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06-25-2011, 12:45 AM
Hey, I gave this one crack and realized that I didn't really develop a good story to begin with. It would be much more captivating if there was a strong backstory so that's going to be the change in this one. The goal will be two shows a week. I WILL have a name for it but it's going to be storyline oriented which and there IS a reason there is no current name. Smackdown now longer exists due to an extensive roster cut due to a lack of quality superstars, but since then some stars have returned. Here we go!

Plans are to have 2-3 shows a week until we get passed the WWE era, then dropping to a two show a week, 4 shows before a ppv format. Unforgiven will take place Sunday, July 31st. Then Monday, Tuesday, and Wed will be the next three episodes of RAW and Money in the Bank Sunday August 7th. This is because I'm way behind where I should be.

Setting: The first monday in June.
Up coming PPV's:
June: Unforgiven
July: Money in the Bank
August: Summerslam

World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton
WWE Champion: John Cena
US Champion: R-Truth
IC Champion: Drew McIntyre

Live on ZZZ news:

" Breaking news report! Vincent Kennedy McMahon has passed away last night. He was found in his bed and there is no diagnosis on what happened. His will has been instructed to be announced to the entire universe by McMahon himself. This is his exact words from the will: ' If I am ever to die my company will die with me. However, there is one man who I appoint to be in charge of a new company that will use my staff and superstars. I still have Monday Night Raw, Wrestlemania, and the WWE copyrighted and you will not be able to use that (after the new CEO is revealed.) but I would like the WWE championship and the IC Title to last forever in my memory. For the next 3 months my wife, Linda will be in charge and Teddy Long will be in charge of Monday Night Raw. I'm not going to state exactly who the man I'm entrusting with my entire prized fortune, but in this will states teasers that my good friends will share to the WWE universe live on Monday Night Raw. Be sure to tune in every monday night for Raw at 9e/8c. I demand a 3 hour RAW spectacular event for the last Monday Night Raw ever and expect to be mourned for on this night in front of the entire WWE universe. ' "


Money in the Bank

07-01-2011, 03:04 PM
Raw I
-- Cole says that it's a true tradegy in what happened to Mr. McMahon but he has information to pass on.
- Cole says that Mr. McMahon wishes every superstar good luck on the opportunity to own parts of the new WWE.
- King says that we have a thrilling show in store and also grieves upon the death of Mr. McMahon.
-- Triple H comes down.
- Triple H says to not worry and wrestling will be in good hands, Triple H's own hands.
- Drew McIntyre comes out and claims the WWE universe had no idea what Vince meant when he said Drew was the chosen one.
- Drew says he meant that it wasn't just for his unmatched in-ring ability but also for his expertise in business.
- Drew reiterates that he is indeed the chosen one and will be the new CEO in just a matter of time.
- Triple H tells the kid to don't get too caught up in a dream. He then challenges Drew for the IC title.
- Drew accepts
-- (1) CM Punk and Raven vs John Morrison and Evan Bourne
- Morrison hits a running knee smash to punk for 2.
- Punk gets morrison in corner and raven and punk wear him down.
- Bourne and Raven get tags, Bourne in control
- Goes for airbourne but Punk kicks him in the back of the head on top rope.
- Raven hits ddt on bourne for the win.
Raven and Punk def Morrison and Bourne @ 9:23

-- (2) Cody Rhodes vs RVD (#1 contenders match for Orton’s title)
- Rhodes avoids 5starfs
- Rhodes hits cross rhodes for the win
Rhodes def. RVD @ 10:16

-- Edge is backstage with Josh
- Josh asks Edge if he’s ready for his match at Unforigven vs Cena
- Edge says he was born ready
- Josh wonders who Edge will be facing tonight
- Edge says he is going to take it easy until Unforgiven to make sure he doesn’t just beat Cena, but destroy Cena.

-- (3) Jack Swagger vs Sheamus
- Swagger hits a superplex for 2.
- Swagger counters brogue kick into ankle lock
- Sheamus gets a ropebreak
- Sheamus hits a irish curse and a celtic cross for 3.
Sheamus def. Jack Swagger @ 12:11
- R-Truth comes down and attacks Sheamus from behind with a chain
- R-Truth busts Sheamus open and says that he will fight Sheamus in a first blood match at unforgiven and tear the pale skin off his face.

-- (4) Drew McIntyre ( C ) vs Triple H (IC Title)
- McIntyre hits a boot and gets only 2 early.
- Triple H does spinebuster out of nowhere for 2.
- Triple H counters futureshock.
- Triple H hits a pedigree for 3.
Triple H def Drew McIntyre @7:59

-- HBK comes out.
- Shawn says that he will be the champion one last time before the WWE is over.
- He doesn’t believe Vince would trust him with such a great responsibility so he’s going to make it his own to make sure he’s in the main event one last time in the WWE.
- The rock comes down!!!
- Rock says he’s finally come back to claim what is rightfully his.
- HBK shouts back that the rock is just an object of the past withered away in time.
- Rock says that HBK lacks the kahones and the right testosterone level to go one on one with the great one. When the rock is in charge there will be no more HBK.
- HBK sweet chin music to the rock.

-- (5) [ME] John Cena vs Randy Orton
- Orton hits a scoopslam for 2.
- Cena hits shoulderblocks
- Cena lines up for the FU when Edge spears him.
- Rhodes attacks Orton and hits a Crossrhodes
- Undertaker’s music starts and Edge and Rhodes escape.
- Undertaker stands tall in the ring when Stone Cold comes down.
- Staredown in the ring.
- Austin goes for a kick but Taker catches it.
- Taker goes for chokeslam but Austin slithers out of it an exits.


07-25-2011, 04:16 PM
Authors note: Continuing this because of how WWE recently is taking a similar angle as I have. Most of my plans were already planned out and shouldn't be following suit of WWE (unless they can read my mind).

Raw II

--King is excited for the blockbuster main event just 2 weeks away from Unforgiven.
-Cole says that Orton, Cena, and Undertaker have no chance to beat Austin, Edge, and Rhodes.

-- The rock's music hits.
- Rock says that if he doesn't get a chance to tear apart HBK in 2 weeks at Unforgiven that he should just quit now and save the rock's people their time.
-HBK comes out and accepts the challenge. But only if the winner gets a title shot at money in the bank.
-Rock says that it must be the loser's last match ever.
- Teddy Long notes that if both men can win their matches on Raw tonight they have their shot. Winner is the #1 contender for the WWE title and the loser walks out and will be ineligible to be the new owner.
-Rock says that it doesn't matter who the Rock has to beat to finally get his hands on HBK.
-Teddy says to make sure to consider that the match will be a Street Fight if both men can make it.

-- (1) The Rock vs Raven
- Raven strolls down mic in hand.
- Rants what about Raven
- Says he'll always be there but no one will ever notice until it poisions the fans.
- Rock goes for Rock bottom Raven counters.
- Raven grabs a trash can and ducks down outside.
- Raven assaults Rock outside with trash bin several times. Bell rings.
- Hits a ddt denting trash can.

The rock def Raven @ 4:21 via DQ

-- Sheamus is backstage with Scott.
- Sheamus says R-Truth has no idea how powerful the blood of the Irish is.
- Sheamus shouts the only blood R-Truth has is the blood he'll be laying in after he busts his head open.

--Drew McIntyre attacks Triple H with a steel chair in his own locker room.
- He has to be removed by officials to stop attacking.
- Teddy Long puts Drew in a match.

-- (2) Drew McIntyre vs John Morrison

- Drew wins with a futureshock ddt.

Drew McIntyre def John Morrison @9:44 via pinfall

-- Undertaker is in the ring.
- He can't fathom how a guy that has such hate for Stone Cold Steve Austin would ever put him in charge of the company.
- Austin comes out and says all he has to do is take out each and every threat to him and there will then be no choice to put him in power.
- Taker says he'll never die and Austin will never put him away.
- Austin says that after their match tonight he might have to be named both champions and killer of the deadman and that's the bottom line cause stone cold said so.

-- (3) Evan Bourne vs HBK

- Bourne takes HBK to the limit but eats a sweet chin music mid airbourne.

HBK def Evan Bourne @ 13:31

-- (4) CM Punk vs RVD

- Rvd hit rolling thunder for 2
- Cm punk hits falcon arrow for 2
- Rvd lands 5sfs on feet, punk still hits a boot to the face for 2
- Punk goes for gts rvd counters.
- Rvd hits 5 star frog splash for 3.

RVD def CM Punk @15:45 via pinfall

-- Orton promos on Rhodes.
- Says that he never was a loyal partner for him and he has not forgiven him for turning on him.

-- (5) Orton, Cena, and Undertaker vs Rhodes, Edge, and Austin

- Orton hits an Rko on Edge, Rhodes breaks it at 2.
- Chaos ensues all 6 in the ring.
- Taker clotheslines Austin outside.
- Hits a tombstone on the announce table while Cena chases Edge backstage.
- Orton hits an Rko on Rhodes for 3.

Orton, Cena, and Undertaker def Rhodes, Edge, and Austin @ 11:09 via pinfall.


