a few new talents in Low Ki and Austin Aries. But the biggest thing that happened in TNA is that Dixie Carter sold the company to Paul Heyman. Paul decided not to go with his "1 veteran on the roster" strategy, and instead letting the veterans stay. As far as the Knockouts go, the Knockout Tag Team Championships are gone.

The roster and champions looks as follows

Abyss (Heel)
AJ Styles (Face) - Current World Heavyweight Champion
Alex Shelley (Face)
Amazing Red (Face)
Anarquia (Heel)
Austin Aries (Face)
Bobby Roode (Face)
Brian Kendrick (Face)
Bully Ray (Heel)
Christopher Daniels (Face)
Chris Sabin (Face)
Crimson (Face)
D' Angelo Dinero (Heel)
Devon (Face)
Douglas Williams (Heel)
Eric Bischoff (Heel) - General Manager of TNA Impact
Eric Young (Face)
Gunner (Heel)
Hernandez (Heel)
James Storm (Face)
Jeff Jarrett (Heel)
Jeremy Buck (Heel) - One half of the Tag Team Champions
Jesse Neal (Face)
Kazarian (Face) - Current X Division Champion
Kurt Angle (Face)
Low Ki (Face)
Magnus (Heel)
Matt Hardy (Heel)
Matt Morgan (Heel)
Max Buck (Heel) - One half of the Tag Team Champions
Mr. Anderson (Heel)
Murphy (Heel)
Rob Terry (Heel)
Rob Van Dam (Face)
Samoa Joe (Heel) - Current Television Champion
Scott Steiner (Heel)
Shannon Moore (Face)
Sting (Face)
Suicide (Face)

Next PPV - Genesis

AJ Styles (c) vs The Winner of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament - World Heavyweight Championship

Generation Me (c) vs The Motorcity Machineguns - Tag Team Championships - Ultimate X

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament


Bobby Roode
Rob Van Dam

Mr. Anderson

Bully Ray

The Pope D'Angelo Dinero


Bobby Roode
Mr. Anderson


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cant wait for this

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Impact 01/06/2011

The show opens with Eric Bischoff coming out. He tells us that after the new year, TNA has made some changes. Hogan is gone, some of our wrestlers are gone. And most importantly, none other than Paul Heyman has bought the company. So here in TNA, we want a fresh start after the new year. Which is why, we wanna start by having an 8-man tournament for AJ Styles World Heavyweight Championship. The participants will be. Bobby Roode, Crimson, Bully Ray, Mr. Anderson, Gunner, Kurt Angle, Sting and Rob Van Dam!

Sting comes out and interrupts him. Sting says "A tournament, how original". He tells Bischoff that there is no reason to have a tournament, since we already know who is the rightful #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.
Bully Ray & Gunner comes out and interrupts Sting. Ray says that if Sting wants to be #1 contender he will have to go through Bully Ray, since they are facing off in the tournament next week. And to warm up for that match, Bully Ray & Gunner wants to face Sting and a partner of his choice later tonight. Sting accepts.


Match 1: Austin Aries vs Abyss

Winner: Austin Aries after a Brainbuster

Post Match: Austin Aries graps a mic. He wants to introduce himself to the crowd. Austin says that he would like to introduce himself as the next X-Division Champion here in TNA. He just beat "The Monster" Abyss. What would prevent him from beating Kazarian? Austin drops the mic and leaves.

Backstage we see Eric Bischoff in his office. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin walks up to him. Eric says that its nice to see them, since tonight, they are gonna defend their Tag Team Championships against Generation Me. Shelley says that it sounds great


Backstage we see Jeremy Borash standing with Bobby Roode. Jeremy says that tonight Roode is going 1on1 with Rob Van Dam in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, what will be his strategy in that match ? Bobby says that since the entire company is getting a fresh start, he wants a fresh start as well. Tonight, he will ground Rob Van Dam, pin Rob Van Dam, and move on to the semi-finals. Roode says that he will go through anyone, to get that World Heavyweight Championship

Match 2: The Motorcity Machineguns (c) vs Generation Me - Tag Team Championships

Winners: Generation Me after More Bang for Your Buck

Generation Me is the new Tag Team Champions!!!

Post Match: Max Buck graps a mic. Max calls the match an easy win, even though the match was back and forth and lasted 15 minutes. He says that they plan on holding these titles until there are worthy challengers, and not challengers like The Motorcity Machineguns!


