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05-29-2011, 03:02 PM
Basically, I felt like doing my own fantasy WWE. I won't do NXT, or Superstars for that matter. But this is my WWE. I'm going to start from Over The Limit, because that was ridiculous, and poorly booked. Also, some storylines will be simply forgotten as I take this into my own hands.

Over The Limit

Fireworks kick us off, and Josh Matthews, Jerry Lawler & Booker T welcome us to the show from the Announce Table. Michael Cole is shown in the Colemine, and he says that tonight, he will beat Jerry Lawler and make him kiss his foot. The announcers quickly run down the card. The New Nexus' music hit and all four walk out to the ring for the opening match.

Match 1: Big Show & Kane def. CM Punk & Mason Ryan to retain the Tag Championships.

Finish: Kane & CM Punk are the legal men, Punk gets Kane up for the GTS but he struggles with the weight, stumbling backwards, Big Show gets the tag, and Punk hits Kane with the GTS, going for the pin straight after. The ref says no, and Punk turns into the KO Punch. Show covers and retains.

After the match, Kane & Big Show leave, leaving The New Nexus in the ring. Punk shouts at his Nexus cohorts, but Mason Ryan starts to get angry and gets in Punk's face. Punk tells Ryan to calm down, but Ryan pushes Punk away and walks out of the ring, leaving Punk, Otunga & McGillicutty to watch as he goes backstage.

Booker T, Josh Matthews & Michael Cole quickly give a rundown of what is going on with Sin Cara & Chavo Guerrero ahead of the next match.

Match 2: Sin Cara def. Chavo Guerrero.

Finish: Cara is on the floor, and Chavo goes for the Frog Splash, but before he can jump, Cara rushes up and hits the C4 2000 for the pin.

Michael Cole leaves to go and get ready for his match later on tonight. Jerry Lawler says that he doesn't want to miss the next match and will get ready afterwards. A video is played showing R-Truth's fall from fan favourite to be hated.

Match 3: R-Truth def. Rey Mysterio.

Finish: Rey Mysterio hits the 619, and as R-Truth stumbles back, Rey tries to hit a splash but Truth hits the Whats Up to gain the pinfall.

After the match, Truth heads backstage talking to himself as Rey gets back to his feet and watches Truth go backstage. Jerry Lawler leaves to go get ready as Booker & Josh talk about the possible presence of Kharma heading into the next match.

Before the match, with Brie Bella & Kelly Kelly in the ring, the rest of the diva's locker room empties out to make this match a Lumberjill match.

Match 4: Kelly Kelly def. Brie Bella to win the Divas Championship after the Lumberjills stop Twin Magic from happening and Kelly gets a roll-up.

After the match, all the Lumberjills get involved in a brawl but the maniacal laughter begins as Kharma comes out. She stares at the ring and just calmly walks down. All the divas are waiting for a fight but Kharma stops just short of the ring, she stares straight at Kelly Kelly, laughs and leaves again.

A video is shown highlighting the Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler rivalry.

Match 5: Jerry Lawler def. Michael Cole.

Finish: Lawler beats on Cole for the whole match and hits two of his right hand second rope drops for the win.

After the match, Lawler sticks his foot in Cole's mouth and gets it over with. He rejoins commentary as Cole runs to the backstage. Booker T & Josh Matthews talk about Ezekiel Jackson leaving The Corre and show video footage of The Corre beating on him, and him beating on The Corre.

Match 6: Ezekiel Jackson def. Wade Barrett to win the ICT Championship.

Finish: Wade goes for the Wasteland but Zeke fights out and locks in the Torture Rack, to which Wade taps out.

After the match, Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater try to attack Zeke but Zeke fights back and clears the ring.

A video is shown about the Randy Orton-Christian feud so far.

Match 7: Randy Orton def. Christian to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Finish: Christian kicks out of the RKO, and Orton kicks out of the Spear during the match. Christian goes for a Killswitch but Orton reverses into another RKO for the pin.

After the match, Orton leaves Christian to take in what just happened in the ring.

A video is shown to promote Capitol Punishment before the commentators speak about how much they're looking forward to the main event, and show a promo about John Cena & The Miz.

Match 8: John Cena def. The Miz to retain the WWE Championship in an I Quit match.

