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06-30-2011, 04:40 AM
KK Guys gonna try my hand of this

Ring of Honour Wrestling

The ROH has been bought out and had big money invested and hence has earned a TV Deal on Spike and can now over take TNA in the Wrestling stands. With this in mind they have employed Creative Head Eboy to take control I will run with Stories post Best in the World

Manager- Jim Cornett

ROH Champion- Davey Richards (F)
ROH TV Championship- El Generico (F)
ROH Tag Team Championship- Worlds Greatest Tag Team (F)

Eddie Edwards (F)
Roderick Strong (H)
El Generico (F)
Jay Lethal (F)
Homicide (H)
Rhino (H/F)
Colt Cabana (F)
Mike Bennett (H)
Rhett Titus & Kenny King (F)
The Kings of Wrestling (H)
The Briscoe Brothers (F)
Dark City Fight Club (H)
The Bravados (H)
Adam Cole (H)
Kyle O’Riley (F)
Mickey Mundo (H)
Prince Nana (H)
Steve Corino (F)
Jerry Lyn (F)

F= Face
H= heel
F/H= Changing soon

Bare with me guys cant watch much ROH Because its hard to get hold of so this might not be Very good Just Bare with Me

06-30-2011, 05:15 AM
ROH Wrestling 1

1. our new commentary team of Tony Schiavone & Jerry Lyn welcome us to the Show hype up the Card Kings of Wrestling vs WGTT, ROH TV Title- El Generico vs Jay Lethal, + Mike Bennett’s Open Challenge

2. Davey Richards comes down and introduces himself as the ROH Champion and shows us Highlights in the Best of the World Main Event he says hes proud to lead ROH into this new Era and for those of you watching for the First time ROH is the Best Wrestling Company in the world and that’s a fact

Out comes Eddie Edwards shows more Highlights and asks the fans if they’d like to see that World Title Match again tonight

This Brings out Roderick Strong who says He doesn’t care about the fans or ROH just getting another shot at the World Title tonight

Now we Get Colt Cabana who says he’s paid his Dues in Wrestling and now on this Momentous occasion he wants a shot at the World Championship

Jim Cornett sets up a Triple Threat No.1 Contenders Match- Roderick Strong vs Colt Cabana vs Eddie Edwards the fans seem happy with this

3. Will Kevin Steen be granted a ROH Contract? we find out tonight

4. The Bravados def Rhett Titus & Kenny King after Kenny King walked out on Titus leaving the Bravados to get the Win

5. Break

6. Who will answer Mike Bennett’s open Challenge tonight?

7. Adam Cole Def Mickey Mundo at 14 mins in an epic bout ended by the Panama Surprise

8. Schiavone talks about ROH being the King of the Independents and giving everyone else a chance before Introducing a DGUSA Showcase Match

9. DGUSA Showcase Match- PAC def Yamato at 11 mins

10. After the Match Mike Bennett comes out beats both men up its his Open Challenge time who will accept it CARLITO!!! Is here tonight Mike Bennett vs Carlito after the Break

11. Break

12. Mike Bennett Def Carlito at 15 mins

13. Rhino & Homicide are added to the TV Title Match

14. The Nature boy Ric flair and Arn Anderson are shown in the Crowed

15. ROH TV Championship- El Generico def Rhino, Homicide & Jay Lethal at 17 mins

16. After the Match Homicide shakes hands with Rhino prince Nana is Screaming at Rhino to gore him but Rhino Gores Nana Instead

17. Meet: The Briscoe’s: Talk about being a Main stay tag team in ROH Being brothers Getting the Gold Back we know the Briscoe’s will go to any length to regain gold but can they get it done tonight

18. Rhett Titus is pissed off Backstage

19. ROH officials come to the ring and call out Kevin Steen who comes down to the ring and is told he will be allowed to re-sign with the Company after officials decided he had Value

20. Sonjay Dutt is back in ROH

21. ROH Tag Team Championships- WGTT Def Kings of Wrestling at 11 mins

22. Break

23. The First ROH PPV Will be Honor is Earned

24. No.1 Contenders Match Roderick Strong def Eddie Edwards & Colt Cabana to become Contender for Davey Richards title

25. Colt Cabana sits dejected in the ring when all of a sudden out of nowhere Luke Gallows attacks him and leaves him laying

