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WWE has recently join with TNA and is getting better and better each week. They have created one televised program called Monday Night Encore. In some of the shows, I will post videos of matches that might resemble the why i think a match on my booking would go. I would like feedback...please.


The show kicks off with a huge crowd all around the arena! And the pyro jumps off and the crowd goes wild!

CM Punk comes out to the start of RAW attempting to make some sort of statement. He comes out to a lot of heat as he walks down the ramp and makes his way into the ring. He says that at Extreme Rules, he made his return at the end of the night to cost John Cena his title match against Randy Orton. He says that ever since last night, everyone has been talking about him. He says that just like that, he has change the attention from John Cena to him. He says that he did it all for a good cause, for he was trying to rid the fans of another John Cena Era.

John Cena music hits and as he comes out, he looks pissed! John Cena runs down the ramp and slides into the ring as usual. As he pace back and forth in the ring, CM Punk stands there still. John Cena picks up a mic and looks towards Punk. John Cena says that last night was Extreme Rules. He describes the PPV as being one of the craziest nights ever. He says that there were blood, sweat and tears shed in this ring last night.John Cena says that for whatever reason, Punk had the notion to run down that ramp and cost him the match against Randy Orton. He says that obviously when Punk cost him his title match, he wanted some’, so come get some.

Punk says that he’s not afraid of John Cena. Punk says that he wants to fight Cena but only his terms. Punk says that tonight he’ll fight John Cena in an extreme rules match. Cena accepts the match and before Punk can walk out the ring, Cena goes for the AA but Punk reverses it with jabs to the skull. Punk pulls out a chain (similar to John Cena’s old chain gang chain that he uses to wear back in 2005) and wraps it around his fist and knocks Cena out with it. CM Punk leaves the chain over the body of Cena and leaves the ring as the referees come to aid Cena.

Tag Team Match
The Fortunate Sons (Mike and Ted Dibiase) vs. Cryme Tyme

The Fortunate Sons
Mike and Ted come out to heat as they walk down cocky.

Cryme Tyme
Shad and JTG come out to pops from the crowd

Ted gets the win with the dream street and Cryme Tyme looks on in awe.

Backstage, The Beautiful People (Love and Sky) freshen up a bit as Love competes one on one against the Woman’s Champion Mickie James in a few minutes.

*Commercial Break*

Divas Singles Match
Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James

Angelina Love
Love comes out with Velvet Sky to their original beautiful people’s theme song

Mickie James
Mickie James comes out with the covenant Woman’s championship and is ready to fight.

Mickie James wins in an awesome diva’s division match…Wait! What’s this! Velvet Sky comes from ringside and hits Mickie with the snap DDT! Angelina joins in on the fun and Velvet picks up Mickie and…Botox Injection from Angelina Love!

*Commercial Break*

Randy Orton comes out to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Randy Orton comes to the ring in a slow manner. He finally comes into the ring and reaches for a mic. He says that regardless of what people say, he beat John Cena at Extreme Rules and has retained his WWE Championship. He says that now that Cena is out of the picture, he can rest at ease because there will be no one who will stop the Age of Orton.

Jeff Hardy comes out to a huge pop! And the fans from all over the arena cheer at their hero, the rainbow haired warrior, Jeff Hardy! Jeff Hardy comes to the ring as Randy Orton looks on. Jeff Hardy says that Randy must be spaced out because the next number one contender is standing right in the ring.

Randy Orton says that Jeff should be in rehab and fighting him would be suicide because he can see that he’s not mentally fit to be fighting anyone. He says that Jeff deserves to be put in jail.

Jeff Hardy says that yeah he’s had a rough year but it’s a new year now. He says that he’s a totally different Jeff Hardy and he’s willing to show it tonight if Randy is willing to put his WWE Championship on the line.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_HL5F2iPe0&feature=player_detailpage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_HL5F2iPe0&feature=player_detailpage)
Mr. KENNNNNNNEDYYYYY!!!! Makes his way to the ring and the crowd goes crazy. Randy Orton, and Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy are all in the ring at once! Kennedy comes to the ring and brings down the signature trademark microphone. Kennedy says “normally I don’t do this but uh…Right now in this ring, we have Randy Orton!!! The snake that hides and cowers like a little bitch! Then we have the charismatic Enigma! Jeff! HARDYYYYYYYYYYY! HARDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! But last but not least, we have Mr. KENNNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!...” He says that he can’t believe that Randy Orton actually believes that he has no one else to face. He says that well you have Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy. He says that personally, he doesn’t like Randy Orton and Orton knows why. He says that he was born an asshole and has never seen a bigger asshole until he met Randy Orton. He says that he never got to have a WWE championship shot and he wouldn’t mind to have one tonight.