Finish: Miz doesn't fight with Riley, taking on Cena alone, but after a while, Riley attempts a run-in. He gets an Attitude Adjustment on the ramp, and Miz trys to run away. Cena locks in the STF in the backstage area with a chain for extra leverage. After about a minute of screaming, Miz quits.

After the match, Cena comes back to the ring and celebrates as Over The Limit goes off the air.

Okay, not much has changed, but I have ideas for new storylines, and should have the next Raw & Smackdown up soon. Feedback is always welcome.

05-30-2011, 03:01 AM
Well booked show my freind

05-30-2011, 06:28 PM

A video airs showing highlights of last night's Over The Limit, before Jerry Lawler & Josh Matthews welcome us to this week's Raw. The Miz's music hits and he comes to the ring, with Alex Riley. Miz said that he was robbed last night, and he deserves another shot at the WWE Championship. He said that the way Cena used that chain should have him arrested. He said that he is the top star on this show, and he was forced to face Cena in a match that favours Cena. He demanded the GM give him another shot. The GM buzzed in and Matthews quickly had a look. He said that the Raw GM has rejected his request, and tonight, there will be a six man elimination challenge to name a brand new number one contender for Capitol Punishment! Miz started to get angry in the ring, he pushed Riley and told him to leave Raw. He fired Riley and left the ring. The commentators hype the main event between Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Drew Mcintyre, R-Truth & Alberto Del Rio, and also hype John Cena vs. Jack Swagger later tonight!


Back from commercial, and Kofi Kingston is in the ring. Tyler Reks' music hits and he comes out for a non-title match.

Match 1: Tyler Reks def. Kofi Kingston in a non title match.

Finish: Kofi goes for the SOS but Reks reverses it into the Burning Hammer. He covers and gets the pinfall. Backstage, The New Nexus is shown walking to the ring without Mason Ryan.


Back from commercial and The New Nexus' music hits. When they get to the ring, Punk grabs a microphone and says that he needs to sort this out. He said that he picked these superstars because they are supposed to be the future of the WWE. He said that when they can't even help somebody as good as him win a simple Tag Championship, there is something seriously wrong. He said that Mason Ryan's inability to keep calm is also leaving them with a problem. The New Nexus' music hits again and Ryan comes to the ring. Punk asks him where he's been. Ryan said that it doesn't matter. Punk said that he is the leader of this group and he deserves to know why Ryan has not been around for the past night. Ryan said that he had to clear his head. Punk said that Ryan is not Ezekiel Jackson. He said that maybe the weak link of this group is Mason Ryan. Ryan got in Punk's face and said that he wasn't the one that got pinned last night. Punk slapped Ryan, but McGillicutty & Otunga stopped Ryan from doing anything. Punk started to leave but The New Nexus' music hit again, and Husky Harris made his return. Punk waited for Harris to get in the ring, but he attacked Punk. McGillicutty & Otunga let Ryan go and watched as Ryan & Harris beat down on Punk. They disposed of him, and Ryan got on the mic. He said that The New Nexus is under new management.


Back from commercial, and we are shown a recap of what just happened. CM Punk is shown getting helped to the back in the commercial, and the commentators wonder if he will be able to wrestle tonight. The Bella's music hits and they come out for Brie's rematch with Kelly Kelly.

Match 2: Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella ends in a no contest.

Finish: Kharma comes out and attacks the Bellas. She turns her attention to Kelly, and the Divas Championship. She goes to grab the Divas Championship but Kelly refuses to let go. Kharma grabs Kelly and hits the Implant Buster. She takes the Divas Championship and goes backstage laughing.


Todd Grisham is shown backstage and he says that his guest at this time is R-Truth. Truth appears and speaks of a conspiracy. He says that he beat Rey Mysterio last night, and should be next in line to face John Cena, but he has to go through this six man elimination challenge to get the spot he already deserves. The Miz comes into the shot and says that while he agrees with Truth. He says that there is a conspiracy. He said that John Cena always gets what he wants. Truth & Miz leave to talk together.


Back from commercial and Jack Swagger is in the ring. John Cena's music hits for the match.

Match 3: John Cena def. Jack Swagger by DQ.

