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06-23-2011, 11:06 PM

This is my final post for quite sometime like I told you guys last night. I felt this was a good enough post to go out on. Again, I'll miss you guys and remember, it's not an official goodbye. I'll be back. I just don't know when. Later!

No, it's not an awesome new Tag-Team. Nope, not a train route or bus route either. It's apparently a VERY interesting epidemic within the world of Professional Wrestling for a VERY long time now. What a better time to examine what we know?

There's a documentary coming out called "Don't Bleed On Me". If you haven't seen any of the trailers or watched any of the clips, I suggest you do so. It's about the Hepatitis C epidemic that has been making its way through Wrestling since the late 70's. From what I've seen, no one in particular has come clean about it in all these years except for the most recent, Desmond Wolfe or as ROH fans know him: Nigel McGuinness. Technically, he didn't say it out right but, it's definitely implied.

And of course, the reason the documentary "Don't Bleed On Me" exists, Abdullah The Butcher. This is taken from Eric Gargiulo who used to commentate for CZW:

Watching the documentary brought back memories of an indy show many years ago in New Jersey and an incident I’ll never forget with Abdullah the Butcher. Abdullah was wrestling Jerry Lawler on a Dennis Coraluzzo/Larry Sharpe show. Lawler was managed by a pro wrestler named “Tricky” Nicky who happened to be a friend of mine. Abdullah grabbed him at one point in the match and cut him so viciously that the blade almost went into his eyeball and blinded Nick for life. That was a side of Abdullah the Butcher which made him a very polarizing figure throughout the wrestling business.

Cutting unsuspecting victims with a razor blade was something I was always cautious of whenever I was within a few feet of Abdullah. It was almost a game to him to grab someone and cut them open with a blade to their shock and surprise. I sat a few feet from Abdullah to conduct an RF Video Shoot Interview with him many years ago. Knowing his propensity to do this and having the extra incentive of a camera kept me on the edge of my seat for two and half hours. I have sat and interviewed dozens of wrestlers over the last fifteen to twenty years and only with Abdullah did I ever have my guard up like that.

And it seems that a couple of the people Abdullah passed the virus onto was "Superstar" Billy Graham and possibly The Honky Tonk Man. Now, none of these guys are coming clean but, why offer such reasoning if there is none? Graham has gone so far to want his name PULLED from THE 'E's HOF because of this.

With all of this going on in all of the Indy places and apparently in TNA as well (with all of the drugs and insane politicking going on there, why not add Hep C to it? Geez.) I commend THE 'E very much on going PG and stopping the blood loss. Of course there's going to be an idiot here making a reply about "NO BLOOD = NO WRESTLING" or some crap like that but truth of the matter is, THE 'E needs to protect their guys. Hepatitis C is a VERY serious disease and is nothing to mess with and with at least one company stopping the blades, maybe the others will follow suit. Maybe these guys will get tested and those who have it will come forward

We don't know how far back this truly reaches. With Steroids being dominant for so long, who truthfully knows who has it? The one thing we do know is the guys in THE 'E don't have it. Their tests are extremely scrutinizing. Just ask Bryan Danielson's liver!

Please, if you don't know the effects of Hep C, look it up. And as usual, speak your mind, leave a piece and let me know what you think.

TNA 'The very best'
06-23-2011, 11:23 PM
Hey didntknow you was not going to be here a while, I don't know why but best of luck for the future.
Back on post doesn't Sean waltman have it or was that just a rumour I got caught up in, its a very interesting subject that needs to be thought about when people bring up blood in wrestling,

Rain Man
06-23-2011, 11:38 PM
This is a great topic, and I dislike people who love their wrestling bloody. These people rather see entertainers put their entire life on the line for their entertainment than to understand the consequences of this. I feel for entertainers or wrestlers, i cringe with every shot to the head or badly botched suplex, because i put myself in their shoes. It is extremely important to spread awareness about this. The story about Butcher made me hate his guts. It is outrageous how insensitive he was to the life of others. I'm with Graham on this one

