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04-19-2011, 04:39 PM
EWNCW Thursday Night Inferno



General manager:
Nathan Staples

Bob Daniels (play by play)
Pierce Kingmaker (color)

Ring Announcer:
Jason McManus

Andy Canon
Ano Doom
Antonyo Angelo
Arthur Lansdale
Bam Virus
DJ Williams
Grind Bastard
Johnny Rose
King Strem
KJ Punk
Krystian Krysys
Luke Jameson
Michael Archangel
Mint Berry Crunch (MBC)
Mike Hawk
Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr
Mike Muir
Raden Blain
Sir Gunther Wigbert (manager of Nightmare)
The Great Cobra
The Surgeon General
Tommy Thunder

Current Champions:
EWNCW Champion: Tommy Thunder
International Champion: King Strem
Inferno Ignition Champion: Andy Cannon

04-19-2011, 05:04 PM
EWNCW Thursday Night Inferno



General manager:
Nathan Staples

Bob Daniels (play by play)
Pierce Kingmaker (color)

Ring Announcer:
Jason McManus

Andy Canon
Ano Doom
Antonyo Angelo
Arthur Lansdale
Bam Virus
DJ Williams
Grind Bastard
Johnny Rose
King Strem
KJ Punk
Krystian Krysys
Luke Jameson
Michael Archangel
Mint Berry Crunch (MBC)
Mike Hawk
Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr
Mike Muir
Raden Blain
Sir Gunther Wigbert (manager of Nightmare)
The Great Cobra
The Surgeon General
Tommy Thunder

Current Champions:
EWNCW Champion: Tommy Thunder
International Champion: King Strem
Inferno Ignition Champion: Andy Cannon

04-21-2011, 02:38 PM

CM - “Whats up EWN, I’m Bob Daniels and what a show we have in store for you tonight following a Massacre to remember! Before we get into tonight’s show i want to say congratulations to The Boogeyman AKA Solla who is getting married tomorrow. Best of luck man from all of us. We kick things off with our new EWNCW world Heavyweight champion Shruiken blade in the ring, accompanied by Panda Massacre”

"Everyone who witnessed the match between "The Future" Kevin Matthews and myself "The Dark Warrior" Shuriken KNOWS exactly what EWNCW is all about. The match that we put up was about pride and respect! We did it for you guys in the crowd! I will carry this Heavyweight Championship with the honor, prestige and more importantly, the respect it truly deserves!”

“Matthews you are a worthy opponent. I will look forward to another match some day!”

*crowd cheers* “Thank you everyone! Now....it has to the attention to my partner, Panda, and my attention that a certain "defector" has come to the EWNCW ranks and got a number contendership against me for this very Heavyweight Championship.”


“SilverCena you think you can get in EWNCW and get a title shot against me? It doesn't work that way. You have to prove to me and the EWNCW crowd what you are truly made of BEFORE you step in the ring with me. My partner Panda will make sure you don't do anything "cute" when we do have our match. So for now.....SilverCena....learn and EARN your place then we will see.”

The Titantron Lights up and we see “The Future” Kevin Matthews in the rafters.
“Last Monday, I went into the match focused and determined that I was going to win the match. Alas I lost. Shruiken, you proved to me that you were the better man that night and I congratulate you on that. I’m not going to be around to ruin your celebration, in fact tonight I’ll be leaving early to focus on my wrestling career. Was becoming a professional wrestler actually a good choice? Since Tuesday morning, I’ve been looking at myself in the mirror and what do I see, a loser! Someone who hasn’t accomplished his dream. I’ve lost my passion for this business. I can’t go out here and embarrass myself in front of all of you great fans! If I do return it will be on my own terms but I think I need time to think this through.”

BD - “Wait, what? What does this mean for Kevin Matthews? Is the this the last we see of Kevin Matthews? I certainly hope not!”

“Now its time for our first match The Great Cobra vs Solla, i know the great Cobra has won his won his first 2 matches but he’s really got his work cut out for him tonight with the Albino Rhino”


BD – “And here comes the Great Cobra with a mic in his hand, i wonder what he has to say?”

“I am the Great Cobra and my bite is venomous. I welcome all challengers and will not accept defeat. You will bow down or be crushed when you step into my rin g.”

BD – “The rhino doesn’t look happy after Monday night”


BD – “How did he do it? After being dominated for 90% of the match The Great Cobra picks up the victory with a school boy!!! Solla looks pissed! The guy cant stop shou....shit he’s coming this way”

Security come and take Solla kicking and screaming to the back

04-21-2011, 02:49 PM
BD – “Mint Berry Crunch is in the ring waiting for Silvercena for a rematch from Monday night.”


Silvercena stops at the top of ramp with a mic in his hand.

“Look, I know my entrance was a surprise and the bigger surprise was coming in here and earning the number 1 contender spot. I understand your grievances because sure there are guys in the back who have spilt blood for EWNCW and I totally get it. I have nothing but respect for you guys which is why I jumped ship. Give me a chance and I promise to break my back giving you the best performance ever! Now, with that out of the way, let me focus on the man known as Shuriken. Shuriken, I really admire your humbleness and athletic prowess, however, I will come at you with everything I have. Be prepared for the fight of your life!”


BD – “Well Silvercena showed plenty of grit and determination there to pick up the victory but how will he fair against Shruiken?”

BD - Billy McCoy is here and we are hopfully going to get an explanation for what he did to The HeartBraker on sunday

Billy McCoy: "Let me introduce myself my name is Billy McCoy and I am the Big Hungry Badass of EWNCW (FANS BOO)
and when I’m talking you disgusting people listen!!!.you see Im on my way to the very top off this company and Im not swerving around obstecles with politics I'm Mowing in a straight Line and taking out everyone in my path.

You see from the very first day I Joined EWNCW I've Been overlooked, HeartBreaker last week on Inferno I Pinned you yet when it comes to a massacre to remember you get the match
instead of me that makes you my first target Cause Its time for me to take the spotlight for myself and if you have a set of balls you'll accept my challenge to a No-DQ match next week on Inferno and then once i'm through with
you i can move on to getting me some championship gold around here"


BD – “Heres The Heartbreaker-He doesn’t look happy”

"You are nothing but a Jumped up rookie and next week i'll put you in your place I accept
(Fans Cheer)but it doesn't sound like these fans want me to wait untill next week
(loud cheer) so lets do it now"
With that The Heartbreaker makes a break for McCoy who meets him half up the ramp.

The Two Brawl to the backstage area.

BD – “Don’t go anywhere folks we’ll be right back after this break”

04-21-2011, 03:46 PM
BD – “Welcome back folks, we’ve got guys backstage trying to split up Billy McCoy and The Heartbreaker, we’ll keep you posted through the night. Here comes Godmoney and Bodom looks pissed!”


Bodom grabs a mic

"Why is it that their is no gold within the ranks of Godmoney? I told you boys that in order to be the best, you have to show it. I'm not only talking about dignity but am also talking about titles! Rich and Zeus, you two were the tag champs and now you've lowered yourselves into nothing. Obviously within a group lies a weakest length and that link must be severed. I want to hear which one of you deserves to stay!"

Bodom gives Zeus the mic.
"Gentlemen, to put my case simply, I am the one who got the pin when we won the tag titles and Rich is the one who got pinned when we lost them so in that, lies your answer."

*Godmoney is fuming and eyeing Rich who looks apologetic* Rich takes the mic from Zeus.
"Guys, don't listen to Zeus, he is a liar and truly the weak link here. I have been carrying his ass the entire time now. It's true he got the pin but not without my assistance. He deliberatley clotheslined me even though it was meant for the other guy who ducked it".

*Godmoney nows turns their sneers towards Zeus who is shaking his head*

"I tell you guys, get rid of Zeus!".
Rich looks relieved as he joins in the rest of the group in the evil stares when all of a sudden Bodom hits Rich in the back of the head and the rest of Godmoney beats him down. Zeus joins in and after Rich is out, they stand tall with hands raised in the air. Bodom then rips off Rich's Godmoney jacket and takes it with him as they leave the ring.
BD – “What the fcuk? Godmoney have just kicked Rich Cranium out of Godmoney! I never saw this coming? Other then laying in the ring, where does this leave Rich? Im in shock!!!”


BD – “Here comes Gillz for his rematch from last week against Nightwolf”


BD – “This ones underway”


Gillz goes crazy attacking Nightwolf with anything he can get his hands on.

BD – “Gillz may have lost the match but Nightwolf sure doesn’t look like a winner! He’s decimated him, Nightwolf isn’t moving!!!”

Gillz grabs a mic

That is what you get when you piss me off
Why am i pissed off you say
when someone thinks they just come in here and pick me as the easy opponent
someone they think they can be done with in a flash
From now on im not holding back anything and theres nothing anyone on this roster can do to stop me
I am going to ahnilate anyone who dares come anywhere near me”

Nightwold is being assisted to the back when irk comes on the Titan tron

“Ha ha ha ha, Ha ha ha ha!!! You don’t look so confident now wolfy! You want to test me? YOU
WANT TO TEST ME!!?? Well nows your chance to show the whole world what your made off. Tonight you are in the main event against The EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion Shruiken Blade! Enjoy”

BD – “He cant do that! How can Irken Invader put Nightwolf in another match when he can barely stand! This is going to far now!!!”

04-21-2011, 04:20 PM

BD – “I guess we’re going to hear from EWNCW Tag Team Champions A Force of Greatness”

Matt Grabs a mic

“Whats up Ewnc..........................”


BD - "Cooper Hawkins makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand, and what looks to be a camera”

He enters the ring and starts taking Polaroid pictures of the tag titles
“Here you go guys there’s some pictures of your tag titles, so you can see them when I’ve took those titles from you. See me and Captain Charisma we aint ever and i mean EVER going to team together so I figure I’m going on my own! Yeah you heard me it me against the both of.....”


BD – “Captain Charisma makes his way to the ring, it looks like he objects to this!!!”

“ I don’t think so!!! I want the titles”

Captain Charisma hits Matt with the mic while Cooper Hawkins attacks Tai Night

BD – “It looks like Captain Charisma and Cooper Hawkins and finally called a truce, It looks like Captain Charisma has found a mean streak and a championship wilol do that to ya!”

04-21-2011, 04:25 PM
Camera cuts backstage to show McCoy and the Heartbreaker going at it


BD – “Its now time for our main event We see the champ Shruiken take on Nightwolf. I cant believe Irk is making Nightwolf wrestle 2 matches in 1 night!! And here come’s the Nightwolf barely able to stand!”



BD – “Here come’s the champ Shruiken Blade who doesn’t seem happy 1 bit about having to face an injured Nightwolf, but this ones underway!”


BD – “How on earth did Nightwolf manage to hang on that long? Shruiken looks amazed at the determination shown tonight! Now thats a class act right there!”

Shruiken pulls Nightwolf to his feet and holds is hands in the air
BD – “Thats it for this week folks! Join us next week for more action here at Inferno”

04-21-2011, 05:12 PM
BD – “Welcome back folks, we are awaiting the arrival of.........................”

The lights go out and Tommy Thunder's music hits!!


The spotlight centers on the man that defended his Forum Championship inside Hell in a Cell against the sick minded Albino Rhino; Solla Mafoai!! And for the first time in several weeks, that smile has returned to his face as he takes time to high five fans on the way to the ring and even pose for a few photos with a few lucky ones!! He enters the ring, takes a good look around before calling for his mic to be lowered.

"Ohhhhhh yeeeeeeahh!!!!"

*loud cheers from the crowd*

"This is a goooood night ain't it?!"

*crowd cheer*
"And it's about to get better, because the must see MVP of EWNCW has just entered..... TOMMYYYYYYYY THUNNNNDEEEER!!!" *Holds mic up for the crowd to reply 'THUNNNDEEEER'* "That's right, I once AGAIN, created history on Monday night, when I competed in the first EVER Hell in a Cell match here in EWNCW. And guess what? I won!!" *cheers* "But that was all thanks to you, my VIP's, my fans!! And in retaining my title at Massacre to Remember, I created yet ANOTHER piece of history. I became the longest reigning champion in EWNCW!! EVER!! And you know what? My reign is going to continue to grow longer and longer, because I have the best fans in the world backing me!!"

*crowd love this*

"I may have left the ppv on Monday on a stretcher, but I discharged myself so that I could be here this week for you guys!! Yeah, that albino hippo Solla Mafoai thought he could put me on the shelf and take my title at the same time!! Uh uh!! NO!! You start dieting my friend, and you might have a chance of actually getting off your fat ass and getting close to doing one of those things!!"

*crowd cheer*

"Now, on to more pressing matters. Something else caught my eye on Monday at the ppv, in fact, this something caught a hell of a lot more than just my eye. First of all this something decided to ruin the celebration of a good friend of mine TJ Hawks. The guy had just been through 3 matches, and not any matches, 3 grueling matches!! A tables match, a ladder match and a cage match, and he won, he retained his title"

*TJ Hawks chant starts*

"But then, this something decided to put a damper on things by taking out TJ after the match. And I think, ok, he's new, and he's trying to make an impression, I guess it's a good way to make an impact right?! But THEN, he decides to do something stupid, something that he's going to regret very soon. He decides to take ME out after MY match while I was on a freaking stretcher!!" *crowd boo* "I mean talk about kicking a man when he's down!! Of course if you haven't figured it out, I'm talking about 'The GREAT Pharaoh', Seth Ferrel."

*loud boos*

"Now see here 'Great Pharaoh', I don't know if you've noticed, but the Pharaohs were alive like a billion years ago!! They ain't around any more!! So I'll tell you what you really are, you're Seth Ferrel, 'The Great Phony'!!"

*crowd laugh and cheer*

"Now I've spent the last few weeks having to deal with some fat bastard doing things to me behind my back, and now you come along and kick on guys when they're at their most venerable. So if you want a piece of me, next time, you come meet me in the ring, man to man ok. But just remember who you're dealing here. He is the pioneer of the Hell in a Cell match here in EWNCW, and the first, and LONGEST reigning champion in EWNCW history!!! He is the must see MVP and 'The Storm' that's always raging in EWNCW....... TOMMYYYYYYYYYY THUNNNNNDEEEEEER!!! ....." *mounts turnbuckle*

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57FcwUoCdmQ my music

The Pharaoh Seth Ferrell makes his way down the ramp.

“How you doing peasants? I have decided to grace you all with my presence here in EWNCW. I'm Seth Ferrell and I look forward to embarrassing all of the slow and fat brutes here one by one. They call me the Pharaoh because I turn all my victories into the gold that I wear. And well cause you know I'm better than all of you. Tommy Thunder I challange you to a match here and now for the Forum Title...if you have the pyramids for it?”

TT “Get me a damn Referee”

BD – “It looks like we’re having a match for title right now!”



BD – “What is Seth Ferrell doing with steel chair? He’s going to get dq’d!! Ooooooo thats got to hurt!”

Ref rings the bell announcing Tommy Thunder the winner via dq

BD – “What the hell is going through Ferrell’s head he could have been the new forum champ! Tommy Thunder does not look happy!”

Ferrell makes his way to the back with a grin from ear to ear.

04-28-2011, 03:44 PM

BD - “Whats up EWN, I’m Bob Daniels and what a show we have in store for you, Tonight we start on the road to “Bred for Combat”. We’re going to see a rematch from last week with Solla against The Great cobra, The Heartbreaker vs. Billy McCoy, Cooper Hawkins Vs 1 Half of the Tag Champions Tai Night, Nightwolf will get the chance for revenge on Gillz in a handicap match against him and Silver Asstool, and In the main event we shall see Silvercena test his skills against K2Assjelly.”


BD - “Here comes “The Pharoah” Seth Ferrell with a mike in his hand…..lets hear what he’s got to say…….”

“TJ Hawkes. Massacre to Remember was a night to remember for you. I can have that effect. Everyone remembers a Pharaoh. You're a slow, fat, brute, and I caught you napping. I reminded you and everyone what it takes to be a champion here. But because I'm no coward, and because I'm a generous, benevolent fellow, and because I know that some dull peasant types might think what I did was cheap, I challenge you to a match Tonight. What do you say Hawkseyboy? Can you keep up with my speed?”

You know.. no, that's not enough. I keep hearing about how this Tommy Thunder is going to "deal" with me. I keep hearing from him that he's going verbally "dissect" me? Is that what you believe? When I debuted I killed two brutes with one stone. So why not kill two brutes with a single stone for a second time here? I have my attention on TJ, fortunate guy, but I'll be keeping an eye on you too Tommy Thunder. I'm gonna do all of the EWNCW fed a favour by removing these stupid guys with stupid abbreviations for their name. TT? TJ? What?"


BD “Here come the International Champion TJ Hawkes, This is TJ’s first match since that gruelling 2 out of 3 falls match where after the match he was jumped by Seth Ferrell. He‘s got a referee with him so I guess we have a match!!!”


BD - “Seth Ferrell is really showing he’s a force to be reckoned with, what a great victory over the champ…it’s a good job the title wasn’t on the line, TJ just couldn’t handle the high flyer tonight….who’s this?”

Tommy Thunder's music hits as the light go out and the spotlight centers on the Forum Champ!!

"Now, for a change I'm going to keep it quite short this week. Last week I told 'The Great Phony' Seth Farrell to come meet me in the ring man to man, face to face if he wanted a piece of me, and to his credit he did just that. BUT, he blindsided me by smashing me with a frikin steel chair!! Now I don't know what the hell you want buddy, you had a chance at my title last week, and, well, you lost. So now you take your ass and go back to the rear of the queue, and wait your turn. But before you do that, why don't you come out here and have another match with me, NO DQ!! So that I can show YOU what it feels like to get hit with a steel chair!! HELL, with a bit of luck, my VIP's here might even witness a live mummification here tonight!!"

*crowd cheer*
"See Ferrel, they want it, I sure as hell want it, the question is, do YOU have the Pyramids for it!! What you say play boy? Me and you next week?!!"

Ferrell stand in the middle of the ring nodding is head

BD - “Well there we have it guys, next week we see Tommy Thunder in a no DQ match with Seth Ferrell and I can’t wait to see that one!!!”

04-28-2011, 03:49 PM

BD - “Who’s this? I’ve never heard this music be……It’s Rich Cranium!!! What the hell is he doing here? After the beating he had last week how is he even able to stand???!!!”

Rich Grabs a mic

" Last week, the guys in GodMoney decided to have a barbeque and it turns out I was on the menu! They beat me down and left me with a concussion. Now that I am back, I want their asses!

Boys, listen to me! I will take you out one by one and I don't care how I have to do it, but I will! "

Rich makes is way to the back with purpose


The Heartbreaker makes his way to the ring.


BD - “Here’s Billy McCoy, the fans really don’t like this guy after his recent actions, I can’t hear myself think over this blanket of Boo’s.”


BD - “Somebody needs to get the EMT’s out here Billy McCoy has won the match and left The Heartbreaker in a very bad way!”

EMT’s loads The Heartbreaker onto a trolley and take him to the back

04-28-2011, 03:55 PM

BD - “The Great Cobra looks confident and why shouldn’t he after his debut here in EWNCW, But if I’ve learnt 1 thing about The Albino Ryhno its he’s a nut job!!!It look’s like he’s got something to say!!"

“As I showed you last week, you can fight with a cobra but in the end unless you are a mongoose, you will be defeated. I will keep coming and attacking those who stand in my path. My near future goal is to take on Tommy Thunder for his TV title! Tommy, you have been warned”


Solla Sprints to the ring


BD - “By Gawdddd the match never even got started and Solla has destroyed The Great Cobra…it look like this one is over before it even started!! Literrally!!!

We cut back stage to see Rich Cranium beating down Splattered Dreams in the back

Bodom is with Zeus in the Ring.

Bodom: Now we have the best stable in all of EWNCW! Where is Dreams? Anyways..


RC makes his way down the aisle.

RC: Did you guys see what I did with Splattered Dreams? One of you is next! Bodom, ,you think your a bigshot? I never trusted you for one minute! Zeus, you were my partner and betrayed me!

Bodom: Zeus, get him!

Zeus instead attacks Bodom beating him down and then joins Rich in the aisle.

Zeus asks Rich for the mic:
Zeus: Bodom..Bodom...

“You see, for months now we have protected you and stood infront of every attack you ordered, and for what? to be insulted infront of capacity crowds? to convince you that you should kick out my best friend? Well not anymore. You finally have pushed your power over the edge. Where's your gold? When were you last fighting for a championship? Why do you have to use others for your dirty work? Because your weak. And now, after we have stood up against you, everyone can see exactly the coward you are. And your word-smithery and your hoodoo will not save you from the beating you will receive from me and Rich.”

“Rich, from the bottom of my heart man, I'm sorry. I should have never attacked you, and I woud love to align with you again. We were a team, the best of teams, and to me, it didn't matter who got the pin or who got pinned, it is always the team effort, a pair of equals, and you are my only friend, and I will not turn on you again.”

Rich and Zeus strut to the back with a huge grin on their faces!


04-28-2011, 04:24 PM
****Guys I've just read about the Tornado's in the states... I pray all you guys, who i concider my friends are safe. I prey for you all in that area***

BD - “Welcome back folks, in the ring we Have Gills and his partner SilverAsstool, how much longer is Irk going to keep punishing Nightwolf?”


BD - “Here come’s Nightwolf and he doesn’t even look phased about having to face 2 guys!!!”


Nightwolf picks up the win
"Ow.. I think one of those guys knocked a tooth loose.... But I have a serious message to pass along to you guys since I have the ring to myself for the time being: For the past couple of weeks now Irken and I have been throwing punches back an forth at each other. He is wanting the end of my career to arrive sooner rather than later. I may be in pain an unable to move as quickly as I used to thanks to the hell I have been put through, but I can assure you one thing, Irken... I will never back down! I will see this through until' the end... Even if it involves me coming after you in a wheel chair."

-Pauses an looks at the blood that dripped from his mouth.-

"Ye-up.. Those guys got the best of me alright... I admire that. I just want you to know that you have not seen the last of me. I have big plans for you Irken. These plans will rock the very foundation that EWNCW rests upon. You along with everybody else will find out what I have planned next week. So... I suggest that you keep on watching your back son.. Because when I finally get a hold of you again we will not be playing a game of Capture And Set Free."

Captain Charisma & Cooper Hawkins make their way to the ring.


BD - “Here comes the Tag Team Champions A Force of Greatness, Tai Night looks confident ahead of his match with Cooper Hawkins.


BD - “Cooper Hawkins has done it!! He’s beat 1 half of the Tag Team champs! A Force of Greatness look stunned! They officially on notice!!”

04-28-2011, 04:29 PM
BD - “Its now time for our main event, and here comes the champ Shruiken accompanied by his Valet Panda Massacre to join me for the match”


BD: I'm joined here with the Champion, Shuriken. Hello Champ!

Shuriken: Good evening Bob.

BD: Champ, how do you feel being in your current situation with SilverCena and NightWolf? We have seen NightWolf and Irken go at it and clearly dislike each other. What will your involvement cause in their disagreement?

Shuriken: Well....I am not happy about it but its my job as the Champion of EWNCW to go through with this. I know I have SilverCena in a match for my championship and I have been used by the General Manager as his own personal hitman against NightWolf. I do have a lot of concern but my focus never went away.


K2AssJelly makes his way to the ring


BD: Here come’s SilverCena, What are your thoughts on him as of this moment?

Shuriken: SilverCena......SilverCena is a good talent and I will not take that away from him but my views on him won't change just yet. He has to EARN his place. He is trying but its not me that he has to impress, its the EWNCW fanbase and as a whole.

BD: I see, what about the mysterious NightWolf? Last time we have seen NightWolf, he was placed in TWO MATCHES! One of the matches was against you, the Champ? How did you feel facing a beaten man and have you ever expected him to go far in your match?

Shuriken: To be quite honest Bob, I WAS IMPRESSED! NightWolf is a worthy challenge! He has faced obstacle after obstacle and he is proving himself. I do want another rematch with a healthy NightWolf and I am sure the fans will love to see that as well. NightWolf is also nobility, just like your proud Champion, Shuriken. I am irritated on the fact that Irken used me as nothing more than a hitman or a cleaner for his intentions and such, but I will show the General Manager to not damage the competition and I am not "some guy" that will clean up his messes! I AM THE CHAMPION! The two people of interest, SilverCena and NightWolf, be ready.....and show me what you have in that ring when the time comes!


After winning the match Silvercena grabs the mic
“Turn on the mic! Shuriken! I would normally spit at you with a rap but being I just wrestled in a match, I won't kill you in a rhyme. I hope you have taken notes and that you go back to your ball of smoke, study those notes and prepare yourself! I have been a gentleman towards you so far but once we meet, all the nice guy stuff is thrown out the window. Your ass is mine!”

BD - “What you make of that champ? It appears the gauntlet has been layed down by Silvercena”

Shruiken: “His time will come Bob sooner rather than later”

Shruiken rises from his seat and we end the show with Silvercena and Shruiken staring each other down.

Rich Cranium
04-29-2011, 02:46 PM
This week's advertisement is brought to you by EWNCW!

Coming soon:


05-05-2011, 02:25 PM
Solla: HERBIE!!!! HERBIE!!!!! I NEED YOU!!!!!!

Solla: Now where did that worm run off to now? I only wanted to see if I could....WAIT....I have a better idea

Solla: Oh....Where oh where has my Herbie B gone.....Oh where oh where can he be?

Solla answers his cell phone

Solla: Yes?.....yeah this is me.....Okay.....Are you sure?....What's he doing?....REALLY?....Well just make sure he gets here before the show, I have plans for him....Okay...OKay bye.

Solla looks into the mirror and gives that oh so evil laugh and grin.


Rich Cranium
05-05-2011, 02:48 PM
Guy Smith here:


As you can see from our concert last night, it was a sold out event!


Rich Cranium
05-05-2011, 02:50 PM
And then afterwards, the crowd hit the local bars:


Rich Cranium
05-05-2011, 02:55 PM
And later camped near the arena:


Rich Cranium
05-05-2011, 03:03 PM
EWNCW News: We take our jobs seriously!


05-05-2011, 03:07 PM
HERBIE B....in da house!!!!!!


05-05-2011, 03:56 PM

BD - “Whats up EWN, I’m Bob Daniels and what a show we have in store for you, We’re only 10 days away from “Bred for Combat”.and things are really starting to heat up. Tonight We’re going to see the Debut of Andy Cannon going 1 on 1 with The Great Cobra, Billy McCoy will put challenge The Heartbreakers good fried TJ Hawkes in a non Title match, Captain Charisma will face off against 1 half of the Tag Team champs Matt “The Force” Elder, Tommy Thunder will finally try and put his issues with The Pharaoh Seth Ferrell inside a steel cage, and we shall also see the EWNCW Heavyweight Champion Shruiken will team with Nightwolf to take on the team of Gillz and Silvercena!”

“Here comes Andy Cannon for his 1st match up here in EWNCW”

“I’ve heard promising things about Cannon from the Indy circuit but it’s a well known fact he doesn’t care much for the fans!”


BD - “Here’s The Great Cobra, He’s been going back wards and forwards with The Albino Rhino Solla Mafoi lately and the he’s obviously starting to grow on the crowd”


BD - “ Andy Cannon gave a great showing of himself here tonight but The Great Cobra Just got the better of him! Wait what’s this?”

BD : “Whats this.....Its Herbert Birdsfoot.....thats Solla's personal reporter, I wonder what he has to say about this situation”

HB: “Umm...Mister Cobra”

Cobra: “Yes ssss sssss ssss”

HB: “Gulp.....p p p please.....d d d dont talk to me like that”

Cobra: “You snivelling little worm.....what do you want?”

HB: “Its not what I want Mister Cobra.....its what Solla wants....i am only the messenger”

Cobra: “Messenger??? What are you talking about??”

HB: “Gulp.....I really d d d dont wanna do this, but I have n n n no alternative.”

Cobra: “DO WHAT!!!”

HB: “Feast your eyes on this....Gulp (By this point Herbie has wet his pants)”

Videotron comes to life with Solla's Promo on Cobra
“Well well well....so the great Cobra wants to antagonize me, well I say NO MORE. “

“Now I am the one doing the antagonizing, but this is only the beginning.”

Camera fades back revealing Cobras parents dangling profusely over a huge pit of pissed off and hungry snakes
“How precious is life to you Cobra......because it is meaningless to me.”

“Before you.....you see.....oh wait......IS THAT YOUR PARENTS!!!! Are those snakes in that pit hungry??? Oh I say they are.......just watch this”

Solla tosses in a couple rats and the snakes go into a crazed frenzy of eating
“Now....Cobra.....tonight, and any other night you decide you want to cross my path, this hunter will be sure to hunt you down and do what he does best.....HE KILLS without remorse.....and you are going to be no different Cobra....No different”

Solla throws a switch which slowly lowers Momma and poppa into the pit of crazed snakes
“Can you hear those screams.....oh how I love that sound.....its music to my ears”

“You want to save your momma and poppa.....here is your alternative”

“You either face me at “Bred for combat“ you either to decide to end …………….or I decide to......and your folks will never see the light of day again......NEVER”

“The choice is yours!!!”
HB: “See, I told you I didn’t want to bring this to you.”

Cobra: “You rotten little.…”

HB: “Cobra please....dont.....I just”

Cobra: “JUST WHAT?????”

HB: “Just have the contract in hand for you to sign.”

Cobra: “Fine.....I will sign anyrthing.....anything to get this psychotic Samoan off my back”

Cobra signs the contract
HB: “Oh C c c c Cobra.....Solla wanted me to tell you what was in the fine print”


HB: “Not me Cobra......Solla did......In the fine print.....at the PPV you will participate in a Hardcore match…..but not any, your snivelling fan will bring the weapons..!!

Cobra: !What in gods name???!

HB: “I will explain.....At Bred for combat all of the disgusting people coming to watch the PPV will fetch a weapon, which are all legal to be used!”

Cobra: “Why you sneaky little bastard...Im gonna…”

With that....Solla sprints to the ring and beats the living hell out of Cobra sending a message in the process.....

“Dont mess with the hunter......You will fall prey to the sickness”

HB: “Solla....I have the contract.....the sucker signed it.......We did it my friend”

Solla: “HA HA HA HA HA HA”

05-05-2011, 04:05 PM
BD - “We return to see Billy McCoy in the ring awaiting his opponent TJ Hawkes, Billy has had a real chip on his shoulder has of late, and he is dead set on taking out The Heartbreakers best friend tonight”


BD - “it always amazes me how the crowd always get behind TJ! They’re goin crazy right about now!!!”


BD - “Billy McCoy picks up a convincing victory, oh man he’s now grabbing a mic….I guess we have to hear him on drown on……again”

“Well its always nice to be in front of the EWNCW Fans, because looking at you, fat slobs makes me look even bigger better badder and more intellgent you see thats what sets me apart from everybody else in EWNCW! I'm Clever I know the business I Know that the Heartbreaker will be sitting at home seething at the fact I Took him out last week. Now Heartbreaker, Everybody’s Hero, The Heartbreaker if you do want to step back into my Den then I'm offering up the chance to do it at “BRED FOR COMBAT” Heartbreaker vs McCoy. But I'm Warning you Heartbreaker you come back at “BRED FOR COMBAT” I Wont Just Take you, out I'll end your career.”

BD - “Well I Billy McCoy as issued The Heartbreaker a challenge for “Bred for Combat”. I think I know how he’ll respond to that!”

Captain Charisma makes his way to the ring.


BD - “Here come’s The Force, looking to pick up a win, leading up to Bred for combat!”

BD - “Matt Picks up the win on this one, but how will A Force of Greatness fare at Bred for Glory?”


05-05-2011, 04:27 PM
After commercial break, Bodom and SDreams are in the ring
Bodom: We are here to let you all know that GodMoney may now be two but we are still going strong, right Dreams?

Dreams: Right boss!

Bodom: We are looking for 2 new members to join our elite club. If you have the talent and are worthy, step up to the plate and prove yourself.

Dreams: Yeah, prove yourself!

Bodom: As the leader of GodMo..

*R&Zeus's song hits*


Rich: Wait, wait just a minute. We were GodMoney before you two joined! If anyone is going to call themselves GodMoney, it'll be Zeus and myself.
Tell them Zeus.

Zeus: You see, GodMoney wasn't a spur of the moment thing, it was something we knew would define a generation. But, GodMoney is synonymous with us. I'm Zeus, he's Rich, and that makes GodMoney. Simple as that.

In fact, we will be fair, we will give you a name that personifies you two. BodDreams, SplatteredBod, or whatever fancy-dancy name you can think of. But that is our name, and we will be the ones left drenched in it's legacy.

Bodom: Seems to me that no one owned the rights to that name so I took it upon myself and had an official document filled out with my name as the owner of the GodMoney name! Furthermore, my attorney was present and can vouch for this!

Rich: If you really want the name, you will put your money where your mouth is and fight us for it!

Zeus: And I think that to deny us that just shows how much of a coward you really are, and how much it pays to be the real GodMoney.

Bodom: Okay, ok. I tell you what. How about one of you fight my man Dreams next week and the winner gets to choose the stipulation for the PPV with the winner being able to officially call themselves GodMoney forever! At the PPV, we will have ourselves a tag match, Dreams and I vs you two clowns for the rights to the name of GodMoney. We choose a ladder match.

Rich: We choose a Steel Cage match!

*Zeus nods in approval

Dreams: Since you idiots interrupted us, here is one for you! Next weeks match will be a cage match! Which one of you will fight for your loss?

Zeus: I will take that challenge!

Bodom: Good luck next week because your going to need it! Hahahaha!

BD - “Wowsers , next week it will be Splattered Dreams vs. Beard of Zeus in a cage match to decide the stipulation for their match at Bred for Combat.”

Seth Ferrell makes his way to the ring



Bd - “Here comes the Forum Champ Tommy Thunder and man he can’t wait to get his hands on Ferrell. And this ones underway…..”

BD - “Ferrell has done it again!!! it’s a good job the title wasn’t on line!!! Lets hear what ferrell has to say”

“Ha ha you see? Are you all ready to admit your inferiority to me? Chant my name. Go ahead. /I spread my arms and wait/ Despite lowering myself to your peasant ways and entertainments by putting myself into a cage like a common beast, like everything, it just gave me the advantage, allowed me to attack from all angles, allowed me to move faster, allowed me to soar even higher!”

“I have just taken victory from both your International Champion and Forum Champion brutes! And it was easy! two brutes down... but not quite. two brutes, two matches, is two stones. I insist for one. Expecting me to be happy with beating two of these guys in two matches is just setting expectations pretty low. Pathetically low. Peasant low. Not good enough. I said I would take these two brutes out with one stone I intend to do it right. I intend to do it in a way to be remembered! I intend to do it at Bred For Combat in a Triple Threat Match. Triple Threat being the three of us, the fated and glorious threat, and two brutes... with two titles, two pinfalls, and one victorious Pharaoh.”

BD - “Has “The Pharoah” Seth Ferrell just challenged both The Forum and International champs to a match at Bread for Combat? Both titles on the line at the same time? This guy is crazy!!!”


05-05-2011, 04:43 PM
We Return to see Nightwolf in the Ring with a mic

"So! Bred For Combat is just around the corner, eh? Well I am certaintly Bred For Combat an I honestly believe that I should be apart of this up-coming Pay Per View. Irkster.. The main man.. THE BOSS!! You have hid behind one guy after the next to try your hand at taking me down, but every time I emerge from the wreckage surprisingly with my ability to walk left in tact. The only person that managed to even ALMOST end my Career was a beast of a man named Gillz. I would love to have my pay back on the both of you. That is why I am out here Tonight to issue a challenge.. I want Gillz AND IrkenInvader in a Hadicap match at Bred For Combat. I will put my Career on the line in this match.... If you or Gillz manage to pin me then my release will be announced in some form the following day. However, if I manage to beat either of you then I want your office, Irkster. I wan to spin around in your chair! I want to hand the posters from my favorite bands on the wall... But most importantly.. I want to see what EWNCW would be like without an authority figure around.. Then an only then.. Is when I will welcome EVERYBODY to the jungle."

BD - “Will Irk accept is offer? I cant believe Nightwolf is prepared to put his career on the line!!!”


Shruiken makes his way to the ring with Panda Massacre

BD - “The crowd go absolutely nuts as the champ makes his way to the squared circle! Shruiken has something to prove tonight after Silvercena drew the battle lines in the sand last week. And he looks as focused has ever, and I must say Panda Massacre is looking as beautiful as ever ”


SilverCena and Gillz make their way to the ring


BD - “Shruiken and Nightwolf really stamped their authority on this one, picking up while they were at it! Oh no that was uncalled for!”

Whilst Gillz makes his way to the back Silvercena attacks Shruiken from behind

Nightwolf makes his way to the back with out helping his partner.
BD - “This is just uncalled for and shows no respect what so ever towards the champ! And why is Nightwolf just walking away?!

"Give me a damn mic, I got something to say!
Better yet, I am going to my street ways!"

"I just hit you like a bowling pin,
and left you with a toothless grin,
send yo ass to the looney bin
then again that's home to Shuriken"

"I be sharper than your Samurai swords
While all you got is your ninja words
Clean the mat with your fat skull
leave ya lookin for Bin Laden with the sea gulls"

"Cut you down like a pair of scissors
You see Panda, be lucky if I let you leave with her
I’m colder than a Dairy Queen Blizzard,
This is Lord of the Rings, you’re the hobbit, I’m the wizard"

"Bread for Combat be your last ride
take your belt as it's seen worldwide
I'll take your pride and crush yo ego,
I'm like CM Punk and your Santino"

"I told ya it was in the scrolls
My future is set and safe as birth control
At the PPV, yours is a minor role
hiding behind your boytoy, Mr. Michael Cole"

"See you at the next arena,
I'm that baddass hyena, SilverCena

*Throws down mic and leaves*

End of Broadcast

05-05-2011, 04:53 PM
****check in for updates****
The Heartbreaker answers Billy McCoys challange for Bred for Combat

Godmoney vs Godmoney cage match (winner to choose stip for ppv)

Soll'a personal Interviewer Erbie vs Andy Cannon

TJ Hawkes and Tommy Thunder answer Seth Ferrells challange

Irken Invader & Gillz answer Nightwolf's challange

EWNCW Heavyweight Championship Contract signing

Also what will happen between A Force of Greatness and Captain Charisma and Cooper Hawkins?

How will The Great Cobra respond to Solla's attack on his family?

And for the first time ever the owner of EWNCW speaks out

Find out next week on EWNCW Inferno!!!

Tommy Thunder
05-05-2011, 07:25 PM

Well folks, just as we anticipated, that was one red hot Inferno!! We just saw The Great Cobra forced into signing a contract for a hardcore match against EWNCW's psychopathic monster, Solla Mafoai!! And the bait? Cobra's parents!! Billy McCoY challenging The Heartbreaker to a match, and promising to end his career at 'Bred for Combat'!! We saw a monumental point in the saga of GodMoney. A tag team match between the original GodMoney of Rich Cranium and Beard of Zeus and the new GodMoney of Bodom and Splattered Dreams for the rights to the GodMoney name!! But what type of match will it be?! We saw Seth Ferrell beating Tommy Thunder inside a steel cage, and then challenging Thunder and TJ Hawks for the Forum title and the International title!! How will 'The Storm' and 'The Rockstar' respond to this challenge?! Nightwolf will be putting his career on the line at Bred for Combat against Gillz and our GM, yes, Irken Invader has been challenged to a match, and if Nightwolf wins, then Irken will have to leave his post as GM!! Will he accept?! And finally, SilverCena disrespecting Shuriken after the main event with a brutal attack, and Nightwolf not hanging around to help his tag partner for the night. Shuriken will surely not stand for any more disrespect!!
Be sure to tune in next week to find the answers and final chapters in these feuds before our next ppv, 'Bred for Combat'!!

05-06-2011, 03:23 AM
Jonathan Sanchez, who was sent to find NightWolf after the show found him after hours of looking. Nightwolf was inside of a dark alley with his back leaned up against a brick wall. Through the black shades that covered his face, NightWolf shifted his attention to the slightly anxious Jonathan Sanchez who was standing at the opening of the alley. NightWolf knowing very well what he wanted pushed his arms out behind himself an shifted his frame away from the wall an walked over to Jonathan Sanchez. The echoing footsteps of his black wrestling boots was like a melodic tone to the ears of Night wolf. His black trench coat flew behind him as it was grasped by the strong breeze that brushed against him. It was almost reminiscent of a horror movie.

JS: "You walked away from Shuriken after he was being beat down by SilverCena. Why? I thought you guys shared a mutual respect for eachother? You must have been scared."

*Jonathan said to NightWolf as they finally stood toe to toe.*

NW: "Let me tell ya' something..." *NightWolf picked Jonathan up by the collars of his shirt.* "I was never scared.. It was all about using intelligence. If Irken an Gillz accept my challenge then I will need all of my strength being put on reserve for that match. I do not plan on taking any unecessary risks to further harm my body."

JS: "A-Alright then. What will you do if Shuriken plans on calling you out for bailing on him after that beatdown from SilverCena?"

NW: "I am pretty sure that his main focus will be on SilverCena. I do not mind if Shuriken wants to have a match with me somewhere down the line. I respect the hell out of the guy, despite my direspectful actions last night. My judgements have been swayed slightly by my obvious on-going feud with Irken."

*Nightwolf eases off on JS's collar.*

JS: "You are a former World Champion, but after joining EWNCW you showed no interest at all in chasing after any of the belts. Will we see this change in the near future?"

NW: "Possibly, but for now my main focus is on putting on some of the greatest matches that the audience will ever lay their eyes on. If the time comes that I finally decide to fling myself back into the title picture then I will give it my all to make sure that I would be a valuable Champion or challenger."

JS: "Now back to Irken.. You put your Career on the line inside of this possible match-up against Irken an Gillz. Do you think that this is a bit outrageous?"

NW: "No. I believe that it is fair to be entirely honest with you, Jon. Irken has never respected me, and he does not want me to be apart of his Company. I am simply giving him what he wants, but at the sametime I want to gain something in return that would end his torturous behavior toward me."

JS: "I see! Well the fans are dying to know.. What will you do if you lose this match an ultimately be releashed afterward?"

NW: "If I end up losing then I will plan on doing other projects. However, I don't plan on losing Jonathan. Your eyes will be opened up for a new future soon enough. I promise you this."

NightWolf's lips curled into a smile as his long slender arms rose up to his face. He pulled his black shades away from his face an placed them on Jonathan Sanchez. Jonathan was excited at this as he realized that the shades made him cooler an more mysterious. NightWolf simply popped Jons collar an turned away from him an walked off into the middle of the night.



Leaving the alley after interviewing NightWolf not too long ago was the suit wearing, shade styling, and stache enthusiast, Jonathan Sanchez. While walking along the side walk on his way back to the reporter squad retreat he bumped into a masked man. At first he thought that he was going to get mugged so he showed a face of terror as his teeth were visably shown grinding together like a beaver, but then as he took a closer look at the man he noticed that it was Shuriken. Jonathan figured that this could be his huge break. Jonathan quickly dug around inside of his suit pocket before pulling out his microphone an holding it up for Shuriken to speak into.

JS: "Shuriken! It must be my lucky day to have found you. I have a series of Questions I want to ask you. Firstly, what do you have planned for SilverCena after his hellaceous assault on you following your main event Tag Team match?"

Shuriken: " I will make SilverCena pay.....I was growing some respect for him but he blew it. In our match, I will show absolutely NO MERCY on the loud mouth rapper!!! I will make him suffer...."

JS: "I like suffering! I once went to a tanning salon an turned up the heat an extra degree. I felt so rebellious until' I started feeling like a lobster. Blah! So much sun burn! Anyway.. You have held on to the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship for a very long time now. Are you learning anything new that will possibly secure your victory on the day you will defend your Championship?"

*Not taking a liking to Jonathan Sanchez's rambling, Shuriken picked Jonathan up by his collars..*

Shuriken: "Mr. Sanchez.....your job is to ask questions.....not ramble."

*Shuriken slowly returned Jonathan Sanchez back to his feet*

Shuriken: I only have my focus. That focus is to keep the EWNCW Heavyweight Championship for a long while. I will lose the title one day.....that would only mean that the challenger is better than me. SilverCena is NOT better than ME! I am going to retain the the title and I will still look forward to new challenges!

*Taking a large gulp, Jonathan Sanchez straightened out his collar. The threading on his collar was already starting to tear after being picked up twice by his collars by both NightWolf an Shuriken.*

JS: "In one of SilverCena's raps he claimed that he would take Panda with him. Are you worried about losing her her amongst this madness? "

Shuriken: He must be some sort of a fool! Panda is a beautiful woman, that is true but to say something like that.....you know what SilverCena....you can try to take her but I can tell you this for a fact.....you will not succeed. Why? Because Panda and I have trained under puroresu. We may not look like it but we spar with each other too. As I said.....if you lay a hand on her.....even I cannot save you. Panda is way more than just a pretty face.

JS: "I see that you an Panda have become close over time since working together. This should be very, very interesting. I will catch you again for another Interview so that we break down your on-going feud for the fans."

*Before Jonathan Sanchez could walk away, Shuriken grabbed Jonathan Sanchez by the shoulder an pulled him back. Jonathan turned around with widened eyes as he heard Shuriken say one last thing.*

Shuriken: " I haven't forgotten about NightWolf. I respect the man.....I even praised him but his actions were unforgivable! My focus is on SilverCena.....but I want a match against NightWolf to clear some steam! SilverCena....NightWolf....both of you will learn to not take me or my partner lightly.....I CAN AND WILL MAKE YOUR LIVES HELLISH!"

JS: "There we have it folks. Shuriken is ready to go against SilverCena an NightWolf for their actions. Will we see Shuriken get some sort of revenge on the next episode of Inferno? Find out on EWNCW where we define the word Awetastical every Thursday! It was good talking to you Shuriken!"

*Shuriken bowed his head as well as Jonathan did in return. Shuriken walked away an Jonathan Sanchez went back home to callaborate with his fellow Reporter buddies.*

05-06-2011, 04:23 PM
Real Name: Solla Christopher Mafoai
Age: 27
Weight: 350 all muscle
Height: 6'3''
Hometown: Samoan Islands
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: Blonde with Black streaks
Wrestling Style: Pure Brawler

Background: On October 31st Solla was born to parents Olivia and Paul (Both now deceased) Mafoai. Solla had an older brother Manu Michael Mafoai (also deceased) Solla is now the lone survivior of the Mafoai family.

Raised by the Islanders, Solla knew as he was growing up that he was different, he didnt look like the other Samoan children, his skin color was very pale compared to the other children, he was almost white, with pink eyes. Not understanding why he was different he decided to investigate futher. Solla managed to track down his birth records, and find the hospital where he was born, He made a trip to the Fiji Islands, and spoke with a Doctor Roger Tamina who revealed to him that he was born an albino (a very rare occurance among Samoan heritage). Hearing this sent Solla into a deep depression which eventaully turned to anger.

Solla became very Hostile toward everyone that tried to befriend him, eventually people began to make fun of him. This sent Solla over the edge as he began mauling anyone that poked fun at or insulted him in any way. at the age of 16 after brutally murdering his brother, Solla did 10 years in a Samoan prison where he was introduced to boxing. Solla was the prison champion going undefeated with a record of 79-0. But Solla did not like the limitations boxing put on him. He wanted a more hands on contact that he could channel his immense strength to use.

After serving the 10 years in prison he was released and met Mumord Jones a professional wrestling trainer, Mumford took Solla under his wing and trained him in the arts of professional wrestling, Solla learned very quickly and spent a year on the indpendent circuit, defeating everyone that was put in front of him, nothing was able to control this maniac, until he met a confidant named Herbert Birdsfoot.

Herbert took Solla to see Wrestling promotor MattElder where he was introduced to the world of EWNCW, Solla has many secrets that only Herbert knows, and uses those secrets to Solla's advantage to make him the success that he is today.

Solla's career in EWNCW has only begun, but with the past history Solla has, it appears that Solla is in for a nice long career in the federation, With Herberts help of course.

05-06-2011, 04:40 PM

Name: SilverCena
Age: 23
Weight: 210
Height: 6'1'
Hometown: The Streets
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Style/Color: Crew Cut, Jet Black

From the mean streets of Silverbury, Silverado, SilverCena was destined for greatness.
He first started as rapper battling in many contests. He would chew up his opponents with
words earning his nickname the badass hyena. After there were no more victims left to
destroy with his skilled rhymes, he decided to take it to the physical level and opted for the
world of professional wrestling.

SilverCena carved a path through the Indies making a name for himself along the way.
His next stop was JBW where he was the feds first rap star. He was so good that he inspired
another future rapper to join him as a team mate in a team called SilverMass. This young
lackey's name was none other than MassDinero.