Finish: Cena has Swagger up for the Attitude Adjustment but Miz comes in from behind and lays Cena out with a Skull Crushing Finale for the DQ. After the match, Miz goes backstage as Cena starts to get to his feet.


Michael Cole walks down to the ring. He gets on the mic and says that he needs to apologize. He said that he is sorry for everything he has ever said to Jerry Lawler, and invites Lawler into the ring. Lawler gets in the ring and starts to crack jokes about last night. Cole said that he is sorry and just wants to return to being a commentator. Lawler agrees and shakes Cole's hand, and they both join commentary.


Back from commercial and JTG's music hits. Zack Ryder comes out to be his opponent.

Match 4: Zack Ryder def. JTG.

Finish: JTG goes for the Shoutout but Ryder pulls out of it and hits a DDT. He waits for JTG to get up and lays him out with the Rough Ryder. He gets the pin and celebrates in the ring. The commentators hype up the main event, and speak how there will be two legal men, with another on each turnbuckle, and any of them can be tagged in.


Back from commercial, and superstars begin to come out to the ring for the main event.

Match 5: Eliminations:

1: Drew Mcintyre eliminates CM Punk.

Elimination: Punk goes for the GTS on Mcintyre when they are both the legal men, but The New Nexus come out onto the stage. Punk drops Mcintyre and goes to the ropes screaming up to them. Mcintyre takes advantage and gets a school boy pin.

2: Alberto Del Rio eliminates Rey Mysterio by countout.

Elimination: Rey hits the 619, and goes to the top rope to hit a splash, but Dolph Ziggler is at that corner, and he pushes Rey off to the floor. Rey doesn't beat the count and is counted out.

3: Alberto Del Rio eliminates Dolph Ziggler.

Elimination: Immediately after Rey's elimination, Dolph gets in the ring and goes for the pinfall, but Del Rio reverses it into the Cross Armbreaker. Ziggler taps and is eliminated.

4: R-Truth eliminates Alberto Del Rio.

Elimination: Del Rio goes for an Enzigueri but Truth ducks out of the way, and as he gets up, lays Del Rio out with a Whats Up.

5: R-Truth eliminates Drew Mcintyre to win the match.

Finish: Drew goes for the Future Shock, but Truth manages to pull himself out of it. Drew reverses Truth's Whats Up but as he pushes Truth back, Truth bounces off the ropes and hits a Lie Detector. He picks Drew up and lays him out with a Whats Up for the pin.

After the match, R-Truth celebrates in the ring, as John Cena comes to the stage. He holds the WWE Championship high as Raw goes off the air.

05-30-2011, 06:33 PM
Great stuff man!

05-31-2011, 01:40 AM

Booker T & Josh Matthews welcome us to Friday Night Smackdown! They recap what happened at Over The Limit, and how it will affect things tonight. Randy Orton's music hits and he strolls down to the ring. He said that he wants to thank the fans for helping him retain the World Heavyweight Championship at Over The Limit. He said that Christian is a great competitor and he always knew it would be hard to overcome him. Sheamus' music hits and he comes out. He demands a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Mark Henry's music hits before Orton can say anything and he comes out too. He said that he deserves a shot more than Sheamus. Orton goes to speak again but he is interrupted as Teddy Long comes out and says this is what they're going to do. He said that in just 4 weeks is Capitol Punishment, and he needs a match to headline that event. He said that he has picked ten superstars, and in the main event tonight, they will face off in a battle royal to determine a number one contender. He said that Sheamus and Mark Henry are both a part of that match. And he said that Randy Orton will also be in action a little later tonight.


Back from commercial and Tyson Kidd is in the ring with Armando Estrada. Armando introduced Tyson Kidd as the next big thing. He said that with his help, Kidd can be a huge superstar here on Smackdown. Yoshi Tatsu came out to start the first match.

Match 1: Tyson Kidd w/ Armando Estrada def. Yoshi Tatsu.

Finish: Tatsu went for the Buzzsaw Kick but Kidd ducked it and grabbed Tatsu's leg, hitting the Fisherman's Neckbreaker for the pinfall. After the match, Estrada joined Kidd in the ring to celebrate.


