View Full Version : First NXT GEN of 2012

06-23-2011, 04:13 AM
We Are one plays as the NXT GEN LOGO is shown as well as fireworks going off
William Regal and Matt Striker welcome the fans to the show
Maryse is in the ring to introduce the Pros and their Rookies for this season
The first Pro will be Cm Punk and his Rookie will be Tyler Black
The second Pro will be WH Champion Christian and his Rookie will be Jon Moxley
The Third Pro will be Dolph Ziggler and his Rookie will be Briley Peirce
The Fourth Pro will be Tyson Kidd and his Rookie will be Conner O Brian
The Fifth Pro will be Justin Gabriel and his Rookie will be Xavier Woods
The Sixth and final Pro will be Sheamus and his Rookie will be Russel Walker
Commercial Break
Match 1 Russel Walker with Sheamus VS Tyler Black with Cm Punk
Black gets the win with a Super Kick
After the Match Punk gets into the ring and congratulates Black and offers his hand but it’s a trick and Punk hits the GTS on Black and leaves him lying on the canvas.
Match 2 Dolph Ziggler and Briley Peirce VS Christian and Jon Moxley
Dolph Ziggler and Briley Peirce get the win after Ziggler locks in the sleeper on Moxley
Commercial Break
Match 3 Tyson Kidd with Conner O Brian VS Justin Gabriel with Xavier Woods
Justin Gabriel gets the win after hitting the 450 splash
After the match Kidd attacks Gabriel and lays him out with a spinning fisherman Buster Woods tries to make the save but Conner O Brian takes him out with a spinning sidewalk facebuster.
The Show ends with Kidd and O Brian standing tall with Kidd’s music playing

Rookie’s win / loss records
Tyler Black wins 1 /loss 0
Briley Peirce wins 1/ loss 0
Xavier Woods wins 1/ loss 0
Jon Moxley wins 0 / loss 1
Russel Walker wins 0 /loss 1