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06-24-2011, 05:34 AM
Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling

The Backstory: This BTB starts last month in May 2011. CZW has been forced to close due to financial problems (which will be discussed in the next post) and as a result a new company, Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling, has been formed. This BTB will feature many CZW stars, decreasing over time in favour of other indy stars.

Length: Well, the first year or two is set in stone. After that? Who knows! There is going to be a gradual arc across the story that will take a year or two to fully realise itself, but I'm sure I'll continue cracking on with it, if I'm still entertained by it.

Format: If any of you have ever seen Big Papa's "WCW: Empire" BTB on a few other forums, you'll know exactly what format this will be in. There will be no individual show write-ups. Instead, there will be monthly updates with PPV reports when applicable (as there won't be a PPV for every month for the first year or so). It will take an overview of the company, looking at how the company is being run and how the talent is getting on as well laying out the month's booking, and ideally it should read like entries from a book on the history of the company. It's simply easier for me to write in such a way, because it doesn't involve a full event write-up with tediously similar matches every week. Hardcore wrestling as it is is pretty limited in terms of match style, most of them are all out brawls and in all honesty, I'm not bothered about the booking that much, I'm more interested in documenting the company's day-to-day goings on.

Acknowledgments: Thanks must go to Big Papa, who's "WCW: Empire " BTBs have been so good, they inspired me to clone the format. It is literally the best BTB I've ever seen. I would highly recommend you seek it out and have a read at both the old version and the ongoing version. I know the attitude of some forums towards advertising other wrestling boards, so if you want a readily available link, PM me and I'll sort you out.


Monthly Recaps

PPV Recaps

Hall of Champions:
PSW World Heavyweight Champion – Vacated
PSW National Heavyweight Champion – Vacated
PSW World Television Champion – Vacated
PSW World Tag Team Champions – Vacated
PSW Hardcore Champion – Vacated

PPV Schedule:
June - PSW New Beginnings Tour
July - PSW Cage of Death

Weekly Programs - PSW Steel City Combat
60 min. at 10 ET/8 CT on Mon. on WPXI (Pittsburgh)


Ownership: Gordon Wrestling Inc.
Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
President: John Zandig
Head Booker: Tod Gordon
Creative Team: John Zandig, The Blue Meanie, Rob Black, Shane Douglas, Tod Gordon, Stevie Richards
PSW Commissioner: Stevie Richards
Play by Play Commentary: Joey Styles
Color Commentary: Tazz
Backstage Interviewers:TBC
Ring Announcer: TBC