After there was nothing for him to accomplish in JBW, SilverCena set his sights on EWNCW.
Being left alone in an unpredictable environment, MassDinero took great pleasure in uping
his game by always mentioning the name of SilverCena in each and every promo he does.

SilverCena is now on a path to claim EWNCW's biggest prize in the world title currently
owned be the man called Shuriken.

Stay Tuned as the story unfolds!

05-07-2011, 03:45 AM
Coming Soon .......................................JUST WATCH!

05-12-2011, 04:37 PM

BD - “Whats up EWN, I’m Bob Daniels and what a show we have in store for you, Tonight is the final show before “Bred for Combat”and we have a lot to sort out!!!. We’re going to see A Godmoney vs. Godmoney steel cage match to decide the stipulation at Bred for Combat, Solla’s personal Interviewer Erbie vs. Andy Cannon. And a huge 6 man tag pitting Tommy Thunder with A Force of Greatness against Seth Ferrell, Captain Charisma and Cooper Hawkins. We also have the contract signing for the main event at Bred for Combat. ”

BD - “We kick tonights show off with Andy Cannon stood in the ring awaiting Herbies arrival…whats this?”

Camera cuts backstage where we see Solla and Erbie

Solla: Herbie, your match with Andy Cannon is up, get your ass out there

Herbie: B b b but Solla, he's going to kick my ass

Solla: Herbie if you had not stuck your nose into business that wasnt yours to stick it in.....you wouldnt be in this situation.

Herbie: Solla, you know no matter how much abuse I take from you, I am sworn to be your.....

Solla: Yeah yeah whatever Herbie, now get your scrawny ass out there for your match

Herbie: O o okay....you g g g gonna wish me l l luck?

Solla: For what? Your the luckiest man in the federation.....lucky to still be alive.....now GET OUT THERE and impress me.

Herbie: Okay S S S Solla.

BD - "Herbie looks pretty confident, but lets see how well a non wrestler fares against EWNCW newcomer Andy Cannon"


BD - “THATS IT!!! THATS IT!!! Herbie has been beaten in record time, that has got to be the fastest match in EWNCW.”

“WAIT.....Its Solla's mystery men.......what are they doing with Andy Cannon!!!”


BD - “It appears that Andy Cannon has been taken hostage by Solla's warriors.

Is Solla sending a statement to the Great Cobra?

Does Solla have bigger plans?

And what exactly is going on in that "Torture Chamber" compound of Solla's

We have a feeling that Cobra is going to be in for the fight of his life at Bred For Combat, it looks as if Solla will stop at nothing to make his presence felt.

Will Andy Cannon make it back?

Only Time will tell.”

“We now cut backstage where Cowboy Bill Buxley is standing by with The Great Cobra….over to you BB.”

CB: I have with me The Great Cobra! He is a mysterious man who coils up when threatened. Now Cobra, what is going through your mind at the moment?

GC: Many terrifying things. I think the Cobra inside has fangs out!

CB: Relax partner, now how are your parents doing after last week's ordeal?

GC: I had to commit them for 72 hours.

CB: Sorry to hear that. How do you feel about the contract you signed for the next match with Solla?

GC: Feel fine and very happy to finally put an end to Solla. He is a bad man and he has pissed of the venomous Cobra!

CB: So, it looks like fans can bring weapons, what ideas do you have?

GC: I want my fans to help me destroy Solla so bring anything you have lying around the house, check the tool shed, whatever you have, bring it. I don't care if it's a steel chair, a rusted pipe, a lawnmower, just bring it!

CB: A lawnmower? Why not a weed wacker too?

GC: Good idea, if you have them, bring it~

CB: Any last words for us?

GC: Not for you but for Solla. Solla, you embarrased me and my family. I have no choice but to break apart every bone in your body. I will have no remorse for you!

CB: “Menacing words for The Great Cobra, he’s obviously pumped up ready for Sunday. Back to you Bob.”

BD - “After what we just witnessed with Andy Cannon, I think The Great Cobra should be more worried about what the sick Solla has instore for him atr Bred for Combat.”


05-12-2011, 04:49 PM
We return to see Splattered Dreams stood inside a cage

BD - “It look’s like its now time for Cage match which will pit Splattered Dreams against The Beard of Zeus, and here he comes.”


BD - “And this one’s underway”



*After match, Rich grabs a mic*

RC: Now that we have won the match which lets us determine the stipulation at Bred for Combat, we choose a Ladder Match! The document containing the rights to the GodMoney name will be placed in a breifcase and suspended above the ring. The only way to retrieve it is with the use of a ladder!

Bodom: *Who is on the outside of ring* Fine, fine; With my brains and Dream's stature, it's a sure win for us. Right Dreams?

Dreams: Right Boss!

Bodom: After we defeat you two, you will never have any rights to use GodMoney's name again! Tell em Dreams!

Dreams: No more GodMoney dreams for you, only Splattered ones! HAhahahahahahaa!

Zeus: You think that you have the talent to win? You certainly didn't tonight.

And your brains have failed you more than once Bodom, and Dreams' Stature has not proven anything tonight! We are superior in every way, and we both share the cunning and the skill to get the job done.

So ask yourselves this, when we are in our match this Sunday, who will be able to climb the ladder for your team, when you are both out cold? Well, at least when you awake, you will see why it pays to be the New GodMoney.

Bodom: It is you two that will be out cold! I am the master and architect of all things in regards to stipulations! While I use my strategies and Splattered's muscle, you guys will be staggering around like a couple of drunk zombies! Right Dreams?

Dreams: Right, drunk zombies FTW! Hahahahahaha!

Bodom: So what will you guys do without a name? I hear McDonalds is hiring, right Dreams?

Dreams: Yeah, Mcdonald's, Flipping burgers! Hahahahaha!

Rich: Enough of the mouthful of diarrhea! Come Bred for Combat, we will see who laughs last! Right Dreams?

Dreams: Righ....huh?

*Bodom smacks Dreams in back of head as they head to the back**

************************************************** ***************************

Gillz makes his way to the ring to a chorus of blues

G: Cut the music

So Nightwolf you seem to think you can just challenge me and try to bounce above me like every other newbie in this fed. Not this time buddy but anyway
onto another point I AM NOT WORKING FOR IRKEN!
i am taking you out for my own personal benefit and NOTHING ELSE but since you want irken to take part on behalf of our trusted GM i Accept your pathetic challenge on one condition..

*Irkens Music hits*
Irk: “Woah woah woah Gillz with all due respect your not the one making decisions here and i will make a decision now I am not accepting this challenge.”

G: “Wait a minute Irk think about it, this is a golden chance to get rid of that piece of crap for good.”
Irk i wil do all the work you need to do nothing at all, just accept and ill kick his ass out of this roster,
I: No…..I don’t need to prove anyth……….

The Titan tron fires up.

We see a figure in the shadows not showing his face.
“Irken Invader…….for to long you have dodged the work load at EWNCW, you have mocked the roster, you have mocked the fans and more importantly, you have mocked ME!!! I PAY YOUR GOD DAMN WAGES! AND WHAT? YOU LAUGH AT ME?
I own EWNCW and I make the decisions!
You shall fight on Sunday, because if you don’t it will be you leaving EWNCW with your tail between your legs.

Now I know you all want to know who I am, well I shall reveal myself on Sunday! But to keep you guessing here is some clues……

I have graced the pages of JBW
I am a true great
I am P.S!!!”

BD - “PS? JBW? Who the hell is this guy? ! Thing I do know is I like his style making Irken Fight for his job!!!”

Titan Tron Lights up


When the Promo finishes the image D-I-M-E-N-S-I-O-N appears then disappears on the screen.

BD - “What the fcuk was that? Who is it, what does it mean?”

05-12-2011, 05:08 PM
BD- The Time has Come to Find out if The Heartbreaker will accept Billy McCoy's Challenge for a Match at Bred For Combat

Billy McCoy walks down the ramp to the Heartbreaker Music

Billy McCoy: Well Heartbreaker people have tried to get me to Explain why I'm so hell bent on Ending your Career and its simply because I was Sitting in the Backstage area twiddling my thumbs while you were out here being a Freak its seems to me EWNCW is full of Nothing but Freaks anyway you were being a freak and stinking this ring up with your awful style of wrestling and all the while these fans bought it they cheered for you and it made me sick so i decided it was time to take what's mine the Spotlight Because I am the biggest baddest most intelligent Athlete in this company and I know there is about 15 newbies saying there that but to truly prove that your gonna have to get in the ring with me and Just ask the Heartbreaker cause he knows what it feels like anyway time to get down to Business So HeartBreaker will you face me at Bred For Combat?

BD - “Here's Silver Ass Tool”

“McCoy my good friend the Heartbreaker and indeed I can see you for what you truly are a No good Rookie who's stepping in to a mans world so your saying that your gonna end Heartbreaker's career well he's so pumped he might just end your life Dude”

McCoy sucker punches Silver and Starts beating on him but here's HeartBreaker to make the save

McCoy scrapers to the Ramp Heartbreaker has the Mic
“McCoy you want to know if I'm gonna accept your challenge damn right I am

(Fans Irrupt at the thought of seeing these two go)
you see I've been sitting at home this whole time just wanting to beat the god damn holy hell out of you and it's gonna happen this Sunday in front of these fans at Bred For Combat you better bring your game boy”

BD - “There we have it, The Heartbreaker accept’s Billy McCoy’s challenge for Bred for Glory this is going to 1 hell of a battle!”

BD - “I’ve just gotten word That Greenday will performing live at Bred for Combat! “


Seth Ferrell makes his way to the ring with Captain Charisma and Cooper Hawkins!


The Tag Team Champions a Force of Greatness make there way to the ring


BD - “Listen to the crowd erupt as The Forum champ Tommy Thunder appears at the top of the ramp!”

Tommy raises his hand and his gold custom made mic is lowered to him
"Let me ask you something. Am I fat? Am I fat?! NO!! I'm not!! Last time I checked, I weighed 227 pounds, so let's clear that up straight off!! Now, you guys here see this title? You see it? This is your title, the Very Important People's title!! I hold it on your behalf!! Now, last week Seth Ferrell, 'The Great Phony', challenged myself and my good friend and International champion TJ Hawks to a triple threat match at 'Bred For Combat'. AND, he wanted BOTH of us to put our titles on the line!! Now let's get one thing straight. When you're new around here, you have to EARN title shots, not demand them!! Secondly, asking for 2 titles to be on the line, is asking a lot. I mean, the title holders would have to be fighting champions, daring and courageous. TJ is unable to be here tonight due to his flight being delayed, but I have been in constant communication with him through the week, and we have both decided to, with great regret, decline the offer of seth Ferrell........
LOL Just Kidding!!!!! Me and TJ would relish the chance to humiliate you at 'Bred for Combat' Ferrell!! We would love the chance to gain revenge on your attacks on us!! We would love the chance to send you packing back to Egypt in a sarcophagus!! We will mummify you, and destroy you, because this match won't be a triple threat match, in reality it will be a 2 on 1!! TJ and I will do everything in our power to keep our titles!! And here's our stipulation for the match, the first pinfal will be for my Forum title, and the second will be for TJ's International, but be sure to know Ferrell, you ain't walking out with either!! Because there will only be one winner and his name is, TOMMYYYYYYYYYYY THUNNNNNNNDEEEEEER............"

*holds mic up for crowd to answer*

The scream in unison…………….THUNDER

With that Tommy runs down the ramp and attacks Seth Ferrell

BD - “Seth Ferrell picks up the win for his team with a school boy on Tommy Thunder! Tommy looks in disbelief. Ferrell has beat him again…..Will this be the image awaiting us at Bred for Combat?”

05-12-2011, 05:18 PM
BD - “Its now time for the contract signing for the main event at Bred for Combat, First the Champion signs, then the challanger then the referee, to make it official.”


The Challanger SilverCena makes his way to the ring

BD - “Heres come The EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion Shruiken Blade accompanied by his Valet Panda Massacre, He looks as focused as ever!”


Shuriken: Before I sign the contract that assures SilverCena's defeat....I wanna talk about NightWolf and his actions. NightWolf....you are a smart man. You know exactly who to depend on in this business.....yourself. I used to think like that but now....not anymore. I have a partner that makes sure that my matches are fair. NightWolf.....your actions may have been smart but it wasn't a good choice. I will show you the error of your ways after I am done with SilverCena.

SilverCena.....if you sign the dotted line.....the victory will be mine. It will be assured. When you sign the dotted line.....I will show you, NightWolf and the ENTIRE EWNCW company and fanbase WHY I AM THE CENTER OF RESPECT HERE! That contract there.....it might as well be your own death warrant.....

*Shuriken signs the contract*



SilverCena: Give me the mic! Now Shuriken, do you realize you just signed your defeat? From now until after the PPV, all of the rapping will be set aside. The scrolls have been laid out and it is proven that I am the creation of the gods. The ancient Egyptians said one day, the great warrior will emerge and take the golden crown. Well Shuriken, that crown is your title and I aim to please those prophets that envisioned this and put it in writing many ages ago.

Now, I realize there is a rematch clause in the contract but hey, 2 in a row is no problem for me. It will just prove that I am the better man. Nightwolf and McCoy, issuing challenges to Shuirken? Have fun with my leftovers!

*Turns to the crowd*

SC: Now give it up for your badass hyena, SilverCena! Ya feel me..*Holds mic in audience direction*

*Crowd chants "Bo………….*


BD - “What the hell who this?????”

Kevin Matthew’s Runs in the ring from the crowd and attacks Shruiken and SilverCena from behind with a lead pipe as the both stare and the entrance Ramp.
Matthews then grabs the contract and signs it making him the referee for The Main Event at Bred For Combat!!! Kev Grabs the mic…….

“Did You miss me?”

BD - “My Gawd, The Future has returned and put himself in the main event!!! After taking out both Shruiken and SilverCena tonight, how will end up on Sunday? He seems like a different guy to the man that left 4 weeks ago!!!

See y’all on Sunday!!!”

05-12-2011, 05:35 PM
The Mystery owner will reveil himself

Greenday perform live

The Heartbreaker vs Billy McCoy

Godmoney vs Godmoney in a ladder match for the rights to the name "Godmoney"

The Great Cobra vs Solla

Captain Charisma & Cooper Hawkins vs Force of Greatness (C) for EWNCW Tag Team Titles

Seth Ferrell vs TJ Hawkes (IC) vs Tommy Thunder (FC) in a 2 pinfall 2 title match for EWNCW Forum & International titles

Nightwolf vs Gillz & Irken Invader If Nightwolf loses he must leave EWNCW

SilverCena vs Shruiken (C) with Kevin Matthews as ref for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship

Tommy Thunder
05-14-2011, 05:50 PM
EWNCW reporter Dick Thompson:


Well folks, we are just a day away from our ppv 'Bred for Combat', and things are really shaping up here!! I am very lucky to have with me a this time the man who made a monumental return to EWNCW this past Thursday; 'The Future' Kevin Matthews!! First of all Welcome back!!

KM: Thanks for having me, I really appreciate it!

DT: Trust me when I say, WE appreciate it!! Now, why have you decided to return to the company?

KM: I only signed a short term contract with the company a few months ago and as soon as my contract was up I told the boss to remove me from television until a new deal was reched.

DT: Why choose this past Thursday, and that main event contract signing? And more to the point, you've made yourself the referee for Sunday's main event, why?

KM: Well I feel that I'm the only guy that's capable to stand in between these two and call this match down the middle, my contract was signed as I said before but they told me to wait until the right time to return. I didn't listen to them, I returned on my own terms.

DT: Having made yourself the referee, how will you call the match? After attacking both Shuriken and SilverCena, you obviously aren't here to make friends with either!!

KM: I had to send a message somehow that I was the man in charge, but they will need to learn by tomorrow the acronym DTA, Don't Trust Anybody

DT: Of course. What are your intentions in EWNCW now that you're back?

KM: Obvoiusly get into the title picture again, I need that rematch Shruiken owes me.

DT: Finally, can we expect the rafters to be occupied agin?!

KM: You know it!

DT: Excellent!! Well it's great to have you back here Kevin, and thanks for taking the time to talk to us!! There yo have it ladies and gentlemen, 'The Future' Kevin Matthews there on his return to EWNCW!! I for one can't wait to see what happens in our main event tomorrow, and I'm sure you can't either!! Stay tuned guys, as myself and my news-team will be very busy between now and tomorrow, bringing you the latest!!

Rich Cranium
05-14-2011, 06:46 PM
Guy Smith here:

I have Gillz here with me who has a match at Bred for Combat against NightWolf with IrkenInvader in Gillz's corner. If NightWolf loses, he must leave EWNCW!

GS: So, Gillz, are you looking forward to Bred for Combat?

Gillz: Yes i am, I am looking forward to ridding that piece of crap from this fed, Just you wait and see what i will do to him

GS: By that piece of crap, you are referring to NightWolf. How much help will it be knowing IrkenInvader is going into this match with you?

G: Its hard for me to say knowing That Irk isnt a wrestler, but i dont plan on needing him in the match and he knows the plan.

GS: Knowing NightWolf has a knack for being able to withstand huge amounts of punishment, how are you going to approach the match?

G: Simple, keep going, no one is invincible and we all know this so i wont let up at any point in the match, anything that will be of advantage i will use

GS: If NightWolf loses, he has to leave EWNCW. What do you think of this stipulation?

G: Well considering my stronng distaste for the guy i am overjoyed, no ecstatic and Being able to also slowly take out the competition and step closer to the grand prize. Hell just because im such a nice guy ill even hold him his own leaving party

GS: Finally, if you are victorious in this match, what does the future hold for Gillz? Any titles you might be aiming for?

G: Ofcourse. And because im working with our oh so trusted GM on this one im sure some form of 'reward' is in offer for doing him a favor. soon You will be calling me EWNCW Heavyweght Champion Gillz!

Thanks a lot for your time and good luck at the PPV.

There you have it, Gillz is pumped and ready for Bred for Combat!

Tommy Thunder
05-15-2011, 10:04 AM
EWNCW reporter Dick Thompson:


Well, with the monumental news at last weeks Inferno that Green Day would be performing live at the ppv, I'm lucky to now have with me Green Day's front man; Billie Joe Armstrong!! Welcome Billie and many thanks for agreeing to perform at our ppv!!

BJA: Thanks Dick!! It's great to be here!!

DT: Tell me, how does it feel to be able to entertain a huge and electrifying crowd like the one that will be here tonight?

BJA: Oh it's awesome!! It's always good to play to a live crowd!! They always get us pumped up, and I'm hoping that we can do the same to them too!!

DT: Are you wrestling fans yourselves? Are you looking forward to the ppv itself?

BJA: Oh sure, wrestling is a good sport here in America, and it's hugely popular all over the world, and to be ale to see it live like tonight is even better, of course we're all looking forward!!

DT: Excellent,and do you have a favorite superstar?!

BJA: Personally, I like TJ Hawks!! He reminds me of me, boing a rock-star and the way he lives that lifestyle in real life too!! Mike and Tre also like that Samoan guy, Solla, because he's just crazy!! and we like crazy!!

DT: Ok great!! We'll let you get on with your soundcheck and setting up, thanks for sharing a few words with us!!

BJA: No worries man!!

DT: Well that was Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman of Green Day there!! I can't wait for their performance tonight, and I know you can't either!! Stay tuned for more updates from me and my news-team guys!!

Tommy Thunder
05-15-2011, 10:22 AM

Cowboy' Bill Buxley here y'all, and I have here with me young Billy McCoy!! Billy, I'd like to ask you, being new here, how are you settling in? Are you enjoying being here in EWNCW?

BM: I am glad to be in EWNCW but to be honest with you Bill I thought the compition would be more difficultt its just been too easy you have to ask yourself how long untill i'm holding Gold.

CBB: I see. You haven't taken a liking to one superstar in particular. Why on earth are you so relentless in your quest to end the career of The Heartbreaker?!

BM: I Hate the Heartbreaker because of what he Embodies. Heartbeaker is a freak Wrestling is full of Freaks and their Ruining the business I Love and yet somehow the fans Cheer him they Cheer for Hearty. So When I Got Here I sat on my ass with nothing to do while Heartbreaker came out and acted like a freak I Decided to tkae what was mine for the Very First time and it Worked People are talking all the time "did you see what McCoy did on Inferno Thursday night" !!

CBB: Right, well now that The Heartbreaker has accepted your challenge for a match at 'Bred for Combat', what in god's name do you have planned for him?!

BM: I am Gonna end his career simple as I want that freak out of EWNCW.

CBB: You seem very confident there boy! What are your plans after 'Bred for Combat'?

BM: Get my Hands on Some gold wether its TJ, Tommy, Matt & Tai or The Soon to be New EWNCW Champion SilverCena I Will get gold Because I'm the Baddest Most Intelligent Techincally Gifted guy in the World and soon i'll show the world that I'm The Real McCoy.

CBB: Well thanks for that Billy. He seems confident here tonight folks!! Only one way to find out how this one turns out, tune in tonight!!

Tommy Thunder
05-15-2011, 10:30 AM
http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTwJ3Xu9QRLakEkLktpKSyrMulEfgx1B os-BrQapR3taNDZmZB9ew&t=1

Hi all, Jonathan Sachez here, and I have here with me, one half of the EWNCW tag team Champions; Matt 'The Force' Elder!! Thanks for joining me Matt, where is Tai right now?

ME: Watt up Jonny? Tai is at the gym right now preparing for tonight.....I prefer to stay round here eat plenty of chicken and lift some free weights to really pump these guns up a bit....go on Jonny i see you looking, feel those bad boys! eat your vitamins say your pra.......infact screw that Hogan shit! Eat your chicken lift your weights and work hard......work till you throw up and you'll get there!
Seriously though me and Tai tend not to spend to much time together before a big match....Odd i know but too much of a good thing could be our down fall, we're boys but we need our own space too.

JS: I see, how are you two enjoying being tag champs here in EWNCW?

ME: How would you feel if you was the best in the world at what you do? On top of the world man, You have the superbowl, The FA cup, Eurovision and Oscars to proove your the best in your field...this weight right here around my waist that says A Force of Greatness is the best Tag Team in the world and we're always here to proove it!

JS: Of course! With competition being a bit scarce to start off with, it seems the division is picking p slowly. How good do you think are Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma, and are they realistic challengers to you?

ME: To answer the first part of the question, yes competition has been scarce and I'm hearing alot of rumours backstage that guys are forming teams because they think the Tag division is an easy route to gold....well i say watch tonight! Charisma and Hawkins are losers that were put together by chance, now they're here, they only get 1 shot, and i gurantee when they step up to the plate, we shall slap the hair off their Arse and leave them wondering why they didn't take up a safe sport like golf.

JS: Haha! What's going to happen at 'Bred for Combat' tonight? Are you confident that you can win?

ME: Tonight we retain our titles, I'm looking forward to the next notch on our belts and moving onto better things, more competition. The highlight for tonight will Greenday singing Boulavard of breaking dreamings to them to morons! Ironic I think!

JS: One last thing. With The Beard of Zeus and Rich Cranium seemingly on the brink of re-claiming the GodMoney name, they will inevitably come after the titles next. Do you welcome the fact that they're back together as a tag team?

ME: I'm hoping so!!! We crave, no we need competition! its what we're here for! and tonight ill be in the back secretly rooting for Rich & T-Boz! when you've been in battles like we have you gain a mutual respect for each other, We may not like each other but with our them, the real Godmoney, there would be no Force of Greatness, they ushed us to the next level and I'm sure we'll meet again!

JS: Great, well thanks for that Matt!!

ME: Peace Out.

JS: The Force of Greatness seemingly in good spirits and confident for tonight!! Only one way to find out the outcome of the match though, be sure to tune in tonight for 'Bred for Combat'!!

05-15-2011, 05:14 PM
Bob Daniels is stood in the Ring
BD - “Welcome Miami to BRED……FOR…………C OMBAAAAAAAAT!
To kick things off EWNCW gives you Greenday!!!”

Crowd Goes Nuts


BD - “What a way to kick off Bred for Combat, we shall be hearing from Greenday again later on in the show!!! What a line up we have install for you tonight!! We see

The Mystery owner will reveil himself

Godmoney vs Godmoney in a ladder match for the rights to the name "Godmoney"

The Great Cobra vs Solla in a fans bring the weapons match

Captain Charisma & Cooper Hawkins vs Force of Greatness (C) for EWNCW Tag Team Titles

Seth Ferrell vs TJ Hawkes (IC) vs Tommy Thunder (FC) in a 2 pinfall 2 title match for EWNCW Forum & International titles

Nightwolf vs Gillz & Irken Invader If Nightwolf loses he must leave EWNCW

SilverCena vs Shruiken (C) with Kevin Matthews as ref for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship

But first we kick things off we with The Heartbreaker going up against Billy McCoy!!!”

The Heartbreaker and Billy McCoy make their way to the ring.

BD - “These 2 guys are looking each other up and done and cant wait to get at each other. The bell rings and here we go!”


BD - “This ones over and Billy McCoy as destroyed the Heartbreaker!! What a battle to kick of the evening….It looks like Billy McCoy truly is “Bred For Combat”.”

“Next up we see A name vs. Name ladder match pitting Bodem and Splattered Dreams against Rich Cranium and The Beard of Zeus, lets take a look how this one started…”

A video recap plays footage of the feud on the titan tron

BD - “We return to see a confident Bodem and Dreams in the ring………”


BD - “And here come Rich and Zeus looking to get this one under way. Remember hanging 15 feet in the air is a contract giving the team who retrieves it all legal rights to the name “GodMoney” lets get this started!!!”


BD - “Rich Cranium and The Beard of Zeus have done it!!! They have won back the rights to the name Godmoney and Bodem is furious is with Dreams has The 1 and only Godmoney look on in laughter!!!

All the lights go out and The Titan Tron lights up with letters PS on the screen, the letters then disappear and the lights come back on.

BD - “Who the hell is PS? I hope we find out sooner rather than later”


05-15-2011, 05:27 PM
BD - “We’re just awaiting the arrival of Tommy Thunder then the 3 way for Forum & International titles, Remember there shall be 2 pin fall’s, the 1st being for Tommy Thunder’s Forum title and 2nd being for TJ Hawkes International title. We also see the debut of EWNCW head referee Tyrone Crack.


“BD - And here comes Tommy Thunder, and man he looks like he can’t wait to get his hands on Seth Ferrell”


BD - “Seth Ferrell has done it, he’s took the first pin fall winning the Forum title in the process! Tommy Thunder is stunned! He’s lost his title with out even being pinned!”

Seth Ferrell stands in the ring screaming I told you so,, I TOLD YOU to Tommy Thunder

The bell rings and the 2nd Pinfall is underway.


BD - “Tommy Thunder is the new International Champion but he looks more interested in TJ Hawkes, TJ’s in a bad way….we EMT’s out here, good god the man isn’t moving..this doesn’t look good at all.

EMT’s come out and take TJ back on a stretcher

BD - “Well there we have it folks Seth Ferrell is the new EWNCW Forum Champion, and Tommy Thunder is the new EWNCW International Champion and TJ Hawkes is strechered off with nothing. We’ll keep you updates as the night goes on.

Now for the 2nd time tonight we give you Greenday.”


The Lights go out again and the tron show up the letters I T PS

BD - “This again….I wish this guy would just show is face already!!!”


05-15-2011, 05:43 PM
Bred For Combat....................Part 3

BD - “What a show so far…..we’re only half way through and we’ve already seen 2 titles change hands…..what this? Not again!”

The Tron lights and keeps showing a combination of letters from screen to screen






Allow me to share my Infinite Wisdom!!!


BD - “I can’t be, it is…..I Pee In The Shower has arrived in EWNCW, the beer swilling, blunt rolling, you tube searching sum bitch has bought EWNCW but when? Why? Here he comes…….”

IPITS comes to the top of the ramp with a mic in hand

"Miami allow me to share my infinite wisdom with you on a certain matter…….How I came about owning the No1 E-fed in the world is a matter for another time….Tonight I am here to remind Irken Invader that if he tries to weasel out of his match tonight then is arse is gone from EWNCW!!!!"

BD - “I cant believe it the owner of EWNCW is IPITS……the guys isn’t sober enough to run this company!!! Ill be out of a job by Thursday/!!! “

Advert plays advertising Threat of the Net EWNCW’s 1st PPV where the public choose the matches on Sunday 12th June 11

BD - “Well folks “Threat of the Net” sure looks to be a great night but now we return to Find Gillz and Irken Invader in the ring….and here come’s Nightwolf, tonight the man is fighting for is career! And this one‘s underway!!!”



BD - “This one is over and to everybody’s surprise it Irken Invader that picks up the win…..wait…..That means Nightwolf……Nightwolf is gone. A rising Talent here in EWNCW is gone before is career even got started. And Irk is looking so smug right, I cant believe it!”

A Video Package Plays on the Tron


When the Video finishes the words D_I_M_E_N_S_I_O_N zooms across the screen.

BD - “What does this Dimension mean? it’s the 2nd time now! I cant wait to find out!!!”

05-15-2011, 06:02 PM
BD - “Its now time for our next Title match, and it is for The EWNCW Tag Team Titles……..Cooper and Hawkins are waiting in the ring for A Force of Greatness then we can get this match away!”



BD - “Force of Greatness retain the titles……..Whats this”

GodMoney come to the top of the ramp and point at the champs

A Video package shows rescent events with the Great Cobra And Solla

BD - “We return to see THE Great Cobra stood in the ring staring Solla, Remember this sint any type of Hardcore match Tonight the EWNCW fans have brought the weapons!!! I cant wait to see what this match brings~!!!”


BD - “What a battle! The Great Cobra gave it his all but it just wasn’t enough to overcome the Albino Rhino Solla! I’ve got admit I was disappointed in the fans!!! Where was the weed wackers?"

For the final time tonight I give you Green Day.”


05-15-2011, 06:12 PM
Its now time for the Main Event and The Future Kevin Matthews who will referee this match is waiting in the ring.

BD - “I still don’t get why Matthews wants to be involved in this match, he walked away from this company a month ago then returns like nothing happened? Here comes the challanger SilverCena”



BD - “ Now here The EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion escorted by his beautiful Valet PandMasacre. They stare each other down for a while, and the main event is underway.”


BD - “Shruiken retains but he doesn’t look happy in the manner he won it? I didn’t see SilverCena Tap out!!! Shruiken had only just applied the submission hold….SilverCena didn’t have time to tap out!!!! Both SilverCena and Shruiken are furious whilst Matthews can' stop laughing!!!

Tune in Thursday Night to see What “The Future Holds for Kevin Matthews!!”

Rich Cranium
05-19-2011, 12:57 PM

05-19-2011, 01:20 PM
Filler no 1

05-19-2011, 01:21 PM
filler no 2..pm me to add something here

05-19-2011, 01:22 PM
Filler no 3

05-19-2011, 01:22 PM
filler no 4

05-19-2011, 01:33 PM

The Show Starts with “The Future” Kevin Matthews Sat on a chair in the middle of the ring.

The Future" Kevin Matthews:

“Ive been bombarded with questions from the EWNCW Universe. Why? How can you? You were my hero. Well let me start off with why, its because I am the ONLY member of this roster who could take a leave of absence and still return to step into the main event and mold it into your future, MY FUTURE. How can I screw over Silvercena, its because he is no threat to me. I need to win MY TITLE, from Shuriken Blade. Does the American Ninja really think I could just let him slide after our last battle for MY TITLE and YOUR FUTURE. I took my leave of absence to plot and plan out an all out war until I reach my destiny. There are no friendships to be made, only a path of destruction. Bodies upon bodies will be laid across the EWNCW arena, until my title shot. THE FUTURE COMES NOW AS I AM THE FUTURE, KEVIN MATTHEWS!!! Im not a hero to all, only hero to the worthy. To those that come with me, I shall lead you to a new era, a change in history because what is now will become past but THE FUTURE IS ALWAYS TOMORROW!!!!”

BD - “Here come SilverCena he Looks Pissed off with Matthews”

SC: Wait, who do you think you are by screwing me out of my title match? Are you and Shuriken in cohoots? Don't even think about having a match with Shuriken until you go through me! Better yet, how about a little 3 way dance for the EWNCW title? What? You gonna go hide back in your rafters because your too scared to face me? Hell, when I first came here, you cried like a little bitch and pranced off like a prima donna because you were worried about breaking a fingernail. Kevin Matthews, EWNCW is where the big boys play! If your going to be a bitch, then go join a bitch league! You scared of my challenge? If not, except it!

*Starts to leave and turns around*


*Shuriken makes his way to the ring, straight past SilverCena and he is not shouldering the championship*

Shuriken: First off....ladies and gentlemen....fans off all ages....I wanna take this time and thank the greatest partner I ever had.....PandaMassacre you will be missed by the EWNCW family and myself! I wanna say thank you, my friend!!! You will always be the light half of me!

*Crowd cheers for Panda* PANDA!! PANDA!! PANDA!!

Shuriken: Now....on to business. As you know by just looking at me...I'm not shouldering the championship with pride at the moment. At Bred for Combat....Matthews, you gave me a tainted win.....I am not happy about that. I'm furious over the fact that you was even the ref at that night! But no matter....the damage has been done. SilverCena I'm not done with you just yet.
We had a chance of a fair match but I guess the Future had his own agenda and tonight I want a rematch to proove I am the better man, but not for the title! And I shall tell you why in a moment.....

*SilverCena Nods in agreement whilst Matthews is Furios*
Now ladies and gentlemen I bring to you news from management. The next PPV coming up.....Threat of the Net. YOU! THE EWNCW FANBASE AND FOLLOWERS HAS THE POWER TO CHOOSE MY NEXT OPPONENT! You have two choices: Kevin Matthews or SilverCena! Choose wisely EWNCW followers but to me....it really doesn't matter who you pick.....I WILL WIN AND DEFEAT WHOEVER IS IN FRONT OF ME!!! SILVERCENA!!! MATTHEWS!!! BOTH OF YOU WILL FEEL MY ANGER!!!!

Both of you will soon learn.....my wrath....is your Hell.

*Shuirken leaves the ring, still holding the title in disgust*

BD - “Well Matthews looks furious about the main event tonight! The guy has a new attitude and I don’t think he likes being ignored!!!”

The Heartbreaker makes his way to the ring

The TitanTron Lights Up


The Words D-I-M-E-N-S-I-O-N Appear then begin to Blur and change into the words “JUST WATCH”

A electromagnetic Sphere generates and begins hovering on top of the Entrance.

The Lights go out

The Sphere has disappeared and in its place is stood a monster of man, atleast 6.6 270 lb’s and cut like he’s made of marble. He looks at the ring then slowly makes his way down the ramp.

BD - “The is has got to be Mark Dimension….We’ve seen is Segments for a few weeks now, but this is the first time we’ve seen his face, The Heartbreaker looks to have his hands full tonights that’s for sure!!!”


BD - “The Crowd is in shock, Mark Dimension has just beat The Heartbreaker in 8 seconds…….8 seconds!!!!! What a monster this guy is!!! I can’t wait to see what the Future holds for this young stud!!!!”


05-19-2011, 01:56 PM
We Return to see The New EWNCW Forym Champion “The Phareo” Seth Ferrell stood in the ring holding a mic.
“So! How do you like your new Forum Champion? How do you love him?! haha. I said I would leave Bred For Combat with gold and so I did. I said I would take Tommy's title if he did not give it to me. Do you all remember that? And I did. I told you Tommy. I told you. The only thing I miscalculated was how low my competition would stoop. Just how much they would cooperate and conspire against me. It amazed even me, and I know full well how rotten peasants can be! Peasants like you people! And so, because of this unfortunate lack of fairness I didn't walk out with all the gold. After spending the whole match focused on myself Thunder was able to backstab TJ at the right moment and steal the win. Oh you don't think that's what happened? That is what happened. The Pharaoh is wise. You should listen to him.

And recently I sought out another man of wisdom. And I had a little chat with him. You see after Bred for Combat... which really should be retroactively titled Bred for Cheating with all the conspiring and unsportsmanlike conduct happening, I can't stand being called "Forum Champion". That's what you were Thunder. And it's a weak cheater's title. A fat brute's title. No title. So I won't be called Forum Champion!

I am RENAMEING this title RIGHT NOW! A title for those who can IGNITE EWNCW with their speed and prowess. A title for those who can cause a stir here and make their presence felt. A title simply out of the reach of fat, slow, brutes. As I said I had a little chat with a man of great wisdom. That man was IPITS. He's already cleared the change. And of course he would! It's great gold for EWNCW to put its name to. And I am never losing it! This gold right here. THE IGNITION TITLE! Now peasants, cheer your champion.”

BD - “What? No more Forum title? I gotta admit I like the sound of this new Ignition Division, The Ignition title to really show of the Prowess of EWNCW’s High Flyers and new comers!!! EWNCW has really turned a corner tonight, and I for one can’t wait to see where this road takes us!!! Here come’s SilverAssTool to face off against ferrell and this ones underway.”


BD - “Another Great Win for “The Phareo” The crowd really don’t like this guy, but its getting harder and harder each week not to love his ability!!!”

The Ring is Cleared and the Lights Dim has Erbert Birdsfoots makes his way to the ring.

“Herbert Birdsfoot here and Id like to welcome you to the very first installment of EWNCW's newest talk show "The Birds Nest" Now let me introduce you to our very first guest....I give you....."The Albino Rhino" Solla Mafoai”


HB: Welccome to the Bird's nest Solla

“Herbert Birdsfoot here and Id like to welcome you to the very first installment of EWNCW's newest talk show "The Birds Nest" Now let me introduce you to our very first guest....I give you....."The Albino Rhino" Solla Mafoai”

Solla: The pleasures all mine Herbie

HB: Solla, your match with The Great Cobra this past Sunday was a brutal bloodbath

Solla: thats how I like them little man

HB: So, one would say, after Sunday, you are finished with Cobra

Solla: For now, until he gets under my skin, then I will have to scratch the itch again.

HB: So whats next for EWNCW's resident monster

Solla: Herbie, Ive been without recognition for far too long.....far too long

HB: What are you getting at Solla....I mean you are becoming quite recognized with all the antics you have done to everyone in the past 2 months, The Great Cobra has been skinned, Tommy Thunder's tour bus has been destroyed, and poor Andy Cannon...who knows what is in store for him inside that Torture Chamber compound.

Solla: Cobra was just an annoyance, Andy Cannon got in my way, and his fate will be revealed very soon,

HB: And Tommy Thunder?

Solla: Tommy is a hell of a competitor, and very good at what he does, but Im better, and Im going to finally prove it once and for all

HB: and just how do you intend to do that?

Solla: Well, Tommy again has something I want......Something more than the Forum championship that he no longer has

HB: You mean the International title

Solla: THATS EXACTLY what Im referring to Herbie, and I have one thing to say to Tommy

Solla: Tommy....there isnt a soul on the face of this planet worthy enough to hold that title, I promise you, that your title reign is going to be one of the shortest you have ever had.....I want that title, and it WILL be mine if I have to destroy you, everything that means anything to you, or innocent people in the process. I WILL BE the International Champion, and you will be laid to waste drowning on your own sorrows wondering why you could not beat me.

HB: Pretty strong words for Tommy Solla, seeing he just won the title this past Sunday

Solla: Herbie...Tommy is a disgrace to that title.....I will bring integrity and honor to the title. I am an international mega-star and it is only fitting that this title be mine.....this title and The Sickness I plan on placing upon Tommy once again

HB: Very well Solla.....Well folks this has been a real eye opener for me....Solla will stop at nothing until he has Tommy's new found glory as his own....I still wonder what is in store for him, can Solla go over the top again with the Sickness......I very well think so, and Tommy shall become infected.

This has been Herbert Birdsfoot live from the Bird's nest.....Next week's guest....Tommy Thunder

BD - “So there we have it, it looks like Solla has is eyes firmly set on Tommy Thunders new EWNCW International Title! How wonder Tommy will react to this!!!”

The Ring is cleared

05-19-2011, 02:23 PM
The Lights go out


As the music hits, the spotlight centers on the new International champion!! Tommy Thunder makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation!! He seems very pleased with this, and high five's the crowd as he goes. After getting in the ring and taking a good look around, he calls for his mic to be lowered and the music stops as he prepares to speak!!

"Now, you as my VIP's have been very good to me. You've supported me through all, and you've helped me become the must see MVP of this company!!"
*crowd cheer*
"You've also helped me become the longest reigning champion in EWNCW history!!"
*crowd cheer*
"Well tonight, I bring you some good news, and some bad news. Would you like the bad news first?"
*crowd want it*

"Ok, well here's the thing. At 'Bred for Combat', 'The Great Phony' Seth Ferrell said that he would take my Forum title and TJ Hawks's International title, and walk out as a dual champion. Well, the bad news is... he did take my Forum title."
*crowd boo*
"I know, I know, I don't like it either. But guess what, I DID win THIS!!"
*holds up the International championship and crowd cheer*

"Yeah, that's right, I won the International title, and prolonged my reign as a champion here in EWNCW!! Now, I know TJ isn't very happy about this, I mean, nobody wants to lose their title, but he understands that I did what I had to do. TJ hasn't been around much recently, and that's possibly cost him his title. Maybe he's been partying too hard, lost his vision, who knows. But he had to be stretchered out of 'Bred for Combat' with a serious neck injury, and we don't know when he will be healthy enough to compete again. But one thing's for sure, he will be back!!"
*TJ Hawks chant starts as Thunder nods*

"But see, that's the good news!! Because I WILL be here!! I WILL be here every day, every week, every month, every year, hell every freaking decade until I can't physically be here any more!!"
*crowd love this*
"But now, we must turn our attention towards the next ppv!! And what better way is there for me to say thank you to you, my VIP's, than to let you pick my opponent!! That's right, at 'Threat of the Net' YOU have the power to choose who gets a shot at this title!! And our GM, Irken Invader has given you 3 choices!! And......."

*Gillz music hits*

"Now wait a miute there Tommy
Dont just start rambling on about 3 guys deserve a title shot, I’m the man and I alone!!!
I pretty much single handedly eliminated Nightwolf from EWNCW and doubt any of the other guys can do anything close to that
Also i believe that another man who due to an unfortunate event is out of the picture so who is left to fill his rematch clause than none other but the soon to be new champion Gillz?!"

Billy McCoy’s Music hits

“McCoy: You Know Gillz you and I we’re a lot alike We are both Big and Badass but the difference between You and I is that I’d Never Kiss Up to management in the way that you did to Irken at the PPV because I Don’t need that Crap Cos’ My Ability Speaks for itself My Intelligence Speaks for itself Better is Bigger!. Now Tommy and this will shock everyone I Actually Respect you I Mean you’re the Longest Reigning Champion in EWNCW and your Matches there awesome because you’re a Warrior.”

TT nods to that

“Now I Know it takes 2 to put on great matches so that’s why if you allow me to face you for that title we’d put on the Best Match in EWNCW History”

TT Contemplates that for a second

“But It doesn’t matter if you give me a shot now or I Earn it because I am a really Big Deal and I will be a Champion and it will be at your expense Tommy Cos’ I’m the real McC…”


BD - “ Here comes The Albinho Rhino Solla for the 2nd Time tonight”


“I have already spoken once tonight and refuse to speak again…..Tommy I shall be your down fall……You shall and will fall victim to the sickness!”

Solla turns and walks to the back!

Tommy Thunder speaks again

"Woa woa woa woa woa WOA!!
This is a lot to take in here right now, but even I can digest this!! First of all, Gillz, you suck. And If I'm not mistaken, you've already had a shot at my title, and , well, you lost!! As for you!! 'The Albino Hippo', Solla Mafoai!! What the hell are you doing out here?!?! You fat son of a bitch couldn't beat me inside Hell in a Cell!! What makes you think you could beat me again?! And finally we come to you. Young Billy McCoy!! 'The Real McCoy'!! all you've done since you got here is beat up one guy!! For me, you still haven't earned your title shot like these two, but at least you haven't stepped in the ring with me yet, so it could be interesting for my VIP's to see me eat you up like a packet of crisps!! McCoy's crisps!!"

*crowd cheer*

"But I tell you all what. How about I step in the ring with you, one by one each week leading up to the ppv? That way, everybody can have a good look at us all and see who they want to vote for!! Starting tonight with you McCoy!! But be sure to know that there will only be one winner at 'Threat of the Net', and his name is TOMMYYYYYYYYYYY THUNNNNNNDEEEEEER................"

*gets in the face of McCoy*


Ref makes his way to the ring to get the match started


BD - “Well that’s interesting!!! Billy McCoy picks up a convincing win over The Internation Champion!!! Is it just me or was Tommy showing some effects of the battle he endured on Sunday?


05-19-2011, 02:28 PM
We Return to see Godmoney in a bar celebrating their recent win!!!!

RC: Force of Greatness, now that Beard and I are the real GodMoney, we issue a challenge to you for the EWNCW tag team titles! We were the original champs but after our former boss misguided us, everything was a mess. We are now on our own and better than ever! What do you say? Another shot? “

With that The Beard of Zeus picks up a shot of JD and downs it! They continue to party!

BD - “Well it looks like Godmoney are having a good time, and have set their sights on Tag Team Gold! I know A Force of Greatness aren’t here tonight but I cant wait till next week to see how Tai and Matt respond.? Its now time for our main event, here comes the challanger SilverCena”


BD - “Man he looks focused, and ready to prove something tonight! As does the champ, here he come’s still not shouldering The EWNCW world Heavyweight title. He needs to prove himself and the EWNCW faithfuls that he can beat SilverCena with Nobdy’s help!”



BD - “Wait who’s this? it’s The Future Kevin Matthews!!! What does he want?

Crowd start you suck chants

“why is he just sat watching? Can’t he just let these to guys settle it in the ring?”


Matthews attacks SilverCena, Shruiken then lays into Matthews

BD - “Shruiken is pissed off! All 3 of these guys are at it now! Can we please get some security down here to part these 3? Matthews just cant help himself!!!
Tune in next week to see how Shruiken reacts to Matthews Interferance!!”

Off Air

05-19-2011, 03:15 PM
EWNCW appoint new Head of Talent Relations

EWNCW have today announced the appointment of Nathan Staples to Head of Talent Relations.

Mr Staples will be looking towards the new talent entering the EWNCW roster, and overseeing the scripting of the newly created EWNCW Ignition Championship. EWNCW Head Writed Matt Elder said "This is a great moment for EWNCW, I have a great friend help out with my writing responsibilties, and helps me concentrate my effort on the main event."

Mr Staples is said to be delighted to be enthrusted with the new position, and is looking forward to working with the EWNCW roster.

05-19-2011, 03:44 PM
EWNCW appoint new Head of Talent Relations

EWNCW have today announced the appointment of Nathan Staples to Head of Talent Relations.

Mr Staples will be looking towards the new talent entering the EWNCW roster, and overseeing the scripting of the newly created EWNCW Ignition Championship. EWNCW Head Writed Matt Elder said "This is a great moment for EWNCW, I have a great friend help out with my writing responsibilties, and helps me concentrate my effort on the main event."

Mr Staples is said to be delighted to be enthrusted with the new position, and is looking forward to working with the EWNCW roster.

Is this someone Solla is gonna have to get to know, or have to destroy?

05-20-2011, 02:51 PM
Name : "Straight from Rikers" Mikael Asylum
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 245 Lbs
Music (please use youtube video) :
Wrestling style : He's really a brawler and a power house. Using his fists and strong grapples to take anyone down.
Finisher (please use youtube video if possible) :
Signatures (useful to know these when choosing matches for your character) : Brogue kick (Sheamus' kick, obviously it isn't -that- strong so it could be used); Powerbomb; Spinebuster; Sleeper Hold; Big headbutt
Alignment : Heel
Any additional information/background/bio (again useful when choosing matches) : Formerly from Rikers Island, Mikael has a wife beater that is torn and covered with blood; on his face his a mask with bars which will not show his face (Think hannibal lector) but if forced to take it off, his face is normal, actually attractive, his hair is short and cut, and he resembles Michael Scofield, but more on the muscular side. He wears the werestler -trunks- think of Sean O'Haire's with the spider webs. With no tattoo's as of yet on his body. Very crafty, you will notice him like most other heels sneakily breaking the rules, as his goal isn't just to win. It's to destroy his opponents.

05-20-2011, 03:07 PM
welcome to the e-fed dudee

05-20-2011, 03:09 PM
Name : "Straight from Rikers" Mikael Asylum
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 245 Lbs
Wrestling style : He's really a brawler and a power house. Using his fists and strong grapples to take anyone down.
Signatures (useful to know these when choosing matches for your character) : Brogue kick (Sheamus' kick, obviously it isn't -that- strong so it could be used); Powerbomb; Spinebuster; Sleeper Hold; Big headbutt
Alignment : Heel
Any additional information/background/bio (again useful when choosing matches) : Formerly from Rikers Island, Mikael has a wife beater that is torn and covered with blood; on his face his a mask with bars which will not show his face (Think hannibal lector) but if forced to take it off, his face is normal, actually attractive, his hair is short and cut, and he resembles Michael Scofield, but more on the muscular side. He wears the werestler -trunks- think of Sean O'Haire's with the spider webs. With no tattoo's as of yet on his body. Very crafty, you will notice him like most other heels sneakily breaking the rules, as his goal isn't just to win. It's to destroy his opponents.