Back from commercial and Alex Riley came out to his new music. He got on the mic and said that he doesn't care about what happened this past monday on Raw, because he is now on Smackdown, and he is determined to make a name for himself. He challenged any superstar to come out and face him right now. Ezekiel Jackson's music hit and the ICT Champion made his way to the ring.

Match 2: Ezekiel Jackson def. Alex Riley in a non-title match.

Finish: Riley started with some good offense but Zeke hit a big clothesline and from there, it was all Zeke, finishing with a Torture Rack to which Riley tapped out.

After the match, The Corre's music hit and the three superstars came out. Wade Barrett had a mic and he started to talk about how as a three, The Corre seemed to be missing something. He said that he saw it when watching back the Over The Limit video. The Corre surrounded the ring, but left the ramp clear. He said that they miss a powerhouse. He said that he thought about asking Zeke if they can just put this behind them, but he realised that they have somebody better than Zeke. He introduced...Skip Sheffield! Sheffield ran down the ramp and made certain the ring was surrounded by all four sides. The Corre got in the ring and Zeke went for Wade, but the numbers game caught up to him. Skip laid Zeke out with a big Spear, before Wade hit a Wasteland, and Gabriel hit a 450 Splash. The Corre stood over the fallen body of Zeke as we went to commercial once again.


Back from commercial and we get a recap of what just happened. We got backstage where The Corre is with Scott Stanford. Wade got on the mic and said that they sorted Zeke out, and he is no longer a problem, because tonight, he is moving on up in the world. He said that all 4 members of The Corre are in the battle royal tonight, and he has given them instructions to help him win. He said that he will face Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship at Capitol Punishment.


Back from commercial and Brodus Clay is in the ring. Randy Orton's music hits and he walks to the ring for his match tonight.

Match 3: Randy Orton def. Brodus Clay in a non-title match.

Finish: Brodus Clay picks Orton up for a powerbomb but Orton manages to jump over him and land on his feet, Clay turns round and Orton hits an RKO. After the match, Orton poses for the fans for a bit as we go to commercial.


Kane & Big Show are in the ring as Kane is in action up next. The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh come out to be his opponent.

Match 4: Kane def. The Great Khali.

Finish: Jinder Mahal comes out to the stage and his presence distracts Khali. Khali turns into a Chokeslam and Kane covers for the win. Kane & Show celebrate in the ring as Mahal walks down to the ring. He slaps Khali and starts shouting at him in punjabi. Khali doesn't do anything and Mahal hits Singh with a Sands of Time. Kane grabs Mahal to stop him doing anymore but Mahal attacks Kane. Big Show attempts to stop Mahal but Khali hits a Khali Chop on Show. Mahal & Khali leave the ring together as Kane & Show struggle to get back to their feet.


Back from commercial and Teddy Long is shown walking backstage. Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali come into shot and Long tells them that he was impressed out there. He books a Tag Championships match at Capitol Punishment between the two huge teams.

In the ring, Natalya & Rosa Mendes start their match as we go to commercial.


Match 5: Natalya def. Rosa Mendes.

Finish: Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter and this one is over as Mendes taps out.


Back from commercial and Randy Orton has joined commentary for the main event. The Corre, Cody Rhodes, Sin Cara, Sheamus, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan & Christian are in the ring for the main event.

Match 6: Battle Royal: Eliminations:

1: The Corre eliminate Mark Henry.

Elimination: Henry goes for Wade but Sheffield heads him off. The foursome attack him and put him over the top rope.

2: Cody Rhodes eliminates Sin Cara.
3: Cody Rhodes eliminates Daniel Bryan.

Eliminations: Done in one move, as Sin Cara goes for the C4 2000, Rhodes runs across the ring and pushes them both off to the floor.

4: Christian eliminates Heath Slater.

Elimination: The Corre have seperated now, and Christian pulls the rope down as Slater tries to run at him.

5: Sheamus eliminates Skip Sheffield.

Elimination: Skip goes for a clothesline but Sheamus ducks and hits Skip with a Brogue Kick that takes him over the top rope.

6: Justin Gabriel eliminates Cody Rhodes.

Elimination: Rhodes goes for Cross Rhodes on Wade Barrett but Gabriel pulls him off and tosses him over the top rope.

7: Sheamus eliminates Justin Gabriel.