Unforgiven Card:

R-Truth (c) vs Sheamus First Blood match for the U.S title.
The Rock vs HBK Street Fight Loser quits, winner is #1 contender.
Randy Orton (c) vs Cody Rhodes for Heavyweight Title
John Cena (c) vs Edge for WWE Title.

07-25-2011, 06:59 PM

-- Teddy Long is in the ring.
- He says he's going to give The Rock an opporunity for revenge and asks him to come down.
- Rock storms out and tells Teddy it doesn't matter what he gets because he's going to take his belt, turn the sumbitch sideways and shove it right up Raven's candyass.
- Teddy says Rock still gets Raven. But it will be a two on one handicap match vs Raven And CM Punk and that's next.

-- (1) The Rock vs CM Punk and Raven

- Raven and CM Punk double team Rock after CM Punk saves Raven from Rock Bottom with a low blow (unseen by ref)
- CM Punk hits Go to sleep for 3.

Raven and CM Punk Def. The Rock @6:46 via pin

- Attacks continues, CM Punk with Kendo stick and Raven has the ring bell.
- RVD comes out with a chair in hand and Punk + Raven scramble out.
- RVD says tonight he's going to beat HBK to prove he's championship material.

-- Edge is being interviewed backstage
- Josh asks Edge how he's going to overcome Cena after running away from him last week.
- Edge says that he wants to be 100% Sunday and is glad he's got the night off tonight to nurse his sore shoulder.
- Cena walks by an says that there will be no hiding Sunday when they meet in a Steel Cage match.
- Edge attacks Cena from behind as he walks away.
- Edge spears Cena into the wall.

-- (2) Evan Bourne vs Daniel Bryan

- Bourne taps out to the labell lock
Bryan def. Bourne @6:58 via submission.

--Drew is in the ring but is quickly interupted by Triple H
- Triple H strolls down to the ring with his signature sledgehammer.
- Triple H thinks Drew has earned the opportunity to have his rematch Sunday at Unforgiven.
- Drew says that when all is said and done he will not only be the Intercontential champion but also the owner of the WWE.
- Triple H says he's caught Drew bluffing and Drew doesn't know a damn thing about this business. Vince has taught HHH everything he needs to know to be the top dog.
- Drew recalls that Vince has said time and time again to him that Vince said Drew is like a son to him and he has great things instore for Drew.
- Triple H he's full of shit and Vince was never more proud of Triple H as a son.
- Drew backs away and HHH says there won't be any rules come Sunday so the best man will win the match. He adds that it would be wise to bring more than cheap lies with him Sunday because it will be an expensive loss for McIntyre.

-- (3) Jack Swagger vs Randy Orton

- Rko for 3.

Randy Orton def Swagger @4:55 via pinfall.

-Out runs Rhodes.
-He instead goes to get a mic.
-He's tells Orton that his mind will not only have to deal with itself on Sunday but also Cody Rhodes.
-Orton says he's just a failed wannabe Orton that was never good enough to win the big match.
-Rhodes says that Orton taught him a little bit too much and it's going to take a fluke for Orton to retain.

--Undertaker is seen in his locker room praying.
-When asked to explain himself he says he's truley sorry for finishing off Austin's neck for good. He didn't want it to end like that. He says it normally doesn't even shake him up a little but he had great respect for Austin.

-- (4) Sheamus vs Zack Ryder

- Brogue kick.
- Celtic Cross for 3.

Sheamus def. Zack Ryder via Pin @ 5:15

-- (5) Triple H and John Morrison vs R-Truth and Drew McIntyre

-Teddy Long says he doesn't want to see any ring-rust at Unforgiven so they will both be in action tonight.
-Morrison hits a flying chuck on Truth for 2.
-Triple H hits Pedigree. McIntyre breaks the 3.
- McIntyre grabs a chair. He pounds Triple H as he comes outside.
- R-Truth hits lie detector for 3 on Morrison.
- Truth and McIntyre gang on Triple H post match.
- Teddy Long demands them to stop. He then tells them that it won't be long before the U.S title and IC title are unified.
- Triple H hits a pedigree on Truth and Drew gets out of there.

R-Truth and Drew McIntyre def. John Morrison and Triple H @12:22

--HBK has arrived.
-Josh asks if he thinks he can beat The Rock.
-HBK asks Josh if he's serious. He then superkicks Josh. He then tells everyone to make sure to tune in early to Unforgiven to watch the real main event and the end of The Rock.

-- (6) HBK vs RVD

-RVD split moonsault for 2.
-HBK diving elbow for 2.
-HBK locks in sharpshooter.
-RVD makes it to the ropes.
-HBK shoves RVD off the top ropes.
-Sweet chin music's RVD into the crowd.
-Rolls RVD back in to save 10 and covers for 2!
-RVD misses kick and HBK hits another sweet chin music for 3.

HBK def RVD @15:00 via pinfall.

07-25-2011, 11:42 PM

Preview Updates:

A new match with a twist will kick off Unforgiven. A 10 man battle royal over the top rope elimination will take place giving the winner entry into a money in the bank ladder match and power. The last man standing will get to choose who his 5 opponents will be. This will give him the option to pick wrestlers to help him or ones he may have an advantage over. He can only choose from qualified wrestlers. The participants will be: John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Undertaker, RVD, CM Punk, Raven, Jack Swagger, Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder, Rey Mysterio, and Michael McGuilicuty

What's in store at Money in the Bank? It's a little different this year since it's nearing the end of WWE as we know it today. There will be two 6 person Money in the Bank ladder matches and the winners will gain entry into the Summerslam tournament for the Undisputed WWE championship. Winning this match punches your ticket to one of the Summerslam main events.

Final Card:

(1) 11 man MITB battle royale top rope challenge.
(2) R-Truth (c) vs Sheamus (First Blood Match)
(3) Shawn Michaels vs The Rock (Street Fight, Loser quits, #1 Contender)
(4) Randy Orton (c) vs Cody Rhodes [Heavyweight Championship]
(5) Triple H (c) vs Drew McIntyre (Hardcore Match) [IC Title]
(6) John Cena (c) vs Edge (Steel Cage) [WWE Title]

Everyone in the WWE has the opportunity to become the new WWE owner but only one man can. There's still no idea who it will be.

[U]Final Update:

There's still some concern about the conidition of John Cena after the attack he suffered at the hands of Edge. Triple H appears on top of his game for the hardcore match with McIntyre. HHH's sledgehammer will be at his own disposal if needed. The Rock is shaken up after getting attacked by Punk and Raven but HBK also went through a grueling match with RVD. It's anyones game Sunday.

Final Words:

We last spoke to Raven on his thoughts of the battle royale. Confident indeed. When asked he said either he or Punk will win.

Be sure to tune in Sunday to witness the excitement of the WWE.

Authors Note:

Feedback would be appreciated. I'm currently going to pump out 2 a week and ppvs possibly on seperate day just cause I'm behind (although if 2 a week is normal maybe 3 a week or so.)

@no1eddiefan - All the legends are there to claim there spot as the new owner.

Getting very excited for Unforgiven! And I should be able to get on pace to have my summerslam the same day as WWE's summerslam.

07-27-2011, 02:50 PM
I like the idea of all the legends, HBK, Rocky, SCSA, Edge, being back.

Looking forward to Unforgiven!

07-31-2011, 03:23 PM
WWE Unforgiven

--(1) 11 man top rope battle royal.

-Bourne is quickly eliminated by Punk and Raven.
-Raven is eliminated by RVD.
-McGuilicuty is eliminated by Undertaker.
-Ryder eats a big last ride and elimated by Undertaker.
-Mysterio gets tossed out by Swagger.
-Bryan reverse brainbusters Morrison is eliminated.
-Punk knocks Bryan out of the ring.
-Undertake is triple teamed and eliminated by Swagger, Punk, and RVD.
-Down to Swagger, Punk, and RVD. Punk and Swagger go after RVD.
-Punk slides out of ring to avoid split-leg moonsault.
-Punk tears apart spanish announce table and grabs a ladder and climbs up.
-RVD is shoved off the top rope by a desperate Swagger but he lands on ladder.
-RVD punches Punk off the ladder through the spanish announce table.
-RVD climbs across the other announce table and grabs a chair.
-RVD Vandaminator from the top of the ladder into the ring on Swagger.
-Swagger is tossed over the top rope.
-RVD celebrates on turnbuckle when Punk shoves him off, into the barracade.

CM Punk wins Battle Royal @36:23

--Pat Patterson comes down.
-He says that on behalf on Mr. McMahon, it is confirmed that neither HBK or the Rock are qualified for the job.
-However, there is only one man that has what it takes to have the job.
-He's a man that Vince himself has the most respect for.
-A man that has the mind to better the company.
-The man won't be revealed until after Summerslam but the facts have been stated already.

--(2) R-Truth (c) vs Sheamus [First blood] {Us Title}

-R-Truth nails Sheamus over the head with chair.
-Truth pounds away to the face of a grounded Sheamus.
-Sheamus turns it around with hard rights of his own.
-Truth retreats but Sheamus dives through the ropes taking out Truth.
-Truth grabs a barbed wire 2 by 4.
-Truth knees Sheamus, swings and misses.
-Sheamus Brogue kick!
-Sheamus holds up his lead pipe.
-Sheamus wails on Truth.
-Truth is a bloody mess.