Sounds like someone Solla will get along wonderfully with.

05-20-2011, 03:17 PM
Sounds like someone Solla will get along wonderfully with.

Or will they? -Narrows eye-

05-26-2011, 03:42 PM

BD - “Ladies and Gentlemen, little kids and midgets! Welcome to EWNCW Thursday Night Inferno, As I’m sure your all aware this week the entire wrestling world was shook to the foundation at the new’s of “Macho Man” Randy Savage passing way.
The guy was a true great, a icon…..a wrestling legend and our condolences go out to his family. I’d now like us all to take a moment to remember the most charismatic man to ever grace the squared circle!”

(Video Made by TheKevinBrand)

BD - “You will always be remember, Rest In Peace. Through out the show we are going to re live some of The Macho Mans best matches and promo’s right here on EWNCW!!!”

“Now here come’s The Future Kevin Matthews, I’m shocked this guy isn’t walking slanted with the huge chip he’s carry around on his shoulder!”

Matthews Grabs a mic….every time he try’s to speak the crowd boo’s, each noise louder than the last!

“You know some people go to psychics, tarot cards, or voodoo priests to see THE FUTURE. But the EWNCW Universe luckily gets a glimpse of THE FUTURE each week when I grace this very ring.”

*some boos start from the crowd*

“You see my dear followers, we are growing in numbers and getting stronger each and everyday. I am the prophet to bring upon the much needed new era for the EWNCW. The winds of change are blowing like a mighty hurricane and it will wipe away anything that stands in my path. I shall not worry about Shuriken Blade at this moment, actually my followers I want you to know that I will ignore the Shuriken Blade. His time is coming and we will address the American Ninja when his time comes, but he will get no attention whatsoever from any of us. Right now our sights are set upon SilverCena.
You see SilverCena, you are not a worry nor a threat to me but since you are so adamant about getting even with me, we shall play your game. You act like everything was written before your time and that is your destiny. It is all lies! What was written is in the past and I hold the pen that writes THE FUTURE for I am THE FUTURE KEVIN MATTHEWS.

Do you think I dont remember you in the other fed?

So all his lies about his road stories on here are nothing but a joke. Because I was there for his career and I can tell you he is the biggest fraud that has ever entered the great EWNCW arena. Will we let this joke of a man take OUR FUTURE from us?
You see the world knows about who SilverCena really is because what is now will be the past but THE FUTURE will always be tomorrow.

SilverCena makes his way to the ramp, with a mic held under his arms whilst he laugh’s and claps his hand, mocking Matthews.

“Shut the front door already!
You want to stand up there talking about me!?! What have you proven? That you can run away when things don't go your way or hide in the rafter, that's all you do! Instead of running your mouth, why don't we settle this in the ring tonight, one on one! You done cost me 2 matches with the champ so I can't wait to get my hands on you!!
Now what do you say? Back up them words big boy!!”

Matthews Nods in head in accpetance of the match.

BD - “Well folks it looks like we have our main event set, and what a grudge match it looks to be! Here come’s the EWNCW Ignition Champion “The Phareo” Seth Ferrell, with Captain Charisma and Cooper Hawkins in toe.”

"Well peasants,"

*crowd boo*

"Could you turn the volume up a bit on my mic? Thank you. As I was saying. Last week on Inferno some fool peasant thought he was ready to face me for the title. Being the gracious man I am I fought him. I embarrassed him. I'm sorry but a match with me for my gold is not that easy. You don't just slap on some trunks, put on some kneepads, give yourself an idiot peasant name like "SilverAssTool", and expect that to be good enough. In case you idiots still think it is, it's not. I'm saying it's not. So this week things will be a little different. Any challenger to my title will face the team of Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma. If you can beat the pair of them, I will give you a chance to face me. This might seem a long road. But think of the reward! This is what you might win! The newly minted Ignition title! At the very least, you will fly with the best. Like "SilverAssTool" was lucky enough to do! Before I clipped his wings. And you my brave, fearless or stupid.. likely stupid, as-yet undecided opponent. I will do the same to you."

A huge gauntlet laid down by the Champ, and with the team of Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma already in the ring, who is going to attempt to get a shot at the Ignition title?

BD - “Well, it looks like The Great Cobra has answered the call, and I make this a handicap match for a shot at the Ignition title.”


BD - “Cobra has done it! Against the odds, he has pulled out a huge win here today and has earned the right to face Seth for the EWNCW Ignition title! And he levelled Hawkins with that Ladder!”

Cobra's been given a mike, it looks like he has something to tell "The Pharoah":

"Give me the mic!! Now Ferrell, see what The Great Cobra did with your picks? I coiled up and attacked! He is out! I want Ignition Title and The Cobra sees you as his prey! Sam doesn't like you either! When I win your title, I am doing it for SAM! See you soon! Hahahahahaha!"

BD - “Well, Cobra is certainly sending a message to the champ, and what's all this Sam nonsence? I guess we will find out soon enough.”

Camera Pans backstage to see a limousine pull up….. We see a group of attractive ladies get out and usher the camera man away has a well dressed man steps out of the limo.


05-26-2011, 03:49 PM

BD: Here is Billy McCoy the Man who last week beat the International Champion Tommy Thunder

Billy McCoy is intercepted by a young Child you ask for his autograph

McCoy: Hey Kid you know this is the Autograph of a Future International Champion

Child: Mister Can I ask one question?

McCoy: Sure Kid

Child: What is your Biggest Fear?

McCoy: I’d Have to say Heights Just cant stand them

Child: Thank you Sir

BD: I’m not sure what’s more surprising a fan wants McCoy’s Autograph or the fact he was willing to give it I Suppose he’s Just Happy about his Victory Last Week

Billy McCoy: Well EWNCW fans now do you see what I’m capable of I’m Capable of beating Champions so I never never want to hear that I Haven’t Proven Myself because I Have

Now after my Match last week I Know you want to see that Match again so you will Vote for me at threat of the Net and Besides who the hell else you going to give it too Gillz, Gillz he’s Just a Suck up Coward and I Know you don’t want that Representing you as Champion and the Same goes for Solla he’s Just a freak and we all know Solla and Herbie are in the closet together not that there’s anything wrong with that. But Solla is the Biggest Freak ever Right I Mean he comes out here Parades around the ring like some big tough guy when Really hes nothing but a Lit….

Solla: Billy....Billy...Billy.....If I have have told people once, I have told them a thousand times. I AM NOT SOMEONE YOU WANT TO ANTAGONIZE!!!

(McCoy Laughs)

I came out here for two reasons Billy......and I am going to make BOTH of these reasons perfectly clear to that miniscule noggin of yours.

First of all......I came out here to tell you....that I...NOT YOU....am going to be the International Champion, and I will stop at nothing to make that happen....you hear me you back woods country bumpkin....Tommy Thunder is a dead man, he just does not know it yet, and after I lay you to waste in a pool of your own blood, Tommy will be so scared of what is going to happen that he will hand that title over to me the only person in EWNCW International enough to BE International champion, and this week when I face you in this ring......I will bring things to you that have never been brought upon another human being.....except Andy Cannon of course, and you see what his major malfunction is as of late.......NOW

Remember about an hour ago, that little kid that asked for your autograph..(McCoy starts to think)..Well, that little kid was paid to ask you those things.....that little kid was paid off by a "Mysterious Benefactor" and what I learned from him, I plan on full well using to my advantage by challenging you to a ladder match tonight to take you down and thus eliminating you from this title chase, At the top of that ladder will be a contract, A contract stating that I, the winner can have a match with loser, any match any time and any place!!! And rest assured young William I will be leaving you to wallow in your own sorrow of defeat, and then I WILL UNLEASH PURE HELL and sheer hatred for all humanity, on one person, and that person is going to be

(Billy McCoy is unbelievably frightened)

Solla Looks directly into the camera


SilverAssTool Makes his way to the ring


The Words D-I-M-E-N-S-I-O-N Appear then begin to Blur and change into the words “JUST WATCH”

A electromagnetic Sphere generates and begins hovering on top of the Entrance.

The Lights go out

The Sphere has disappeared and in its place is stands Mark Dimension
BD - “Man this guys looks even bigger than last week! What an impression he made in his 1st match, picking up the win in just 8 seconds! Lets see how he fairs this week!”


BD - “1 Kick! Just 1 kick to SilverAssTools skull and Mark Dimension picks up his second victory here on Inferno! Can anybody stop this guy?”


BD - “Who’s this? I’ve never seen him before!”

“My name is Harley McCartney”

"Im not the type to beat around the bush so lets get to the point."
"Im here in the EWN for one reason, and one reason only."
"You see...I "NEED", cant live without, cant breathe, cant survive, and refuse to accept anything less than becoming EWN Champion!"
"And it dosnt matter what I have to do, or who I have to go through to get it. Because I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, any time....just so I can wrap that title belt around my waist."

"And when I finally have the honor, of being EWN Champion, I can promise it'll be a cold day in hell before anyone takes it away from me."
"So point being...either lay down, get out of the way, or get run over."

“Mark Dimension heres just a warning for you to ensure our paths don’t cross……If they do? Well on your head it be!”

BD - “Well the man mountain Mark Dimension doesn’t quite know how to take the arrival of Harley McCartney, but 1 things for sure is that this Harley as a big set of balls interrupting this guy like he did!”

We cut backstage to see a gentleman being trailed by the group of women into a skybox, one of the ladies turns to the cameraman.

“Mr ……I mean my friend is just here checking out the competition tonight and he wish’s to remain anonymous. He’s says he shall introduce himself to the world next week!”

05-26-2011, 03:58 PM
We cut backstage to see Andy Cannon talking to Tai Night

“AHHHHHH oh God no! Get out of my head dammit. Just go away & get out of my head! I'm overjoyed at all the games I'm playing here with you today. But I'm so sad the party's over and we can no longer…. This is sick!”

Solla appears at the side of Andy with a guy we’ve not seen before

Oh God, SOLLA! ........and…….and…..and….. ....and you! What the hell are you doing here??? It’s all so clear now! The “treatments” and the “tests”, it was you! You did this to me! All those contraptions and devices, the needles and blades! It all makes sense now! Wait, get away from me, you freak! I don’t want anything to do with you, or you Solla! You put him up to it! If it wasn’t for you I never would’ve been in your little “paradise” in the first place!

(The mystery man passes his hand over Andy’s forehead)
(Andy breaths a sigh of relief),

“Hmmm, this is nice, I like this. Everything’s so nice and lovely. It just makes me want to hurt something. Hurt myself? Ahh yes that sounds like a great idea my friends. Come with me to my world of pain Andy. It’ll be so much fun, don’t you wanna join?”


BD - “Andy Cannon has some serious issues! Who the hell was the guy with Solla? He was wearing some kind of surgeons uniform? Solla is making his way to the ring but he’s alone? Billy McCoy is just stood in the ring waiting for him with a ladder in hand.”


BD - “And Solla just picks up the win here. If I was Billy McCoy I’d be a very worried man right about now! Solla is not the type of guy you wanting holding a contract like that over you! Just remember he can face him any where, any time and any stipulation Solla choose’s!!!”

GodMoney is in the ring with Mic in hands:

TheBeardofZeus: "Ladies and Gentleman, welcome. This is the GodMoney bandwagon jumping into town, campaigning for your votes for Threat of the Net. At every Inferno up until the Pay Per View, we will be giving you reasons each week to vote for us and no one else.

So this weeks reason is, the past......

Rich Cranium: You know GodMoney is an orginal EWNCW tag team! We were the original holders of the belts until we sided with Bodom and company. Now that we are on our own again, we are better than ever and very much want to get those titles back around our godly waists. The belts will not only be ours but will be the fans as well. We ask you to vote for us to face The Force of Greatness for the EWNCW titles and together, GodMoney and it's fans will be tag champs once again!

TBOZ: Thats right Rich. I mean, look at the past. All the things that came first were always remembered as best. That first Christmas, that first Star Wars Trilogy, even the first ever kiss.

RC: Well my first kiss came from my Grandma so NO! Not the best experience! But nonetheless, we are the best tag team in EWNCW and if you vote for us, we will prove it.

TBOZ: And we will also prove to all the kids, who are worried that their first kiss was their Grandmother, take heart. You too, could still become a passable adult and even a tag team champion.

This is GodMoney, reminding you that it's votes that make GodMoney smile.

RC: And if it is your grandmother, tell her to have the decency to put her teeth back in!

TBOZ: Dude, that's too much sharing, too much...

*Smile and wave at the camera until fade to black*

The music hits, the lights go off, and the spotlight shines on 'The Storm'; Tommy Thunder!! He has a smile on his face as he makes his way to the ring. He seems to be carrying a box of something. He calls for his mic to be lowered.

"Last week, I... lost against Billy McCoy."

*crowd boo*

"Yeah, and I bet he's reeeeal happy with that. I bet he's thinking right now 'Ohhh I've beaten Tommy Thunder, and when I get voted in at Threat of the Net, I'm going to become the new International champion!!' Well, NO. You see McCoy, you fought me last week when I wasn't 100%. I was coming off the back of a monumental triple threat match at 'Bred for Combat'. I was still hurting from that match. So IF these people, my VIP's decide to vote you in at 'Threat of the Net', you WON'T beat me. But I have something here with me that might swing the pendulum in your favor. I have with me here in this box, well, you!! 'The Real McCoy'!!"

*Holds up a packet of McCoy's crisps from the box*

"So I'm going to hand out some of these to my VIP's, and they can have a taste of 'The Real McCoy', and decide if they want you to face or not!!"

*starts throwing out the crisps to the crowd, to huge cheers*

"Now, on to tonight. Tonight ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, You will have the chance to see me play the role of a fishmonger, as I destroy the man known as Gillz!! I mean Gillz, really, fish have Gillz, and it's spelt with an 's' if you haven't noticed!! And like fish, you stink... IN THE RING!!"

*crowd cheer*

"You have failed to take my title before, so why do you think you can do it now?! But tonight, these people, my VIP's will see the must see MVP of EWNCW show them that you are NOT the man to take me on at 'Threat of the Net'!! Because tonight..."


"Oh Tommy, here you go again just rambling on and on without taking any action.
Now we as you know have a match tonight and its a match i plan on winning to proove i deserve to defeat you again at Threat of the Net. Hell i shouldnt even need to be doing this after what happened t littlw Wolfie back at Bred for Combat but trust me after tonight Tommy you will be leaving here not juts defated but IN A BODYBAG!"

*Gillz runs down and starts the match*


BD - “Tommy does not look happy! How did the ref not see Gillz feet on the ropes! A cheap win here for Gillz, whilst Tommy loses for the second week in a row!!!”


05-26-2011, 04:02 PM

BD - “What a classic match between Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Macho Man. In my opinion this is the greatest match off all times. Now here’s time for our main event. I’m sure Shruiken who is at home home tonight will be watching this match with a keen eye.”




BD - “Shruiken! Shruiken! He’s here! And he’s laying into both Matthews and SilverCena with a furry of punch/kick combinations! Man the champ is destroying these two….wait he’s going for a mic….”

“I feel good that I have taken both SilverCena and Matthews out but I am not happy yet. Revenge will lead me nowhere.....for now.....Matthews you are a rash that won't go away. Since my anger is at Matthews, I really do hope that you win the polls for our match at Threat of the Net! I really do! I won't accept tainted wins and I don't need you or anyone's help.

As for you SilverCena.....SilverCena you have now proven to me that you can handle tough spots like this. And for that you have my respect, no matter what. I hope the people pick you so we can have a fair match. That is what I want. I want to shoulder this championship again but I won't do that until I get a clean win.

But.....it really doesn't matter who the EWNCW faithful pick.....I will still walk out victorious at Threat of the Net. My anger has to come out at some point.....MATTHEWS YOU ARE A SON OF A BITCH!!! YOU KNOW I AM A MAN WITH ALOT OF PRIDE AND YOU DO THIS KIND OF CRAP!!!! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY SOONER OR LATER BUT KEEP IN MIND......MY WRATH IS YOUR OWN HELL!!!!!”

06-02-2011, 07:22 AM
Thread filler time, I cant wait for inferno to be posted tonight.....its gonna be awesome

06-02-2011, 07:30 AM
Herbert Birdsfoot here with an announcement regarding NEXT weeks inferno

Next week we will be having a one on one sitdown interview with Tommy Thunder in The Birds Nest.

Now for tonights thought.

Does Solla have something special in store for him on tonight's episode of Inferno.....one can only wait and see.

Herbie's Cell phone rings

Yes?...Yes this is Herbert....You're certain??....Okay I'll be there.....I cant wait to see the looks on their faces....Okay.....goodbye.


"This is going to be very interesting tonight"

06-02-2011, 08:06 AM

This is Solla....I was given a letter by a close associate of mine, he asked me to forward this to everyone, now you know I dont like being told what to do...but I have made this one exception.

Dear Ignition Roster

Here we are, Born to be kings,
We're the princes of the universe,
Here we belong, Fighting to survive,
In a world with the darkest powers,
And here we are, We're the princes of the universe,
Here we belong, Fighting for survival,
We've come to be the rulers of your world,
I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings, (Yeah!)
I have no rival, No man can be my equal,
Take me to the future of your world,

"The Maestro"

Im coming.....and nothing will stop my dominance.

06-02-2011, 01:44 PM

06-02-2011, 01:46 PM


06-02-2011, 01:47 PM


06-02-2011, 02:06 PM

SilverCena opens the show and is making his way into the ring

SC: Cut the damn music and give me a mic! I gotta get this off my chest! Last week, I was punishing that rafter dweller, Kevin Matthews when Shuriken decided to interfere in our match! WTF is going on? I had Matthews beat just like I had Shuriken beat before one of the 2 egomaniacs decided to get in my business! This has got to stop! Shuriken, I had respect for you as champ, but after this low class move, I have nothing but spite for you! EWNCW fans, vote for SilverCena to face Shuriken at Threat of the Net and I will prove that I am not to be played with!

By the way, IPITS called me and has said that tonight, I get to pick Shuriken's opponent, Shuriken picks Matthew's opponent, and Matthews picks mine! I think I will pick a man Shuriken has never faced before. A man who will punish Shuriken and make him regret last week's actions! Tonight you face a 16 time world champion!!! Shuriken, your opponent tonight will be:

*Ric Flair's music plays and Naitch stands in the entrance and goes"Woooooooooo" as the fans look on in disbelief*

BD - “It cant be….It is…..It is….This must be who we saw last week! Naitch is here! Naitch is here in EWNCW!!!!”

Flair: “Now looked who just walked into the EWNCW! That's right! That's right! It's the Nature Boy baby! Wooooooo! Take a fine look at me. Designer jacket, a Rolex that costs more than your house! This is who every woman wants to be with and who every man want to be!

Now ladies, you can't be the first, but you can be next! Now I obviously have a great resume and I want to be with the best and a good friend of mine told me that was the EWNCW! That's right! Now that I'm here, You better learn to love it, cause its the best thing going today!


*runs into the ropes*

'How about that? And ever since I was a little Nature Boy, I have been

*Starts to take jacket off*

... A limousine-ridin', jet-flyin', kiss-stealin', wheelin'-dealin', son-of-a-gun, that along with the whole EWNCW dammit all, have kissed the girls worldwide... And made 'em cry.

*Points to a fan*...Shutup fatboy!

*Crowd pan*

So if anyone out there wants a piece of the Naitch...*

takes off watch*..

bring it on...

*Elbow drops mat*

..I'll be waiting!

And in closing, let me say this.
To be the man, you gotta beat the man... Woooooooooooo'

SC: *Smiles* Good luck!

BD - “What a bomb SilverCena has just dropped!!!! All 3 guys in the main event running at Threar of The Net will be in action Tonight I wonder who The Champ and Matthews will pick….Wait a minute here comes Shruiken…….”


Shuriken: Well to defeat a 16 time Champion of The World can only do good on my resume so I look forward to our encounter....hahaha....since IPITS is generous enough to let me pick Matthew's poison.....I choose a guy never seen before in EWNCW Captain Amazing!!! Captain Amazing vs Kevin Matthews! Matthews....have fun with that match....I'll be watching....

Camera Pans to outside the arena

*standing in front of a fluttering American Flag, arms crossed over chest*

*heroic squint*

"Hello citizens. This is Captain Amazing. I stand for justice and I'm here to clean up the riff-raff in the EWNCW. It's time for the forces of darkness to once again fear the light."

*suit glows on cue*

*quickly glances in a mirror to make sure he's posing right*

Camera Pans back to Shruiken

Also....its time for me to explain why I interrupted your match against Matthews...

*crowd grows silent*

Its because Matthews is a huge thorn on my side. I mean.....I cannot be prideful of that win against you....thats why I don't shoulder this championship!!! Another reason....as I recall.....you jumped me from behind WEEKS AGO! So I guess what I did was plenty fair.....when the people here IN EWNCW make their choice, whether it be Matthews or SilverCena.....I can careless. None of you can defeat me.....this time we will determine a true winner....and that will be me.....and a victory over you.....doesn't matter who.....Matthews or SilverCena...I will be able the shoulder this championship with pride once again!

My wrath is already causing hell for you and Matthews.....I can make it extremely worse....

BD - “Wow what a start!!! So we now know who Shruiken and Kevin Matthews shall be facing, but who will Matthews choose to Face SilverCena? Also tonight we see Billy McCoy against Gillz, We relive one of the most heated feuds in EWNCW history when The International Champion guys head on with The Albino Rhino Solla, The Team of The Surgeon General and Andy Cannon…….Sorry I mean Captain Howdy take on Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma and…..

Here comes The Great Cobra to the ring, looks like he wants the mike."

Cobra: "Last week, I won the opportunity to challenge for the Ignition Championship, winning convincingly in a handicap match. But I don't think there was enough on the line, I earned the chance too easily. So, to anyone in the back, you can challenge me to my shot, at the EWNCW Ignition Title."


BD - “Harley McCartney has answered the call! This could be his first step to stardom! He said last week he doesn’t like to beat around the bush and he’s really proving it now!!!”


BD -“Harley wins! Harley wins! Cobra took his eyes off the prize and became too arrogant here, and deserved the loss.

Wait a minute, here comes Seth "The Pharoah" Ferrell!”

"Peasants, your Pharaoh is not pleased. Last week on Inferno, this "Great Cobra" passed the test I laid down by defeating the team I had set up as qualifying for a match with me for the title. And by the way, I have since used a little time to train them so the next time it won't be so easy. But now, my opponent has just become this Harley?! Harley who?! You cannot just trade and pass around a title opportunity whenever you damn well please! You don't just throw it in the pot with the rest of your sad peasant belongings when you need to up the ante! Or defend your honor! Or whatever stupid thing it is! This is pathetic!

If Cobra had any sense he would have kept the title shot to himself. Do any of you care how this effects me?! This interferes with proper preparation! All the time I spent studying my enemy is now wasted! You don't disrespect a man of my skill and stature this way! But... fine... I am gracious. Ahem. I will fight this Harley fellow. And I will destroy him all the more absolutely for the stupidity of the "The Great Cobra". haha. I've spoken with the head of the Ignition Division, Nathan Staples, and he was at least understanding enough to allow me to choose the stipulation for our match. So, Harley, you have three choices for our match. Ladder Match, where you get to see me squash you from the top of a ladder. Cage Match, where I can crush you and simply walk away to victory. Or a Table Match, where I chew you up and spit you out. haha."

BD - “We have one royally pissed champion! And some crazy stipulations for you guys at Threat of the Net, and the first defence of the EWNCW Ignition Championship! We now take you to Godmoney and there campaign at Threat of The net”

TBOZ: Ladies and Gentleman, the GodMoney bandwagon continues this week, with the subject, Intelligence.

Now, it's a known fact that we can out-smart, out-think and out-manouver any opponent, no matter how good they are.

RC: Just like when I beat that kid at crazy golf, he never stood a chance!

TBOZ: You most certainly did! And we are on par with the great thinkers of our time. Einstein, Hawkin...

RC: Zack Ryder?

TBOZ: You know it bro! So, to prove our intelligence, I will say a word to young Rich here, and he will simply say the first that comes to mind. Ready Rich?

RC: Fire away!

TBOZ: Fight.

RC: Victory!

TBOZ: Plan.

RC: Victory!

TBOZ: Charlie Sheen.

RC: Victory! oh wait...

TBOZ: You see, we are the ones with the new ways of thinking, and the only thought on our mind is...

RC: Victory!

TBOZ: So when Threat of the Net comes around, and you join us in our quest to become EWNCW Tag Team Champions once again, it will pay to be God...

RC: Money!

This message was brought you and paid by Godmoney

BD - “I gotta admit I for one am loving these segements brought to us by Godmoney! And with The Force of Greatness backing there campaign as stated on Saturday Night Spectacle surely they will get the fans vote!!!”

06-02-2011, 02:23 PM
BD - “Billy McCoy’s Music hits this guy is actually getting one or two cheers amongst a load Boo

“McCoy: Well a lot of people have been asking me about Solla and his Stupid Contract I’m here to talk about the other Possible Choice for you at Threat of the Net if you can call him a Choice Gillz.

Now Gillz when I think about you part of me thinks High flyer but Mainly I Think Suck up I Mean as Soon as The Shit hit the fan with Irken he turned to the Nearest Goon and that Nearest goon was you. Now In my opinion that’s not what Wrestling’s about that’s not what I’m about I’ll never be about that. Gillz I Know why you had to go to Irken because you felt insecure you Knew everyone else on the roster a roster that is growing Getting Bigger, Faster Stronger was better than you so you went to Irken in a hope that you might save yourself well now there’s no hiding I’m turning EWNCW upside Down whether these Idiot Fans, You Tommy Solla like it or not Cause I’m the Biggest Baddest most technically gifted guy in EWNCW and I Will prove at Threat of the Net that Better is Bigger”


BD - “Well here comes Gillz he obviously has something to say to Billy!!!”

*Gillz is drowned out by boos as he enters the ring*

I bet you think I’m making a habit of this

*More boos*

Oh Billy your almost as bad as Tommy, just rambling to anybody that will listen.
Well you know what??? NO ONE CARES WHAT THINK!
It take a huge skill to do, what i do on a regular basis Billy, unlike you, who is all talk.
I could take you done in record time if I needed to. But I’m not gonna stoop to that level

*As Gillz starts to walk away he turns around and takes a cheap shot to get the match underway*


BD - “Gillz has picked up the win here in one hell of a match!!!!! Billy McCoy looks in disbelief here!!!”

BD - “Its now time to see the new Tag Team of The Surgeon General and Captain Howdy against Captain Charisma & Cooper Hawkins, Charisma and Hawkins are waiting in the ring…. Here comes Herbie Birdsfoot so I guess The new team are on they’re way”



BD - “What a match!!!! Captain Howdy and The Surgeon General pick up a convincing win on this encounter……Maybe they could be the trump card in A Force of Greatness title defence!!! Now we take you to the rafter’s with “The Future” Kevin Matthews.”

“THE FUTURE is before all your eyes, yet you think you can change what is destined. I write all destiny, including each and every one of you in the EWNCW arena. What makes you think that you all could make it home tonight? What if I had placed a bomb in this very arena? Hahahahaha No bombs in this arena, but in about 5 seconds section 13 is going to collapse. 5,4,3,2,1

*section 13 collapses down, people around the area are panicking, security is rushing to help those in need*
Hahahahaha Yes! Yes! Did you see what THE FUTURE holds for you? I can seal all your fates with what I create. Now you all will vote for me at the PPV or you all could suffer a similar fate. Now Silvercena, you rapping buffoon, tonight I pick your poison.. And tonight for you time will change, not greater than THE FUTURE Kevin Matthews but a change to your Dimension known as Mark Dimension!!!!.

Believe me, I know that I will be voted to defeat Shuriken at the PPV.. Because Shuriken and SilverCena will be erased in the folds of history while THE FUTURE will always be tomorrow. EWNCW bow to YOUR FUTURE, YOUR LEADER, YOUR KING!”

BD - “There we have it we now know all 3 opponents, now time for a break and when we return we see Kevin Matthews against EWNCW newcomer Captain Amazing.”

06-02-2011, 02:52 PM
BD - “We return to see Captain America stood in Ring looking rather nervous, and here comes his future Kevin Matthews”



BD - “Man how quick is Captain Amazing? Man he is like a hic up!!! It just wasn’t enough to defeat the future here today!!!”

The music hits, the lights go out, and the spotlight is shone upon Tommy Thunder on top of the ramp. 'The Storm' looks a bit cheesed off as he makes his way to the ring, and after entering, he calls for his trademark mic to be lowered as the International champion prepares to speak.

"As you can tell from my face, I'm not a happy bunny right now. I'm on a loosing streak. And it's not good enough. It's not good enough that my VIP's are paying to see me every week, and I lose. But you know what? Even though I'm on a loosing streak, I'm still the International champion!! And when 'Threat of the Net' is over, I'll still be International champion!!"

*fans cheer*

"Because I don't mind who you guys vote in, I know for a fact that I'm better than all 3 of them. Hell, I don't mind if they're all tied on 33.33333333333333333333333333% of votes each, I'll be willing, no I'd insist to be put in a fatal 4 way with them!!"

*fans love this*

"So you guys have seen the crisp boy, and fish man against me, and you know what they're all about, so now tonight, it's the 'Albino Hippo' Solla's turn. Now, I don't get this guy. I knew he was sick in the head and all that, but these days, that guy is just plain crazy!! I mean, what the hell has he done to Andy Cannon?! Captain Howdy?! Really?! REALLY?! Captain Howdy sounds more like some character from a little kids tv show!! And The Surgeon General?! Are you shitting me, who the fuck is that?! Am I supposed to be scared of that?! And we finally come to little Herbie B!! If you so much as show your face, I'll knock your little glasses so far into your eye sockets, so that when you open your eyes, you'll be looking at your own little pea brain!!"

*crowd cheer*

"Now, am I supposed to be intimidated by this little thing you got going on here?! I mean I think we all know, that only reason you got these guys following you around is to carry a constant supply of food for ya!!"

*crowd laugh*

"And possibly to help you to your feet if you fall over, or even carry you around as you can barely walk!!"

*crowd laugh further*

"Now I'm not going to count my chickens here, because I KNOW what you're going to do tonight!! I know that..."


BD - “And here come’s Solla”

Tommy....Oh Tommy....It has gotten to the point where what you say to me no longer effects me, I have gotten inside your head before, and I will do so again, but this time it is going to be so much different.

You see things have changed in the last few months, things that are going to benefit me greatly, and guarantee my dominance over you and anyone else that gets in my path once and for all.

You see a few weeks ago after one of my matches 2 Mystery men came out and kidnapped Andy Cannon, then the weeks that followed, Andy had gotten quite "Sick" but its not sick like your thinking, the sick I am referring to can only benefit me and thats a very good thing. You see it's my type of sickness that has gotten into Andy Cannon, the type of sickness that has run roughshod over everyone in the federation, and you are no exception....you were the first to experience my sickness Tommy and knowing this.....I give you the NEW AND IMPROVED ANDY CANNON......I GIVE YOU


Collectively, we are known as "The Collective" and no one will stand in our way, you think you can play to these fans, well when we are through with you.....these fans will be crying because you and your pretty boy image will be prematurely tarnished for all eternity.

This Thursday on Inferno, NOTHING will stop me from destroying you once and for all, not if any of my loyal Collective has anything to say about it.

Watch your back Tommy.....and watch it closely, you NEVER know when one or all of us will strike you down.

Now if you dont mind......I have to kick your ass all over this arena”


BD - “And Tommy Thunder finally picking up a win on the road to “Threat of The Net” al though its short lived with Capatain Howdy attacking him from behind!!! Tommy Thunder looks pissed off with The Collective right about now!!!”

06-02-2011, 03:02 PM
We return to see Mark Dimension In the ring awaiting SilverCena



BD - “My Gawd all hell has broke loose here!!! I don’t even know the result! !

1st Ric Flair, then Shruiken getting involved, Then Harley makes a statement on mark Dimension!
Then Tommy Thunder making his mark on the champion Shruiken!!!!

I’m getting word that Mark Dimension has won the match, but what type of impact has Tommy Thunder made? SilverCena isn’t moving in the ring and Shruiken isn’t moving on the top of the ramp! It looks like he wont by competing tonight but make sure you tune in next week to see this mess unfold!!!!”

Tommy Thunder
06-22-2011, 05:54 PM

EWNCW anchorman Dick Thompson here with an EWNCW exclusive!! It has just been announced that EWNCW will have a second show will be starting up very soon!! This new show, or brand if you like, will be called 'Rage', and will be hosted every Monday night!! So yes, the Monday night wars are back with a bang!! Monday night Rage will feature talent from the current EWNCW roster as well as new talent!! We understand that the new show is to be launched in the very near future, so be sure to tune tomorrow night's Inferno and this Sunday's ppv 'Threat of the Net' where we might get new information on when Rage will begin!!

Speaking of which, this Sunday EWNCW are giving the power to the people (no rigging involved!!)!! YOU have the chance to have your say on who takes on the Force of Greatness for the tag titles, Tommy Thunder for the International title, and Shuriken for the World title!! The power is in your hands!! So be sure to check in on Sunday for 'Threat of the Net'!!

06-23-2011, 11:21 AM

EWNCW reporter Dick Thompson here folks, and joining me at this time is one of the 3 candidates for the International Championship at 'Threat of the Net', Billy McCoy. Billy, first of all, how does it feel to be a no.1 contender for a title even if it is with 2 others?

BM: Well Dick its Very Exciting to be in the Contenders picture for the International Championship. I Mean I’ve been here what a Couple of Months and I am Allready half the way up the EWNCW Ladder and I Don’t worry to much about the others.

DT: Sure. How do you see your competition, Solla and Gillz?

BM: Well Solla is just a freak who feeds of peoples fear but (Turns to Camera) look here Solla, I don’t fear you or your stupid contract and when it comes to Gillz yeah he’s a highflyer and all but he’s is also a massive suck-up. He says its his time well guess what junior its not your time, its bed time, let the real men do the fighting. I stopped worrying about these guys when I beat both in Triple Threat match a short time ago.

DT: And what about the champion, Tommy Thunder? Your thoughts on him?

BM: Tommy Thunder is a legend there’s not doubt about that. There is no doubt he will one day be the EWNCW World Champion theres no doubt he is a Fantastic Wrestler. But you know what? I am going to be a bigger legend, I am better wrestler, I will reign Longer as World Champion because as Much as I respect him and what he’s about, he is simply just another stepping stone in my way to the very top of the E-Fed World. Better is Bigger Dick.

DT: Of course. You've been in the company for a fair bit now, and you're starting to establish yourself as a real player here. Do you think you have what it takes to win, and then carry the International Championship forward and take it to the next level?

BM: Well Ewncw’s roster is getting bigger, stronger, faster everyday. Now Kev Brand is in charge of youth Recruitment, its only going to get bigger, faster, stronger, and to be the International champion means everybody, everybody is coming for you, and personally, I would relish the chance to be that guy. I would take that Title defend it against new guys, mid carders but also the very top, I Mean people like Thunder, Shuriken, Silvercena, Kevin Mathews see how I compare up to them. Because Dick I will get to the very top of EWNCW, but there is only one way to do that around here and that is to hold the International title.

DT: Finally, Why should the EWNCW fans vote for you? Why are you the right choice to face Tommy Thunder at 'Threat of the Net'?

BM: Right listen very carefully Dick you will be able to tell your grandchildren, and they can tell their grandchildren that you saw McCoy vs Thunder because it will be a technical war, it will be a 5 star match. Thunderbirds will push me to my limits and you better believe I’ll take him to his limits. Its like that saying why have hamburger when you could have steak, so why have Gillz & Solla when you could have McCoy! (Turns to Camera) So Tommy Thunderbirds, its go time! So thunderbirds are go, and better really is bigger!

Thanks very much for your time Billy!! Well there you go folks, Billy McCoy in very confident mood that he is the man to face Tommy Thunder at 'Threat of the Net'! Keep tuning in for more updates folks!!

Side note: This interview was conducted by TT i am Just posting it here to cover my stupidity

06-23-2011, 05:00 PM
This is filler!

06-23-2011, 05:01 PM
And some more filler!

06-23-2011, 05:01 PM
Oh would you look at that, more filler!

06-23-2011, 05:02 PM
The last filler!

And, ironically, my 1000th post, win!

Inferno will be my 1001st.

06-23-2011, 05:13 PM

Bob Daniels: Ladies and gentleman welcome to EWNCW’s Thursday Night Inferno! I’m Bob Daniels and as always, we have an action packed night for you! As we head into Threat of the Net this Sunday, how will our superstars attempt to gain an upper hand before the Pay-Per-View?


-The lights go out as the music hits, and the spotlight shines on the International champion!! He looks to be in a good mood with a wide grin on his face. After entering the ring, he calls for his mic as he prepares to speak.-

"Now firs things first. And first on my agenda tonight is to address you, my VIP's and our more specifically EWNCW World Champ Shuriken about my actions at last week's main event. I did what I did for 1 reason, and 1 reason only. That big gold belt around your waist. SilverCena and Kevin Matthews aren't the only ones that are after that belt, but everybody in the back there has their eye on it. And me in the back last week watching what was going on out here, well, I just couldn't help myself!! The adrenaline was still pumping from my win that night, and I acted upon instinct, and made a statement. Your the champ right now Shuriken, and I respect you for that, your a true warrior and a great champion. But one day, sooner than later, that title is going to be around this waist!!"

- Points to his own waist as crowd cheer-

"But that's the future, this is now. And right now, you've all seen my 3 choice of opponents for this sunday. And I don't know about you but I don't see any of them being a problem!! But anyway, tonight, you get to see all 4 of us in this ring. Solla and Gillz, against me and young Bily Mcoy. Now I don't respect Solla, and I don't respect Gillz, but as for you Mcoy, you have earned my respect. I think you are the one worthy of a shot at this title. And I don't know about you but If I were you, I'd be looking forward to taking out my competition tonight. If we work together tonight, we can make sure that it's just you and me left standing for Sunday!!" *crowd cheers* "But once the bell rings on Sunday, once the ref counts 'ONE, TWO, THREE', and the match is over, there can only be and WILL only be one man left standing, and we all know that he will be the must see MVP on EWNCW..... TOMMYYYYYYYYYY THUNNNNNNNDEEEEEEERRRRR............"

- Mounts turnbukle and lifts title in the air -



BD: And here comes the champ! With mike in hand, looks like he has some thoughts to share with TT

Shuriken: Mr. Tommy Thunder.....at last we have finally gotten each others attention....The EWNCW International Champion and the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion....powerful moment here. Rarely you will see champions talk to each other and this marks the first time that Tommy and I will meet and talk.

Mr. Thunder, I noticed that you have your sights on me and that is fine, I am not holding it against you. I am the champion of EWNCW. I know that I will have new challengers rising against me. Though.....you will have to wait a bit....I have a issues that need to be resolved against either SilverCena or Matthews.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please do vote for my next opponent, no matter who it is.....I will retain this very championship

- Points at the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion -

Mr. Thunder......I will hope for a good match between us and looking forward to it.....when I finish my issues.....it will be just you and me......may the best champion win.

BD: Wow! The EWNCW Champ with some choice words for Tommy Thunder. But is he looking too far ahead and not at the challenge infront of him this Sunday? Only time will tell. And what a blockbuster main event!

06-23-2011, 05:31 PM
BD: It’s time for another GodMoney Campaign Promotion!


RC: GodMoney is here to let the fans know that voting time is soon. If you want to see one hell of a match look no further than the team of GodMoney. We want those belts and if given the opportunity, we will reclaim them as only we can. It's time for a changing of the guards and we are the team to get the job done.

TBOZ: That’s right! You see, this week’s theme is the future. And yet again, we will be the future of EWNCW. We are on a massive winning streak, we are also on a massive bar crawl record, and we have payed for way too many hookers for our fans. So, you know that, in the future this will continue, and vote for us, and we will win the EWNCW Tag Team Champions, I guarantee it. And thats why it pays to be GodMoney. Now Rich, get ready, because you are facing Cooper Hawkins and Captain Howdy in a match, right now dude!

- The Collective comes down to the ring, followed afterwards by Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma -


BD: And Rich Cranium pulls it out of the bag! If voted in this Sunday, can GodMoney continue their winning streak to win the titles? Or will Hawkins and Charisma get their opportunity again? Or will the newcomers The Collective get their chance? Out of all of this, I’m sure the champs have something to say as well!

- A camera flips backstage to show a man sitting in a chair. His body is covered within a black cloak with a hood that hides his face in darkness. The only visible part of his face are his lips which are sewn shut with a needle and thread. During the process droplets of blood splatter out onto the floor near his feet. When the sewing is complete the mysterious man reaches for one of the droplets of blood with his finger and writes out the word "SILENCE" in front of him. The camera then loses all video footage and goes static... -

BD: What in the world was that?! I suppose we will have to wait and see on that one!


- Mark Dimensions Appears -

The Beast has Been asleep for to long and now I'm awake regarding The upcoming PPV threat of the net SO Tonight I issue an Open Challenge for this Event and Trust I already know this outcome as I'm going to let it happen,So The World knows it..
I will Grasp whoevers LiFe ..and I will Squeeze The Blood and Energy out of u and lead u into No More..
Of Course u will hear and Don't listen ....Live ur LiFe!!! ...as u will Learn and Die!!!...
And won't survive in my Timeline..
As I make these things happen and let it be..with that being said The Challenge is laid out ..
Now Accept it to Go Forward and allow me to predict........
Allow me to Determine Your OutCome as The Fans Will Choose Your Demise
In either a Tables Match ,Hardcore Match or a Lumberjack Match..
Threat Of The Net a Battle will Erupt.........With me......... Standing

BD: Mark is in action against a local wrestler tonight, I don't have much hope for this guy!


BD: Unbelievable! Dimensions ran through that man like he wasn’t there! I’m certain there won’t be many takers to that behemoth this Sunday!

06-23-2011, 05:45 PM
BD: Welcome back! Standing in the ring is the number 1 contender to the EWNCW Ignition Title, Harley McCartney, lets see what he has to say.

HM: "This sunday, at Threat Of The Net, I have a match for the Ignition Title. And Ive been hearing all the threats, and predictions, and how Im too much of a peasant, and yakkety yakkety blah blah blah...

But what mummy face dosnt realize, is that Im hungry. I have an addiction that has not been satisfied. I "need" that gold around my waist. And come sunday, after I put the Pharaoah back in his sarcophagus, I will have a 24/7, 365 day a year fix for my addiction!

Now, bandage boy said I had a choice. It was either a ladder match....cage match.....or a table match.

And Ive been thinking real hard on what kind of match I want to kick your ass in but frankly none of the three appeal to me.

So now YOU got three choices, either lay down, get out of the way, or get your sorry ass ran the hell over!


BD: Seth Ferrell is here! He must have something to say after his number 1 contender keeps changing!

SF: "Greetings peasants. I always love our chats. Harley. This name means nothing yet in EWNCW. So why should it mean anything to me for a title bout? He's proved nothing except that he can beat an idiot. Cobra, someone that will just give away his title shot, followed by someone who just showed up, is NOT what EWNCW had in mind for the inaugural days of the Ignition Championship. More importantly, it's not what I had in mind for it. My good grace is being pushed to its limits!

Nevertheless, at Threat of the Net there will be 3 match stipulations. And it's been decided that you, not this Harley, and for once I agree, will be the ones to decide what match it is. So! Will you see us climb to the heavens where the Championship should rightfully reside? Will you see me leap from the top of the cage and block the lights? Or will you see me slam him through a table and hear the crack of his dreams being broken? It's up to you! Whatever you pick, the match will be worthy of this title? What do you, the people, want to see?!"

BD: Some strong words from the Champ! You get to choose the stipulation this Sunday, which hell will these two competitors have to go through?

Announcer: Now, please welcome to the ring at this time, EWNCW Inferno General Manager, Irken Invader!

II: Hello EWNCW readers. I know you guys haven't seen me in a while but I promise I'll make it up to you. I've got some plans for something that I think everyone of you is going to love. Something so awesome that it will turn every e-fed upside down and inside out.

But It is going to take some time to get it up and running. I'm talking not just hiring new wrestlers and making some new stages. I'm talking a revolution. A complete and total rethinking of what an E-Fed is supposed to be.

I promise you guys and gals that this will be amazing. You just have to give me some time to get things in motion.

BD: Look's like exciting times for EWNCW! And I for one cannot wait for things to get started!


BD: Here comes SilverCena, one of your choices in the main event this Sunday at Threat of the Net!

SC: SilverCena here to tell the fans why you should vote for me to face Shuriken at Threat of the Net. You see, Kevin Matthews has lost to Shuriken in the past. I have not. So do you want to see someone face Shuriken who has already lost to him or someone who has faced him twice but has not yet lost? Seems like a pretty obvious choice to me. It's either a guy that hangs in the rafters or a guy that is not afraid to go and get the job done.

- Kevin Matthews sprints to the ring -

KM: All my talking was done last week, I say I prove to everyone who deserves their vote Sunday!

BD: Looks like we have a match! And the bell rings!



BD: WOW. What a match! And they are still going at it! They are determined to prove who is the better warrior, and they have had one hell of a battle! Who will you vote for this Sunday?

06-23-2011, 05:51 PM
BD: Here’s tonight’s main event! A tag team match between all the possible participants in this Sunday’s International Title match!




BD: Solla and Gillz pick up the win! Some mis-communication there cost McCoy and Tommy Thunder! And McCoy takes out his frustration, what a shot! And here comes Gillz and Solla to beat down the already beaten champ and McCoy, what a pathetic show, get off of them!

- Shuriken runs down to the ring

But wait a minute!? That’s Shuriken! And he takes down Gillz! Solla tries a shot at the EWNCW Champ but get’s taken out! He’s made the save! He picks up TT, and cut’s him back down, and throws McCoy out of the ring.

- Kevin Matthews jumps over the barrier

Hold on a second! Where has Matthews come from?! Crowbar in hand, delivers a shot straight to McCoy! And Gillz! And now Solla! He drops the weapon as he faces up to Shuriken...

- SilverCena comes to join in the action -

And here comes SilverCena! He dives right in the middle, and we have an old fashioned three-way stare-off! Who will throw first? Kevin goes for Shuriken, but he ducks and takes out both his competitiors!

Ladies and Gentleman, what an Inferno we have had! My questioning of his commitment this Sunday has been answered! Will Shuriken stand tall again this Sunday after facing one of those immensely tough athletes? Tune in then for EWNCW Threat of the Net.

I’ve been Bob Daniels, Goodnight!

06-26-2011, 05:11 PM
Check the anticipation, we're posting Filler!

06-26-2011, 05:11 PM
It' getting closer, more filler...

06-26-2011, 05:12 PM
Filler, can you wait any longer?

06-26-2011, 05:13 PM
Yet more filler, filler filler filler.

06-26-2011, 05:13 PM
This is filler, will it ever end!?

06-26-2011, 05:14 PM
Why yes, yes it will.


06-26-2011, 05:20 PM

Bob Daniels: Ladies and gentleman, This is first annual EWNCW Threat of the Net! I’m Bob Daniels and tonight all the matches are chosen by the amazing fans of EWNCW. Thanks to Rise Against for the theme for Threat of the Net, and we have an amazing show lined up for you tonight! Who will face Tommy Thunder for the International Title? Who gets the opportunity at the Tag Team Titles against The Force of Greatness? And which man will Shuriken have to defeat to retain his EWNCW Championship?


BD: Well, here is the Inferno GM Irken Invader to start things off!

II: I am proud to introduce EWNCW’s Threat of the Net! A card full of matches chosen by you.

- Points at camera –

But, tonight I have decided to add a match. Due to the sheer amount of votes cast, the losing two in the International Title match will face off against each other, 1-on-1! And the title match is up first! Now let's get on with the show!

BD: Let’s see who gets to face Tommy Thunder for the EWNCW Championship.

Billy McCoy

BD: And McCoy gets the shot! Here is his opportunity to prove better is bigger!


BD: And here is the champ! He has a steel in his eyes I have never seen before, he is really up for this one!


BD: Thats it! Tommy Thunder retains in what was an excellent show of both competitors abilities. TT may have won this round, but I believe you are looking at another future champion in Billy McCoy.

06-26-2011, 05:24 PM

BD: The EWNCW Tag Team Champions are out here already, awaiting for who the fans want to see them face.

