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05-10-2011, 03:26 PM
I haven't seen anything like this out here, so I thought it might be fun to throw it out and see what the responses might be.

The rules are simple. Pick any wrestler who's never appeared on WWE television, anyone from AJ Styles to The Great Muta to Ultramantis Black, and book their debut up through the first through several months of television, giving details on their angles and how you might get them over. The most important thing is to have fun with it and be original. And constructive criticism is welcome.

I'll start with someone I think has all the tools necessary to be a star, Davey Richards. To help intensify the angle, I'll also be booking Eddie Edwards, bringing the American Wolves together into the WWE.

Richards debuts the night after SummerSlam, with no build up, and attacks Rey Mysterio after a match. Davey hits all of his most brutal looking kicks, suplexes, and finishers very quickly, and runs off through the crowd, leaving the crowd stunned in silence. Later in the night, Richards attacks Kofi Kingston, this time mid match, laying him out mid ring and locking in a surfboard stretch/dragon sleeper combo and quickly putting Kofi to sleep. Again, he exits through the crowd. The next week, Kofi and Rey are talking backstage, asking who it was, when Richards hits again, this time with Eddie Edwards, and together they lay out both Rey and Kofi with chairs before walking off down a dark hallway. Later in the night, Evan Bourne is having a match with Tyker Reks when The Wolves hit and lay out both, tossing them out of the ring and grabbing a mic. Richards introduces himself "This is a message to any of you pussies in the back, who think for one second that you won't be a target. My name is Davey Richards, and this here is Eddie Edwards, and we're the American Wolves. Boys, we're here for one reason and one reason only. We want gold. And along the way, we're going to hurt everyone who gets in our path." They both exit through the crowd, chairs in hand.

This continues for two more weeks, with most attacks being focused on Rey and Kofi, before the anonymous GM finally takes notice. And I quote "When I signed Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, I had no idea who I was dealing with. Their brutality has not gone unnoticed, and it is for this reason that I'm granting Rey and Kofi a tag team match at Unforgiven with the American Wolves." The Wolves walk out on the ramp, and incite the crowd, before Davey grabs a mic, walks up to a child in a Mysterio mask and says "buddy, I hope you wear that mask real proud today, because Sunday is Rey Mysterio's last match. Its going to be his last match, because we're going to kill Rey Mysterio on Sunday. But don't fell bad son, cause you can always wear that mask to his funeral". After Richards' tirade, Rey and Kofi jump them from behind, run them into the ring, and set Eddie up for a 619, but he's grabbed by Davey and carried through the crowd before it can be executed. Richards and Edwards stop at the top of the stairs and stare back at their opponents for Sunday.

At Unforgiven, the Wolves lay out their opponents in the back, pre match. The, Richards and Edwards make their in ring debut, and on their way down to the ring go nose to nose with every kid in a Mysterio mask that they encounter. Kofi and Rey rush the ring, obviously hurting, and all four men brawl to begin the match. The match is a clash of styles to start, with the Wolves attempting to ground the high flyers. It doesn't work for long, and Rey eventually gets a hot tag to Kofi who lays out Eddie and Davey with a series of high flying kicks. Eddie is the legal man, but as Kofi sets him up for a big time boom drop on the edge of the ring, Davey nails Kofi with a running dropkick and sends him flying through the ropes, and follows it up with a dive through the middle rope. Rey attempts to hit Davey with a apron crossbody, but Davey catches him and throws him into the barracade, before rolling Kofi back into the ring, where Eddie snaps on the Achilles lock for the win.

On Raw the next night, Rey and Kofi demand a fair rematch, but the Wolves decline, saying their always up for a fight, but they're done with "you losers". But the GM orders the match, and sweetens the deal by declaring it a number one contenders match for the tag titles. The Wolves again pull it out, this time relying on a well placed chair shot to Rey when the ref's back is turned, followed by a shooting star by Davey. A week later, The Wolves demand their shot right there on Raw, and are greeted by the champs, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, the New Nexus. The champs are joined by CM Punk, who quickly betrays them, giving the Wolves an easy victory and their first WWE titles, as well as a new ally in CM Punk. Punk explains his actions by saying that he too wants gold, and he's also tired of dealing with losers.

Punk, Richards, and Edwards go on a tear, beating all comers, or otherwise leaving them unconscious. This leads up to Hell in a Cell, where the Kofi and Rey team up with former Nexus member Mason Ryan, who's been feuding with Punk, in a six man Hell in a Cell tag match. The heels come out on top again, when they cuff Ryan to the cell, and beat down Rey and Kofi. Ryan escapes and makes a brief comeback, but is eventually put down by a lead pipe shot buy Punk. Davey drops Kofi with a DR Driver II, and gets the win. This leads to a Survivor Series match, where the Wolves and Punk find themselves alligned with The Miz and A Ry and Team Awesome, and taking on Team Cenation of John Cena, Rey, Kofi, Mason Ryan, and Evan Bourne. In the weeks prior, The Wolves vow to take out John Cena, saying that "its open season on Champions around here, and John Cena, the hunt is on." At Survivor Series, Edwards and Richards get themselves disqualified for double teaming John Cena repeatedly, leaving him hobbled, and refusing to follow the ref's commands for one to exit the ring. Team Cena goes on to win the match despite the Wolves' efforts.

The Wolves start the next Raw, bragging about being unbeatable, and saying that they might as well retire the tag belts, because nobody else will ever have them. This gets the attention of the Big Show, who reminds them that they "might be wolves, but I'm the biggest dog in this park. So how about I go find a partner, and you put those belts on the line tonight." The Wolves look at each other, smile, then kick out Show's knees and stomp away at him, before he's saved by Evan Bourne, Rey and Kofi, who chase off the Wolves with chairs. Come match time it appears that the Big Show will choose Chris Jericho as his partner and re-unite Jeri-Show, but Jericho is taken out by CM Punk, leaving Show to choose Evan Bourne, who came to his defense earlier in the night. This new team, dubbed "Air-Show", puts forth a valiant effort, but does not gain the titles after The Wolves walk out on the match. This leads to a match at TLC, where the Wolves take on Air Show in a chairs match. The match starts one sided, with the Wolves focusing on taking Bourne out of the match early so they can focus on Show. However, Show's power proves to be too much, and Bourne gets back in the match, leading to several huge springboard spots off chairs, culminating with Bourne pinning Edwards with an Air Bourne off of Show's shoulders. The Wolves, furious, promise that they will regain gold, sooner rather then later. They lose their rematch, but both end up hunting for individual gold, with Davey after the US title in Kofi Kingson's possession, and Eddie feuding with Rey Mysterio one on one through Wrestlemania.