Sheamus def. R-Truth via first blood @19:59 New US Champ!

-The rock has pulled up in his limo!
-HBK slammed Rock's door on him, he's with a ref.

--(3) Shawn Michaels vs The Rock [Street Fight] {#1 contenders}

-HBK covers for 2.
-Rock ddts HBK on car for 2.
-HBK counters Rock Bottom with Sweet Chin Music, but can't cover.
-HBK crawls over and covers for 2.
-HBK steals a stranger's car keys and aims to run Rock over.
-Rock dives out of the way.
-Rock smashes drivers window in with fire estinguisher.
-He sprays HBK and hits a samoan drop for 2.
-Rock drags a bloody HBK to the street.
-Rock attempts to throw HBK off the bridge.
-HBK holds on and hits a sweet chin music for 2!
-Rock spinebuster out of nowhere!
-People's elbow is countered by HBK low blow.
-Rock counters irish whip into his own, HBK pressed up against edge.
-Rock connects combo Rock punches.
-HBK ducks the finishing punch and hits another Sweet Chin Music.
-Rock is now pressed up against the edge.
-Another Sweet Chin Music sees the Rock plunge into the river!

Shawn Michaels def. The Rock via KO @28:22

07-31-2011, 03:52 PM
--(4) Randy Orton (c) vs Cody Rhodes {Heavyweight Title)

-Rhodes hits a crossbody for 2.
-Orton hits a hangman ddt for 2.
-Orton slithers out of Alabama slam with a roll up for 2.
-RKO! for 3.

Randy Orton def Cody Rhodes @11:23

--A promo is shown viewing the verbal war between Drew and HHH over being the Owner of WWE.

--(5) Triple H (c) vs Drew McIntyre [Hardcore] {IC Title}

-Triple sets down sledgehammer and tells Drew's that Drew will need it if he wants the slightest chance of victory.
-Drew gets a cheap shot in.
-Drew hits a big boot for 2.
-Drew misses sledgehammer shot.
-Triple H hits a running knee to the face.
-Triple H hits a backdrop for 2.
-Drew whips HHH into stairs for 2.
-Triple H backflips Drew off the announce table after Drew fails futureshock ddt.
-HHH hits a diving knee to the face for 2.
-Drew destroys HHH with chair shots for just 2!
-HHH hits a pedigree in the middle of the ring.
-Grabs sledgehammer but tosses it out of the ring, tosses Drew out too.
-HHH drives Drew through the announce table with a pedigree for 3.

Triple H def Drew McIntyre via pinfall @21:46.

--(6) John Cena (c) vs Edge [Steel Cage] {WWE Title}

-Edge rakes Cena's face on cage, Cena busted open.
-Edge hits an Edge-o-Matic.
-Cena powerbomb edge off the mid part of cage.
-Cena climbs but edge hits an eletric chair drop.
-Edge spears Cena into the Cage.
-Edge is near a top escape when Cena grabs his foot.
-Cena goes for FU off the top of cage but Edge gets down.
-Cena goes for another powerbomb but is countered into hurricarana.
-Edge gets a huge spear on Cena.
-Edge escapes for the win!
-Edge holds up title and celebrates.

Edge def. John Cena @20:50 via escape. new champ!


Thanks, hoping to make it work heel vs heel (or tweener vs tweener).

Just in here's a report on the top 5 superstars going through the final stretches of WWE as we know it today.

5)Edge (1-1) He's the champion of the WWE with a lot to prove. After crippling John Cena before their match, how will Edge look to overcome an unstoppable HBK?

4)Sheamus (2-0) Sheamus silenced the Truth sunday at Unforgiven. The strong irishman could be the last US champion ever!

3)Randy Orton (3-0) Quietly Randy Orton is undefeated over the past month and retained his titled against a man that knew Orton inside-out. With still no challenger, who's going to attempt to dethrone Randy at Money in the Bank!?

2)Triple H (2-1). HHH is the intercontential champion and has scored multiple wins over Drew McIntyre in hopes of waking the kid up from his dreams. His only falter was barely in his hands when John Morrison got pinned in a big tag team match. The king of king's powerful messeges easily make you forget about his lost.

1) HBK (3-0) HBK scored an impressive win over the Rock and RVD to show that he's a contender. No one wants to step in the way of an angry, title-bound HBK.

Be sure to tune into Monday night raw tomorrow as we get one step closer to finding out who is the heir of the WWE!

Latest news: (From Teddy Long's Twitter): Playa we gota huge main event in store monday night. The WWE champion Edge will take on the US champion Sheamus.

07-31-2011, 03:59 PM
Great PPV mate :)

I like the idea of HBK-Edge soon for the WWE Championship :)

08-01-2011, 04:36 PM

--HBK is entering the building!
-King notes that he can't believe that HBK truely finished off the Rock.
-Cole says later tonight he's conducting a special interview with HBK.

--Here comes CM Punk.
-CM Punk boasts that RVD didn't have the brains to win the battle royal.
-Punk says that he's sure Rob will weasel his way into a money in the bank match but it won't be the same match Punk is in.
-Punk says he's got one up on RVD by winning one more MITB match than RVD.
-But Rob knows his way arround the ladder and is quite the threat.
-Teddy Long comes out and says this years money in the bank is the biggest ever.
-Both MITB winners will compete in a tournament for the Undisputed WWE title at summerslam.
-Teddy says that if Punk wants to be a champion he won't be able to ambush the champion.
-Punk says that everyone overlooks CM Punk. They see Punk but never think too much about him.
-Punk is confident he can beat any man on the WWE roster of the WWE title.
-Teddy says that later tonight 3 former Money in the bank winners will compete in a match tonight.
-It will be Swagger and Punk vs RVD and Daniel Bryan and the winners will qualify for a money in the bank match in which Punk gets to choose which match they will compete (Punk has already qualified so if he wins Swagger qualifies.)

--(1) Jack Swagger and CM Punk vs RVD and Daniel Bryan

-Bryan locks in lebelle lock on Swagger, Punk breaks it up.
-Punk hits gts on Bryan broken up by RVD.
-Swagger hits a belly to belly on RVD for 2.
-RVD hits 5star on Swagger broken up by Punk.
-RVD hits 5star on Punk for 3.

RVD and Bryan Def. Punk and Swagger @12:44 via pinfall

--Cena demands a rematch in Teddy's office.
-Teddy tells him HBK vs Edge is already booked for MITB.
-Cena threatens Teddy and tells him he must do something about it.

--(2) Undertaker vs Cody Rhodes

-Cody eats a chokeslam.
-Cody gets a tombstone piledriver.

Undertaker def Cody Rhodes @6:56

-Undertaker says he's coming for the Heavyweight title.
-There's not a single man that can stop him.
-Orton is out and says he's not impressed, Taker only beat Cody Rhodes.
-Orton doesn't think Taker still has it in him.
-Taker says he's the legacy of modern WWE that will be the keeper of the belt into the next era.
-Edge comes down to staredown the deadman.
-Edge says he's the real champ.
-Edge says it's pathetic that a guy as "great" and "phenomenal" is going after the lesser title.
-Edge says Taker is powerless to him and would love to get to compete for the undisputed belt against him.
-Cena sneaks in the ring from behind and assaults Randy Orton.
-Cena lays him out with an FU.
-Edge and Undertaker give Cena a puzzled look.
-Teddy Long comes down.
-Long says that Cena has to earn a Heavyweight title shot, not on my show can you win a shot like this.
-Teddy says if Cena is going to disrespect himself and the champ, then there's going to be a 3 week triple threat gauntlet.
-Each week on RAW there's going to be a triple threat match, and the winner has to face two new opponents the next week until we have a #1 contender for Randy Orton's title!
-And don't worry Undertaker, you will be a part of the gauntlet in next week's main event!

--(3) John Cena vs Rey Mysterio vs Evan Bourne

-Mysterio connects 619 on Cena followed by airbourne.
-Mysterio hits a dragonrana for 2 on Bourne.
-Mysterio locks in a mexican surfboard on Bourne.
-Cena breaks it up and connects a fishermans suplex on mysterio.
-Cena hits 5 knuckle shuffle.
-Cena hits an FU on bourne.
-Mysterio reverses FU into 619 but Cena catches it.
-Cena hits FU and then locks in STFU on Rey.
-Rey taps out Cena holds it until refs break it up.

John Cena def. Mysterio, Bourne @14:19 via submission.

--Raven is in the locker room shooting on Mr.McMahon.
-Raven says Mr. McMahon only wanted Raven to suffer more.
-Raven says that if it wasn't the drugs withering him away it was Mr. McMahon screwing him over left and right.
-Raven says there was no escape. But now there's nothing to stop Raven from rising again.
-Raven says he's going to burn a hole in Mr. McMahon's company just as Vince burned up Raven and tossed him in the trash. NEVERMORE!
-CM Punk walks in and annouces that he will be competing in the same MITB match as Daniel Bryan and Raven after Raven wins his match tonight. RVD will be in the other match.

--(4) Raven vs Michael McGuilicuty (MITB qualifier)

-Raven wins with raven effect.

Raven def. McGuilicuty @7:23 via pinfall.

