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02-19-2011, 08:54 PM
So, inspired by some of the other "Be the booker" threads, I decided, that I wanted to try to create my own thread. I have decided that the roster only will include talent, that would realistically still wrestle full time. This thread will not include any fancy posters or banners, just me trying to book the shows the best I can. So lets get to it I hope you will enjoy it.

In the first post I will include some information about the promotion, including roster, shows etc.

I will not include female wrestlers, since I absolutely hate diva wrestling. The roster will also include GM, Commentators and Ring announcer. The roster will mainly consist of active WWE superstars, but also some superstars from TNA (no indy wrestlers sorry, I dont watch it)

This first post will always include updated roster, tag teams, pay-per-view cards, results of the latest show, and current champions


AJ Styles
Alberto Del Rio
Alex Shelley
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Jericho
Chris Sabin
CM Punk
"Dashing" Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger
James Storm
Jeremy Buck
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Kurt Angle
Max Buck
Mr. Anderson
Rob Van Dam
Robert Roode
The Miz
Tyson Kidd
Zack Ryder
Wade Barrett


Jim Ross
Matt Striker

Backstage Interviewer

Josh Matthews

Ring Announcer

Justin Roberts

General Manager

Paul Heyman

Tag Teams

The Motorcity Machineguns
Beer Money Inc
Generation Me
Justin Gabriel & Wade Barrett
Edge & Christian

Upcoming Pay-Per-View Events

January: RWA - The Cage (Thoughout the night, there will be four cage matches, the first being a fatal 4-way. The first 3 superstars to escape the cage, moves on to a triple threat later on in the night, the first 2 superstars to escape that cage match, moves on to a 1on1 cage match later in the night, for the RWA World Championship, where pinfalls and submissions count)
February: RWA - Tag Team Turmoil (In RWA, Tag Team Turmoil is a different concept. This night will be based, only on tag teams. Where we will have a big tournament to determine, who will finally be the RWA Tag Team Champions at the end of the night!)
March: RWA - Eliminated (The Main Event, will no matter what, be an elimination style match, for the RWA World Championship)
April: RWA - Apocalypse (No specific concept here)
May: RWA - The Main Event (The Main Event at this Pay-Per-view will be a match (a different type of match each year) to determine who will face the RWA World Champion at the biggest RWA event of the year. Stardome)
June: RWA - Escaped (No specific concept here)
July: RWA - Stardome (The biggest PPV event of the year!)
August: RWA - Revenge (No specific concept here)
September: RWA - Take it to the Extreme! (The main event will be an extreme match for the RWA World Championship)
October: RWA - Cross the Line (No specific concept here)
November: RWA - The Court (No specific concept here)
December: RWA - Your Shot (The winner of the main event, will get a main event match at a PPV of his choosing, for the RWA World Championship, Stardome cant be chosen)

Weekly Shows

Monday Night Heat
Tuesday Night Kick


RWA World Championship - Vacant
RWA Tag Team Championship - Vacant
RWA Cruiserweight Championship - Justin Gabriel
RWA Televesion Championship - Vacant

Card for next PPV (The Cage)

Fatal 4-Way Steel Cage Match (The 3 first superstars to escape will move on to a triple threat Steel Cage Match later on)

TBA vs TBA vs TBA vs TBA

Triple Threat Steel Cage Match (The 2 first superstars to escape will move on to a 1on1 Steel Cage Match to determine the RWA World Champion!)


Steel Cage Match for the RWA World Championship


02-19-2011, 09:22 PM
So I will get right to it, the very first show in RWA history!!

**Pyro starts**

Jim Ross welcomes us to the very first show in RWA history, he announces that the show will open with a message from our General Manager Paul Heyman

**Paul Heyman stands with a mic in the middle of the ring**

"Welcome, to the very first show in RWA history, Monday Night Heat!"
"Since this is the first show, I wanna let you all know that I AM IN CHARGE, and I want this to be a damn good show!"
"So tonight I have decided, that we will decide the very first champions in RWA history!"
"For the RWA Cruiserweight Championship, we will have a Fatal 4-Way for the title! It will be Tyson Kidd! (boos from the crowd) versus Evan Bourne (cheers from the crowd) versus Justin Gabriel (boos from the crowd) versus Kofi Kingston (cheers from the crowd)"
"For the RWA Televesion Championship we will have Daniel Bryan (cheers) vs AJ Styles (cheers)"
"For the RWA Tag Team Championships I will give you Edge and Christian (cheers) vs The Motorcity Machineguns! (cheers)"
"And finally, our main event tonight will be a triple threat match for the RWA World Championship!"
"It will be Kurt Angle (cheers) versus CM Punk (boos) versus Chris Jericho (boos)"
**Sheamus rushes down to the ring**
Sheamus: "I want you to know, that I am the biggest superstar on the RWA roster, and the fact that I am not in the main event is a disgrace!"
Paul Heyman: "Didnt u listen to what I just said? I AM IN CHARGE!" "In fact I have something else planned for you tonight, you will be facing Kane (cheers)!" "Now let us start the first match. The Fatal 4-Way for the RWA Cruiserweight Title!"

(Booker note: The way I will be describing matches will only be the end)

Tyson Kidd vs Evan Bourne vs Justin Gabriel vs Kofi Kingston - RWA Cruiserweight Championship

Tyson Kidd and Kofi Kingston are in the ring, while Gabriel and Bourne are knocked down on the floor on the outside. Kofi Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Kidd ducks out of the way. Kofi amazingly lands on his feet, but turns around and gets a superkick from Tyson Kidd! Kidd goes for the pin, but a kickout at 2½. Kidd decides to go for a Sharpshooter. But Evan Bourne returns to the ring, and dropkicks Kidd in the back of the head. Both Kidd and Kofi are down on their backs. Evan Bourne decides to go to the top rope to go for a Shooting Star Press. But as Evan goes to the top rope, Wade Barrett runs into the ring (remember Wade and Justin Gabriel are allies) he hits Evan Bournes leg so he loses his balance. Wade hits Evan with the Wasteland finisher. Gabriel crawls back into the ring and goes for a cover on Evan Bourne. He gets the 3 count! Justin Gabriel is the very first Cruiserweight Champion in RWA History!

After the match Wade Barrett got on the mic and informed us that tomorrow night on Tuesday Night Kick, he would be facing Rob Van Dam and the winner would go on to be a part of The Cage PPV in the Fatal 4-Way Cage Match.

Paul Heyman comes out: "Wade, I have some news on your match tomorrow with RVD. The match is now an Extreme Rules Match!"

(Booker note: At the time i started this, i rlly didnt have time to write it, but now i have time again, so here we go :))

Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles - RWA Television Championship

After a good 15 minutes Daniel Bryan goes for the LeBell Lock. AJ gets to the ropes. Styles hits Bryan with a pelé kick. He then goes for a 450 splash and gets the victory. AJ Styles becomes the new RWA Television Champion. After the match AJ Styles goes to shake hands with Daniel Bryan. Bryan takes AJ's hand, but takes AJ down in position for the LeBell Lock. He locks it in. Bryan holds AJ in the LeBell Lock until he passes out, and therefore turns heel. Officials finally comes down to break the hold.