Jeff Hardy says no disrespect but if any one should have a title shot, it should be him. He says that he and Kennedy are good friends but anyone that gets in his way for a title shot is no friend of his.

Randy Orton says he doesn’t have time for this. He says he would rather spend his time somewhere else than to hear them bickering over who will face him.

Triple H comes out and yes, he is the GM. He says Just like Randy, he has had enough of this bickering…However, he says for Randy to say that he has no one else to face is absurd when his potential opponent for January’s PPV, Royal Rumble, is standing right in that ring. He says Jeff Hardy will go against Mr. Kennedy for the number one contendership for the WWE Championship and that match is now.

Singles Match
Number One Contendership for the WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy

Neither participant wins as Mr. Kennedy and Jeff Hardy end the match in draw when they both lose in a double countout outside of the ring due to brawling.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage, Vitamin C (Christian Cage and Y2J) are being interviewed. Todd asks them after facing Beer Money at Extreme Rules, would they want to do it again.

Y2J says that the Peeps and Jerichoholics saw an awesome match at Extreme Rules. He says that if Beer Money wants to battle at any time, they would accept.

Tag Team Match
Kofi Kingston and Delirious vs. Austin Aries and MVP

Austin Aries
Aries comes out to a lot of heat. For the past weeks, Aries has been terrorizing the TV Champion, Delirious.

MVP comes out to a lot of boos. MVP turned heel at Extreme Rules when he attacked Kofi after losing his IC title to him.

Delirious comes down crazy and ready to fight

Kofi Kingston
Kingston comes out to his regular music and entrance
This was an awesome match from both tag teams. Kingston hits the boom leg drop on MVP and goes for the cover and the win.

*Commercial Break*

03-04-2011, 09:23 PM
Backstage, Sheamus gets interviewed by Todd. Sheamus says that last week, he lost to Evan Bourne and tonight he will redeem himself. Sheamus says that he squash Evan in the ring and everyone will realize that his win last week was a fluke.

Singles Match
Evan Bourne vs. Sheamus

After the match, Sheamus isn’t done as he continues to destroy Evan Bourne. As Sheamus goes for the Celtic cross...

Tyler Black runs down from the ramp and lets out a fury of kicks on Sheamus. However, Sheamus escapes from Tyler’s kicks and rolls out of the ring.

Extreme Rules Match
John Cena vs. CM Punk
John Cena and Punk go back and forth around the entire arena, hitting each other with multiple weapons. As they get back in the ring, Cena gets the upper hand and tries to go for the AA. Punk reverses and rolls out of the ring. John Cena chases after him and Punk pulls out Cena's old spinner United States replica belt from under the apron ring. Punk hits John Cena with the replica of Cena’s old spinner United States championship and pins John Cena for the win.

*End of Show*

The Brown One
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What exactly was the point of this?

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WWE Championship (Randy Orton)
Intercontinental Championship (Kofi Kingston)
Television Championship (Delirious)
World Tag Team Championships (Vitamin C)
Woman’s Championship (Mickie James)

Alex Riley
Angelina Love
Austin Aries
Beer Money Inc.
Cm Punk
Cody Rhodes
Cryme Tyme
Dolph Ziggler
Dude Busters
Evan Bourne
Gail Kim
Fortunate Sons (Mike and Ted Dibiase)
Jeff Hardy
John Cena
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Mickie James
Mr. Kennedy
Naomi Night
Randy Orton
Taylor Wilde
Tyler Black
Velvet Sky
Vitamin C (Chris Jericho and Christian Cage)

Royal Rumble
No Way Out
Night of Champions
The Bash
Breaking Point
Survivor Series
Extreme Rules

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What exactly was the point of this?

What do you mean. Its to book matches. I don't like scripting matches so i would rather just post videos. It easier and its not time consuming.