--HBK music plays!
-There he is, the heartbreak kid, Shawn Michaels, who certainly destroyed the heart of the Rock sunday at Unforgiven says the King.
-Cole asks for everyones sincere attention.
-Cole asks Shawn why he had to finish off the Rock.
-HBK tells Cole to shut the hell up and he has a messege.
-HBK says that bad blood had been boiling for ages with him and Dwayne and now it's finally over.
-HBK says that there's nothing more than he wants than to be the last undisputed WWE champion.
-HBK says there's nothing less that can happen at Summerslam and he must win the title.
-Here comes Triple H.
-HHH says Shawn is a phony and is doing it for all the wrong reason.
-HHH says Shawn could give a rat ass what the fans think, it's all HBK, HBK, HBK.
-HHH says Shawn would be at the same mountain of glory if HBK wins the title infront of 20,000 screaming fans or an empty arena.
-HBK pauses and looks down.
-HBK hits sweet chin music on Cole.
-HBK takes a seat ringside for the main event but doesn't put on announce equipment.

--(5) Edge vs Sheamus (non title)

-Edge hits an edge-o-matic for 2.
-Sheamus hits an irish curse backbreaker for 2.
-Sheamus hits a brogue kick for 2.
-Edge conncects a tornado ddt.
-Edge hits a hit spear for 3.

Edge def. Sheamus via pinfall @17:12

-HBK climbs into the ring.
-Edge says he'll say it again, he's unstoppable right now and not even HBK has a chance.
-Shawn stares him down.
-HBK hits sweet chin music on Sheamus, Edge retreats.
-HBK celebrates and has sent a msg to Edge.

08-03-2011, 01:17 AM

--John Cena runs down to the ring.
-Cena says he wants to apologize for his actions last week for the people.
-Cena says he's taken the championship belt for granted.
-Cena says he forgot how hard it was to get where he was at.
-Orton comes out and extends his hand to Cena.
-Cena pulls him into an FU!
-Cena says it matters more than anything in the world being champion, even more than pleasing the WWE universe, and even more than respecting Randy Orton.

--Raven is backstage.
-Raven says that he's going to make Triple H a living example of carnage so Vince can watch from above and feel the pain.

--(1) Raven vs Triple H (non title)

-Triple H hits a spinebuster for 2.
-As HHH goes for pedigree Drew McIntyre assaults him from behind with a steel chair.

HHH def Raven @7:20 via DQ

-Raven and drew pound away at him.
-Raven crushes Triple H with steel steps.
-McIntyre hits a futureshock ddt on the steps.
-Raven hits Raven effect.
-Drew says it's not over.
-Drew says HHH thinks he's a joke but it's no laughing matter now Hunter huh?
-Raven threatens Drew that he will suffer the same fate as Triple H has to right now if Drew becomes the owner.

--(2) Cody Rhodes vs Zack Ryder

-Cody slips out of Ruff rider into a big crossrhodes.

Rhodes def. Ryder @6:59

-Cody asks for one more opportunity at the WHC title.
-Long comes out and says that Cody will compete next week in the final triple threat gauntlet match.
-Long says that due to the actions of John Cena tonight, Randy Orton will be the guest referee in the the main event tonight.
-The main event will feature John Cena, Undertaker, and John Morrison with the winner advancing to meet Cody Rhodes and a suprise superstar next week on RAW.

--HBK is with Josh.
-Josh questions the silence of HBK.
-HBK stares at him.
-Edge misses a spear and crashes into a pile of equipment.
-HBK tells Josh Edge is a fool.

--(3) HBK vs Daniel Bryan

-Bryan locks in a Crossface Chickenwing.
-Bryan locks in LeBelle lock.
-HBK reaches the ropes.
-Bryan hits a german suplex for 2.
-HBK hits belly to belly suplex for 2.
-HBK misses diving elbow countered into LeBelle lock.
-HBK breaks out and hits a sweet chin music, both men down.
-HBK drives Bryan into ring post.
-HBK hits sweet chin music for 3.

HBK def Daniel Bryan @21:09 via pinfall.

--John Morrison is shown warming up backstage.
-RVD wishes him luck in his main event match.
-John thanks him and it's time for the main event.

--(4) John Morrison vs John Cena vs The Undertaker (special referee Randy Orton)

-Here comes the viper and the match is under way.
-Undertaker chokeslams Morrison for a broken 2 count.
-Cena hits a 5 knuckle shuffle for 2 on Taker.
-Morrison hits both men with a diving corkscrew from top rope.
-Morrison hits flying chuck for 2 on Taker.
-Taker tosses out Cena and hits old school on Morrison for 2.
-Taker hits flying clothsline on Morrison.
-Cena hits an FU and locks in STFU on Taker.
-Taker powers out and hits a big boot on Cena.
-Cena wraps and slams Taker's leg around ring post, he tumbles outside.
-Cena hits FU on Morrison.
-Cena locks in STFU, Orton misses a punt on Cena.
-Taker comes in, misses Cena and nails Orton with a clothesline.
-Cena chokes Undertaker out with wires.
-Cena then locks STFU on morrison, a groggy Orton has no choice but to call the match as Morrison has been constantly tapping out.

John Cena def John Morrison, Undertaker @26:27 via submission.

-Orton breaks the hold and hits an RKO on Cena.

-News: John Morrison and Evan Bourne have both been added to money in the bank matches due to their high flying attributes. CM Punk has chosen Bourne to compete with him and Morrison to compete in the other match. Still 6 spots left!
Money in the Bank Card

MITB WWE title match - CM Punk, Raven, Evan Bourne

MITB WHC - RVD, Daniel Bryan, John Morrison

WHC- Randy Orton vs ???

WWE- Edge vs HBK

08-06-2011, 05:48 PM

--Teddy Long is out to open.
-Teddy says that in tonight’s main event Triple H will have a partner of his choosing to take on Raven and McIntyre.
-Long says that there’s still 6 spots left in MITB and they all will be decided tonight.
-Sheamus comes out.
-He tells Long that since there’s no one challenging for his title, he wants in.
-R-Truth comes down and thinks he should be in too.
-Sheamus tells Truth that he’s a screw up and couldn’t beat him.
-Long says Sheamus presents a good point and will be added.
-Truth says that if he’s not getting a MITB shot he wants his US title rematch.
-Teddy says Truth is in if he forfeits his rematch.
-Truth accepts.
-CM Punk is out and says that no one even knows what MITB means.
-Punk says it’s all about defying the odds and surviving 5 other participants in the most grueling match of their career.
-Punk says that all odds are against everyone else because he’s been there and picks apart their mistakes.
-Punk says that when you fall, you burn and Punk wins.
-Sheamus tells Punk it’s going to be awfully hard to win when he’s standing tell and Punk has fallen.
-RVD comes. He says Punk only has half the idea right.
-RVD says that Punk will need all the luck in the world to win.
-He tells Punk that if you can’t beat RVD you can’t beat 5 other men.
-RVD and Punk brawl, Morrison, Bourne, Swagger, Ryder, and Bryan come out and there’s a huge brawl.
-Sheamus and RVD stand tall.
-Teddy Long announces that the two losers in the WHC contender match will also be in a MITB match and that’s next! And the surprise opponent will be the Undertaker!

--(1) Undertaker vs John Cena vs Cody Rhodes

-Taker hits old school for 2 on Rhodes.
-Cena hits fisherman’s suplex on Taker to no effect.
-Taker hits a chokeslam on Cena for 2.
-Rhodes and Cena pound away on Taker.
-Taker gets hit by Crossrhodes and FU.
-Rhodes saves 3 after Cena covered.
-Cena hits an FU on Rhodes broken up by Taker.
-Taker locks Cena into Hell’s Gate.
-Rhodes breaks it up.
-Rhodes hits Crossrhodes on Taker for 2!
-Taker hits a tombstone on Rhodes.
-Cena hits an FU on Taker.
-Cena covers Rhodes for 3.

John Cena def Rhodes, Undertaker via pinfall @20:01

-Orton comes out and raises title high on ramp.
-Taker hits a chokeslam on Cena.
-Undertaker locks in Hell’s Gate on Cena until it’s broken up by officials.
-Taker says he’s going to climb up the ladder and win MITB.

--HBK is backstage with Josh.
-HBK asks why everyone wants to know what HBK is thinking.
-Doesn’t anyone give a damn about the WWE champion?
-Edge shows up.
-Edge says HBK is afraid of him.
-Edge says that HBK doesn’t want to talk because he has no confidence.
-Edge says HBK is finally getting what he wanted but is too much of a coward to act on it and make sure he gets the job done and says he is…..
-HBK rips the mic out of Edge’s hands.
-HBK attacks Edge.
-They brawl back and forth.

--(2) CM Punk vs RVD

-RVD rolling thunder for 2.
-CM Punk locks in anaconda vice.
-RVD gets to the ropes.
-RVD sets up for a 5star.
-CM Punk runs up turnbuckle and nails a pepsi plunge for 3!

CM Punk def RVD @12:42

-CM Punk says Long is having trouble finding two more suitable MITB competitors.
-So the following match created by Punk himself will feature the last two entrants.

--(3) Rey Mysterio vs Zack Ryder

-Mysterio wins with 619.