06-24-2011, 12:53 AM
As always, love your posts mate. Pm me why your going (cant find your other post) and best of luck with any reason why. Mate great topic and im with the others above, it makes my stomach flip when I think of it. I know flair love a good blading but you never know if its heresay or not. Either way I agree its something that needs to be addressed and proud of the E for taking a stand to it, yeah ill get the haters now like “ PG SUCKS YOU NEED BLOOD – it ruins wrestling….” But I don’t care about what you think honestly. If your into slicing yourself open with blades to feel tough….good on you…..enjoy the pain later in life……I’d prefer to watch a wrestler actually bleed from impact or botch…..not pulling a blade out and slicing….as mentioned above flair is my best example ……looks like a moron everytime he does it – 1 punch apparently splits the man open in 50 spots…… anyways…….take care R(ob)ko.

06-24-2011, 01:17 AM
take care :)

06-24-2011, 01:46 AM
awesome blog loved it cause its something not talked about...and is great to see someone knows the fact of wwe taking away blood...so nice blog and best of luck in future :)

daniel bryan mark
06-24-2011, 03:30 AM
I knew Hep C was bad, but I didn't know it was that bad. Good job by the 'E by stopping the blood. I'm pretty sure Waltman has it and I'd assume Flair has it.

I never knew you were leaving either. Can't wait for you to come back. Take care, spike your hair. Woo woo woo, you know it, bro!

06-24-2011, 07:21 AM
Yeah, unless guys are tested, which I think they are in WWE, bleeding in a match is a bad idea. *Cringes at the thought of someone elses blood on him* Ewww!!

(R)ob, if you read this. See ya soon, buddy!

06-24-2011, 07:21 AM
Some people just can't live without seeing there blood, i just don't get it. Like others who posted before me I'd rather be entertained by wrestling and a great match than to have cuts, and bleeding all over. However sometimes it happens when you have very physical matches, and this is serious shit, and not something to play with.

06-24-2011, 06:59 PM
Well first off I hope you stay safe on your break and now on to the topic I'm not a fan of that blood soaked trailer park wrasslin either you don't need blood to tell a story but alot of good ol' boys that I live around love it and I just don't get why?

07-28-2011, 01:10 AM
I felt like this thread should get bumped again for a reaspn. Rob mentioned the documentary Don't Bleed On Me with Devon Nicholson (indy wrestler who contracted Hep. C from Abdullah the Butcher) has filed a lawsuit against the Hall of Famer.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Sports – Four months after his induction in the WWE Hall of Fame, Abdullah the Butcher (real name Larry Shreve) was served with a statement of claim on Monday July 24thfor a 6.5 million dollar lawsuit, filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, involving negligence, assault, and battery against a local Ottawa wrestler, Devon (Hannibal) Nicholson. Designated co-plaintiffs under the Family Law Act are Laura Joan Nicholson, Arthur Gwyn Nicholson, Frederick Kerry Nicholson, and Joan Greenwell, claiming $40 000 respectively for general damages.

The lawsuit stems after allegations surfaced on a YouTube documentary titled Don’t Bleed on Me, released on March 31st 2011, over an incident that happened between the wrestlers in 2007. Two years ago, Devon Nicholson was on the edge of achieving his dream of working for World Wrestling Entertainment. The talented wrestler obtained a contract, only to have it rescinded on the grounds of him having Hepatitis C. WWE annulled the contract regardless of its current “No Blood” policy and having employed Hepatitis C positive wrestlers in the past.

In 2007, WWE released The Triumph and Tragedy of World Class Wrestling featuring a bloody cage with Abdullah The Butcher. They also released a WWE Legends toy of Abdullah, harbouring the many forehead scars inflicted by years of “blading”.

That same year, Nicholson claims to have contracted Hepatitis C from a cage match with Abdullah the Butcher. He claims Abdullah used a razor blade on himself repeatedly (the standard method for wrestlers to bleed during a match), but then used the same blade on Nicholson, without his consent or prior knowledge. By doing this, he put his blood directly into Nicholson’s blood stream allowing it to “co-mingle”. Much like two junkies that share a needle, this practice is a dangerous one, due to the risk of spreading disease.

