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Rich Cranium
03-13-2011, 01:29 PM
We have a thread on fun wrestling facts so why not an MMA one too. I'll start this off:

UFC Ring announcer Bruce Buffer has a Jiu Jitsu black belt and fought as a kick boxer.

Chuck Liddell was in a 1981 movie with Jack Nicholson called "The Postman Always Rings Twice". Here is the video below.


Rich Cranium
03-13-2011, 02:38 PM
Quinton Jackson is highly allergic to bees.

Shoguns first job was as a runway model.

03-13-2011, 02:48 PM
UFC 1:

- Zane Frasier was invited because he beat up Frank Dux in the lobby at a Karate competition.

-Gerarld Gordeau was invited because he was from the same gym as Ernesto Hoost and the organizers couldn’t afford Hoost.

-Ken Shamrock was recruited after one of his students had applied, they decided they wanted the teacher instead.

-Big John McCarthy applied, but was told that Royce would be the only one to represent Jiu-Jitsu. He could enter after Royce was done with it.

-One of Teila Tuli’s teeth that Gordeau kicked out just missed John McCarthy’s wife when it flew into the crowd. She got up and left the event immediately.

-Art Jimmerson tried to back out when he found out the details of the event but they threatened to sue him because they had already started promoting him.

- The promoters considered adding an electric fence and an alligator-filled moat around the Octagon.

Other Events:

- At UFC 12, Tank Abbot got into a backstage fight with Wallid Ismail

- At UFC 28, Josh Barnett and Gan McGee had the first and only UFC Super HW fight.

- At UFC 36, Matt Hughes fought Shooto’s former MW (167 lb) Champ, Sakurai, because the current Champ had trouble getting a visa. The Champ was Anderson Silva.

- At UFC 39, Ricco Rodriguez stopped Randy Couture, making it the ONLY fight in UFC history to be stopped in the 5th round.

- At UFC 47, Mike Kyle bit Wes Sims on the chest during their fight.

- At Vale Tudo Japan ’97, Enson Inoue was DQ’d against F. Shamrock because his brother Egan ran into the ring.

- At PRIDE 9, Matt Serra’s opponent was injured by the pyrotechnics and the match was called off. Serra was never invited back.

- At PRIDE 22, during the stare down, Rampage gave Igor Vovchanchyn a note that from “his mother” that said “Please don’t hurt my son.”

- At PRIDE Critical Countdown Absolute, during the stare down when the ref finished the rules, Josh Barnett said to Mark Hunt “and no flying ass drops.”

- At PRIDE Final Conflict 2004, Big Nog was stuck in traffic, so ‘lil Nog did his walk in for the opening ceremony.

- PRIDE’s “Shockwave” is not translated correctly. The real name is “The Man Festival.”

- At Shooto 3/18, Hansen threw his mouth piece into the crowd to celebrate his victory…and hit Caol Uno’s mom in the head.

-At IFC 11, Rich Franklin vs. Aaron Brink was ruled a “no contest” when Brink got his leg stuck between the mat and the cage.

- At ADCC, Jeff Monson stripped bare naked (in front of everyone) in protest to the judge’s decision to DQ him. You can use a can opener for positioning, but not as a submission, his opponent (pe de Pano, I think) tapped when he did it so they ruled it a submission attempt and DQ’d him. He maintained he was positioning.


- The Gracie family first got noticed when Rorion did a 1989 Playboy article claiming to be the baddest man on the planet and issuing the “Gracie Challenge.”

- Royce was the Gracie chosen for UFC 1 for two reasons. They wanted someone smaller to prove a point, and Rickson and Rorion had a big falling out over Rickson teaching from his home instead of at the Academy.

- Rorion Gracie was the fight scene coordinator for Lethal Weapon 1 (triangle at the end)
- Due to his uncontrollable temper, Ryan was reportedly banned by the family from fighting until he got treatment and became more stable.

- Tito called out Renzo Gracie after becoming the >200 lb Champ.

- Rickson does have an official loss. At the 1993 US Sambo Championships he lost to Ron Tripp via uchi-mata in 45 seconds. Rickson claims he was misinformed of the rules.

- Although Rickson has long been considered the family Champ, Rickson says Royler actually has the best technique in the family and only beats him because of his size advantage.

- Rickson actually only has 2 wins by armbar (both Takada fights) “Rickson by Choke” would be more accurate.

Other Talents:

- Dan Severn is also writer for Penthouse

- Aaron Brink is a former porn star

- Jeff Monson worked as a family and children’s counselor

- Matt Serra is the first American that the Gracie family awarded a black belt to.

- Gary Goodridge is a world Champ in arm-wrestling and claims to beat 1,000 people in a row in Japan.