Rey def Ryder @7:12

-Punk says he promised himself the winner would go into his match.
-So Rey will be in the WWE mitb match and Ryder in the WHC mitb match.

--Triple H is coming down to the ring.
-He says he’s going to make sure Raven and McIntyre can’t walk into MITB.
-McIntyre comes out.
-Drew says Hunter will never learn.
-Drew says that Triple H has been spoon-fed his entire life.
-Drew says that Drew is much more intelligent than people than people give him credit for.
-He says that in Scotland he just about ran his father’s business on his own at age 15.
-Triple H says that he is not playing any phony games and if Drew wants to play the game he can come to the ring.
-Raven shows up on the tron.
-Raven has Shane McMahon tied up in the boiler room.
-Raven says that Shane confessed after being lit on fire that he knows who is going to be the new owner.
-Raven says he knows it’s not him but after he takes Shane away, no one will know.
-HHH and Drew run to the back.

-McIntyre ambushes HHH and a brawl ensues
-McIntyre is shown punching a bloody and wounded Triple H.
-Raven is shown riding away with Shane locked up in the trunk.

--(4) Jack Swagger vs Daniel Bryan

-Daniel Bryan wins via lebelle lock.

Daniel Bryan def. Jack Swagger @5:01 via submission

-Teddy Long is with HHH backstage asking him if he still want to fight tonight.
-HHH says he’s going to get bandaged up and will satisfy his promise.

--(5) Triple H and ??? vs Raven and McIntyre

-Drew comes out first and says that’s he will forfeit the match since Raven has left.
-Teddy Long says that if HHH wants a fight he’s got it. It will then be a 2 on 1 handicap match.
-But here comes Raven. He says he knows his way around NY as well as anybody and Shane is safe with him.
-Raven reminds Drew that if he wants to have the chance to become the owner he has to act reasonable or Raven will dispense of the only known man to know who the owner is.
-Sheamus is Triple H’s partner.

-Sheamus hits a brogue kick for 2 on Drew.
-Sheamus hits the high cross broken up by Raven.
-Raven and HHH go at it.
-Raven re-busts HHH open on exposed turnbuckle, covers for 2.
-McIntyre goes for futureshock but HHH hits AA spinebuster out of nowhere.
-HHH tags in Sheamus and Drew is back in as well.
-Sheamus hits high cross on Drew.
-He tags in HHH and he hits pedigree for 3.

HHH and Sheamus def Raven and McIntyre @15:45 via pinfall.

-After the match Raven attacks Drew with a kendo stick through the crowd.
-Raven hits a raven effect near the crowd exit.
-Raven says that he’s going to compete for the IC title in a triple threat match.
-And if no one is ok with that, no one will ever know the new owner!
-King wonders what will happen to Raven’s MITB slot.

MITB Card:

1)MITB WHC match: RVD vs Daniel Bryan vs Undertaker vs Zack Ryder vs John Morrison vs Cody Rhodes

2) IC Title: Triple H (c ) vs Raven vs Drew McIntyre

3)MITB WWE match: CM Punk vs Evan Bourne vs Rey Mysterio vs Sheamus vs R-Truth vs ???

4) WHC match: John Cena vs Randy Orton (c )

5) WWE Title match: Edge ( c )vs HBK

08-21-2011, 07:34 PM
WWE Money in the Bank

--Live from Chicago, Illinois.
- King says Punk has a lot of words to live up to but he'll certainly have an advantage in his home town.
-- Triple H looks confused in his locker room.
- Raven comes in to tell him everything will be ok.
- Raven says it doesn't matter what happens tonight, and he's still gunning for "the man".
- Raven says you may or may not find to like what the future has to offer because he's just another McMahon.
- Triple H tells Raven respect is a virtue and until Raven does so, he will have no place in HHH's wrestling federation.
- Raven grunts as we go to the opening match.

--(1)MITB WHC #1 contender match: RVD vs Daniel Bryan vs Undertaker vs Zack Ryder vs John Morrison vs Cody Rhodes

-- Taker hits Ryder with a ladder, tries to secure case but Rhodes saves it.
- Morrison knocks both Taker and Rhodes down from ladder with a corkscrew elbow from the top of another ladder.
- Bryan looks to capitilize but is met at the top by RVD.
- Taker sends both men to the outside.
- Taker tombstones Cody on the outside.
- Ryder looks to grab the case when Morrison sunset flips off the top of the ladder putting both men in pain.
- Taker sets his eyes on the breifcase.
- He climbs only to be squared off against RVD who comes from behind and thursts Taker in the head.
- RVD hurricaranas him down.
- RVD 5star frog splash but Taker catch him and goes to pull him into a tombstone but RVD slips out.
- RVD still eats a chokeslam.
- Bryan begins to climb when Taker chokeslams him from mid-height.
- Everyone re-enters the ring and Taker clears them all out with ladder shots but RVD is still down on the mat.
- RVD vandaminates Taker with a mini ladder.
- RVD has hands on breifcase when Taker knocks him down with a big ladder.
- Bryan from behind locks a lebelle lock on Taker that gets reversed into hell's gate.
- Morrison tries star ship pain while taker has hell's gate on bryan, Taker moves out and Bryan gets hit.
- Taker tombstones Morrison on top of a ladder.
- Van Dam hits a crossbody half-way up a ladder on Taker.
- RVD climbs up.
- Breifcase in his grasp, Taker sets up a last ride on top of the ladder!
- RVD elbows Taker in the head, and hits multiple kicks taking Taker down.
- RVD secures the breifcase!

-- RVD wins WHC #1 contender Money in the Bank match @ 31:24

-- We're shown a promo of the bad blood between Drew/Raven/HHH, ending with Raven's capture of Shane McMahon, who according to Raven is the only one who knows the future WWE chairman.

--(2) [IC Title] Triple H (c) vs Raven vs Drew McIntyre

- McIntyre and HHH stomp Raven down in corner until Drew gets a cheap low blow on HHH.
- Drew hits futureshock ddt for 2 (Raven breaks it up)
- Raven hits a dropkick followed by a cobra clutch.
- McIntyre muscles out and hits a Wheelbarrow facebuster.
- HHH hits a AA spinebuster on Drew for 2.
- Raven hits HHH over the head with a chair.
- The ref DQs Raven it's announced the match will continue HHH vs Drew.
- Raven repeatedly hits HHH with chair while HHH is on the ground.
- McIntyre looks to capitalize but Raven kicks to the groin then hits a Raven Effect on the steel chair.
- Both men make it to their feet. HHH is stumbling in the turnbuckle and Drew goes for futureshock.
- HHH counters it with the pedigree for 3.

- HHH def Raven, Drew McIntyre via pinfall @ 13:49

-- (3) WWE MITB Match #1 contender CM Punk vs Evan Bourne vs Rey Mysterio vs Sheamus vs R-Truth vs ???

- It's Jeff Hardy!
- Punk and Hardy go at it.
- Sheamus drives both Hardy and Punk off the top of the ladder to the outside.
- Truth hits What's Up on Sheamus.
- Bourne and Mysterio up high, Bourne kicks Rey off into Truth.
- Bourne hits Airbourne to both Rey and Truth.
- Punk hits GTS on Bourne.
- Turns around and Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind.
- Hardy misses Swanton Bomb and Punk scales up the ladder.
- Sheamus snatches Punk off the ladder with a High Cross.
- Sheamus Brogue kicks Mysterio off the apron.
- Hardy hits a jawbreak on Sheamus.
- Hardy nails Sheamus with ladder busting him open.
- Hardy Swanton's outside onto Sheamus.
- Punk is up and climbing along with Bourne.
- Punk is able to hit a roundhouse kick to Bourne on top of the ladder.
- Punk reaches for the breifcase but Hardy climbs up.
- Jeff hits twist of fate from high up.
- Jeff climbs up when an unknown person shoves Jeff off the ladder.
- Security takes him away.
- Punk hits a GTS on R-Truth and climbs up the ladder and wins!

-- CM Punk wins MITB and is the #1 contender for the WWE title @26:11

-- (4) WHC Orton (c) vs Cena

- Cena hits some shoulderblocks and 5 knuckle shuffle for 2.
- Orton hits scoop slam for 2.
- Cena reverses hangman ddt and superplexes Orton into ring.
- Cena hits top rope fameasser for 2.
- Orton reverses FU and hits an Angle Slam.
- Cena evades RKO and connects with an FU, Orton kicks out at 2.
- Cena shows frustration, turns around and hits the ropes, turns back and gets an RKO.
- Orton covers for 3.

-- Orton (c) def Cena @ 18:29

-- (5) Edge (c) vs HBK [WWE Title)

--Edge comes out to say that he's going to main event Summerslam and carry flying colors for the WWE into the next generation.
--He says HBK has never beaten him and never.... (HBK comes out, -ding ding ding-)
-- Edge hits eletric chair drop for 2.
- Edge irish whip flips HBK into corner and tries to spear him and misses.
- HBK hits a sling shot crossbody for 2.
- HBK locks in figure four leg lock.
- Edge reverses it into the Educator.
- HBK gets the ropes and Edge holds to 4.
- Edge hits a big boot for 2.
- Edge pulls HBK into ring post and works the legs.
- Edge smashes HBK's left leg with elbow after a jump from apron.
- Edge covers for 2.
- Edge hits a spear. HBK kicks out at 2.
- Edge goes for a dropkick and is hit by Sweet Chin Music.
- HBK hits a diving elbow for 2.
- Edge hits a roll up for 2.
- Edge locks in a leg lock, HBK muscles out and starts to hit chops.
- HBK lands punches to Edge on top of the turnbuckle.
- HBK sets up Sweet Chin.
- Edge ducks, goes for spear and is hit by Sweet Chin Music.
- HBK tosses himself onto Edge for 3.

