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Burn It All Down by Nickleback plays as the RAW Video plays then fireworks go off
Jerry the King Lawler & Jim Ross welcome the fans to the show

Mr McMahon & Triple H come out to the ring with No Chance in Hell playing with microphones in hand.
HHH Welcome WWE fans to a new year in the WWE.

McMahon Yes 2012 will be the year of the WWE and changes

HHH Yes there will many changes happening this year and you know what better to start the year of changes with one big
one right now

McMahon and here it is but first New Nexus and The Corre get out here

Both The Corre and the New Nexus come out to the stage

McMahon both of your factions are disbanded as of right now.

The former members of both disbanded groups go backstage looking angry

HHH Enjoy the show and be ready for more changes coming your way very soon

Commercial Break

Match 1 Rey Mysterio VS Curt Hawkins
Curt Hawkins gets the win with a Heat Seeking Elbow after Zack Ryder came to ringside and tripped Mysterio up without the ref noticing.
After the match Ryder gets in the ring Hawkins looks at him then they shake hands.

Backstage Todd Grisham interview Mr McMahon about why he decided to disband the Nexus and the Corre. McMahon says Todd I did it to shake things up around here that’s why then Grisham thanks him for his time.

Match 2 Non Title Skip Sheffield and Mason Ryan with Matt Striker VS Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov
Sheffield & Ryan get the win after Sheffield blocked an attempted Cobra by Marella and hit a running clothesline.
After the match Kozlov looks to be helping Marella up but instead hits the Iron Curtain on him and leaves him lying then walks to the back.

Backstage Evan Bourne runs into Rey Mysterio and he says hey Rey I saw your match against Hawkins and what Ryder did it sucked. So I have match with Ryder later and I was wondering if you could come with me so Hawkins doesn’t interfere in my match. Rey says sure

Commercial Break

Match 3 Evan Bourne with Rey Mysterio VS Zack Ryder with Curt Hawkins
Zack Ryder wins after hitting the Rough Ryder after Hawkins made Mysterio come into the ring which distracted the ref and allowed Hawkins to hit Bourne from behind.
Ryder & Hawkins leave laughing as Mysterio helps Bourne up

Backstage WWE Champion John Cena is walking when R Truth attacks him and beats on him in till U.S Champion John Morrison makes the save. Or so it looks like in till The Miz attacks Morrison from behind. Miz and Truth leave Cena & Morrison lying on the ground then walk off laughing.

The Returning The Coach Jonathan Coachman goes into Mr McMahon and Triple H’s Office and asks Triple H about what just happened and Triple H says We just got tonight’s main event is what just happened. Triple H says I am now making it official tonight we will have The Miz teaming up with R Truth to take on the team of WWE Champion John Cena and U.S Champion John Morrison.
Commercial Break

Match 4 Six Man tag team match

Alberto Del Rio & Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler VS Kofi Kingston & The Big Show & Alex Riley
Del Rio gets the win after locking in the Cross Arm Breaker on Riley and Riley taps

Backstage Cm Punk is throwing stuff around when Todd Grisham tells him he has match next Punk just stares at Grisham and Grisham runs away.

Match 5 Cm Punk VS Chris Masters
Masters wins by DQ after Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice and Masters reaches the ropes and Punk doesn’t let go.
After the match Punk grabs a Steel Chair from ringside and puts Masters Arm in it and stomps on it. Then locks in the Vice again in til the ref pulls him off of Masters. Masters is helped to the back

Commercial Break

A replay is shown of what just happened

Main Event WWE Champion John Cena and U.S Champion John Morrison VS The Miz and R Truth
The Miz and R Truth wins after R Truth attacks Morrison outside the ring and lays him out with the Shut Up! Which distracts the ref and that allows Miz to hit Cena with a low blow then a Skull Crushing Finale and he pins him.

The Show ends with Miz standing tall over Cena holding the WWE Championship and R Truth standing outside the ring standing tall over Morrison with U.S Championship with Miz’s Music playing.