Elimination: Wade & Sheamus start going at it, whilst Christian & Gabriel does across the ring. Sheamus puts Wade down with a clothesline and he looks across the ring to see Christian push Gabriel away. Sheamus rushes across and clotheslines Gabriel over the top rope for the elimination.

8: Sheamus eliminates Christian.

Elimination: Christian hits Wade with a Killswitch, and goes to eliminate him but Sheamus attacks Christian from behind and throws him out.

9: Sheamus eliminates Wade Barrett.

Elimination: Wade picks Sheamus up and goes to throw him over, but Ezekiel Jackson appears from the crowd and catches Sheamus. He puts him back in the ring as Wade celebrates, thinking he's won. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick and eliminates Wade.

After the match, Orton rushes the ring and lays Sheamus out with an RKO. Orton poses for the fans with the World Heavyweight Championship as Smackdown goes off the air.

05-31-2011, 01:44 AM
Updated Capitol Punishment card

R-Truth vs. John Cena(c)- WWE Championship

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton(c)- World Heavyweight Championship

Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali vs. Kane & Big Show(c)- Tag Championships

05-31-2011, 03:02 AM

Fireworks go off as Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole & Josh Matthews welcome us at ringside. R-Truth's statement hits and he comes to the ring. He gets a mic and speaks of how the little jimmys hate the fact that he won. He said that in just 3 weeks, he finally gets his WWE Championship shot. And nothing is taking this away from him. He said that the conspiracy won't work. And in just 3 weeks, he will beat John Cena. Cena's music hits and he comes to the ring. He gets a mic and says that he doesn't understand how Truth thinks this is all a conspiracy. Truth said it's always about getting John Cena to the top. Cena said that up until Extreme Rules, it had been 10 months since he'd been at the top. He said that he works his ass off to be the top guy. He said that these people are the reason he's the top guy. He said that while they love him, he will do everything he can to be the best. Truth cuts across him and says that he doesn't care who Cena thinks he is, at Capitol Punishment, he won't be the WWE Champion anymore. Truth said that this conspiracy is over. The GM buzzed in and Cole went up. The GM said that as Capitol Punishment is in D.C, the order must be restored in the main event. He said that the order will be resolved by a Special Guest Referee. He told Cena & Truth to get partners for tonight's main event. And whoever wins, will get the opportunity to name the special guest referee.


Back from commercial and Zack Ryder is in the ring for the opening match. Primo's music hits and he comes to the ring.

Match 1: Zack Ryder def. Primo.

Finish: Primo goes for the Backstabber but Ryder manages to get away from it. Primo gets up and Zack hits a Rough Ryder for the win.


Backstage, Todd Grisham announces that he is joined by CM Punk. He asks Punk how it feels to be exiled by The New Nexus. Punk said that he is straight edge, and he can handle it. He said that he can take on Ryan. He said that he thinks Harris, McGillicutty & Otunga are just following Ryan because they're scared of him. He said that he will call them all out later tonight and see what happens.


Back from commercial and Alberto Del Rio is on his way to the ring. Evan Bourne comes out to be his opponent.

Match 2: Alberto Del Rio def. Evan Bourne.

Finish: Bourne gets some good offense in but as he goes for the Airbourne, Del Rio hits a hip toss from the top rope. He grabs Bourne in the Cross Armbreaker and Bourne taps. After the match, Del Rio speaks about how he isn't in the main event of Capitol Punishment. He says that it is his destiny to be the WWE Champion. He says that he will wait because he is a very patient man. Evan Bourne starts to get up and Del Rio attacks him again, locking in the Cross Armbreaker once again. Del Rio leaves Bourne in the middle of the ring screaming and holding his arm.


Back from commercial, and Kelly Kelly is backstage looking worried. Beth Phoenix comes up to her and asks her what she is going to do about Kharma. Kelly asks Beth for help. Beth nods and they walk off together to talk about what to do.

In the ring, Kofi Kingston is shown. Tyler Reks comes out to get his US Championship match he earned last week.

Match 3: Kofi Kingston def. Tyler Reks to retain the US Championship.

Finish: Reks reverses the SOS into the Burning Hammer again but Kofi manages to get out and hit Reks with a Trouble in Paradise for the win.