--HBK def Edge @37:00 via pinfall.

09-06-2011, 03:17 PM

-- John Cena comes down to the ring.
- He says that he lost fair and square, but he should representing the end of the WWE as the last champion at Summerslam.
- Cena says the people have let him down, stopped supporting him, and it's digging into his head.
- He says he's been loyal to the people and they need to give back to give him the desire he once had.
- Raven walks down.
- Raven looks Cena in the eye and says that's what happens when you become too big.
- Raven says everything needs to be balanced.
- Cena takes a shot at Raven but he ducks out of the ring.
- Raven says he feels bad for Cena.
- Because he's pathetic.
- Raven says that if Cena wants to get on track he needs to fight and beat Raven in a Raven's Rules match.
- Cena says he's bigger and better than Raven and it's not worth it.
- Raven says Cena can suit himself but it might just be the only way to sneak his way into the Summerslam card.
- Raven says Cena doesn't even know who Raven is.
- Raven says he's only trying to help Cena.
- As Raven walks back McIntyre assaults him.
- Drew hits a futureshock on the ramp.
- Drew blames Raven for his loss against HHH.
- Drew says he deserves another shot at the Intercontential Title due to the nature of the way the Ref. handled the match.
- HHH comes out and laughs.
- HHH says Drew doesn't deserve another shot however.....
- HHH says next week Drew can face him in a 2 out of 3 falls match, a match in which Drew can not possibly win.
- Drew accepts.
- HHH tells Drew that just before he came out he spoke to Teddy Long.
- HHH tells Drew and Cena that Long made a match between them now due to their interuptions to his show.

--(1) Drew McIntyre vs John Cena

-McIntyre rolls up Cena in a schoolboy for 3.

-McIntyre def Cena @7:44

- Cena stands in the ring shocked and angry.
- He decides it will be great to blow off some steam at Summerslam vs Raven.

-- Edge is backstage w/ Scott Stanford.
- Scott asks him his thoughts on the his match last night.
- Edge says it will go down in history as one of the all time greats.
- Edge says it only would have been better if he could have pulled it off, he gives HBK credit for being such a tough competitor.
- Scott asks what's next for Edge.
- Edge says there's something missing in the WWE and it's his mission to fill the void.
- Scott asks what he means.
- Edge says he wants to keep it a suprise but he does have the missing link in reach.

-- (2) Swagger vs Bryan

- Bryan reverses ankle lock into Lebelle lock, Swagger taps.

Bryan def. Swagger @8:58 via submission.

-- HBK makes his way to the ring to a standing ovation.
- CM Punk interupts.
- Punk says he must win at Summerslam.
- Punk says Shawn has nothing to gain and everything to lose.
- HBK says....
- Punk interupts with the fact that there's only been one undisputed champion in WWE history and no one saw it coming.
- Punk says it wasn't Stone Cold, The Rock, or Bruno Sanmartino, but it was Jericho, the guy that wasn't the icon at the time.
- HBK says Punk is a fluke.
- Punk comes back and says HBK has done everything; won the rumble, all the relevant titles, headlined Wrestlemania, and put on the numerous match of the years.
- Punk says it's time to for the old man to give it up and lead the path to the youth.
- Punk says HBK will have the fight of his life at Summerslam.
- HBK says he's one of the few that doesn't doubt Punk.
- HBK notes that Punk's words are still much bigger than his muscle.
- HBK says that one thing he hasn't done is be the undisputed champion or defeated CM Punk.
- Enters Jeff Hardy.
- Hardy wants to know what the hell happened at Money in the Bank.
- Punk tells him that people respect honorable men in their hometown that display amazing wrestling ability.
- Punk says that you hillbilly don't know a damn thing about Chicago.
- HBK says that Punk needs to grow a pair and earn his respect.
- Hardy attacks Punk, HBK holds him back.
- Punk goes for HBK but HBK hits a sweet chin music.
--It's announced the main event will be HBK and Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler.

-- (3) John Morrison vs Cody Rhodes

-- Rhodes hits an Alabama Slam for 2.
- Morrison hits a flying chuck for 2.
- Morrison hits Starship Pain for 3.

--Morrison def Rhodes @9:09 via pinfall

-- Rhodes attacks Morrison after the match and nails him w/ CrossRhodes

-- (4) RVD vs R-Truth

-- RVD hits split leg moonsault.
- RVD hits 5 star frog splash for 3.

--RVD def R-Truth @4:56

-- Triple H is backstage with Sheamus.
- Sheamus wishes HHH good luck in his match next week vs Drew.
- Triple H looks confused.
- Sheamus says he wants the people to see a great match to unify the titles at Summerslam.
- HHH nods.
- Shane walks in.
- Hunters tells him he's glad he's safe.
- He says that once he's finished with Drew, Raven will pay.

-- (5) CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs Jeff Hardy and HBK

- Punk locks in Ab stretch on Jeff.
- Jeff gets out with sig drop kick.
- Both tag and HBK cleans house on Ziggler.
- Punk saves 3 and nails HBK with roundhouse kick.
- Punk goes goes for GTS, HBK clotheslines Punk out of the ring.
- Punk runs away and HBK chases.
- HBK hits some punches near the stages then Punk gets away with HBK chasing.
- Jeff hits Swanton bomb on Ziggler for 3.

Jeff and HBK def Ziggler and Punk @12:55 via pinfall.

--We're shown footage of Punk hitting HBK with kicks and a GTS in the back.
--Punk's on his way back out.
- Ziggler from behind hits a sleeper on Jeff and Punk punishes Jeff with kicks and punches.
- Ziggler hits a zigzag on Hardy when Edge comes out for the save.
- Edge knocks Punk out of ring and hits a spear on Ziggler.


RAW VIII preview:

Main event: HHH vs McIntyre in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

09-06-2011, 08:00 PM

--It's Edge!
- King says Edge has a major announcement regarding last week.
- Edge says we're missing something and it's the WWE Tag Team Championship.
- Edge says although they'll soon become defunct, he wants to join forces between the greatest tag team rivals of all time.
- Jeff Hardy's music plays.
- Jeff says he's in.
- He challenges any team to face he and Edge at Summerslam for the titles.

- King says this is amazing, combined 21 time tag time champions teaming to bring the gold back.
- Cole says if King's so impressed he should wrestle his "dream team".

-- (1) Edge vs Dolph Ziggler.

--Edge hits tornado ddt for 2.
- Ziggler locks in sleeper.
- Edge reverses into Educator.
- Ziggler taps out.

Edge def Ziggler @6:26

-- Zack Ryder is backstage with Stanford.
- They do a little cheesy skit.
- Ryder tells him he wants to team with Ziggler to take on Edge and Hardy, WWWYKI.

-- (2) RVD vs Undertaker

--Taker hits old school for 2.
- RVD hits rolling thunder.
- RVD hits a thunderous spinning crecsent.
- The Ref rules Undertaker unable to continue.

RVD def Undertaker @3:54

--R-Truth comes to the ring and says the rumors are the truth.
- The Undertaker is weak and he's going to get himself a piece of the deadman.
- RVD stops him with a kick and five star combo.

--Orton comes out.
- He says he wants to hurt someone so he doesn't have to take out RVD at Summerslam.

-- (3) Orton vs McGuilicuty

-- Orton hits an RKO.
- Orton fakes a punt, then hits another RKO.

Orton def McGuilicuty @1:08

-- John Cena is backstage.
- Raven approaches him and tells him to sit down.
- John is tiffed and says he already accepted the challenge.
- Raven tells him to calm down.
- Raven says he's been through hell and high water since Cena was a child.
- Raven tells him he's done heinous acts all throughout his career.
- Raven says it doesn't matter if everyone's against Raven.
- He adds that in the end, he knows he'd changed someone's life. Gave them excitement when it brought distaste to the world's mouth.
- Raven says Cena needs Raven to beat the living hell out of him so Cena can gain the fans applaud and feul him.
- Raven says everyone wants Raven deep inside but only a few realize why.
- Cena says he's going to do what's best for the WWE and the WWE universe and...
- Raven cuts off and headbutts Cena.
- Raven stomps Cena down into the wall and they are broken up by security.

-- Bryan is in the ring for his match.
- Swagger comes out and says the lebelle lock won't hurt Bryan nearly as much as his ankle lock.
- Bryan says he's got a bag full of unique submissions to hurt Swagger if needed.
- He says Swagger doesn't know a thing about submission wrestling.
- Raven comes out and says he'll show Swagger how to properly break an ankle.
- Swagger joins commentary and they talk about submissions.