- Egan Inoue was a World Champion Racquetball player before competing in JJ and MMA.

-Pete Spratt led the NCAA in receiving yards one season while in college.

- Keith Jardine worked as a debt collector, bounty hunter, football coach and even a miner before fighting.

- Mirko Filipovic, besides being a member of the Croatian Anti-terrorism squad, also served in the Croatian Parliament and was signed by the Croatian football team Cibalia..


Oleg Taktarov has been in more than 30 movies and TV shows

- Rich Franklin starred in “Cyborg Soldier” in the lead role.

- Forrest Griffin had a small part in an episode of “Law and Order: SVU.”

- Besides a couple films, Randy Couture had a recurring role on “The Unit.”

- Chuck Liddell was in “The Postman Always Rings Twice” starring Jack Nicholson when he was 12.


- Tank Abbott has a History degree.

- Jeff Monson has a Masters in Psych.

- Phil Baroni has a degree in Physch.

- Rich Franklin has BA in Math and a Masters in Education.

- Rorion Gracie has a law degree.

- Mark Coleman has a degree in Education.

- Chuck Liddell has a BA in Accounting


- Michael Bisping is the grandson of a Polish Count (shocker!).

- Jens Pulver is called ‘little evil” due to the abusive childhood he once called a “daily hell.” His alcoholic father regularly beat him and even put a gun in his mouth when he was 7. He pulled the gun out and told him he wasn’t worth the bullets.

- Rich Clementi took the nickname “No Love” after a messy divorce.

- Tim Sylvia’s original nickname was “Grizzly Bear.”

- Wanderlei Silva’s original nickname was “Mad Dog.”

- Ikuhisa Minowa is called “The Punk” because of his love of Punk Rock.

- Matt “The Law” Lindland got his name because in the finals of the 2000 United States Olympic trials, Lindland lost to Keith Sieracki, who Lindland had accused of tripping him. After appealing, an arbitrator ordered a rematch for Lindland and Sieracki, in which Lindland won 8-0. They still gave the slot to Sieracki, and Lindland sued the Olympic Committee.

- Rich “Ace” Franklin is a reference to Ace Ventura because he looks like Jim Carrey.

- Rampage’s 3 sons all have the middle name Rampage, his daughter’s middle name is Page.

Real Names:

Karapat Parisyan
Sebastiaan Rutten
Jacob Ortiz
Ken Wayne Kilpatrick (Ken Shamrock aka Vince Torrelli)
Frank Alisio Juarez III (Frank Shamrock)
Jay Dee Penn (All his older brothers are named Jay also, hence Baby Jay)
Francisco Santos Mir III


-The Zuffa by-laws state that if Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta cannot resolve a dispute, they will have a sport JJ match to decide.

- Dana White owns 10% of the UFC, not Zuffa.

- Zuffa paid $2 MIL for the UFC and invested another $41 MIL to keep it going.

-Jason Delucia put a “curse” on Bas Rutten after Bas beat him a 3rd time because Bas refused to give him another rematch.

- Diego Sanchez was once engaged to UFC ring girl Ali Sonoma; they are supposedly back together.

- Jeremy Horn has had 71 bone breaks and fractures.

- Wanderlei’s son is named Thor.

- Rampage has an albino son… and no, they don’t call him “Powder.”

- BJ Penn sued the UFC for stripping his WW title and filed a motion to prevent the UFC to awarding it to someone else after he left the organization. He lost the lawsuit.

- Forrest Griffin’s first MMA fight was against Dan Severn.

- Kieth Hackney was considered for TUF 4, even passed the medicals, but was passed over.

- Fedor has a pet turtle.

03-13-2011, 03:00 PM
Rich!!! Well done for this thread!!!

I hope you plan on laying the (real) smackdown on this thread. My head is filled with far too many wrestling facts to hold many MMA ones, but I know that Tito Ortiz's real name is Jacob Ortiz... don't know where he Tito came from.

Rich Cranium
03-13-2011, 10:34 PM
Early on the UFC would hold events in states without athletic commissions to avoid regulations. In the beginning there were no judges either.

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are my points good?

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are my points good?


But seriously, ya those were great.

03-16-2011, 04:12 PM
Yves Edwars is a huge gamer

Bas Rutten used to be a model.

Matt Linland, in addition to winning the silver medal in the 2000 Olympics, is now a representative in Oregon's House of Representatives.

Mark Kerr holds victories over Kurt Angle in wrestling.

When Igor Vovchanchyn was a child, he was prone to violent outbursts. The town he lived in installed a bell in the town square which they would ring if he got angry and everyone would go inside.