Abdullah the Butcher, who has been wrestling on the independent circuit for more than five decades, is best known for his ultra-violent style of wrestling, and consequently, the bloodbath matches incurred.

Nicholson’s lawyer met with Shreve in September of 2010 at one of his Atlanta restaurants. At this meeting, Shreve agreed to provide blood work showing he tested negative for Hepatitis C. Weeks passed and Shreve did not provide the blood work. After numerous attempts to make contact with him by telephone and in writing, Shreve never responded to Nicholson’s attorney again. Additionally, the defendant still refuses to answer reporters’ questions as to whether he has ever been tested for Hepatitis C.

The YouTube documentary features footage of the unsanitary cutting incident, as well as extensive interviews with prominent figures in the professional wrestling world, including WWE legend Wayne Ferris, aka “The Honky Tonk Man” and former WWE champion and WWE Hall of Fame member “Superstar” Billy Graham. Both of these veterans speak about the reputation Larry Shreve has for harboring a “fetish for cutting people without their permission”. Undeterred by the video evidence against him, Shreve maintains throughout interviews that he has never bladed anyone but himself (Noticel, April 18 2011).

The documentary has gained a lot of attention in the wrestling world. The most widely recognized wrestling star and pop culture icon, Hulk Hogan, tweeted several times on the subject, prior to the much-contested WWE Hall of Fame induction. His tweets included: “Don’t bleed on me – wrestling’s hepatitis c secret revealed. On You Tube, crazy, I just found it HH” followed by the question: “Wonder if Vince [McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO] is still gonna move forward with Abdullah? HH” a minute later. He also added, in response to a fan: “yo dude I had one [bloody fight with Abdullah] and he cut through my chin 20yrs ago without asking me HH”.

According to Tom Billington (Dynamite Kid) in an excerpt from his book Pure Dynamite, WWE (formerly WWF) put a “No Blood” policy in place in 1988, shortly after a series of bloody cage matches he had. He said the policy was put in place because “There was too much risk of contamination from all the blood. At the time, AIDS was making all the headlines so as a safety precaution, Vince [McMahon] decided to put a stop to wrestlers bleeding in the ring.” Bret Hart also speaks of this old “No Blood” policy many times in his book My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling. He mentions that on April 4th 1992, at Wrestle Mania 8, both wrestlers Rick Flair and Randy Savage were fined $500 for using blood in their match, and the policy was still in place around the time of Hart’s Wrestle Mania 13 match, that took place on March 23rd 1997.

Shortly after, the WWE decided to start promoting blood matches again and encouraged its stars to purposely bleed in matches. In 2003, the company released the DVD Bloodbath: Wrestling’s Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches. According to the reputable Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter, in December 2005, WWE asked one of its Superstars and Hall of Fame legends, Bob Orton Jr., to bleed in a match involving his son Randy Orton, as well as wrestler Undertaker. WWE prompted the match disregarding its knowledge of Bob Orton Jr.’s positive Hepatitis C status.

In 2008, coinciding with Linda McMahon’s upcoming run for Senate, World Wrestling Entertainment brought back its “No Blood” policy for its talent, mandating that under no circumstances are the wrestlers to bleed on purpose, using razor blades or any facsimile. It then released Blood Sport ECW the most violent matches in 2009.

On April 2 2011, WWE inducted Abdullah the Butcher into its Hall of Fame. With the WWE’s current PG content, many insiders are baffled as to why a hardcore wrestling legend, famous for blood-letting, has been inducted in former’s Hall of Fame, particularly after the allegations from Nicholson’s party.

On April 8th, WWE Hall of Fame inductee Billy Graham, also Hepatitis C positive, was interviewed by The Sun Newspaper in Canada. During the course of the interview, Graham publicly asked to be removed from the famous Hall. He said: “I am demanding that this company remove my name from their index of Hall of Fame wrestlers. It is a shameless organization to induct a bloodthirsty animal such as Abdullah the Butcher into their worthless and embarrassing Hall of Fame and I want the name of Superstar Billy Graham to be no part of it. The WWE and their Hall of Fame are disgustingly embarrassing, I want out.”