The Collective

BD: GodMoney get their shot! This is going to be one hell of a blockbuster!


BD: We are about to get underway here, and this is for the EWNCW Tag Team Championships!



BD: And GodMoney have done it! Since losing the titles, they have been on an unbelievable hot streak and they have taken those titles back in one classic! My god what a match!

06-26-2011, 05:30 PM
BD: Next up ladies and gentleman is Mark Dimensions' open challenge. Now for those who may not know, Dimensions has been on a roll. He has steamrolled through all competiton he has faced and no one has even come close to defeating him. Will anyone put up a fight tonight?


BD: And here he is, Mark Dimensions. Will anyone answer his call for a match?


BD: He’s here! DJ Black is in EWNCW, and he looks ready for a match! But what kind of fight will he be up against?

Street Fight
Falls Count Anywhere

BD: It’s a street fight! Things are going to get violent!



BD: And Dimensions continues his winning streak. He really earned this one, DJ Black put up an amazing battle here in his Debut, but in the end almost got torn in two.

06-26-2011, 05:37 PM
BD: Next up is an added treat for the EWNCW fans tonight, Solla vs Gillz!


BD: Here is Solla, accomponied by another unfavoured option tonight, The Collective, they all look extremely annoyed and extremely focused!


BD: And Gillz doesn't look too cheerful either, and he argues with the referee with The Collective being at ringside.

Announcer: I have just been told this match will be a 6 man tag match!

-Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma enter-

BD: Well you heard it folks! Looks like we will be treated to an extra match tonight with The Collective facing off against Gillz and the team of Hawkins and Charisma!



BD: And The Collective come out victorious! Solla looks like a man possessed! What reprocutions does this have for EWNCW? Charisma looks in a bad way. And as for Gillz, he is furious with Hawkins, shouting that him and Charisma “cost him an opportunity”, and he hits Hawkins with a hammer! Wow, these two are some unhinged superstars!

06-26-2011, 05:41 PM

BD: Here comes the challenger to the EWNCW Ignition Title, Harley McCartney! Can he beat “The Pharaoh” here tonight?


BD: Seth looks irate tonight, after weeks of opponent changing, he still has to prepare for three different types of matches! Let’s see what the EWNCW Universe wanted to see.

Cage Match
Ladder Match
Tables Match

BD : It’s a ladder match for the Ignition Title! The title is hung high above the ring, let’s get it started!



BD: Ferrell wins! Ferrell retains! Harley fought hard but in the end the reign of The Pharaoh has not come to an end. Wait a minute, two men have run into the ring! It looks like Grind Bastard! And The Flying Dutchman! There is one hell of a melee out here! Security has come and split it all up, but it looks as if there is plenty more competition for Seth Ferrell to face!

06-26-2011, 05:52 PM
BD - “It’s now time for the main event, and time to see who you, the EWNCW fans have decided will face shruiken in a title match.


Kevin Matthews

ITS MATTHEWS!!! Matthews vs. Shruiken for the title and these guys have 1 hell of history,

It all started when Shruiken Blade defeated Kevin Matthews winning the then vacant EWNCW Heavyweight Championship. The Future then took time away from the business, but returned 4 weeks later with a whole new attitude and costing Silvercena his match for the title.

Since then the 3 guys have been going hammer and tong with each other until finally the you, the fans choose Kevin Matthews for the match tonight. And here comes “The Future”.”


BD -”Man The Future looks confident, now here comes the EWNCW Heavyweight Champion of the World Shruiken Blade, And man he is flying to the ring…….Shruiken has been wanting to get his hands on Matthews ever since Matthews interrupted his match with SilverCena”


BD - “and this one is underway”


BD - “Wait who’s this? Its, Its Tommy. Tommy Thunder and who??? My gawd there is a army of them!! Tommy Thunder makes his way to the ring and is followed by The Collective, DJ Black, Harley McCartney, Captain Amazing and a couple of guys I haven’t seen before…wait is that, are they? It is its Kingstream and Mike Asylum. They are surrounding the ring…

.whats happening?

Shruiken and Matthews both looking over ropes to see what is happening.”




With Tommy Thunder distracting the referee DJ Black throws Matthews the title and Matthews hits Shruiken with the Heavyweight championship. I cant believe what I’m seeing!

All the wrestlers which were surrounding the ring are now in the ring holding Kevin Matthews on there shoulders!!

What is happening?

Shruiken doesn’t know what to do he is in that much shock.

Has the EWNCW that we know and love broke down?

What does this mean for the future of our company?

Tune in to Inferno on Thursday Night to find out!”

06-30-2011, 02:28 PM
Thread filler 1

06-30-2011, 02:29 PM
Thread filler 2

06-30-2011, 02:30 PM
Thread filler 3.....Saved ya guys the trouble.....Cheers

06-30-2011, 02:31 PM
This is the unofficial/official thread filler number 4

06-30-2011, 05:09 PM

BD: Hello and welcome to the June 30th edition of EWNCW Inferno! I’m Bob Daniels and my god what a show we have in store for you! Just four days removed from Threat of the Net, what is going to happen in the aftermath of the event? And exactly why did some of the roster get involved in the title match? Hopefully tonight, we will find some answers.


BD: Down the ramp comes the new EWNCW Champion Kevin Matthews. Now I haven’t seen a bigger grin than that since Hugh Hefner realised he could con young women still to have sex with him in his 80’s.

KM: "As you all know, i won this title last sunday, but for you idiots who live under a rock i am the champion now and you can't do anything about it! Even you fatass in the third row. I waited a long long time to become champion, but that's not the point right now. For those who have watched the pay-per-view saw that I had help winning this thing. As much as I didn't need the help HE told me to win the title and he was going to send some back up! As of tonight, Kevin Matthews will be putting management through some RAGE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Shuriken: MATTHEWS!!!

BD: Here’s the former champ! I’m sure Shuriken has some choice words for Matthews.

Shuriken: I hope you and your little group of pathetic, useless, nobodies are listening very carefully. I am wondering how can you celebrate a win like that while I worked hard to make that belt you are holding, to be one of the richest prizes on Earth. A win like spits on the face of this company and the future champion holders who worked hard to capture that championship.

-crowd cheers-

Hell.....even the win itself was rather pathetic. You are a hypocrite, Matthews. And so do everyone else who has wronged me. You are the scum of this company. You have no pride. You have no honor. You are unfit as champion but as far as I'm concerned.....every action has its repercussions.

So this is what I am going to do to defeat you. I am going to make everyone that was involved in our main event match SUFFER!!!

-crowd cheers loudly-

Everyone now knows you can't beat me by normal means.....you gotta have a traitor, some psychopathic nobodies, and a jobber to do your dirty work for you. I will reclaim that championship and I will make you Matthews......suffer alot more! My wrath is your hell! AND EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTS THIS KIND OF TRASH WILL SEE HOW FAR MY WRATH WILL GO!

SC: Wait, wait one minute!

-Crowd looks toward the ramp to see SilverCena-

Shuriken, your out here interrupting Matthew's victory celebration? What? You expect the fans to drop this for your little pity party?

-Crowd pan as crowd eats this up-

You forget me? The man you have NEVER beat? As a matter of fact, the man neither of you have beaten! You guys call yourselves world class wrestlers? Well, haha, shut your mouths and prove it! Stop dodging me and show these people that you deserve the spots your in! I'll be waiting.

-Throws down mic-

BD: Wow, there is no love lost between any of these three competitors! It’s only been a couple of days, and already they all want to get their hands on each other again! But what is Kevin on about? Who is HE, and what is Rage?
And what a main event we have tonight for you, it will be Shuriken vs Kevin Matthews vs SilverCena for the EWNCW Title! But right now it will be a battle royal to see the new number #1 contender to the International Title!



BD: McCoy wins! He’s the new number #1 contender! He gets another shot at the title!

06-30-2011, 05:22 PM

BD: It’s the Ignition Champ Seth Ferrell! He looks pretty battered and bruised from the beating he took last week, but he has one man mountain by his side!

SF: Well! Did you enjoy the amazing performance we put on for you at Threat of the Net? It's nice to see a little excitement in place of brutes smashing at eachother! And of course, I left victorious. The gold is still mine. As it rightfully should be. haha. I should be happy!

But I am not happy. After fighting valiantly and retaining my championship, not to ment ion putting on a great match for the unwashed horde attending, I was ambushed by not one but two imbeciles who didn't realize they weren't on the card. Now I don't care who was the fool and who followed him, as far as I'm concerned they're both fools and I am putting a stop to this. I could just fight them myself and beat them to tears but why do that when I can let someone else handle the riffraff? haha. I am a champion. A prize-fighter. Not some idiot brute who fights people on the street, rocks, his own shadow. I will not tolerate this violence!

So consider this man my zero-tolerance policy. A King fit to stand with a Pharaoh. Kingstrem. To the fools waiting in the wings.. You'll find he won't go down so easily. Good chat peasants.

BD: And this monster Kingstream will be in a match now against The Heartbreaker!


BD: Jesus! Kingstream dominated him! Well, that’s certainly what I would call one hell of an insurance policy! Looks like Seth won’t be worried about getting attacked from behind any longer!

-The same figure from last week is shown yet again, but this time his back is facing the camera. The figures arms rise up to the hood that covered his head as he pulls it down revealing long blond hair. After a brief moment of silence the muttered laughter of the figure fills the room. The camera then, once again, goes to static. Only this time it's for a brief moment. The camera flips back showing a close-up of the interviewer known as Sanchez who then points the camera towards the wall with big red letters written out upon it. It says, "I'm coming.." The camera then flips back to the regular programming...-

-Light sparks in the ring-

BD: Woah! Dimensions has appeared from nowhere! He has a mike in his hand...

MD: OPEN Challenge
Closed Casket
Destruction Over ALL
I Am The Bar that is Set in Stone Death is Only An Option ...But when Chosen...

Survival is No Tactic, its Something that you Just Can't Accomplish!
As I am Death itSelF

In The Squared Circle,The Ring is My World Your Just Born in it and I'm Raising You
I Teach You Respect with Pain and Make you Better in your LiFeTime
Strong Punch in da Face ,Swift kick in The Ass
Who is Up Next to Lead Them on to There PaTh......


BD: Woah, Gillz has answered the call! Now this will certainly be a challenge for the undefeated Mark Dimensions!


BD: What a match, but what a shame. Dimensions wins but Gillz foot was on the ropes! And looks livid! He was determined to prove a point tonight, and he stomps his way to the back.

06-30-2011, 05:30 PM
BD: Here comes GodMoney!


RC: We told you guys through and true that we would again reign supreme! We are your EWNCW tag team champions for the 2nd time!

-Crowd cheers-

Force of Greatness, you guys are a hell of a team and are indeed fighting champions. We intend to give you a rematch anytime you desire. Now, if there are any other teams who want a shot at our coveted titles, step up to the plate boys!

-Crowd chants "GodMoney, GodMoney!!-

TBOZ: We don’t plan of letting these babies go anytime soon! We partied hard last night, so won’t be in action tonight, but I’m sure that we will be ready anytime to defend these titles and prove that yet again, it pays to be GodMoney.


Tai Night: Hey Yo Godmoney, we gotta hand it to you guys, we wanted to face the best at Threat of The Net......The Fans....

-Crowd go nuts-

The Fans wanted to see the best face the best.

Matt Elder: Man did we get it.....

The fans got it.....

-Crowd Cheer-

Damn you really brought your A Game.

Now The Problem we face is I reckon you owe us! See whilst you guys were going from bar to bar downing shots of half Tequila and half sweat from some 300 lb's cleavage, we...me and Tai we're here in this very ring asking the fans to vote for you....we wanted you guys to have your shot, now its time for our rematch and me and Tai are ready man.

Tai: We really underestimated you guys, the reason for this is when you guys was sleeping off your hang overs me and my boy Matt we're doing a bit of snooping I found your phone Rich, straight away i check you text messages and found this from TBOZ.

-Text message appears on Titantron-
"Hey Rich what a night last night man!!! How much did i drink?...I woke up this morning next to this big fat sweaty bitch grunting and snoring with the odd fart inbetween......thank fuck i got home ok!


-Crowd start Laughing-

Matt Elder - "See it was a pure fluke that you guys beat us...I mean we're here Training every damn day..If we're not in the gym we're on the mats and visa versa, so its time to put your money where your mouth is boys!

What you say? One more time?

Lets ask the fans.... Guys if you wanna see me and Tai go at it with Godmoney one more time give me a Oh Yeah

-Crowd scream "OH YEAH"-

Question is are you ready?

If not you will be sobered up by A Force of...........

-Holds Mic up in the air for the crowd who scream GREATNESS-

Peace out"

-Matt drops the mic on the floor he and Tai then Leave the ring-

BD: Well there you have it! The Force of Greatness will have their rematch against GodMoney at the next available chance!


BD: The Collective look like they are in a bad mood tonight, I wouldn’t like to be Hawkins and Charisma.


BD: And The Collective pick up the win! Solla has the mike, what’s he got on his mind?

Solla: I suppose you want to know why I am out here tonight, Well let me tell you, I have been in this federartion for awhile now, and I have paid my dues, unlike some others here namely Billy McCoy, whom we have all grown quite tired of his pathetic Bigger is better attitude, but I HAVE paid my dues here....WE ALL HAVE. And we are damn sick and tired of being pushed aside in favor of those fan loving baby kissing jerks like Billy.

I want everyone to know this, being ignored will no longer be tolerated, WE WILL BE NOTICED, whether by hook or by crook, people are going to sit up and take notice that The Collective is THE most dangerous force to ever set foot in any federation. We are going to hurt others if we are not taken seriously, we are going to take things to the extreme limit if we are not taken seriously...People will wind up in hospitals if we are not taken seriously.

And it is all going to start tonight, I have warned you in the past not to ignore us, but you did not listen, now someone has payed the ultimate price with bloodshed, and its been quite enjoyable.

Oh we welcome our own bloodshed, because it feeds us, it makes up stronger.....so go ahead, make us bleed, but in the end, it is going to be YOU thats going down.....down.....down.

YOURE GONNA BURN IN HELL when were finished with you.

You had your chance to listen......now you WILL listen to what we have to say.

BD: Now that is a statement of intent! Solla is fuming, and I'm sure he's put all of EWNCW on notice!

06-30-2011, 05:47 PM
BD: SilverCena is on his way to the ring now, but wait a minute, is that Gillz? Oh what a shot to the back of the head! Oh come on now, he’s pounding his head against the concrete! Someone stop this man! Get him off of him! Man, the Rapping Hyena looks in a bad way, there is no way he can compete tonight!


BD: Shuriken looks like a determined man tonight, will he be able to regain his title?


BD: Matthews first defence of the title is a difficult hurdle, can he jump it?


BD: Not again! Here comes the superstars from Sunday Night! Taking it to Shuriken again! DJ Black has the mike, what does he have to say for himself!?

DJB: "What you all saw at 'Threat of the Net' was something that has been brewing for a long, long time. And now we have a new heavyweight champ, congratulations Kevin Matthews. But understand peeps, this is only the start, the definition of cool has just arrived, but with the high flyin - death defyin - charismatic - fightin fanatic - sensation, also comes a revolution. That revolution has just begun, and it will continue. Rage, Inferno whatever, the revolution is everywhere. The revolution dominates all, the revolution will end careers, win titles, and lots, lots more. Shuriken, and anyone else holdin a grudge against me, understand this is only the beginning. So watch Rage, watch Inferno, and see the definition of cool DJ black rise to the top as the revolution takes full effect on EWNCW. Big up ma fans, fuck all haters."

BD: Well that’s an introduction, but no explanations!? Tommy Thunder is calling down his mike, can he clear this up?

TT: "Now like DJ said, what happened at 'Threat of the Net' is something that has indeed been brewing for a while. You see Shuriken, it was time to move on into the Future. It was time to pass on the title. It was time to LET GO."

-crowd boo-

"It's simple. It was Kevin Matthews' time. And, yes, he may have won the title with some divine intervention on our behalf, but that's what we wanted."

-crowd don't like this-

"That's what we ALL wanted. Everybody that came out there on Sunday wanted that outcome. You see, there are a lot of us in the back that have been waiting for far too long, and we're filled with RAGE. I'm filled with Rage, he's filled with Rage"

-points to DJ Black-

"We're ALL filled with RAGE!! We're brimming with it!! Like DJ pointed out, a revolution is indeed coming, and not just the revolution of cool. Oh no, that revolution is going to be part of one big revolution! And this revolution will start this monday, when all that Rage will be unleashed!! Matthews has made it clear that he is part of this revolution of Rage, and wherever the big gold belt goes, well then the Must see MVP of EWNCW and all his VIP's will follow!! Because it's our destiny to win that belt!!"

-crowd cheer-

"They all deserve to see me with the EWNCW World title around MY waist!!"


"And trust me when I say very, very soon, the NEW EWNCW world champion will be TOMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY THUNNNNNNNNDEEEEEEEER!!!!........"

-goes up to Shuriken's face and whispers-


BD: What a moment. All these superstars are full of rage, and have began their own show! What does this mean for Inferno and the whole of EWNCW? Will Shuriken show his face on enemy terrority?

Find out this Monday, with the very first edition of Monday Night Rage! And I will see you same time, next week!


07-07-2011, 05:12 PM
Right guys, Filler time!

07-07-2011, 05:13 PM
Let the anticipation rise, I'm fillering!

07-07-2011, 05:14 PM
Are you ready for some more Inferno action? You best be, cause this is filler!

07-07-2011, 05:14 PM
This is Filler.

07-07-2011, 05:15 PM
Cross The Filler.

07-07-2011, 05:15 PM
Filler Matters.

Right, Inferno next!

07-07-2011, 05:21 PM

Bob Daniels: We welcome you again to another Thursday Night Inferno! After the superstars had their first taste of Rage this past Monday, how will they respond to the uprising? Are there more disillusioned wrestlers looking to seize an opportunity? Or are there some out to prove why they have their spot!


BD: Shuriken looks in a foul mood again, after another title opportunity was ruined last week. He then faced another beat down this past Monday, what has he got left in the tank?

Shuriken: "Cut my music please."

-crowd cheers, Shuriken pacing back and forth-

S:“Fans of EWNCW.....I'm very pissed off right now. I'm not going to hide it. Last Monday night.....I GOT SCREWED OUT OF THE EWNCW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!”

-crowd boos-

S: “I understand how you feel. I understand how every one of you feel. Its like we lost as one.....I hated that feeling ever since Monday. I FAILED TO WIN BECAUSE THE "CHAMP" DECIDED TO DQ HIMSELF!!!”


"Luckily....I'm surrounded by guys who believe honor and respect.....I thank you guys for helping me out against the Raging Group of Nobodies. Everyone.....here in the arena and those who are watching at home...I will make a declaration right now!

-crowd murmurs-


-crowd roars-

"That is right! The War on Rage is going to begin! They will know true rage against me. I'm tired of guys not earning their spot. Always crying for one but had the guts to do what they did!!?!?! No way I'm going to leave that unpunished! The damage will end!!!! EWNCW! I WILL RECLAIM THE EWNCW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! MATTHEWS AND HIS GROUP IS NOT GOING TO DO A DAMN THING ABOUT BUT ACCEPT IT AND LIKE IT!!! I'm done here.

-throws mic down out of rage-

BD: Shuriken is not the kind of man to piss off! He’s declared war on Rage! Will anyone be safe from Shuriken’s wrath? We all know that hell hath no fury like a former champion scorned!


BD: Here comes Dimensions again, is he going to prove his dominance again here over EWNCW?


Of course
It is a Known Fact WHO I AM.
Everything and Everyone that Steps Foot in the Ring with me ends up FLaTLINE!
There Are many Definitions, But I DeFine True ToRture
I Am No Man and I Don't Rely on No One to Be my Partner in Crime....
I Am Crime
And Death is Only an Option
Choose wisely when you Even mention my Name or have me in thought...
Because Death will be upon you
With that said I'm Living ProoF of Past,Present and Future
Still Standing and Forever more by the Numbers....
With that said I issue a Challenge to Any Tag Team as The Team Of Mark Dimension left fist and Mark Dimension Right Fist seek to Destroy and Conquer over ALL!

BD: And here, confidently, come out Hawkins and Charisma. Will the numbers advantage finally be Dimensions downfall?


BD: Outstanding! Can anyone stop this impressive monster Mark Dimensions? Or will he walk through all of EWNCW?

07-07-2011, 05:27 PM
BD: Welcome back, and what a night we have in store for you! Later on, we will see a confrontation between SilverCena and Gillz, will we finally get to the bottom of why Gillz attacked SilverCena? Stay tuned later tonight!


BD: Here’s The Collective, who last week decimated Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma, and continued their aggression this past Monday. As you can see from the video, The Collective stormed into the brawl at the end of Rage, taking out both GodMoney and Billy McCoy, only to be finally stopped by The Force of Greatness!

Solla: As you have just seen this past Monday, we have continued our rampage through EWNCW. I am sick of those that get everything handed to them, much like GodMoney, and much like that parasite Billy McCoy. And as I watch that video back, with the blood dripping from their skulls, I smile. I smile because I know that WE are the new dominant force, and that no-one can stand in our way. So, you better get down with the sickness, or you will end up much like everyone else. Broken. Come on boy’s,
let’s go find another vict...


BD: It’s GodMoney! The tag champs do not look happy!

RC: Solla! Stay right where you are! This past Monday, you did prove a point. You made the biggest statement of your career. That you are a mindless, violent, crazy son-of-a-gun that has spat the dummy out!

-Crowd cheer-

TBOZ: He’s right, you all are deluded fools thinking that you can take us on. Look at you, is that Captain Howdy? Well, that’s definitely a stripper name. Do you pull down your pants and shout “Howdy!” as the girls run away? Is that why you’re so angry?

-Crowd laughs-

RC: And the Surgeon General? How does that work out? You have army and surgical credential? Then why are you hanging around with a guy who likes blood so much he probably jerks off to the Saw films?

-Crowd in histerics-

Solla: Don’t you EVER speak like that to us!

TBOZ: Calm down man, we’ve had enough joking tonight. I think we have a proposal. Us, versus you, tonight, in the main event!

Solla: HA! I can’t wait to unleash pure violence upon you two, I accept.

RC: Good, but it won’t just be us two, it will also be this man...


BD: It’s McCoy! Looks like we have a huge 6-man-tag match later tonight, I can’t wait!

07-07-2011, 05:32 PM

SF: "Now that peasants have had a week to think about my zero-tolerance policy to unsanctioned attacks against me that I unveiled last week at Inferno.. which I thought it went well by the way.. and that I've had time to recover, I am ready to begin taking on contenders.

So. Ground_Beef and The [BLEEP] Dutchman I believe it was, unless I'm much mistaken. You two showed some heart when you attacked me. I'm guessing it was for this."

-holds up Ignition title-

"Well it's put you ahead of the game for now. Not so fast though, IF you can beat Kingstrem one on one, then I'll consider you worthy of a match for this title. And so you can get to know your opponent a little better, here's a few words from the man himself:"

-gestures to the tron-

-Kingstrem is seen towering over an uncomfortable Jonathan Sanchez-

KS: "So...as you low lifes have figured out, the great champion Seth Ferrell has hired me as some extra "muscle." but make no mistake, I am not just some big goon for hire. Like Mr. Ferrell, I too am of great royalty. No one can overcome a king...Nobody. This goes double for you worthless sacls of life they call wrestlers in the back, if you think you can overthrow the high king, then you have sorely been mislead."

-Kingstrem walks off-

SF: "haha. good luck fellas."

BD: So there it is, to get a shot at the champion someone has to get through the man-mountain who is Kingstream, will anyone step up?


BD: It’s The Flying Dutchman Dave Rende! Here from the Netherland’s, he obviously seems ready to go for Seth’s Championship!


BD: Now that is just wrong! The Flying Dutchman was about to win and Seth got involved and Kingstream has won the match, what a selfish act from the Ignition Champion! Wait a minute, near the ramps, it’s Grind Bastard! Oh and he is clearing the ring of Seth and Kingstream! He’s turned his attention to The Dutchman... OH WHAT A SHOT! He’s in a pile on the floor, with Bastard raising his arms, what will happen with the Ignition Title?

07-07-2011, 05:41 PM
BD: On their way to the ring is Tommy Thunder and DJ Black, and they are to take on the saviours this past Monday, The Force of Greatness.

-The lights go out as the music hits and the spotlight shines on the EWNCW International champion Tommy Thunder and 'the definition of Cool' DJ Black. Both men make their way to the ring and enter. Black has a mic in hand and the music stops as he prepares to speak.-

DJB: There's a reason myself and Tommy Thunder are going to win and thats simply because we are both the greatest wrestlers in the world. The definition of cool and the must see MVP, put together, and you get an unstoppable force bigger than a 300 pound chick eatin a big mac. Tonight the revolution continues, and its not stoppin anytime soon.

-Tommy Thunder steps up and calls for his mic to be lowered-

That's right. And that 300 pound chick you speak of DJ is the same chick that I hear GodMoney got involved with last week!! Now, the revolution of RAGE is indeed continuing tonight, and tonight ladies and gentleman, you will witness the FORMER tag team champions loose so, SO badly against the Definition of Cool DJ Black, and the Must see MVP of EWNCW..... TOMMMYYYYYYYYYYY THUNNNNNNNNDEEEEEEEEERRRR!!!............ THUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!


BD: And here come The Force of Greatness, out tonight to get a big win over the two benefactors of Rage.


BD: And Tommy Thunder picks up the win for his team! The Force of Greatness tried their very best tonight, but the International Champion was in inspired form, as was newcomer DJ Black.


BD: Gillz has exploded these past few weeks, after losing at TOTN and the next night on Inferno, he attacked SilverCena out of the blue, costing him a chance at the EWNCW Title. What does he have to say for himself?

Gillz: Cut the damn Music!

You all better damn listin to what i have to say RIGHT NOW! This bullcrap has to end NOW! You are all screwing me over, giving bullsh*t teammates and make the worst call when I had that big lump Dimension beat!

No More!

SilverCena, you were the first to feel my frustrations but then you treid to take your revenge. I bet you thought you had me down and out, that I would out of your way for good. Let me tell you something, a man by the name of NightWolf thought the same and where is he now? Licking his wounds on the unemployed list. I don’t respect you and most of all I just plain don’t like you, you don’t deserve a title shot and never did, it should be me facing Mathews for the title not you or anyone else. But if you want to try and finish me off come and get me I’m here and waiting, tonight you can have your little revenge match but when I win you won’t be walking out here you will be carried out here on a STRECHER!


SC: Gillz, you have been runnin your mouth and you don't know when to shutup! I am here to tell you I will shut your mouth for you! You are William Wallace but I am mothafookin IRONMAN!

-Crowd goes nuts-

It's simple, get in the ring with me and I will pick you apart piece by piece. Want some?

BD: Looks like we have a match on our hands! They are square face to face, this is about to implode! But wait, Gillz is stepping out of the ring! He’s walking back up the ramp, and he seems to be shouting back to SilverCena “not yet” and shaking his head. Big SC looks mighty frustrated, when will he finally get his hands on Gillz?

07-07-2011, 05:45 PM
BD: Ladies and Gentleman, it’s time for our main event of the evening!


BD: Solla and The Collective look amped up for this, it’s another time to prove their violent campaign to get silverware!


BD: And here are the tag champs GodMoney, flanking the numer #1 contender Billy McCoy, out to stand up to these audacious bullies!



BD: And Billy McCoy picks up the win! But wait a minute, Solla hits him from behind! And the beatdown begins! GodMoney try to help but only get taken out! Wow what a beating! And to compound it, here comes the “champ” Kevin Matthews, bat in hand. OH MY GOD, he almost took TBOZ’s head off! And here come TT and DJ, what else do they all have to prove?

BD: And here comes Shuriken! He cuts Tommy and DJ down at the pass, as he storms into the ring! He takes down Solla, and the rest of The Collective! And Matthews hits him down with the bat, he’s on his knees and Kevin laughs.

BD: He pulls back for one final shot...AND A LOW BLOW FROM SHURIKEN! He stands back up, and takes the champion out! Shuriken is going beserk! When he says he is going to war, by god that man will go to war!

What an Inferno! Tune in Monday for Rage, and tune in again next Thursday for your next injection of EWNCW goodness!

07-14-2011, 03:47 PM
Here comes the Filleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!:


07-14-2011, 03:47 PM
A filler right hand!

07-14-2011, 03:48 PM
And a filler left!

07-14-2011, 03:49 PM
And here's the Tombstone Fillerdriver!

07-14-2011, 03:49 PM
1! 2! 3! The fillering's over!

07-14-2011, 06:14 PM

BD: Welcome to EWNCW Thursday Night Inferno! We are set for a blockbuster night tonight after the events of this past Monday. Has Tommy Thunder got doubts about Matthews? Is the Rage alliance falling off the rails already?


BD: Here’s TT! After Matthew’s interrupted his chance at getting a shot at the EWNCW Title, what mindset is the International champ in?

-The lights go out and the crowd know what's coming!! As the pyro hits, the spotlight shines on the EWNCW International champion; 'The Storm' Tommy Thunder!! He confidently makes his way to the ring with a slights smile on his face, and after entering, he calls for his custom mic to be lowered.-

"Let me ask all my VIP's here a few questions. Did you or did you not watch Monday night Rage this week?"

–crowd make noise-

"Ok, now did you or did you not, see the EPIC match that Shuriken and myself put on in the main event?"

–crowd cheer-

"And finally did you all witness that moment when I had Shuriken shoulders down on the matt, down for the count when SOMEBODY got me DQ'ed?"

-crowd boo-

"Yeah, that was not such a good moment was it?! I mean, I was a 3 count away from becoming the no.1 contender for the World Heavyweight title!! But KEVIN MATTHEWS, a man who is supposedly on my side, interfered in the match!!"

-crowd boo-

"Now Matthews, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the whole point of starting up Rage meant to be for us guys who felt under-appreciated? Wasn't it meant to be for us guys that felt that we didn't get a shot at the big time on Inferno? Well let me tell you!! Me and my VIP's feel pretty damn under-appreciated right now after Monday night!! And the only thing I want to take a shot at right now is you!!"

-crowd cheer-

"So get your DAMN ass out here and explain to me and my VIP's, why I'm not the no.1 contender right now!!"

*Kevin "The Future" Matthews' music plays*

IC: you know Tommy, I knew something was wrong with you the moment you joined this crusade, I got you disqualified because HE told me to,". You know who HE is and you know that when you don't follow his orders there will be a price to pay. I never meant to make you lose, hell I'd rather see you maul the crap out of the so called master of pain Shruiken. But if you don't believe me, go ask HIM, or we can settle it tonight in the ring, best man wins, loser will face the severe consequences from HIM!


Shuriken: Tommy.....seriously we had a good match on Monday, ruined by Matthews. Matthews....this is the second time that you have given me a win that ended in such a way that I didn't want. But seriously.....I'm getting REAL tired of the Raging Group of Nobodies.


-crowd cheers loudly-


BD: Well that’s a face they didn’t want to see, it’s the Inferno GM Irken Invader!

II: Wait a minute! Wait just a goddamn minute! Since when was every single wrestler on this roster allowed to make their own decisions?! Matthews, Tommy, I’m glad you have kissed and made up, it was a beautiful thing to see. But you two should get ready tonight, as in our main event, you will be facing, The Force of Greatness! Not only that, but it will be inside a Steel Cage!

-Crowd erupts-

As for you Shuriken, I’m giving you the night off. You really need to cool down, and I would hate to see tonight’s show ruined by your retribution again. So, for tonight, go home.

-Crowd boo loudly-

BD: What a main event! It’ll be FOG vs Matthews and Thunder, can they really co-operate as a team? And they have a massive block in their way! And will Shuriken really take a taxi home tonight? I can’t see him wanting to be anywhere else than tonight’s Inferno.

07-14-2011, 06:18 PM

You Know I Had Fun So Far Kickin Ass and Taking Names Off The List
Scratch Name inserted, Scratch Another Name Off The List
Its Nothing To The Sure Shot Mark Dimension
I Have had The Honor Of Putting The Blood of others on my hands
But there is Just something More I Want .....the Glory
The Glory of Getting A Bigger Fish Fried in the Pan
You See as I said Just Watch Many have Done just That
Just Watching
Step Up To Feel The Fear, and The pressure of Pain I Apply
Mark Dimension is waiting..........

*Splattered Dream’s music plays*

BD: Dimensions asked for it, thats a big fish! Splatters is a monster in his own right, can Dimensions take him down?


BD: Oh my god! I thought Dimensions was done for, but he pulled it out of the bag! And looks like everyone wants a piece of the action!


BD: Here are the tag team champions GodMoney! After challenges not only from the fearsome Collective, but FOG want another shot at their titles.

Rich: So I was talking with TBOZ just recently and it occurs that even though we are receiving challengers from all comers, no one has been able to capture the EWNCW gold! And what does that tell you? That explains that we are the most dominant team here in EWNCW!

-Crowd cheers and whistles-

Rich: Now I have said it before and I will say it again, if there are any more teams that have the cajones to step in the ring with us, we will gladly put our titles on the line. Right TBOZ?

TBOZ: I think that makes for great listening Rich. Now gentleman, calm yourselves down. We know that when you are champions, you are targets. And GodMoney love to prove just how good we are. So we accept both your challenges! We will all step in the ring one day with the titles on the line, and let us see who really has the “cojones” to step up a gear, or whether they are really just attempting to smuggle budgies. And after that match, when we win yet again, may there be no doubt, that it really is beginning to pay big time to be GodMoney.

BD: I like the sound of that! When challenges come from everywhere, why not take them all on at once!

07-14-2011, 06:22 PM

BD: Not this guy again! The Ignition “Champion” Seth Ferrell is on his way to the ring, with King Strem in tow. After his actions last week, he doesn’t deserve any prestige!

SF: “I woke up this morning and realized something. No one is worthy to face me for this title! and then I realized something else! duh! I mean, it's fitting when you think about it. I embody this title. This title is all about prowess and ability! Energy and excellence! The ability to ignite night after night! To get it done. So it makes sense really. I don't have a contender to my title!

After the events of last week it seems that those who were in line to face me have proven themselves too weak, too slow and to stupid really, to lay a hand on my gold. Dutchman couldn't beat King Strem. and that fellow Grind_Bastard, well he didn't even wait for a match and just interfered like the unruly brute he is because he knew he couldn't possibly have beaten King Strem. And if you can't beat Strem, what hope do you have against me? Is there anyone back there who can make a play for this gold? In a way fitting for this title! Give me a surprise! What do you think Strem?”

KS: “Mr. Ferrell, the reason that no one is challenging for your title is because they are running scared. Not only is there no man who will challenge for your title, but there is no man who can defeat me, I am better than anyone in the back, and I'll prove it to anyone who wants to get in the way.”

SF: “Well, I shall keep this gold in good stead as long as there is no one to honor it besides me”


BD: Well, Rende looks aggrieved and he has every right to be. He looked as if he was going to get a title shot last week, only for the Champ to get himself involved!

DR: The Flying Dutchman has sailed in tonight to say, why? Why are you afraid of everyone who wants to face you. McCartney? Grind Bastard? Myself? You want no one to take you on for the Ignition Title! I think, we all deserve a shot! So how about this, one of us face King Strem, one on one, and if he wins, we all get a title shot?

SF: And if the peasant loses?

DR: Then we all go to the back of the line. Deal?

SF: Amuse me.

DR: Well, we have chosen that the man to represent us, will be...


BD: It’s Grind Bastard! The maniac is just sprinting into the ring, looks like we have a match!


BD: And Grind picks up the win! That makes Seth’s next title defense a fatal four way! He tried his best to get involved but couldn’t affect the outcome! The look on The Pharaoh’s face is priceless!

07-14-2011, 06:31 PM
HB: Ladies and gentleman, This is Herbert Birdsfoot LIVE in the Inferno arena where my special guest tonight is none other than our fearless leader Solla.

Solla, Welcome to the New and Improved Birds Nest interview segment.

Solla: Yeah Yeah, whatever little man

HB: Solla you pulled a fast one not only on the GM of Rage, but also on Billy McCoy, what are your thoughts on that?

Solla: My thoughts? Well Herbie, I did what I had to do to get another piece of that ass kissing fan loving jackass, since the GM prevented me from going down and bashing his brains, I took it upon myself to give him that opponent that he has never faced

HB: and that man was quite familiar looking wasnt he?

Solla: Yeah, Jebediah Hatfield did resemble someone quite familiar to all of us didnt he?

HB: Ha Ha Ha Ha....He sure did Jebe....I mean Solla

Solla: Indeed he did Herbie....Indeed he did, and I dont tthink were gonna see him again anytime soon thanks to Billy McCoy

HB: Why is that Solla?

Solla: Well feast your eyes on this Herbie.

-The Herbivore 1,000,000 lowers from the rafters and begins to play the video of Billy beating down Solla from Rage-

HB: Yeah, Solla that was quite a beatdown you got, I thought for sure you had his number Monday night.

Solla: Well I did too Herbie, but that beatdown only made my anger grow and When I become angry, you know how dangerous I can become.

HB:(with a lowered voice) Yes, Solla, I know all too well.....So what do you have to say to Billy in regards of the beatdown.

Solla: Billy, you thought I was dangerous and sick one on one.....well why dont you try this on for size.
Tonight on Inferno, you are not facing me, in fact you will not be facing one person tonight.....You will be facing two, Tonight, you are going to get the mother of all beatdowns when you face The Surgeon General AND Captain Howdy. I surely hope that your insurance policy is up to date, as you are going to need it after this night is over because your hospital bills are going to mount so high that your gonna need all your friends here in EWNCW to chip in to help you pay the bills due to the beatdown you are going to receive.

HB: Solla that sounds extreme.

Solla: When have you ever known me to NOT be extreme Herbie?

HB: Uhhh...Solla youre always extreme.

Solla: DAMN RIGHT.....and to show how much confidence I have in my collective.....i will not accompany them to the ring tonight Herbie.

HB: They arent going with backup?

Solla: Oh they will have backup....Its gonna be YOU HERBIE.....You will accompany them to the ring.

HB: Solla, I dont...


HB: N N N Nothing Solla.

Solla: Fine Herbie, then were done here, now I need to go see if my minions have everything at their disposal that they are going to need for the beatdown of a lifetime....Now if you'll excuse me Herbie

HB: Surely Solla.

-Solla takes his leave and heads to the back-

HB: This has been Herbert Birdsfoot from the Birdsnest with the huge announcement of Billy McCoy facing 2 of the Collective tonight....Billy please show up....this is going to be quite fun.


BD: Well you heard it folks! And we have Captain Howdy and The Surgeon General heading to the ring, will Billy McCoy be here?


BD: And here he comes! We have a match on our hands!


BD: OH MY GOOD LORD! Billy has come unhinged tonight, but Solla has risked himself and one of his Collective compatriots to take out Billy McCoy! How can we stop these two from tearing each other apart?

07-14-2011, 06:33 PM
BD: Welcome back to Thursday Night Inferno, we have had an awesome show, and there’s more to come!


BD: And here’s Silvercena coming to the ring, mic in hand. And as you can’t tell from his face, he’s not happy at all.

SilverCena: Yo, cut my music! Gillz, you attack me one week and then wuss out the next! Are you afraid I might break your fingernails or something!?! Is mommy not allowing you to get dirty?

-Crowd laughs-

Seriously, this crap is getting old! I want, no I demand an explanation ASAP! Don't make me go old school on your ass, boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

-Gillz appears on the titantron-

Wait a second SilverCena!

What on earth gives you the right to demand a fight with me
I’ll tell you what, absolutely NOTHING!
You don’t deserve a shot at me, just like you sure as hell don’t deserve a title shot before I get anywhere near Mathews and the goon squad

Cena you fight me when i say you fight me

My Terms

Call back later Cena

BD: And SilverCena is on a rampage! He storms out of the ring, but he’s not going to the entrance ramp! Looks like SilverCena is going to get his explanation in person.

-Cameraman follows back-


BD: Oh my goodness! Gillz jumped on SilverCena, but the Rapping Hyena retaliated and got the upper hand! This rivalry is on fire, and the intensity is iscreasing after what we have seen! What’s next for these two?!

07-14-2011, 06:39 PM
BD: It’s main event time!

*Tommy Thunder's music plays*

BD: Tommy Thunder makes his way into the ring, will he be able to work with the EWNCW Champion Kevin Matthews?


BD: He’s all smiles now, but will Kevin Matthews be so pleased after tonight’s main event?


BD: And FOG are in the house! They make their way in to the ring, the cage is lowered, ring the bell!



BD: And the team of Matthews and Thunder win! They embrace as they celebrate their victory!

Well, it’s out of Wrestling 101, here comes Shuriken to get some payback! What a shot! Kevin is on the ground and out of it, he isn’t moving! Shuriken pulls back to swing at Tommy! ....but he walks away! Wow, is he trying to stir the Rage pot by picking and choosing? And Tommy is tending to Matthews, why did he not get hit? I’m sure we will find out this coming Monday on Rage, but tune in next week, for another exciting edition of..


07-21-2011, 05:44 PM
My god this has been a long night, filler.

07-21-2011, 05:45 PM
But are you ready for EWNCW Inferno!

07-21-2011, 05:46 PM
I am, and I assure you it's an awesome episode!

07-21-2011, 05:47 PM
It's the final filler baby!

07-21-2011, 05:51 PM

BD: We welcome you again to Thursday Night Inferno, here again at EWNCW. This past Monday we saw the tentions begin to fray between the Rage members, after Tommy Thunder had to verbally stop Matthews from causing a scene. Will their aim begin to sway as they all aim at personal goals? Has the hunger they once had turned into greed? Could this be Shuriken’s time to shake things up again?


BD: Looks like we won’t have to wait long for that last question, as here comes Shuriken now, with an enormous grin slapped across his face. What does he have to say about the dissension in the ranks of his Rage counterparts?

Shuriken: Now.....we all know this...but I'll say it one more time. We all know that the Raging Group of Nobodies is losing its...."teamwork". I can think of the obvious answer......Kevin Matthews. I felt that balance and trust was thrown out the window when Matthews interfered in my match against Tommy. The following shows....."Oh HE made me....." or "HE told me to" Matthews......what a bunch of bull!

*crowd cheers*

SU: Ladies and Gentlemen.....Matthews....ONCE AGAIN making excuses. Hey Matthews.....is it that bad for you to lose against one of your own? Is it that much more embarrassing than losing to me? If thats who you are....then you are proving that you are unfit as champion from the very beginning.

SU: I have a little challenge for you......The "champ" Kevin Matthews, you will take on the Forces Of Greatness in the main event. Show that at least you can put on a match.

*crowd cheers*


BD: And right on cue, here is the champ Kevin “The Future” Matthews! Will he accept Shuriken’s challenge?

Kevin Matthews: Shuriken Blade, you are an oaf aren’t you? Sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong, simply because you think you should. We have had some difficulties this past few weeks, but we will fight to become stronger. Because we believe in HIM.

*Crowd boo*

KM: It is HE who will make us become a force that will far surpass you, Shuriken. As for your challenge, seeing as you cheated during yours last week, I will accept. Simply to prove to you why I’m the future, and you should be at the back of the line!

BD: And that’s our main event tonight finalised then! It will be a reverse of Rage’s main event, with The Champion Kevin Matthews taking on The Force of Greatness! I cannot wait for this one!

07-21-2011, 05:57 PM
BD: Welcome back to Inferno! Later on tonight, we have a tag team match, with the team of The Flying Dutchman and Harley McCartney facing off against Seth “The Pharaoh” Ferrell and his bodyguard, King Strem!


The Ringmaster: RRRROOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL UP! RRRROOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL UP! I, am The Ringmaster! Be prepared to see the most dangerous, the most death-defying tag team the world, has ever known! “The Psycho Circus” is coming to your nearest EWNCW event!

BD: This lunatic is passing flyers round to the audience, I'll get hold of one and show you next week what this looney is all about. This guy doesn’t look mentally stable to me, I don’t want to see what his team is like!


BD: Here is Mark Dimension again this week! What will he attempt to accomplish this week?

Mark Dimension: As You Can All See I Am The Power Behind Power
The Machine Behind Machines
Evil , Good and All in Between ...
Me! The Sure Shot MD!
(Laughs,quickly turns very serious)
Audience Quick Quiz How many seconds does it take for a Pin Win?
Answer ....1.....2......3....
Simple as That...Right?....and Mark Dimension comes out on Top!
Now I am Over The Top! And The Basics of me speaking to you all is this..
1..2..3..are my favorite Numbers and that's the amount of opponents I WANT!
I Have a Special Challenge The Over The Top Gauntlet Challenge...
Who Can be over the Top over me tonight..who Knows?
(Points towards Ramp ) Challengers!...Mark Dimension is Waiting!

[MD: HHH, SilverAssTool: Snitsky, Bodom: Henry, Krysys: Regal]


BD: Oh, my goodness! He defeated all three of them! First came Silverasstool, then EWNCW legend Bodom came out but he bit the dust, and finally the newcomer, Krysys, who made Mark Dimension go to the limit! What an impressive debut by Krysys and another impressive feat by Mark Dimension! What will happen now with these two?

07-21-2011, 06:01 PM

BD: And, to a loud chorous of boo’s, here comes the Ignition Champion, Seth “The Pharaoh” Ferrell makes his way to the ring, flanked by King Strem. After having an unreasonable time of it as of late, Seth would love nothing more than a victory tonight!


BD: And here is Harley McCartney! He is followed by his fellow competitor The Flying Dutchman! This would be a huge win for these two going into next Sunday’s PPV!

[Seth/Strem: Miz/Swagger, Dutch/Harley: Rey/Riley]


BD: Huge win here for Harley and Dutchman, Seth is irate yet again!


BD: Wait a minute! Here comes the beast Grind Bastard! And he is clearing the ring yet again, literally wind-milling at anything in his path. My god this man is like a Tasmanian Devil! Can anyone stop this monstrosity? Has Seth finally seen that he really has a fight on his hands to keep the title?!

07-21-2011, 06:05 PM
BD: Welcome back to Thursday Night Inferno, we still have a lot of good stuff coming!


BD: Here comes Gillz to the ring, and he doesn’t seem happy after last week backstage brawl with SilverCena.

Gillz: Cena i bet you think you got the better of me, that one upped me.
Let me tell you something you haven’t done anything except piss me off and make me a whole lot angrier. You know I would kick your ass all around the ring but your’e not here and you can’t take a beating.
I think you just a little pussy who came over here and sucked up to be in the title picture
and deep down even you know that. Cena, you don’t deserve a title shot anymore than I do. I’ve been here enough to know I should be the one beating Matthews for the title!
Not Shuriken, not Tommy and it sure as hell should not be you. And when I beat you so bad you won’t be able to stand up ill go on and beat any of those little assholes that is champion and be EWNCW’s World Heavyweight Champion.


BD: SilverCena! He’s here, and to a huge pop! Quiet and down fans, let’s hear what he has to say!

SilverCena: So Gillz, you just can't take a hint, can you? I beat your ass already but you still want to stand up there and talk trash.

SC: You want to battle me? We can do this right now! I will beat your ass once again and this time I will shut you up!

BD: And they begin to brawl, yet again! Fist are flying everywhere here folks!


Irken Invader: STOP!

BD: It’s the Inferno GM!

II: I am sick and tired of everyone on this roster ambushing each other and brawling when ever they see fit. People if you want to beat the crap out of someone, come tell me and I'll put it on next weeks card, that way we can make money off of it. If you two want to kill each other this badly, its gonna have to wait because I want his match to be on the PPV. So, it’ll be Gillz, versus SilverCena, in 2 weeks.

BD: What an announcement! Finally we will get to see who can stand on their own two feet in 2 weeks at Raging Inferno!

BD: Talking of Raging Inferno, that is the name of the upcoming Pay Per View! On the 31st of July, we will see a lot of opponents collide after very fiery confrontations. The match announced just now will see Gillz vs SilverCena! After many weeks of tension, who will come out on top in their first one-on-one match? Also, there will be a fatal four way for the Ignition Title! Can Seth Ferrell keep his title away from the clutches of Harley McCartney, Dave Rende and Grind Bastard? Will King Strem help out his employer “The Pharaoh”? And finally, I have just been told there will be a triple threat tag team match for the EWNCW Tag Team titles! GodMoney will defend not only against FOG, but Howdy and Surgeon General of The Collective! Will GodMoney stay on a roll? Tune in on the 31st to find out, and more matches are to be announced!

07-21-2011, 06:13 PM

BD: Here comes that monster Solla, and a local competitior is already in the ring. I have a feeling this might get violent.

[Solla: Umaga, Local: Mahoney]


BD: Cor blimey! He has smashed through MBC, he’s showing McCoy exactly how violent he can be!


BD: Is that, Billy McCoy coming onto the stage dressed as Solla?!?