-- (4) Raven vs Bryan

- Raven works the ankle and controls the match.
- Bryan hits a dragon suplex
- Bryan locks in cattle mutilation.
- Swagger distracts Bryan and Bryan knocks Swagger off the apron.
- Raven hits a raven effect.
- Raven locks in ankle lock.
- Bryan taps.

Raven def. Bryan @11:47 via submission.

-- (5) Sheamus and Morrison vs Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder.

-- Rhodes says Morrison is hideous and looks like a caveman.
- Rhodes says it's still not as bad as what will happen to Morrison.
- Rhodes gives Ryder a paper bag.
- Ryder tapes a picture of his broski shirt to the bag and says Morrison needs to wear this.

- After a heated battle, Rhodes CrossRhodes Morrison through the announce table.
- In the ring, Sheamus hits a brogue kick and High Cross for the win.

--Sheamus and Morrison def Rhodes and Ryder @9:44.

-- (6) Triple H vs Drew McIntyre [IC Title] {2 out of 3 falls}

--HHH hits double knees for 2.
- Drew hits superplex for 2.
- Raven comes down and distracts both men, he sits on the ramp.
- Drew rolls up HHH with foot on rope for 3 and takes the first fall.
- HHH whips Drew into steps.
- HHH drives Drew into ring post.
- HHH breaks down Drew then hits a pedigree in the middle of the ring for 3. (2nd fall to HHH).
- Raven approaches the ring and says "It's not about you Hunter, it's him!"
- Drew misses a futureshock and eats an AA spinebuster for 2!
- Drew hits a hangman's neckbreaker on knee followed by a reverse STO for 2.
- Drew tosses HHH over top rope near announce tables.
- Drew takes apart the table and HHH reverses futureshock and flips Drew off the table.
- HHH hits pedigree through the table.
- Raven brings down some weapons to the ring.
- HHH grabs slegehammer, drags Drew into ring.
- Ref forces HHH to drop it, HHH ducks a clothesline.
- HHH hits a pedigree for 3.
- Raven hits Drew with stop signs, cookie pans, and garbage cans.
- Triple H raises up Slegehammer.
- Instead he hits Raven in the gut.
- Shane McMahon runs out.
- He tells Hunter to save some for later.
- HHH hits a pedigree on Raven anyway.
- Shane discards the sleghammer.
- HHH celebrates as Shane walks away.

HHH def Drew McIntyre @29:20 via pinfall.

09-06-2011, 09:01 PM
Authors Note: Wanted to apologize for the heavy hitting on shows lately but I'm way behind. I planned to have my Summerslam at the same time as WWE's Summerslam but my Federation just didn't have enough direction until now. I now know what I want to happen throughout the year and also plan on catching up then slowing down to two shows a week once I catch up.

RAW IX (The Final Raw)

--Cole and King discuss tonight's Main Event: HBK & Orton vs Punk & RVD.

-- Cena storms the ring.
- He tries to win over the fans by telling them how messed up Raven is.
- Raven comes out and says Cena should stop to think.
- Raven is ready to go after Cena.
- Teddy comes out and says tonight Raven will pick Cena's opponent and Cena will pick Raven's opponent as long as you too can keep your hands off until Summerslam.
- Cena says Raven will face HHH.
- Teddy says HHH has the night off.

-- (1) Dolph Ziggler vs Evan Bourne

--Ziggler wins with a sleeper.

Ziggler def Bourne via KO @3:45

-- Edge and Jeff Hardy come out with the Tag Titles.
- Edge notes that no one owns these titles.
- Jeff asks Ziggler to compete against us.
- Ziggler agrees.
- Edge asks who his partner will be.
- Ziggler says he's still working on it.
- Jeff and Edge run to the ring, Ziggler backs out.
- Jeff grabs a ladder.
- Edge and Jeff climb up and hang the titles above the ring.
- Edge turns around, sits down, and says at Summerslam we'll have a tag team ladder match.

-- (2) Swagger and Rhodes vs Morrison and Bryan.

- Bryan locks in crosswing chickenwing on Rhodes.
- Swagger breaks it up.
- Swagger hits a gutwrench for 2.
- Swagger misses his 2nd rope running splash and Morrison gets in.
- Morrison hits moonlight drive on Swagger.
- He then goes after Rhodes but Rhodes hits Morrison with a kick.
- Rhodes gets in and hits Cross Rhodes on Morrison for 3.

-- Rhodes and Swagger def Morrison and Bryan @12:22

--It's announced Swagger and Bryan will meet in a submission match at SS and Morrison and Rhodes will go 1 on 1.

-- Ziggler is backstage with Ryder.
- Ryder says it will all be cool. Ryder says he knows Edge inside out back when he was a real WWE superstar.
- Ziggler comes to terms with Ryder to be partners.

-- Punk is talking to RVD backstage.
- Rob tells Punk to stay out of his way.
- Punk says let's weaken our opponents for Summerslam.

-- (3) Raven vs Jeff Hardy

- Raven hits a Russian Leg Sweep for 2.
- Jeff misses corkscrew moonsault.
- Raven hits Raven Effect for 3.

--Raven def Jeff Hardy @6:48 via pin.

- Cena looks to attack Raven from behind.
- Raven evades and grabs a mic.
- Raven gets back in the ring and tells Cena to slow down.
- Raven says Cena can help build up with his match.
- The fans aren't big on Truth and last week Truth tried to hurt an incompasatated Undertaker.
- Raven says there's no way the fans can't support you in your match. Nevermore!

-- (4) Cena vs R-Truth.

- Cena hits FU.
- Cena locks in STFU for a tapout.
- Cena def Truth @2:58 via submission.

-- Stanford is backstage with Sheamus.
- He asks Sheamus about his match vs Triple H this Sunday at Summerslam.
- Sheamus says it will be like two ancient Irish kings clashing and conflicting in one time period.
- Sheamus says that he's the true Irish king and will be victorious.
- Stanford asks Sheamus why he's not been wrestling much.
- Sheamus says neither has Triple H. We will both be in tip-top shape for it.
- Sheamus adds that after he's done with Triple H, he'll be more than just an Irish King, he'll be king of the entire WWE universe.

-- Promo cuts over being the next CEO.
- Triple H is with us via satelite during his night off.
- He says Sheamus has some bold words but there's only one true King of King and that's The Game.
- He says that he's the heir to the throne as well in the WWE. Even if Drew does happen to be "The One" he won't be mobile to tell the story.

-- Orton is backstage with Scott.
- Stanford asks him about what being the Undisputed Champion means to him.
- Orton says it would be an absolute blessing to win it.
- He says it won't be easy, but when he gets in the zone there's no one on Earth that can stop him.
- Orton says he will win it to make his dad proud.
- HBK is standing near by.
- Scott asks him the same.
- Shawn says he already knows the answer to that.
- Shawn walks away, Orton says he didn't want to have to hurt RVD prior to their match but now he has to.
- Edge walks in. Edge wishes Orton good luck.
- Edge says Rated-RKO was a great time in Tag History, and now he can't wait to write another chapter in the tag divison.
- Edge goes on about how great it would be to both win and create history at Summerslam.
- Orton says he's still a little sour and heads out to the ring.

-- Orton and HBK vs Punk and RVD

- HBK hits diving elbow on RVD and Punk saves 3.
- Punk wears down HBK.
- Double clothesline enters Orton and RVD.
- Orton hits a hangmans ddt for 2.
- Orton connects with an RKO, Punk saves 3.
- Orton dodges roundhouse, Punk stops in front of a groggy RVD and Punk nails RVD with a roundhouse.
- Punk goes on to kick and beat away at HBK on the outside.
- Punk bulldogs HBK onto steel steps.
- Meanwhile, Orton RKOs RVD for 3.

Orton and HBK def RVD and Punk @15:59

- Punk hits a GTS on HBK on the outside.
- Orton dives off the apron and plants an RKO on Punk.
- Orton goes back and sets up to punt RVD.
- He instead stop and tosses RVD out of the ring and celebrates in the turnbuckle.

09-07-2011, 12:15 PM
Sunday Night Heat

-- Cole says it's the final battle in the WWE as we know it today.
- King can't wait to crown a new undisputed champion!

-- A package is shown of the Raven/Cena feud.
- Raven is addressing the universe from the boiler room.
- Raven says everyone he comes in contact with becomes better, hurt, and poisioned forever.
- Raven says Cena's shoes have grown too big for his feet and Raven is the only cure.
- Raven tells a story about loyalty and picks apart Cena.
- Raven says Cena needs to let it all go tonight to even come close to winning.
- Raven realizes it's not about winning, but about inflicting Cena.
- So he can stop, think, and learn. He adds that Cena needs to take his wounds and turn them into the confidence to be more.
- Cena needs to cherish this night because if he doesn't, it's the end of him. Nevermore!
- Raven strolls around and starts gathering weapons.

-- Chris Jericho comes to the ring.
- Cole walks up to excitedly and asks where he's been.
- Chris gives Cole tickets to see his band Fozzy play.
- Chris says he's the star the highlight reel and knows what everyone wants to know...
- Chris says it's such an honor to be the only undisputed champion.
- Chris says it doesn't matter if it's HBK, RVD, Orton, or Punk, he's still better than the 2nd undisputed champion.
- We want Jericho chants ensue
- Jericho says he'll be back... for all the Jerichaholics AgAin!!
- Orton comes out and says that Jericho wants to fight him but he won't.
- Orton says that Y2J doesn't want to suffer from another fractured skull.
- Orton continues to beg Y2J to fight him right now!
- Jericho tells Orton it'll wait till the right time.
- Jericho makes fun of Orton and leaves.

