View Full Version : Germanfest Wringenmeisterschaft Tournament

04-21-2011, 12:45 AM
Has anyone heard who suppose to be in it???? Suppose to be 400 of the best and brightest independent wrestlers!!!! Takes place next weekend April 29 -May 1....

04-21-2011, 05:33 PM
Looking at a few of the guys who going be in this tournament...
Michael Faith, OK
Doomsday, TN

Andy Anderson, GA
Dr. Kliever, OR
Exile, OR
Kevin Douglas, TX
Andy Dalton, LA

Valentin, TX
All American Mad Dogg, TX
The Durham Bull Chris Stevens, KS
Mr. Right Now! Chaz Taylor, TX
Backdraft Chris Lee, TX

Volcano, Jr., OH
J-Rocc, OH
Notorious Shane Taylor, PA
Vordell Walker, GA
Phoenix, TX

Rocky Mountain Brawler Braiden Banks, CO
Jason Jones, MO
Showcase Shance Williams, TX
The Cowboy Jeremy Young, LA
Dr. Nemo Luv, TX

Johnny Paradise, CA
Will Bill Jacobs, PA
Big Dogg, TX
Max McGuirk - OK
Hambone, TX

Skitzo, TX
The Ced-Man, LA
Barrett Brown, TX
Jaime Holley, TX
The Benchmark Silky Baines, TX

The TX Torture Machine DJ King, TX
Tokyo Monster Kahagas, FL
Hangin' Judge, TX
Will Hitch, TX
Terrible Tim Swiney, TX

Bobby Fonta - FL
Preston Veston the 3rd - FL
Lil' Luscious - FLCowboy
Mike Andrews - TX
Tejano Kid - TX

04-21-2011, 06:37 PM
Judges for the event includes
Harley Race
Jake the Snake Roberts
Butch Reed
Killer Karl Kox
Alex Pourteau
Les Thatcher
Stan "The Lariat" Hansen
The Honky Tonk Man
Terry Funk
Booker T
Cowboy Bob Orton
Jerry Oates
Chavo Guerrero, Sr
Mando Guerrero
Danny Hodge
Black Bart
Chris Youngblood

04-24-2011, 01:36 PM
Referees includes....

James Bread
Sam "Bling Bling "Miller
Ric Manning
Speed Bump

Ref. Joe Timlin ~ TX
Ref. Chuck Rankin ~ TX
Ref. Steven Boggan, Jr.~ Ohio
Tony "POPS" Estep ~ TX

04-24-2011, 01:38 PM
Looks like a great event with many great up and coming wrestlers and many Legends and Personalities of the sport and business of Wrestling!!!!