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Right as it seems to be quite common place for fantasy booking these days I thought I would have a go myself. However this will be a little different as it will pretty much solely be about the PPVs and how they link with the next one. I will incude backstories and how the matches come about along with any relevant info from Raw or Smackdown. I will use teams that may not be together anymore, and turn people heel or face regardless of what they are on TV.

"It is the night after Wrestlemania and Vince McMahon decides to completely shake things up. The brands are now rejoined and every champion has been stripped of their respective championships. From now on there will be only 5 titles, the WWE, IC, US, Tag Team and Diva's belt. He announces that in 3 weeks time will be the Night of Champions PPV where all 5 titles will be decided. The US and IC titles will both be contested under triple threat rules, the Tag titles will involve a gauntlet match, the Diva's belt will be a lumberjill match and the WWE title will feature a tournament to see who will challenge for the vacant belt at NOC.

Gold Rush Tournament Round 1 match-
Kane vs Wade Barrett, winner Barrett
Daniel Bryan vs The Miz, winner Bryan

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio, winner Cena
CM Punk vs John Morrison, winner Punk

Big Show vs Mark Henry, winner Show
Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio, winner Ziggler

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes, winner Orton
Sheamus vs Christian, winner Christian

Round 2
Barrett vs Bryan, winner Barrett
Cena vs Punk, winner Cena

Show vs Ziggler, winner by count out Ziggler
Orton vs Christian, winner due to interference from Sheamus, Orton

Mr McMahon comes out to condemn Sheamus actions and books a match between Christian and Sheamus for NOC, and also announces a special host for the PPV, Triple H.

Round 3
Barrett vs Cena, winner Cena
Ziggler vs Orton, winner Orton

Orton will now face Cena for the vacant title at NOC.

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Match 1- Triple Threat for the IC Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio vs John Morrison
A great opening match lasting around 16 minutes, which sees Mysterio hit the 619 on Ziggler then hit a frogsplash for the win.
NEW IC Champion Rey Mysterio

Backstage segment with Triple H, Orton confronts him to tell him he will be the next WWE champion

Match 2-Christian vs Sheamus
Great back and forth match lasting around 8 minutes, Christian wins after hitting the Killswitch, Sheamus does not look happy after the match.

Match 3-Lumberjill match for the Divas Championship
Melina vs Natalya
Melina beats Natalya in 6 minutes after some interference from lumberjill Alicia Fox
NEW DIVAS Champion Melina

After the match all the divas get in the ring and brawl, with the faces tossing the heels over the ropes and standing tall.

Todd Grisham interviews Cena about the upcoming match. Cena recounts the history between himself and Orton, before saying he will win the match and become the new champion.

Match 4-Triple Threat for the US championship
The Miz vs Evan Bourne vs Kofi Kingston
A 15 minute match which saw Evan hit the Shooting Star Press on Kofi, only for Miz to throw Evan out he ring and steal the win for himself.
NEW US Champion The Miz

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Rey celebrates backstage with Bryan and Sin Cara, Del Rio walks past and tells them to watch his match later, then they will see real talent.

Match 5-Tag Team Turmoil for the WWE Tag Team Championships
The Usos start off against The Broskis (Ryder and Hawkins), Ryder pins Jey Uso after distraction from Hawkins.
Out next are Gabriel and Slater, who are also beaten by The Broskis when Ryder pins Gabriel.
Santino and Kozlov are out next and the Cobra ends the Broskis winning streak.
However Santino and Kozlov are eliminated by Bryan and Sin Cara.
The Duo are in turn eliminated by the Hart Dynasty.
The final team comes out, and its The Dashing Ones (Cody and Drew) who pick up the final pinfall.
NEW WWE TAG TEAM Champions The Dashing Ones

Punk makes his way to the ring and tells the fans how its a disgrace he is not on PPV, and demands a match. Triple H comes out and gives him a match....agianst Kane

Match 6-CM Punk vs Kane
Punk hits an impressive GTS on the monster at the 11 minute mark to claim the victory.

Todd Grisham is in the back talking to The Miz, who says this is just the first of many awesome wins for the most must see champion on WWE history.

