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Sonic celebrates 20 years since his video game debut!! & to celebrate here are 20 facts about the blue hedgehog

Sonic was 15 years old when the first Sonic game launched on 23 June 1991, and has never aged. Still, that’s pretty old for a hedgehog, no?

Sonic has sold more than 70 million games worldwide, and an estimated 60 million people have played at least one Sonic game.

Sonic was originally named Mr Needlemouse – the literal translation of the Japanese word for hedgehog.

Sonic was originally teal in colour, but was changed to a deeper blue to match Sega’s logo

Sonic’s shoes were based on the belted boots Michael Jackson wears on the Bad album cover, while the red and white colouring was inspired by the most famous character in the world - Santa Claus.

Sonic originally had a human girlfriend called Madonna, was in a rock band and – rather inexplicably – had fangs. His image was cleaned up and softened for the American audience.

Sonic’s first ever video game appearance was a humble one – as a toy hanging from the rear view mirror in the arcade racer Rad Mobile.

It’s estimated that Sonic fans have collected 70 billion of the now iconic golden rings between them.

Sonic has made cameos in various games including The Simpsons Game, The Incredible Hulk, and Tom and Jerry: The Movie. He also featured in The Simpsons show.

Sonic was designed to replace Alex Kidd as Sega’s mascot in an attempt to take on Nintendo’s Mario. The blue hedgehog beat more than 200 character designs, including an armadillo, a rabbit and a bear.

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The reason Sonic dies if he falls into water is that the game’s programmer, Yuji Naka, mistakenly thought hedgehogs couldn’t swim. It was only on a trip to America that he saw an image of a real hedgehog swimming and realised his mistake

At Sonic’s height of fame in the early 90s, a survey showed Sonic to be more recognisable to young children than Mickey Mouse.

According to various official materials from Sega, Sonic is described as a character who is “like the wind”, a drifter who lives as he wants and while largely easy-going, is prone to having a short temper. His problem-solving attitude, as described by his creator Naoto Oshima, was inspired by Bill Clinton who was the American president at the time of Sonic's inception

Sonic has appeared in over 65 games, including alongside his one-time nemesis Mario in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

Sonic has a gene named after him. The sonic hedgehog is one gene in the larger hedgehog gene family, which are involved in the development of fruit fly embryos.

Sonic was the first video game character to have a balloon in the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York in 1993. Pikachu is the only other, appearing in 2006.

Sonic, alongside Mario and Link, was one of the first characters to be inducted in the inaugural Walk of Game – gaming’s answer to the Walk of Fame. See what they did there?

Sonic isn’t just a video game star – he also starred in his own comic book series and in four animated TV series. He even has his own rollercoaster ride at Alton Towers.

It’s widely believed, and has even been confirmed by then project manager Roger Hector, that Michael Jackson wrote the soundtrack for Sonic 3. It was reportedly not used due to Jackson not being happy with the finished product, although likenesses can be heard between the singer’s Stranger in Moscow and the Sonic 3 credits.

Sonic was everywhere at the 1993 European Grand Prix. He featured on the cars and helmets of the Williams Grand Prix team (which Sega sponsored) and on billboards around the circuit. Even the trophy (presented to Ayrton Senna) featured Sonic.

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Hell yeah, happy birthday Sonic!


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Along with the facts, let's discuss, what was your favourite Sonic The Hedgehog game and why?

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Sonic is 20?! Damn time flies!! Happy birthday my blue friend :D