Backstage we see Jeremy Borash standing with Christopher Daniels. Jeremy says that everybody is talking about a fresh start tonight, Jeremy asks Daniels how he is planning on having his fresh start. Daniels says that he wants to win some gold. And since he is not in the World Title tournament, he has his sights set on the TNA Television Championship.
The TV Champion Samoa Joe walks up to him. Joe says that Daniels doesnt look like a worthy contender for the TV Title, maybe he can challenge for the Knockout Championship ? Daniels asks Joe if he wants to put it to a test. Joe says fine, next week Samoe Joe vs Christopher Daniels, TNA TV Championship.

Match 3: Rob Van Dam vs Bobby Roode - TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Winner: Bobby Roode after the Northern Lariat


Backstage we see AJ Styles in his lockerroom. Sting walks up to him. Styles says if Sting is looking for a partner tonight. Sting says that he actually came to take a look at the World Heavyweight Championship since he is gonna win that very soon, but since AJ is asking, they can team up tonight!

AJ Styles & Sting vs Bully Ray & Gunner tonight!

Back in the ring, we see The Pope D'Angelo Dinero in the ring. He says that it is unfair that he isnt in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, since he is without doubt the best wrestler in this entire company.
Kurt Angle comes out and interrupts him. Kurt Angle says that The Pope shouldnt come out here to whine and complain. Kurt says that if The Pope wants a spot in that World Title tournament, he can have Kurts, IF he can beat him in a match, as simple as that. The Pope accepts Kurts challenge and he wants the match right now!

Match 4: Kurt Angle vs The Pope - If The Pope wins he takes Kurt Angles spot in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Winner: The Pope after the DDE

At the end of the match none other than Matt Morgan came out, and while The Pope distracted the ref, Matt Morgan hit Kurt Angle with the Carbon Footprint on the outside. This allowed The Pope to hit the DDE and enter the tournament!
Why did Matt Morgan come out, what was that all about !?


Backstage we see Kurt Angle rushing into Eric Bischoffs office. Kurt says that he cant be taken out of the tournament that way ! Eric says that Kurt was the one that made the stipulation, so it is his own fault. Kurt clears Erics table and leaves frustrated.

Match 5: Mr. Anderson vs Crimson - TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Winner: Double DQ

At the end of the match, Kurt Angle came out and attacked both men with a steel chair. He was clearly frustrated about being put out of the World Title Tournament.
Eric Bischoff appears on the titantron. Eric says that Kurt cant run around and ruin the Tournament, there will be consequences! So next week, it will be Kurt Angle vs Scott Steiner, Abyss and Matt Morgan in a 3on1 Handicap match. And as far as Mr. Anderson vs Crimson goes, they will have a rematch next week.


Match 6: Sting & AJ Styles vs Bully Ray & Gunner

Winners: Sting & AJ Styles after Styles pinned Ray after a Springboard 450 Splash

Post Match: Sting hit Styles with the Scorpion Deathdrop to end the show

07-15-2011, 09:27 AM
Note: I have decided to scrap the Knockouts Division, since I dont feel there is room for it, and the fact that I hate Womans Wrestling and simply cant take it seriously (no offence)

Matches set for next weeks TNA Impact

Mr. Anderson vs Crimson - World Title Tournament

Sting vs Bully Ray - World Title Tournament

The Pope vs Gunner - World Title Tournament

Kurt Angle vs Scott Steiner, Abyss & Matt Morgan - Handicap Match

Samoa Joe (c) vs Christopher Daniels - TNA Television Championship

Remember to give your feedback on the first TNA Impact

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TNA PPV Schedule 2011

Genesis 01/30/2011 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Against All Odds 02/27/2011 - Charlotte, North Carolina
Victory Road 03/27/2011 - Dallas, Texas
Lockdown 04/24/2011 - Green Bay, Wisconsin
Sacrifice 05/22/2011 - Detroit, Michigan
Slammiversary 06/19/2011 - Memphis, Tennessee
Destination X 07/17/2011 - Atlanta, Georgia
Hard Justice 08/14/2011 - Long Island, New York
No Surrender 09/11/2011 - Jacksonville, Florida
Bound For Glory 10/09/2011 - San Diego, California
Turning Point 11/06/2011 - Washington, D.C
Final Resolution 12/04/2011 - Newark, New Jersey