*McCoy sneezes into a tissue *

My Name is the albino Rhino because I take no shit you offer me your Shit I wont take it OKAY I mean I am a Cycle Path hang on No I mean I am a Psychopath yeah that’s Right

And now… you better be down with the Flu because if Not I am going to SLICE you up and DESTROY You well like Surgeon Sausage

*Out comes MBC in a Sausage suit*

Now when I am finished with you you’ll be like a Piece of Meat

And because I hate you so much because I want to KILL you and stop you BREATHING I am going to do something I don’t usually do give you a one on One match that’s Right Solla vs Surgeon Sausage right now get the Referee

*A Ref comes out*

*The Real Solla stands in the ring in Disbelief *

-Fake Solla goes for a Clothesline MBC Rolls Up 1 2 3 , MBC Runs backstage Fake Solla gets the Mic-

McCoy/Fake Solla: oh my God DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I’ve BEEN HERE!!!!!!!!!!! here why did you Just Screw Me Like that hey Surgeon Sausage

*McCoys Sneezes again*

MC: Oh The Flu OMG


McCoy: You’re right...

BD: McCoy is running into the ring!


BD: This is just out of control, and what did Irken say about 10 minutes ago? That’s gone out of the window! Things are really heating up here on Inferno!

07-21-2011, 06:16 PM
BD: It’s time for our main event ladies and gentleman!


BD: Here comes the champ! He’s going to take on FOG, can he come away unscathed?

BD: Wait, what’s that on the screen? It’s Tommy Thunder and DJ Black, and there is Shuriken sprawled across the floor. They have huge grins on their faces, as does Matthews. There will be no backup for FOG tonight!


BD: FOG in the house! This is a great opportunity not only for revenge tonight, but also to show off their talents before their shot at the EWNCW Tag Team Titles!

-The bell rings! Tai will start things off against Kevin. There is a bit of jostling for position, as Tai pulls him up in a headlock. Kevin manages to push him to the ropes, Tai ducks the clothesline and hits a dropkick. Tai begins to stomp away at Kevin, as he drags him into the corner and tags in Matt Elder. Matt continues the assault in the corner, as he hits several right hands until the referee pulls him away. He goes for a cross body, but at the last moment Kevin moves, as he begins to swing at Elder. He throws him into the ropes, and hits a huge spinebuster. He looks for his finisher, as he wants to finish this early, and hit’s it! He goes for the pin, but Tai breaks it up. Matthews goes mental at the referee, storms out of the ring and gets counted out-

BD: Kevin Matthews is walking away! What a liar, he saw Shuriken struggle last week, and felt he has shown enough tonight to just run away!
But here come FOG after him, they stalk him, but TT and DJ are behind them with chairs! Where did they come from?! Oh what a shot to the back of the head! Thunder passes a microphone to Kevin...

Kevin Matthews: Tonight, I didn’t need to prove anything. What we did prove, though, is Rage is stronger than ever, and here’s your proof. I have nothing more to say on this stupid show, let’s go guys.

BD: They raise their arms together and leave, what a sight! It seems we were wrong, and that now the Rage momentum is stronger than ever! Can anyone stop these 3 men? Have they sent a huge message to Shuriken tonight? We will find out this coming Monday on Rage, but tune in next week for another episode of Thursday Night Inferno!

07-28-2011, 04:46 PM

07-28-2011, 04:52 PM
This is another Filler

07-28-2011, 04:53 PM
This post is Filled

07-28-2011, 04:54 PM
I steal the last filler!

07-28-2011, 04:58 PM

Bob Daniels: Welcome to your final pit stop before Sunday’s Raging Inferno, it’s time for Thursday Night Inferno! And what a show we have in store for everyone tonight, including a match on epic proportions, Billy McCoy will take on Gillz! What a match that could be! And also this is the wrestlers chance to have the final say before their respective matches on Sunday!


BD: Here comes team Inferno! Shuriken is accompanied by his partners for this Sunday, The Force of Greatness. He has a mike in hand, he wants to make the final statement before Raging Inferno.

Shuriken: Tonight, I am here with the Forces of Greatness!

*crowd cheers*

SU: First of all, I have to thank you two for helping me out. Unlike Matthews, you are helping out the future of this company. Matthews talked about "oh I'm doing it for the future" and blah blah blah....We all know Matthews is a liar and wimp. The Raging Group of Nobodies have their own backup and we have our own. We will for the right reasons, our beliefs. Our beliefs on what is right.

We bust our ass in this ring for pride and honor. For championships. And more importantly....we do this for you guys. You get to see our triumphs and downfalls. Myself, Forces of Greatness and a few other guys that for one small cause, our beliefs.

*crowd claps in respect*


*crowd cheers loudly*


*crowd explode*

BD: Great words there from Shuriken, a spectacle of honour, as is clear in his respect for The Force of Greatness. They really have a fight on their hands this Sunday against Rage, but these three have really shown that they are a team!

07-28-2011, 05:03 PM
BD: Here comes Captain Howdy...alone? I think this must be a first! Let’s see what he has to say.

Captain Howdy: Well well well. It seems to me there’s gonna be a little tag team match on Sunday night & Captain Howdy gets to play. Oh how delightful! And convenient too! You see boys & girls I just had a nice, refreshing appointment with my good pal Surgeon General today. And at the discretion of him & the Shepherd of Sickness Solla, I got another shot of the sickness! And I must say it was WONDERFUL, just WONDERFUL. But before I divulge into more detail about my match this Sunday, my master has something to share with the pest, Billy McCoy...

*gestures at big screen*

Solla: Billy Boy....You have made me and the Collective very very angry, very angry indeed. That beating you gave me last week felt FANTASTIC, It only increased my rage, anger, and sheer hatred I have for you. So since I am not at the arena tonight, I figured that I will make an example of you anyhow.

*Camera pulls back revealing an unknown person in a Billy McCoy mask getting strapped to an electric chair*

Solla: Now Billy, understand this.....you have picked the WRONG people to mess with, you have enraged the WRONG Samoan, You have made the biggest mistake of your wretched life by crossing paths with the Collective, and for that, you are going to pay the ultimate price.

You have caused this Billy, noone but you is going to live with the consequences that are about to go down, not us.....cause we have no conscious....none of us have any remorse for human life.....none of us care...and THAT is where I have you by the throat Billy because YOU DO CARE, and caring is going to be your final undoing.....NOW Billy......Feast your eyes on THIS

*Camera pans over to The Surgeon General preparing the final touches on "Billy McCoy"*



*Camera pans to a smiling Solla, as it fades to black*

CH: Ohh he is inventive! Now back to me being more sick than ever. You see now, while this may be good for the Collective it’s not gonna be so delightful for GodMoney. Because you see GodMoney has something that belongs to US! And Force of Greatness, you boys made a wise decision by getting out of our way. Tucking tail & running before you get ‘Collected’ too, as you will see is VERY beneficial to your well-being. GodMoney, I hope you fools are aware of the pain you’re about to endure. You’ve come too damn far to turn back now. Although in the end it’s about the EWNCW Tag Titles, you cowards have avoided the sickness for too long. We want your blood, & we want your souls & we want ‘em both right now! Come Sunday fellas, we will be ‘Collecting’ what is rightfully ours!


BD: It’s the GM Irken Invader! What does he want with Captain Howdy?

Irken: (with fury in his eyes) HOWDY! Solla has done something unspeakable tonight, that has shaken me to the core, and I am not going to FUCKING stand and watch that! The authorities are on the hunt to help that man, but since YOU are his helper and YOU are the only one here, you get the punishment. So you’re in a match, with this man:


BD: That’s Daymian Bloodstone! Another new edition to the EWNCW Roster! Let’s see how he fares tonight!


BD: Howdy wins but I bet he didn’t expect that! What a debut from Bloodstone, he is certainly one to look at for in the future here at EWNCW!

07-28-2011, 05:07 PM
BD: And welcome back to Thursday Night Inferno, we still have a lot of great stuff coming in this last broadcast before Raging Inferno!


BD: This is the newcomer Krysys, he made his debut last week in an Over the Top Gauntlet match against Mark Dimension, and he was really close to defeat the colossal Dimension for the first time. And here is his first promo!:

Krysys: My name is "The Saint" Krystian Krysys, most of you saw my debut last week in the gauntlet match against Mark Dimension. Now I know I lost, but barely. Dimension, you narrowly avoided being beaten, but let me tell you this, I know I can beat you! One-on-one I can beat you, now I have to ask, are you willing to step back in the ring with "The Saint", or are you afraid of losing your undefeated streak? I'll be here, waiting for a response.


BD: Wow! I should be used to MD’s appearances by now, but still he chills my spine every time he does that:

*MD is about to speak but he’s interrupted by Mark-Di-Men-Sion clap, clap... clap, clap, clap chants*

Mark Dimension: ToNight Let's Talk ABout Worthy (laughs and points at Krysys sign)
Worthy in WhetHer Or Not SoMe Can CompETE (shakes head No)
A Level That Takes You to Another Limit
Remember my Favorite Numbers ....1....2......3
Well Last Week I Took 3 Opponents and Let them Feel The Punishment, The Pain, The imprisonment You Have when Your in the RinG with Me
You Can Try To Survive, But How Can You With No Escape
NOW (extremely angry)

*More Mark-Di-Men-Sion clap, clap... clap, clap, clap chants*

BD: Wow! This capacity crowd is fully behind Dimension! Amazing reaction he is getting here!

MD: Krysys I Been Hearing Thru The Sounds Of TiME
Talkin About... how CLose... HOW CLOse... HOW CLOSE?
Who Won, Case Closed.
So ToNight Do You Krysys, See Yourself As Worthy To Even Stand Face To Face with The Last ALiVe! Your Gonna Have to Prove You Can Win in EwncW
How Bout I Put you in the Get To The PpV Challenge
1… opponent… then a 2nd opponent...Then M3…
The SuRe ShoT...The Original MD of Pain and Punishment
Maybe?... Mark Dimension Will Await!

*Dimension throws mic to the crowd while people cheer*

BD: Let’s see what Mark Dimension has in store for the young Krystian Krysys:

*Charisma music plays*

BD: And here we go!


BD: Krysys has done it! He has defeated Charisma, his first opponent tonight. He’s asking for a mic:

K: I... I told you! I beat Charisma and I will beat the next guy as well, no matter who it is, the ending will be the same until I prove that I am the best!

BD: Great display of confidence by Krystian Krysis after his first victory on Inferno! Will he beat his second opponent tonight and face Mark Dimension at Raging Inferno? We’ll find out later!

07-28-2011, 05:13 PM
BD: Man we have a crazy show still ahead of us, and it looks like it’s just about to get more heated in here!


BD: It’s SilverCena! The Rapping Hyena is going into Raging Inferno facing someone who just seems to want to beat the living hell out of him, Gillz!

SC: Yo Gillz, the man that always comes from behind and never face to face! All of this coming from behind business gave me a clue and then I turned on the news where you were spotted in a nearby parade! Look at the CenaTron 5000 everyone!

*Points to Titantron to show Gillz in the parade via the 9pm news*


*Crowds pan and crowd is laughing*

SC: So when are you going to be a real man and step in the ring with me?
We can do this in any match you want! Street fight, weapons, no DQ, whatever!
I will even meet you in a parking lot brawl match! I will arrive in my Silver hummer that I repossesed from MassDinero while you show up in your ride.

*Point to Cenatron 5000*


Now, with all joking aside, I am done playing around and I will teach you to never mess with the rapping hyena, SilverCena!

Ya hear me? *holds out mic to audience*

*Crowd goes "BOIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!*

*Throws down mic*


BD: Irken is coming out again, and I’m sure SilverCena was looking to brawl again with Gillz, instead he might get another slap on the wrist by the GM.

Irken: Right, I’m gonna put out the fire RIGHT NOW! SilverCena, if you place a hand on Gillz before Sunday, and vice versa, then there will be no match between you two at Raging Inferno, and you will both be suspended for a month!

However, as a sweetner, the match this Sunday will be a no disqualification match!

*crowd go wild*

So take the night off man, relax, and don’t force my hand.

BD: What an announcement! SilverCena is smiling from ear to ear, I can’t wait to see that match this Sunday!

07-28-2011, 05:16 PM

BD: The EWNCW Ignition Champion Seth “The Pharaoh” Ferrell is stomping his way down to the ring, slowly followed by King Strem. What does he have to say this week?

Seth Ferrell: Shhhhhh

*taps microphone*

Don't make me flick the lights on and off!

You know, this is no way to treat your champion! My entire reign has been filled with unforeseen changes and piles of new opponents. When I wanted better competition, I didn't mean everyone at once! Now I have a fatal 4 way with a lunatic, someone on his second try, and Dutchman, who I really should be having this match with alone.

There is no proper preparation when you have 3 opponents. If it's not one unwashed thing it's another! And the odds are against me! But that said, I will make a pyramid of my competitors in that ring and stand atop it as I'm counted three to win! I am a champion. I am better than all of my pretenders and I WILL BE victorious this Sunday. And I'm going to prove it. Tonight. haha.

KS: "Seth, you are a true king, it is insane what they have you doing sunday. Three guys all coming after YOUR title? That's blasphemy. So I was thinking of two ideas today. Option one, why don't I take one of those worthless penny pinchers they call "wrestlers" and I beat him so bad tonight that he doesn't make it to Raging Inferno on sunday. ORRRRRR option two, you and me can just take all three and whip them out. What do you think Seth?"

SF: "Well I wouldn't want to upset the GM, he's so upset these days what with the whole Rage business. So I think we'll pass on you removing one of the peasants, but, I do like the second idea. We'll kill two birds with one stone and give the people their money's worth, and make the brutes backstage earn their money. Since you three want to make a name for yourself, get yourselves out here and we'll give these people a little preview of what happens come the ppv. What do you say?"


BD: Well looks like Grind Bastard has answered the call...

*Harley and Dutchman jump into the ring over the barriers*

BD: Wow! And there are the other two competitors, looks like this is go!



BD: And Seth picks up the win against Dutchman, but there is a little look between Seth and King Strem. Is that mutual respect, or a glint in the eye?

07-28-2011, 05:19 PM
BD: Thursday Night Inferno continues with Krystian Krysys' second match of the night! Can he keep it up?


BD: Here comes Krysys, he’s trying to make an impact after his great debut last week. Who will be his opponent?

*Splattered Dreams music plays*

BD: Oh my goodness! The monster Splattered Dreams is making his way to the ring. Will Krysys be able to defeat this human beast?


BD: An impressive win by Krysys! He’s defeated a man twice his size, and he’ll be facing Mark Dimension this Sunday at Raging Inferno! That definitely will be a hell of a match!

07-28-2011, 05:21 PM
BD: Now ladies and gentleman is our main event match of the evening!


BD: Gillz has really been on a hot streak, can he take out Billy McCoy tonight?


BD: And here comes fan favourite Billy McCoy! This could be a big win for him going into this Sunday!


BD: And Gillz is just walking away! Saving himself for Sunday he may argue, but McCoy wanted a match!


BD: Is that Solla coming to the ring?! Even after what he did earlier tonight!?

Herbie Birdsfoot: My master....would like you to know BILLY! ....that he is to cash in his contract to face anyone...IN A MATCH HE MAY CHOOSE! Which will be.... a scaffold match!.... And if he wins...oh GOD if he wins....He takes your number 1 contendership to the International Title! HAHAHAHAHA!

BD: What?!? That sick monster not only will have a match this Sunday, but he could be next in line for the International Title!

07-28-2011, 05:24 PM
BD: After that last match, Gillz bumped into SilverCena backstage, and it was one all mighty staredown. You could feel the electricity surrounding them! But they couldn’t fight, and they both smiled as they walked away, I can’t wait to see their match this Sunday!


BD: And here comes Kevin Matthews, he’s looking to get the last word in before Raging Inferno, let’s see what he can come up with.

Kevin Matthews: This Sunday, Rage vs. Inferno! You see, ever since the beginning, Shuriken and his "friends" were attacking me and pushing me. I was trying to be nice, but no everyone had to treat me like garbage. Tommy was treated the same way. He came to me one night and he said he was tired of the games management was playing, and joined my crusade. Hell DJ was a mere jobber and got tired of getting paid in peanuts. Sunday, the Rage will continue as we put the Inferno boys out of their misery once and for all. And if anyone in the back is also tired of getting kicked around by the political king Shuriken, I invite you to show up Sunday, because this isn't the end Shuriken, this is merely the beginning! Neither you, nor management can do anything about it! So, I suggest you don’t come Sunday, because the trust and solidarity between myself and Rage will crush you.


BD: Woah! That’s Shuriken on the tron, and him and the members of Inferno took out three members of Rage, WOW! Now that is solidarity! And that is the statement we have before Raging Inferno, that Inferno is ready and all in this together!

Well, this Sunday we will have a pay-per-view on epic proportions, please join us then, and join us again next Thursday for the fallout, here on Inferno!

07-31-2011, 04:52 PM
This is filler before Raging Inferno!!!

07-31-2011, 04:53 PM
And only 7 minutes to Raging Inferno with the last filler!!!

Tommy Thunder
07-31-2011, 05:06 PM
Raging Inferno!


Bob Daniels: Ladies and gentleman, we welcome you this evening, from across the world, to EWNCW Raging Inferno! And what a show we have in store tonight! Joining me at the announce table is Rage announcer, Christopher Pentalion!

Christopher Pentalion: That’s right Bob and what a main event we have in-store tonight, as Rage and Inferno collide in a 3-on-3 tag match, which involves two different title holders!

BD: Which also could decide if Shuriken gets another shot at the title. Remember folks, if Inferno were to lose, then Kevin Matthews will make the EWNCW Championship exclusive to Rage, and I’m looking forward to that! We certainly have a packed show tonight, and it could change the landscape of EWNCW forever!

CP: There is something in the air tonight Bob, let’s get the show underway!

BD: Indeed Chris. I can’t wait for that amazing main event, Shruiken and the Force of Greatness vs. “The Future” Kevin Matthews, Tommy Thunder and DJ Black. But now we have two styles clashing, in the form of the undefeated powerhouse Mark Dimension to the high-flying newcomer “The Saint” Krystian Krysys. Let’s take a look back on what happened between these two:


BD: It’s time to see what these two athletes have in store for us.


BD: Here comes Krysys to a nice reaction of the crowd. He looks pretty confident after his two wins last Thursday night. Will he be the one who ends Mark Dimension’s streak?


BD: Once again, a spine-chilling entrance by Mark Dimension, who has a bigger pop than his opponent.

CP: Yeah, this man is scary!! His winning streak is impressive, but I quite fancy Krysys to do something here against the big man!!

BD: They have an intense staredown before the bell rings. And this one is underway!


BD: Dimension wins! What an epic match! Krysys give his best to score the win, showing amazing resiliency and courage, but it was not enough to claim the undefeated streak! And by the look on “The Saint’s” face, this is not over!

Tommy Thunder
07-31-2011, 05:08 PM
*Cut backstage to Dick Thompson*

DT: Please welcome my guest at this time, the EWNCW Ignition champion, 'The great Pharoah' Seth Ferrell. Seth, you're involved in a fatal 4 way tonight, some would say that your title is in more danger than ever. What do you say to those people?

SF: Who would say that? Peasants? Peasants say stupid things. I would say that my title is in no more danger than it ever was. And that is almost no danger at all. True, the odds aren't in my favour this time, but it doesn't matter. More opponents is a bigger victory. And bigger victories yield bigger trophies.

DT: What about Kingstrem? is he going to be accompanying you to the ring tonight?

SF: Kingstrem will not be at ringside. I am first and foremost a competitor and while I should not be expected to deal with the unwashed masses by myself, when it comes time for a PPV, I will go it alone as a champion should. Besides I think I already proved at the last Inferno I'm more than prepared to handle these challengers.

DT: How will you approach this match? What will you do to ensure that your keep your title?

SF: Well I am a master of in-ring psychology. A Pharaoh must understand how to manipulate the peasants. If things start to look bad I'll just turn one brute against another. I can tell you this. Nothing is taking this from me. Nothing. I can't imagine how I'd react if I ever lost it.
__________________________________________________ ________________

BD: Next up folks is the tag team title match, where we have The Surgeon General and Captain Howdy of the Collective going up against the champions Godmoney!!


CP: And here come the Collective!! And an icy reception from the crowd, and it’s no surprise, since these guys have been relentless in their intentions the last few weeks, tussling with Godmoney and Billy McCoy. No Solla here tonight as he’s involved in a scaffold match later, but Herbie B is here to cheer on the Surgeon and his patient, Captain Howdy!! I wonder what sick tactics we’ll see from these guys tonight?!


CP: And here come the champions to a huge ovation from the crowd!! Can God’s favourite gift pull out the win here tonight?! Let’s find out!!

(Guerrero and Rey = Godmney, Bashams = The Collective)



CP: And Godmoney have done it!! They’ve retained their titles here against some stiff competition!! I can’t imagine that Solla will be too pleased with this!!

BD: I’m sure he’s not Chris! But one thing I do know, is that there will be one party that’s worth going to later, and that’s the Godmoney party!! The beer and whiskey will be flowing into the early hours there I’m sure!! Congratulations to Godmoney!!

Tommy Thunder
07-31-2011, 05:18 PM
CP: Up next folks is the one on one match between Mitch O’Connor and The Heartbreaker!! And on the line here is something that money can’t buy; the services of Ric Flair!!

BD: Yeah, I’ve been impressed by both these men, and as for Flair, well, all I can say is, I’m envious that he isn’t on Inferno!! But I’m sure as hell not envious of whoever’s writing his checks!!


CP: And here is the wrestling God himself!! He’s looking very dapper tonight in his suit, as he styles and profiles down the ramp!! Oh my, and it seems like he’s going to be taking a seat right next to me here!! What an honour!!


CO: O’Connor looks very determined as he comes down the ramp. He wants Flair by his side, and honestly, who wouldn’t!! I’m such a lucky guy right now!!


CO: And here comes the Heartbreaker. He’s looking very confident as he makes his way down. He knows that Flair sees potential in him. Can he get the victory tonight?!
*Flair is at ringside points to ref*

RF: Give me the mic fatboy!

Ref gives Naitch the mic*

RF: Boys, before this match starts, I just want to let you know that although you guys impress me, you both have your weaknesses! That's right! Now, to follow in the steps of the 16 time world champion, you have gotta be a total package! Whether you like it or not, learn to love it, because it’s the best thing going. Wooooo!

*Crowd wooos*

RF: Lately, I have been scouting a new talent who I think could be this package and he signed a contract today! That's right! So to see who will be my protégé, we are going to have a triple threat match with the third man being EWNCW's newest acquisition! Wooooooooooooooooo!


BD: No!! That’s not who I think it is is it?!

CP: I think it is Bob!! That’s the Japanese sensation, Bam!! This is a man who is self trained in many styles of wrestling, predominantly lucha libre, technical mat wrestling, and various disciplines of martial arts!! A very dangerous and sound competitor!! He’s widely regarded as one of Japans finest exports!! Now if I remember correctly, he was in EWNCW during the early days of the fed, but had to leave due to budgeting problems on the company’s side. I understand that he’s been back in his homeland of Japan recently, but now, it looks that Ric Flair has brought him back to EWNCW!! Let’s see if he can be the one to gain Flair’s services here tonight!!

(Benoit = Bam, HBK = Heartbreaker, HHH = O’Connor, Eddie = Ric Flair)




CP: OH MY GOD!! The Japanese sensation has done it!! He is Ric Flair’s new protégé!! My God!! O’Connor and Heartbreaker look distraught and can’t believe their eyes!! Flair and Bam are celebrating and making their way up the ramp!! What a match!! That was truly something special!!

Tommy Thunder
07-31-2011, 05:22 PM
JS: Jonathan Sanchez here folks, and I’m here with Billy McCoy. Tonight, Billy, you take on "The Albino Rhino" Solla, with your shot at the International Title on the line, how do you feel going into the match?

BM: Well had it been a normal match I’d be soo confident but its not but you know I still have huge amounts of self belief and I think that once I’m up their fear won’t matter I’ll will be driven by my desire to get another Shot at Tommy Thunder and the International Championship to prove I am the best wrestler in EWNCW

JS: Now, Solla chose specifically a Scaffold Match for tonight, which can be incredibly dangerous. What do you feel he may have in store for you?

BM: Well Solla is the Sickest and nobody does it better and when we are up there he will do anything to me but look into my eyes and ask yourself Solla do you think I wont do the same you see I’m not here just to win I am here to Brutalize Solla here to teach him a lesson he so dearly needs and I am here to prove the Better is Bigger

JS: Thank you for your time Billy, and good luck!

BM: Thanks,
__________________________________________________ _________________

BD: We’ve had such a great show so far Chris, and we still have so much to come!

CP: That’s right Bob, but first we thank the Foo Fighters for the use of their song “Bridge Burning”, which can be found on their new album “Wasting Light”, which is in stores now!

BD: You gotta love Dave Grohl Chris, that man is an enigma!


CP: Speaking of enigma’s, you know this man very well.

BD: Here comes the EWNCW Ignition Champion, Seth “The Pharaoh” Ferrell. He is really too big for his boots this high flyer, before he felt he had no competition for his title, but now he has a huge queue to take a pop at him! No King Strem tonight though, I’m being told that Seth has asked him to stay backstage!


CP: And here is who I feel could be the biggest danger to Seth’s title reign tonight, Grind Bastard. The mute mentalist has been running through, literally, everyone in this match, and he’s my pick to walk off with the title!


CP: Harley McCartney with his second shot at the gold tonight! I think this guy, from what I’ve seen, looks like he could go places, and that’s the sort of competitor we want to see fight for the Ignition Title!


BD: And The Flying Dutchman is here! He will be an exciting prospect within this match, and I think this guy is going places in EWNCW! And the referee rings the bell, we are underway!

(Rey – Seth/Punk – Harley/ Swagger – Dutch/Show – Grind/Kane – Strem/ Gallows - Bloodstone)



BD: And Seth Ferrell wins, but again needed something!

CP: And that was King Strem, Harley had the match won, but King Strem wanted his boss to win, and thank god for Bloodstone!

BD: But the story here is that Seth “The Pharaoh” Ferrell is still the EWNCW Ignition Champion!

Tommy Thunder
07-31-2011, 05:24 PM
CP: Next up Bob is a brawl that is not only incredibly dangerous, but career threatening.

BD: That’s right Chris, Billy McCoy will face off against Solla in a Scaffold Match. Now, Solla has really been angered, much like the Rage troop, about being bypassed for a shot at the International Championship, and has almost tortured McCoy for the past month in order to get a chance to take that opportunity from McCoy.

CP: And he’s a dangerous man, such as this past Thursday he actually murdered a guy in a Billy McCoy mask. And from what we heard earlier, McCoy seems in confident mood, but you could see that you can’t predict what that psychopath can do.

BD: And in that lies the question, can McCoy defeat someone you simply cannot prepare for? And with a Scaffold match, anything can happen!


BD: Here McCoy comes, to a huge ovation, is it to be his time tonight?


CP: And that’s “The Albino Rhino” Solla! And this crowd isn’t getting down with the sickness, but could the International Title picture become a lot more sicker?

(Dreamer – McCoy/ Lee – Solla)



CP: What have we seen here tonight!? Billy keeps his shot in what was a real spectacle of a match!

Tommy Thunder
07-31-2011, 05:27 PM
BD: Gillz vs SilverCena, a feud that in recent weeks, has personified violence. After Gillz went on a rampage, he took his frustration out on SilverCena, who had a chance at the EWNCW Title. Things have gone from bad to worse, to the point where they would have to be punished if they tussled again, until now.

CP: Bob, I cannot wait to see this one. They have been saving up all their anger, and are really going to unleash it upon each other in this No DQ match! Two very talented wrestlers on the up, who can put a tick in the win column tonight?


CP: There is a fire under Gillz at the moment Bob, and I think he is gonna bring his a-game tonight!


BD: And SilverCena, who really wants to lay his hands on Gillz and destroy him for costing him that chance at the gold, I sense a classic!

(Eddie – SilverCena/ Edge – Gillz)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1jjcAsMIIA /


CP: And Gillz wins it in what will go down in history as one of the best displays I have seen in a EWNCW ring.

BD: Those two gave it their all tonight Chris, but then again I don’t think we expected less!

Tommy Thunder
07-31-2011, 05:34 PM
BD: Ladies and Gentleman, get ready for our main event of the evening!

CP: The time has come for what you all having been waiting for. The defectors known as Rage, consisting of EWNCW Champion Kevin Matthews, International Champion Tommy Thunder and DJ Black, and the fighters for Inferno, Shuriken and The Force of Greatness.

BD: And this has been bubbling since Matthews defeated Shuriken for the EWNCW Title at Threat of the Net, when the new Rage roster came down to the ring, essentially making it a lumberjack match.

CP: And from then on, they have been at each other’s throats. From Shuriken declaring war, dissension in the ranks of Rage, to FOG helping Shuriken’s cause, it has been a rollercoaster ride that has lead to this!

BD: And remember, as we said earlier in the night, if Inferno loses, the EWNCW Title will be exclusive to Rage!

CP: I’m tired of waiting, get the guys out here!


CP: I’ll go through Rage, Bob. Here is DJ Black, who until a month ago had only had one match in EWNCW, and now he is main eventing! What a feeling that must be, and a huge future in-front of this guy, but has he chosen the wrong path to follow?


CP: And your International champion, Tommy Thunder is here! And he has had his difference with the de facto leader Kevin Matthews, but tonight they must be as one to win here!


CP: And the EWNCW Champion “The Instant Classic” Kevin Matthews! Tonight, he could be rid of Shuriken’s claim to his title tonight, will history be made?


BD: I’ll take over here Chris, as here come The Force of Greatness! Tai Night and Matt Elder have really been at the side of Shuriken since the trouble started, and will be here tonight where It may end!


BD: What a pop! Shuriken is here! He looks up for this, and he wants to win here tonight, could it be with major risk?

(DX – FOG/Cena – Shuriken/ Orton – TT/ Edge – DJ/ Matthews – Umaga)



CP: I...I think I’m speechless Bob.

BD: I think it’s clear what was Rage’s real intention here tonight Chris, they didn’t care about winning or losing, tonight was another statement that they will go through absolutely anyone who stands in their way. Shuriken was distracted by his brawl with Matthews, that he couldn’t help FOG!

CP: You’re right there Bob, and they are in a bad way. A real bad way. I mean, I’ll be surprised if they can crawl out of this arena. Why go to such lengths to destroy something?

BD: At least the EWNCW Title isn’t going to be kept on Rage, but it is clear who the real winners tonight are.

CP: I, just don’t understand, what was the purpose for this?

BD: Well Chris, hopefully you will have some answers tomorrow night on Rage, but for myself and Chris, thank you for joining us at Raging Inferno.

08-02-2011, 10:32 AM
The EWNCW Title Tournament Announced!

This Thursday, 8 wrestlers will compete in a knock-out tournament in order to determine the new EWNCW Champion.

The list of superstars that will be involved is as follows:

Rich Cranium
Matt Elder

Please tune in this Thursday for what promises to be one hell of a tournament, and one amazing showcase of EWNCW Talent!

08-04-2011, 03:29 PM
Surprisingly, I only need two fillers! Perfection.

EWNCW would like to announce Erica Generica's promotion to Backstage Interviewer for Inferno!

08-04-2011, 03:30 PM
And the second:

From tonight onwards, Bob Daniels will be joined on the Inferno announce desk by Colour Commentator PIERCE KINGMAKER!

08-04-2011, 04:10 PM

Bob Daniels: Ladies and Gentleman we welcome you once again to Thursday Night Inferno! May I welcome at this time my very own new broadcast partner, who will join me every Thursday night, Mr. Pierce Kingmaker!

Pierce Kingmaker: Thank you Bob and hello everyone back at home!

BD: After Monday night’s events, what is going to happen here in EWNCW? Everyone has been on tender hooks, waiting for what’s in store.

PK: I don’t think anyone has a clue where we go from here. I mean, two superstars left this past Monday, taking two titles with them! Something must be done, right?


BD: Well, if there is any man in EWNCW that could give us the answer to these questions, it’s Inferno GM Irken Invader.

PK: Now, from what I’ve seen, this is the man to come to when you want things done. A man of action, especially when action is needed the most!

Irken Invader: I know things have been crazy lately. Ups and downs, lefts and rights, swerves and run ins. Rumors galore, of certain wrestlers infidelity, that our writers have no idea what to do with the divas division and that AJ Styles is coming to EWNCW. Everyone on the roster wants to fight everyone else and nobody wants to fight in the ring. They think its perfectly acceptable to fight backstage, in the crowd and where ever they please. Forget injuries and lawsuits, just fight where and when you want. I you want a fight you got it, the next person who tries to have an unsanctioned brawl is going to fight me.

Now on to the number one contender problem. We have two titles that don't have people to hold them, so how do we determine the number one contenders? Well I've chosen the lazy way. I've decided to have a battle royal too see who is going to face Billy McCoy for the International belt. Its going to be completely random, I'm the only one who knows who is in it and who isn't. That leaves the EWNCW Championship. For that I've decided that we are going to have a tournament for the title. Shuriken, SilverCena, Gillz, Solla, Rich Cranium, TBOZ, McCoy and Matt Elder will battle it out to see who will be our new EWNCW champion.

I'm trying to get things under control here. I'm tired of the inmates running this asylum.

PK: Well, we wanted answers!

BD: And we got them Pierce! Well what an Inferno we have in-store for you tonight, not only will you be treated to a battle royal to determine the person to face Billy McCoy for the vacant EWNCW International Title, we get a EWNCW Title Tournament!

PK: Those are the kind of things that get bums in seats Bob, we needed something big, and I don’t think we could have
gotten bigger!

BD: For those at home, here is the breakdown of the EWNCW Title Tournament, and the competitors involved:

A) Solla vs Matt Elder

B) TBOZ vs Shuriken

C) Rich Cranium vs SilverCena

D) Billy McCoy vs Gillz


1) Winner of A vs Winner of B

2) Winner of C vs Winner of D


Winner of 1 vs Winner of 2

BD: Who’s your favourite here Pierce?

PK: There are some great competition here, and one hell of an opportunity for anyone. Shuriken, McCoy, Solla, Gillz and SilverCena are certainly people I wouldn’t like to come up against, but also you can’t count out people like TBOZ, Rich and Matt, they have experience. It’s tough to call, but I’ll go with Solla. I think it might just be his time!

BD: I’m gonna go with SilverCena, he has had chances snatched away from him before, and this is his perfect opportunity to seize it back.

08-04-2011, 04:14 PM
*Backstage with Erica Generica*

Erica Generica: Ladies and Gentleman my guest at this time, TheBeardOfZeus!

*Crowd cheer*

EG: TBOZ, tonight you enter the first EWNCW Title Tournament, where a new champion will be decided tonight. How do you feel about getting this opportunity?

TBOZ: First of all, I’d like to thank Irken for putting me in the tournament, it’s an honour. I think it is the biggest opportunity a wrestler can hope for, it’s not going to be easy but that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in my own abilities to get through. It’ll be fun, I get to show off my capabilities, we all get to see the top talent, and I will be EWNCW Champion at the end of it.

EG: You are to face Shuriken in the first round, and could end up facing your tag team partner Rich Cranium. How do you feel about that?

TBOZ: To be honest, I can’t wait to face Shuriken. He’s a great friend, and I think we could tear the house down with the match we could put on. When it comes to Rich, that’s different. He’s my brother, man. I’ll jump that hurdle if I come to it.

EG: Thanks for your time, Beard.

Announcer: This match is set for one fall, and is the first match of the EWNCW Title Tournament!


BD: Here comes your pick out first Pierce!

PK: I like this guy Bob, he may be incredibly sick and twisted, but regularly, he gets the job done.


PK: What I can't believe how he is still walking after Raging Inferno, How is Matt even standing?!

BD: It may be a bridge too far for Matt tonight, he still is clearly wearing the scars of Sunday, can he beat the odds?


BD: What a start to our EWNCW Title Tournament! Solla wins!

PK: Matt put up a fight there, you gotta hand it to him, but Solla is really a destructive force, sometimes even one half of The Force of Greatness can’t stop him.

08-04-2011, 04:19 PM
BD: We are back and heading into the next match of our EWNCW Title Tournament!


PK: And here comes TBOZ!

BD: Not only did GodMoney retain the tag team titles this past Sunday at Raging Inferno, but also had them on the line Monday as well!

PK: He seemed incredibly up for it, though, after that interview earlier tonight.


BD: And here comes the former EWNCW Champion, Shuriken Blade!

PK: I think that this is an opportunity for Shuriken, but in my opinion the door will be shut by the monster Solla.

BD: I disagree Pierce, this man easily has the capabilities to go all the way!


BD: Shuriken advances!

PK: And a true match between originals, and a nice piece of sportsmanship for the defeated TBOZ.

BD: It’s great to see, and the calibre of matches we have had so far, the bar keeps getting higher!

*SilverCena enters* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VigCJerggco

BD: And we get ready to go again, here is my pick SilverCena!

PK: Bob, I can’t understand why you picked this guy. I mean, he lost this past Sunday to Gillz, which in my opinion was the match of the night for me.

BD: You’ve just said exactly why I see SilverCena winning this whole thing. He and Gillz put on a great match, and although he lost he can keep that kind of intensity up. He’s a massive threat tonight.

*Rich Cranium enters* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R5IGLqk1y4

PK: The other half of GodMoney is here! Rich Cranium! Man, I love this guy!

BD: He sure is a man of great charisma, and is so easily likeable. Will that get him the win he wants tonight?


BD: What a win for SilverCena!

PK: Yeah, Rich put up a great fight there, but you were right, SilverCena is a danger in this tournament!

08-04-2011, 04:24 PM
BD: Next up is the battle royal to determine the new number 1 contender for the International Championship!


*Appears right next to Irken Invader*

(Makes him jump)

Mark Dimension: (Shouts) GM!!! ...The One Person I actually want to See ,You See I Know about the Battle Royal and I Know What would be one of the best outcomes you can Possibly have , and that alone is just having me in the ring with the people I hate the Most, The EwncW Roster!...what would you say if You Give me the priveledge of Winning Exactly That ,ToNiGHT! (Smiles with arms crossed)

Irken: Well no and quite frankly I didn't want you to be in it. I thought you were all tied up with this Krysys mess and I thought your winning streak would be at stake.

*Goes to walk off,and suddenly second hears him*

MD: WaIT!...
What Did You Just say To Me ,What Exactly were the words that came out of your damn mouth,Are You Out of Your Damn Mind,
How Can You Not Think of Me as Your First Choice,I know what will happen and you know better for your own LiFE on The Line..cuz
Son I'm Not Playing Game With You I'm straight up in your Face and NOW! ..NOW !! I'm Angry and you

*Pokes Irken in his chest*

Yoooouuuu Wouldn't want to have around an extremely pissed off Mark Dimension ,Because when I'm pissed!

*Picks up MBC walking by and double powerbomb hims on the floor then onto a table*

I Seek Blood From Everyone!

*Pumbles MBC face, MBC’s face busts open*


*Takes the blood and wipes himself down with it*


BD: Well here comes the competitors down to the ring... WAIT A MINUTE!


BD: Dimension is here! He’s here!

PK: He’s not in this match, he was told by Irken Invader to stay out!



PK: And look who’s come out of it the victor, it looks like Seth “The Pharaoh” Ferrell gets the shot at the vacant International Title!

BD: Only thanks to his lackey King Strem!

PK: Give The Pharaoh his due, he gets to go for the strap!

08-04-2011, 04:28 PM

Erica Generica: I am joined now by Seth “The Pharoah” Ferrell!

Seth, you now have a shot at the vacant International Title, albeit from some assistance from King Strem and Dimension, how does it feel?

Seth Ferrell: It feels great Erica! You know you and me should go celebrate after the show later tonight! Just lose the jacket and we're golden! It does feel great to once again show everyone here that The Pharaoh is superior to all in EWNCW. And when I face McCoy for the International Championship I will again rename THAT title too. And I will eclipse my first reign and my old trophy with one even GRANDER!

EG: As you stated, you go up against Billy McCoy for the title, what are your thoughts on him?

SF: McCoy is a strong competitor and his size is most imposing, but that might just mean he is a brute. What throws it in doubt is his considerable repertoire. We shall see which he really is. My chances are always good.

Put on some makeup too.

EG: Always a pleasure, Seth.


PK: Now this is one of my favourites on the roster Bob, Gillz! He’s dangerous, he knows exactly what he wants, and he knows how to get it!

BD: You’re right in the aspect that Gillz is one of the fastest rising superstars here in EWNCW, but for me he is not going the right way about it.

PK: Doesn’t matter how you get that brass ring, as long as it’s on your finger!

BD: Whatever you say, Pierce.


BD: From one of your favourites to one of mine, and a huge fan favourite, the awesome Billy McCoy, who is also in contention for the International Title!

PK: You see, that’s my worry for the big guy in this tournament, will he be focused enough on the EWNCW Title and not the International? I’m not sure.

BD: Well I’ll go against that opinion Pierce, I wouldn’t be surprised if this man holds both those titles!



PK: Yes! Yes! Yes! Gillz advances people!

BD: Only thanks to McCoy being distracted by Seth sifting through the crowd with that mike!

PK: I told you he may be too pre-occupied, and it’s really opened the door for Gillz tonight!

08-04-2011, 04:30 PM
BD: Welcome back to Thursday Night Inferno! We have three more matches to go in the EWNCW Title Tournament, and in the semi finals, Shuriken will face Solla, and Gillz will face SilverCena!

PK: We are really being treated tonight Bob, we have had some outstanding matches so far, and I can only see it getting better! I want to see the next match now!

BD: Well you’re in luck Pierce, as here comes the next match!


BD: Shuriken Blade looks ready to go again, could he be the one to advance to the final?

PK: He has the experience, Bob, but I’m still going with my pick of “The Albino Rhino” Solla!


BD: And here he is Pierce, he looks like he has a determined look on his face!

PK: He looked incredibly impressive earlier tonight, and I see it continuing.


BD: Shuriken advances, but my god was that a back and forth affair!

PK: I really thought Solla had him, but he went back to the mill one too many times, and he took too much of risk!

BD: That he did Pierce, we will be seeing Shuriken in tonight’s final!

08-04-2011, 04:35 PM
BD: Now this match is a rematch from Raging Inferno, Gillz will face off once again, with SilverCena.

PK: I know you think SilverCena could win this whole thing, but Gillz really has the upper hand in this feud after the win on Sunday, and I can only see the same outcome.

BD: But it was the closest match I think I have ever seen in EWNCW history, and SilverCena would love to get the opportunity to win the EWNCW Title after what happened last time he went for the gold!


BD: And here’s my pick, hopefully going a bit further than yours.

PK: Well, mine has changed to Gillz, I can’t see how SilverCena can get past him.

BD: I’m sure that “The Rapping Hyena” can find a way!

*Gillz enters*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JsM4eRClH0&feature=fvst

PK: And here is the stumbling block in SilverCena’s way, Gillz!

BD: But will that be all he is, a stumbling block?





PK: What a match we have been treated to again Bob! I thought Gillz had it, but just like that SilverCena gets the win! I might have jinxed Gillz!

BD: That you may have Pierce, but it’ll be Shuriken vs SilverCena in the final!

08-04-2011, 04:38 PM
BD: Ladies and gentleman, we have a blockbuster main event for you tonight. Shuriken will take on SilverCena to determine the new EWNCW Champion!

PK: It’s a former champ against the man he never beat to retain the title a few short months ago, this is gonna be one hell of a match!

BD: I think we can guarantee that Pierce, and what a first Inferno for you!

PK: Definitely, I’m delighted to be here, but let’s get this EWNCW Title match underway!

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, this match is set for one fall, and is for the EWNCW Championship!


BD: Could Shuriken be the one to climb the mountain once again tonight?

PK: He has done it all before Bob, and that’s why I give him the edge tonight, I don’t think that SilverCena quite will have enough in the tank to get the gold.


BD: After Sunday night’ and Monday night’s, I doubt SilverCena would have seen himself getting a shot at the EWNCW Title, you can see the hunger in his eyes!

PK: But this has been a marathon tonight Bob, will he have enough left to give? I can’t wait to see!

BD: I don’t think anyone can, let’s get this underway!



(Apologies here, literally no-one has the whole match on YouTube)


PK: But not without controversy, Gillz has cost SilverCena yet another chance at winning the gold!

BD: He did have a fightback, but in the end Shuriken had enough to become champion, and you can see just how much in means to him.

PK: And also how much it meant to SilverCena, he looks a mixture of devastated and irate, I’m sure this isn’t over Bob.

BD: I’m sure it isn’t either Pierce, please join EWNCW on Monday for another edition of Rage, but congratulations to Shuriken and we will see you next Thursday for more EWNCW Inferno action!

08-08-2011, 11:51 PM

Well folks, I've decided to retire from my EWNCW General Manager position. I thought long and hard about it and I think its better for me to go independent. I'm going back to wrestling but for Indy E-Feds only. I'll comeback from time to time and post some of my matches.

Who knows, I might even hit it big and become a star. Maybe I'll go to WWE, maybe I'll get stuck jobbing it up in Impact Wrestling. I know I'll be much happier in my future endeavors.

Irken out.

08-11-2011, 04:55 PM
I', f'n nervous, I hope I do this well, sorry if i botch something.

Inferno is next!

08-11-2011, 05:01 PM

Bob Daniels: Welcome to EWNCW’s Thursday Night Inferno! After this past Monday and the announcement of Irken Invader’s retirement, it looks like Head of Creative Nathan Staples is in the ring to sort everything out.

Pierce Kingmaker: And his face says he means business!

Nathan Staples: Hello everyone. For those who do not know me, my name is Nathan Staples, Head of Creative, and I am out here tonight to address the recent GM situation that has been going on. After the new GM appointed to Rage, Mr Irken Invader announced his retirement. Therefore, Inferno needs a new General Manager, and that man is me. I’m here to sort out all the mess and make this the best show in all of sports entertainment!


BD: Oh what is Gillz doing out here?!

PK: He must want the mess sorted out, after the debacle that was this past Monday!

Gillz: Excuse me, Mr Staples but can shut up about your new job and listen to me.
There is a very pressing issue that needs to be dealt with and that would be that little ass SilverCena costing me the World Title!
I have worked to the bone for that chance and he can’t take it.
Right now you should all be addresing me as the New EWNCW World Champion Gillz! But no Cena just has to get his little “revenge”.
Staples I demand you make a rematch for title now and furthermore make sure that bitch Cena is banned from ringside!
Are you gonna do it? Or will I have to do to you I did last week to NightWolf?

NS: Demand, now just hold your horses Gillz, don’t get hasty...


PK: And you question one person coming out, what’s SilverCena doing?

BD: I’m sure he wants explanations to his championship bout against Shuriken last Thursday!

SilverCena: Staples boiiiii!

I don’t know what this wack-job is on, but you know the deal. He screwed me twice, and I screwed him once, I’m not even yet! Why does he deserve another chance over me, when we are equal in the wins column. 1-1. Drawing. I deserve the shot, I never have really been beaten by the champ, give me one more chance.

Because I am determined to be EWNCW Champion, yeah boiiii!


BD: And here is the man stuck in the middle, World Champion Shuriken Blade!

PK: He has two possible contenders for his EWNCW Title, I’d like to see the champs thoughts.

Shuriken: Well, I think one thing out of all this is clear. I had two championship matches in the space of a week, and I’ve won them both. But both times, someone couldn’t put their ego aside and let it just be a one-on-one match!

*Crowd cheer*

SU: You see, I have always fought with honour. And you two are making the fight for the prestigious EWNCW Title a joke. Gillz, you couldn’t stand SilverCena had beaten you to a title shot, so you ruined his shot again! SilverCena, you cost Gillz shot, and while I understand your frustration, it was the wrong way to vent. All I see is two people that can’t bear to see the other in the title hunt, and Mr Staples, I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for the sake of the whole of the EWNCW Universe!!!

NS: Well, thank you everyone, I think I have a plan. I can understand the complaints from Gillz and SilverCena, but also the point Shuriken put forward, that you can’t bear the other in the title hunt. So, at our next pay per view In Violence We Trust, we will be having a triple threat for the EWNCW Championship. Shuriken, you will face Gillz, and SilverCena. As for tonight, we need a blockbuster main event. So, Shuriken you will team up with SilverCena, to take on Gillz and “The Albino Rhino” Solla! I think that’s the mess sorted, so everyone you can get ready for your match tonight.

PK: Now that is making your mark as the new General Manager of Inferno!

BD: You’re right Pierce, a blockbuster main event for In Violence We Trust, and a great match tonight, with Shuriken and SilverCena against Gillz and Solla!

