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02-28-2011, 04:53 PM
My bookings on how TNA would be if I was in control. Please give feedback

Monthly PPVS:
(NOTE: The shows with the underline are the "Super" shows and the Italics and Underline is the "Wrestlemania")
Against All Odds
Victory Road
Turning Point
Hard Justice
No Surrender
Bound For Glory
Final Resolution
The X Games


Theme Song:


- Christopher Daniels comes out and says for the past months, TNA has been turned upside down because AJ Styles is the TNA World Champion. Daniels says that AJ does not deserve TNA and TNA deserves to have a better champion.
AJ Styles comes out and talks about how their friendship has been destroyed over the TNA heavyweight championship. AJ decides that he wants to squash the beef tonight for title.
Jim Cornette comes out to the ramp and announces that AJ and Daniels will not compete tonight but at the PPV of the month (Final Resolution). However, Cornette says that tonight as the main event will compete in a tag team match together as partners against the World tag team champions, Beer Money.

- Kevin Steen w/ Steve Corino beat Amazing Red at 6:12 by pin
• Amazing Red goes on the offensive with the Infrared but misses
• Steen Breaker to Red at 2
• Steenalizer at 3!

- The British Invasion (Wolfe, Magnus, & Williams) cut a promo backstage
• TV Champion Wolfe says that they will rule over TNA for a long time
• Williams says that him and Magnus will soon become the new tag team champions

- British Invasion beat Generation Me at 8:30 by pin
• Matt attempts to hit a rolling fireman carry
• Williams reverses the fireman carry and gets the chaos theory
• Brutus spears Nick to the barricade while Doug gets the 3!
• After the match, RVD comes out announces that he will be the one to take the title from Wolfe

- A video package of Kurt Angle’s return to TNA is shown
• Kurt Angle returns next month.

- Matt Morgan comes out to the ring to cut a promo
Matt says that TNA keeps on overlooking him, instead they hype up Kurt. He says that he’s the one who put him out of action in the first place.Cornette comes out and tells Morgan that in TNA that is not how everything works.
Morgan tries to beat down Cornette but Anderson comes out for the save and Cornette announces right now it will be Anderson and Morgan one on one.

- Mr. Anderson beat Matt Morgan at 8:03 by DQ
• Anderson and Morgan fist fight outside of the ring.
• Morgan hits the big boot on Anderson and pulls him in the ring for the 2.
• Morgan gets frustrated and hits Anderson with a steel chair

- Tyler Black gets interviewed backstage. Tyler says that tonight he will defend his X Division Championship against Austin Aries. Tyler says that he doesn’t like Aries or his lackey and wants to shut his trap. Austin Aries and Rhett Titus interrupts the interview and Aries says that he will become the champion tonight and there’s nothing Tyler can do about it

- Mickie James, ODB, and Taylor Wilde beat The Beautiful People at 5:54 by pin.
• Mickie James works her way to tag in ODB after being worked
• ODB clears the ring and hits the TKO on Madison Rayne.
• James and Taylor brawl with Sky and Love while ODB gets the win.

- Anderson is shown backstage holding his head while Jeremy Borash tries to get answers. Anderson says that Morgan will have to start back at the end of the line because he is due for a title match. He says that because Morgan tried to injure him, he will hunt Morgan and down

- Tyler Black retains the X division title against Austin Aries at 15:54 by pin
• Austin Aries controlled a little more of the match after Titus interfered and slammed Tyler’s leg into the ring post.
• Tyler begins to maintain momentum and hits multiple super kicks to Austin Aries
• Tyler goes for the pin but Aries kicks out at 2 and half
• Tyler goes for the God’s last Gift but Aries counters with the brain buster
• Tyler then counters the brain buster with a small package pin for the win!!!

- AJ Styles cuts a promo backstage in the locker room. AJ says he’s been friends with Daniels since day one of TNA. He says that he and Daniels both push TNA to the top together. AJ says that in this business, you finally find out who your true friends are. He says he doesn’t know what Daniels will do in their match with Beer Money. AJ says he wishes Daniels can leave the hate at home and coexist for this one match only.

- AJ Styles and Daniels beat Bear Money at 10:03 by pin
• At the start of the match, Daniels refused to enter in the match and AJ fend for himself
• Halfway in the match, Roode slaps Daniels in the face and Daniels tags himself in and Daniels sends out a fury of clotheslines to Roode and Storm and finishes it off with a drop kick to Roode.
• Daniels tags in AJ and AJ hits the Superman on Roode for the pin!
• After the match, AJ and Daniels stares at each in the ring and the tension comes back again as TNA Impact turns off