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Impact 01/13/2011

The show opens with Kurt Angle coming out. He says that he is out of the World Title tournament for 1 reason. Matt Morgan. He could have beaten The Pope last week, but no, Matt Morgan had to get in his business for no apparent reason.
Matt Morgan interrupts Kurt Angle. Morgan calls Kurt Angle a whining old man. He asks Kurt if this isnt what he told The Pope last week. Dont whine ? Settle it in the ring ? Morgan says that Kurt has double standards apparently. Morgan says that Kurt deserved what happened last week. If Kurt wants the World Title so badly, why give up on the oppurtunity. Morgan says thats the reason he cant stand Kurt Angle. He is too full of himself. Morgan says that he will see Kurt tonight in the handicap match. Kurt says that he cant wait to get revenge on Matt Morgan!

Up next, we will have the match for the TNA Television Championship, Samoa Joe defending against Christopher Daniels


Match 1: Samoa Joe (c) vs Christopher Daniels - TNA Television Championship

Winner: Samoa Joe after the Muscle Buster

A great back and forth match here, but Joe got the win in the end

Backstage we see Crimson and Eric Bischoff having a meeting. Mr. Anderson walks into the room. Anderson asks what they are talking about. Crimson tells Anderson that it is not in his business. Anderson says that if they are talking about the match last week, it is obvious who would have won that match, MISTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEER ANDERSON. Anderson says that it is ridicoulus that he has to compete in another match to move on to the semi-finals, but he knows that he can beat Crimson. Crimson says that we will see later tonight


Generation Me comes out. They hold up their new Tag Team Championships. They once again make it clear that they are planning to hold on to those forever, until some worthy challengers appears. Jeremy Buck says that next, they have a match against Ink Inc. He says that THAT is definately not competition

Match 2: Generation Me vs Ink Inc

Winners: Generation Me after More Bang for Your Buck

Post Match: Generation Me aint done yet. They start attacking Ink Inc, until Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley comes out to make the save. They chase Generation Me away. Shelley gets a mic, he says that at Genesis they will invoke their rematch clause for the Tag Team Championships, and to make it interesting this time, this is gonna be an Ultimate X Match!


Match 3: Crimson vs Mr. Anderson - World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Winner: Mr. Anderson after a Mic Check

Crimson went for the Red Alert, but Anderson was able to counter it into the Mic Check for the victory!


Backstage we see Jeremy Borash standing with Sting. Jeremy says that last week Sting gave AJ Styles the Scorpion Deathdrop after their tag team match, why? Sting says that it was nothing personal against AJ Styles, it was simply to make it clear that you cant trust me, especially with the World Heavyweight Championship around your waist. Sting says that Styles should get used to the Scorpion Deathdrop, because that is what will happen at the end of their match at Genesis. A Scorpion Deathdrop, 1,2 and 3, and Sting is the new World Heavyweight Champion. Jeremy says that tonight Sting will have to face Bully Ray, what is his strategy in that match? Sting says that he doesnt need a strategy, he beat Bully Ray and Gunner in that Tag Team match last week.
Is Sting underestimating Bully Ray ? We will find out tonight.

Back in the arena we see Kurt Angle coming out, ready for his handicap match. Eric Bischoff appears on the titantron. Eric says that because of a minor injury, Matt Morgan wont be able to compete in tonights match, he will be replaced by Matt Hardy.

Match 4: Kurt Angle vs Abyss, Scott Steiner & Matt Hardy - Handicap Match

Winners: Abyss, Scott Steiner & Matt Hardy after Abyss pinned Kurt Angle after the Blackhole Slam

Post Match: Matt Morgan comes out, and goes to work on Kurt Angle, he hits him twice with the Carbon Footprint before leaving.


Match 5: The Pope D'Angelo Dinero vs Gunner - World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Winner: Gunner after the F-5


Match 6: Sting vs Bully Ray - World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Winner: Sting after he made Bully Ray tap out to the Scorpion Deathlock

Post Match: Gunner came out and attacked Sting after the match! But none other than AJ Styles came out and made the save. Styles got Sting back on his feet, but as he got back up Styles hit Sting with the Styles Clash!

Eric Bischoff comes out. He says that next week, we will have the semi-finals of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, it will be Bobby Roode vs Mr. Anderson and Sting vs Gunner!

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when is the next one up ?????????

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Ye I kinda went dead on this, but I have been thinking about doing a new TNA thing, but this time with the Paul Heyman concept, where all the veterans except from one, will go out the door