WWE has refrained from acting upon Graham’s request. Furthermore, following Shreve’s induction, the latter has been promoted by the WWE more than ever, by way of feature on its DVDs (WWE Best Steel Cage Matches, released June 28th 2011), online features on its website, as well as sales of wrestling paraphernalia, despite the company’s strict “No Blood” policy.

Young wrestlers who aspire to be like their heroes, the “WWE legends” and “Hall of Fame inductees”, still regularly participate in double blood matches. Events of the likes of the annual CZW Tournament of Death, which took place on June 25th in 2011 in Townsend, Delaware, features nothing but young wrestlers performing in ultra violent double blood matches in order to try to get noticed by the big companies. WWE, the world’s leading wrestling organization, fails to caution wrestlers against the dangers of double blood matches and the imminent risks incurred, such as the spread of deadly diseases. Linda McMahon is reportedly planning to run for Senate again in 2012.

Devon Nicholson is being represented by Ronald Caza, Partner at Heenan Blaikie, one of Canada’s most eminent law firms.

07-28-2011, 01:12 AM
Here's the two-part documentary

12-04-2011, 12:55 AM
I can now confirm that Abdullah the Butcher has tested POSITIVE for Hepitis C, and finally the whole procedure with my friend Devon Nicholson who is suing the man because of the Hep C saga and it can bring somewhat of a closure to this story and give the man the justice he needs!

12-04-2011, 01:07 AM
I can now confirm that Abdullah the Butcher has tested POSITIVE for Hepitis C, and finally the whole procedure with my friend Devon Nicholson who is suing the man because of the Hep C saga and it can bring somewhat of a closure to this story and give the man the justice he needs!

Is there a news article on this? Abdullah denied for SO LONG that he had it. If its true then the worms will come out of the wood works!

12-04-2011, 01:12 AM
Is there a news article on this? Abdullah denied for SO LONG that he had it. If its true then the worms will come out of the wood works!


The originator of this article comes from PRWRESTLING.com in Spanish

Devon (Hannibal) Nicholson's lawyer revealed that the results of blood tests done to Abdullah the Butcher as part of the demand made by his client showed that the Butcher has Hepatitis C.
Nicholson in a statement recommended to all wrestlers who have been cut or have struggled with Abdullah to undergo tests as a precaution.

Nicholson Abdullah was sued by a few months ago after allegations that their aspirations to enter the WWE vanished when he found that he had Hepatitis C. Nicholson says he was infected with the disease after being cut in a fight with a knife used by Abdullah.

12-04-2011, 02:09 AM
HA!!! Here's the link! (http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/news/201/fcw-champion-makes-wwe-debut-abdullah-the-butcher)

12-04-2011, 02:13 AM
HA!!! Here's the link! (http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/news/201/fcw-champion-makes-wwe-debut-abdullah-the-butcher)

I had read it before Clark had his fun with it, and Devon is my friend, I know him

12-04-2011, 10:46 AM
I had read it before Clark had his fun with it, and Devon is my friend, I know him

Such a shame, My sympathy to your friend Devon. I am not familiar with Hep C, but can you take some sort of medicine to help with the virus?
I have to agree that WWE is doing the right thing by not allowing wrestlers to blade themselves. Accidents happen but when they do their team of trainers are out there cleaning up and pausing the match. Some might not like that, but its a health issue.

12-04-2011, 05:48 PM
Such a shame, My sympathy to your friend Devon. I am not familiar with Hep C, but can you take some sort of medicine to help with the virus?
I have to agree that WWE is doing the right thing by not allowing wrestlers to blade themselves. Accidents happen but when they do their team of trainers are out there cleaning up and pausing the match. Some might not like that, but its a health issue.

He does but he hasn't been the same since taking the medicine. And if you've seen the Don't Bleed on Me documentary mainly featuring Devon, he shows you the match where Abdullah used his own blade on Devon to cut him after Abdullah cut himself with the exact same blade