Match 7-Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio
The match ends in DQ at the 10 minute mark after Rodriguez interferes, The Big Show knocks out Rodriguez but Del Rio escapes.

A backstage promo with various superstars saying who they think will win the match between Orton and Cena.

A promo for the next PPV airs, and then its time for the main event

Match 8-WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs John Cena
A back and forth match with many near falls, Orton kicks out of the AA and Cena kicks out of the RKO. After 21 minutes Cena finally beats Orton with the 3rd AA of the match.
NEW WWE Champion John Cena

Cena holds the title up high as pyro explodes around the arena.

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Notable events after NOC:

Triple H is announced as the new WWE Commisioner.
The next PPV will be EXTREME RULES and will feature and Elimination Chamber for the WWE title.
Plus Sheamus will face Christian in a ladder match to determine a number 1 contender for the WWE title.
Both the US and IC titles will be defended in a NOC rematch, this time under falls count anywhere rules.

06-30-2011, 11:48 AM

Match 1-Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere for the US title
The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs Evan Bourne
The Miz wins this hotly contested match after 19 minutes, when he hits the skull crushing finale on Evan Bourne on the concrete floor.

Matt Striker interviews CM Punk about the upcoming EC match which he is a part of. Punk claims he is the only one who deserves to win, and that Cena's reign is already over.

We go to the locker room area where Bryan and Swagger are beating the hell out of each other, the referees pull them apart, and Triple H declares that tonight they will face each other in a submission match.

Match 2-Lumberjack Match for the Tag Team titles
The Dashing Ones vs The Hart Dynasty
The ring is surrounded by other tag teams, Drew hits the future shock on Smith at 11 minutes for the win.

Sheamus barges into Triple H's locker room complaining about the ladder match, Triple H says he can take it or leave it, Sheamus storms out.

Match 3-Extreme Rules match for the Divas title
Natalya vs Melina
Melina picks up the win after putting Natalya through a table, thanks to help from Alicia Fox again.

Match 4-Submission match
Daniel Bryan vs Jack Swagger
Bryan picks up the win after 15 minutes with the lebelle lock.

Post match Swagger locks in the ankle lock and wont let go, until all the referees come down and drag him away.

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Match 5-Number 1 Contenders Ladder Match
Christian vs Sheamus
In a huge shock, Sheamus picks up the win after 18 minutes, Christian looks devastated.

Match 6-Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere Match for the IC title
John Morrison vs Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler
Rey hits a huge westcoast pop on Zigger to pick up the win

Ziggler tries to attack Rey but Morrison chases him off

A history of the Chamber promo os shown

Backstage interview with Cena is interrupted by Orton who promises to leave as the new Champion

Christian is shown backstage with his head in his hands, Edge comes up to him and tells him to keep up the good work, he was so close to becoming number 1 contender, it will happen sooner rather than later

Match 7-Elimination Chamber match for the WWE title
John Cena vs ADR vs Big Show vs Randy Orton vs Kane vs CM Punk
Punk and Orton start things of, Big Show is first to be released. Del Rio comes in next and pins Big Show after orton hits the RKO. Cena then enters and hits the AA on Del Rio for the pin. Kane comes in last and is eliminated by CM Punk. Orton then pins Punk after and RKO before walking into and AA, as Cena retains the title.

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Notable Events after ER:

Sheamus is the number 1 contender for Cena's WWE title, he gets his shot at OVER THE LIMIT.
Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater formed the Corre and attacked the likes of R-Truth, Kane, Big Show and Evan Bourne, setting up a huge 8 man tag match at the next PPV.
Punk made his intentions known, he wants to beat Mysterio and take his IC title.
Kofi gets one last match against Miz, and The Hart Dynasty get one last match against the Dashing Ones.
Del Rio blames Orton for costing him the WWE title at ER, and spent weeks trying to break his arm, setting up a match ot OTL.
Sick of being screwed out of the Divas title by Alicia Fox, Natalya issued a challenge for a tag title match, Fox and Melina vs Natalya and Beth.
Bryan vowed to face Swagger at OTL, even with his injured ankle, caused by the ankle lock.

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