CM Punk's music hits and he comes to the ring. He said that Mason Ryan is just a beast. A beast that needs to be tamed. He said that he stands by what he said earlier, Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga are scared of Mason Ryan. The New Nexus' music hits and they came out. Mason Ryan got a mic and he said that when he said they were under new management, he didn't mean that he was in control. He said that the new leader of The New Nexus....is the man that eliminated him last week. Drew Mcintyre! Drew's music hit and he came to the ring. He said that he was approached by these young men to take over this group because their leader is losing it. He said that maybe Punk will turn to alcohol next, or drugs. He said that Punk is too straight edge to be as sinister as The New Nexus' leader needs to be. Punk attacked Drew but Ryan & co. attacked Punk, laying him out with a series of finishers. Drew picked Punk up and hit a Future Shock before The New Nexus stood tall.


We get a recap of what just happened, and Todd Grisham is shown backstage. He said that his guest at this time is Drew Mcintyre. He asked Drew why he has taken over The New Nexus. Drew said that this is a group that is the future of the WWE. He said that he is the chosen one, and they are his disciples. He said that he plans to take over Raw with this group, and CM Punk is just the first to fall. Drew said that he'd like to challenge Punk to a match at Capitol Punishment. The New Nexus walked away as Todd thanked them for their time.


Back from commercial and Kelly Kelly's music hit. She came to the the ring alone, looking nervous. She got a mic and asked Kharma if she could have her Divas Championship back. Kharma's music hit and she came to the ring with the Divas Championship. She got a mic and said that if Kelly wants it so badly, she should come get it. Before Kelly could do anything, Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres rushed the ring. Kharma pushed Eve out of the way but The Glamazon managed to knock Kharma across the ring. The Divas Championship fell from Kharma's hands and Kelly Kelly grabbed it back. Kharma tried to attack Kelly but the three of them attacked her, and pushed her out of the ring. Kharma backed up the ramp saying that Kelly is a pathetic Divas Champion. The GM buzzed in and Cole answered it. The GM said that Capitol Punishment needs a Divas Championship match. They booked Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres vs. Kelly Kelly in a Fatal 4 Way! Kharma laughed and left the stage as Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres eyeballed each other in the ring.


Back from commercial and R-Truth's statement hit. He came to the ring and announced that his partner is Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler came out with Vickie Guerrero and joined Truth. John Cena's music hit and he came out. He said that this is his partner. Rey Mysterio's music hit and he joined Cena on the ramp. The two of them rushed the ring to start the next match.

Match 4: R-Truth & Dolph Ziggler def. John Cena & Rey Mysterio.

Finish: Rey & Truth are the legal men. Rey gets the tag to Cena and Cena rushes across the ring, taking Truth down with a Clothesline. Vickie hands Dolph a steel chair and tries to get in the ring. The ref gets distracted and Dolph gives Truth the steel chair. Truth hits Cena and throws the chair out of the ring. Vickie gets off the rope as Dolph runs round the ring to attack Rey, and Truth gets the pin in the ring.

After the match, Dolph & Vickie leave Truth in the ring. Truth gets the mic and says that the special guest referee.........is The Miz! Miz's music hits and he comes out in a referee shirt. He laughs and hits Cena with a Skull Crushing Finale. Truth & Miz stand tall as Raw goes off the air.

05-31-2011, 03:03 AM
WWE.com Exclusive!

WWE.com have officially received word that CM Punk has accepted Drew Mcintyre's challenge for a match at Capitol Punishment.

Capitol Punishment takes place from Washington D.C in 3 weeks. Tune into Raw next Monday for more developments to the brewing rivalry between CM Punk & Drew Mcintyre.

05-31-2011, 03:42 AM

Fireworks went off as Josh Matthews & Booker T welcomed us to another edition of Smackdown. They hype the main event of Randy Orton & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett & Sheamus as we go straight to the opening contest of the night with Alex Riley on his way out. Tyson Kidd comes out with Armando Estrada to be his opponent.

Match 1: Tyson Kidd w/ Armando Estrada def. Alex Riley.

Finish: Back-and-forth match where Kidd ends up hitting the Fisherman's Neckbreaker for the pin.


Back from commercial and AJ is on her way out for a match up next. Tamina comes out to be her opponent.

Match 2: Tamina def. AJ.

