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08-08-2010, 03:05 PM
-=General Rules=-

Infraction Inflicting Actions

Point System:
1 point = warning
2 points = warning
3 points = 3 day ban
4 points = 7 day ban
5 points = 2 week ban
6 points = permanent ban

Offensive Remarks: Any insulting towards another member will result in a (1) point towards your infraction. This will can also result in a BAN from the forum for a certain period of time depending on the severity of the offense. Please be respectful of others when using the forum. If you do not agree with someone, simply state your position, there is no need to insult anyone's intelligence or their opinion. This includes offenses made towards the staff of eWrestlingNews.

Spamming: Posting pointless, stupid, or just simply annoying messages will get you a warning. 1 point will be added to your infraction total. If you have nothing related to say to the topic take it to the Spam Section of the site where this rule doesn't apply.

Signatures: You are allowed one image in your signature and a few lines of text. You are not permitted any moving signatures or video signatures. If your signature violates these conditions, we will give you an infraction and you are to correct it asap. If you do not, you will receive a second infraction and we will correct it for you. Signature images can be no larger than a grand total of 800 pixels.

Advertising: You are not allowed to advertise any website other than personal website, photo page, blogs, and official sources. Example, if you sell a wrestling related product and decide to advertise it on this site with out the consent of the webmaster, you will receive an infraction and a ban period. If this happens twice, you maybe ban permanently. This also includes any Signature Advertising.

Posting Spoilers: Do not post spoilers. A “spoiler” is any information that will happen in the future that is not already common knowledge. For example, revealing the results of a taped episode of WWE Smackdown before the show airs would be considered a “spoiler”. Posting spoilers outside of the designated areas will automatically result in a temporary five (5) day ban.

Automatic Ban:
Racial/Hateful/Sexist Remarks: We do not tolerate ANY of these types of remarks. If you've been reported for having said anything racist, hateful, or sexist you will be banned permanently. It is upon the judgement of the moderator to ban permanently or for a certain time.

Posting Porn: Posting any kind of pornography, including simple nudity, on our Forums may result in you being banned automatically. Requesting pornography will also be considered a bannable offense.

Sabotage: Attempting to sabotage the forum or eWrestlingNews with hacking, flooding, phishing, pinging, etc etc Will result in a permanent ban.

Banned Users: If you are banned or has any disputes with the moderators and their judgement. Please use the forum "The NOC List" That is the only official forum open for discussion about your position on the board. If you are let out by the grace of the Moderators, you will be allowed to post back onto the main page. Note: You will still be able to post here even if you are a banned member.

These are very specific rules, these are not the only things that will result in infractions and bans. Please use common sense and your best judgement when posting. Just most important thing to remember is that we're all here to talk about something that we love. Don't spoil the experience for everyone if you don't feel like obeying the rules. Let's all have fun and everything should be smooth sail.