08-11-2011, 05:06 PM
(This is the segment I created with MD/Krysys promos)


BD: That’s “The Saint” Krystian Krysys coming down the ramp, and he doesn’t seem happy.

PK: I’ve got to tell you, Bob, this guy is impressive. Despite the fact that he lost against Dimension, he did a hell of a job at Raging Inferno.

BD: And Pierce, let’s not forget how he earned his spot by defeating charisma and Splattered Dreams the same night. But now he has to say something to the audience.

*Krysys walks around the ring, shaking his head a bit*

Krysys: So, yeah I lost. Dimension beat me at Raging Inferno. That makes it 2 times that I lost, just barely though. And may I remind you all what I had to do to get my chance to face Dimension at Raging Inferno? I defeated not one, but two men in one night! Now only someone who follows the path of Straight Edge could have done this! A normal man wouldn't have the energy to do what I accomplished. With that said I know deep in my perfectly clean heart, straight edge remember, again I know in my perfectly clean heart that I can beat Dimension and end his streak! I have the will of Straight Edge on my side and that is all I need to beat that bastard!

*paces around the ring*

KK: Gimme one last chance to send that freak straight to hell! I have proven that I have what it takes to defeat a monster by beat Splattered Dreams! Gimme the chance!


PK: Oh, oh, here comes Dimension, Krysys would better be prepared after what he has just said.

BD: And the audience has erupted with the entrance of the undefeated Dimension.

*Loud chants: Mark -Di-Men-Sion, clap, clap… clap, clap, clap!*

Mark Dimension: Krysys there Seems to Be a Problem, you must be a little out of it still from that ass kickin givin by me

*Crowd cheers even louder*

MD: No one wants to see you and yet your here in the Face of The People, and on the plus side of things simply put
Your just not That Great ,overrated fits the bill when you challenge Me The Original MD ...

Now With That Said , know this...I appreciate the Trying Effort but you Can't Cut it!
You Just Can't beat me and that is that

*Loud cheer again*

PK: Hear the audience is going bananas!

MD: Should I have another Match with You?, No ,why should I ....but yet again Beating on you and applying the pain and punishment upon you brings joy on my part...
But before that.... ProoF in my eyes should be shown...
Week in and week out I Proof My Dominance and you should Too
Different opponent ,Different Stipulation and Tonight Falls Count anywhere seems Right!
That is If Your Up to The challenge!!!
Then (laughs)
and Only Then will You be Worthy to once again have the priveledge of gettin Killed by Me
At In Violence we Trust

*Another big crowd pop*

BD: It seems that Krysys has another tough challenge if he wants to face Mark Dimension. Who will be his opponent?

*Bodom music hits*

PK: It’s Bodom! If Krysys wanted a challenge, he’ll get a challenge in the form of this EWNCW legend!

BD. And remember folks, thbis is falls count anywhere. Let the action begin.

(Jeff Hardy = Krysys/ Umaga: Bodom)


BD: Krysys has done it again! What a match!

PK. This guy here has tons of potencial, and he has shown it now.

BD: Now Krysys is one step closer to face Dimension at In Violence We Trust. What will Mark Dimension have in store for him the next two weeks?

08-11-2011, 05:09 PM
PK: Here comes the new Ignition Champion, King Strem! I can see big things for this guy Bob, big things!

BD: I’m just glad to see the back of Seth, I don’t mind who’s the champ!

King Strem: "What can I say? It is great to be the king! You know, for a while I felt like I lived in the shadow of Seth, and I never thought I would get out of that shadow. And now look, I am here. I am King Strem, and I am the NEW ignition champion. I plan on holding this title for a while and if anyone thinks different, they can step up!"


BD: Daymian Bloodstone! This guy had is a great high flyer, I have waited a while to see him in action!

PK: And he has past beef with King Strem, attempting to stop him from destroying a great Ignition Title match!

DB: Hey There Kingstem hold on a minute before celebrating a bullshit title win. You don't deserve that title. The only reason you won that was because Seth was distracted by McCoy. Everyone here know you no chance. You had to pick up a cheap win. But me on the other there, I can bring some real prestige to the Ignition Title. I'm challanging you to a match for the title. Prove to me and everyone else that your not a coward and face me for it.

KS: So Daymian, you want to try and overthrow the king? Well you need hold up a second. I feel there is someone more deserving for this title, and that's “The Flying Dutchman” Dave Rende. You beat him, I'll consider giving you a shot.

(Cara – Bloodstone/Bourne – Dutchman)


BD: A great win here for Daymian Bloodstone, and he gets a shot for the EWNCW Ignition title!

PK: That was an excellent display of the high flying talent we have here in EWNCW, what a match! And now, I can look forward to a heated feud!

08-11-2011, 05:14 PM
BD: Next up are the Tag Team Champions, and the greatest tag team in the world, GodMoney!


TBOZ: Wow, Portland, you can make some noise!

RC: Not as much as that guy who you gave a swift kick to the nuts last night, though, ey TBOZ?

TBOZ: Not the gods themselves could make such a noise, anyway, we are not here to talk about girly-men, we are here for manly girls. Yes! The Psycho Circus debuted this past Monday, and kindly kicked our heads in.

RC: But, mine is still perfectly round?

TBOZ: Then, yours was abnormal before, they fixed you!

RC: Ahhh

TBOZ: Anyway, they are cowards, and so far have proved nothing here in EWNCW. Last time I checked, the Ringmaster pulls all the strings, and we are the liontamers. Want to go for the champs? Keep trying. You’ll just fall from that tightrope. We have much more experienced competition that we can choose. I mean, prove yourselves, show us why we should care about you two trapeze rapists.

RC: Wait, what?

TBOZ: I, ran out of circus jokes.

RC: I’m sure I can think of some! Psycho Circus, you are the ball balancing underneath the Elephant

TBOZ: Oh good one!

RC: And we, are the non-existent audience to your sharade!

TBOZ: Ah! The low Circus turnout pun, snap!

RC: Make us care, make us want to prove..

TBOZ: That it pays, to be GodMoney


The Ringmaster: (Announcing) Roll up, Roll up! Psycho Circus is in town! Tonight, they will prove their magnificent athletic abilities in a match against anyone in the back. They will prove to “GodMoney” they have what it takes to win the titles!


BD: And here comes some real competition for the newcomers, in the form of The Force of Greatness!

PK: One of the best tag teams of all time Bob, they helped build the division here in EWNCW, that just seems to be expanding!

BD: Let’s get this underway!

(3D – FOG/ MCMG – Psycho Circus)


BD: What?! A no contest? I thought it was clear FOG won that match!

PK: Are you blind Bob?! You didn’t see the Psycho Circus win this match?

BD: Well, we had some great action, but massive confusion. Both teams proved their worth, how this affects the Tag Team Title scene, we will have to see!

08-11-2011, 05:19 PM

Erica Generica: Mr Staples, just a word, as the new GM, how are you planning to change things round here?

Nathan Staples: Well, Erica, I have decided to make a big announcement, that you have given me the perfect opportunity to relay to the audience. From tonight and continuing for the next few weeks, new and underused talent have a chance to shine. There will be free promo and match space, both here on Inferno and Rage, and the two most impressive will be fighting against each other at In Violence We Trust, with a chance at the EWNCW Ignition Title on the line!
So, without further ado, I shall introduce the first face to attempt to shine, newcomer TJ Rage!

TJ Rage: My name is TJ Rage! And if you dont know me, I have been wrestling in many years all across Europe. Yes people, I have actually worked hard in many years to make a name for myself, but what would you people know about working hard? Speaking of making a name for myself, that is the only reason I have traveled all the way to the United States, to EWNCW. Because really? The only reason people live in this country is because of money, the same reason I moved over here. The same reason this guy lives here *points at guy in the crowd*, the same reason this guy lives here *points at another guy in the crowd*. You might not like me for saying that, but if there is one thing, that I have learned about Americans and their mentality, it is that they dont like, when people tell them the truth. And now I'm gonna tell you a truth, that you probably wont understand, but if you do, you probably wont like it. Jeg er ikke i EWNCW for at få venner, jeg er her for at vinde mesterskaber, for at blive rig, for at få mit navn frem i lyset. You better go home and translate that, because what I just did, was predicting the future of this company, and in the future of this company, I see one name shining above all the others, TJ Rage.

BD: Well that sounds like a great idea from the new GM of Ignition!

PK: There is nothing wrong with witnessing new talent Bob, but this is also a chance for those who haven’t been given the time to shine to prove their worth!


BD: Oh here we go...

PK: Here is a man that comes out here and proves he’s worth every single dime!

Seth Ferrell: Peasants! Yeah that's right I mean you people. Brutes! Like McCoy! Backstabbers! I had to deal with it all! That fool McCoy! Who does he think he is costing me the Ignition title. MY TITLE! I am not a forgiving man. You will pay the piper for this Billy Boy. I'm not going to dwell on it though. That doesn't do anything. I don't need a bodyguard! I will continue my rise upward and turn my sights fully on the title you're after. I will take it from you. The International title will be mine. Not yours. MINE!


BM:… (Pauses for a Moment)…Seth these People would like you to…Shut up!!... They are Sick and Tired off you winning all the Time, Tired of you your Drowning Speeches Tired of you calling them Peasants…Because these People are the ones who write our Pay Checks… these People are the ones who Matter…and I am proud of who I am and where I come from I am from the Working class… and I want to take my Fist and use to beat the Over Privileged Snot from your nose and once Jeeves has Cleaned you up I’ll do it all over again… infact… who in Portland Oregan would like to see me Whip the Pharaohs ass Right now

*The Fans Cheer*

SF: Mm yeah? How about this, Doc? How about I make our title match interesting? You're a smart guy you should be cool with that. How about we not just have the usual pinfall/submission bout? So here it is. You pick the opponent I face here on Inferno. I lose, you get to gloat and pick the stipulation for our match. I win, I get to pick. What do you say, Doc?

PK: Doc?

BD: Yeah, no idea Pierce, looks like it will be Seth, but who will McCoy pick from the back?

BM: Okay, I pick, Grind Bastard!


PK: Now that is a thunderous pick, as usual he runs to the ring, let’s get this on!

(Christian – Seth/Henry – Grind)


BD: Somehow, Seth picks up the win against that monster Grind Bastard

PK: And he gets to choose the match stipulation they will have at In Violence We Trust!

SF: Billy boy, we will face off for the International Title, in a cage match!

BD: Wow! I can’t wait to see that!

08-11-2011, 05:27 PM
BD: It’s time ladies and gentleman, for our main event!

PK: This will be one hell of a firecracker!

*Gillz theme* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JsM4eRClH0&feature=fvst

BD: Here comes the snake in the grass, Gillz!

PK: More like an opportunist, he now has another shot at the EWNCW Title at In Violence We Trust, and I would bet on him winning!

*Solla theme* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09LTT0xwdfw&ob=av3n

PK: And joining him is my favourite wrestler on the roster, Solla!

BD: After last Thursday, Solla hasn’t been ever present in EWNCW, does he have something up his sleeve?

PK: He must do, he will want to prove tonight why he should be in the EWNCW Title picture very soon.

*SilverCena theme* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VigCJerggco

BD: Yeah boiiii! I’m a big SilverCena fan, and he tags with the champ tonight!

PK: This guy can’t keep his nose out, I mean Gillz should have been in that final last week, and then he ruins his shot on Rage, this guy can’t accept that there are people better than him

*Shuriken theme* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD6YDUnYqHs

BD: Well, this is the only person on the roster who is better than “The Rapping Hyena”, Shuriken Blade!

PK: He’s a warrior, but I can’t see him winning tonight!

(Cena – Shuriken/Michaels – SilverCena/Orton – Solla/ Edge – Gillz)



(Ignore taker’s appearance)

BD: What a win for Shuriken and SilverCena!

PK: It was a superb main event, but SilverCena can only think about that one thing, the EWNCW Title!

BD: And Shuriken is really taking exception to that, he fights for honour, and they aren’t celebrating their win! But wait a minute!

*Gillz takes Shuriken’s legs with a bat*


PK: That’s a difference maker there, and SilverCena clears Gillz out of the ring, and is helping Shuriken up...

*SilverCena picks up the EWNCW Title, stares at it, and blasts Shuriken with it*


PK: I told you Bob, SilverCena just wants the gold, as does Gillz, and Shuriken knows now that these two may hate each other, but they know that their main goal is to become the EWNCW Champion.

BD: And that is the end of our programme this week, make sure you tune into Rage on Monday, where we will find what the hell the Lynard Skynard thing is!

PK: It’s a pain in my ass, Bob, but I can’t wait!

BD: And please join us again next week, for some more EWNCW action, right here, on Inferno!

08-18-2011, 04:47 PM
Ready for Inferno? This is filler.

08-18-2011, 04:47 PM
I remind you: final filler is an announcement by TBOZ

08-18-2011, 04:49 PM
One more filler, then announcement, then Inferno!

08-18-2011, 04:56 PM

There will be new music for King Strem and Nathan Staples tonight, so make sure you enjoy...

Inferno next!

08-18-2011, 04:58 PM

Bob Daniels: From Kansas City, Missouri we welcome you to Thursday Night Inferno! I’m Bob Daniels and next to me again, is Pierce Kingmaker

Pierce Kingmaker: Thanks Bob and we need some questions answering tonight, but after the return of Tommy Thunder, there is sure to be some fallout tonight!


PK: And here’s a man with all the answers! Look Bob, it’s Solla!

BD: I could hardly miss him Pierce, and he is flanked by his two Collective lackies Captain Howdy and The Surgeon General, what does he have to say about his actions this past Monday?

Solla: This past Monday, I took great delight in ruining that pathetic queue jumper Tommy Thunder. Oh, he returns and thinks he’s at the front of the line, WELL HE IS NOT. I made a point last night, the point that I am the most dangerous man on this entire roster, and everyone should rue the day they doubted the sickness!


NS: I like that theme tune! Now, Solla, we all saw what you did on Rage, and now you prance onto Inferno as if you can hide away from any punishment, well you are wrong. Tonight, you and your Collective friends can go up against Tommy Thunder, and GodMoney!

PK: He can’t do that!

BD: I think he just did!

NS: But, if you win, you can take on Tommy Thunder for his EWNCW Title at In Violence We Trust, and the winner will go on to unify the title against the winner of the main event that night.

SO: I accept.

NS: Also tonight, ladies and gentleman I have decided to bring the McCoy vs Seth Ferrell match forward, to tonight! So we will crown a new International Champion!

BD: What a night we already have in store!

PK: I literally am on the edge of my seat already, if I see anymore awesome I may fall off!

08-18-2011, 05:04 PM

TBOZ: Rich tonight, we team up with Tommy Thunder, a former benefactor of Rage, can we trust him?

Rich: I think he's a changed man dude.

TBOZ: I'm just paranoid man.

Rich: Ignore it. So TBOZ, how do you think we fair against the three teams going against us?

TBOZ: The three teams we will meet at In Violence We Trust? Yeah, first of all there is The Force of Greatness, who we have had great battles with, but he have faced them so many times.

RC: I know right? We face FOG so much, it's like getting up in the morning to take a piss! It's like, oh, time to take a FOG (Piss) now!

TBOZ: I, guess? Then, we have the Collective, who we beat at the last PPV. These auto-erotic asphyxiation nuts can be a danger.

Rich: Don't you worry, the only things The Collective will be collecting after our next encounter are hospital bills.

TBOZ: Which will be as enormous as HHH's ego! And then, there's the Psycho Circus.

Rich: The Psycho Circus? Really? If they think they can take our titles, they must be psycho! I sure hope they get their psychotic medicine refilled so they realize the reality that is coming once they step into the ring with greatness and realize that it pays to be GodMoney!

*Ambush from The Psycho Circus, as they smash the tag team champions with chairs*

Ringmaster: Well, it looks like GodMoney have realised how much of a surprising talent Psycho Circus are! Come on boys, we will leave them in a rrrrroyal mess!

BD: They just took out the champs! These guys are really Psycho! And Pierce has fell out of the chair!

PK: That I have! Will they even be able to compete tonight?!


PK: Hey Bob, have you noticed? There are so many MD signs and merchandise among the fans.

BD: Yes, the crowd loves Dimension, as we have seen in past editions of Inferno, and today is no different. And now, Dimension is in the ring with a mic in hand.

*Mark Di-men-sion clap,clap… clap, clap, clap*

Mark Dimension: Does EVERYONE KNOW WHO I AM

*Loud Yes from the crowd*

Is openning.......

*Mark Di-men-sion clap,clap… clap, clap, clap*



BD: Here comes Krysys, let’s not forget he wants a piece of Mark Dimension.

KK: Whoa there big guy! Did you forget about me? I got some unfinished business with you, or don't you remember that last week I completed your little challenge and earned my right to kick your ass! At IVWT I get to prove to the entire EWNCW Universe that, with the power of Straight Edge, I will be the first person to beat you, 1-2-3! Now I'm eager to prove just how "worthy" I am of facing you, so I want another challenge!

*Walks to the ring getting in Dimension's face putting his arms together as an X*

KK: Come on, you gotta have another challenge for me? Well do ya?

*Just looks at him for 7 seconds*

PK: Oh, my God, this crowd is loving this as much as I do!

MD: YOU! ...........


*crowd laughs hystericly*

MD: Seriously ,There's Better things you can do then lose to me
You Can Try to Better your skill set maybe , ..hmm Maybe As Earhlings like to do MAKE FRIENDS AND ATTACK ME. BECAUSE YOU JUST CAN'T CUT IT BY YOURSELF

*points at a Tommy Thunder sign*

MD: Look Here, Why don't you Stop Looking and Walk ,No!!! Runnn!!! Your Face into My FIST ,SO I CAN GET YOU OVER WITH

BD: That’s a big, big challenge there, none else than a Monster’s Ball match!

PK: And who will be Krysys’s opponent?

*Robstar music hits*

BD: Another EWNCW legend, Robstar! A true milestone for Krysys if he gets the win!

PK: This match is underway!

(Abyss = Robstar/ AJ Styles = Krysys)

(Ignore Flair and Chelsea)

BD: Once again, Krystian Krysys proves what he’s made of!

PK: I tell you, Bob, this guy here is set for great things.

BD: Agreed, Pierce. Be sure to tune in next week to see if Krysys completes Dimension’s challenge, and now, Inferno continues after the break.

08-18-2011, 05:08 PM
BD: Inferno is on a roll right now, and there’s lots of great stuff coming


PK: Damien Bloodstone, excellent fighter, don’t you think, Bob?

BD: Yes, he has shown good in-ring skills, but I bet we haven’t seem the best of him

DB: So I earned a shot at Kingstem for the Ignition Title and boy let me tell ya I am pumped. I know I am a better wrestler than he is and I now i can win it clean unlike him who only won it because his opponent was distracted. I've only been here a little while and already I'm making an impacted. Winning that title is my destiny. It is all I can think about. Kingstem at In Violence We Trust I will defeat you just like I beat my last two opponents. So prepare yourself for the ass kicking of you're life.


PK: Looks like the champ is not happy

KS: Bloodstone...how dare you come out here and say you can't wait for a title shot. Do you really think your ready to take on the king? That is rubbish. You are a pathetic waste of space here. I would feel ashamed to wipe my feet with your face that's how sad you are. You are not worthy yet of a title match, and won't be until I say so.

BD: Strong words from the champion, who has a match right now!

*Hawkins and Charisma hit the ring*

BD: Well, this seems a 2 on 1 handicap match coming now:

(Undertaker = Kingstrem/ Big Daddy V = Hawkins/ Mark Henry = Charisma)

(Ignore the post match beatdow from 6:50 on)

PK: Wow, the champ is focused and in great shape! What a victory!

BD: It seems that he has something to say:

KS: You see bloodstone, this is how you prove to me that you deserve a title match. Destroy your opponent, and I'll consider a match.

BD: Looks like Damien Bloodstone has a challenge if he wants to face the King for the Ignition title, but I don’t think King Strem has the final say in this!

PK: A good reason to tune in next week, though!

BD: Definitely, but tonight’s not over yet!

08-18-2011, 05:12 PM

BD: Here comes SilverCena, to a huge ovation!

PK: He must feel unused, where has he hid all night?

SilverCena: Yo, so I have been put into a Triple Threat match at the In Violence We Trust PPV on August 28th!

*Crowd Cheers*

Now, I am in a match against Shuriken and Gillz. Hmmm, where do I even start with these two? Ahh, let's see:

1st, Shuriken, the former ninja housemaid! He used to practice his Samurai swords moves with mopsticks and he got the idea for his ball of smoke from the ball of dust that built up as he was sweeping and vaccuming!

*Crowd erupts with laughter*

In all seriousness, I know he is a great talent. I mean it is obvious as he is
a former EWNCW champion! While Shuriken was lapdancing with KevinMatthews, I was being sent to the midcard which is not a bad thing as it helped me hone my skills.

Also joining us, we have the Scottish Schlong himself, Gillz! The William Wallace of EWNCW without the facepaint and balls!

*Crowd pan as crowd laughs and claps*

That is correct, I said BALLS! This guy retreats to tactics like sneak attacks and such! Well, I think I've proved that I can beat him too!

Point of all this is that I can beat both of these guys in singles actions so be prepared for a party after the PPV with your new EWNCW Heavywaeight Champion of the World, the Rapping Hyena, SilverCena!



PK: Ah thank god! Here to save the promo is Gillz!

BD: Shut up Pierce.

GIllz: Guess who Cena?

Yup it’s me you’re favorite enemy, here to stop you stealing all of the goddamn spotlight.
I mean, that’s the only thing you’ve done since you arrived here, and that somehow means you got every shot at the title, leaving me in the back.
Until, of course, I snapped and took that shot from you some time ago.
But the way I see it the best way to steal the spotlight is to steal the the show at our main event at I Violence We Trust and walk out EWNCW World champion and the most talked about wrester since time began and thus leaving you out of the title picture for good. Tommy you can say all you want but ill be the true champion soonnot you, shuriken or ofcourse you SilverCena.


BD: And here is the champ!

PK: And he really doesn’t look pleased, what’s on his mind?

Shuriken: You guys, you both will fall to me in two weeks, but I want to talk about something else, the return of Tommy Thunder. TT, you left under a cloud like the coward you are with no honour. And now, he’s not even been on yet and we have been demoted to the middle of the show? Now I will not stand for this.
Moving on, you two, you two should stop crying over each other and concentrate on the real threat, me. I will walk in EWNCW Champion and walk out EWNCW Champion.

BD: Strong words from the champ there, he seems really frustrated with the actions of Tommy Thunder.

PK: And who can blame all of them, they are the main event fighting for the title, and yet the appearance of Tommy has almost swept them all under the rug.

BD: But Tommy is also EWNCW Champion, and has every right to be there too.

PK: I can just sense tension Bob, and tension is never good.

08-18-2011, 05:15 PM
Announcer: This next match is for the International Title, in a steel cage match!

Billy McCoy Enters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M02bAWDFkI&ob=av2n

BD: Here comes Billy McCoy! Could better become International Champion tonight?

PK: You never really know in a cage match, anything can happen!

Seth Ferrell Enters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57FcwUoCdmQ

PK: And Seth Ferrell could walk out of one belt into another, I think he has a chance!

BD: He could, as you said it’s anyone’s tonight!

(McCoy – Edge/Seth – Y2J)





PK: What a match that was Bob, and what an effort from both men, they are really champions of the future!

BD: Billy is a champion of now...now wait a minute, that’s Dimension!

*Mark Dimension clotheslines McCoy, knocking him clean off his feet*


PK: He said he had his sights on that International Title, and he has just made his point tonight!

08-18-2011, 05:19 PM
BD: And now for the main event of the evening!


PK: Here is The Collective, in what could be a pivotal win for both Solla and the team of Howdy and General.

BD: It could give The Collective the upper hand on GodMoney, and Solla a shot at Tommy Thunder, but we will have to wait and see.


BD: GodMoney are here, but only just. They look a bit bruised from the earlier attack from The Psycho Circus.

PK: That could be a factor tonight Bob, but these two are veterans of the game, and I would hope to see them put it behind them.


BD: And here he is ladies and gentleman, back on Inferno, it’s Tommy Thunder!

PK: He is the real dead Bob, and he has a title to prove that! But can he get a win tonight to save himself up until a unification bout?

(Kane/Rock/Hogan – Collective/NWO – TT and GM)


BD: Look at the smile across Solla’s face as he leaves the ring! After pinning TBOZ, he has a shot at Tommy’s EWNCW Title!

PK: It’s getting so confusing with two title matches for the same title, I can hardly keep up!

BD: And GodMoney shaking the hand of Thunder as they leave...OH MY LORD! Gillz has come out of nowhere and smashed a television camera to the back of Tommy’s head!

PK: Tensions are building Bob!

BD: But here comes SilverCena! He ducks the fist, Lou Thesz press and shots raining down!

PK: Looks like Tommy is leaving, he really looks hurt!

BD: But, theres someone on the top of the ramp! Shuriken! Shuriken! He is staring Tommy in the eyes, as Thunder raises his title high!

PK: As does Shuriken, he’s shaking with anger, he has always wanted a true match between them, may we see it one day? what is for certain is that Shuriken, Gillz and SilverCena will not let the spotlight be stolen again, they are the main event, and Tommy Thunder will be there waiting for them!

BD: That he may be Pierce, and that raps up Inferno, tune into Rage next Monday and join us next week for another incredible Inferno!

Rich Cranium
08-25-2011, 03:05 PM
Guy Smith here!

Hello everyone! I have with me a man that is scheduled to face off with both Shuriken and SilverCena at the next EWNCW PPV! His name is Gillz!


Shuriken is taking a hiatus from EWNCW!

GS: So Gillz, what are your thought about Shuriken taking a break with this big match of yours coming up?

Gillz: Well Guy, i think is just covering up the fact that he is scared! He knows that im gona kick him and cenas ass and take that title, so he gives up the title instead of handing it to me but shit happens as they say and im still gonna walk out this sunday with that title around my waist!

GS: So it's down to SilverCena and yourself. SilverCena has had his share of battles with both Shuriken and former EWNCW champion....what, I am getting word from Dick that we are not to say his name but that he used to live in the attic.. So, what are your thought about SilverCena?

Gillz: Simple! He's a brat who thought because he had some succes in a previous promotion, that means he automaticly gets in the title picture. I've been here from pretty much the beggining and i had to earn this shot so why the hell shouldnt he?

GS: I can understand your grievances but to be fair, SilverCena has been in EWNCW for some time now and has even been in mid card action with success. Now, do you think you will be able to defeat the rapping hyena?

Gillz: Ofcourse i do! You cant go into a match thinking your going to lose! Also, Cena may have been in the midcard for what, about 2 weeks? This doesnt mean he didnt start with title shots and all! Like i said, i started at the bottom and worked my way up and cenas going to find out about my hard work and how much im willing to do to get that title!

GS: You do seem very focused on winning the big one! If you do get past SilverCena, you will obviously have to face Tommy Thunder for the gold! Are you worried about him?

Gillz: I always go into a match knowing exactly what im going to do and how i plan on doing it! Remember this, Ive beatin Tommy before and i plan on doing it again!

GS: If you do become the next EWNCW champion, tell us, what kind of champ can the fans expect to have?

Gillz: The greatest damn champ in EWNCW History thats what! Im not like Shuriken and Thunder, i dont kiss ass and beat idiots to get titles! I will win mine with pure athletic abilty and skill! Just wait!

GS: I believe you. Are there any last words you have for the EWNCW fans before we conclude this interview?

Gillz: Nothing, I'll let my actions tonight and on Sunday speak for themselves!

GS: Well, there you have it as Gillz prepares for his match with SilverCena as he marches forward to claim his dream of becoming the EWNCW World Champion!

Back to you Dick!

Tommy Thunder
08-25-2011, 03:13 PM

Thanks Guy, but in future, you leave the breaking news to ME!! EWNCW anchorman; Dick Thompson!!
Now, regarding that piece of news regarding Shuriken, these are only rumors at this point. We'll follow that story and keep you updated folks!!

Now, on to more pressing matters. I'm joined by one of our champions!! EWNCW Ignition champion Kingstrem!! King, I believe this is the first time we've spoken. You've been quite dominant since arriving here in EWNCW as the bodyguard of Seth Ferrell. Are you grateful to him for bringing you in?

KS: A part of me wants to say that I am grateful for him, dick. But in reality, he brought me in to serve his ass whoopings. The king is no whipping boy. So I broke free and now I am a dominant force here.

DT: Now, you've only been here a short while, but you've already got a title! You must be very pleased with that!!

KS: You would think that I am pleased, and I am. But like I said, i'm the king. And kings always want everything to themselves. So I will not be truly satisfied until I have every title in this company, and I will.

DT: Now, there are plenty of young exciting superstars in EWNCW, and there are more coming in all the time. There's plenty of competition for the Ignition title. Are you concerned that you might loose your title against Damien Bloodstone at 'In Violent we Trust'?

KS: Bloodstone? Your joking right? oh Dick you would make an excellent jester haha. In all seriousness, I still feel like he has not yet proved to me that he is worthy to be graced by the King's presence. He better bring something to this weeks INFERNO or he may just miss a once in a lifetime opportunity.

DT: Finally, we saw you beat 2 opponents last week. That was very impressive. How do you do it?!

KS: Well it's quite simple. I am the king...I am the best. I can do what I want, when I want, and nobody...and I truly mean nobody can get in my way. Because if they try, they will be overruled by the king. All Hail.

DT: Ok, thanks for your time King. Stay tuned for more folks!!

08-25-2011, 04:57 PM
This one is filler, as requested by TBOZ

08-25-2011, 04:57 PM
And the final filler today, courtesy of Grind_Bastard.

Inferno next!

08-25-2011, 05:16 PM

Bob Daniels: From Baltimore, Maryland we welcome you to EWNCW Thursday Night Inferno! Hi I’m Bob Daniels and we have shifted into high gear as we move towards In Violence We Trust this Sunday! Next to me as usual, is the magnificent Pierce Kingmaker!

Pierce Kingmaker: Why thank you Bob and we are all in high spirits tonight, In Violence We Trust is a stacked card, and this is the final chance for someone to gain the upper hand before the Pay Per View!


PK: Yes! Here comes Rage’s beat the clock winner, Gillz! What a man!
BD: Well, he had to cheat to win, but yes he was the winner this past Monday, let’s see what he has to say.

*Gillz goes to talk but is drowned out by boos*

Gillz: Well hello there EWNCW, I’m truly touched by this reaction. I mean, clearly must think I’m the greatest wrestler here with a reaction like that

*More boos as Gillz smiles*

Gillz: Anyway, to a more pressing matter. This past Monday, as you all clearly saw, I won EWNCW’s first ever Beat the Clock challenge!
Now, of course I intend to add to that achievement by winning the title at In Violence We Trust on Sunday, but because I have a shot at the title I therefore assume I can’t get that as a reward but here’s what I’ve came up with based on two outcomes.
First, and the most definite, I win that match on Sunday. Now, if that happens then I demand that as my reward I get to choose my next title challenger and when it happens.
Now, if for some very strange feat I should lose that match I believe that my reward will be that I am first in line for that title.
Now, GM, get your ass out here and make the deal!


BD: It’s the GM! What an awesome theme he has, will he bow to Gillz request?
Nathan Staples: Gillz, first of all, it’s Mr Staples, write it down and remember for next time. As for your request, you do deserve a reward, as you won the Beat the Clock challenge. But, due to you having to get involved in another match to win, I know exactly how to reward you. Tonight, Shuriken will have to team up with SilverCena, in our main event, against the EWNCW World Tag Team Champions GodMoney!

BD: Oh my lord!

PK: What a main event Bob!

NS: But I haven’t finished Gillz, so you can wipe off that smile and get ready, because you will be in a match too, and that match will take place, right now!

PK: This is a travesty, he has to rest for Sunday!

BD: Look’s like all of the competitors in the main event this Sunday will be in action tonight, and Gillz’s match is up next!

08-25-2011, 05:18 PM
BD: And we are back! Who will Gillz be facing tonight?


PK: It’s “The Viking Warrior” TJ Rage! I have been waiting to see this guy in action!

BD: Well, he showed his impressive promotion skills a couple of weeks back in the Staples initiative, time to see if he has the skills in the ring!

(Gillz – Punk/TJ – Y2J)


BD: Well that was a big test, Gillz comes out victorious but TJ was a revelation tonight!

PK: The great Dane went for on risk too many, but he certainly is an impressive athlete and one to look out for!

BD: But Gillz gets away tonight without injury and a win against a tough opponent, he should be more than satisfied.


Erica Generica: Ladies and gentleman please welcome at this time, SilverCena.

SC, how are you feeling?

SilverCena: Can I have the mike Erica? I have something to say.
Where there is fire, there is smoke. And in that smoke, from this day forward, I will crouch, and conspire, and plot, and plan for the inevitable day of Gillz and Shuriken's downfall. The day when Shuriken finally and self-destructively turns his weapons against himself. The day of the writing in the sky! When the sea is a dead sea, and the land is a wasteland out of which I will emerge victorious! And the fans will cheer a new champion, in which there will be no place for those that do not deserve this! And we shall found our own company, our own destiny! And that day is upon you NOW!

Now... now I will put away my anger. Now I will put down my fears. I have passed through the night of the fires, and those who were my advesaries are now in my corner. And I can no longer afford to be humane. Destiny is the will of who I am and for all I have become! and since it is no longer my destiny to be dominated, it is my will that Gillz and Shuriken be dominated without compassion and understanding. The Time is BEFORE YOU!!

EG: Thank you for your time SilverCena.

08-25-2011, 05:21 PM

BD: Wow!! It’s Ric Flair and his protégé; The Japanese Dragon’ Bam!! What are they doing here on Inferno?!

PK: I don’t know Bob. They’ve both been tearing up Rage recently like they own the place. Let’s hope Flair doesn’t pick on me if he takes to the mic!!

Ric Flair: I said that Bam was the real deal! A rising star! That's right! He has proved that he is the man taking EWNCW to the next level baby! And as far as..

*Points at couple in front row*

RF: Hey! You better watch out before the Nature Boy shows your woman what it's like to be with a real man! I'll take her on a ride on Space Mountain all night long! Woooooooooooooo!

*Crowd Woos*

RF: Where was I? Yeah, Mitch O'Connor! Heartbreaker! You guys are not worthy and I am done wasting my time with you! I am taking Bam all the way to the top until the roof blows off! Wooooooooooooooooooooo!


BD: And right on cue, here is The Heartbreaker and Mitch O’Connor!! I can’t imagine they’ll let Flair and Bam go just like that!!

HB: Ric for gods sake dude. You and Bam come out here and run your mouths like you own this fucking place! Well let me tell you, I have been here from the very start so if anyone owns this place, I FREAKING DO! Ric, don’t you see why people boo you? Don’t you see why people chant you suck?

*crowd chants start*

RF: Shut up you lot!

HB: and that’s exactly why Naitch. You don’t respect anyone and you expect it from everyone. Yes you are a wrestling god! This business wouldn’t be what it is today without you! But dude, what you're doing is throwing your respect right down the drain and to be honest, I don’t mind if you do, because I am having a hard time respecting you anyway. That’s why tonight I am challenging you, oh no wait, I think you’re a little too old and frail to deal with a wrestler like me! So Bam, I am challenging you to a match tonight here on Inferno! But if I win, me and Mitch get to face you and Flair at In Violence We Trust so we can settle this once and for all!! What do ya say?!

RF: What?! Do you know what you’re doing here?! DO YOU?! I m a wrestling God!! A GOD!! Your GOD!! And you want to take on YOUR GOD!!

*Bam has to calm Flair down*

RF: Alright fatboy!! You want to take on Bam here tonight!! Fine!! But just like your little chum there, Bam’s gonna destroy you!! You don’t stand a chance!! Now you!!

*points at ref*

RF: Get your ass in the ring!!

BD: Well a bold move here by The Heartbreaker and Mitch O’Connor!! If Heartbreaker wins here, they will be in a tag team match at ‘In Violent we Trust’ against the Flair and Bam!!

PK: Yeah, and remember, Bam’s beat O’Connor on Monday, who’s to say he won’t beat Heartbreaker tonight!!

*John Cleverly appears on the tron*

JC: Oh, hello guys!! Now what on earth are you doing here on Inferno? You’re on the Rage roster, and I did NOT give any of you permission to be here tonight!! But since you’re here, and since you’ve made this little match, I’ll run with it, since the fans want it. But I’m adding one little stipulation here. Flair, you’ve got yourself involved too much in these matches over the past weeks, so tonight, to make sure you don’t interfere, Mitch O’Connor will be the special enforcer!! If you do interfere Flair, then the you won’t be involved on Sunday, and the match will be a handicap match!! Have fun you guys!!

*Flair is livid, and he’s taken off his jacket and is flailing it about. Bam struggles to calm him down*

BD: Alright!! So Mitch O’Connor will be the enforcer here to even the odds!! Flair can’t risk getting involved now!!

PK: He certainly can’t!! Otherwise, his protégé is on his own on Sunday!!

(Hardy = Heartbreaker / Styles = Bam / Abyss = O’Connor / Flair = well, Flair)


BD: And The Heartbreaker has done it!! My god what a match!! Flair tried to get involved during the match, but O’Connor made sure that he didn’t!!

PK: And what about post match Bob!! Flair swinging for the fences with that chair!! He took out Heartbreaker and O’Connor, but O’Connor just flipped on the ramp there!! A HUGE chokeslam through the stage!! I can’t wait for this match on Sunday!!

08-25-2011, 05:25 PM
BD: We are back on Inferno, and it’s an absolute barnstormer this week!


PK: Here’s the Ignition Champion King Strem! Man I love this guy, he holds himself well, I can see him being such a prestigious champion.

BD: He is a little arrogant for my liking Pierce, but I see your point, he is a great technician in the ring.

King Strem: "If you worthless sacks of bones didn't pay attention on monday night, you missed the great King Strem not only in action against the EWNCW champion, but almost beating him to be exact. And that lil' Daymian, is what you need to do. You need to grab a set of balls, and do something daring. Show me you got what it takes. but honestly, I doubt you will ever do that. Your just a pathetic little midget who can jump off ropes."


BD: And right on cue, here comes Daymain Bloodstone! This guy is a sight to see in the ring, and he will cause King Strem a lot of problems this Sunday

PK: I don’t know Bob, I doubt his size. Kids don’t win titles, men do.

DB: Hey there Kingstrem, I hate to be the one to tell you this but you still have yet to prove that you deserve to wear that title. You needed helping winning the title and you still need help keeping it. Not me though, I can win that title all by myself. This Sunday i'll prove to everyone including you that I deserve to be the Ignition Title.



BD: Will you stop doing that?! Nathan Staples is out here again, is he wanting to make things a little more spicy?

NS: Right guys, I want to make this a little more special this Sunday. So, Daymain, King Strem, you will be facing off in a no disqualification match!

PK: There’s that spark!

BD: Things will heat up this Sunday, I really cannot wait to see this one.


EG: Welcoming now, Shuriken Blade.

Shuriken, how do you feel about facing GodMoney tonight, just three days before you defend your EWNCW Title.

Shuriken: I’m annoyed, but it’s my duty. And I’ll go out and fight, but I need to prepare, so if you’ll excuse me.

EG: Oh, okay thanks Shuriken.

08-25-2011, 05:27 PM

PK: These guys are so creepy!

BD: Well, kids are hiding their eyes, as in come The Psycho Circus, lead by The Ringmaster.

Ringmaster: ROLL UP! ROLL UP! Here are your soon-to-be EWNCW Tag Team Champions, The Psycho Circus!

*Crowd boo*

RM: Doubters, yet again! But alas, this Sunday, they shall prove their tenacity, their versatility and their insanity, as they defeat all the competition!


BD: And here come the other team no one likes, The Collective.

PK: Cut these guys some slack, Solla has turned these nobodies into superstars!

Captain Howdy: Well, it looks like you guys wanna show off a little before IVWT! But boys, it's not gonna do you a bit of good because their will be new tag team champions & it's not gonna be you fools! See what you boys don't know is that the sickness is stronger than ever. Andy Cannon tried his best to stop me from being who I am but with the help of my pal SG, he's been 'compromised'. Hahahahahaha, now that I'm really feeling it again you fools are the ones who shall pay! Not only are we gonna win, we're gonna tear you apart limb by limb until the pin is counted or the ref calls it off because you can't breath. Psycho Circus, you may be Solla's creation but we're the originals & we will not pull any punches. FOG, you boys know we have NO problem destroying you & GodMoney! Isn't that right SG?

Surgeon General: Si Senor Howdy, we take no pity on our opponents at IVWT! The Sickness still strong with the Collective. Psycho Circus, FOG, GodMoney, nobody can stop us. We want the titles & we WILL have them! Nobody stop us at the PPV from taking what is ours! Senor Howdy y yo will destroy anyone in our paths so don't be the idiotas to try! Prepárate a morir tontos!

BD: Well, they are all out here for a triple threat match, but where is...


PK: AND HERE THEY ARE! The Force of Greatness! And it will be one of the Pscycho Circus against Captain Howdy against Tai Night, let’s get this ball rolling!

(Howdy – ADR/Tai – Truth/Psycho – Rey)


BD: And Captain Howdy steals a big win against these two tonight!

PK: The Collective have the momentum now, can they win on Sunday?

08-25-2011, 05:30 PM

BD: It’s Tommy Thunder!

PK: The crowd are still uncertain on him at the moment, I hope he can turn things around.

*Tommy Thunder makes his way out confidently to a mixed reaction. He's got a smile on his face, as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. After mounting the turnbuckle to pose with his EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship, he asks for a mic from ringside.*

TT: Hello Inferno!! Any VIP's in attendance tonight?!

*mixed reaction*

TT: Meh, some at least. It;s been a while since i was here last, and a lot has happened since then. I see you people are still unsure about me since my little stunt a couple of weeks back. And that's understandable I guess. But have you ever thought about it this way. I'm the EWNCW World Heavyweight champion!!

*more cheers than boos, but still some fans against Thunder*

TT: The REAL one that is of course. And this sunday, I'm going to have to try and squeeze into the ring with the Albino Hippo, Solla Mafoai.

*crowd boo*

TT: Yeah, and if he wins, then he's taking this title with him. If he wins, he becomes your EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion. Do you people want that?!

*crowd boo*

TT: I didn't think so. Now Solla is a monster. He's a lunatic. He's a psychopath. But he's also a coward. I can't remember one incident other than the Hell in a Cell match we had, where he's come out to face me face to face, one on one, man, to man. He's constantly hiding behind his Collective, and now, his Psycho Circus. What a bunch of freaks!! To think that either of those teams could be the next tag team champs disgusts me. But anyway. Solla. On Sunday, at 'In Violent we Trust', you will once again have to face me one on one, and just like the last time, I will beat you. I will beat you so bad, you'll bee ashamed to show your face here ever again. I'm sending you out of the ppv on a stretcher, in the back of an ambulance, Or even a freaking hearse if needs be. And you won't be bothering me, or anyone else for that matter, for a very, long, time. Now if you excuse me, I need to entertain my VIP's here, and show them why exactly I'm the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion!!

BD: And Tommy is to have a match against Bodom, is he showing off again?

PK: Looks like it Bob!

(TT – Kennedy/Bodom – Lashley)


BD: I’m not sure what to say.

PK: It was a win tonight, but Bodom really shouldn’t get back in the ring.

BD: Tommy showed incredible belief, but I think he may be pushing the boundaries.

08-25-2011, 05:42 PM
BD: Thursday Night continues, and I think we’re about to see Mark Dimension, let’s hear what he has to say:

Mark Dimension - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP4w5Vd6alo&

*Appears as the crowd roars*

BD: Mark Dimension is extremely over with the crowd.

PK: Yes, they love the undefeated Dimension.

BD: but he lost last Monday

PK: On tag team action, and he wasn’t pinned.

I Have One thing to Say and One Thing only
What Does a Win define, ...................a win defines ME The Original MD!
That's All I Do ,Not Because of Destiny,or Because The better athlete or Better Everything!
Its Because of Sheer Dominance , its because of the pain I Can and will Inflict on anybody without a care in your world

*Mark Di-Men-Sion chants*

That's Why I Can apply the pressure of pain and punishment without thinking twice about it
I simply Don't care about anyone
Including opponent,foes,allies,enemies,friends,wannabes,tag partners,life partners,
Pharoahs,I don't give a Damn!

*Crowd Roars*

I Am UndeFeated for that Same Reason,
Now Seth Ferrell Got pinned and Lost ,Not my problem The streak still Stands and my eyes are even more set...
On The Gold Of Billy McCoys
What More Can I Say ,What More can I Do To Show that I Am The Most Deserving at a Shot
A Sure Shot at his Championship

*Big “Yes” from the crowd*

I Am What That Title presents and that's Prestige
Let me bring it back and leave Billy Boy in the Past
That is If , a Big IF , If McCoy has The Nutz to Step in the Ring
With ......Me!

*Another crowd roar*

Krysys - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88PrhXg9D-8

*Krysys walks out with a huge grin*

BD: Krysys comes to thering, and he seems pretty confident.

PK: He has good reasons to be confident, he overcame Mark Dimension’s challenges

BD: And last Monday he got the pin on Seth Ferrell when he teamed with Billy McCoy against The Pharaoh and Dimension

KK: You know something, I have cleared every little "challenge" you have given me over the past few weeks, and this past Monday I got the win in the tag team match! Now if you think that YOU deserve a shot at the International Title, than I believe that the Master of Straight Edge, yours truly also deserves a shot! NO disrespect towards Billy, but we all know that I will walk out as the NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION! Simply because I am Straight Edge!

*Krysys poses with the X as the crowd cheers*

BD: The people is also behind Krysys, listen to them!

KK: Straight Edge means that no matter what I will win, because it means I am better! Thats right, I said I am better because I am Straight Edge, again no disrespect towards McCoy, but its the truth and it is my destiny to not only beat you Dimension,but to beat McCoy and become the Straight Edge International Champion!

Seth "The Pharaoh" Ferrell - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57FcwUoCdmQ

PK: Man, you’ve got to love the Pharaoh!

BD: People won’t agree, just listen.

PK: Meh, they’re ignorant peasants.

Seth Ferrell: Oh quiet yourselves will you? I think we've heard enough. I mean, sympathetic fellow I am, I can't just stay back there while you subject these peasants to your blathering. And speaking of peasants... that's what the both of you are! So Krysys, be a saint and pipe down will you? Same for you Dimension, why don't you shut up and work on that list of yours? Make sure my name is down!

SF: Peasants like you don't deserve title gold. Dimension loose cannon that he is did nothing but drag me down the past Monday on Rage. And then had the gall to say it was my fault! And Krysys you only got the win because you hit me from behind in true lowlife form. I and only I am the one who deserves the title shot. Hell, I'm the only one who deserves the International Championship itself! And I and only I will be the one to win it at In Violence We Trust. The Pharaoh will rightfully claim his gold this Sunday. haha!

Billy McCoy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M02bAWDFkI&ob=av2n

*Billy McCoy comes onto the Stage with The Beautiful International Championship around his waste*

BD: The crowd loves the champ.

PK: I give you that, togh fella in the ring.

*Huge McCoy Crisps chant. Billy smiles and encourages the chant. Then takes the mic to his lips*

BM: Wait hang on a minuet I am hearing this Right you all think that you should get a Shot at me and the most coveted Championship in this company now guys you don’t just walk in and get at shot at the title did you know what I did to get my hands on this title I destroyed Solla and I got screwed *turns to camera* yes I got screwed by Tommy Thunder because I never got the Chance to beat him and Prove how good I am but never fear Thunderbirds we will put that right at some point I am sure but right now I got the copycat avatar rip off Mark Dimensions, we got the Jumped up over privileged up his own arse Seth Farrell and the Krysys guy and although I Know how much the Fans would like to see me whip Farrell’s skinny little arse again

*Crowed goes nuts*

And put Mr Overrated Mark Dimensions in his place for trying to be like McCoy and I would like to see Krysys go he has caught my eye but for now I don’t really see the Point I am going to hang out in the bag with a Cold one a Pack of McCoy’s Crisps and some beautiful women and also wear this belt and prove to the ladies that on this occasion bigger is better!!

PK: The crowd is absolutely crazy! They’re loving it!

BD: How can’t you love this? There’s a big staredown between the four.

PK: What now!

BD: OMG! Dimension has thrown Krysys out of the ring, and so has McCoy with Seth!

PK: Look at Dimension!! He punching the hell out of the champ!

BD: He goes under the ring and what the hell does he have in hand??

(Triple H = Dimension/ The Rock = McCoy/ Lesnar = Seth/ HBK = Krysys)


BD. Somebody stop this, please!


PK. Here’s the answer to your prayers, Bob, the boss Nathan Staples himself!
Nathan Staples: Right, I think I have the solution to this issue we have right here. At In Violence We Trust, McCoy will be defending his title against Seth Ferrell.