07-02-2011, 07:52 AM
ROH Wrestling 2

Luke Gallows comes out and grabs a Mic

“Colt Cabana last week I cost you a shot at the World Title and you want know why I did that because you are Just like him you are Just Like CM Punk your Selfish and you disgust me. (Fans Boo the Hell out of Gallows) Punk who are Portrayed as a hero to these Wrestling fans because your meant to be about Wrestling not Politics but when I got Released you did Nothing you sat there and took Orders from Vince McMahon you sold out and now your trying to make even more of a Hero out of yourself by leaving huh by mentioning ROH on National Television well it makes me sick so this is what I am going to do I will destroy your good Friend Colt Cabana Week after Week after Week until you Face me one on one but you see that’s not going to happen because its all an angle and Punk will re-Sign on July 18th”

Here comes Colt Cabana

“Luke that’s where you’re Wrong Punk is Leaving and he will be coming Back to ROH and when he does he will destroy you that is if there is anything left when I am done”

Cabana runs down and attacks Gallows but the Former Straight Edge Disciple High tails to the Back

Match 1: Mickey Mundo def Adam Cole at 13 mins after a Roll up with the Tights

Adam Cole does not look Happy at that


Mike Bennett comes out to issue another open Challenge

And his opponent Yamato the man he attacked last week

Match 2: Mike Bennett Def Yamato after a Wrist lock sit out Sideslam at 16 mins

After the Match Bennett continued to attack Yamato until BxB Hulk made the Save

We cut to the Back to see Rhett Titus who heads into Jim Cornett’s office and Tells him we wants Kenny King tonight he says he cant Have Kenny King as Kenny King hasn’t shown up yet but however you can Carlito

Still to come The American wolves Re-Unite to face Kevin Steen & Roderick Strong, Carlito vs Rhett Titus, Plus The No.1 Contenders for the Tag Title are named

Match 3: Carlito Def Kenny King after a Back-Stabber at 14 mins after the bout Kenny King appeared and Destroyed Rhett Titus
Prince Nana has planned Revenge for Rhino & Homicide Tonight

Match 4: Kyle O’Riley Def Sonjay Dutt at 12 mins after a Sit- out Powerslam from the Second Rope


Here comes The Kings of Wrestling Come out

Chris Hero has the Mic

“Ok Cornett look we know you are going to name us the No.1 Contender for the Tag Titles so lets Just get this over with and we can stop wasting everyone’s Time”

Here comes Jim Cornett

“Well I am glad you came out here because yes The Kings of Wrestling will be Competing for the Tag Team Titles at Honour is Earned”

Kings of Wrestling Celebrate

Cornett speaks again

“However you will not be the Only Team The Briscoe Brothers will also Challenge for the Tag Titles and tonight in fact Right now its going to be the Briscoe Brother vs The Kings of Wrestling”

Match 5: The Briscoe Brothers Def The Kings of Wrestling at 16 mins after Jay hit the Piledriver on Chris Hero

The Kings attempt a Post Match Beat Down but WGTT make the Save only for the Briscoe’s to stare them down

Honour is Earned Promo

Rhino & Homicide come out

Rhino has the Mic

“Prince Nana what have you got what can you possibly do to me and Homicide to get your Revenge”

Here comes Prince Nana who introduces Kyle O’Riley, Ryan Wilson & Monty Brown the 3 beat down Rhino & Homicide

Main Event Time

Match 6: The American Wolves def Roderick Strong & Kevin Steen at 17 mins after Richards Made Steen tap out to the Clover-Leaf

After the Match Strong heads Backstage Steen extends his hand to The Wolves but they Walk off

07-02-2011, 07:53 AM
For those of you who don’t know who Ryan Wilson is here is a Pic


07-02-2011, 07:54 AM
Love to hear any comments on my Version of ROH I Persnally cant usaully get it but manage to follow stories so if i am doing anything wrong please Tell me

07-02-2011, 07:56 AM
Honour is Earned card

ROH Championship- Davey Richards vs Roderick Strong
ROH Tag Team Championship- Kings of Wrestling vs The Briscoe Brothers vs Worlds Greatest Tag Team
ROH TV Championship- EL Generico vs Carlito vs Jay Lethal (Just announced)

07-02-2011, 08:49 AM
Well i only get to watch Ring of Honour through the DVDs i get from the USA but the way your doing it is Awesome Eboy keep up the good work man

07-02-2011, 03:15 PM
This is really good can't wait for the next one.

07-02-2011, 03:19 PM
This is really good can't wait for the next one.