-- We have a video recap of HBK/Edge at MITB.
- It ends with Punk/RVD's MITB wins.
- Punk is backstage with Stanford.
- Scott asks Punk how he can top Edge's performance.
- Punk laughs and says that he's going to win.
- Punk says it's not about looking good but about HBK going to sleep.
- Punk notes that HBK could still be sleepy after his attack on HBK.
- Punk says he's better and smarter than HBK and he's gonna prove it tonight.

- Tons of promos are shown for Summerslam.

-- (1) Rey Mysterio vs Michael McGuilicuty

- Rey hits 619 for 3.

Mysterio def McGuiliCuty @ 5:45

--(2) Cody Rhodes vs John Morrison

- Cody wins with Cross Rhodes.

Cody def Morrison @ 4:44

-- King and Cole run down the card.

1. HBK (c) vs CM Punk {WWE Title}
2. Orton (c) vs RVD {WHC}
3. Daniel Bryan vs Jack Swagger [Submission Match]
4. Edge and Jeff Hardy vs Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder [Ladder Match] {Tag Titles}
5. Triple H (c) vs Sheamus (c) {Unified ICUS}
6. John Cena vs Raven [Raven's Rules]
7. HBK/Punk vs Orton/RVD {Unified WWE Championship}

09-07-2011, 09:56 PM

--LIVE from Los Angeles, CA. - Part 1

--(1) HBK (c) vs CM Punk {WWE Title}

- Punk wears down HBK with kicks, then locks in Ab stretch.
- Michaels gets out and chops away at Punk.
- HBK hits a neckbreaker for 2.
- Punk rakes HBK in eyes, Ref confronts him, Ref turns back.
- Punk gets in a kick to the groin for 2.
- Punk hits elbows on HBK then tosses into turnbuckle.
- Punk then tosses HBK over the ropes and exposes the turnbuckle.
- HBK reverses Punk into the barricade.
- HBK goes for sweet chin music in ring but Punk ducks and Ref takes the hit.
- Punk lands a super bulldog into the exposed turnbuckle.
- Punk picks up a bloody HBK and hits a GTS.
- Punk revives the ref and covers for 2.
- HBK pulls a suplex out of nowhere, crawls over for 2.
- Punk hits a big boot.
- Punk hits a macho elbow for 2.
- Punk locks in the anaconda vice, HBK gets out Kips up, and hits Sweet Chin Music.
- After about 20 seconds Shawn crawls over to cover Punk for 2!
- Punk hits another GTS for 3.

--CM Punk def Shawn Michaels @24:18

- King says there's no way Punk can compete in one more match after that battle.
- Cole agrees but believes in Punk since he already pulled off one upset.

-- Triple H is backstage with SS.
- HHH says he's not concerned with his match tonight, because tomorrow he'll be the man.
- Scott questions HHH's desire.
- HHH says he just might give everything left in the tank cause it very well could be his last match.

-- (2) RVD vs Randy Orton {WHC}

- RVD hits rolling Thunder for 2.
- Orton hits Scoop Powerslam for 2.
- RVD is up for 5star, Orton counters into RKO but RVD recounters into an elbow to the head for 2.
- Orton is preying on RVD when Jericho's music plays.
- Aided by the distraction RVD hits a flying senton bomb for 2.
- RVD hits a Steamroller Slam and a moonsault for 2.
- Orton goes for hangman when Jericho's music plays again.
- Orton laughs, and Jericho jumps up on rope, and back down.
- RVD whips Orton into turnbuckle and hits a monkey flip.
- RVD hits 5 star frog splash for 3.

--RVD def Orton via pin @13:19

-- Replay is shown on titantron.
- RVD is pissed that Jericho helped him win.
- He calls out Jericho but Jericho leaves through the crowd.

-- (3) Jack Swagger vs Daniel Bryan [Submission Match]

- Bryan tells Swagger his entire body will be stretched out and put through submission hell.
- Swagger says Bryan's ankle will snap, making him WWE's best submission wrestler.

-- Swagger hits two gutwrench suplexes.
- Bryan gets to the rope right away after ankle lock is applied.
- Swagger stays in control with a gutbuster, but misses the springboard imploding splash.
- Bryan locks in a hammerlock, he breaks it up himself and locks in the ankle lock.
- Swagge reverses, tries to lock in his own ankle lock but Bryan gets a Guillitone Choke in.
- Swagger gets out, but Bryan gets multiple kicks in and hits the finishing kick.
- Bryan locks in the cattle mutilation and Swagger taps out.

-- Daniel Bryan def. Jack Swagger via submission @12:44

-- (4) Edge and Jeff Hardy vs Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder [Ladder] {Tag Titles}

-- Promo airs on Edge/Jeff's tag team accomplishments.

- Back and forth battle with ladders + chairs.
- Dolph is climbing up the center ladder, Jeff and Edge climb up side ladders.
- Ziggler reaches up, Edge spears him down.
- Jeff hits a moonsault takedown from the ladder on Ryder.
- Edge lands an Edge-o-matic on Ryder, Hardy hits a swanton bomb from top rope.
- Edge and Jeff climb the ladder together and grab the titles <huge pop>

--Edge and Jeff def Ziggler and Ryder @ 7:57, New champions.

-- Shane is in Teddy Long's office.
- Shane is telling Teddy who the new ceo is, but it cuts out before he reveals it.

-- (5) Triple H (IC) vs Sheamus (US)

- Sheamus hits a War Sword for 2.
- HHH lands an AA spinebuster for 2.
- Sheamus catches foot up in ringpost after missed brogue kick.
- Triple H cleans off announce table.
- HHH lines up pedigree but Sheamus flips him onto ground.
- Sheamus breaks 10 count and dives through ropes into HHH.
- Sheamus connects with a brogue kick for 2.
- HHH comes back with a Knee Facebuster.
- An exhausted struggle occurs.
- Triple H nails a Pedigree for 3.

-- Triple H def Sheamus @15:45 via pinfall.

-- Triple H tells Shane to come out announce his new position.
- No one comes out as we cut to a short Raven promo on Cena.

-- (6) Raven vs John Cena [Raven's Rules]

- Cena hits Raven with his chain several times for 2.
- Raven stabs Cena w/ trash can, puts on his head, and hits a missile dropkick for 2.
- Raven continues with a Russian Leg Sweep onto the trash can for 2.
- Raven attempts to hit Cena with stop sign, Cena reverses into STFU but can't get it locked in.
- Cena hits shoulderblocks + Cena drop.
- Cena knocks Raven in the head with a 2 by 4 for 2.
- Raven hits a Raven effect, makes a slow cover for 2.
- Raven locks in the Ankle Lock.
- Cena muscles out and hits a powerslam for 2.
- Cena has Raven in FU position, Raven hangs on to ropes.
- Cena FUs Raven to the outside.
- Cena tosses Raven back into the ring for 2.
- Raven runs and smacks Cena with the garbage can lid.
- Raven goes up top, Cena reverses into superplex position.
- Raven misses sunset flip and Cena misses flying Fameasser.
- Raven hits a Raven Effect.
- Raven beats on Cena with a Kendo Stick.
- Raven brings in steps and hits Cena in the sternum.
- Raven drags Cena up into Raven Effect on the Steps for 3.

-- Raven def John Cena @21:09 via pinfall

-- (7) CM Punk (WWE) vs RVD (WHC) {unified championship}

-- King says this one's for all the marbles.
- Cole says tonight we'll crown the last WWE Champion in the WWE.
- King says both men went through a brutal match, this is like an alternate form to an ironman match.

- Punk/RVD start off with their kick combos.
- RVD gets Punk cornered then hits a Monkey Flip.
- Rob hits Rolling Thunder for 2.
- Punk hits a roundhouse kick.
- Punk connects with a Macho Drop.
- Punk says it's bed time.
- William Regal jumps on the apron and nails CM Punk with Brass Knuckles.
- Both are back to their feet, Punk slightly busted open.
- RVD hits a spinning dropkick.
- RVD hits five star frog splash for 3.

-- RVD def CM Punk @9:01 via pinfall.

- Cole says it's deja vu, RVD appears oblivious again! Cole says Punk was robbed.
- Regal ran away through the crowd.
- RVD is the 2nd undisputed champion in WWE history!

09-09-2011, 07:48 PM
The prelude to a new era is complete. A new thread will open to explain the fallout from Summerslam on it's first ever show. There will be a new CEO announced, however, he must use a name unique from the WWE as requested by one, VKM.

Authorish stuff:

Of course, William Regal becomes relevant today and he appears on my show. I'll assure you that this exact CM Punk vs RVD match was planned from the start with Regal's interference. I'm still in catch up mode and should be back to normal after my next PPV. And I promise to never use Hulk Hogan or Matt Hardy unless it's to completley ruin them without ruining my business.

I'd appreciate some honest feedback in this thread. It can be on anything.