And Mark Dimension.

And Krysys.

They have all earned their opportunity, so lets see four of the brightest stars face off for the International Championship! And as you all like challenges, here’s one: it will be a ladder match! I think that should solve your problem, now back to my crossword...

BD: Did you hear that?

PK: That will be a hell of a match, the champ vs Seth vs Dimension vs Krysys in a ladder match for the International title.

BD: A great reason to tune up next Sunday at In Violence We Trust but be sure to stay tuned now, as Thursday Night inferno continues!

08-25-2011, 05:47 PM
PK: Main event time guys!

BD: Hey! That’s my bit Pierce!

GodMoney - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R5IGLqk1y4

BD: It’s the Tag Team Champions, GodMoney!

PK: These are an institution here at EWNCW, and to see them in the main event, brings a tear to my eye.

BD: They have been here before, you know.

PK: But, it’s just so special!

SilverCena - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VigCJerggco

BD: And here comes SilverCena!

PK: The RAPPING Hyena is here tonight with a point to prove, he really has intensity in his eyes ready for Sunday!

Shuriken Blade - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD6YDUnYqHs

BD: The EWNCW Champion is in the house!

PK: He looks annoyed to be out tonight, and that is not the frame of mind to fight tonight.

BD: Ring the bell ref!

(Team Angle – GodMoney/Los Guerreros – SC/Shuriken//Gillz - Heyman)


(Work with me, and imagine Gillz comes from the audience)

BD: GodMoney pick up the win! But Gillz can’t help himself in sticking his nose in!

PK: It’s a shame Bob, a damn shame.

BD: Wait a minute!

*SilverCena lays into Gillz, throwing him into barricades and then the stairs*

BD: SilverCena is laying into Gillz!

PK: He’s snapped Bob, he has finally snapped.

BD: GodMoney are pushing him away, he looks like he is cooling...

PK: He’s turning his attention to Shuriken!

*SilverCena stares at Shuriken, and goes to attack him, but GodMoney hold him back*

BD: He is really uncontrollable at the moment, he’s gone loopy!

PK: I think he is more than ready for Sunday Bob, he is going to bring the fight.

BD: He certainly is! Join us Sunday for In Violence We Trust, and come back next week for another exciting episode of Inferno!

08-28-2011, 05:38 PM
This one is filler for IVWT!!!

08-28-2011, 05:39 PM
And after this second filler, In Violence We Trust comes next!

08-28-2011, 05:54 PM

Bob Daniels: Welcome to a sold out KeyArena here in Seattle, Washington for EWNCW In Violence We Trust! Here beside me tonight to call the action, as always, my broadcast partner, Pierce Kingmaker.

Pierce Kingmaker: Thanks Bob, and we have an outstanding show for you tonight! Man, I’m feeling the heat already! And I can’t wait to see Shuriken vs Gillz vs SilverCena in the main event!

BD: Also joining us tonight, calling the Rage matches are Christopher Pentalion and Bodom!

Christopher Pentalion: Thank you Bob and thank you to Rage Against The Machine for the use of their song, Calm Like A Bomb! Now, do we have an event from the Rage side of things!

Bodom: Yeah, I mean we have Candy Man vs Russo Swerve, Bam and Flair will take on The Heartbreaker and Mitch O’Connor, and Tommy will take on Solla for his EWNCW Title!

CP: Back to you Bob.

BD: Thanks Chris, and first off tonight we want to say that all our thoughts are with those affected by Hurricane Irene, we hope you stay safe.


PK: The boss is out here first! Is he going to turn up the heat on this exciting night?

BD: The GM of Inferno wouldn’t be out here without some sort of reason Pierce, let’s hear what he has to say.

Nathan Staples: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to In Violence We Trust! Tonight, we have a jam packed night for you, with 5 championship matches, and plenty of grudge matches. However, I hovered my eyes over the card, mulling over any last changes I could make, and I think the card didn’t seem, violent enough. So, the fatal four way for the EWNCW International Title match, will be a TLC match! And to kick things off, the winner of this ladder match will get a chance to face for the EWNCW Ignition Championship!

BD: Well, that was a surprise! And like the Inferno GM said, up first is the Bonus Match not originally announced for the PPV but I can tell you that the following match will be a Six-Man Ladder match, with the winner earning a Shot at the EWNCW Ignition Championship!

PK: Man, that is awesome. These matches are always full of thrills, spills and amazing action and this will not disappoint.

BD: They certainly don’t Pierce, let’s get this one underway!

Primus Khan - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0h78u6jFVQ

BD: "The Alpha and the Omega" Primus Khan! This man has been so impressive in recent weeks since making his debut.

Mint Berry Crunch - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kabzgp2H55M

PK (Pierce Kingmaker, not Primus Khan): Bob, I was talking to MBC earlier today and he told me that he is tired of being a jobber, he is tired of being held down and he is back to shake things up, starting tonight.

Harley McCartney - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoIkUDliN2c

BD: Harley McCartney, one of the brightest young stars in EWNCW. You have got to believe he’d love another shot at the Ignition Championship.

Grind Bastard - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkbjP9pZZQw

PK: This man is rather odd, he doesn’t say a thing but we have seen in the past just how dangerous he can be. Can Grind Bastard get it done tonight?

Nyron - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aJUnltwsqs&ob=av2e

BD: We haven’t seen much of Nyron thus far but what we have seen has been very impressive. Can Nyron makes his name tonight?

TJ Rage - http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV7aM32Jur8

PK: “The Viking Warrior” was certainly impressive this past Thursday, and he has the mike skills to back up his in-ring ability. And that's your line-up, and you know both King Strem and his opponent Daymian Bloodstone are watching this one carefully.

(Primus Kahn/Bobby Lashley vs TJ Rage/RVD vs Grind Bastard/Matt Hardy vs Nyron/Shelton Benjiman vs Mint Berry Crunch/Ric Flair vs Harley McCartney/Finlay)



BD: And TJ Rage has stolen it! Right from the grasp of Grind Bastard and Nyron! Man, what a match that was and we are only just getting started!

08-28-2011, 06:00 PM
CP: We are back here at ‘In Violent we trust, and next up is a matchup that has been boiling over for a while!! Ric flair and his protégé ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam will face The Upstarts Mitch O’Connor and The Heartbreaker!! Ric Flair tossed these 2 young guys to the side in favour of Bam, and he’s spit in their faces ever since. But they are determined to prove the Nature Boy wrong.

Bod: HA!! Like they have a chance of doing that!! Naitch is a wrestling God, like me, for a reason! He’s a 16 time World champion!! And he’s been in the business long enough not to make mistakes when picking out talent!! Bam has been on a roll on Rage, and it’s only a matter of time before he has gold around his waist!!


CP: And here is the Nature Boy with ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam with him!!

Bod: Here is pure class right here. One of the best ever, and one of the future greats!! I can’t wait to see Flair and Bam take those upstarts to school!!


CP: A very focused look on the faces of the 2 young challengers here. Both know that they have to win to prove Flair wrong about them!! They have the crowd on their side and..

Bod: Ohhhh please!! These 2 could have the whole world backing them!! They are going against a wrestling God and one of the best young talents in the world!! I can’t wait to see the look on your face at the end of this one!!

(Flair = obvious lol, Anderson = Bam / Hogan = Heartbreaker, Savage = O’Connor)
(ignore post match)



CP: They’ve done it!! The Heartbreaker and Mitch O’Connor have done it!! There’s egg on your face right there Bodom!!

Bod: If you don’t shut up, I’ll put my fist in your face how about that?!

CP: I can’t wait to see where these 2 young guys go from here!! They used to be rivals, but they’ve worked together tremendously well over the last few weeks to prove Flair wrong, and now, they’ve shown they don’t need Flair!!

Bod: Pipe down you crazy lunatic!! You’d think they’ve just won the tag titles with all the noise you’re making!!

08-28-2011, 06:02 PM
BD: Coming up next is the EWNCW Ignition Title match, between the champion King Strem, and the challenger Daymian Bloodstone!

PK: This feud has really been burning up. King Strem defeated his former mentor for the title, but many feel he was gifted the title thanks to Billy McCoy’s intervention.

BD: And Daymian has been on a roll himself, picking up good wins, and he promises tonight that he will prove why he deserves to be a champion!


BD: And here he comes! Bloodstone may be small in stature, but he sure as hell makes up for it in heart. He’s a tough competitor, and I expect King Strem to be in for a fight tonight.

PK: Look at this guy Bob! I’ve seen children that look more intimidating! Surely you can’t see him winning here tonight!


PK: The Champ is here! I mean, Bob, look at the size of him, he’s a behemoth! How can you not see that there will only be one winner tonight!?

BD: It’s true that King Strem is an impressive specimen, but he has a difficult time tonight to silence Daymian, and this shall be an intriguing encounter!

(King Strem – Undertaker/ Bloodstone – Rey)




BD: You said King Strem would win tonight, and he has, but barely. Bloodstone gave a great account of himself tonight, but King Strem has quietened any murmurs that he is an unworthy champion here tonight.

08-28-2011, 06:05 PM
CP: Well Bodom my friend, it’s time for one of the more personal feuds of the night, as Candy Man goes head to head with Russo Swerve. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got violent!

Bod: I wouldn’t be surprised either, and I’m not your friend.

CP: Ah right um but remember Russo Swerve for months has tormented Candy Man, saying he has some power over him. What could that be?

Bod: No idea Chris, that Russo guy’s are real asshole

CP: Bods, can I ask you not to swear?

Bod: No, no you may not .


*Russo Swerve comes out and is drowned in boos*

CP: One of the most controversial superstars EWNCW has ever seen, Russo Swerve, now he has made a lot of threats over the past couple of months, let’s see if he can back them up tonight.


Bod: This guy is a joke, look at him! Coming down in an Ice Cream Van...

CP: Well our loyal fans would disagree. They love the Candy Man, and they are sick of Russo’s bullying, and they want to see the badass Candy Man take care of business tonight.

Bod: Whatever you say.


CP: Candy Man has done it! He has rid himself of Russo Swerve, it looks like he won’t have to worry about him anymore. Thank god that Russo just got his arse kicked!

*A bloodied Russo Swerve calls for a mic*

Russo: Tonight I was focused and yet I get screwed! I will say this, tommorow night is gonna be fun. You think you got rid of me?! Oh no, I am just getting started. Tomorrow on Rage, I will reveal the shocking truth about him......Now get that camera out my face!

Bod: Yes! Thank god! Now I can’t wait for Rage!

CP: Jesus Bods, show some compassion why does Candy Man deserve this?!?!

08-28-2011, 06:11 PM
BD: It’s now time for the tag team titles to be defended, and Godmoney’s reign could be in doubt with 3 other teams against them here!!

PK: You’re absolutely right Bob, especially with 2 of those teams, the Psycho Circus and The Collective hailing from the same stable, and under the command of Solla Mafoai.

The Psycho Circus - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWIW6Ti0PbE&feature=player_embedded

BD: The Psycho Circus are a very unusual bunch aren’t they Pierce?

PK: Got it in one smartass. I don’t know where Solla found these guys, and that Ringmaster that’s with them is just weird. He keeps looking at you Bob, I think you’re in!!

BD: *sigh* really...

The Force Of Greatness - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KBuUAa-qv4&feature=player_embedded

BD: Ahhh!! Here are my kind of team!! Matt ‘The Force’ Elder adn Tai ‘Greatness’ night!! The Force of Greatness!!

PK: Hmm, I’m not so sure Bob. They seem to be on a bit of a slippery slope at the moment. I’m not giving them much hope here to be honest.

The Collective - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09LTT0xwdfw&ob=av3e

BD: My God, here are the Collective!! A team that have been helping Solla reach his aims.

PK: Yeah, these and the Psycho Circus will work together for sure. These guys are on a roll too.

GodMoney - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R5IGLqk1y4

BD: And here come the champs!!

PK: Damn!! You really area a biased guy ain’t ya!?

BD: They’re the champs Pierce!! You got to make them favourites!!

PK: They are the champs Bob, well spotted!! But all reigns must come to an end. Their titles are in real jeopardy here with 3 teams against them.

(GodMoney – Majors/MizMorrison – FOG/ FestusJesse – Collective/ FinlayHornswoggle – Psycho Circus)


BD: And Godmoney have done it!! Godmoney retain!! A hard fought match, but the beer swindling duo have done it again!!

Bod: Yeah yeah, whatever Bob!! Get off your high horse already!!

BD: Ahh, but wait, it seems like they have something to say here. Let’s listen.

TBOZ: Thank you everyone! We frikkin won! But seriously, some of you may not know, but this is my final match in EWNCW. I know, I know, I love this place more than anyone, but sometimes you need a bit of a break, heal the wounds, and bring back in top form. So, I’d like to thank everyone here at EWNCW, everyone, whether you liked me or not, supported me or not, I’m eternally grateful. It seems fitting to be leaving at the end of august, but I don’t want to relinquish these titles. So, here you go Rich, keep a hold of that for me, my broski. You will carry on dude, but we will forever be GodMoney. So give it up for your new tag team champion, Rich Cranium! Let’s see how creative works with this!

BD: Well, what a way to bow out. It’s been an honour TBOZ, and he will certainly be missed.

08-28-2011, 06:22 PM
BD: Now it’s time for the International title match! Man, I was waiting for this match before we started, but after the huge announcement made by Inferno GM Nathan Staples, I’m loving it more!

PK: How can't anyone love this? A TLC match where The Pharaoh will reign supreme.

BD: I’m rooting for the champ, but I feel that MD is on such a run that he will walk out with the title tonight. However, let’s not count out Krysys, the Straight Edge Saint comes as the underdog, but he’s amazingly talented.

Billy McCoy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M02bAWDFkI&ob=av2n

BD: The champ is here, and he has a mic hand!

*Billy McCoy poses while Flash Photography goes off around the Arena*

BM: Seattle, Washington, We are... LIVE ALL AROUND THE WORLD ON PPV and you have all come to see the EWNCW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION... Hailing from Devon, England and always Proving that Better is Bigger you favourite Wrestler... Billy MMMMMCCCCCOOOOYYYYYYYYYYY

*The Crowd love every moment of this*

BD: Wow, the Champ is on fire.

Seth "The Pharaoh" Ferrell - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57FcwUoCdmQ

*Massive heat from the crowd*

PK: Here comes The Pharaoh! All bow to the Pharaoh! *Starts bowing like mad*

BD: Oh, please, stop embarrassing us!

PK: Shut up, you stupid peasants! The Pharaoh’s here!

*Ferrell approaches the broadcast table while Kingmaker keeps bowing, smiles and gets into the ring*

Mark Dimension - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP4w5Vd6alo&

*Huge cheering from the crowd*

PK: You have to love this man. He is a true dominant force here in EWNCW.

BD: And the crowd knows it, just listen:

*Mark Di-Men-Sion Chants*

BD: Will he keep the streak intact?

PK. He won’t get pinned, so he will.

Krystian Krysys - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88PrhXg9D-8

*Crowd cheers*

BD: The Straight Edge Saint is here, and he seems to be focused in his task.

PK: Meh, he’s an ignorant peasant who’s messing a good shot of Scotch for his stupid ideals.

BD: Shut up, Pierce! Stop saying such foolishness, the match is on!

(Kane: Mark Dimension/ Edge: Billy McCoy/ Seth: Del RÃ*o/Krysys: Mysterio)



BD: What a huge win by Billy McCoy! And what a hell of a match we have witnessed!

PK: I think they screwed Ferrell from the title!

BD: All is legal in TLC! Billy McCoy did an incredible job, and he’s the rightful champion!

08-28-2011, 06:24 PM
CP: Well, here is our first EWNCW Title match tonight, strangely enough, between Solla and The Champion, Tommy Thunder.

Bod: You know, I like Tommy Thunder, and we got an incredibly win this past Monday. How is this not the main event Chris? He’s the champ! Not that joke Shuriken Blade, I blame him for everything!

CP: I’m sure you do, but we will have one EWNCW Champion soon enough, but until that unification happens, we have separate matches.


CP: So Bods, thoughts on Solla?

Bod: You know, I always quite liked Solla, but he’s been a little off the ball recently, and that isn’t like him. After that stupid EWNCW Title tournament, where he impressed, he took his foot off the gas.

CP: But he is still a dangerous opponent, and Tommy Thunder will have to bring his A game tonight!


Bod: *Standing and applauding* You know Chris, this might be the only face I will ever like.

CP: He does have that aura Bodom, and he’s an incredible technician in the ring, and this will be a blockbuster match tonight.

(Thunder - Angle/Solla - Joe)




Bod: Now that, Chris, is a match!

CP: Thunder wins in what will go down in history as one of the greatest matches, I think I have ever seen.

Bod: They both were immense tonight, and look at the crowd going ballistic. I mean, they hate Solla, but they applaud what he showed tonight.

CP: You have to bods, you said his foot was off the gas, but he showed why he’s one of the top guys here at EWNCW.

Bod: And, in my eyes, Tommy is the top guy. He pulled it out of the bag tonight.

CP: And against one hell of an opponent, Tommy proves just how much he is worth to EWNCW, and he has won the fans back tonight.

08-28-2011, 06:30 PM
BD: Well, here we go, tonight’s main event is the EWNCW Title match between Shuriken, Gillz and SilverCena.

PK: This is big, Bob, these three have pulled out all the stops in the past couple of weeks, and I think we are in store for an epic.

SilverCena - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VigCJerggco

BD: And here is SilverCena, and I think this is his chance. There will be no interruptions in this match, all he has to do is pin or submit one of the two opponents to win the title.

PK: I don’t think I could have guessed that Bob, but this is not his time for me. He has too much in the way tonight.

Gillz - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JsM4eRClH0

PK: Here’s Gillz! This is his time, his time is tonight and a new champion will be born in that ring!

BD: He has as good a chance as anyone, but he has got to curb that arrogance of his, and prove to the world tonight he is worthy to be champion.

Shuriken Blade - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD6YDUnYqHs

BD: And here is the champion! He never really wanted to face either of these again, but has to go through both to retain tonight.

PK: The odds are against him tonight, but I have seen him beat the odds before, let’s see if he is the living legend many claim him to be.

(Shuriken - Daniels/SilverCena - Joe/Gillz - AJ)





PK: I had a feeling it was his night Bob, and Gillz is the new EWNCW Champion! I’m over the moon!

BD: And he looks it too, screaming at the audience with delight, Shuriken thought he had him where he wanted him, but Gillz turned the tables.

PK: What a way to end the show Bob, it’s the perfect ending for me.

BD: Thank you for joining us this evening, tune in to the aftermath tomorrow on Rage, this has been EWNCW, goodnight!

09-01-2011, 03:58 PM
For the first time in EWNCW history...

09-01-2011, 04:00 PM
Inferno hits the British Isles!!!

Schedule: Thursday 1/9 from London (England) (Inferno broadcast)

House shows: Friday 2/9 from Liverpool (England)

Saturday 3/9 from Dublin (Ireland)

Inferno next!

09-01-2011, 04:08 PM

Bob Daniels: For the first time in EWNCW, we welcome you from the city of London, England, to Thursday Night Inferno! I’m Bob Daniels, and as usual, I’m accompanied by Pierce Kingmaker.

Pierce Kingmaker: It’s good to see our English peasants in the crowd; we knew we had loads of fans across the pond, and it’s only half-true.

BD: Would you please be respectful to out English followers, please?

PK: But that’s true!

BD: *shakes his head* Anyway, we had an awesome PPV last Sunday, we saw Shuriken and TBOZ leaving, we have a new champion, Gillz, and the following Rage, we crown new Tag Champs, The Collective. What will happen tonight? Let’s find out now!

Gillz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JsM4eRClH0&feature=player_embedded

BD: Here comes the new EWNCW champion, Gillz. He won the triple threat match at In Violence We Trust, and retained on Monday in Shuriken’s last match.

PK: He’s a great champ; he got rid of that boring Shuriken kid, and will get rid of that traitor named Tommy Thunder. He’s a great champ, Gillz.

BD: Would you stop bashing Shuriken please? Let’s hear Gillz instead.

*Gillz is drowned out by boos as he walks down to the ring*

Gillz: Wow
what a past couple of days its been
I mean who can say they had two title matches in as many days
and personally retired a previous title holder
I mean that must be first in wrestling at least as far as I know
but thats in the past now
after said events it seems everyone wants a piece of the champion
theres been tv deals offered, product placements hell even other companys want me in one off matches
places like Japan and Mexico
and you know what its only what I deserve
This should have been in place a long long time ago
I mean everyone knows I’m the best most athletic and highly skilled talent on the roster
I even beat your savior Shuriken in the ring, one on one right in the middle of the ring

*Loud boos*

now on to something thats been on my mind for a while
Tommy Thunder

*Crowd Cheers*

yes, yes another one of your so called hero's
Who left you guys standing a couple of months ago
Tommy you claim you’re the 'real' champion because you left with the championship
Tommy you leaving was the stupidest thing you could have done
when you left you relinquished that championship and all the glory that goes with it
so as far as I’m concerned

Tommy Thunder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0Q18RibGE4

BD: I guess Tommy Thunder has to disagree with Gillz’s last words.

PK: He will, because he’s stupid. He can’t beat Gillz one on one.

BD: You don’t know that, unless you can foresee the future.

*Tommy Thunder makes his way out much to the delight of the fans. He boldly makes his way to the ring with a smile on his face, grabs a mic from ringside, and prepares to talk*

TT: Gillz, Gillz, Gillz. You come out here and talk trash about me, about how I 'left' the company. Well let me tell you something. I didn't leave. Everybody ASUMED that I left. I never left here. I won the title, and I tricked management into thinking that I left so that Nightwolf, yeah, that douchebag, would get fired!! And I succeeded.

*crowd cheer*

TT: These fans wanted that to happen, and I made it happen. I gave it to them. I delivered. Nobody else would have had the balls to do that. And talking of balls, that seems to be something you're lacking at the moment. I don't know what kind of deal you and John Cleverly have on Rage, but that match on Monday was mine!! I should have faced Shuriken!! My VIP's here deserved to see that match, and you and your little pencil pusher JC took that away from us.

*crowd boos*

TT: You dodged me last week, but you won't dodge me for long. I've gutted you like the spineless fish you are before, live on ppv!! And I'll do it 10 times more if I have to!!

*crowd cheer*

TT: You think you're the best thing since sliced bread with that cheap imitation of a title around your waist don't ya?! How much did you pay for it? What's the going rate for replica titles on ewncwshop.com? I think a few in the audience might know. I can see a few with 'em here... you sir in the front row, how much did you pay for that title for your kid?

Fan: $200!!

TT: $200 plus the shipping fee right? You gotta keep that in mind!! Now you see Gillz, that's how much your title cost you. Now this one however costs something closer to $500,000.

*crowd laugh as Gillz looks around in anger*

TT: Now that we've established that I'M the REAL champ here, and that you're just some young, dumb wannabe that wants attention. How about we state another fact?. I can beat anyone anywhere, anytime, anyplace if it means that me and my VIP's keep this title.

*crowd cheer*

TT: Now, I can see that you're starstruck. Reality has finally sunk in, and you've realized that you're out of your depth here Gillz. Now I suggest that you get out of this ring, take that title with you, and don't bother me again. Before you get yourself into any more shit than you're already in. I have bigger fish to fry than you, so stop digging a hole, and get swimming out into that ocean.

SilverCena: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VigCJerggco

BD: The Rapping Hyena is out! Would he claim a shot at the titles?

PK: I hope he does, I love this BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

*SilverCena interrupts*

SC: Wait a minute you two! Why is it that I have a history of beating champions but I never get to compete for the title one on one? Answer: It's because they know I will take that strap away!

Gillz, I used to beat your ass left and right and you damn well know it! Are you taking a page out of Shuriken's book? You know, going after someone you can actually beat in a one on one contest? That's right! You Tommy Thunder, Gillz already beat your ass! So, if my math is correct, I have beat Gillz and Gillz has beaten Thunder, so that means, I can beat both of your asses!

*Crowd is nodding in approval*

SC: I am on a mission for greatness so while you girls stand up there and bicker over who brownies taste better, just know that I will get my hands on whoever is the champion!


Solla: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09LTT0xwdfw&ob=av3e

BD: What? Why do we have Solla’s music instead of Silver Cena’s?

PK: Because he’s coming down the ramp, you fool?

BD: What for? He has no business in here!

PK: He can do as he pleases, he’s reinventing the word sickness and I’m loving it! And it’s always better to hear him than you, Bob!

S: Oh my my my, how the landscape of things has changed. I am here for one reason and one reason only, and I will say this.....the fist one of you sons-a-bitches that interrupts me is going to get their teeth rammed right down their throats...Courtesy of me....NOW JUST TRY ME!!!!!

You boys and I use that term VERY loosely......BOYS.....you all seem to be quite the crew when it comes to sucking up to the higher-ups, and getting those titles around your waists.....well listen up...I am here to tell you that since The Collective now has gold around their waists.....I am not going to hesitate to get gold around mine, and by hell of high water I WILL have gold, even if I have to go out and have my very own championship made, then I will drop every last penny to get my title once and for all. You boys have no idea who you are dealing with, I have kept my mouth shut for too long.....well I am here to say NO MORE.

You call me a coward for hiding behind my Collective and Psycho Circus......you are all dead wrong. I do not hid behind them, nor have I ever. I only brought them into the fray to enhance MY sickness, and they have definitely brought out some of the worst in me. Herbie pulled a lot of strings to get Payne and Torcher here, and now that they are....well......just find out for yourself just exactly how fucking sick we can be. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.....Now I dare you to cross any of us.
I will maim, cripple, torture and punish very severely ANYONE that stand in my way of being on top. Just try me on for size if you don’t believe me.

I have done everything that I set out to do since arriving in the EWNCW and I will stop at nothing and no one to become the most outrageous, unorthodox, off the wall son-of-a-bitch this federation has ever seen.


BD: Some harsh words by Solla! The four of them are staring at each other. What’s going to happen?

Nathan Staples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NisCkxU544c

BD: Well, Nathan Staples comes out to make peace!

PK; What peace? Nobody touched any of the others!

NS: Alright, before you gentlemen start brawling, hear me first. We have to solve this issue with the two titles, but not tonight. And both of you, Silver Cena and Solla, have good reasons to demand a shot at the *ahem* titles. But tonight we need a huge main event. We don’t want to disappoint our English fans, do we?

*Fans cheer*

NS: So, here’s the deal. Tonight, our main event will be a tag team match. Team number one are Gillz and Tommy Thunder.

PK: What?

NS: And team number two are Silver Cena and Solla.

BD: Wow! No one expected that one coming! Will both teams be able to co-exist or will their issues be too big to work together? We’ll find out later!

09-01-2011, 04:12 PM
BD: After the break, we continue! We remind you that moments ago GM Nathan Staples set a tag team for the main event, pitting Solla and Silver Cena vs. EWNCW champions Gillz and Tommy Thunder! But right now, inferno continues.


BD: That’s Mint Berry Crunch coming to the ring.

PK: Yes, we saw him last Sunday, but he didn’t get the shot at the Ignition title.

*Mint Berry Crunch is in the ring with a mic in his hand*

MBC: I am sick and tired of not being taken seriously. Creative hasn't had anything for me in months. The only thing I've been doing is putting over new guys and getting destroyed backstage. I am not Chavo Guerrero. The last time I won on TV was when this show was run by someone else. I am a great high flyer, I shouldn't be treated like this. People think I'm a joke and I'm sick of it. I want some serious opponents and a good amount of time each match. No more minute and a half long matches.


*Crowd is split with boos and cheers*

MBC: So bring out my opponent because it is CRUNCH TIME!! *Throws down mic*

*Silverass tool's theme hits*

BD: And here comes SilverAssTool and he looks ready to destroy Mint Berry Crunch!

(MBC= Eugene, SilverAssTool = Conway)


BD: And Mint Berry Crunch has done it! Is this the start of something new? Wow! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for MBC!

*A video hits the Titantron*

The Black Angel stood there, arms spread out to either side before a decrepit statue of a vicious deity. Before him, lining the path on either side, were his and the Devil's followers, they kneeling and praying. Lightning struck and cast a mighty shadow, making it seem as though his arms were wings against the stone background and ground of the cemetary. The camera angle switches, revealing the Black Angel mumbling out some incoherent words. Finally, he kneels down and makes a cross, head, chest, each shoulder.

"Soon, the Black Angel rises from the darkness to take hold of the world and bring it to eternal damnation. Soon, I shall feed MY lord and savior the souls of those who call themselves wrestlers in the EWNCW. From the most pitiful to the top championship. No one is safe," he begins to rock, the camera zooms in on the man's face, black tears seeming to stream down, "from the Black Angel, and his Lord."

BD: Wow! That was amazing!

PK: Who can it be? I want to see this guy in the ring!

09-01-2011, 04:17 PM
BD: And now it time to hear King Strem after he retained the Ignition title:


PK: All hail the King, not that Elisabeth II grandma!

BD: Oh, please, show some respect to the Queen!

PK: But King Strem has proven himself this past Sunday, and she hasn’t!

BD: You might get into trouble if you keep making those remarks!

KS: All rise...and bow your heads to the best champion, the king! You see, my secret is confidence. I knew the whole time I would beat that worthless piece of midget shit Daymian Bloodstone. While I quite enjoyed the effort you gave me, you were never a threat to me. So now, get your ass to the back of the line. Now, on to this new wanna be who thinks he can actually defeat me, TJ Rage. Look, I don't know who you are, but it does not matter. I will destroy you either way. And then you, like all these other people, will be bowing down to hail the king.


BD: Damien Bloodstone’s here, and he may have a word or two after King Strem’s promo.

PK: That little child there should shut his mouth, he lost last Sunday and won’t get another shot!
*Bloodstone walks out clapping*

DB: Well I should congratulate you on beating me at IVWT. But if you think this is over you're so wrong.

*walks down the ramp and gets in the ring*

DB: You see I proved myself and took your ass to town last Sunday. So the way I see it is you owe me another shot at the Ignition Title. I know I can beat you and take the title, dethroning you as well.

*Walk up to him looking up to him*

DB: What do you say Stream, you got the balls to go at it again with a runt?


BD: That’s TJ Rage music!

PK: At least, this guy has a legitimate claim to the title!

BD; He was impressive last Sunday, when he won the MITB ladder match at In Violence We Trust.

TJ: Well, wait a minute. Bloodstone, you seem to forget that I won the Money in the Bank ladder match last Sunday, and that guarantees me a shot at the Ignition title. Here *shows the briefcase* is a contract saying so. You lost your title match, so, as King Strem said, make way for the Viking Warrior!

As fo you, King Strem, you seem pretty confident, you won your match at In Violence We Trust, yes, but that guy here *points at Damien Bloodstone* is not a real threat. I am the real threat! And you can’t avoid me, because I have this briefcase here. You have to admit that it sound awesome: “The King vs The Viking Warrior” for the ignition title! But in the end, the Warrior will prove he’s the real King, and I WILL BE THE IGNITION CHAMPION!!!


BD: Now what? The crazy giant Grind Bastard?

PK: Things can get nasty right now.

BD: The three men are looking up the ramp, but no one’s coming!

*Grind Bastard emerges from beneath the ring, hits TJ Rage in the head*

BD: What a big right hand to TJ Rage! And he has just stolen the briefcase!

*Shot to TJ Rage head with the briefcase. Grind Bastard turns around in time to hit Bloodstone in the head*

BD: Bloodstone’s out!

PK: But the King is fighting back! He kicked Grind Bastard in the guts!

*King Strem makes an Irish whip to Grind Bastard to the ropes, but Bastard throws the briefcase to King Strem’s face*

BD: Inverted atomic drop to the champion!

PK: It’s not over! He’s lifting the champion!

BD: Widowmaker to King Strem!

PK: And now he’s taking the belt and lifting it up his head!

BD: The psychotic Grind Bastard has made his intentions clear! What will happen with the Ignition title?

09-01-2011, 04:22 PM
BD: After the psycho attack by Grind Bastard, Thursday Night Inferno continues!


BD: Here comes former tag champion Rich Cranium.

PK. If he wants a shot at Primus Khan, he has nothing to do, I guess.

RC: Primus Kahn, you were supposed to be my partner at the PPV and you chose to screw me out of my beloved EWNCW tag team titles? Son, you just made the worst mistake of your LIFE! You see, TBOZ was always around before to keep me calm should anyone piss ME OFF! However, he is no longer here but I AM! You are mine! I have no need for the tag team division anymore and I am now on the road to being the best singles wrestler EVER!

*Crowd cheers*

Now, The Collective, I have nothing against you guys as I would have done the same thing and that is to become champions! I wish you nothing but the best!
Kahn, you and I have a little date set! As I mentioned before, without TBOZ to keep a chain on me, my fury will unleash itself on whoever gets in my way!

*Grins with an evil stare into camera as crowd looks confused at RC's demeanor*


NS: Well Rich, I assume that you want a piece of Primus Khan, but due to travelling issues, he’s not here. But I want you to show that fury unleashed with this fella:

*Splattered Dreams music hits*

BD: Oh, boy, that’s a tough challenge!

PK: And let’s not forget this was GodMoney’s former associate!

(Khali= Splattered dreams/Zeke= Rich Cranium)


BD: He made Splattered Dreams tap!

PK: I’ve got to admit that Rich was impressive in this match. But the Khan is not a jobber.

*Camera backstage shows Mark Dimension*

(Dimension = Hardy/ Krysys = Undertaker)


BD. Krysys takes his revenge for Dimension’s actions on Rage! Their rivalry is on fire? Who will get the upper hand in the end?

09-01-2011, 04:24 PM

BD: The newest acquisition to EWNCW, the Sky High Bastards are here! Let's listen in to what they have to say as they are in the ring.

Toxic: THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM Toxic, ONE HALF OF THE SKY HIGH BASTARDS CONCERNING THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF EVERY OTHER TEAM IN EWNCW!!!!!!! I look at you dickheads, n I laugh. Why??? Because you're completely unprepared for the hurricane brewing that is the sky high bastards. Me n my partner bazooka are gonna kick all your asses harder than I fucked every single one of your mums last night. We are the best team in the world, we know it, n so do the fans. So watch out, because things are gonna get sky high fuckers.

Bazooka: listen up pricks!!!! My name is Bazooka and now that I have your attention, I’m here to tell you of something thats even bigger than your mums ass after shes been on her daily 24 hour shop of burger king, KFC n McDonalds!!!!!!! Me n my partner toxic are now here in the EWNCW. Some know us as the hardcore high flyers, others as the masked motherfuckers, but our true team name, is the sky high bastards. I hope you're all lookin forward to get your asses kicked bitches.

BD: Wow! These guys certainly aren't here to make friends! They mean serious business! Now let's see how good they are as they square off against the team of Charisma and Hawkins!

(Bazooka= Matt Hardy/Toxic= Jeff Hardy/ Charisma= Johnny Nitro/Hawkins = Mercury)

: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMu3X...eature=related

BD: Oh man! The SHB have just defeated Charisma and Hawkins! What a debut here on Inferno! I think the newly crowned EWNCW tag team Champs, The Collective better pay close attention to EWNCW's newest tag team!

09-01-2011, 04:26 PM
BD: Now it’s time to see The Pharaoh Seth Ferrell in action, after he failed to capture the International title last Sunday, and the rematch on Rage.

PK: He didn’t fail, he’s making McCoy feel overconfident, so next time he won’t put much effort and The Pharaoh will capitalize.

BD: You’re not serious, aren’t you?


BD: Here comes Seth Ferrell, and he looks really angry.

PK: All hail The Pharaoh!

BD: Weren’t you a servant of the king King Strem?

PK: Both are royalty, and both will fight one day.

*Harley McCartney music hits*

BD: Here’s Harley McCartney, will he prove a point or be a victim of The Pharaoh?

(Crimson=Seth / Magnus= Harley)


BD: A great victory for Seth Ferrell, but… wait a minute!

PK: Those are Bam and Ric Flair!

BD: And they are beating down Seth Ferrell Repeated punches and kicks, the Pharaoh is at their mercy!

*Crowd cheers as a man comes down the ramp*

BD: What? That’s Billy McCoy! And he’s cleaning house! Ric Flair and Bam go down the ring, and towards the backstage area!

PK: Look at Bam, he’s pointing at McCoy and signals for the belt!

BD: They’re exchanging words with the champion, as Flair and Bam retreat. And now Billy is helping Seth to his feet! And now what? Seth pushed Billy out of his way!

*Seth storms up the ramp looking furious*

PK: He’s too proud to accept the help of a peasant, Bob.

BD: That was an egotistic act; Billy saved him from a beating!

PK: It’s the act of a Pharaoh!

BD: How will this situation continue? Be sure to tune up next week to Rage and Inferno, but now, it’s main event time!

09-01-2011, 04:31 PM
BD: After the break, it is time for our main event. A tag team match pairing Gillz and Tommy Thunder vs. Silver Cena. Will both pairs be able to cooperate or succumb to their egos?

PK: I’ve got a feeling that Silver Cena and Solla will do it. Tommy is a stupid man and doesn’t trust Gillz.

Gillz - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JsM4eRClH0

*Crowd boos*

PK: Here comes the real champion, Bob.

BD: He claimed the title last Sunday beating Shuriken and silver Cena, and retained the strap the following night on Rage.

Tommy Thunder - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0Q18RibGE4

*Loud pop for Tommy*

BD: Listen to the people, they love “The Storm” Tommy Thunder!

PK: But he betrayed the company and left with the title, he’s not to be trusted.

SilverCena - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VigCJerggco

*Mixed reaction for Silver Cena*

PK: You’ve got to love this man. I tell you Bob, I see Silver Cena getting the strap soon.

BD: He has the qualities to do it, but will he get another shot?

Solla: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09LTT0xwdfw&ob=av3e

*Mixed reaction for Solla with more boos than cheers*

BD: Here comes Solla, the leader of the twisted faction The Collective

PK: You can hate the guy all you want Bob, but he’s an evil genius. He’ll fight with Silver Cena for the championship, I’m sure.

BD: And our main event starts now!

(Cena = Silver Cena/ Batista = Solla/ Rhodes = Tommy/ DiBiase = Gillz)


BD: Tommy and Gillz do it! Solla and Silver Cena were unable to trust each other, and Gillz capitalized with a roll up! But… what is Solla doing?

PK: He’s beating the hell out of Silver Cena!

BD: Gillz and Tommy are trying to separate Solla from the Rapping Hyena!

*Solla goes up the ramp arguing with the champions, who block Solla’s way to Silver Cena. Solla makes the signal of a title around his waist before going to the back*

BD: Both Tommy and Gillz have made Solla retrat, saving Silver Cena from a beating.

*Gillz and Tommy have an intense staredown*

BD: Ladies and gentlemen, that was a huge way to end Thursday Night Inferno. Don’t forget to tune on Rage next Monday, and of course, next week’s Inferno! Goodnight from London!

Rich Cranium
09-04-2011, 12:03 AM
Guy Smith here!

At this time, EWNCW World Champion Gillz joins me for a one on one interview!

So Gillz, how has the first week of being the EWNCW World Champion been like?

Gillz: Its been wonderful! Theres been so many fans tracking me home wanting autographs
even companys overseas wanting me for one off matches. overall, probably one of the better weeks in my life but its only what should have been happening from the start.

Guy: So I have heard, you know from TMZ and other sources.THEY have my TWITTER going CRAZY! I even heard a rumor that you have lent your services to the BWA who is all about tag teams! Is this true?

Gillz: You are correct!I have decided to join BWA, its just another place were i can show my glory to even more fans around the world.

Guy: Very true. So when is your next title defense and who is your opponent?

Gillz: Well my first defense was in Shurikens last match. Thankfully i won and he doesnt have to show is ugly face again! Now Thunder is thinking he is the so called real champion and it is said that we will have our match sometime or another.

Guy: Right, well until that time comes when you face off with Thunder, there are some other guys itching to get a crack at your title. One in particular that comes to mind is SilverCena. Now I know that you guys have had your series of matches but this guy doesn't want to give up. Are you tired of facing this guy and think he doesn't deserve another shot?

Gillz: Ofcourse im tired! Hes been at me for way too long! Hes had his shots and blew them all. I only needed one shot at the title to win it and i did
Cena didnt even deserve the title shots he had in the firstplace!

Guy: Well, that's all the time we have Gillz. Thanks for your time and good luck on your title defenses!

Back to you Dick! ;) BTW, your invited to the PANTS PARTY!

Rich Cranium
09-08-2011, 12:23 PM
Inferno is Coming Soon!


Rich Cranium
09-08-2011, 12:24 PM
Inferno is NEXT!

Rich Cranium
09-08-2011, 02:12 PM
EWNCW Thursday Night Inferno! 9/8/11 - Part 1


Bob Daniels: Live from the city of Glasgow, Scotland, we welcome you to Thursday Night Inferno! It’s electric in the arena, as we head towards our 18th September PPV, Day of Reckoning! I’m Bob Daniels, and to my right is Pierce Kingmaker!

Pierce Kingmaker: Wow, Scotland! Magnificent whisky, any chances of seeing William Wallace in the arena tonight? He is a great heel and I gotta get an autograph!

BD: Pierce, he died centuries ago. Those who look like him are merely the fans.

PK: Oh!

BD: Before things start, there’s a special announcement. After the fans voting in a poll at ewncw.com, we’ve got the name for our biggest PPV of the year: Destiny’s Calling on October 23rd!

PK: That one is going to be fantastic! Let’s not forget we still have Day of Reckoning coming.

BD: Yes, many things that will happen in October depend on what happens September 18th from London. And, before we start the show, we’ve got the unofficial hymn of Scotland, The Flower of Scotland!


PK: Man, that was spine-chilling!

BD: Absolutely!


BD: That’s SilverCena coming our way!

PK: BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! He’s got reasons to be angry after what happened last week on Inferno and this past Monday night on Rage.

BD: Let’s hear him.

SilverCena: Yo, I need to get some things off my chest! Gillz, you know you didn't beat me clean last week! Fact is, you CANNOT beat me clean! You are a fluke champion and you know it! You are not and will never be better than the rapping hyena, SilverCena!

*Crowd boos SilverCena*

BD: I think these Scottish fans adore Gillz no matter what side of the fence he claims! Just look at all of the pro Gillz signs in the crowd!

SC: Solla, you have issues with me? You want to attack me from behind? You want to side with Gillz and pull off the same cowardly shots as him? No, not a chance will I let this slide! At A Day of Reckoning, I reckon your ass is mine! Finally, I gotta give it up for Tommy Thunder for having my back last Monday on Rage! We haven't always seen eye to eye but after last Monday, Tommy has gained my respect and I owe you one buddy!

BD: Here comes the sick and twisted Albino Rhino!

PK: I know you hate him, Bob, but this guy is a man on a mission, to spread the SICKNESS around EWNCW and I’m already infected!

Solla: I see that you still don’t get it, SilverCena. You’ve been around the title scene long enough to prove one thing: you are the weakest link of the
chain. You never got the bigone, and now it’s time for the sickness to infect all of EWNCW. I’ve beaten your ass twice, and at Day of Reckoning, I have the chance to do the hat trick and take you out forever. That day, September 18th, I’ll be one step closer tohave the golden strap around my waist. And be sure about it. The sickness will dominate, no matter who’s resisting!

PK: OMG!! Solla is attacking the ring announcer! WTF?

BD: This has gotten out of hand! Let's take a commercial break while security gets down here to take control of this situation.

Rich Cranium
09-08-2011, 02:25 PM
Part 2

PK: Now that Solla has been escorted to the back, we... *PK is cutoff by Gillz's music*

BD: One of the two EWNCW champions, Gillz, he’s confident after his win over SilverCena from this last edition of Rage.

PK: You mean the true champ! Tommy doesn’t count.

BD: Tommy counts, whether you like it or not!

*Gillz swaggers into the ring*

Gillz: Well Look who it is! Two complete morons standing ranting about something they arent getting but guys dont you realize where we are where in the place where it all started! Where my story began, my homecountry, Scotland!

*Crowd pops*

*Gillz winks as a few ladies faint*

You see here you guys are in enemy territory, my territory but anyway Cena how many times do i have to kick your ass before it hits home you suck, you cant beat me and will NEVER get a shot at the title will i still own it. Ive beaten you to many times and proved who the better man, even the hippo standing next to you knows it.

*Crowd laughs*

Now as the whole world knows at Day of Reckoning i take on Tommy Thunder,another man ive beat before, and a man i will beat again! I will be the official EWNCW World Champion whether any of you like it or not! After that unfortunately someone else will get a shot and out of you two lumps i would much rather kick Solla to the ground than you!
So Cena, you can get the hell out of my sight before i kick your ass again or will you take the hard way and complain again your choice.

*Crowd chants Gillz! Gillz!*

PK: This guy bores me.

BD: He’s a top talented superstar, and people love him!

PK: I give you that he’s talented in the ring, no doubt about it, but his attitude and speeches bore me.

*Tommy Thunder stands at the top of the ramp and he doesn't look too happy as he stares at the 3 in the ring. He has a mic in hand*

TT: Cut the DAMN music!! Gillz, who the HELL do you think you are setting these matches? On Monday, you chose an opponent for me, and now you're choosing your own no.1 contender!! It's a joke!! Why does a phony champion get to choose the no.1 contender?! Please!! Everybody here knows that I am the REAL EWNCW champion. You have no right and no power to choose anything around here, not until you pin ME!! And I'm willing to give you an opportunity to do that at 'Day
of Reckoning'. But we all know that after that night on the 18th of September at a sold out Wembley Stadium, you won't be standing as the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion. Because we all know that you're not man enough to go toe to toe with me. We all know you don't have the backbone to back your claims up. We've seen you do the dirty work of GM Irken Invader in the past!! And now, you have some little agreement with GM Cleverly. All you're doing is proving to the world that
you're just some little ass kisser, that can't stand on his own, and can't do anything by himself!!

*crowd cheer*

TT: After 'Day of reckoning', There will only be ONE EWNCW World Heavyweight champion, and that man is the one that stands before you right here, with the REAL title around his waist!!

*crowd go nuts*

Nathan Staples: You know guys, all of this must get solved. But that will happen at Day of Reckoning. Tonight, I’m gonna give the Glasgow audience an appertitif, so to speak!

*Loud cheers at the name of Glasgow*

After last week’s tag match, I saw that some of you don’t know how to cooperate. So, tonight it’s every man for himself, in a
Six Pack elimination match!

*Crowd cheers*

Yeah, I know how to count, and there are only six of you inside the ring. I’ve got two other guys with issues pending, and they want to put their hands on each other, so they are in: Rich Cranium and Primus Khan!

BD: That’s a huge main event!

PK: Yes, and I loveit, because there will be no mercy for anyone!

BD: This has been a great way to open the show! More to come after a break!

Rich Cranium
09-08-2011, 03:00 PM
Part 3

PK: And here comes Mint Berry Crunch and he is on his way to the ring after a surprise victory last week!

BD: Yes, he vowed to end his losing streak and he got that one win, but still has more to prove. Man, does he look determined!

*Mint Berry Crunch is in the ring with a mic in his hand*

MBC: I told you last week that someone was going to get BERRIED and they did! Now, give me someone who is not a jobber so I can BERRY them too! I have something to prove and that is I am NO JOKE! I want the best that this business has to offer, because I am one of the best and I deserve to be treated as such.Now be prepared to feel the crushing blow of my finisher, The Crunch-O-Matic!

*Crowd is booing as though not impressed*

MBC: You don't believe me? You wait, just wait! I will prove it now! So be AFRAID! BE BERRY AFRAID!! This next match is dedicated to all my MintHeads out there! Now bring out the victim! It's Crunch Time!!

BD: Did he just say MintHeads?

PK: Aren't you a MintHead Bob?

BD: *Shakes head*

*Charisma's theme plays*

(MBC=Sin Cara, Charisma=Bourne)

BD: He's done it again! He sure has been impressive as of late! Must have been the blueBERRIES! Ha!

PK: That was pathetic BOB! Oh, wait a minute, MBC has demanded a mic.

MBC: Really? Charisma is who you give me? Charisma is not a credible opponent for someone of my skills. If I don't get some better competition I am going to go find it myself!

*Storms out of ring*

PK: I wonder what he means by that Bob?

BD: Do I look like a psychic Pierce? Perhaps we will find out next week as Thursday Night Inferno continues with lots of things coming, as we head to Day of Reckoning!

BD: You know that music?

PK: No Bob. Could it be the new guy whose videopromos we have been watching on Inferno and Rage?

BD: It may be! Let’s see what he has to say.