Cheers Man it might be 2moz no promises though

07-03-2011, 08:08 AM
ROH Wrestling 3

Prince Nana comes out with Kyle O’Riley, Monty Brown & Ryan Wilson

Prince Nana Speaks

“Rhino you are disrespectful fool I could have guaranteed you a big Pay Check and a Comfortable Spot on the Roster but who turned on me and gored me in this Ring so I got myself some Heavies Kyle O’Riley & Ryan Wilson!!! Also The Alpha Male Monty Brown!!!!! And Rhino at Honour is Earned it will be a 3 on 2 Handicap that is if you have the Balls”

Here is Rhino

Rhino speaks

“Nana Homicide and I cannot wait to take out your Cronies at Honour is Earned”

Nana replies

“Oh That is Brilliant and how about this also Tonight Rhino you meet Ryan Wilson and Homicide can Face Kyle O’Riley”

Rhino speaks

“Lets do it”

Backstage: Kevin Steen walks into Eddie Edwards Locker Room and Challenges him to Match at Honour is Earned for the No.1 Contendership Edwards Accepts

Tonight’s Main Event: Roderick Strong, Kevin Steen, Luke Gallows & Kenny King vs The American Wolves, Rhett Titus Colt Cabana

Match 1: Adam Cole def Jack Evans at 12 mins after the Panama Surprise

He then gets the Mic and Talks

“Mickey Mundo you and I are 1 for 1 the only difference is I didn’t win my Match by Cheating you had my tights and your knew so let me fill you in nobody gets away with that Shit in ROH so at Honour is Earned lets see if you can earn a little Honour by beating me fair and Square”


Match 2: Mike Bennett Def BxB Hulk at 11 mins after a Wrist lock sit out side slam

After the Match Yamato tries to make the Save but instead PAC is here to make the Save

Tonight WGTT will be Scouting

Match 3: Kings of Wrestling Def Dark City Fight Club at 12 mins after the KRS ONE

Backstage: Rhett Titus is on his way to the ring says he wants Answers

Rhett Titus:

“Kenny King I Want to Know why you Turned on me and there’s no more Dodging the Question I want Answers and I want them now”

Here comes Kenny King

“Rhett I cant believe you don’t get it ROH on Spike it was my time to take the Spotlight and I couldn’t do that while being Held down by you so at Honour is Earned I will prove I was always the star of our Team and that I will be prime Material to Challenge for the World Title”

Rhett starts to laugh at him but Kenny gets pissed off and then attacks him


Match 4: Homicide Def Kyle O’Riley at 11 mins after the Gringo Killer

Monty Brown comes out of Nowhere and attacks him

ROH on Spike advert

Match 5: Carlito Def Jay Lethal at 14 mins after the Backstabber

El Generico was on Commentary

Mickey Mundo accepts Adam Coles Challenge

Match 6: The Briscoe Brothers Def The Bravados at 12 mins after the Tower of Doom

Dark City Fight Club are backstage and issue and open challenge to any Team in the World for Honour is Earned

Match 8: Rhino Def Ryan Wilson after a Gore at 12 mins

After the Match Monty Brown went for the Pounce but Rhino sidesteps and hits another Gore!!!!

Pac BxB Hulk & Yamato are complaining about Mike Bennett to Jim Cornett so Cornett makes PAC vs Bennett on PPV

Match 8: Main Event: Roderick Strong, Kevin Steen Kenny King & Luke Gallows Def The American Wolves, Rhett Titus & Colt Cabana at 21 mins after King pinned Titus

End of ROH Wrestling

07-03-2011, 08:23 AM
That was good but Kenny King and Rhett Titus are The All Night Express.

07-03-2011, 08:35 AM
That was good but Kenny King and Rhett Titus are The All Night Express.

ha see i told you i'd get stuff wrong i meant Dark City Fight Club Kory Chavis & Jon Davis Right??

07-03-2011, 09:03 AM
I know it's fantasy booking and all... but ROH and DGUSA(/EVOLVE) are mortal enemies with each other in real life, much like WWE and TNA are, so they don't really share talent anymore. Which means no BxB Hulk, Yamato, PAC or DCFC...

07-03-2011, 11:24 AM
I know it's fantasy booking and all... but ROH and DGUSA(/EVOLVE) are mortal enemies with each other in real life, much like WWE and TNA are, so they don't really share talent anymore. Which means no BxB Hulk, Yamato, PAC or DCFC...

cheers for that man i didn't know