We Are one plays as the NXT GEN LOGO is shown as well as fireworks going off

William Regal and Matt Striker welcome the fans to the show

Maryse is in the ring to introduce the Pros and their Rookies for this season

The first Pro will be Cm Punk and his Rookie will be Tyler Black

The second Pro will be WH Champion Christian and his Rookie will be Jon Moxley

The Third Pro will be Dolph Ziggler and his Rookie will be Briley Peirce

The Fourth Pro will be Tyson Kidd and his Rookie will be Conner O Brian

The Fifth Pro will be Justin Gabriel and his Rookie will be Xavier Woods

The Sixth and final Pro will be Sheamus and his Rookie will be Russel Walker

Commercial Break

Match 1 Russel Walker with Sheamus VS Tyler Black with Cm Punk
Black gets the win with a Super Kick

After the Match Punk gets into the ring and congratulates Black and offers his hand but it’s a trick and Punk hits the GTS on Black and leaves him lying on the canvas
Match 2 Dolph Ziggler and Briley Peirce VS Christian and Jon Moxley
Dolph Ziggler and Briley Peirce get the win after Ziggler locks in the sleeper on Moxley

Commercial Break

Match 3 Tyson Kidd with Conner O Brian VS Justin Gabriel with Xavier Woods
Justin Gabriel gets the win after hitting the 450 splash

After the match Kidd attacks Gabriel and lays him out with a spinning fisherman Buster Woods tries to make the save but Conner O Brian takes him out with a spinning sidewalk facebuster.

The Show ends with Kidd and O Brian standing tall with Kidd’s music playing

Friday Night Smackdown

Know your enemy by Greenday plays as the Smackdown Video plays and fireworks go off
Michael Cole & Booker T welcome the fans to the show

Just close your eyes plays as World Heavyweight Champion Christian with his rookie Jon Moxley make their way to the ring.
In the ring Christian has a microphone in his hand he says well fans it happened again and now I am World Heavyweight Champion and instead of a five day rain I am going to be a champion for five months.

Before Christian can continue Wade Barrett comes out with End of Days and says now Christian doesn’t lie to these idiotic fans just because they believe in you. Also give me a title shot tonight but before Christian can answer Barrett.

Randy Orton comes out with microphone in hand
Christian you may have beaten me for that title last week at TLC and we had one hell of a match but as a former champion I have a rematch clause in my contract and I am invoking it tonight.

But again before Christian can reply Smackdown GM Teddy Long comes out with microphone in hand. He says Well I am sorry Wade but you won’t be getting a title shot Orton will though because he is right has the right for one. But Wade you will be in action tonight against this man you know him very well.
It’s Daniel Bryan and its next.

Bryan asks for microphone and Teddy gives him the microphone and heads to the back.
Bryan First things first I am now and forever will be known as Bryan Danielson. Scondly Wade I can’t wait to beat the living crap out of you see you in the ring

Match 1 Wade Barrett VS Bryan Danielson
Danielson wins after hitting a Dragon Suplex

After the match Barrett laid out Danielson with a Wasteland
Commercial Break

Backstage Cody Rhodes is talking to Layla when Johnny Curtis walks past him and accidently bumps into Rhodes. Rhodes says watch it Curtis and Curtis says whatever. Rhodes hits him from behind then hits the Crossroads laying Curtis out.

Match 2 Trent Barretta VS Heath Slater
Slater gets the win with a jumping reverse DDT

Match 3 Non Title match WWE Tag Team Champions The Uso’s VS Tyson Kidd and Ted DiBiase with Conner O’Brian
Kidd and DiBiase get the win after Dibiase hits Dream Street on Jimmy Uso

Commercial Break

Match 4 Sin Cara VS Kane
Kane wins with a chokeslam

Match 5 Layla VS the returning Lita
Lita gets the win with a Litacarana

Commercial Break

World Heavyweight Championship Match Christian with Jon Moxley VS Randy Orton
Ends in a no contest

Because Sheamus and Ezekiel Jackson came out and so did Wade Barrett and they attacked them

Sheamus hit a Brouge Kick on Moxley outside of the ring

Jackson put Christian in the Torture Rack then dropped him into a sitout powerbomb

Barrett Laid out Orton with a Wasteland

The show ends with all of the Heels standing tall in the ring

Rookie’s win / loss records
Tyler Black wins 1 /loss 0
Briley Peirce wins 1/ loss 0
Xavier Woods wins 1/ loss 0
Jon Moxley wins 0 / loss 1
Russel Walker wins 0 /loss 1

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