*These Voices start playing, the lights go dim and the sound effects portraying the beating of wings. Flickering lights appear and are immediately covered by what seems like the shadow of wings. Finally, the sound and visuals die, towards the center of the ring. A single light glows and shows a man, kneeling with a mic in his hands.*

BA: Hello EWNCW, welcome to your inner darkness. Welcome to the light that doesn't appear at the end of the tunnel, welcome to the darkness that is that inner tunnel. I am the bearer of this darkness, these voices, The Black Angel. I am the messenger, the Favored of These Voices. *His voice, as it were, is slowly, diabolic, almost demonic in projection.* Do you know who these voices are? Do you know where they come from? They come from the inner darkness of all of you, *Points to the crowd, the camera* The inner darkness locked away by what goodness you pretend to hold. The small nugget of darkness, locked away in the corner of your soul. It speaks to me, *Begins to mumble* they speak even now.
Soon they will be free, and my high-flying moves will be the reason for their release. You've only yourselves to thank. *He leans forward, a recording of seemingly thousands of voices play, mumbling so it isn't coherent. In this, you can hear him replying, as though it were a full on conversation. The light dies and when it comes back on, he is standing on the second rope of a turn buckle, hands together in prayer, the voices still

*A video hits the Titantron*

We can see in ring action from one guy. He gets the catlle mutilation on one opponent. The opponent taps. Then, the Crippler's Crossface on another opponent, another tap. The Haas of pain. The tarantula. The sharpshooter. All of them tap.Then we get the face of the guy, and these words: "William Carlin. Surrender or be dismembered"


WC: That’s right, I’m William Carlin! I think that after this video package you don’t need me to introduce myself, the superior technician. So, let me get straight to the point. So, Black Angel, you’re telling us that…*Mock singing Orton’s theme*

You hear voices in your head
They counsel you
They understand
They talk to yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

*Crowd cheers*

And those voices come from a superior power, and you’re its messenger, right? So, it seems you have direct line with the Almighty. Could you please tell him to come down here? I want a word or two with him!

*More boos than cheers while Black Angel loooks angered*

Come on, we’re waiting!

*Nothing happens*

Just what I thought. Another case of split personality, syndrome. Just like Gollum: *Mimicking Gollum*

*Crowd loves that one*

Yeah, another disappointment for a non-believer.

*Crowd boos*

That’s my fate, being booed for being myself. All jokes aside, Black Angel Seraphim, you and I have something in common, we’re new in EWNCW and we want to prove this people that we can dominate all the fellas around. So, I’ve got a proposal for you. You and me in the ring, right now, in front of these fans here in Glasgow, Scotland. What do you say? Wait, don’t ask those voices of yours, it’s a pretty simple, straightforward question. You and mein a match, yes or no?

BA: Yes!

*Crowd cheers*

BD: This man is funny, Pierce, and wastes no time!

PK: But will he be able to beat the Black Angel?I guess we will find out after the break!

Rich Cranium
09-08-2011, 03:13 PM
Part 4
(Kaval= Black Angel/ D-Bryan (LOL) = Carlin)

PK: That was absolutley amazing, Bob!

BD: It was, indeed! The Black Angel picks up the win, but William Carlin put up a hell of a fight there. I’m sure we have not heared the last of these two.

PK: I expect more things to come between these two.

PK: All hail the king!

BD: Oh, please, not another royalty joke, Pierce.

PK: You should bow to your king, Bob!

KS: Well...I must be a popular person. Last week, I had two guys and a retarded monkey come out and try to explain how they deserved a match against me for my title. Well let me make myself clear to all of you. Daymian, I think you dwarf
ears are it hard for you to hear but I am going to make myself as clear as possible...YOU LOST YOUR CHANCE. you need to get the hell over it, and get to the back of the line and earn a shot again. TJ, you have the best argument out of anyone, you won the chance for a shot and I will oblige to that. At Day of Reckoning, you and I will have a match for the title. Now, for that stupid monkey Grind Bastard, I want you to bring your retarded ass out here so I can tell you this to your face.

BD: And, as he always does, here comes Grind Bastard running down the ramp!

KS: Ok monkey boy, can you hear me? understand me?

*Grind Bastard Nods*

Good, now...WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ATTACKING THE KING? What do you think you are doing?

*Grind points at the title with his right index finger, then makes the signal that he wants the belt around his waist*

You want the title? Well listen you ogre, I am right here, and I am not going anywhere anytime soon. So why don't you try to take this from me?

PK: Boy, Staples ruined the fun!

NS: Well, gentlemen, the title will stay where it is tonight. But since you’re in the mood of a fight, I’ll give you one. King Strem, you’re right and wrong about your title. You’re right in giving TJ Rage what he earned, and I have no objections about it. But I do object about Bloodstone and Grind Bastard. I want them in the title match, so here’s the deal: tonight Grind Bastard and Daymian Bloodstone will team against King Strem and TJ Ragem and if they win, thety get a shot at the Ignition title at Day of Reckoning in a Fatal Four Way match. All right ramblers, let's get rambling!

PK: What an announcement! These fans are in for a treat tonight! We'll be right back!

Rich Cranium
09-08-2011, 03:30 PM
Part 5


BD: Will TJ Rage and king Strem be able to cooperate?

PK: They’d better do, if they want to have their issues solved one on one.


BD: A very unorthodox team this one of Blodstone and Grind.

PK: Bloodstone better watch his back.

(TJ Rage= Mercury/ King strem = Johnny Nitro/ Bloodstone =Rey/ Grind= Batista)


BD: The’ve done it, we’ve got a fatal Four way for the Ignition title, the 18th September at Day of Reckoning!

PK: The King got screwedby TJ Rage! Hope he kicks his ass!


Toxic: THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM ONE HALF OF THE SKY HIGH BASTARDS CONCERNING THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF EVERY OTHER TEAM IN EWNCW!!!!!!! Last week, you had the balls to put us against some losers? i look at you dickheads, n i laugh. why??? because you're completely unprepared for the hurricane brewing that is the sky high bastards. me n my partner bazooka are gonna kick all your asses harder than i fucked every single one of your mums last night. we are the best team in the world, we know it, n so do the fans. so give us what you GOT Bitches!

Bazooka: Toxic is So right, you mutant pricks! Give us a premium EWNCW tag team to pick apart! The Sky High Bastards demand competition!

BD: And competition is what their going to get this week!

PK: That's right Bob, these Scottish fans are clearly not impressed with these guy's ego but it all boils down to what they can get done in the ring.This one will get started after a brief break!

Rich Cranium
09-08-2011, 03:46 PM
Part 6


BD: And it looks like we are going to get a feel of what the SHB has to offer!

PK: Yes, The Psycho Circus are no local jobbers, that for sure!

(SHB= The Outsiders, The Psycho Circus = The Extreme)


BD: And the Sky High Bastards have notched up another victory here in EWNCW!

PK: Very impressive performance!


BD: Krysys comes out and looks determined.

PK: Determined to get his ass kicked, I would say!

*Krysys walks to the ring and grabs a mic*

KK: Dimension! We need to settle this shit! After 2 PPVS, after ambushes, after fights, and after your stupid little challenges, this needs to end! You see you brought out a side of me that I don't like! Normally I fight with honor, with respect and with integrity, but with you all of that is thrown out the window. I don't care about the rules or wins or losses I just want to hurt you. So to end this all I say we finish this at Day of Reckoning!

*Crowd erupts as Krysys nods*

Thought you guys would like that! So at Day of Reckoning it will be our final showdown and when its all said and done I, The Master of Straight Edge, The Saint will have ended the STREAK!

*Krysys does the X as his music plays*


BD: Let’s see if Dimension gives Krysys what he wants.

PK: Yeah, a squash victory to keep the streak intact.

BD: I don’t think so, Krysys has proven to be tough and resilient

PK: Not tough and resilient enough to beat Dimension though.

MD:Krysys I know what you have in mind
In My Mind you seriously think you Got a Chance to Defeat me
In Any Environment I am The Most capable to be Victorious
What's This Security (clothlines one quickly)
There is No one that Can stop Me.......

*Security surround the ring*

Mommas boy huuh need protection ..All Your LiFe Protection is what you rely onnnn
I'm Gonna kill Him..

*Staples appears in the Tron*:

NS: Don’t think so. This is a special measure I’ve taken after all the damage you have made. If tyou touch each other before Day of Reckoning, you won’t have a match there. And you risk getting suspended… or worse.

MD: Nathan staples I want to kill him!!! I Could get suspended Fired The DamN Point is I waNt To MurderOne..Kill Krysys!
Look At Chu Boss, The Look On Your Face Looks Nervous..its not you I want!

*Points at Krysys*

Mark Dimension Vs Krysys, In One of Most Grueling Stages of LiFe Can oFFer!
Three Stages Of HELL MATCH!

*Crowd goes apeshit*

PK: What a match that one! How Bout That For Pain and Punishment!

BD: That definitely will be a lot of pain and punishment, but will they be able not to fight before that?

PK: I don’t know Bob, but the animosity between these two makes me think they’re not.

Rich Cranium
09-08-2011, 04:00 PM
Part 7


PK: Here comes a wrestling God! WOOOOOOOOOO!

BD:Flair and his protegé “The Japanese Dragon” Bam have been a thorn on the side of Seth Ferrell and Billy McCoy.

Ric Flair: The Nature Boy is in the Building ladies! Get your tickets and get em quick because Space Mountain is hotter than ever baby! Woooooooooooooooo! Now! I have with me Bam and he has got to be the most talented man in the EWNCW alongside ME! That's right! Ever since I scouted this guy, I have never felt dissapointed! He has proven himself and under my wing...he is the future of the EWNCW baby! That's right!

*Looks at pretty Scottish lady in front row*

Honey, meet me the Hotel Indigo Glasgow, room 212 later tonight sweet thing!

*Lady blushes*

Now Bam has proven himself and therefore deserves a titles shot! Nathan Staples! Get your ass down here and give my man his shot!


BD: Instead of Staples, he’s getting Seth Ferrell and Flair looks really angry.

PK: A God vs a Pharaoh! Man, I love this!

SF: Bam, Bam, Bam. Why do you do this yourself? Why do you run around with that sad broken record of stupidity? In my clear and knowledgeable estimation, you don't have much to brag about when you're running interference for that sad sack of expired manure doing your dirty work. Or is it the other way around... who can tell? And as for him, well he lost his ability to brag back in.. what... the 80s? You and the rest of the peasants here today should listen to me. The Pharaoh is wise. So don't brag, peasants. Last week on this very show you assaulted me from behind after my match like the coward lowlifes that you are. A match in which I was victorious by the way. And just this past Monday you only picked up the win in our match because I was bogged down by that useless brute, McCoy. Right now I have some things to do. But when I've dealt with this business with McCoy I'll be happy to turn my attention to you and your "mentor". I'll give you a proper beating and embarrassment with Pharaoh's gold shining around my waist. When I pin you in the middle of this ring, as the EWNCW International Champion. *turns head towards camera* Sorry Billy Boy. haha.


BD: The International Champions must have something to say about this.

BM: ay Scotland I have 1 wee thing to say to ya WE ARE LIVE ALL AROUND THE WORLD. *Billy stops motioning to the audience and turns to the ring* now flair and bam you can grab a ticket at the Deli Counter of the International Title and you can wait in the line because I want Seth Farrell you see Seth I pure hate your guts and I am sure you hate mine but as much as I say that your hell of an athlete you’re a hell of Star but if theres one thing you need to be told that definitively defiantly absolutely certainly 100% Better is Bigger!!! So here I what I am suggesting in the 02 arena on September 18th EWNCW Day of Reckoning Seth Farrell vs Billy McCoy Nobody else lets settle this once and for all.


BD: How will the GM solve this?

*Nathan Staples makes his way to the ring with mic in hand*

NS: Now Flair, I have heard enough! Yes, Bam is quite impressive, so I’ll make this match a triple threat: McCoy, vs Ferrell vs Bam. But I want this to be a fair fight. Therefore, I have decided to ban you Flair from ringside!

*Crowd cheers*

Flair: *takes off jacket* What? You gotta be kidding me! Do you know who I am? I am a wrestling GOD! You don't ban GOD!

NS: Just calm down Ric.

RF: Calm down? *takes off watch and runs into ring ropes* Wooooooooooooo! Don't tell me to calm down!

NS: I am your boss! So Woo back to you!

RF: What? Nobody does that! Wooooooooooooo!

NS: Woo!

RF: I'm warning you! Woooooooooooo!

NS: Woo! Woo!

RF: It's Wooooooooooooooooooooo! Dammit!

Bam: *pulls Flair away and out of the ring while Flair's face is red in anger*

BD: What a match this will be!

PK: I really see the champion losing the title.

Rich Cranium
09-08-2011, 04:11 PM
Part 8
BD: Ladies and gentleman,it is time for our main event of the evening.We are waiting for the first competitor!


BD: This man has debuted recently, and he has dominated all his matches!

PK: And now he faces his biggest challenge up to date. Will he get the job done?


BD: This man needs no introduction, Pierce

PK: A former tag team champion, people didn’t expect him to turn heel after losing the belt.


PK: BOIIIIIIIIIIII! This man can do it!

BD: He’d better do if he wants to keep being considered a credible contender.


PK: This man is dangerous and I love him!

BD: He wanted a chance to shine, and he’s got it. Will he capitalize?

PK: I don't know but after our final break, we will see!

Rich Cranium
09-08-2011, 04:19 PM


BD: This is the thoughest challenge for Gillz since he got the championship.

PK: And he’ll do it!

BD: Didn’t you root for Silver Cena?

PK: Both have chances.


BD: And finally here comes Tommy!

PK: The weakest of the two champions, I think!

BD: And our main event is on!

(Tommy Thunder = Sheamus/ Solla= Barrett/ Primus Khan = Jericho/ Rich Cranium=

Edge/ Silver Cena = Obvious/ Gillz= Orton)



BD: My God, Gillz has done it!

PK: Didn’t I tell you, Bob! Gillz is great!

BD: What a great dose of confidence for Gillz! A huge victory just ten days before Day of Reckoning! Will he be able to win his match on September 18th? Be ure to check our next PPV! Good night from Glasgow, Scotland!

Rich Cranium
09-15-2011, 12:42 PM
Thursday Night Inferno, 9/15/11 is next!

09-15-2011, 03:03 PM

Bob Daniels: What and amazing way of kicking things off this Inferno!

Pierce Kingmaker: Yeah, the Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau or Land of my Fathers, the Welsh National Anthem. That sounded epic!

BD: And Inferno will be epic too, we start now!


BD: From the CIA Arena in Cardiff, Wales, we welcomeyouto Thursday Night Inferno! We are just three days ahead of Day of Reckoning, and we have an action-packed show for tonight!

PK: I didn’t know the Agency payed the City Council of Cardiff for putting their name in an exhibition centre.

BD: It means Cardiff International Arena, not Central Intelligence Agency.

Nathan Staples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NisCkxU544c

BD: It seems that Inferno’s GM is going to open the show.

PK: Can you make a decent commentary instead of pointing the obvious, please?

BD: *Ignores PK* Let’s hear what he has to say!

PK: *Looks at BD*:


Nathan Staples: How are you doing, Cardiff?

*Huge pop from the crowd*

NS: All right, I’ve got some things to say. The first two are about the Mar Dimension – Krysys situation. Last week, MD announced that he wanted to face Krysys in a three stages of hell match. However, John Cleverly said this Monday that it was an unsanctioned match. It wasa bitconfusing, so the Board of Directors had a meeting after Monday Night Rage, and the general consensus was that an unsanctioned match fits perfectly the situation with Mark and Krystian. Therefore, the official stipulation for their match is an unsanctioned match.

*Huge ovation by the crowd*

NS: However, this doesn’t change the restraining order that Cleverly put on them, so, if they put their hands on eachother, they won’t have their match.

*This gets a mixed reaction*

NS: Now, regarding a different issue, we have a title unification match this Sunday between Gillz and Tommy Thunder. I know all of you want to see them in action, so I thought a good ol’ one on oneaction should fulfill that wish. So, tonight, Gillz will face Primus Khan and Tommy will face Rich Cranium.

*Crwod cheers loud*

NS: But I want them to have no distractions, interruptions or interferences of any kind. So, the four of them arte barredfrom ringside while not competing. This rule applies to Solla and SilverCena too. I want the six of you focused for Sunday. You’ll fix your problems there, not right here on Inferno.


PK: The Champ is here!

BD: One of them, you mean!

PK: This is the only champ to me!

*Gillz Walks down to a chorus of boos*

Staples, tell me what the hell you think you are doing
putting the Champion in a match just 4 days away from my match with Tommy
All youve done these past few weeks is stack the deck against me
It seems like you dont want me to be champion, to be the face of this company
Is that what it is Staples, do you have a problem with me being Champion, are you working with Tommy to get me out
Whatever your motifs are it doesnt matter, i will win at Day of Reckoning and every day after that because i am the the greatest champion this company has every had
So i will fight tonight and i will win tonight
But Staples next time you piss me off you will have to make matches from the hospital


BD: Well, asmuch as you hate this guy, he’s still EWNCW

PK: Only until Day of Reckoning, Bob, there Gillz will kick his ass!

TT: Ohhhh here we go again Gillz!! Every damn week it seems you come out here whining your ass off and run your mouth!! PLEASE!! just accept that you're going to have to face mo on Sunday so that we can get this farce over and done with!!

*crowd cheer*

TT: I mean, you've already proven that you're not a real champion!! You complain about having competition!! A real champ comes out here to fight, and defend his title against whoever that's put in front of him. Just like I'm going to do tonight as I go one on one with Rich Cranium. I'm coming out here tonight, I'm going to give my all and I'm going to win!!

*crowd cheer*

TT: You know what? *sniffs* I think I smell something? *sniffs* You know what I smell? BAD ATTITUDE!! Your attitude stinks my friend, Almost as bad as you stink like rotten fish!!

*crowd laugh and cheer*

TT: Now if you want to even have a chance of becoming champ here, you need to grow a backbone, grow a set of cojones, and start coming out here to fight as opposed to whine your ass off!!

*crowd cheer*

TT: But that's for future reference. Because even if you start to do those things right this very moment, it'll be too late for Sunday. Because at 'Day of Reckoning', in front of a sold out VIP crowd at Wembley Stadium, the must see MVP of EWNCW is walking all over your ass, and taking home the title!!

*Runs towards Gillz*

BD: The two champs are brawling*

Pk: Not for long it seems.

*Security makes his way to thering and separates them*

BD: Nathan Staples has been clear, the issues between champs will be solved this Sunday at Day of Reckoning!

PK: But hopefully they are in action tonight!

BD: That’s right, a huge double main event tonight. Stay tuned!

09-15-2011, 03:07 PM

BD: And here comes one determined MBC! He is on a winning streak as of late and he wants more!

PK: Right Bob, perhaps MBC wants to show all of his MintHeads that he means serious business.

*MBC is in ring with mic*

MBC: I don't understand why I am still being given nobodies to beat! I am a serious athlete and I want competition dammit! If I don't start getting competition, I will start going backstage and dragging bodies to the ring! No one has a chance during CRUNCH TIME!!

*Crowd boos*

Why am I getting booed? Here, let me speak Welsh for you!

Rwy'n happus i fod yma, ac mae gen i AERON

Ha! See? I can speak your language so you gotta cheer me! C'mon, let's go mint, let's go mint!

Nathan Staples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NisCkxU544c

Nathan Staples: Just a minute there Mint! You have been insulting these Welsh fans long enough! You think just because you know how to use Google Translate that they are suppose to be cheering you? I don't think so! Now, I have setup a match for you tonight and if you win this match, you will recieve an award!

*MBC is elated and is jumping up and down for joy*

*Splattered Dreams music plays*

BD: Oh boy, it's none other that Splattered Dreams!

PK: This guy is the former muscle for GodMoney! MBC better have something up his sleeve if he is to pass this guy!

(MBC=Mysterio/ S Dreams=JBL)


PK: And MBC has done it! WOW!! That is amazing that he was able to defeat Splattered Dreams in such a quick time!

*Nathan Staples is back on Tron*

NS: Okay, I promised you a prize if you won your match here tongiht and I am a man of my word! At the Day of Reckoning PPV, you will be in a qualifying match to compete for a chance to challenge for the Ignition title at Destiny's Calling! And that match has a surprise stipulation.

*MBC is doing cartwheels in the ring*

BD: Inferno continues with some tag team action now:

FOG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KBuUAa-qv4

BD: Force of Greatness have been tag team champions here, a force to be reckoned.

PK: But they seem out of gas lately.

SHB: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdmfVyPrqcc

PK: The SHB have huge egos, but they’re talented

BD: There’s no doubt about their in-ring skills after what we have seen the last couple of Infernos

(SHB= Kofi and Evan / FOG= Otunga and Joe Henning LOL)


PK: They’ve done it again!

BD: It seems we have some serious competition for the tag title scene with the SHB!

09-15-2011, 03:09 PM

BD: The monster Grind Bastard has a match next against an unknown opponent… But wait a minute! That’s King Strem!

PK: He’s hit the Bastard in the head with the title! And he’s beating the hell out of him!

*Crowd boos*

BD: Here come Bloodstone and Rage! They are joining the carnage!

PK: A storm of kicks and punches by these three. Will Grind Bastard be able to stand up?

BD: And now TJ Rage and Damyan Bloodstone are double teaming the champion!

PK: Head first into the barricade!

*Cheers by the crowd*

BD: TJ Rage and Bloodstone look at each other… They’re brawling now! TJ tosses bloodstone away!

PK: Look at King Strem retaliating!

BD: The champ and the challenger trading blows! Look out!

PK: Double clothesline by Grind Bastard over the barricade and into the fans!

BD: Grind elevates Bloodstone now, looks like a powerbomb coming! But Damyan conters with punches to the head!

PK: He’s using Bastard’s shoulders for leverage! Wow! What a dropkick by Bloodstone!

BD: The four men are down, as security and doctors ran down the ramp to check on these for athletes.

*People ask for more*

PK: Wow, what a brawl!

BD: The Ignition title is on fire, what will happen next Sunday?

PK: That was a horrible joke, Bob, but I agree, I can’t wait for Day of Reckoning and the Ignition title match!

09-15-2011, 03:14 PM

BD: And here comes the 'Black Angel' Seraphim! This man has a way with words!

Seraphim: *There are no sounds of beating wings like last week; just near complete darkness, and a steady mumble of voices. They whisper, supposedly dark things, for about half a minute, before the light in the ring centers on a man, kneeling in the middle.*

Last week, these voices led me out here in an effort to tell you of its coming, but I was interrupted! Interrupted by Carlin, who mocked these voices, these voices that sway the darkest of men, into their deadliest hour. He suffered their wrath, and suffer it he did, as he suffered a loss. Right here in the middle of this ring, I pinned Carlin.


*He slaps the ground three times*

In the middle of this very ring, I championed the voices and downed a disbeliever. Do you doubt me now?

*Stands and climbs a turnbuckle*


Tell me, do you see me in you? Do you see my wings spreading across the blackness of your heart and tearing away at the goodness that you all claim you have?

You all follow Gillz and Tommy, Billy, Seth, Bam and Lfair. Even Strem, Bloodstone, Bastard, Rage, the Collective, and those new guys, the upcomers..

But no longer, I may be new, but these voices are old. They've all heard them and one by one, two by two, they shall fall to the darkness that consumes my soul, that grows in yours, and I shall be the faciliator, I shall be the reason it all happens.


BD: Let’s hear what Carlin has to say.

PK: Man, I hate his jokes but he’s talented.

WC: Well, looks like those voices you hear are not a handicap when you wrestle. I have to admit you defeated me clean, and I congratulate you. But I gave you a hell of a match, didn’t I? It wasn’t a squash match like this guy coming from Pokemon Gold, the MintBerry fella tonight. It was a well fought, lengthy match. That says a lot of you for winning, but also says a lot of me. I lost, yes, but I proved my ability. I am the superior technician, William Carlin. And despite my loss, I can beat yhou and any other wrestler in EWNCW!


Gretzky: Excuse me children, but... Jak siemasz! My name a' Istvan, Istvan Gretzky.... "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky. On ENRAGED I face Rodney Wells in catch as catch can grapples match, and for first time in thirty nine month I lose, Kurwa! I, man with vascular arms made from fallen star lose to local village Well, Kurwa! Front page of paper for the news for all of Poland to see was Istvan's face, Kurwa! Mr president Lech Kaczynski was rolling in grave at this story of great Polish hero Istvan Gretzky lose first matches in ECWN, and Mr acting President Miroslaw Kochalski call in search party look for real Istvan. Kochalski say real Istvan action in missing and this Istvan imposter, Kurwa! Istvan cousin Shane say Istvan bring shame to name of Gretzky and Istvan should come to Canadian to face real competitionist, win real champion, Kurwa! I tell them no, Kurwa! I tell them it was banana peel that make Istvan slip on catch as catch can ring mat make Istvan lose to Rodney Well! Istvan tell them it was American ham the burger that make Istvan belly sick before grapples match with man of half of Istvan strength, Kurwa! Well fuck American ham the burger! Ever since fateful lost Istvan be eat only pure Polish keilbasa made from Polish pig and Llama, Kurwa! Make Istvan strong as ox in village! Make Istvan domination, Kurwa! Now then did Istvan hear children name Carling Black Label and Sara Phone talk of domination like Istvan not in back of stage in locker-house showing American woman meaning of domination, Kurwa!

*Puts on a terrible American woman's accent*

"Oh yes "Red Hot" show us American woman good time and shake a leg with us!"

Istvan say no to American womans, Kurwa! Istvan hear ECWN children like Carling Black Label and Sara Phone talk of domination and Istvan must answer indirect challenge, Kurwa! I am here on stage now telling Carl and Sara that only Istvan domination! Only man with VASCULAR ARMS MADE FROM FALLEN STAR IS DOMINATION!

*Strikes pose and two mildly attractive MILF's come out on the stage and kiss each of Istvan's biceps and begin rubbing his chest.*

Hahaha!! No, Kurwa! You show this new guy round town and shake a leg with me later, Kurwa. Now get to back of stage and prepare Istvan's keilbasa for meal for the victory!

*Slaps the mildy attractive MILF's on the ass and they leave the stage.*

Hahaha! Istvan love American womans!

*Turns back to face Carlin and Seraphim.*

Now where was Istavan? American womans make Isvan forget point, Kurwa! Oh yes, Istvan speak of dominations of ECWN children! So, Sara and Carl, Istvan here to show dominations of highest order in that catch as catch can grapples ring, Kurwa! Istvan lay down challenges to two of worst looking catch as catch can wrestlers Istvan has ever seen in all of his glorious life, Kurwa! So Carling Black Label and Sara Phone, what say you to offer of Istvan break you with vascular arm made from fallen star? What say you to Istvan show you what dominations is all about? I am hoping that you are not too scared for Istvan challenges, Kurwa!

(segment continues in the next post)

09-15-2011, 03:16 PM

RW: Hey Gretzky, can I ask you a question? Don't answer that, I'm gonna ask anyway.

How can you say you're dominant in the EWNCW when you've had one match, and....you lost it? Wait...who beat you? Oh wait that's right, I did, but that is a given, because anyone that faces me, just loses and I win of course. But first of all, to dominate in the EWNCW, you need to first, WIN a match or 2 against someone good, like me, but you know, you haven't won against me and you won't. But you also need to win these fans over, because for you to be good, they have to think you are and have them in your corner.

I do, but you, are far from that, if you can actually achieve that. The fans like GOOD wrestlers, so they have no reason to like you of course. So you are basically...the opposite of dominant, which is how you will stay for as long as you are here or anywhere else.

*Crowd boos*

But I also want to talk about 2 other guys, because I don't want to talk about you for long Gretzky or you might actually think I'm your friend or something, and well, I'm not.

Those 2 guys are Carlin and Rilla. First, Carlin. Like what the hell is he? You know how there are height requirements at rollercoasters? Well, he wouldn't get past those, and there is a height requirement to be called a man, let alone a wrestler, and you sir, won't get past those either. I mean if you want, I can call MTV for you and get you a spot on Midget Wrestling, that way you may actually have a chance of winning a match there. Heck, if it makes you feel any special, you could be considered a superstar there if you actually become decent at wrestler, which you are far, far, FAR away from.

*More boos*

If I had you in the ring with me, I'd have to have my lawyer there too in case I kill you by accident, which is a huge possibility and I don't want to have to be away from these fans. So, for the sake of your life, get out of here while you still can before you have to face me in a match.

Now, Rilla, who is he? The unliked "wrestler" (and I stress the quotation marks) and untalented version of Criss Angel? This guy isn't fit for here, he is fit for a straight jacket and a sealed room with intensive therapy. I swear, he is like the Boogeyman, but people actually know the Boogeyman so that comparison doesn't work. He scares people away though, and no one likes him, that is the only things they have in common. You say you have wings? Well buddy, get in the ring with me, and I'll clip those wings and bring you back to earth. But I advise the same warning to you as I did with Carlin: Get out of here before I destroy you. You will be wrecked, destroyed, demolished, decimated, and obliviated. I give fair warning now, and I advise you, Carlin and Gretzky, to take my advice, and run while you can, otherwise, GET READY TO GET DESTROYED.

*Staples is on tron*

NS: Gentlemen, if I can have your attention for just a moment. I really like all four of you guys and I think we will have ourselves a Battle of the Newcomers match at Day of Reckoning!

*The four guys stare each other down as we go to commercial*

09-15-2011, 03:19 PM

BD: After Nathan Staples announcement, I want to know what goes through this guy’s head

PK: He must be afraid of what’s coming.

*Krysys walks slowly out to the ring, stopping just short of the stairs as he looks out into the crowd*

KK: Unsactioned.... This is the type of match that I will be having with Dimension at Day of Reckoning. I am pleased with this match because it means I will not be held liable when I beat him so bad his lungs fill with blood! At Day of Reckoning I will prove to everyone that Gods do not exist and that Dimension is nothing more that a man with a god-complex. Day of Reckoning will end the destruction that this so called beast has brought and will start the path to me becoming a champion!


PK: Dimension is a man without fear!

MD: You Shut Your Mouth You Can Never Ever say you beat me I beat mark Dimension those words could never come out your mouth
You Speak about This Sunday ,This Sunday is The Funeral ,Pain and Punishment is waiting
But Death (grins) Death becomes you
Take a Drink of liquor ,smoke yourself something Good ,Enjoy your life as much as you can
I Don't mean undertaker when u become a deadman
I mean wipeout, splat ,krysys down with no soul on the mat
The War is Over

*Crowd Cheers louldly*

This Sunday There is No Match
Its Just Mark Dimension kickin your ass and your gonna like it ,better than the other times
(Laughs)There won't be any coming back (laughs)
Kill Krystian Krysys MurderOne!
Straightedge won't save you, Followers will flock to my belief Why Care about Anyone
As a Matter Fact, Why Watch Me Speak,The Restrictions Don't Matter To Me
I'm Gonna Fuck You Up Right NOW!!!

*Runs Towards ring*

*Security stops Dimension as the crowd sings “Let them fight! Let them fight!"*

*Krysys looks on at Dimension*

KK: Come on! Let him in, I have no problem kicking his ass right now! Can't you get past them Dimension? A God would surely have no problem getting past a few men! *Laughs* This prove that you are no God!

*Split chants for Mark Dimension and Krysys*

BD: The crowd loves both of these athletes!

PK: How can’t you, Bob? This is one of the hottest rivalries right now, and it has to come to an end this Sunday at Day of Reckoning!

09-15-2011, 03:21 PM

BD: Welcome back to Inferno as Seth Farrell makes his way to the ring!

PK: Yeah Bob, The Pharoah is on a mission to win the International title!

SF: It's funny. I mean this whole title reign is hilarious. haha. On one hand we have perhaps the most unworthy champion in all EWNCW, couldn't carry himself and behave like a proper champion if he tried! Now on the other, we have two of the most unworthy competitors in all EWNCW butting in line. It was me and McCoy, and now suddenly Bam and Flair are a part of this and taking my rightful spot! I'm not gonna stand for this, so get your ass out here right now Bam or Flair or whoever the hell is in contention for this title now I don't even know which, I am gonna show you who you are messing with, and teach you a lesson for it. As far as Day of Reckoning goes, it doesn't matter. I won my Ignition Championship in a triple threat, I will win the International title in a triple threat.


PK: Oh boy! It's the Naitch! OMG!!!!!!!!

BD: Don't wet yourself next to me PIERCE! BTW, Bam is with him as usual!

PK: Sorry and I know Flair has been in EWNCW now for a while but the hair still stands up on the back on my neck whenever he enter the arena!

BD: Get some hairspray or some glue! Next thing you know, you will be dry humping my leg!

PK: *wipes forehead with napkin* Let's tune in and see what Flair and Bam have to say.

Flair: What!?! You think YOU will wim the Ignition title!?! No way! My man Bam is going to win it! Don't forget it! I know you hate to hear it but you better learn to LOVE it cause it's the best thing going today! Wooooooooooooo! And to prove that Bam is the successor to the throne! Bam is going to kick your ass right now! That's right! Ref! Ring the bell!

(Seth=ADR, Bam=Rey, McCoy=Cena *Stop after 12:45)


BD: OMG! Seth won but kept punishing Bam and then we had Billy McCoy saving Bam!

PK: And, what? Flair is in there hammering away on McCoy! Holy hell has broken loose here! WTF is going on?

BD: And here comes the EWNCW security team to break up this mess! This is all about the International title folks! Let's take a break while security takes control over this volatile situation!

09-15-2011, 03:24 PM
BD: It’s time for the first main event of the night!


PK: I tell you Bob, Gillz will win this Sunday and he’ll be the only EWNCW champion

BD: But he’d better focus on Primus Khan right now, he’s a great opponent.


PK: I give you that, Khan is not a joke of an opponent.

(Gillz = Jeff Hardy/ PK: JoMo)



PK: Gillz has done it! I told you Bob, I told you!

BD; Outstanding performance by both Gillz and Primus Khan! And what a match we still have in store for you!

09-15-2011, 03:27 PM
BD: Ladies and gentlemen,this is our second main event, and what a match! EWNCW Champion Tommy Thunder vs former Tag Team champion Rich Cranium!

PK: I don’t like the Tommy fella, but no doubt he’sgreat in the ring, and Rich has nothing to prove to anybody, one half of the greatest tag team champions we’ve had!


PK: Tommy has a lot of pressure on himself after Gillz won his match!

BD: Yes, his opponent has gathered momentum with his win, and Tommy has to do the same to face Gillz this Sunday with the same spirit.


BD: Rich has proven that he’s greatin singles competition too.

PK: And after Primus Khan loss, a win for Rich will be a huge boost of confidence.

BD: And this match is underway!

(Rich= Dolph/Tommy= D-Bryan, ignore Vickie)


BD: Tommy wins! Tommy wins!

PK: What a match we have seen!

BD: This is the best way to hype Day of Reckoning, with two outstanding bouts by first class wrestlers!

PK: Absolutely Bob, I want Day of Reckoning right now!

BD: We want to thank the Cardiff fans, they’ve been an incredible audience. This has been Thursday Night Inferno, folks! Good night from Cardiff, Wales!

09-18-2011, 03:53 PM
Only one filler needed. 7 minutes left for DoR!

09-18-2011, 04:00 PM

Bob Daniels: From the O2 Arena in London, England, we welcome you to Day of Reckoning! We want to thank Megadeth for his “Reckoning Day”, the introductory thenme for this PPV! I am Bob Daniels and I’m accompanied in commentary by Christopher Pentalion and EWNCW legend Bodom on commentary.

Christopher Pentalion: I’m really excited to be here, we have an awesome card tonight, many things will be solved before we reach our greatest PPV, Destiny’s Calling!

Bodom: I’m ready to rock this place, the card looks amazing!

BD: Things will kick off with the Four Way Ignition Championship Match, and this one is going to blow your mind. Four Competitors each one of them off the wall in there own way. And as announced shortly before we start, this is going to be a Monster’s Ball match!

Bod: Man I am excited for this one its going to be a Turbulent wild ride tonight

Grind Bastard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkbjP9pZZQw

BD: well to say this man is Insane would be an understatement but will it be that insanity that makes him the Favourite in this match

Bod: could be, he is defiantly a Threat to King Strem

TJ Rage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV7aM32Jur8

Bod: Well you gotta love TJ’s entrance music question is next time we hear will this man be the Ignition Champion

CP: Certainly TJ has all the Tools this man also has the contract to a Ignition Title Match whenever he chooses.

Damyan Bloodstone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU6nCzeWZE4

BD: The Pint Size Rocker already a World Champion in Tag Team Promotion BWA but can he claim another title here tonight he gets another shot at the Ignition Title.

Bod: For me this is Bloodstones night he came close last month at In Violence we Trust and would love to go a step further tonight.

King Strem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61ESVVk4bNk&ob=av2e

BD: The King is making lots of believers after winning the title in a questionable manner but the odds are against the king tonight.

Sabu/TJ Rage vs Daymian Bloodstone/ Jeff Hardy vs Grind Bastard/Abyss vs King Strem/ Rhino



BD: and The King retains but how close was Daymian Bloodstone moments away from becoming Champ but no King Strem Retains and he is looking more and more powerful every time he defends the title.

09-18-2011, 04:04 PM
CP: And up next, we have a Battle of the Newcomers match! This is an four way Elimination style match where the first fall eliminates one wrestler, reducing the match to a 3 and so on.

Bodom: Don't you think these fans know what that means? Geez, you would think they all had STUPID tattoed on their foreheads!

Ryan Wells: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zESU5...layer_embedded

BD: And here comes the first participant in this match! Ryan Wells who certainly is a promising star here in EWNCW!

Bodom: Yeah he is pretty good on the mic, but does he have what it takes to get it done in the ring?

Itsvan Gretzky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KeQ5...layer_embedded

CP: And next, it's the 'Red Hot'Istvan Gretsky! He hasn't had much luck in the ring but he doesn't quit so he does have heart!

BD: And let's see how much heart he has tonight!

Bodom: I really like Istvan! He is a smooth guy!

Seraphim: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6hcD...layer_embedded

BD: Speaking of smooth, here comes Seraphim! This guy has a way with words!

CP: The Black Angel is here to make a statement that he is the best newcomer out of the four!

William Carlin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W55Sm...layer_embedded

Bodom: Last but not least is Carlin! This goofy bastard might just pull this one off!

CP: Are you serious Bods? This guy is a joke!

BD: He may act goofy but that doesn't mean he's not serious in the ring!

CP: Okay, well let's get this match underway!

(Wells=Orton, Seraphim=HHH, Gretsky=Cena, Carlin=JBL)




Bodom: WOW!! What a match that was!! Carlin was eliminated by Gretsky who was eliminated by Wells who then went toe to toe with Seraphim! Seraphim owned it!

CP:'The Black Angel' Seraphim has done it!

BD: All four men gave it their all but Seraphim prevailed! The EWNCW roster had better be taking notes!

09-18-2011, 04:07 PM
BD: EWNCW Day of Reckoning continues and up next can Rich Cranium exact Revenge for Primus Kahn costing him the Tag Team Titles

Bod: Well Bob the Question I have is why the hell did TBOZ leave his Partner High and Dry, Kahn had no reason to help Cranium

CP: You mean apart from being one half of the Tag Champs with the Greatest Tag Team wrestler of all time

Bod: Good Point


Bod: Well weather you agree with his dicision making Primus Kahn The Alpha and the Omega has been on a Non Stop Tear through EWNCW

CP: Well a Solidier of all the Wars isn’t going to hang around in Dark Matches for long is he


BD: The Crowed has erupted, for the Former Godmoney member who is making his way as a singles guy and my god is he destined for greatness

Bod: What a feeling inside Wembley Arena the crowed is electric lets not waist another second lets get this one underway

Rich Cranium/Kurt Angle vs Matt Morgan/ Primus Kahn



BD: Rich has done, Rich got the win but Primus Kahn just made his name what a Performance by both men.

Bod: Damn right I thought Primus had that one but Rich Cranium proving why he is one of the best in the world right now

09-18-2011, 04:07 PM
CP: Now it is time for one of the more personal Matches this evening its Father against Son, Candy Man vs Nyron and no doubt Russo Swerve will be at Ringside


Bod: well I for one cant wait to see Candy Man get his ass kicked here tonight this man is despicable he walked out on his child and tonight that Child gets to do what hundreds of children in the past have wanted to do when there farther walks out on them and that is hurt them and hurt them bad


Nyron/Rick Rude w/ Russo Swerve/Paul E Dangerously vs Candy Man/Sting


CP: and Nyron has done it folks and all because Russo Swerve got involved

Bods: you what Chris Nyron just dominated Candy Man and the fact that Russo Swerve got involved is because he wanted to hurt the Candy man too

09-18-2011, 04:10 PM
BD: It is moment for our triple threat match for the international title.

CP: Bam has aded a new dimension to the rivalry between McCoy and Ferrell this last month or so.

Bod: Mark my words, Bam is trained by a wrestling God, and despite I like Ferrell too, he won’t have a chance.

BD: Remember folks that Inferno’s GM Nathan Staples has barred Ric Flair from ringside!

Bam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV9N0_DMA8k&feature=player_embedded

Bod: Here comes the winner of this match!

BD: The Japanese Dragon has been impressive since he debuted, and Ric Flair couldn’t agree more!

CP: This is Bam’s chance to prove his worth without Flair being at ringside.

Seth Ferrell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57FcwUoCdmQ&feature=player_embedded

BD: The Pharaoh was impressive last Thursdday on Inferno when he defeated Bam!

Bod: Yeah, but that will only fuel Bam’s fire and get his revenge and the title tonight!

CP: He’s a great competitor and a win tonight will be a huge boost to his career!

Billy McCoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M02bAWDFkI&feature=player_embedded

BD: Will the champ be able to retain the strap tonight?

Bod: No, he won’t, Bam istaking it!

CP: Probably the toughest challenge McCoy has faced as International champion. This match is underway!

(Edge = Seth/ Jericho = Bam / Swagger = McCoy)



BD: McCoy retains!

Bod: But he neeeded Seth to do him the dirty work to get the pin! That’s not very champion-like!

CP: And now he’s attacking Seth! He’s sending a message! He’s the champ, and he’ll prove it every time, everywhere!

09-18-2011, 04:13 PM
BD: Since Bodom is getting ready for a match with Mint Berry Crunch, joining us a the broadcast booth is none other than Thurday Night Inferno's Pierce Kingmaker! Welcome to show Pierce! Have you been enioying the show so far?

PK: Yes Bob, it has been nothing but fantastic thus far! I am really happy to be in here in time to call this match!


CP: And here comes Bodom! He only wrestles occasionally as he provides full time commentary on Monday Night Rage.

PK: And he sucks at both, so I cannot wait to see Mint Berry Crunch BERRY him!

BD: What's your hangup with Bodom, Pierce?

PK: Well, for starters, Bodom is a terrible copy of myself. I know he idolizes me and studies tapes of me after every episode of Inferno. I don't blame him one bit though as I am the best at this!

*BD and CP Shake their heads*


CP: Well here comes Mint Berry Crunch! I haven't seen this guy win any matches first hand so this should be something!

PK: IT's CRUNCH TIME!! Bodom is going to get BERRIED! YES!!

BD: See what I have to put up with every week?

CP: I see Bob! Well, Bodom is no pushover as he was once the leader of the GodMoney stable. I doubt there will be any ring rust as Bodom is in superb shape. I mean, look at those glutes!

*Pierce and Bob look at CP with jaws dropped*

CP: Anyways, let's call this match fellas!

(Sin Cara = MBC/ Bourne = Bodom)


BD: What a match! Bodom gave MBC has great fight!

CP: He sure did but MBC was the better man tonight!

PK: CRUNCH, CRUNCh, CrUnch, CRunch, Cru..


09-18-2011, 04:16 PM
BD: We have witnessed more than a half of the show, and still we have awesome thing coming!

PK: Yeah, what a match right now, one of the most anticipated in the card!

CP: One of the hottest rivalries here in EWNCW, tonight comes to an end with this Unsanctioned match between “The Saint” Krystian Krysys and Mark Dimension.

BD: Remmeber folks, this means no disqualifications, and no count outs, everything’s legal!

PK: I think we’ve got it,Bob, we’re not stupid!

Mark Dimension: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP4w5Vd6alo&

PK: There’s no doubt about it, Mark Dimension will win!

BD: Well, he has a lot of chances, but as anything goes, I will not be so sure!

CP: Dimension is undefeated and impressive, can he prevail tonight?

Krystian Krysys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgdUdDY_6GM

BD: He has vowed to end Dimension’s streak, will The Saint do it?

PK: No chance in hell!

CP: The odds may be against him, but he’s proven himself a great warrior!

BD: Here we go folks!

(HBK= Dimension/ Jericho= Krysys/ Cade= Carlin)




BD: Dimension is still undefeated!

PK: I told you so!

CP: What a match!

BD: What I don’t get is why Carlin interfered!

PK: But it doesn’t change anything! Dimension is undefeated!

09-18-2011, 04:18 PM
BD: And now it's time for the EWNCW World Tag Team Championship!


CP: And here are the challengers! The Upstarts are here to take the gold away from the Champs!

PK: Please!! The Upstarts don't have a chance against the team of The Collective who took those titles from the legendary GodMoney!

BD: Well I can say The Upstarts sure have earned the right to be called number 1 contenders!


BD: Here come The Collective!

CP: They look as if they aren't taking the Upstarts seriously. Why is that?

PK: That's because they are the champs and that they CAN! Now let's getting ready for this match!

BD: Shut it Pierce! Their arrogance might just cost them those titles! And we will find that out now!

(The Collective=Air Boom, The Upstarts=McGillicutty/Otunga *Ignore past 5:40)


CP: And The Collective have retained their titles! The Upstarts gave it their all!

BD: Absolutely! Great match!

09-18-2011, 04:20 PM
BD: Now it's time to see two guys who have been scratching and crawling their way to the top of the EWNCW foodchain!

PK: Yes Bob, these guys are here to prove one thing! And that is to show these fans that one of them are the true successors to the throne! And imo, that successor has to be SilverCena BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

CP: Ahh! You are pathetic Pierce! How do you work with this guy every week Bob?

BD: I've still yet to figure that one out! Haha.


CP: And here comes 'The Rapping Hyena' SilverCena! This man has been inches, and I mean literally inches from dethroning whoever has been champion for some time now.

PK: Hey! SilverCena just nodded at me! YEAH BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Woohoo!!

BD: Settle down before you pull a hamstring!


BD: Now here is a true main eventer! This guy just destroys everyone who gets in his way! Solla is a BEAST!

CP: Yeah Bob, he is some specimen! No one likes to get in the ring with Solla as he just owns the ring!

PK: Well, he certainly has a huge test in the form of SilverCena.

(Solla=Flair, SilverCena=Gibson)


BD: And Solla has done it! He's defeated SilverCena!

PK: He cheated! Didn't you see that Solla had his feet on the ropes for leverage?

CP: The referee didn't see it so it goes down in the records books as a win for Solla.

09-18-2011, 04:23 PM
BD: After an outstanding Day of Reckoning, it’s time for the main event!

CP: Yes, the moment to decide who’s the one and only EWNCW champion!

PK: That will be Gillz, fellas.

BD: Tommy Thunder won the championship and left to get rid of NightWolf, Shuriken won the strap but lost it against Gillz, and now the Scotsman and the Storm battle for the big one right now!


PK: Mark my words, this guy here will be the champion!

BD: He’s been impressive after capturing the gold at in Violence We Trust and retaining the night after in Rage!

CP: There’s no doubt about his in-ringskills, but now he has a lot of pressureon his shoulders.


BD: I like Tommy, and I rootfor him ikn this match.

PK: I always say Tommy bores me, and he betrayed EWNCW by leaving with the title, but he’s a great in-ring worker, I give that to him.

BD: But he has a though opponent in Gillz, he’d better give his best or he’ll lose the title.

Ring Announcer: The following match is set for one fall, and it is for the EWNCW championship! Introducing first, from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing 215 punds, he’s the EWNCW champion, Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillz!!!

*Loud boos from the crowd as Gillz steps into a turnbuckle and shows the belt*

RA: And his opponent, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing 227 pounds, he is EWNCW champion,
Tommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Thundeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

*Huge pop from crowd as Tommy poses with the title*

CP: And this match is underway!

(HBK = Tommy/ Kurt = Gillz)


PK: Gillz has done it! He’s the champ!

BD: What a match this has been, ladies and gentlemen!

CP: I’m speechless! I can’t believe my eyesm this match has been amazing!!

PK: And Gillz is champ! *Starts doing a kind of horrible dancing*

BD: Oh, please, Pierce, stop it!

CP: It’s been the best way to end an outstanding PPV!

BD: Absolutely Christopher! This two warriors have given us an epic battle, but in the end, Gillz prevailed, and he’s the EWNCW champion! What an emotional, amazing night this has been. And don’t forget to tune in Rage tommorrow. From the O2 Arena in London, we wish you a good night!