Finish: Tamina hits the Superfly Splash to gain the win.


After commercial, Christian's music hits and he comes out to the ring. He says that he wasn't able to gain another shot at Randy Orton, and right now, he has to put his World Heavyweight Championship dream on hold. Cody Rhodes' music hit and he came to the ring. He goaded Christian about how Christian is once again at the back of the line. Christian got angry and pushed Rhodes. He challenged Rhodes to a match right now. Rhodes accepted, and a referee ran out to the ring.

Match 3: Christian def. Cody Rhodes by DQ.

Finish: Christian had Rhodes ready for the Killswitch but Ted Dibiase hit the ring and attacked Christian. Rhodes & Dibiase beat down on Christian after the match before going backstage.


Backstage, Todd Grisham was joined by Christian. They showed a quick video of what just happened. Christian said that he will find a partner and he'll fight back. He challenged Rhodes & Dibiase to a match at Capitol Punishment. Rhodes & Dibiase appeared in shot and accepted. Christian went to attack them but they threw him into a wall.

Back in the ring, Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali were ready for action as we went to commercial.


Match 4: Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali def. The Usos.

Finish: Mahal hits a Sands of Time on Jimmy and this one is over. After the match, Kane & Big Show appeared on the titantron. Show challenged Khali to a match next week, to which Khali accepted.


Teddy Long was shown backstage. He made Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett for next week with the ICT Championship on the line. He also banned The Corre from being ringside for the main event tonight, as well as next week's match.

Back in the ring, William Regal was getting ready for action, as Sin Cara came out to face him.

Match 5: Sin Cara def. William Regal.

Finish: Cara flipped his way to a win as he finished Regal off with a C4 2000.


Back from commercial and Wade Barrett & Sheamus head out for the main event. They are shortly joined by the presence of Ezekiel Jackson & Randy Orton.

Match 6: Randy Orton & Ezekiel Jackson def. Wade Barrett & Sheamus.

Finish: Wade & Orton are the two legal men. Wade goes for a Wasteland but Orton manages to get out and lay Wade out with the RKO for the pin. After the match, The Corre hit the ring but Orton & Zeke fight them off. Zeke chases Wade backstage, and Orton turns to be face-to-face with Sheamus. Orton lifts the World Heavyweight Championship up as Smackdown goes off the air with a staredown.

05-31-2011, 08:35 PM
Updated Capitol Punishment card

R-Truth vs. John Cena(c)- WWE Championship- The Miz as special guest referee

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton(c)- World Heavyweight Championship

Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali vs. Kane & Big Show(c)- Tag Championships

Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres vs. Kelly Kelly(c)- Divas Championship

CM Punk vs. Drew Mcintyre

Christian & ? vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase

S.E. Zero
06-01-2011, 12:09 AM
Well I must say this is quite entertaining certainly a lot twists and turns on both shows ranging from Punk being exiled from New Nexus, Sheffield's return via Corre, this Truth/Miz alliance of sorts, etc.

The only key thing I can say may need changing is the New Nexus' overall scheme, why? Nexus was raped and murdered at the hands of Cena and Orton.

By having Drew McIntyre be the leader of this group he can finally direct their attention to something more obtainable and realistic then being the ''most dominant'' group in WWE history.

If he can actually get these people (Ryan, 'tunga, Harris and MM) to have the right looks ('tunga get a low trimmed haircut and wear his old A-List hoodie and stuff as he had when he debuted, wears some elbow pads or wrist tape, Harris lose a bit weight or have him wear a similar ring attire to that of Mark Henry's or Jack Swagger's, MM shave his ridiculious beard and be a more sound technical like his father was and Ryan to maybe do something, I dont know but he needs to change something; this group can finally look respectable and regain some new fresh heat as a new group (rather than try to live up to expectations set by THE ORIGINAL Nexus), right finishers and overall better attitude it would be great as again opposed to the Nexus' purpouse and M.O. which was abused to make Cena and Orton once again be ''the top dogs'' in the WWE unnecessarily because they always were and somewhat continue to be ''top dogs'' in the WWE; maybe even a name change would be good.

Other than that the rivalries like that of Christian and Rhodes/DiBiase seem to have a great start and I look forward to seeing what the next few weeks hold in store for Capitol Punishment.